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48. Sex on the beach

51. Culture and Nature

52. Mayan Culture

59. Natural Parks of the Mexican Caribbean

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62. The year of the Orchid 66. Shopping in Cancún 68. Mancandy 72. Beach Fashion

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79. Isla Mujeres

80. Map of Isla Mujeres 81. Isla Mujeres, surrounded by paradise

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Hello! We would like to give you a warm welcome to Gay Traveler's Guide. As your friend, I will recommend the best destinations, services and products to make your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean a complete success. Inside the guide you will find places to visit that are 100% gay-oriented (LGBT) and all those who are "gay-friendly" so that you can enjoy this tropical paradise without any worries. Know for sure that our recommendations have been carefully selected so that every place you go to you will be treated in such an excellent manner, and that every establishment or service we suggest has the highest quality standards. Additionally you will find along the sections I’ve included in this guide - Tourism, Food and Dining, Social Life, Culture & Nature, Fashion Corner and

Beauty & Health - maps and information about the destinations, interesting articles, expert opinions, reviews, photo galleries, our spicy blog called Red District, the best deals and our directory at the end. Remember that you can also find me on our social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr) and on our website: Here you can find a downloadable version of the guide, make any question or suggestion through the online concierge service and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Don’t forget to mention you saw the ads here so that you can receive all the benefits that GT Guide has for you. All Set! Now have a great trip.


CanCĂşn Embraced in blue. Resting on the northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, Cancun was a part of the ancient Mayan civilization and is still considered the gateway to El Mundo Maya (the Mayan World)




Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located here. Cancun is a real gem of the Caribbean; a place where nature coexists with a modern and growing metropolis. Cancun seduces visitors with its crystal clear waters, gentle waves, the fine and white sand of its beautiful beaches and its natural and cultural wealth. The variety of activities available in Cancun make it a destination with great potential for the LGBT community. Why? Because Cancun has everything for everyone in one destination. Here you can find parks and tours for thrill and adventure seekers, as well as spas and activities for those who are looking to relax. In Cancun you can also find fun activities for the whole family, as well as a perfect place to make some new romantic and memorable moments with your partner. Cancun has always been known for having the ideal atmosphere for those who love to party, which is why it has some of the most impressive nightclubs in the whole world in its hotel zone. But if you’re looking for an exclusively gay atmosphere don’t forget to visit downtown Cancun, where you will find nightclubs and bars where you will feel at home. It’s also worth mentioning that in recent years the demand for

exclusive events for the gay tourist has increased, therefore important electronic music festivals and exclusive parties for the LGBT community have emerged. And if you’re looking for a more cultural experience there is no better place than Cancun, where you will find theaters, museums and countless remains of the Mayan civilization, including some of the best-known archaeological sites worldwide. Without a doubt Cancun is a destination that has grown exponentially in recent years and has been moving to the rhythm of other cosmopolitan cities in the world without the need to be an important business center. Therefore Cancun, just like Mexico, is increasingly open to the LGBT community and, as many of the top destinations in the world, celebrates diversity in every way.

Cancun celebrates diversity in every possible way.


Your journey to paradise begins here.


Tourism CancĂşn The imposing and majestic hotels in Cancun, as well as car rental and transportation services, travel agencies and tours: All tourist services necessary for an unforgettable vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.


Get to know the gay-friendly hotels.

Tourism Cancún


What Makes a Hotel Gay-Friendly? A gay-friendly hotel is not an establishment that serves exclusively to the needs of a gay customer. By its own terminology it’s a hotel that accepts the LGBT community with open arms and gives us the same treatment than they would do to any other customer.

Some people criticize the need to use this type of terms stating that in this day and age it shouldn’t be necessary, but as long as the world doesn’t become a gay-friendly place completely we need to make sure we are recommending the best places for you to travel to and enjoy the comforts of a luxurious hotel for the much-anticipated vacation you deserve. A gay-friendly hotel advertises in LGBT-oriented publications and websites, like Gay Traveler’s Guide, knowing for sure that they are sending the appropriate message and are heading to the right hands. By these means they can also adapt their advertising to fit the requirements of their audience. This is why other travel advertising tools like Gay Travel and Spartacus have become so popular and in the case of IGLTA can be used as a type of certification that many businesses and tourists consider important.

It is also important to take in consideration the actions that the company performs internally in order to secure the advancement of the LGBT community by participating in campaigns and events that support the cause; and also through the equal treatment of their employees, which is why many are sure to include LGBT-related topics during the training their personnel has to go through, making sure they not only know how to deal with gay coworkers but also in case a close friend or relative comes out of the closet, and by granting equal rights to their LGBT staff and their significant others.




Enjoy paradise with your partner.


Tourism CancĂşn

All of paradise and its beauty for Honeymoons.

Cancun is the ideal destination for lovers of fun and thrill seekers, but its natural attractions and dreamlike landscapes also make it the perfect place for couples looking for a private and intimate spot to spend a memorable honeymoon. With the rising support for legally recognizing marriage between same-sex couples in the world's most developed countries and some major cities and states of Mexico, more requests for weddings and honeymoons have arrived to DMCs and hotels in Cancun. One of the favorite hotels in Cancun for same-sex couples is Oasis Sens, where guests will find a fully tolerant and relaxed atmosphere and a staff that provides a service of the highest quality, making it easier for couples to leave the worries of their daily life behind and just spend intimate and magical moments together. In this all-inclusive hotel you can find all the amenities and services needed for a memorable honeymoon with a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. Oasis Sens has 9 amazing and varied restaurants and 9 bars where you can spend endless nights of fun with your partner or spouse. It also has three swimming pools, a beach club and a wonderful spa with beauty and therapeutic treatments that will ensure that you enter a state of relaxation and comfort you will never want to get out of. Oasis Sens offers its guests standard rooms, some with ocean view, and Oasis Sian Ka'an Club suites with a private deck and plunge pool. It also has a fleet of SMART cars for guests to use freely and get to know the wide variety of natural and cultural attractions of this beautiful destination.

One of the favorite hotels in Cancun for same-sex couples. Oasis Sens is a member of IGLTA and is TAG approved. The hotel also has a wedding coordinator on site and romantic packages ideal for a perfect honeymoon. You will find all of this in just one place where every day you will fall in love even more with each other and Cancun.



Tourism Cancún

Get to know Cancun’s Downtown. When people think of Cancun the first thing that comes to their mind is majestic hotels with beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. However, Cancun also offers a scenic and lively urban area where you can find shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and a large business area.

You will find the ideal nightlife for tourists. That is why the next time you travel to Cancun we recommend that you visit downtown, where you will find the ideal nightlife for gay tourists. On the main street of the city, Tulum Avenue, is where you’ll find the most important and fun gay clubs and bars in town. So next time make sure to look for a hotel in the city or ask your cab or bus driver to take you directly to this street so that you can party all night long. Cancun is a destination with much to offer and as deeper as you go to get to know it, the more you fall in love with this beautiful and magical city.


Be Captivated with tours.


Tourism CancĂşn

Cancun’s tourist services.

Cancun has a wide range of tourist destinations nearby, ranging from cities, towns which are part of the magical villages programme, natural parks, archaeological sites, cenotes, creeks and many more. This is why Cancun has a great variety of tours and travel agencies whose purpose is to make sure that you as a tourist have enough options for fun and recreation during your vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.

Next Experience Among these travel agencies and tour operators is Next Experience, an agency affiliated with IGLTA that offers tourists memorable and unique experiences. These amazing experiences for groups include a tour to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza visiting the Agave Artisanal Distillery in Valladolid and the impressive cenote Ik Kil, and a tour to the archaeological site of Tulum with visits to the beautiful beaches of Akumal and Laguna Yal Ku, ideal for you if you enjoy snorkeling and wish to have a wonderful day relaxing in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

With the ideal places for you to enjoy snorkeling.


Tourism Cancún

Diversity Tour Operator

Gay Tours México and Moreless Travel

Diversity Tour Operator is a travel agency, located in Cancun, whose main objective is to satisfy your family and friends’ expectations, as well as the LGBT community. Our commercial alliances allow us to offer promotional rates for hotels, airline tickets, tours and transportation to different destinations located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Gay Tours Mexico and Moreless Travel were founded in 1998 as two of the first LGBT travel agencies in Mexico and are part of Maya Moon Tours. Since their creation, both companies have been directed as 100% gay travel agencies in order to provide the best service to this important segment in the tourism market.


Food & Dining CancĂşn Restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a delicious menu and a high quality service in the best environment: The best recommendations for a fine dining experience in the Mexican Caribbean.


Delight with unique Caribbean dishes.


Food & Dining Cancún

Where to Eat in Cancun

One of the most important cultural riches that Mexico has to offer is its exquisite cuisine. This is why Cancun strives to have a wide variety of restaurants that offer dishes from every state of this beautiful country. Cancun is highly influenced by the typical food of the Yucatan Peninsula; however, since it is a tourist destination known worldwide it features many highly renowned restaurants of international cuisine.

Hotel Zone

Cancún Downtown

The hotel zone of Cancun has restaurants for every taste in every ambience; the only constant is the high quality service and comfort you'll find when you indulge in their excellent gastronomic offer.

If you decide to visit downtown Cancun you will find many surprises as you marvel not only for its beauty but also for its excellent cuisine and a wide variety of upscale restaurants, as well as other restaurants and smaller cafes with a more casual atmosphere and affordable prices.

Without a doubt you will spend unforgettable moments trying all the dishes you can find in Cancun. However, we highly recommend going to the gym at your hotel since we don’t promise that you can show off an ideal beach body after you are done with everything you’ll find to eat in the Mexican Caribbean.


Taste the molecular cuisine...

Food & Dining Cancún


Benazuza, The art of molecular gastronomy. In the culinary world there are many techniques, some more developed than others across the different continents. And such is the case of molecular gastronomy. With wide acceptance in Europe, molecular gastronomy is making its way to Mexico over time and its top representative in the Mexican Caribbean is located in the Oasis Sens Hotel and it’s called Benazuza. But, what is molecular gastronomy? The most skilled person in our destiny to answer this question is Chef Rafael Zafra, prodigy of the leading exponent of this type of cuisine, Ferran Adria – originally from Seville, Spain. His specialty lies in Techno-emotional Cuisine and his main purpose is to "awaken your senses.” Molecular cuisine is the scientific application of gastronomy, the art of preparing, choosing and creating something delicious. Generally it consists of food subjected to technological processes aimed at changing its presentation, texture, shape, viscosity and structure, among others.

The art of preparing, choosing and creating something delicious. Benazuza manages to stand out from other restaurants in the Mexican Caribbean for its innovation, vanguard and the ability to surprise the general public. This is the same ideology that Oasis Sens Hotel transmits to its guests, giving it a unique concept that distinguishes it from any other place allowing you to experience and indescribable feeling. While enjoying the beautiful beaches of Cancun you can’t miss the opportunity to delight in this contrast of flavors in which not only will you enjoy a delicious meal, but also a unique experience.




Food & Dining Cancún


Mexican Cuisine El Taco. If you haven’t tried Mexican cuisine, you haven’t lived. But this is highly doubtful as it has expanded globally to the point that even if you've never tried any of the wide range of delicious dishes prepared in every single corner of Mexico, at least you have at once eaten a taco. A taco consists of a flour tortilla wrapped usually with some sort of specialty, or stew, in it. Over the years a great variety of tacos has emerged, to the point that you can spend a whole year eating a different style without repeating a day. Just as there are tacos made of beef, chicken or any other type of meat, there are also the famous burritos and vegetarian, seafood, salsa and even fried tacos, to name a few.

It is said that the taco has its origin from the pre-Hispanic Mexico, when women invented this dish as a practical option for food to take to the men who worked all day in the fields. Even today it remains a practical and delicious option at any hour of the day.





Social Life CancĂşn Nightclubs and music festivals known around the world, plus a wide variety of bars and beach clubs: The best places for an unforgettable evening enjoying the famous vibrant nightlife of Cancun.


Have fun at night.


Social Life Cancún

A Night Out in Cancun’s Gay Clubs

Like any great destination, when night falls, the long palm trees and delicious sea breeze of Cancun leads to a city full of lights, colors, unique drinks and music, as the city has many of the top nightclubs worldwide. All LGBT travelers must go at least one day to the downtown area of Cancun. Tulum Avenue is the home of the gay clubs in the city.

Sexy´s Club

11:11 Club

Karamba Bar

Starting with Sexy's Club, designed to please even the most discerning guest. In this straight-friendly club you can spend a memorable night from the moment you walk in and get your admission bracelet, so make sure to pick the right color depending on how you want to spend your night. So if you come accompanied or you have a boyfriend pick red; if you come with your straight friends tell them to pick orange; and if you’re looking for someone to spend the night with pick green, green means go.

The evening continues at the 11:11 Club, one of the best gay clubs in the Mexican Caribbean. Since its renovation last year it has more facilities and services that will guarantee a night of fun, including a new dark room where nothing is left to the imagination.

Last but not least, make sure to end an amazing night in Karamba Bar, a nightclub with over 30 years of experience taking care of all the LGBT tourists that visit the Mexican Caribbean. Here you can enjoy some of the most popular, entertaining and extravagant theme parties in Cancun.

And if you are only in the mood for a few drinks in a more relaxed ambience, Club Taboo House is the perfect choice for you. Cancun is definitely a destination that has always been known for its parties and here you will find something for everyone.







Red District Cancún

Sex on the beach hot or not. This is where things get hotter. Have you ever imagined yourself on a beautiful beach with a naked statuesque man having wild and passionate sex? If you haven’t done it, at least you have thought about it. And don’t worry; we’ve all fantasized with that and even more. But did you ever stop to think how it really is to have sex on the beach or facing the ocean? If it is from the balcony of your hotel room I can assure it will be magical. However, being directly on the sand having sex can be a nightmare if you don’t have in mind the following factors:

It can be a nightmare if you don’t have in mind the following factors.

51 The Sun This is usually an advantage at the beach since it allows you to get a perfect tan even in your private areas, avoiding the usual tan lines. But in humid weather whenever you perform a physical activity sweating may not be as sexy as you would imagine. The key is to find a time of day when the sea breeze is more than enough to keep you cool and the sun is not as intense.

The Sand Do you remember the last time you went swimming in the ocean and how you came out with the suit full of sand? Well yes, the sand gets everywhere, and by that I mean EVERYWHERE. However there are certain sexual positions that you can try without having to be completely lying on the sand, you only need to use your imagination. Also, be sure to always have on hand a towel big enough to lie down afterwards.

Privacy Don’t forget that the beach is a public place so be careful and make sure you don’t get caught in the act. There are pristine beaches that are more private than others and hotels for adults with less stringent policies. However, there is no place where it is legally permitted. Either way you can be sure you will neither be the first nor the last to do it on the beach, so don’t be discouraged, everyone craves to do it at least once in their life. Having considered all of this you will be much more prepared if you ever get to fulfill this fantasy. And we sincerely hope that you get to do it and enjoy it!



Culture and Nature CancĂşn Tours to the impressive archaeological sites, cultural museums and art exhibits and a wide variety of natural parks and ecosystems: Everything you need to enjoy the rich history of the Mayan civilization and natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.


Discover the beauty of the Mayan culture.


Cultura y Naturaleza Cancún

Mayan Culture Kukulkan God

Kukulkan is a Mayan culture deity whose name in Spanish is translated as Feathered Serpent, one of the most important deities of Mesoamerica that is related to the wind and water. Many researchers throughout history have come to say that it is the same God of the Aztec culture, called Quetzalcoatl, whose meaning in Spanish is the same as Kukulkan. Chichén Itzá, one of the new wonders of the world, has as its main structure El Castillo (Spanish for The Castle), a pyramid erected especially for Kukulkan where you can admire its “descent” during the winter and summer solstices, signaling the end of the agricultural and political cycle of the Mayans. Precisely the most important avenue in Cancun, which is where the Hotel Zone is located, is called the Kukulkan Boulevard.

Chichén Itzá is one of the new wonders of the world. Among the hundreds of attractions that the Hotel Zone has to offer you can find the Mayan Museum of Cancun. It is currently one of the most important works of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico and contains one of the most significant archaeological collections of the Mayan culture. In the museum you can find pieces from archeological sites like Chichén Itzá, Palenque and other Mayan ruins. Without a doubt, it is one of the attractions in the destination which you cannot miss. So don’t hesitate to ask your concierge, or us, for this and many more recommendations to enjoy the Mayan culture.



It is one of the main tourist attractions in Cancun Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Museum of Art is one of Cancun’s biggest attractions. The museum features over 500 sculptures strategically placed at different depths on the sea bed. MUSA promotes conservation of the marine life and highlights the potential of art as a way to increase environmental awareness.





Cultura y Naturaleza CancĂşn

Natural Parks of the Mexican Caribbean There is nothing better than spending your holidays enjoying the amazing natural parks that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer. Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Xplor are some of many parks that offer exclusive activities and attractions in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Archaeological Snorkeling Mayan sites

Swimming with dolphins

Jungle Tours


Underground Rivers

Representative of Mexico and its traditions: culture and unforgettable experiences that will create memories that will last for the rest of your life.



Fashion Corner CancĂşn Prestigious brands and clothing from designers recognized worldwide in the most renowned malls of the Mexican Caribbean: The best choices for going shopping during your next trip to Cancun.


The year of the Orchid. So long, emerald! The Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, an enigmatic variant of purple that inspires you to create and to be original. Pantone, the global authority on all things color, has designated since 2000 a Color of the Year to express what will be relevant in the world. Through conversations with fashion designers, psychologists and other academics of culture, the institute comes to a conclusion and sets the hue that will be the reflection of what society looks, feels or needs and as 2013 was the time for greens and emerald, 2014 brings the magical and captivating universe of purple tones. This does not mean that the color designated by Pantone will be the only one to see on the runways or at the malls. It is a color that will pierce the areas of design to show costumer's general attitude towards the world and the answer for the next twelve months is Radiant Orchid. Leatice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that the color of 2014 is an invitation to innovation and to the expansion of creativity and originality. With this statement you no longer have excuses to leave great ideas on paper, let's put them into practice!

2014 brings what is magical and captivating about purple, a color that will transgress the areas of design for the arrival of the Radiant Orchid.

With a mix of pink and purple as undertones, Radiant Orchid is a very versatile color that looks good on male or female elements so it will be easy to include this hue into everyday life whether is in clothes, accessories or decorative items. Mix it with gray or beige for a classic look and with olive green, turquoise or light yellow to define a bolder style. This trend is present in every fashion house and at Luxury Avenue you can find several options to wear it. Follow these tips to use the color of 2014:


Fashion Corner Cancún

Dare to wear different shades of purple in the same outfit for a monochromatic look. A purple shirt could be distinguished if you add a lilac tie by Pineda Covalín.

Navy blue, military green and neutrals are Radiant Orchid's best friends so don't be afraid to use them together. A good choice if you choose to wear blue and purple is Purificación García's bracelet from the “círculo cromático”

If everything else fails, remember that a fragrance can make you feel special. The essence CH Eau de Parfum Sublime by Carolina Herrera is sensual, fun and it comes in a beautiful bottle that plays a tribute to the intense color of Radiant Orchid.

Wear pants or a skirt that has that tone and pair it with a top or a shirt in a contrasting color. If you're a girly girl, try wearing the purple chiffon dress that is part of BCBG Max Azria evening collection.

If this trend seems a little too much for your taste, play with your accessories. A bag or a briefcase in purple can be the difference between wearing a boring outfit and a very original one. Burberry and Tous have gorgeous purses, watches and rings that follow the trend.




Find the best and shop in the Mexican Caribbean.


Fashion Corner Cancún

Shopping Paradise: Where to Shop in Cancun What better way to enjoy such a cosmopolitan destination like Cancun than by going shopping in the great variety of malls and boutiques that the Mexican Caribbean has in store for you – no pun intended.

Hotel Zone

La Isla & Luxury Avenue

Market 28

The best international brands, designer clothing and exclusive products are waiting for you on your next trip to these beautiful beaches. The Hotel Zone has everything you’re looking for; La Isla Shopping Village and

Luxury Avenue will amaze you with their wide variety of products, stores and brands. At the heart of all the nightclubs, the Party Center, you will also find many souvenirs and gifts to take home for all your loved ones.

And don’t forget the beautiful Mexican crafts that Market 28 and Parque de las Palapas have for you in downtown Cancun.


Be inspired by Mancandy spring summer 2014.

Fashion Corner Cancún


Mexican Design Mancandy Spring Summer 2014.

Each season brings new challenges and for Andrés Jiménez - Mancandy’s designer - this issue challenges what is established in the fashion world. This SS14 season offers a fun and irreverent collection inspired by everyday icons and bringing back the preppy style of the 1940s.

With a style without boundaries of genres, Mancandy offers a unisex collection in its majority with simple and perfectly detailed hand-finished cuts, all produced and made in Mexico. The designs of Mancandy feature clothing that is genderless and timeless.

“Mancandy is known for designing “genderless” and “timeless” attire.


Mancandy has been published in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Nylon, Wallpaper UK and L' Officiel Brazil. His clothing has been worn by big personalities such as Nelly Furtado, Belinda, Eiza Gonzรกlez, Rye Rey, Reik and Julieta

Fashion Corner CancĂşn


Ready to wear apparel is what highlights Mancandy, a 100% Mexican fashion brand created by the photographer and self-taught designer Andres Jimenez. Inspired by architecture, nature, music and street style, the firm offers a range of possibilities for those seeking basic clothing and accessories of organic essence and minimalist style.


Dress to enjoy the beach.

Fashion Corner CancĂşn


Beach Fashion the latest in trends.

The trends in beachwear change over time, as everything else does in the fashion industry. Swimsuits demand changes and to be reinvented, which is why the search for comfort, color, and suitable clothing is the most important thing to take in consideration while picking your next outfit for the beach.

Bright and fluorescent colors, stripes, plaids, floral prints and wild patterns are setting trends this season.

Many have a preference for the short and more revealing outfits.


As for women, if bikinis and swimsuits keep getting smaller we wonder if they’re going to be necessary in the near future.


Beauty & Health CancĂşn Cutting-edge treatments in the most prestigious spas and medical centers of the Mexican Caribbean: Everything you need to stay healthy while enjoying a relaxing day in the beautiful beaches of Cancun.



Beauty & Healt CancĂşn

Properties, benefits and Temazcal ritual.

The Temazcal is a steam house that has its origins in the preHispanic civilization. It has healing properties and has always been associated with the coexistence of people, making spiritual connections and as alternative medicine. Moist heat, medicinal herbs and the fire from volcanic rocks offer healing effects. It also allows the body to eliminate toxins, stimulates the blood circulation, helps cleansing the digestive system, aids with muscle movement, cleans the respiratory system and increases skin toning. It is also said that it helps you connect with yourself and reflect.

it helps you connect with yourself and reflect. Other benefits include reduction of premenstrual discomfort, stress relief and helps losing weigt, leaving best for last.



IslaMujeres surrounded by paradise. Isla Mujeres combines the beauty of the Caribbean, a lush tropical jungle and the wonderful heritage of the Mayan civilization.


Isla Mujeres

Fall in love once again on the warm beaches of this tropical paradise Isla Mujeres, in English called "Island of Women", is a small and beautiful island located just a short 20 minute ferry ride away from Cancun. Isla Mujeres combines the beauty of the Caribbean, a lush tropical jungle and the wonderful heritage of the Mayan civilization. It is only 500 meters wide and 7.5km long and is a Caribbean paradise frequented by the more laid back traveller and diving enthusiasts. You also get many vacationers coming over from Cancun to spend a day or two on the island.

Its magnificent views make it unforgettable to its visitors. Isla Mujeres’ romantic setting with its turquoise blue waters and white sand and spectacular sunsets makes it a favorite amongst honeymooners and couples looking for a memorable wedding in the Mexican Caribbean.





PuertoMorelos fishing village. You will be seduced by its natural beauty and charm which transport you a million miles away from the glitz and glamour of Cancun.


Puerto Morelos

The bohemian, tranquil atmosphere attracts people from all over the world Puerto Morelos is a friendly, laid-back fishing village located only 35 kilometers from Cancun. The bohemian, tranquil atmosphere attracts people from all over the world, many of whom have chosen to make it their home. You will be seduced by its natural beauty and charm which transport you a million miles away from the glitz and glamour of Cancun. There is no shortage of things to do in Puerto Morelos. The coast is part of the National Marine Park making it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

You will be seduced by its beauty and natural charms. If fishing is your passion then this is the place for you – you will be sure to make a prize catch! There are also plenty of ecotourism excursions where you can explore the jungle and the cenotes on the famous Cenote Trail. Puerto Morelos has it all! Come and enjoy!



Tourism Accommodations Transport Aloft Hotel + 52 998 848 9900

ADO 01 800 009 9090

B2B Hotel & Plaza + 52 998 848 8000

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Casamagna Marriott + 52 998 881 2000

American Airlines + 52 998 886 0171

Hard Rock Hotel + 52 998 881 3600

Ultramar + 52 998 881 5890

Hyatt Regency + 52 998 891 5555


Isla Mujeres Palace + 52 998 999 2020 Le Blanc Spa & Resort + 52 998 881 6000 ME by Meliá + 52 998 881 2500 Oasis Sens + 52 998 891 5000 Oasis Smart + 52 998 848 8600 Ojo de Agua + 52 998 871 0027 Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas + 52 998 881 0600 Sun Palace + 52 998 891 4100 Temptation Resort & Spa + 52 998 848 7900

Bling Bling + 52 984 106 9387 Cancun & Playa Tours + 52 998 273 3319 Diversity Tour Operator + 52 998 285 0365 Gay Tours Mexico by MMT + 52 998 887 7905 Invidia Travel + 52 998 860 0265 Jungle Tour Speedboat by Aquatours + 52 998 849 4748

Food and dining Asiana + 52 998 881 5600 Backstage + 52 998 287 5959 Black Hole + 52 998 891 5000 Benazuza + 52 998 891 5000 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. + 52 998 883 4198 Cambalache + 52 998 883 0902 Capitan Hook + 52 998 849 4451 Cenacolo + 52 998 885 3603 Cenacolo Mare + 52 998 885 4726 Elefanta + 52 998 176 8070 Harry’s Prime + 52 998 840 6550 Ice Sushi + 52 998 176 8070

Next Experience + 52 998 884 4706

Julia Mía + 52 998 884 1086

Viajes Gay Cancun 01 800 837 1358

La Destilería + 52 998 885 1086 La Madonna + 52 998 883 4837


La Parrilla + 52 998 287 8119 Limoncello + 52 998 883 1433 Lorenzillos + 52 998 883 1254 Margaritaville + 52 998 885 2375 Mocambo + 52 998 883 03 98 Outback Steak House + 52 998 883 3350 Puerto Madero + 52 998 885 2830

Palazzo + 52 998 848 8380 Sexy’s Club + 52 998 280 3943 Taboo Bar The City + 52 998 848 8385

Beach clubs Forum Beach Cancun + 52 998 242 8611 Mandala Beach + 52 998 848 8380 Pirata Morgan  

Señor Frogs + 52 998 883 1092

Festivals and events

Taco Grill + 52 998 176 8274


Thai Lounge + 52 998 883 1401  

Cancun - Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival

Social Life Nightclubs & Bars 11:11 Club + 52 998 135 2243

Paradiso Riviera Maya Film Festival

Culture and Nature Attractions Cancún Theater http://www. Interactive Aquarium Cancun http://www. Ka´Yok´ Planetarium http://www. Mayan Museum of Cancún MUSA – Underwater Museum

Parks Garrafon Natural Reef Park + 52 998 193 3370 Xcaret + 52 998 251 6560 Xel-Ha 01 800 212 8951

Coco Bongo 01 800 841 4636

Wedding services

Karamba Nightclub + 52 998 884 0032

Tropical Wedding Experts + 52 998 193 3964

Xoximilco 01 800 841 9488

Mandala + 52 998 848 8380

On Q Photography + 52 984 804 4117

Xplor 01 800 212 8951 

Xenotes + 52 998 251 6560

Directory Fashion Corner Malls

Stores and Boutiques

Fashion Harbour & La Isla Shopping Village + 52 998 883 5025

Aire Boutique + 52 998 253 2073

Forum by the Sea + 52 998 883 4426 mx Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall + 52 998 884 7300 Malecón Américas + 52 998 883 9288 www.maleconamericas. com Plaza Bonita & Mercado 28 + 52 998 884 6812 Plaza Caracol + 52 998 883 4759 Plaza Kukulcán + 52 998 193 0160

Cinco Boutique + 52 998 885 2555 Diamonds International Available in: La Isla Shopping Village & Plaza Caracol Envy Stores Available in: La Isla Shopping Village, Plaza Caracol & Plaza Kukulcán ES Collection + 52 998 884 8949 Guess + 52 998 883 3926 La Boutique Palacio + 52 998 193 1490 Liverpool Duty Free Available in: La Isla Shopping Village & Plaza Kukulcán Loft Boutique + 52 998 253 2073 Ohm Couture + 52 998 289 8374 Pineda Covalin Available in: Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún & Luxury Avenue


Sunglass Hut Available in: La Isla Shopping Village, Luxury Avenue, Malecón Américas & Plaza Kukulcán Sunglass Island Available in: Forum by the Sea, La Isla Shopping Village, Malecón Américas, Plaza Caracol & Plaza Kukulcán Ultrafemme Available in: Avenida Tulum, La Isla Shopping Village, Luxury Avenue, Malecón Américas & Plaza Caracol Ultrajewels Available in: La Isla Shopping Village, Luxury Avenue & Malecón Américas Watch My Watch Available in: Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún, La Isla Shopping Village, Malecón Américas & Plaza Caracol Wayan Natural Wear Available in: Forum by the Sea, La Isla Shopping Village, Malecón Américas, Plaza Caracol & Plaza Kukulcán Zingara Available in: Forum by the Sea, JW Marriott, La Isla Shopping Village, Malecón Américas & Plaza Kukulcán


beauty and health Fitness

Energy Fitness + 52 998 898 4491 Sport Dreams + 52 998 882 1105

Spas Awe Spa en Isla Mujeres Palace + 52 998 999 2020 Awe Spa en Sun Palace + 52 998 891 4100 Centro Naturalista Xbalamque + 52 998 887 7853 JW Marriott Cancún Resort & Spa + 52 998 848 9700 Le Blanc Spa + 52 998 881 4740 Omni Hotels Spa + 52 998 881 0628 Spa Casa Magna + 52 998 881 2000 Spa Sensations + 52 998 881 7900 The Beach House Spa en Hyatt Regency + 52 998 891 5555 Yhi Spa + 52 998 881 1124

X-mahan Nah Spa Club + 52 998 847 4552”

Medical Services Dr. Sóstenes Gutierrez + 52 1 998 162 9168

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Gay Traveler's Guide - April to June 2014 Cancun Issue  

The ultimate guide to travel over the Mexican Caribbean.

Gay Traveler's Guide - April to June 2014 Cancun Issue  

The ultimate guide to travel over the Mexican Caribbean.

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