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Annual Report

2016 Grand Traverse County Health Department An Accredited Local Health Department

miss i o n s t a t e m e n t The Gran d Tr a v e r s e C o u n t y H e a l t h D e p a r t m e n t i s c ommitted to providing p r o f e s s i o n a l , p r e v e n t i v e h e a l t h s e r v i c e s . We are entrusted to provide a c o m p a s s i o n a t e a n d e f f i c i e n t a p p r o a c h t o a progressive, compreh e n s i v e , h o l i s t i c h e a l t h g o a l a c c e s s i b l e t o i n dividuals, families and the comm u n i t y.

visi o n s t a t e m e n t The Gran d Tr a v e r s e C o u n t y H e a l t h D e p a r t m e n t e n v i sions a consummately healthy c o m m u n i t y i n w h i c h t o l i v e , w h e r e h e a l t h r e fers to “a state of complete p h y s i c a l , m e n t a l a n d s o c i a l w e l l - b e i n g a n d not merely the absence o f d i s e a s e o r i n f i r m i t y ” ( Wo r l d H e a l t h O r g a nization). We remain dedicate d t o t h e p r o m o t i o n o f t h i s v i s i o n a n d a l l i t s contributing elements.

Board of Health:

Carol Crawford, Ronald Clous, Dr. Bob Johnson, Alisa Kroupa, Dr. Dan Lathrop, Christine Maxbauer, and Addison “Sonny” Wheelock Jr.

“ In It Togeth e r - w o r k i n g t o i m p r o v e public healt h a n d p r o t e c t y o u ! � L o c a l h e a lth departments are on the front lines of public health- prote c ti n g , p ro m o ti n g a n d p reve n ti n g. T h e p u b l i c may not always see the work we do, but our communities a re sa fe r a n d h e a l t h i e r b e c a u s e of i t. L o c a l health department s work to ensure the safety of the water yo u d r i n k , t h e fo o d yo u e a t , a n d t h e a i r yo u breathe. We respond to emergencies that threaten health a n d sa fe t y a n d e d u c a te t h e p u b l i c a b out how to be healthy. Every day, we respond to and track o u t b re a k s of i nfe c ti o u s d i s e a s e s l i ke i nf l u e nza and foodborne illnesses, test for and treat infectious dise a s e s l i ke s ex u a l l y t ra n s m i t te d i nfe c ti o n s and tuberculosis, inspect restaurants and make sure restaura n t s ta f f fo l l ow sa fe fo o d h a n d l i n g practices, and prepare communities for disease outbreaks, na t u ra l d i sa s te r s , a n d a c t s of te r ro r i s m . During a public health emergency, your local health departm e n t p rov i d e s i m p o r ta n t a l e r t s a n d wa r n i ngs to protect your health. We p rov i d e healthy solutions for everyone including the preventive care yo u n e e d to a vo i d c h ro n i c d i s e a s e a nd to help maintain your health, flu shots for residents of all a g e s , a n d h e l p m o t h e r s o b ta i n p re n a ta l c are that gives their babies a healthy start. We also help prov i d e c h i l d re n w i t h re g u l a r c h e c k- u p s , immunizations, and good nutrition to help them grow and l e a r n . S k i l l e d p u b l i c h e a l t h p rofe s s i o nals help families navigate children’s special health care serv i c e n e e d s a n d l i n k p e o p l e w i t h o u t h e a l t h insurance to programs to receive healthcare services. Public h e a l t h i nvo l ve s a d vo c a c y a n d a c ti o n to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce health inequalities, preven t d i s e a s e, p ro te c t h e a l t h a n d i m p rove h ealthcare services for all. We d o a l l of this, and much more, to improve health and well-being at a p o p u l a ti o n a n d c o m m u n i t y l eve l . We are an innovative performance and results-based organizatio n . We l eve ra g e o u r fu n d i n g t h ro u g h c ollaborations and partnerships to maximize our public health re s o u rc e s . Ac c re d i ta ti o n , q u a l i t y a s s u ra n c e, and increasing efficiency are all essential in our culture of c o n ti n u a l i m p rove m e n t. We va l u e o u r ro l e i n the community as public health experts. On behalf of the h a rd wo r k i n g , p a s s i o n a te p u b l i c h e a l t h s ta ff, I present to you the activities and achievements of 2016.

Wendy S. (Trute) Hirschenberger, MPH, CPHA Health Officer

program highlights disease control & prevention services Feedback from the state highlighted how well we served our community in 2016, especially the “priority” populations targeted by Title X (teens, males, and low-income/uninsured). We had 832 unduplicated clients, of which 28% were teens (program aim is a 20% teen base). Men were 19% of all clients served (program aim is 3% male base). 78% of our client caseload was “low-income” (at or below 150% of poverty). The beginning of 2016 also saw the end of a chicken pox outbreak.

adolescent health services K-Town Youth Health Center - held a very successful immunization clinic at Interlochen Arts Academy for students needing to be updated according to Michigan Department of Education requirements. They also participated in the The Rock of Kingsley Health Fair. Youth Health & Wellness Center - participated in their annual career and resource fair allowing staff to interact with approximately 400-500 students.

m a te r n a l & c h i l d h e a l t h services All clinicians participated in the Perinatal Summit, with emphasis on substance use, hosted by Munson Healthcare. Staff also participated in Psychiatric Grand Rounds learning more about Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorders. Childrens Special Health Care Services assisted with the National Cherry Festival Special Kids Day, hosting 798 registered children and youth with special health care needs, as well as, special needs adults in our community.

program highlights environmental health services emergency management & p u b l i c h e a l t h e m e rg e n c y preparedness Emergency Manager, Gregg Bird, was appointed the 2nd Vice President of the Michigan Emergency Management Association (MEMA). Also, the 2016 Prepare Fair was a huge success. Northern Michigan Public Health Emergency Preparedness (NMPHEP) Director, Mike Lahey, was awarded the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Professional of the year through Michigan Emergency Management Association. In addition, a potential HEP A outbreak was managed with state officials.

Environmental Health staff issued a Public Health Advisory in June in response to a spill of approximately 3,000 gallons of raw sewage into Kids Creek, Boardman River, and into West Grand Traverse Bay. The public was advised against body contact at four (4) public beaches near the mouth of the Boardman River where it empties into West Grand Traverse Bay. This precautionary advisory was lifted after bacteriological water samples showed that E.coli levels met Michigan Department of Environmental Quality standards for full body contact.

office of the medical examiner The Office of the Medical Examiner was awarded a Health Innovation Grant from the State of Michigan for a proposal that would assist with comprehensive medical examiner investigator training and development of a telemedicine model for assessing certain medical examiner deaths. In addition, a new partnership with Western Michigan Styker School of Medicine (WMed) resulted in three month pilot program to enhance medical examiner operations to include forensic pathologists serving as medical and deputy medical examiners for Benzie, Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties.

accolades and collaborations dire c to r ’ s a wa rd fo r exc e l l e n ce in local public health The Northern Michigan Public Health Emergency Preparedness (NMPHEP) Team received the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ Director’s Award for Excellence in Local Public Health. The multi-jurisdictional team of emergency preparedness professionals, led by Grand Traverse County Health Department and in partnership with Benzie Leelanau District Health Department and the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, is one of a kind in Michigan. By pooling state grants to create efficiencies and reduce duplication, the team enabled each health department to increase resources at the local level for developing and exercising plans with community partners. Mike Lahey, the NMPHEP Regional Director, was individually awarded the 2016 Public Health Preparedness Professional of the year for his leadership of the collaborative program.

nort h e r n m i c h i g a n p u b l i c h e alth alliance 2016 was the second year in a row the Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance health departments have been recognized for their innovation and excellence. The Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance is a collaborative effort through cross jurisdictional sharing arrangements and partnerships between six regional local health departments in Northern Lower Michigan. The six local health departments completed a common community health assessment for their 25-county region in partnership with hospitals and other community partners. Priorities were ranked by cross-sector groups across the region, identifying access to healthcare, chronic disease prevention, and substance use as top priorities. The Alliance partners were awarded over $3M in grants to address top-ranked priorities across the entire region in 2016.

disease control and prevention



Communicable Diseases Reported


Tuberculosis Skin Tests Administered

133 HIV Screenings

Protecting the population of Grand Traver s e C o u n t y f r o m c o m m u n i c a b l e disease is one of the top priorities of our C o m m u n i t y H e a l t h D i v i s i o n . T h i s includes monitoring the seasonal flu and o t h e r d i s e a s e s s u c h a s , Tu b e r c u l o s i s , Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV / A I D S , F o o d b o r n e i l l n e s s e s , zoonnotical and vector-bor ne diseases. O u r n u r s e s d o t h i s t h r o u g h t e s t i n g , investigations and sur veillance.

1213 Family Planning Client Visits


Sexually Transmitted Disease Screenings

maternal & child health ser vices

2180 MIHP Baby Visits

7760 WIC Program Appointments






Healthy Futures Case Load

Hearing Screenings

Children’s Special Health Care Services Home Visits

Vision Screenings

M a t e r n a l a n d infant health programs are of fered to improve the health outc o m e s o f p r e gnant women, mothers, children and their families. A team of n u r s e s , s o c i a l workers, registered dieticians, in the of fice and/or through a h o m e v i s i t i n g ser vice, provide par enting education, breastfeeding education , c o u n s e l i n g o n healthy behavior and activities, coordination of care, smoking c e s s a t i o n a n d community referrals for other needs. 5

immunizations & adolescent health clinics data

4698 Total Immunizations Administered

B a b i e s , c h i l d ren, teens, college s t u d e n t s , a d u lts, and even seniors n e e d t o b e i mmunized in order to p r o t e c t t h e m s elves from serious d i s e a s e s . G T CHD provides anyone t h a t i s i n s u r e d, on Medicaid, u n i n s u r e d , o r underinsured with n e e d e d i m m u nizations. We also p r o v i d e s e a s onal flu shots.

1270 Immunization Walk-Ins Accommodated

1266 Youth Health & Wellness Center Client Visits

Our adolescent health clinics offer a variety of ser vices to keep the adolescents (age 10-21) in our community healthy and in school Ser vices range from vaccinations, m i n o r a c u t e i l l n e s s / i n j u r y, education and support, STIs and HIV testing and counseling, and mental health counseling.

1256 K-Town Youth Health Center Client Visits

environmental health data


Restaurant Inspections



Total Beach Monitoring Samples

Total Well Permits Issued

O u r E n v i r o n mental Health Division inspects restaurants, food ser vice f a c i l i t i e s , p u blic pools, area beac hes, and local campgrounds. They also i n v e s t i g a t e f oodbor ne illness complaints, provided well and septic system p e r m i t s , a n d provide education through classes like Ser vSafe.


Temporary Food Inspections


Total Septic Permits Issued

emergency management & public health emergency preparedness



Active Shooter Trainings

I n t h e e v e n t o f an emergency in our a r e a , t h e G r a nd Traverse County E m e r g e n c y M anagement & Homela nd S e c u r i t y a g e n cy plans and coordinates r e s p o n s e a c t i vities. Additionally, the p r o g r a m c o o r dinates safety plans for c o un t y r e s i d e nts, employees, and v i s i t o r s t o G r and Traverse County.


Point of Distribution “Go Kits” were established for the entire Northern lower Michigan region.

Our Public Health Emergency Preparedness Division ensures we are prepared for public health emergencies by responding to infectious,occupational, or environmental incidents that affect t h e p u b l i c ’s h e a l t h i n G r a n d Tr a v e r s e C o u n t y.

office of the medical examiner & dental clinics north


Drug Related Fatalities



Medical Examiner Cases Requiring Investigations


Cremation Permits Authorized

T h e O f f i c e of the Medical Examiner investigates deaths that are of conce r n t o t h e p u b l i c h e a l t h , s a f e t y, a n d w e l f a r e of the community. Dea ths repor ted to our of fice are investigated a n d i n m a n y c a s e s i n c l u d e a p o s tm o r t e m e xamination. The postmor tem examination is usually a complete a u t o p s y ; h o w e v e r i n s o m e c a s e s t h e e x a m i n a t ion may be limited to the exter nal sur faces. *Numbers shown ar e f o r G r a n d Tr a v e r s e C o u n t y o n l y.

4302 Dental Clinics North Total Clients Served

The Grand Traverse County Health Depa r t m e n t i s o n e o f t h e t e n l o c a t i o n s f o r Dental Clinics Nor th, where dental healt h s e r v i c e s a r e p r o v i d e d t o c h i l d r e n and adults who have Medicaid, Delta D e n t a l , ( H e a l t h K i d s D e n t a l / M I C h i l d ) and/or the Nor ther n Michigan Dental Pl a n .

financial data 2016 operational budget $6,273,922

2016 Revenues 18% 34%

5% 9% 30%


Private Medical Insurance

Local Grants County Appropriations

Community Health

8% Environmental Health

15% 71%

Medicaid and Cost Settlement

Licenses, Permits, and Fees


2016 Expenses

State and Federal Funds

Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management Medical Examiner

locations www.gtchd.org

facebook.com/GTCHealthDept /


G r a n d Tr a v e r s e C o u n t y Health Department 2600 LaFranier Rd,, Ste. A Tr a v e r s e C i t y, M I 4 9 6 8 6 231-995-6111

K - To w n Yo u t h Health Center 1 1 2 S B r o w n son Avenue PO Box 117 K i n g s l e y, M I 49649 2 3 1 - 2 6 3 - 5 8 95

Youth Health & Wellness Center TBAISD Career-Tech Center 880 Parsons Rd Traverse City, MI 49686 231-922-6416

G r a n d Tr a v e r s e C o u n t y Environmental Health 2650 LaFranier Rd Tr a v e r s e C i t y, M I 4 9 6 8 6 231-995-6051

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2016 Annual Report  

2016 Annual Report  


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