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Steps to Making a Visual Communications Plan for the Interior of Your Business For companies looking to expand, promote products, or even just broaden their brand awareness, a visual communications plan can help set things in motion and keep everyone on track. This type of plan clearly lays out not only the goal or mission statement of the company, but it also defines a clear strategy, future steps, as well as what the plan hopes to achieve for the company. As a business, it is essential to share this plan with your employees in order to create a cohesive approach to marketing, promotion, sales, and your brand awareness. It’s one thing to just chat about your communication plan, but it’s a whole other story to create an actual physical visual communications plan that understand and implement. It makes following the steps and even understanding the entire process a lot easier. After all, some people learn visually, so this is a way to appeal to them as well! Any good visual communications plan needs to be laid out in such a way that it’s easy to follow and understand. This means breaking things down into processes or steps - using clear and concise language that everyone can understand. If the plan is too long or too involved, employees aren’t usually willing to read through it in its entirety, which makes sticking to the plan is next to impossible. Remember the whole goal of the visual communication plan was to get everyone on the same page following the same process. ... So, in order to do this, you need to do the following: - Start your plan with a brief description of the goal/mission. This should be just a couple sentences long. - Specify who the target audience is to ensure employees are appealing to those consumers. - Next you need to lay out a clear and concise strategy. The strategy is the steps you will be taking in order to achieve your goal/mission. Again try to make this section short and sweet and just stick to the basics. You don’t want to create an overly-involved strategy. By keeping it basic it has a greater chance of succeeding. - Discuss any future measures that are above and beyond the strategy you have discussed. This means future steps you'll be taking as the plan begins to take effect and bring about results. Be sure to discuss what you hope your plan will achieve and what you plan to do if it's not bringing about the results you hoped for. - Lastly, be sure that everyone gets a chance to read through the plan and have a copy nearby before the plan goes into effect. Have a well-defined visual plan for your business that addresses the needs of the users using the space is critical to creating signage that is going to create positive results for the company. Always consider your intentions prior to making your plan as this will help to craft everything around it and lead to the best results. Improve your work environments by using strategically designed signage by expert sign specialists. Find out more here -

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