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GTA TRANSLATION How can Professional Translation Services Minimize Cost and Turnaround Time for Legal Translations Legally binding contracts are either translated by a professional linguist with proven contract translation experience or by a Language Service Provider (LSP) who specializes in legal translation services. While a high-quality contract translated through professional translation services won’t come cheap, costs and turnaround time can be minimized by:

Avoiding Jargon and keeping the Contract simple – Jargon always complicates the contract writing process and can add an element of ambiguity to your document. Contracts should always be as short as possible and written in simple and clear language that can be easily understood. By choosing words that can be translated with the greatest precision, you will not only protect the original intent and meaning of the contract, but you will also receive a faster and more accurate translation from your service provider.

Relying upon your LSP’s translation memory – Translation memory is a database of translation terms, sentences, headings, or other segments kept on file for reuse at a later time. Many professional translators use a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool to recognize and “remember” previously translated segments of your documents. This means that provisions/clauses/conditions that have been translated previously into a given language can be stored and reused for future translation projects.


Using legalese only when it is the most useful terminology – A legal contract will utilize legal language which is commonly known as legalese. Some legalese is unavoidable, however, there are words whose exact definitions are unclear and usually have no precise equivalent in other languages. Therefore, avoid using such words and instead use those words that actually help make the contract clearer and more effective. If the words make the meaning clearer, use them. If not, avoid them.

Using contract models for accelerated and more accurate translations – Usually, contracts vary widely in presentation as you move from one country to another. To create highly translatable contracts, the contract should be laid out in the target language – it will surely help you go a long way. Use contract models to save time on standard contract sections in different languages. Modeling a contract can also help reveal areas that are either too ambiguous or too technical for translation.

STEPS FOR SAVING TIME AND ENERGY The people out there invest in professional contract translation because they think that it is worthwhile given that the quality service they provide is paramount. Often, providers of professional translation services in Toronto and other countries maintain quality while lowering translation costs by drafting a contract by toward making the translation process more straightforward. Fewer words and less legalese results in a more cost efficient and timely translation and even a better, clearer work overall.

How can professional translation services minimize cost and turnaround time for legal translations  

Often, providers of professional translation services in Toronto and other countries maintain quality while lowering translation costs by dr...

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