GTCC Strategic Plan 2019-2025

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Building toward greater success Strategic Plan 2019/2020 – 2024/2025

Approved by the Board of Trustees, February 28, 2019

GTCC is pleased to present the following Strategic Plan designed to guide our initiatives through 2025. The institutional goals set forth were developed in order to provide a strong, principled and measurable framework for putting the mission of GTCC into action. With our values as a solid foundation, the strategic steps included for each goal serve as our building blocks for supporting the success of our students, faculty, staff, business partners and communities.

VISION: Catalyst for success MISSION: Supporting success through innovative education, training, and partnerships VALUES: Collaboration Working together with all constituents to fulfill the College’s mission

Excellence Striving for distinction in everything we do

Integrity Learning Providing quality educational experiences across all programs and services

Ensuring that our words and actions work together for the betterment of society

Inclusion Accessibility Identifying and eliminating barriers to successful educational outcomes

Promoting respect and equity, and recognizing differences as strengths

GOAL 1: Improve and measure student access, success, progress, and completion • Provide clear student pathways that lead to self-sustainability and credentials aligned with workforce and transfer requirements • Develop and expand strategies to attract, enroll and graduate students in high demand programs that provide a sustainable income and match local and regional workforce needs •

Expand or enhance multiple learning models and academic support strategies to meet the needs of a diverse learning population and reduce achievement gaps

• Simplify college processes to mitigate obstacles to access and completion • Promote a campus culture of inclusion • Expand strategies and practices that support student financial stability

GOAL 2: Employ technology effectively to enhance the student, faculty, and staff experience • Develop and implement a visionary technology planning process that provides for and supports the college’s technology requirements and use of technology by students, faculty, and staff • Support innovation by providing meaningful professional development that promotes technology integration in classroom and instructional support practices • Support innovation by providing and leveraging instructional technology that leads to greater student learning and outcomes

GOAL 3: Secure additional funding through strategic pursuit of grants, gifts, and entrepreneurial endeavors

GOAL 4: Identify and meet employer and community needs in the region

• Pursue grant funding that aligns with our strategic plan

• Provide effective workforce training in support of regional industry clusters

• Collaborate with the GTCC Foundation to promote advocacy and financial support from alumni, individuals, and institutional donors

• Provide cultural, personal, and professional enrichment programs for the community

• Expand or develop alternative streams of funding

• Expand job opportunities and aspire to ensure job placement meets workforce needs in collaboration with local economic development initiatives

GOAL 5: Provide learning opportunities in a safe, convenient, and inviting atmosphere

GOAL 6: Cultivate a workplace culture of inclusion that welcomes, develops, supports, and empowers employees

• Provide an infrastructure that oversees, supports, sustains, and monitors college regulatory compliance and other needs for emergency preparedness and campus safety

• Foster a college culture that supports employee diversity and inclusion through recruitment and retention

• Assess facility assets to enhance strategic redeployment of existing space, program access, and future growth

• Develop institutional leaders who serve as liaisons with our diverse community

• Foster student and employee engagement in sustainable facilities, campus beautification, and college pride

• Provide best-in-class professional development for all employees

GOAL 7: Enhance a culture of evaluation and continuous improvement using data, proven practices, measurement, and evaluative decision-making • Improve data fidelity, collection, and analyses • Provide broad access to student and institutional data through improved inquiry tools and training • Promote the use of data across the institution to improve policies and practices