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The Rack for December/January 2008 Issue 6 Vol.IX

☜ Rossman takes home Title

Trick Shot Magic Title


Lifetime Achievement Award 7 Conrad Burkman recognized

Champion of Champions


Corr defeats Pan

World Cup of Trick Shots


Team USA Wins

Jacoby Season Opener


WPBA Season Finale


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PQB 4 December/January

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December/January 5 PQB


Iceman Freezes Alcano for U.S. Open 9 Ball Title


nce again the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships was held at the beautiful Chesapeake Conference Center, in Chesapeake Virginia.

The U.S.Open is the Longest Run and Most Prestigious 9-Ball event in the world. The Entry was $600.00, Race to 11, Double elimination, Finals one race to 13, Played on Diamond Tables. Mika Immonen had a strong finish to take the 33rd U S Open 9-Ball Open Championship. He got by red-hot Ronnie Alcano by keeping him in the chair. Alcano had one good run in the 7th rack to get on the board. Mika with his 6-0 run to start the match. After that rack they were few and far between for Ronnie as almost every opening came off a safety or a missed shot where Alcano had no chance for success. Ronnie just failed to get out safely or he missed when left open. He had been so strong through out the event and right before your eyes he was falling apart. All Mika had to do was keep under control and the title was his. The final score was 13-7 with Mika claiming the title of the 33rd U.S. Open. Joey Arbuckle, Greg McAndrews, Donnie Mills, Shawn Putnam, and Jose Parica all fell before Ronnie Alcano made the finals. For Ronnie it was the second time in 2 years He finished in the runner up spot. The field was opened up this year and not quite filled probably due to the cost of travel and the economy. Next year it should be full. There were so many matches this year that many were played in the Q-Master poolroom in Virginia Beach. This of course was so they could finish up in the time allowed. The battles were getting more heated and Ronnie Alcano was the only player to make the finals undefeated. Alcano beat Immonen in the final four to get to the finals undefeated. Virtually no one wanted to bet against him as he smoked through PQB 6 December/January

the tournament, handedly dispatching his opponents. Mika on the other hand played with almost the same strength until he ran into Alcano in the final four for his first loss. He came right back and got by Warren Kiamco to get another chance at Alcano. He made no mistake about it this time with his 13-9 Victory.

The money list follows: 1st. 40,000 2nd 20,000 3rd 10,000 4th 8,000 5-6th 6,500 ea. 7-8th 5,000 ea. 9-12th 4,000 ea. 13-16th 3,500 ea.

17-24th 3,000 ea. 25-32th 2,500 ea. 33-48th 1,750 ea. 49-64th 1,250 ea. 65-96th 1,000 ea.

Burkman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Rossman Wins 2008 Trick Shot Magic Title

by Professor -Q-Ball Staff On Friday, October 23, at the U.S. Open a dinner was held by Barry Berhman (Founder and promoter of the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship) to honor the life and career of Conrad Burkman. Burkman began his career in the 60’s as a referee for the marque names in pool. He was Willie Mosconi’s favorite referee and made calls on every big name in the game. He became even more deeply imbedded in the game in the early 70’s when he took over The National Billiard News, a tabloid publication that was the forerunner of all of today’s modern billiard publications. Conrad was the main source for all tournament and player news and statistics and his publication became very well known for the photographs he took at major events that captured the moments even better than did his words. “It was a true pleasure to have awarded Conrad Burkman with his well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. For all that he has done and continues to do to help promote the game I have long felt that he deserves a lot of recognition.” Barry awarded Mr. Berhman with the Lifetime Achievement Award, a trophy that is exactly like the ones given the champions of the U.S. Open, plus he was also given the U.S. Open Champion’s coveted green jacket with his name and “National Billiard News” embroidered on the chest pocket. A packed room, filled with old friends and acquaintances, loudly applauded the presentation with a standing ovation and then many stood to give thanks and share memories of Mr. Burkman’s career. Speakers included Mr. Behrman, Jay Helfert, Nick Varner, and Jerry Forsyth. This was a grand moment for all of us who love the game and those who have contributed their lives to the progress of the game. Professor Q-Ball wishes to join in the accolades for Conrad as we honor his contributions to a field in which we are obviously engrossed. We, owe Conrad Burkman a great deal and thank him for all of his accomplishments through the years.

Mike LeBron was awarded a Awards Plague. 20th Anniversary Oldest Champion, Still going Strong!

“One in the Cup”


he 2008 ESPN ZONE Billiards Shootout was held October 2 in Las Vegas. Tom Rossman defeated Andy Segal for the Trick Shot Magic title and the lion’s share of the $40,000 purse. ESPN Zone Las Vegas was host to the event which was taped for three 1-hour telecasts on ESPN and the first ever to be broadcast in High Definition. The Ninth Annual Trick Shot Magic featured a stellar international cast vying for the most coveted title in Artistic Pool. The matches required each player to execute 10 Artistic shots in a challenge format. Players challenged their opponents with shots of their choice, with each player forced to make the shot to score a point. In the event of a tied score, the tiebreaker was an 8-rail bank shot onto the face of a $100 bill. The player who came closest to the center of the bill won the match. Rossman and Segal displayed their brilliance to emerge as the top trick shot artists. The Championship Match was poetry on green felt, with Rossman defeating Segal by a score of 13 - 10 to take the crown and $18,000. Segal, who otherwise played to top form in the event, claimed $6,000 second prize. In the semifinal action Rossman (USA) and Eric Yow (USA) battled back and forth in a thrilling match to a tied score of 13 – 13. They then went to a sudden death 8rail bank shot and Rossman claimed victory by placing the cue ball onto the center of a $100 bill. The other semifinal saw Segal (USA) upend Mike Massey (USA) by a lopsided score of 11 - 4. Massey, who injured his

shoulder in a quarterfinal match, was unable to play at his legendary level of skill. International trick shot stars who were bumped off in single elimination included Yow and Massey, who won $4,000 each, and Stefano Pelinga (Italy), Luke Szywala (Poland), Sebastian Giumelli (Argentina), and Mark Dimick (USA), who won $2,000 each. The standing-room-only crowd gave Tom Rossman a spirited ovation at the conclusion of the final match. The winner’s check was presented by Blaine Martin, Connelly Billiards and Ivan Lee, Simonis Cloth. The presentation brought another round of cheers from the audience. In addition to the fine tournament site at ESPN Zone Las Vegas at the New York New York Hotel & Casino, the event was sponsored by Connelly Billiards, Aramith Super Pro Balls, Simonis Cloth, L.E.A.N.I. Italian Slate, AcCue Shot Target Practice Device, Executive Billiards Delta-13 Rack and Silver Cup Chalk. The WPA sanctioned event was produced by Billiards International, Ltd.

Tentative Television release set for December 8,2008 - Check your local ESPN or ESPN 2 listings. Sample shots by Dr. Cue can be seen at

December/January 7 PQB

Karen Corr Wins the 2008 “Champion of Champions” Title


’m just thrilled beyond words,” said an elated Karen Corr moments after capturing the 2008 Mohegan Sun International Tournament of Champions title. The pressure packed $25,000 winner-take-all event was held at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, October 29. Corr, who set a record by winning the event three years in a row, defeated 2007 World Champion Xiaoting Pan in a one game sudden death showdown in the final match and was crowned the new “Champion of Champions.” The two semifinals and the Championship match were taped for broadcast by ESPN. “We may look cool out there, but the pressure is just incredible,” said Corr “There’s no margin for error when every player is a champion. One shot missed and you can lose $25,000! Your emotions are off the chart during the entire tournament.” Indeed, of the four international champions in the event, Corr had to fight her way to the title. She defeated two time World Champion Ga Young Kim in the semifinal round 4-2 and 4-3. The semi and final matches require a player to win two sets, race to four games each set. In the event of a tie, the pressure becomes intense with a one game sudden death shootout. The other semifinal also brought cheers from the crowd. Pan, from China, defeated legendary Allison Fisher, who holds fifty-three WPBA Classic Tour titles. They split sets 4-3 and 4-3, and after trading safeties in the sudden death game, Pan finally ran the table to win the match. Corr’s final match against Pan was a nailbiter, featuring flawless run outs and exquisite safety play. Corr easily won the first set 4-2. Pan then took the first game of set two, and following multiple safety duels, got out with a PQB 8 December/January

Xiaoting Pan, above, took 2nd place score of 4-1. They then went into sudden death, where Pan won the lag and the break and worked her way through the 4 ball. At that point, having left herself in bad position for the next shot, she played safe, placing the 5 ball on the foot rail and the cue ball far down table. Corr now faced a rough layout. She might have tried a safety, even though the spread of the balls made it difficult. All the more troublesome, the seven was all but frozen to the nine on the rail near the head end of the table. She elected to play an extraordinary combination shot, banking the five down table, where it perfectly struck the seven and pocketed the nine. The incredible combination was a championship shot to close out the Championship match. The crowd gave Karen Corr a standing ovation, rocking the arena with cheers and applause. She raised his arms in victory and then accepted the highest single winner’s purse in Women’s pool of $25,000. The trophy and the check were presented by Mohegan Sun and Connelly Billiards. The 2008 event was the Eleventh Annual International Tournament of Champions. Bob Yalen, Director of Sports & Entertainment for Mohegan Sun, was delighted with the support displayed by the crowd of pool fans. “We will continue to host this event,” he said. “The crowds were even more than we anticipated, and the players were amazing. We are extremely pleased.” In addition to the fine tournament site at Mohegan Sun, the event was sponsored by Connelly Billiards Tables, Aramith Super Pro Billiard Balls, Simonis Cloth, L.E.A.N.I. Italian Slate, AcCue Shot Training Device, Executive Billiards Delta-13 Rack and Silver Cup Chalk. The WPBA sanctioned event was produced by Billiards International, Ltd.

Team USA Downs Team Europe in the World Cup of Trick Shots The WORLD CUP OF TRICK SHOTS was held October 30 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Team U.S.A. claimed the title over Team Europe in the Third Annual international team competition in the sport of Trick Shots. The prize purse was $40,000 for the event, with $30,000 and Gold Medals to the winning team. Captain Andy Segal led Team U.S.A. to victory and the Gold Medal. Other Team U.S.A. members who were awarded the Gold Medal were Tom Rossman, Bruce Barthelette, and Mike Massey. Silver Medalists from Team Europe included Captain Stefano Pelinga, Luke Szywala, Nick Nikolaidis, and Ralph Eckert. Their team also won $10,000. The format for World Cup consisted of eight artistic show shots by both teams in a match. Team members executed a challenge shot of their choice, and their opponents were required to duplicate the shot or lose a point. In the semifinals, with two members from each team, the players alternated shots in four player head-to-head matches, performing intricate trick shots meant to stymie their opponents. A sudden death tiebreaker to decide a match required Mike Massey, Tom Rossman, Bruce Barthelette, and Captain Andy Segal - U.S.A. Team. an eight rail bank shot onto the face of a $100 bill positioned on the foot rail, near the corner pocket. The Championship Finals match pitted all eight members of Team U.S.A. and Team Europe in the wildest shootout of the year. The players on Team U.S.A. displayed their brilliance to emerge as the top trick shot artists in the world. The Championship match was poetry on green felt, with Team U.S.A. defeating Team Europe by a score of 8-5 to take the Gold Medals and $30,000. Team Europe, whose members were otherwise on their game, claimed Silver Medals and $10,000 second prize. In the first semifinal, Team U.S.A. players Rossman and Massey prevailed 9-8 in a closely fought match over Team Europe members Nikolaidis and Eckert. The other semifinal saw Team U.S.A. artists Segal and Barthelette stage a remarkable comeback against Team Europe players Pelinga and Szywala. Down by a deficit of 1-5, Segal and Barthelette roared back to tie the score at 8-8. Team captains Segal and Pelinga, elected to play the one-shot sudden death tiebreaker. Their first attempt at the eight rail bank shot marked an unusual record in the history of the World Cup. Pelinga shot the cue ball eight rails, only to have it slip past the $100 bill scratching in the corner pocket. Segal then rocketed the cue ball four rails to have it catch the lip of a side pocket and roll to a stop at center table. On Team Europe - Ralph Eckert, Captain Stefano Pelinga, Nick Nikolaidis, the second attempt, Pelinga played an extraordinary shot, with the cue ball slightly and Luck Szywala over one inch off the $100 bill. Equal to the challenge, Segal played a perfect eight rail bank, placing the cue ball directly on the face of the bill, winning the match. The winning team in each semifinal carried a 1 point bonus forward into the final match. Having won both semifinals, Team U.S.A. thus entered the finals with a 2 point advantage. Team Europe, down 1-4 halfway through the match, rallied to bring the score to 5-5. But Team U.S.A. was not to be denied and surged ahead to win the Championship by 8-5. In the three year history of the event, Team Europe won in 2007 and Team U.S.A. was victorious in 2006 and 2008. Team Europe, gracious in defeat this year, vowed they will return to the winner’s circle in 2009. The standing-room-only crowd gave Team U.S.A. a rousing ovation at the conclusion of the Championship match. The Gold Medals and the team check were presented by Mohegan Sun and Connelly Billiards. The presentations brought another round of cheers from the audience. In addition to the fine tournament site at Mohegan Sun, the event was sponsored by Connelly Billiards Tables, Aramith Super Pro Balls, Simonis Cloth, L.E.A.N.I. Italian Slate, AcCue Shot Training Device, Executive Billiards Delta-13 Rack and Silver Cup Chalk. The WPA sanctioned event was produced by Billiards InternaSegal celebrating the Win tional, Ltd. December/January 9 PQB

Reach by Tom Ross Contributing Writer


layers who seek improvement never run out of things to work on toward the goal of playing the best possible pool. Yet most of us are prone to overlook a few critical shots in favor of practicing more commonly required skills that we know we need to win. For example, how many of us have spent a day studying balls that are hanging in the pocket to master the various, tricky position challenges that they can present? We don’t practice those shots even though we know that certain kinds of “hangers” come up occasionally in competition and stump us. Another good example is the matter of reach and learning to identify exactly what lies in our range of comfort. A few weeks ago one of my Thursday-night regulars raised the question of reach during the clinic and we examined it carefully. I admitted that I had not given the issue much thought even though I occasionally play position that looks good until I find that I cannot reach the cue ball to shoot the next shot comfortably. Last fall, while playing in a Scotch-Doubles tournament with Megan Minerich from the WPBA tour as my partner, the importance of the reach factor really hit home for me. Megan’s a lefty and several times in our first few racks I left her with position that forced her to use the bridge on shots where I left the cue ball in my range but out of hers. Eventually I caught on but had to remember on many shots that my partner was a southpaw. It’s easy to imagine players that normally shoot on bar tables running into reach problems when they compete on nine-foot tables for the first few times. But even experienced, big-table shooters may not possess a complete knowledge of their range. Regardless of the equipment we typically use, it’s a good idea to spend some time determining precisely what we can and cannot reach on a pool table. The first step is to determine how far along the table you can stretch. I know that my limit on a nine-foot table is a cue ball that’s one diamond past the side pocket

PQB 10 December/January

when I am shooting parallel to the long rail. When I’m shooting out of a corner along the table’s diagonal, the center of the table is my limit. At the top of the diagram we have two balls, the stripe and the solid, on opposite rails in places where they can easily challenge our reach. Looking at them from a right-hander’s standpoint we can locate the places on the table that we cannot reach. For the solid ball, since I know that I cannot reach past the Y, I would play to leave the cue ball near the side pocket for any shots where I want a straight, or close-tostraight, angle; it’s a longer shot but preferable to using the bridge or shooting left handed. I want to keep the cue ball out of the shaded area for this shot. If I need to cut that solid ball for position on the ball that comes after it, anything to the left of the shaded area is easy to get to from the other side of the table. The striped ball can be somewhat tricky. Right-handed players prefer balls on the left, side rail because straight shots there are handled easily with close position. But we must be very careful on these when we need position to cut that ball at certain angles. For example, playing for a good angle to draw the cue ball diagonally to the lowerright corner on the bottom rail could leave the cue ball out of reach. For me, anything in the shaded area would present some real problems. It’s beyond my reach from the bottom of the table and may be too far from the left, side rail to shoot by stretching over that rail to my right. For shots where you must stretch out over a side rail to shoot at balls near that rail, the rule of thumb is that you cannot shoot accurately on a line beyond the position of your right shoulder. B, in the bottom of the diagram, presents another class of shots that can challenge our reach. Again from the right-hander’s viewpoint, object balls anywhere in the dotted area can present some stance challenges any time the cue ball is out toward the middle of the table. To find your limits in this area start by placing the cue ball on the foot spot and an object ball on the X. Can you reach that shot? Now move both balls around in this area and note the limits of your reach for every different shot. If you know where your limit is for each shot in this area you will remember to leave your cue ball on the close side of that limit when playing position. Finally, with the cue ball at the limit of your reach on one of these shots, place another object ball in front of the cue ball and note how shooting with elevation can change the limit of your reach. Most of us probably have a good idea of how far we can reach but may lack an exact knowledge for the entire table. As we move up through higher levels of competition we learn, often bitterly, that every shot matters. Here is where we begin to refine our control over every variable on the pool table. Sometimes a routine runout is stopped short when we play position for a ball that forces an awkward stroke and makes position for the next shot too difficult if not impossible. While we all desire to move up the competitive ladder we must remember that, at each higher rung, we will get fewer opportunities to perform. A short session to map out the table for various shots will hone your ability to keep the cue ball, and your goals, within reach.

Sam Monday Takes Jacoby Season Opener


ast Eddie’s in Goldsboro, North Carolina hosted the first stop on the 20082009 Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour November 8-9. Sixteen players battled it out in the $1000 guaranteed added Main Event. Sam Monday defeated rival and 2007-2008 Player of the Year, Michael Fuller, in the final match, earning $1000 for first place. An Early Bird Tournament was held on Friday night. Wade Crane defeated Mike Frowein (7-6) in the final match. Results for this event were: 1st Wade Crane $100; and 2nd Mike Frowein $60. On Sunday, there were three mini-tournaments. First place in the Junior Tournament went to Palmer Richardson, who white-washed Patrick Leonard (7-0) in the final match. Tops honors in the Ladies’ Tournament went to Rachel Eliazar, who blanked Tiffany Leonard (7-0). Finally, Matt Reed took first place in the Second Chance Tournament, defeating Russell Sasser (7-4). In the Main Event, Fuller took the hotseat with wins over David Powell (7-3), Russell Sasser (7-3), Sam Monday (7-5), and Sidney Champion (7-4). Meanwhile, Monday edged Arnold Hamlett (7-5) and Wade Crane (7-5) before being sent to the one-loss side at the hands of Fuller (7-5). Monday trounced Hamlett (7-1) but had difficulty with Russell Sasser (7-6) and Sidney Champion (75) before sending them both home. This set up a Monday/Fuller rematch in the final. The final match began with Monday winning the lag. This would prove crucial, as Monday proceeded to break and run four straight racks. A miss late in the fifth rack ended the run for Monday and he conceded the last three balls. The sixth rack was riddled with safeties, jump shots and missed 9-ball combinations. Monday snookered Fuller twice with 2-rail kick shots, but conceded after making a bad hit on a 7/8 carom. Fuller managed to get as close as 5-3, but was unable to get much else going. After

3-fouling Monday to trail 7-4, Fuller shot safeties four times in the twelfth rack but couldn’t stop Monday from taking the hill. Monday came up dry on the break and it seemed Fuller might clear the l-r): Doug Ennis, tournament director; Sam table. However, Fuller’s Monday, first place; Michael Fuller, second place; cue ball found the side Mike Frowein, manager (Fast Eddie’s). pocket after sinking the 8-ball and he conceded. Final score: 9-4. Congratulations to Elvis Summerlin who was the lucky winner of the Limited Edition $750 cue raffle from Jacoby Custom Cues. Rock City Promotions wishes to extend special thanks to the staff and ownership of Fast Eddie’s and to OB-1 Cues for supporting the Jacoby Tour. The next stop on the Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour will be December 6-7 at Family Billiards in Burlington, NC. The event will guarantee $1000 added with $1000 for 1st place. Story and photo courtesy of Rock City Promotions. FINAL RESULTS 1st $1000 Sam Monday 2nd $500 Michael Fuller 3rd $200 Sidney Champion 4th $100 Russell Sasser December/January 11 PQB

WPBA Seminole Hard Rock Casino Kelly Fisher vs. Monica Webb


t was England versus America as the #1 Ranked WPBA Professional, Kelly Fisher, matched up against top ranked Monica Webb. Monica has never been in finals, while Kelly was looking for her third championships of this year. Having already secured the #1 ranking for years’ end, Kelly wanted desperately to hold both Major Titles for ’08. Monica won the lag and although she broke solidly, she didn’t pocket a ball and Kelly started her runout. The layout was less than ideal but Kelly calmly played good position from each shot to the next, sinking the 9 ball and taking the first game of the match. Kelly broke in game two, but failed to pocket a ball. The cue ball settled less than 3” from the 1 ball (near the foot spot) and Monica debated her options. She finally chose to bank the ball into the corner pocket, making it and moving onto the 2. Showing that she was here to play, Monica didn’t blink as she finished off the rack to tie the match up at 1 all. With Rodeo rider Chance Smart watching on (who along with Vivian Villarreal is also sponsored by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Monica broke and made a ball. She was left with a thin slice on the 1 down the rail and overcut the shot. She was fortunate in that she didn’t leave Kelly an open shot, who scrutinized it since hitting the 1 directly risked skimming the 6 which was so close to it. Instead she chose to kick one short rail. She did so, leaving Monica a one-pocket style cross bank the length of the table. She executed it perfectly, but missed the subsequent long shot on the 2 leaving Kelly an open shot. She ran out easily and went up 2-1 with the break. Kelly failed to make a ball, and Monica attempted a 1/9 carom shot. The 9 ball hung up in the pocket and the two played safe for a few shots before Monica blinked first and left Kelly with a tough but makeable 1/2/9 combo which she successfully executed to take a 2 game lead. Monica broke the following rack and ran out, proving that her nerves were still steady and she wasn’t about to give up. Kelly broke in game 6, but after making a ball, was forced to push out and a safety battle ensued on the 1 ball. Kelly blinked first and Monica was off to the races again, steadily running out the rack to tie the match at 3 all. Monica failed to pocket a ball on her break but didn’t leave Kelly an open shot. Kelly sent the cue ball back up to the kitchen, leaving the one ball just off the bottom rail, forcing Monica to kick at it one rail. She applied English to the cue ball, hit the one beautifully and stuck the cue ball behind the 5. Kelly’s kick attempt was no good and it gave Monica ball in hand and thechance to take her first lead of the match if she could run this rack. Shooting the one ball up table since the 2 was blocking it down table, Monica lost her focus and missed! Kelly didn’t have an open shot, instead leaving the 1 ball nearly behind the 7. Monica stepped up and made an incredible long, thin PQB 12 December/January

Webb (above shooting) took her first WPBA Title beating #1 ranked player Kelly Fisher (below) back-cut on the ball, but snookered herself behind the 3 ball for the 2. She did hit the ball, leaving Kelly no choice but to play safe again. Drifting the cue ball behind the 5, she left a 1 rail kick for Monica who missed it entirely and Kelly took ball in hand. Although Kelly had to force follow the cue off of the 6 ball, she had no problems with the run out and took the lead back, 4-3. Kelly broke, made a ball and began running out the rack. She got a bit close to the 7 ball on the side rail just below the side pocket though and was forced to accept a bank shot on the 8 instead of forcing the tight 7 ball shot. She missed the bank shot, leaving Monica with a cut shot on the 8 which had come to rest just off the rail. She overcut it slightly to the crowds chagrin, but left Kelly with a very thin cut into the corner. After someone in the crowd distracted her, she perhaps lost some focus as she pocketed the ball but came around 2 rails to scratch, and Monica made the 9 to tie the match up again at 4 all. Monica enjoyed the break advantage and although she made a ball, she was forced to try a safety which she executed poorly, leaving Kelly with an easy open shot. Kelly had not seemed to recover from the previous games’ scratch and she missed shape on the 5 off of the four ball. Her kick-safe attempt failed, leaving Monica with an open shot and another opportunity to take her first lead. Successfully making the remaining balls, she smiled as the crowd cheered, taking the lead 5-4. Kelly broke, sank the 5 ball but was forced into a safety battle on the 1 ball. Both successfully hit the ball several times until Kelly blinked first, leaving Monica with an easy open shot to start a runout to reach the hill. Without a hint of nerves, she successfully pocketed the 8 balls on the table to reach the hill 6-4. Only needing one game to

win the National Tour Championships, she went into game 11 with the break and the fate of the title in her own hands. Monica broke and made a ball, and after sinking the 1 ball, left herself less than ideal on the 2 forcing her to play safe. Kelly looked at the result from all angles, kicking 2 rails coming at the two from behind. She succeeded in hitting the ball and left what seemed to be no option for Monica other than to play safe. Instead, to the crowd’s delight, she played another one-pocket style cross bank into the corner pocket. Yelling “Come on baby!” she made a tough cut on the 3 and got perfect position on the 4 ball. With just 4 balls left, she carefully negotiated each shot and finished the rack to take her first WPBA Title in her career. With emotions running high, Monica cried freely as she thanked her sponsors, the WPBA Sponsors, the crowd, Jeanette Lee and Helena Thornfeldt. Seminole Tribe of Florida Councilman Michael Bowers presented four trophies, two 3/4th place finishes to Vivian Villarreal and Sarah Rousey, 2nd place to Kelly Fisher and 1st to Monica Webb. The WPBA wraps up another successful season and we’d like to thank the following – Firstly for putting on a great event, The Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Resort and the Hard Rock Live, many thanks to Kevin Pickard and Phil Bowers of Seminole Sports Management for all their hard work. Many thanks go out to Gene Weaver, APA League Operator for the county for helping us with all our shot clock volunteers. Thanks to the WPBA Sponsors , Aramith Balls, The APA, Brunswick Billiards, Cuetec Cues, Mueller Recreational, Iwan Simonis, Inc and The WPBA season has ended for 2008. Stay tuned for 2009! See you next year!

Safety or Out by Willie Jopling Contributing Writer In the diagram above you have the upper right corner pocket and you have an opportunity to put the 6 ball near your pocket and leave the cue ball behind the pack, or even make the 6 ball and get flat out. This is a shot you should go for if you need only one ball, or should you need every ball on the table. It is dangerous unless you practice hitting it many times until you feel DVD’s Available confident that you can execute the shot without selling out. Use a thin hit on the 6 with a lot of left slightly below center. Left English will take on the right side rail sending the cue ball down the able for the safety or out.

Draw and Follow by Robert Byrne From “Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots” with permission


ou have a lot of freedom on a shot like this, even though it may not seem so at first glance. The dashed lines indicate what happens to the cueball when you use follow and draw and hit the 13-ball first. The curved solid lines show the results when you use follow and draw and hit the rail before the ball. With this knowledge you can make some beautiful position plays.

December/January 13 PQB

Bar Tables vs. Nine Foot Tables by “The Monk” Contributing Writer


n the Performance Pool Tour there is talk about how it is easier to play on a seven foot table then the standard nine foot table, thus some players have a clear advantage over others and since the tour provides a large cash payout at the end of the season this does not seem fair. Actually, in the Nationals we are all playing on the same kind of table. Professional players generally refuse to play on a seven foot bar table.

The small seven foot tables typically require much tighter position play due to the smaller surface and greater interference of the standard size balls. In New Zealand I competed for ten thousand dollars on six foot tables and basically had no idea how to play the game. There were clumps, balls tied up and clusters to break out. Everything was cramped together so I was fighting the small space the entire match. Nine foot tables have more room to work with but require greater accuracy due to the length of the shots. You are more open but shooting long shots that require a lot of movement with the cue ball. The four ball exercise in The Lesson book is much easier to perform on a nine foot table than it is on a bar table. Many of the training drills are easier on a nine foot table. I think the wide

pockets on a seven foot table, the shorter shots are an illusion and players think it is easier to pocket balls. It is not necessarily easier to run racks. On a seven foot table in the game of nine ball you should go for luck more often than on a nine foot table. When you are faced with a cluster and no shot, slam the balls. If you get four balls rolling, chances are you will make one of them. I was playing a match in Michigan and I ran seven racks of nine ball. Five times, I sent the cue ball smashing into a cluster and crapped in a ball and ran out to keep my run alive. This would not work on a nine foot table because you end up with long tough shots. The seven foot table gives you shots that are two feet closer and easier to make.

Conclusion In the final analysis I am going to say that it is easier to play on a nine foot table once you have mastered the four strokes of pool. The cue balls are standard, the pockets and rails in more accurate condition and there are fewer clusters to deal with. In The Masters of Art in Pocket Billiards program my students are turning in better numbers on a nine foot table than they are with the seven footers.

Artistic Cup II by Tom Rossman • Contributing Writer


he 2008 Dr. Cue Classic‚ Artistic‚ Cup II has etched its signature mark in billiard history. Thirty=three players from around the world participated in this unique ‚ artistic pool‚ pro-am challenge at Big Shot Billiards and Bar in East Windsor, CT on November 14, 15, and 16. When the dust had settled Dan ‚ Deadeye‚Taylor hit the championship ‚ target‚ by taking home the 1st place prize money, 2 discipline medals, and beautiful‚ Victory‚ Cup Trophy! Below is a brief recap of the top positions of finish followed by one of 2 tiebreaker shots used in the competition. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Dan DeadeyeTaylor Jamey Sharpshooter Gray Nick Quick Nick Nikolaidis Andy Magic Man Segal Chris Juggler 314 Kelly Chris Tricky Shot Woodrum

Hickory Hills, IL $ 5,000 + Cup Jewett City, CT 3,750 + Cup Quebec, Canada 2,500 + Cup Huntington, NY 1,750 + Cup New York City, NY 1,300 + Cup Pulaski, VA 1,000 + Cup

Am Pro Pro Pro Am Am

Eight Discipline Champions — $100.00 each, plus special award medal: Trick & Fancy Andy Segal Prop/Novelty/Special Arts Chris Kelly Draw Shots Jamey Gray Follow Shots Steve Lillis Bank / Kick Dan Taylor Stroke Shots Chris Woodrum Jump Shots Dan Taylor Masse Shots Jamey Gray Sportsmanship Award Special Note

Florian Kohler (France) By vote of players Chris Woodrum (VA) ‚ By vote of directors Complete event results/stats available at

PQB 14 December/January

Objective: Shoot cue ball 5 cushions as diagram indicates. 6 points awarded if cue ball finishes within 1 ball’s width of object ball on chalk. 8 points awarded if cue ball hits object ball on chalk without freezing and ball stays on top of chalk. 10 points awarded if cue ball freezes to ball on top of chalk. 3 rolls are granted and cumulative total for all 3 counts for score.

Triangular Draw by Eric “The Preacher” Yow! WPA Masse World Champion


his issue I want to teach you a trick shot which implements a useful principle called Triangular Draw. Two issues ago I taught you Triangular Follow. Last issue I taught you Sweeper Draw. This description will combine the two concepts, in a way, and show you both an interesting trick shot to impress your friends as well as an important ability which should be possessed by every true pool player. Remember last issue where I described how you can use the natural tangent line of an off-center contact point (when the cue ball strikes a ball other than full) to slide the cue ball on a very predictable route? Applying draw to that concept we are able to shoot the “sweeper draw,” where the cue ball slides out along the tangent line, then draws back. With practice, I said, we are able to predict the point at which the draw takes simply by modifying the power of the stroke. With more power, the farther the cue ball sweeps before the draw. Now, what if we

place a second object ball directly in line with the aforementioned tangent line? Naturally, the cue ball will collide with the obstruction. Then what? If you remember Triangular Follow from two issues ago, you remember that if you drive the cue ball along the tangent line directly into the obstructing ball (the second object ball), hitting it full face, the cue ball will stop its forward progress. Then, if it as follow spin, it will drill forward and do so quite quickly. If it has draw, it will do the same. Take for instance the illustration, where I have depicted one of the shots in the World Artistic Pool Championship shot program. There, you must shoot the first ball, have the cue ball sweep to the right, strike the second object ball full, and then draw back to pocket a ball in the corner. Nice! But how? With this shot, pick a predefined spot for each of the cue ball and first two object balls to lie. Tap them in so that you will be able to replace them exactly

where you had them each subsequent attempt. I like to use the diamond line intersections for the cue ball and one ball. The two ball I place such that the back edge of the ball is in line with the cushion lip line. With experience, as I’ve taught you before, you learn that you must change only ONE variable at a time to improve rapidly. Cue your shot up extremely low, what you would call ‘max draw’ according to your ability. Memorize this amount of draw for repetition’s sake. Now pick an aim point on the one ball, as if your cue stick were aiming through the cue ball to the first

ball. I use two tips from center on the one ball as my aim point. Hit hard and follow through plenty. If you have the right aim, the cue ball will slide directly into the face of the two ball. If you don’t hit the two full, change your aim only, and vary it only slightly until you get it. When you get the feel, pretty soon you’ll be banking the one ball as well! Then, when this comes up in a game, you’ll use the two ball to get shape on your next shot and be dropping jaws all at the same time!

Special Bridges by Samm Diep Contributing Writer • • House Pro at Table Steaks East in Aurora,CO


requently, we are forced to use a different bridge than our usual open or closed bridge that we may be comfortable with. In special situations such as bridging against or near the rail, jacked up over balls, or have a tight space to lay our bridge down, it’s very important that we give these instances a extra attention.

Make your bridge twice. Here are some things to think about when you find yourself faced with an unusual bridge:

Lay your cue down first It can be very helpful when you are faced with a rail shot to lay your cue down first in the line of the shot, hold it steady, and then make your bridge around it. This will help ensure that if you need to adjust anything, it’s your bridge only and not your aim. It can be a bit awkward to try to flop your entire hand with bridge down when you’re using an unusual bridge. This one’s my favorite

Tom Ross shared this little tip with me after a match a few years ago when he watched me miss a shot after fidgeting with my bridge a few times. He said whenever you have a situation where you have a touchy bridge, make your bridge twice; the first time with your eyes on the cue ball and the second time with your eyes on the object ball. Of course, you can make your bridge again after that if you still don’t feel comfortable, but this little tip has helped me tremendously. This technique applies more to shots where you are jacked up or have little room to bridge and you want to make sure you don’t bump any nearby balls.

In most instances, you should be addressing the shot with your eyes on the object ball. (If you’re not, that a whole different article.) When you have a delicate bridge, it’s natural to divert your attention to your bridge versus making the shot. So, the first time you make your bridge, keep your eyes on the cue ball with the line of the shot in your peripheral vision and make sure you find a nice, comfy spot for your bridge hand. Now, keeping your bridge in tact, get up again and this time, address the shot with your eyes on the aiming point of the object ball and carefully replace your bridge hand.

Lastly, make sure your cue is level. Well, as level as it can possibly be. In some instances, we may be bridging over a ball or rail and it’s impossible to stay level. Just be sure you are not adding any additional elevation to the cue.

Please be sure to visit You can take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates.

Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” House Pro at Table Steaks East in Aurora, Colorado Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)”

December/January 15 PQB

by Jim Parker

“A Child’s Christmas that Inspired a Man’s Dream”


and quick-witted personality could have easily doubled for Judy Garland when the actress first stared with Mickey Rooney and later in the 1946 hit movie, “The Harvey Girls.” But I don’t think mom and dad saw Tinsel Town as the place for their pretty and young Harriet Ann. …A convent perhaps, but not Hollywood. Christmas in our home was celebrated somewhat in its own style. Our Christmas tree was our family’s Christmas centerpiece and primary gift from Santa himself. An enormous Canadian Balsam that always looked as if it were bursting through the living room ceiling as it towered over Santa’s village and Lionel’s railroad directly beneath it. How exciting it was in knowing Santa would bring our tree all the way from the North Pole on the very night he and his reindeer soared through the heavens with all of his toys and gifts for a world in waiting. We never saw nor smelled that revered evergreen until Christmas morning. I believe mom and dad had begun this family tradition as the result of the great depression. To wake up on Christmas morning and find such a gift within itself in our own living room left little cause to look for more presents. As a nation during the 1940s you’d be hard pressed in finding much money or signs of financial prosperity. Our nation’s wealth at that time were human virtues; like trust, love and dedication to family values. These were the gifts that were bountiful and exchanged within every home, neighborhood, village and city throughout the land. It was a time in America when the only drugs were aspirin. Never, ever, did you hear of young Americans giving their souls to the devil through cocaine, alcohol or whatever other mix of self-indulgence and lack of self-discipline. To make ends meet, parents often worked two jobs yet saw to it that seldom either mom or dad wouldn’t be on hand to look after their children. People set and met long-term goals; paid their bills by dedicated work ethics. Not laziness and phony claims of entitlement that exploited their nations wellintended welfare and public-aid programs. It clearly was focused dedication to strong family values that led the American family to becoming the supreme driving force that powered the economic and social engines that eventually built the greatest nation in the world. My mom, a pretty Irish girl, born and raised on Chicago’s West Side had four sisters and one brother. Her father, Michael S. Kerwin, seemingly like most all West Side Irishmen, was a fireman. In fact, before retirement grandpa Kerwin was promoted to Fire Marshall for the third largest city in the nation. Uncle Mike, the husband of mom’s sister Francis was also a Chicago fireman. Heck, I was some ten years old before realizing not every Irishman was a billiard playing Chicago fireman! And speaking of firemen I suspect if anyone has to either be praised or faulted for what I’ve done with so very much of my life it would have to be poor Uncle Mike. And the irony in what I’m about to tell you is that uncle Mike never lived long enough to see or feel the inferno blaze that he as a fireman, not only didn’t extinChristmas Day ...1947 guish, but on the contrary, a fire he himself started within My father, Mr. Frank Rodney Parker was an the heart of his nephew. Mike died suddenly of an aneurysm incredibly talented man that forever shortly before my eleventh birthday. shunned public recognition of his unlimited I don’t recall if it snowed on Christmas day, December 25, talents. Dad had three loves throughout his 1947. What I do recall is my brother Bill and I for hours entire life: His family, any person, place or lying on the living room floor playing with our Lionel trains thing that brought pleasure and education and thinking of new ways of rebuilding its little village to others. and his camera that he used to setting beneath the Christmas tree. Lincoln logs and that forever immortalize the other two. amazing erector set were the two gifts I couldn’t stop playing

otivated by his fondness for both his friends and the game of billiards, some thirty-five years ago to preserve and protect a more prominent side of American billiards from its declining and public downtrodden existence, a young man installed a carom billiard table in the basement of his home. To promote both the game and a sense of higher social standards he then invited his friends to use his little billiard room and tell others of integrity they also were welcome. One by one others came, each bringing honor, integrity and enhancement to the publicly exploited and its own industries mismanaged game. With the responsibilities of operating his electrical contracting business and providing for his family, the man later gave his friends keys to his basement billiard room that they might enjoy and care for the table during his absence. What evolved over the following thirty-five years has brought wholesome change to the world and has now been recorded within scads of Chicago’s history books, newspapers and magazines. All of which has truly been the result of one woman by the name of Bonnie Marie Parker. A women whose love of her husband and sensitivity to his determination to create for society something of ineffable magnificence, beauty and inspiration led to the success of today’s oldest, most distinguished, self owned and operated private billiards club and public banquet facility in the United States. … The Illinois Billiard Club and Bonnie’s Dining & Banquets. A multimillion dollar country located facility where people of all ages, nationalities and places, annually pilgrimage to host each of their precious celebrations of life through the facilities unique marriage of banquets and billiards. The following is a true Christmas story that begins with an ending and ends with a beginning. It bridges a time from the middle 1940s up to and including today’s telling of the story itself. When combining what you’ve just learned with the story’s message expresses one of the greatest principles of celebration. That is, learning to move toward our goals one step at a time … often just one baby step at a time … and learning to love the doing, learning to use the accumulation of time. When we multiply tiny pieces of time by small increments of daily effort, we find we can all accomplish magnificent things. We, each and every one of us, for betterment, can change the world. ____________________________________ The year was 1947. World War II that was said to end all wars had just ended two years earlier and our nation was still putting itself back together. I was seven years old and the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Margaret Parker who lived on Chicago’s southwest side in a community known as Marquette Park. My brother Bill and I were blessed with two older sisters. I was too young at the time to appreciate just how beautiful, both spiritually and physically, my sisters actually were. But I’m certain their boyfriends did. Later in life I concluded that actress Elizabeth Taylor’s career was in all probability launched simply the result of my sister Margaret Mary, with her long black satin hair and heartwarming smile, was simply too busy to attend Hollywood’s audition for Taylor’s first motion picture, “National Velvet.” My sister Harriet Ann, with her saddle shoes

PQB 16 December/January

with for five minutes, not even later in the names, “Billy and Jimmy.” I think it the day after all of our aunts and uncles was either Aunt Francis or Uncle Mike. began arriving for Christmas dinner. But for certain, it was the powerful hands My dad worked some 46 years with one of Uncle Mike that handed Billy and I a company. He was drafting supervisor for huge box that together we could hardly the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply carry and set on the dining room table. If Company. As builders of telephone there were ever such a thing as a speed switchboard equipment that at the time limit for opening a Christmas present, was most often enclosed in elaborate Billy and I would have surely been hardwood cabinets, Kellogg’s had an arrested and spent the rest of Christmas enormous wood shop. To remodel a day in jail. No sooner than we set that portion of our basement we later used as box on the dining room table that its our holiday dining and recreation room, brilliant wrappings were off, on the floor, dad carried home scraps of used and and instantly became part of mom’s discarded crating lumber, often with Oriental rug. After tearing open one end sections still nailed together. After of its heavy cardboard box we pulled and breaking the sections apart, the broken My sisters Margaret Mary and Harriet Anne on the left and right with our tugged until finally removing what was pieces of wood went into the coal inside. Something I had never seen ever encouraging and devoted Mother, Mrs. Margaret Kerwin Parker. furnace to help heat the house, while the before. Yet by the close of that Christmas used nails went into a wooden box for day and up to the writing of this story, future projects. Dad later used any spare I’ve never forgotten nor ever shall. It was lumber to later build various projects a small tabletop pocket billiard table, around our home. When building or measuring some three feet long and foot repairing something one of my jobs was and a half wide. to sit with a hammer on the basement With billiard balls not much larger floor and vigorously pound and than oversize marbles, Uncle Mike straighten, what seemed like hundreds of showed Billy and I how to hold a billiard bent nails. The ones found too rusty cue, aim, take a few strokes, and shoot a went into the garbage. And as odd as it ball into a pocket. Or at least try to! Most might sound I was some twelve years old everyone that day, including Aunt Anna, before learning you could actually buy Francis, Marion and Josephine, all took clean and perfectly straight nails! turns at the table. Even with his crippling It was within this basement dining arthritis Uncle Burt managed to put in a room that mom and dad would host all good showing for the men’s side of the of our holiday dinners and family parties. My brother Billy smiling on the left while I must have been trying to move family. Laughing, giggling, and an occaFrom the old crating lumber and not sional, HOLY COW, when trying to fit the stagecoach? wasting one scrap, dad cleverly designed those little balls into pockets that seemed and built with the precision of a fine cabinet-maker, some 30-foot long banquet table even smaller than the balls themselves. As a child, this was one of the most with removable wooden legs. Shortly after whatever the holiday we’d remove the legs memorable Christmas day’s I can ever remember. In fact, over the following seven or and move the table to its storage place against the outside wall. Then resting on its eight years, whenever friends stopped in to visit and we began to look for something side upon carefully placed wooden cleats; dad held the table to the wall with a series to do, out came that little toy billiard table. The box became so worn it found itself of screen hook and eyes. When later assembling the table for a holiday dinner, dad in the garbage within the first year or two. Yet that little table itself, offering everyfirst covered the top with newspaper that mom later covered with some three or four thing from challenge and laughter, to the simple amusement of its visible ball return of her finest Irish linen tablecloths. that let you watch a billiard ball roll to its storage tray always managed to turn a It was nothing short of a homespun miracle the way Mom and Pop were able to simple visit into an exiting fun filled experience. transform a cold, dark basement, complete with its webs of round coal-furnace ducts, Today, more than a half-century later, by introducing billiards as the social ceninto a warm and festive holiday dining room. A room that after our aunts and uncles terpiece to man’s celebrations of life I’ve lived to fulfill a dream that publicly arrived for Christmas dinner glowed with holiday charm and family love. If a sign was services our nations greatest wealth, the American family. …The greatest division ever built and hung outside of our little Chicago bungalow I’m certain it would have of our society that publicly billiards has been of shameful disservice since its recogread, “Frank and Margaret Parker’s Palmer House.” nized 19th century public appearance in America. A game whose self-proclaimed Working together from early morning Mom and Dad cooked and served a tradiindustrial leaders, have, to avoid their further embarrassment of incompetence tional Christmas dinner so eye appealing, delicious and filling, it could best be when failing this division of society, boosted their claims of unfinished symphonies described only in the thousand words of a Norman Rockwell painting. After dinner it for over a century. was time to go back upstairs for the The future of all cultures, is, as always, opening of everyone’s afternoon presents. been found within their children and My brother Billy and I had already seen time honored values of their families and to it that the ones we earlier received educators. If to the American family this from Santa were long since opened at game of billiards is one day to become dawn’s first light. It had become a publicly excepted, it must first become custom that as a family we all gathered in respected. And respect is not easily the living and dining rooms, and as close taught through words of promise, but to the Christmas tree as possible. After rather wholesome activity and time Pop turned on the record player and proven example. invited Bing Crosby and his foreverWhile uncertain as to what others heartfelt version of “White Christmas” might feel or do to expand the social and competitive borders of society, I am rockinto our home, someone was chosen to hard certain of what this one man shall pass out the gifts. On this day there were some eighteen of us, yet in later years Today, some fifty-six years later, it's still the American family that gets top forever continue to pursue, because it’s something of value we’ve all come to see. after those pretty sisters of mine married billing at The Illinois Billiard Club/ and Bonnie's Dining & Banquets/ of Simply give me the children, a billiard that figure soared to an excess of more Willow Springs Illinois . When on November 9, 2003, the Jeffery and than thirty. Maureen Panella family of Oak LawnIllinois celebrated Mom's and their table and a Christmas tree. It wasn’t long that someone called out children's Grandmother's 70th birthday. December/January 17 PQB

National Wheelchair Players Tour Barry Manning wins “Jillian’s Shootout”


nce again the Paralyzed Veterans Administration along with National Wheelchair Players Association joined forces to repeat the 2008 9-Ball Wheelchair “Jillian’s Shootout” in Memphis, Tennessee. In the main event Charlie Hans, from Ohio was waiting in the hot seat while Barry Manning and Charles Interrante were battling it out to see who was going to play Charlie. Barry took control and moved on to play Charlie Hans. Barry from Mississippi, coming from the loser’s side had to beat Charlie twice to take home the bragging rights. That is exactly what he did. First game 7 to 6 and second game 7 to 4. Congratulations Barry on making some real nice shots and winning this great 3-day event.

back row, Tourn. Dir. Shawn Interrante, Referees, Shelbie and Bob Hunt Barry Manning (left) and Zak Allen (right) after winning in their tournaments.

Main Tournament Payout 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6th 7-8th

Barry Manning Charlie Hans Charles Interrante Don Samples Terry Guess Jeff Tanner Chris Billing Alex Bolar

PQB 18 December/January

$700.00 $500.00 $375.00 $275.00 $225.00 $150.00

Second Chance Tournament 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6th 7-8th

Zak Allen Carl Flemmon Cayetano de Guzman Anthony Gilliam B. Earmest Gray / Sam Cook Leo Lawson / Sylvester Lewis $50.00

$225.00 $200.00 $150.00 $125.00 $75.00

The Derby City Classic Store is Opened Derby City Information PLAYER ENTRIES ONLY and VIP & VIP TV are available to purchase online (VIP & VIP TV are Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable) Entry Fees Regardless of the sport, all competitors have valid reasons for participating in tournaments and contests - recognition, the level of play, the internalized struggle, and the personal satisfaction. Rarely do they mention monetary reward, but as the old adage suggests, if they say it’s the principle, it’s the money. After all, “Show me the money” may be the new catch phrase, but the concept is an old one. It is not unusual for professional players with financial acumen and business write-offs to complain about the size of entry fees in the relation to prize money potential or size of purse. Ben Franklin wanted two birds with one stone, and these days, everyone with time management skills and economic savvy wants the best bang for their buck. The Derby City Classic presented by Horseshoe Casino and Hotel, with a high level of guaranteed prize money in relation to its low entry fee, provides an explosive opportunity that few players, professional or amateur, will ignore. Only in The Derby City Classic presented by Horseshoe Casino and Hotel can a total and modest $405 (Entry Fees include a $10.00 registration fee for each event) entry fee investment give you the chance to win money in all three different games. It’s an irresistible billiards trifecta.

2009 Event Dates 9-Ball Banks $110.00 Entry Fee (Entry fee includes a $10.00 registration fee) Total: $110.00 Friday January 23rd $50.00 Buyback Guaranteed Added $10,000 Draw 10:00am Players Meeting 12 Noon Match Play begins at 1:00pm One-Pocket $135.00 Entry Fee (Entry fee includes a $10.00 registration fee) Total: $135.00 Sunday January 25th $75.00 2008 All Around Champion Bustamante Buyback Guaranteed Added $15,000 Draw 10:00am Players Meeting 12 Noon Match Play begins at 1:00pm 9-Ball $160.00 Entry Fee (Entry fee includes a $10.00 registration fee) Total: $160.00 Wednesday January 28th $100.00 Buyback Guaranteed Added $25,000 Draw 10:00am Players Meeting, 12 Noon Match Play begins at 1:00pm 9-Ball Mini-Tournament Player Entry $25.00 Entry Fee (Entry fee includes a $5.00 registration fee) Total: $30.00 Limited to first 64 players Race to 5 Saturday January 24th $1,000 Added Match Play begins at 12:00am 9-Ball Bank Mini-Tournament Player Entry $25.00 Entry Fee (Entry fee includes a $5.00 regisLarry Price, last year’s Bank Pool tration fee) Total: $30.00 Limited Champ

to first 64 players Race to 5 Tuesday January 27th $1,000 Added Match Play Begins at 12:00am One-Pocket Mini-Tournament Player Entry $25.00 Entry Fee (Entry fee includes a $5.00 registration fee) Total: $30.00 Limited to first 32 players Race to 2 Friday, January 30th $1,000 Added Match Play begins at 12:00am The deadline for online registration will be Sunday January 18, 2009 at 9:00pm EST Refund request must be in writing and received at Diamond Billiard Products, Inc., 4700 New Middle Rd., Jeffersonville, IN 47130 by January 18, 2009. All refunds will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. The registration fee will not be refunded. All refunds will be processed after February 23, 2009. NO EXCEPTIONS! For specific information or answers to questions, feel free to contact Diamond Billiard Products, Inc. @ (812)288-7665. Tickets will be held at the Tournament Office located in the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel and can only be retrieved with a valid photo ID such as a state ID, driver’s license or passport. Tickets will be available starting January 22nd, 2009. If you have any questions please contact us

VIP & TV-VIP 3 Day VIP Finals Pass Jan. 29th, 30th and 31st $105.00 *Non-refundable and Non-Transferable* NOTICE: 3 Day VIP Finals seating will be automatically generated on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets will be held at the Tournament Office located in the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel and can only be retrieved with a valid photo ID such as a state ID, driver’s license or passport. Tickets will be available for pick-up starting January 29th, 2009. 9 Day VIP Seating $185.00 *Non-refundable and Non-Transferable* 9 Day VIP-TV Event Pass $240.00 *Non-refundable and Non-Transferable* *Non-refundable and Non-Transferable* Your seats will be automatically generated on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets will be held at the Tournament Office located in the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel and can only be retrieved with a valid photo ID such as a state ID, driver’s license or passport. Tickets will be available for pick-up starting January 22nd, 2009. For more event and information on lodging please visit: Horseshoe Casino and Hotel 11999 Casino Center Drive SE Elizabeth, IN 47117 1-866-766-2671 (Use code# S01HDCC) Additional lodging available at: Holiday Inn Express New Albany (Approx. 7 miles from tournament location) 411 W Spring St. New Albany, IN 47150 1-800451-2595 (Use code# dia)

December/January 19 PQB

PQB 20 December/January

PQB 22 December/January

PQB 24 December/January

December/January 25 PQB

Would you like to write an article or submit a Shot? email to: or you can mail it to JimShovak/USBA Secretary 58 Hawthorne Avenue East Islip, NY 11730

USBA Officers

The 2008 USBA • “B” Player Tournament at Edgie’s Billiards



Bob Jewett 1000 Kiely Blvd Apt 86, Santa Clara, CA 95051 408-615-7479

Secretary/Treasurer Jim Shovak 58 Hawthorne Avenue East Islip, NY 11730 516-238-6193

Eastern Region Directors: Mazin Shooni 2006 USA Champion 135 Broad Street Unit # 3A5, Hudson, MA, 01749 cell phone:248-910-4466 work phone:603-623-5330 Henry Ugartechea 3795 NW 5 Terr Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-929-8100 Charles Brown

Central Region Directors: George Theobald 1N260 Prince Crossing Rd. West Chicago, Illinois 60185 (630) 231-9444 Bill Johnson 734-368-3315 George Ashby 8X USA Champion 206 E. State Street Jacksonville, IL 62650 217-440-0069

Western Region Directors: George Aronek 19120 Nordhoff St. Northridge, California 913243654 Ken Higgins 19342 47TH Ave NE. Seattle, Washington 98155-2954 (425) 709-8718 Bruce Warner (310)738-5429 PQB 26 December/January

ltogether, there were 26 players competing for a first place prize of $ 1,800.00 from a prize fund of $ 7,300.00, thanks to our sponsors. Six beautiful Chevillotte tables were covered with Gorina Granito M cloth thanks to Mueller Products. There were 3 Delgadillo brothers in the tournament and all 3 of them qualified for the finals. Ironically, based on their preliminary performances, they all ended up in the same flight in the finals. Format: 2 flights of 9 and 1 flight of 8, 20 point preliminaries. The top 4 players from each flight advanced to the finals. Based on players’ performances in the prelims, they were seeded into 2 flights of 6 for the finals. Finals: 2 Flights of 6 Players. Round Robin. 25 points. The winner of each flight in the finals then played each other, one match to 30 points, winner take all, to decide who comes in first place and who comes in 2nd place. The two 2nd place finishers of each flight in the finals then play each other to determine who comes in 3rd place and who comes in 4th place, and so on. After the preliminary rounds, the players who advanced to the finals were seeded into 2 flights for the finals, flights D and E, based on their win-loss record and total points scored in the preliminaries. They were seeded as follows: Player Record Total Points Pts Against Ricardo Carranco 7-1 158 88 Alberto Ramirez 6-1 132 105 Juan Delgadillo 6-2 153 128 Alfredo Moreno 5-2 132 103 Rigoberto Cuevas 5-3 145 131 Sergio Delgadillo 5-3 144 129 Jose Lizarraga 5-3 141 123 Jesus Munoz 4-3 132 107 Raye Raskin 4-3 122 123 Gilberto Delgadillo 4-4 138 121 Rafael Figueroa 4-4 135 152 Mark Hansen 4-4 131 129 The winners of each flight, Mark Hansen and Sergio Delgadillo then played one final match to 30 points to determine the Champion. Jim Shovak refereed the match. Sergio took the early lead, but Mark Hanson, who played a very strong finals averaging over .900, came back strong and took the lead. Mark looked very confident and every time Sergio scored a point, Mark would score 2 more. Sergio had some trouble scoring somewhere around 10 points and Mark continued scoring, keeping his average somewhere around .850 or so at around 20 points into the game. In the home stretch, Mark Hansen was leading 22-18 and looked strong. It was about that time that Mark began to miss some very close shots. Altogether, there were about 3 shots of his that missed by a whisker. Referee Jim Shovak got right on top of those shots and the crowd gasped each time that the referee ruled that the shots missed. Perhaps that may have been the difference. Sergio found his stroke and starting scoring. Mark did not give up, however, and the score was 27-26 in Sergio’s favor. Sergio then

Sergio Delgadillo (1st), Mark Hansen (2nd), Rafael Figueroa (3rd), Ricardo Carranco (4th) scored 2 more points and barely missed his out shot, and the crowd once again gasped. Sergio is a hometown favorite, and the crowd was obviously rooting for him. Mark had one last chance but missed. Sergio scored the winning point and the crowd went wild! Final Rankings Player Grand Avg High Run Prize Money Sergio Delgadillo .810 8 $1,800.00 Mark Hansen .744 7 $ 1,400.00 Rafael Figueroa .709 6 $ 1,100.00 Ricardo Carranco .785 6 $ 900.00 Rigoberto Cuevas .664 6 $ 700.00 Jose Lizarraga .659 6 $ 500.00 Alfredo Moreno .772 7 $ 400.00 Alberto Ramirez .658 4 $ 300.00 Juan Delgadillo .812 6 $ 50.00 Raye Raskin .577 5 $ 50.00 Gilberto Delgadillo .684 7 $ 50.00 Jesus Munoz .566 9 $ 50.00 Best Games of the Tournament Jose Lizarraga 1.667 Ricardo Carranco 1.538 High Run of the Tournament Jesus Munoz – 9 We would like to thank the following, Tony and Susie Bangoy, the owners of Edgie’s for holding the tournament, for adding money to the prize fund, for their wonderful hospitality, for providing breakfast foods for the players each day of the tournament (how great is that!), for keeping the tables and balls clean, and for being all-around nice people. What a pleasure it was to meet these people! Thanks also to Antonio Rivera for helping to run the event as well as organizing it. We need more people like you, Antonio. If we get them, then the USBA will quadruple in size. Our sponsors, Mueller Products/Gorina, David Levine, Paul Frankel (Professor-Q-Ball), Bob Jewett, Jim Shovak, Robert Byrne and Andrew Janquitto.

Four Rail Billiard Down Under by Ed Friedman

Ed, being an average billiard player from Maryland dreamt up this shot while sleeping. As per diagram, space balls approximately 1”inch apart. Shoot the white ball straight across to long rail back under red & yellow ball to long rail to short rail to long rail scoring the billiard.

Anyone else that would like to submit a unique shot, please send it to this column c/o Professor -Q-Ball (Paul Frankel) or call me at 901 756-2594

A reminder from The USBA President in theNationals” s Who Wish to Play er ay Pl all ion nt tte “A nts for the Eligibility Requireme rs hip pions s & Qualifie USBA National Cham pionships in the National Cham rs ye pla top the e us Beca mpetition, all US in international co will be representing the idence requireet the nationality or res participants must me fying events All players in the quali ts. en ev ch su for nts me citizenship m, claiming either US for y ilit gib eli an n sig must resident status. or official permanent physical proof entrant must provide At the Nationals, each such identificae three basic forms of ar ere Th y. ilit gib eli of tion: owing birth in the US 1) a birth certificate sh 2) a US passport ien identificaermanent Resident Al 3) a “green card” (P tion). the Nationals nts must be brought to One of these docume thenticated and AYER so it can be au in 2009 by EVERY PL on is if a player tary. The only excepti recorded by the Secre for authendocument to the USBA the d itte bm su dy ea alr has u have had your en approved. Once yo tication and it has be provide proof ted, you do not have to status checked and no be notified of h the Secretary should in the future, althoug citizen. u become a naturalized changes, such as if yo l Champina tio ply to all the Na These requirements ap events. In Women’s and Junior’s onships including the be no older the Junior event must addition, any player in mpetition. t of the year of the co than 20 on January 1s Bob Jewett USBA President

A Forty Year Dream Come True by David Van Lokeren Contributed Story


took up Three Cushion when I was about eighteen, played for six years, and then due to my life’s circumstances was unable to play again for thirty years. When I moved back to the Detroit area and resumed playing in the late nineties, I was as enthralled with the game as I had been as a young man. On a couple of occasions I was able to qualify for the Nationals and one year was able to make it to the final flight which was an extremely rich experience for me. Three years ago I moved from Michigan to Rhode Island and was disappointed to discover that there were neither tables nor players in the state. I made it up to World Class Billiards in Peabody, MA from time to time, but the long drive made it difficult to play and practice on a regular basis. I found myself once again in a situation where Three Cushion Billiards and I would have to part ways. Three months ago a friend made me aware of an office space that had become available in a 150 year old woolen mill near my home. I made an appointment to look at it and was pleased to find out that it was a clear span and was able to accommodate the space needed for the 5 X 10 ft table. The room needed work but it possessed two-foot thick stone walls and 12 inch by 10 inch

“By Appointment Only” exposed beams. It was in the lower level of the mill. The rent was more than reasonable and included the utilities. I thought if I was ever to realize my dream, I would have to do it now or probably never. My lady, a gifted decorator, and I began working every evening for two months until the room transformed into something that exceeded our greatest expectations. I was able to acquire a fully restored Verhoeven from Mr. Dave Egdahl in the Boston area who did a masterful job of installing the table and the Simonis 300 cloth. Over the years I have met so many fine individuals who share my affinity for Three Cushion Billiards. I would like to extend an invitation for anyone to come and share my dream come true whenever they are in the area. David Van Lokeren, 401-294-2988,

Secretary’s Desk Lots of things are happening, the current USBA Rankings will be unveiled online on December 1st and updated monthly. Go to and click “Player Rankings” on the left side menu. Players receive ranking points for every single USBA tournament they participate in. The player who finishes at the top of the rankings at the end of each year for each level (A, B & C) will receive an award and recognition. Enter as many tournaments as possible and play well to increase your ranking! The Online Forum will be unveiled soon. Many complications and features have caused a lot of delays. Sorry about that. USBA Members will have access to all membership benefits and monthly Tips From the Pro’s. All users of the forum will be able to communicate with other members. Users will be able to place advertisements for tables, supplies, cues and more. It’s going to be great. The 2009 Nationals are just around the corner. We are hoping to have a Women’s Tournament and also a Junior’s Nationals at the event as well. If you are a woman or a player age 20 by January 1, 2009 please call me at 516-238-6193. The 2009 Tour has not been arranged yet. Details will be unveiled soon. Please volunteer your services. We need people from everywhere in the country to run small, local tournaments. I will teach you. It’s pretty easy. Call me anytime at 516-238-6193 or email me: Teach everyone how to play this game. Give them some learning material. There is material on the USBA website under “Instruction”. Print it out and hand it out. Leave it at your room for others to take home. We have more members right now (about 520 ) then we had all last year. We are moving in the right direction.

December/January 27 PQB

Luis Aveiga from Ecuador wins at Doral!


Martinez who have official refereeing experience. It was unanimously decided by all 4 of them that it was a foul, the point did not count and the inning was over, because the shot was not yet over since the ball was still moving. Had the foul occurred after all the Javier Teran (3rd), Luis Aveiga (1st) and Pedro balls had stopped, Piedrabuena (2nd) then the point would count but the inning would be over. Pedro Piedrabuena wins the flight going 5-0. Luis Avila comes in 2nd finishing 4-1. Jae Hyung Cho comes in 3rd going 3-2 with 156 total points. Jesus Gallegos comes in 4th going 2-3 with 131 total points. Justin Gennaro finishes 5th and Germy Rivera finishes 6th.

layers from several countries participated in the 2008 USBA Tour International Open Tournament held at Doral Billiards & Sports Bar in Doral, FL near Miami on October 31-November 2, 2008. Luis Aveiga, Germy Rivera and Javier Teran came from Ecuador. Luis Avila, Guillermo Sosa and Jesus Gallegos came from Mexico. Pedro Piedrabuena is originally from Uraguay. Carlos Hallon is from Ecuador. Roberto Arana is from Nicaraugua. Mercedes Gonzales and Hugo Sanchez are from Colombia. Dang Khoa Nguyen is from Vietnam. Jae Hyung Cho is from Korea. This was truly an international event. The preliminary rounds divided the players into 3 flights of 7 players each (flights A, B and C). The top 4 finishers in each flight advanced to the finals (12 players). For the finals, there were 2 flights of 6 players each (flights D and E). The first place finisher of flight D played 1 final match against the winner of flight E to determine the tournament champion and the loser of that match would finish in 2nd place overall. Likewise, the 2nd place finisher of flight D played 1 final match against the 2nd place finisher of flight E to determine 3rd and 4th place. The 3rd place finisher of each flight (D and E) played for 5th and 6th place overall. The 4th place finisher of each flight (D and E) played for 7th and 8th place. The 5th and 6th place finishers in flights D and E did not play a final match and did not receive prize money. Flight A Pedro Piedrabuena and Carlos Hallon were the clear favorites. The other 2 spots for the finals were up for grabs. Going into the final round of the preliminaries, Germy Rivera clinched a spot in the finals. Mercedes Gonzales had a 2-3 record and faced 3-time US Champion Pedro Piedrabuena in her last match. Jim Shovak had a 3-3 record and was likely to advance to the finals as long as Pedro won his match against Mercedes. As fate would have it, Mercedes pulled an upset and beat Piedrabuena 30-29 as the crowd at Doral Billiards went wild. The win put Mercedes in the finals and booted Shovak out. Flight B Jae Hyung Cho from Colorado, Luis Avila and Guillermo Sosa were the obvious favorites in this flight which left just one available spot for the finals. Three players finished with a 2-4 record: Hugo Sanchez, Dang Khoa Nguyen and Sid Banner. Hugo Sanchez advanced with the highest number of total points scored in his matches. Flight C Javier Teran, Luis Aveiga and Jesus Gallegos took the first 3 available finals spots and the last spot was determined by the last match of the preliminaries between Roberto Arana and past US Junior Champion, Justin Gennaro. The winner advances to the finals and the loser goes home. In the end, Justin Gennaro pulled out a 30-27 victory over Arana. The finalists were then ranked numbers 1 through 12 based on their performance in the preliminaries based on Wins/Losses, Total Points Scored and Total Points AGAINST. Both Jae Hyung Cho and Javier Teran were undefeated (6-0). They also scored the same amount of points (180). The total number of points that their opponents scored while playing them was ALSO the same (91). Therefore, Javier Teran was ranked # 1 based on his slightly higher average (1.259 versus 1.146 for Cho). The players were then placed into 2 separate flights based on their rankings to balance the strength of each flight equally.

The last matches of the tournament determined the final placement of each player. A victory meant more money and a loss meant less money. 7th and 8th place: Jesus Gallegos finishes in 7th place overall defeating Carlos Hallon (8th place) by a score of 40-30. 5th and 6th place: Guillermo Sosa finishes in 5th place overall defeating Jae Hyung Cho (6th place) by a score of 40-35. 3rd and 4th place: Javier Teran finishes in 3rd place overall defeating Luis Avila (4th place) by a score of 40-23. 1st and 2nd place: The last match of the tournament was played by Pedro Piedrabuena and Luis Aveiga to determine the Tournament Champion. The match was 40 points and was refereed by Jim Shovak. Pedro scored some points and took the early lead. There was also another small controversy. During one of the early innings, Pedro scored a point and then played a very difficult shot with a very small 3rd ball target. Pedro’s cue ball struck the rail and the 3rd ball at virtually the same time. Jim Shovak called the shot a miss. However, both Pedro and Aveiga disagreed with the call and since both players agreed, the referee reversed the call. Had the referee been 100% certain of the call, he would not have reversed it. That gave Pedro a run of 2 which he parlayed into a run of 6. The score was Pedro 12 and Aveiga 0. Things looked good for Pedro at the time. However, Aveiga was just getting started. He began to make points with a vengeance and Pedro couldn’t get things going. Before long, the score was 34-20 in favor of Aveiga which meant that Aveiga scored 34 points while Pedro scored only 8. Pedro fought back putting 8 more points on the board, but it just wasn’t enough. Luis Aveiga won the match 40-28. Congratulations to Luis Aveiga!


$13,000.00 PRIZE FUND

Flight D Luis Aveiga wins the flight with a 4-1 record and 162 points scored. Javier Teran finishes 2nd with a 4-1 record and 159 points scored. Guillermo Sosa comes in 3rd with a 3-2 record and 167 points scored. Carlos Hallon finishes 4th with a 3-2 record and 152 total points. Hugo Sanchez finishes 5th and Mercedes Gonzales finishes 6th. Flight E Some controversy erupted during the match between Pedro Piedrabuena and Germy Rivera. The match was very close at the time. Pedro was winning by just a few points near the end of the game. Apparently Germy Rivera scored a point and then he knocked his chalk onto the table and one of the balls which was still moving hit the chalk. Germy figured it was not a foul because the point had already been scored but Pedro disagreed. The tournament directors (Jim Shovak and Henry Ugartechea) were called in to arbitrate. Also assisting was George Theobald and Luis

1) $ 3,500.00 3) $ 2,000.00 5) $ 1,200.00 7) $ 700.00

PQB 28 December/January

Final Matches

2) $ 2,700.00 4) $ 1,500.00 6) $ 900.00 8) $ 500.00

We would like to thank the following Our sponsors:Mueller Products/Gorina cloth, Doral Billiards, Schuler Cues, David Levine, Jim Shovak, Bob Jewett, Marty Isserlis, Robert Byrne, Andrew Janquitto, Paul Frankel (Professor-Q-Ball). A special thank you to Henry Ugartechea for organizing the event and making sure things ran smoothly,and to the owners at Doral Billiards who were very supportive and accomodating.

Recent USBA Qualifiers “Keeping with its tradition of many years, the Burbank, California Elks Club held its USBA Regional Qualifier Tournament on October 24 -25. Ten players participated, all local players except one, former USBA President Jerry Karsh, who came from Denver to play.  The number of players allowed for a round robin format among all players, which was conducted over two days. All matches were 25 points. As luck would have it, the winner was determined in the final round, in a match between Gilbert Najm and Alfredo Reyes, each of whom were 7 -1 going into that match.  And that match was a hard fought see-saw battle, ending in a 25 -24 win for Gilbert Najm. When it was over, Gilbert raised his arms and let out a welldeserved victory whoop. Gilbert is very excited about participating in his first USBA National Championship Tournament, and promises to be a strong contender.”

Burbank, California Elks Club

Marshalltown, Iowa USBA Regional Qualifier Jose Jiminez (right) wins the Marshalltown Qualifier Jose will not be attending the 2009 Nationals, so Tim Smith will attend in his place.

World Class Billiards, Peabody, MA Van Lokeren wins the World Class Billiards Qualifier Dave Van Lokeren went undefeated and qualified into the 2009 USBA Nationals in February at Carom Cafe Billiards in Flushing, NY. Joe DeAmato was also undefeated going into the last match against Dave. He finished 2nd and won $ 300.00 which he promptly paid for his entry into the Nationals as well. Bob Page finished in 3rd place in the 8-player field.

Joe DeAmato 2nd, Dave Van Lokeren 1st, Bob Page 3rd

December/January 29 PQB

New Southeast Regional Director Jake Zymeck right, the Regional Director for the Southeast Region has moved to New York and will no longer be serving as a Regional Director. We wish to express our appreciation to him for all the hard work he did as Director, for running tournaments and contributing to many of the new policies and ideas, which have been enacted by the USBA Board of Directors. Thank you, Jake. In his place, Mr. Henry Ugartechea lower right, is now the new Regional Director for the Southeast Region. Henry is involved in running tournaments at several rooms in the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area of Florida. We look forward to his contribution to the work of the USBA, which benefits all 3-cushion players and the game itself. Congratulations to Henry! Henry can be reached at: 561-929-8100

Do You Know These Rules? USBA-sanctioned tournaments will be governed by the following rules. Frozen Balls (a) If during an inning, the player’s ball comes to rest in contact with the opponent’s ball, or comes to rest in contact with the red ball, the player has the option of playing away from the ball with which the player’s ball is in contact, or electing to have the balls in contact spotted. The loose or unfrozen ball is not to be touched. (b) If an inning ends with the incoming player’s ball in contact with the opponent’s ball or the red ball, the incoming player has the option of playing away from the ball in contact, or may elect to have the two balls that are in contact spotted. The loose or unfrozen ball is not to be touched. (c) The red ball is spotted on the foot spot, the player’s cue ball on the head spot, and the opponent’s cue ball on the center spot. (d) If the spot reserved for the ball to be spotted is hidden by another ball, the ball to be spotted is placed on the spot usually reserved for the hiding ball. (e) The same rules apply when a ball or balls jump the table. (f) The player may elect to bank his frozen cue ball into a rail first and then contact the other frozen ball. The other frozen ball may not be moved as a result of the player’s stroke (a foul), but it is allowed to move slightly as a result of losing the support it may have had from being frozen to the cue ball. (g) The player may elect to masse his frozen cue ball away from the other frozen ball and then back into the other frozen ball. The other frozen ball may not be moved as a result of the player’s stroke (a foul), but it is allowed to move slightly as a result of losing the support it may have had from being frozen to the cue ball. When a cue ball is frozen to a cushion, a player may not shoot into (play against) that cushion, and it is a foul to do so. A player may, however, masse away from the frozen cushion and then contact the same cushion one or more times. When the cue ball bounces and rides the cushion of the rail and returns to the playing surface, the ball is in play. It shall count as one cushion contacted (impacted), regardless of the number of impacts contacted on that cushion. If the cue ball rides two or more rails, each rail will count as one cushion contacted. If the cue ball comes to rest on top of the cushion of the rail, it is considered a jumped ball, which is a foul, and the player’s inning ends. All kiss shots are fair, whether they deprive a player of an imminent score, or whether they help in a score. Miscues are not a foul unless the player’s ferrule or shaft touches the cue ball during the execution of the stroke. If a billiard is scored because of a miscued stroke, it shall PQB 30 December/January

USBA Players will participate in CPB Our top USBA players who finish at the top of each year’s Nationals will now be sent to the CPB Championships. The CPB (Confederación Panamericana de Billar) is the Confederation which governs carom billiards for North and South America. Up to four players can be sent to this championship (money permitting) each year. The top eight finishers of this tournament will be sent to the World Championship. One of the advantages to our players is that top finishers will receive much higherranking points than just from our Nationals. By receiving more ranking points, our players may receive Wild Cards into the various World Cups around the world which pays for entry fee, hotel and meals. It also places them into the top 32 players of the World Cup right from the start, guaranteeing prize money and a minimum finish in the World Cup of 32nd place, thus accumulating more ranking points. Miguel Torres, our current Champion, is now ranked # 26 in the world because he participated in the CPB Championship finishing 6th, he received a Wild Card into the Korea World Cup finishing 25th, he played in the Mexico World Cup finishing 42nd and he participated in the World Championship where he finished 27th. Pedro Piedrabuena is ranked # 70 in the world, Mazin Shooni # 93, Michael Kang # 115, Hugo Patino # 161, Sonny Cho # 188. Their rankings would likely be much higher if they participate in the CPB Championship, the World Championship and other World Cups. be counted and turn continues (unless the miscue was a foul). Fouls That End a Player’s Turn (a) Touching any of the balls with hand, with part of clothing, with cue or with any other object such as chalk or pen. The balls shall remain in position to which they were thus moved. (b) When, at moment of shooting, neither foot is touching the floor. The use of “special elevated shoes” is not permitted. (c) Leaving a mark in place when the player shoots on any area of the playing surface, rails or frame in any manner that assists the player. A player is allowed to place chalk anywhere on the rail or frame so long as that placement does not remain to assist the player in executing the shot when the shot is stroked. (d) Using anything other than a leather tip to contact the cue ball (e) Causing the balls to move by any outside means, such as blowing on the balls or hitting or pushing the table. If the cue ball moves slightly when the player’s hand is placed on the table to form a bridge when addressing the cue ball (usually because of loose cloth), then it is NOT a foul. (f) Break shot foul (Rule 4). (g) Wrong ball (Rule 7). (h) Shooting off and moving a frozen ball (Rule 8). (i) Shooting into a frozen cushion (Rule 9). (j) Jumped balls (Rule 10). (k) Cue ball touching frame (Rule 11). (l) Starting play while balls are in motion (Rule 12). (m) Push (shove) shot (Rule 13). (n) Double stroke (Rule 13). (o) Ferrule or shaft touching cue ball (Rule 15). (p) Touching ball with cue during warm-up (Rule 16). (q) Player interference (Rule 18). (r) Intentional safety (Rule 23).

Changes to Membership Dues Format From now on, all memberships will last one full year from the date of payment. Previously, memberships were expiring on December 31st of each year. Now they will expire on the anniversary date of payment. For example, if a new or renewing member pays their $ 50 Membership Dues on March 15th, 2009, the membership will expire on March 15th, 2010. Email reminders will be sent to all members with email addresses. Also, we have a 3-year Membership available for $ 135.00.

Time Shot by Bob Byrne Contributing Writer • From Byrne’s “Advanced technique in Pool & Billiards” with permission


he four-rail time shot in (top), is not difficult and was often a part of former world champion Welker Cochran’s exhibition program. The first ball must be hit quite thin so the red doesn’t pick up too much speed. The reaction this shot gets from spectators is not deserved. Another not-too-difficult shot from the Cochran Repertoire is given in (bottom). The cueball goes five rails around the table; the second object ball goes twice across. You’ll have to experiment with this one to discover the exact placement of the alls to suit your table.

Rip’s Tips 3-Cushion Soft Draw, Double The Rail Shot Here is a very good-looking shot made with a soft/medium stroke, which will impress your friends for sure. The key to the shot is how thin to strike the yellow ball with the cue ball. With the balls about 5” apart, using 7 0’clock english and a10” follow thru stroke, see how softly you can hit the cue ball to get the desired curve and distance for the score on the red ball. Make the shot 3 times in a row and add it to your resume. “George Rippe is a former billiard room proprietor and artistic billiard enthusiast,” He can be reached at 978 975-9958

Upcoming Tournaments for 2008/09 December 5-7: USBA Tour International Open - Chris’s Billiards - Chicago, IL 773-286-4714: Eric or George Theobald December 5-7: Regional Qualifier - Dick Takano Memorial- Tacoma Elks, WA 425-458-1091: Ken Higgins December 6-14: Regional Qualifier – Big Daddy’s Billiards – Glen Burnie, MD 410-757-3488: Peter Burrows December 12-14: Regional Qualifier - Cue and Cushion - Hooksett, NH 603-623-5330: Mazin Shooni December (to be announced): Regional Qualifier – Edgie’s – Milpitas, CA 408-942-9500: Susie Bangoy or Antonio Rivera January (to be announced): Regional Qualifier – Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area 561-929-8100: Henry Ugartechea January 9-11, 2009: Regional Qualifier – Hall of Fame – Warren, MI 734-368-3315: Bill Johnson January 23-25, 2009: Regional Qualifier – Pendennis Club – Louisville, KY 901 756-2594 or Cell 901 210-7251: Paul Frankel February 18-22, 2009: USBA National Championship, Women’s Open and Junior Championship - Carom Cafe Billiards - Flushing, NY 516-238-6193: Jim Shovak

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Receive 20 issues of Professor-Q-Ball’s National Pool & 3-Cushion News, and your listing in Places to Play for $95/year. Call us at (901)756-2594. ARIZONA TUCSON Main Street Billiards


520 546-3464 8640 East Broadway 25-9 ft Gold Crowns,24-7 ft Dynamos,Full Service Bar & Rest

407 869-5118• 280 E. Hwy 434 4-9' Proline, 10-8-Proline, Darts, Videos,Big Screen Full Bar & Food,Pro Shop

ARKANSAS JONESBORO Shooters Family Recreation

BOYTNTON BEACH • George’s Billiards-

870 931-7529 3120 Shelby Dr. 10 – bar tables, 8- 9’ tables, 1Snooker, Snacks, cold drinks

Krome Billiards 501 771-0968 2710 Pike Ave 8-Bar tables, 3-Pro tables Big screen, 5 T.V’s, Cue supplies,Full Bar & Restaurant

CALIFORNIA BELLFLOWER • Hard Times 17450 BELLFLOWER 562-867-7733 2- Gabriels 3-Cushion 30 – 9’Brunswicks,2-6x12 Snooker tables, 3-7’ Bar tables, 1 big screen, Snack food

BURBANK • Burbank's Elks Lodge #1497

561 735-7802 140 North Congress Ave. 3 Gabriel, 12 4 1/2x9 Brunswicks 13 tv’s, Beer,Wine & Food

5303 El Cajon Blvd 619 582-4550 6–Verhoeven Billiard tables,13 Pool Tables, 1-Snooker 6x1 Beer & Wine full Restaurant

CONNeCtICut MANCHESTER • World Championship Billiard 860-647-1711 171 G. Spencer St 15-9’Gold Crowns, 2- 5x10 Billiard tables Beer & Wine, Snacks

PQB 32 December/January

407 292-9840 5860 N. Orange Blossom Trail 2- 9' pool tables, 9 -8' Pool tables TV's, Darts, Big Screen, Full Bar & Food-Pro Shop

Trick Shots 407 737-6606 11351 Lake Underhill Road Two 9’ Brunswicks in VIP area Room 7 Dart Boards, Full Bar, Deli Food Big Screen & 17- TV’s, 8,000 Sq ft &Patio

CAPE CORAL STUART Diamond Billiards Sports Bar • Amy’s Billiards 239 573-7665 1242 Pine Island Rd 21 Diamond tables Full Liquor and Food,22-Flat TV’s

FORT PIERCE • Ultimate Billiards 4112 Okeechobee Rd 1-Gabriel 3-cushion table 11 – 9’ Diamonds,9 – 9’ Gold Crowns, 1 – 6 x 12 Snooker 4 - bar diamonds, 2 - valleys Beer & wine , Sandwiches

HIALEAH • New Wave Billiards # 2 4410 W 16 Ave # G28 305-557-4222 6 - 3-Cushion heated Wilhelminas,29-9’ Pool tables,Beer & Wine / Kitchen


818 848-5508 • Doral Billiards Sports Bar 2232 N. Hollywood Way,5 Verhovens, 1 snooker 1 Pool table 7800 NW 25th St #1 305-592-8486 MAYOOD 6-3-cushion Chevillotte tables • Eight Ball Billiards 17-Pool tables, Beer, Wine & 323-562-9092 Food,14 Flat TV’s 5250 S. Atlantic Blvd 14 Billiard tables (Verhovens) • New Wave Billiards 21 Gold Crown pool tables 305 220-4790 Full Restaurant, Dominos, 5 TV’s 1403 S.W. 107 Ave MILPITAS 6-3-Cushion tables –Wilterminas 3-9’ pool tables, Full Bar/ltd menu • Edgie's Billiards. 408 942-9500 NEW PORT RICHEY 235. South Milpitas Bvld. DJ’s Family Billiards 6 Chevilliottes, 23-Brunswicks, 727-849-8280 1 Snooker 5412 Main St Sacramento 8 Nine foot Gold Crowns Hard Times Billiards 3 Bar Tables, Air Hockey 916 332-8793 3 Dart boards, TV’s, Videos 5536 Garfield Ave Beer & Wine, Deli Food 33-Pool Tables 6 Dart boards, 2 NORTH TAMPA Fooseball 8 TV,s, Videos, Ltd food

SAN DIEGO • College Billiards

Trick Shots

Strokers Tampa

813 814-2277 11236 W. Hillsborough Ave 23 - 9’ Tables, 10 – Dart Boards, HD Flat Screens,Full Bar/Food

PALM HARBOR Strokers Billiards, 727-786-6683• 30901 US 19 N, 14- 4 1/2X9 Tables 8-Dart boards, 5 Big screens Full bar & big menu

ORLANDO Trick Shots 407 298-5112 Old Winter Garden Rd 16- 8' Black Crowns, Huge Screen, Darts, Full Bar/Food-Pro Shop

772 232-9966 1600 Northwest Federal Hwy 8- 9 –OLHAUSEN, 1- 9BRUNSWICK, 4-Bar tables 1-Gabriel 3-Cushion heated Beer & Wine

SOUTH DAYTONA • Uncle Waldo's Billiards. 386 760-7006 2454 S. Nova Rd. 10-8' tables, 5-9' foot, 2 bar tables 1-Brunswick Billiard table, 1snooker table, Darts, Hockey, fooseball, Beer & wine, snacks

WILTON Corner Pockets 518 East Oakland Park Blvd 954 566-3556 3-Verhovens, 7-Gold Crowns Big Screen TV

WINTER PARK Trick Shots 407 671-7797 7644 University Blvd. 4-9' pool tables, 12-8' tables, Darts, Full Bar and Food Pro Shop on premises

GeORGIA ATLANTA Mr. Cues II 770 454-7665 3541 Chamblee Tucker Rd 36- Kim Steel tables, 21- 9 foot, 14-8 foot, 2-Snooker, Video games & Darts, Full service bar & kitchen

DULUTH • The Pool Room 770-418-9086 3550 Mall Blvd 23 pool tables,1 6x12 Snooker, 1 billiard table heated , Full bar & restaurant steel & soft tip darts

LAGRANE Chaulk It Up 1872 Vernon Rd 706-882-9798 4 - 4 1/2X9 Diamonds, 9 – 3 1/2x7 Diamonds, Videos, Full Kitchen

SAVANNAH Southside Billiards 1305 Abercorn St 619 582-4550 8-8 Foot, 9-9’tables,big screen TV 2-7’Diamonds,1-5x10 Snooker 3 Dart boards, Full bar and food

WINDER Murphy’s Brass Rail

PADUCAH Side Pocket


243 North Broad St. 678 963-0794 7 - 9’ Pool tables,Darts, Golden Tee & Videos, 4-Big screens Full Bar & Full Kitchen

270-443-1159• 301 Murray St 9 & 8 Foot Gold Crowns & 2 Bar Boxes Just Pool Mister…

734-422-7665 28410 Joy Road 14 – 9 Foot, 2 - 7 Foot,1- 6x12 Snooker table Dart Boards




847 299-8801• 1128 Lee St 2-Kim Steel billiard tables,19-9 foot tables, 3 bar tables, Restaurant & 5 TV's

318 741-0010 1701 Old Minden. Rd. 27 8’ Pool Tables, 2 7’ Pool Tables, 3 9’ Pool Tables, 6 Big Screens-Direct tn sports

DOWNERS GROVE • The Green Room

LAFAYETTE Fast Eddie’s

630-960-1111 224 W. Ogden Avenue 16 9’ Kim-Steel Pool Tables 2 10’ Kim-Steel/Sam Billiards Billiard Tables,Open Noon-3AM Sun-Thurs Open Noon-4AM FriSat

337 237 6577 2431 West Congress 4-41/2x9 , 20 4x8 tables and TV’s

NILES Roundtable Bar 269-683-9738 3024 N. US 31 6 – 7ft Diamonds,Full Bar & Food

WARREN • Hall of Fame Billiards

METAIRE Buffalo Billiards

5775 E.13 Mile RD. 586-939-8880 17-Gold Crown IV 6-Bar Box,1-6X12 & 5X10 Snooker,5-Dart Boards,4 Mega Touch,Golden Tee,Full service Rest. & Bar,Pro Shop on premises, 2- heated Verhoven 3 cushion tables

GALESBURG Billiards On Main

504-279-2137 3624 Airline Dr 13-9’Diamond, 3-Bar tables, Darts,7 TV’s,Full bar, 24 hrs

MINNeSOtA MINNEAPOLIS • Minneapolis Billiards Club

309-342-7665 156 East Main St. 8 Gold Crowns , 6 Bar tables, 2 Dart boards, Full bar/ Restaurant

MAINE WATERVILLE TJ’s Classic Billiards

1101 Stinson Blvd. N.E. 763-300-6370 2-Verhoven 3-cushion tables 1- 9 ft Diamond , TV snacks All out of towners play free Full service Rest. & Bar Pro shop on premises

EAST MOLINE Lesure Time Billiards &Sports Bar 309 752-9559 845 Ave of the City 5-9 foot pool tables,16- Bar tables, 2 sports bars, 11 Dart boards Full Kitchen

RIVERGROVE • Cue Phoria Billiards 708 452-9105 8917 W. Grand Ave 22-9’ Diamond ‘Vintage pool tables 3-7’ Diamond Smart tables 1-3-Cushion Gabriel heated 7-electronic dart games, 22 HD TV’S & 2 Large screens Full Bar & Food, Proshop/ Repairs

IOWA DES MOINES Big Dog Billiards 515-262-6523 2200 E. Euclid Ave 14 - 9 foot Diamonds, 18 – 7 foot Diamonds,1 – 3-Cushion 5x10 4- Fooseball table,3- Big Screens & Full liquor bar

KANSAS OLATHE • Shooters 913-780-5740

14. Airport Rd #1 207 877-7665 20-Gold Crown 3’s, DartboardBig Screen, Beer & Wine, Family atmosphere

MARYLAND GLEN BURNIE • Big Daddy’s Billiards 410-760-1332 7954 B &A Blvd. Suite 2-G 8- 9’Diamonds, 3-7’ Diamonds 7-9’ Gold Crowns,1-6x12 Snooker,1` 5x10 3-cushion Soren Sogard,Tv’s, limited menu

MASSACHuSettS PEABODY • World Class Billiards & Pub 978 535-7000• Rte 1 South W. 12-Diamond Tables, 4-3-Cushion Billiard Tables, Darts,Videos, Snack Bar Beer & Wine,16 TV’s

1319 Larpenteur Ave 651 646-9508 16 – Gold Crowns 1 – 5x10 Brunswick Anniversary 1-5x10 Snooker, 1-6x12 Snooker 2-7’ Bar tables, Darts & Foosball

MISSISSIPPI GRENADA The Sports Center 662-226-1322 893 Springhill Rd 7- Pool tables, 3 Bar tables, Video’s, Beer and Food

SOUTHAVEN Southaven Recreational

St WOBURN Silver Cue Billiard Club

662 342-0230 987 Town & Country 16- Big Tables. 5- Bar Tables 5-TV’s, Darts & Bumper Pool Food & Beer

781-933-9771• 435 Main St 13 Gold Crown 3 tables 7 days a week noon-1 am Weekly Tournaments

MISSOuRI BRANSON Lovings 417 334-9449

WAREHAM The Fan Club

810 W. Hwy 56 22- 7ft Valley,10-9ft Gold Crowns,2 – 9ft Diamonds & 4 7ft ,1- 3-Cushion 5x10, Brunswick,Full Bar & Grille

508 295-6773 2859 Cranberry Hwy 10-Gold Crowns, 2-Dart boards 1-Big screen, 8-Tv’s, Full Bar D.J. Fri/Sat

KeNtuCKY Louisville Diamond Pub & Billiards

MiCHIGAN HOLLAND Guppies Casual Dining & Billiards

3814 Frankfort Ave 502 895-7513 9-7ft Diamonds & 2-9ft 2 - Dart boards, 8 flat screen TV’s for Sports,Full Menu and Bar Live music Fri & Sat

ROSEVILLE Al’s Billiards

4260 Gretna Rd 9 Pool tables 4x, Coffee shop & Café,WI-FI, Video & Game rental

CAPE GIRARDEAU The Billiard Center 573 335-9955 • 26 N. Main 21-Valleys, 3-9- foot tables, 1Snooker, Full bar & Kitchen Darts,Big Screen

OVERLAND • Cue & Cushion

1080 Lincoln Ave Suite 140 314 427-9267 616-396-1071 2425 Woodson Rd 11-Pro Am 7 footers, 6- Pro Am 9 3-3 Cushion table footers,10-TV’s wi Full bar/ food 11 – 9 foot pool tables, 1Snooker, 2-bar tables, Pro shop/ showroom on premises

KENNETT The Rack 573 888-5200 723 Teaco Rd 6 – 8 foot pool tables, 2- Bar tables, 1-Snooker 5x10, 1-Dart board, TV’s, Full Bar, Ltd. food

POPLAR BLUFF Westwood Billiards 2207 S. WESTWOOD BLVD 573 686-4880 11- Bar tables, 1 – 41/2x9 Darts, Big Screen Tv,Video games.Full Bar and great food

1-3-Cushion heated Brunswick Gaming Stations, 6-flat monitors Full kitchen

14268 US 64 Alt West Hwy 1 - Snooker 5x10 , 12 - 9 foot Brunswicks, Beer & Food

WAYNE Shooters Family Billiards

SANFORD Speakeazy Billiards 919 775-1166

2230 Hamburg Tpke 973 248-0800 10- 9 foot Brunswick 1-Bar table, Video games, 4Screen TV’s, Internet Juke box, Pro shop on premises

ST CHARLES Side Pocket

NeW YORK BAYSHORE • Doc’s Billiard Emporium 631 665-9783

636-724-9300 1439 Bass Pro Drive 18-Valley Black Cats,4-Gold Crowns,Full Restaruant

253 W. Main Street 20-Gold Crowns 1-Gabriel 3-Cushion heated table, Beer & Wine

ST. PETERS Rada’s Sports Bar

BROOKLYN • Gotham City Billiards Club

4270 North Service Rd 636 477-8430 14 – Bar tables,1- 9 foot Full Bar and Kitchen

NEW HAMPSHIRE HOOKSETT • Cue & Cushion Billiards 1271 Hooksett Rd 603 623-5330 10 Gold Crown Pool Tables, 2 Chevillotte Billiard Tables, Full Bar,Online Video Games, Darts

SOMERSWORTH Busters Billiards 603 692-7926 369 Route 108 16- Nine foot pool tables Beer, Wine, Service pool tables Cue repair on premises

NeW jeRSeY ATLANTIC CITY Atlantic City Billiards 609 645-7576 6701 Black Horse Pike Egg Harbor Twp 22 -9’Cold Crowns, 1 Snooker 6x12. 5x10 Carom Verhoven heated7-TV’s, Pro shop, Hot Food & Snacks

718 714-1002 • 93 Ave U 14 Brunswick tables,1 heated billiard table, 10 TV’s inc.large screen HDTV, Finger food, burgers, pizza and large pro shop.

Breaktime Billiards & Sports Bar 336 744-9404

HEMSTEAD Raxx Bar & Grill 516 538-9896 510 West Hempstead 29- 4 1/2 x9 pool tables, 1 dart board, 5-42’ TV’s, 1-Big Screen, Full Bar & Food

POUGHKEEPSIE Juliet Cafe Billiards 60 Ramond Ave 845 452-2234 19-Tables, Big screen, Ping Pong, Air Hockey table, Beer & Wine, flavor drinks, Full menu-Lunch & dinner, Free internet access

315 768-0218 5160 Commercial Dr. East 12-4 1/2x9 Gabriels, 1-5x10 3cushion table, 8-3 1/2 7 Valleys, Beer, Wine, Full menu, 8-TV’s

973-334-7429 233 Littleton Rd 20 -Gold Crowns 4’s, 1-Snooker, Juke box, TV’s Snack Bar

Passaic • Action Billiards 732 770-9767 276 Passaic St 2- New Gabriels 3-cushion billiard tables 16 – Pool tables, Big Screen TV Full Restaurant

SOMERSET One Shot Billiards 732 249-4555 20 –9ft Pool tables

WINSTON SALEM Breaktime Billiards & Sports Bar

718 358-8585 34-02 Linden Pl 10-5x10 New Verhoven 3Cushion Billiard tables, 10 4 x 8 carom, 22 Brunswick pool tables,Full Bar and Restaurant

2- New Gabriels 3-cushion billiard tables. 34 – 9 foot pool tables, 6 –Big Screens

PARSIPPANY Comet Billiards

910 395-6658 29 Pool Table,1-Snooker table,1 coin opt 24 Bowling Lanes 20-tv’s Arcades Videos, Two Bars and Restaurants

FLUSHING • Carom Cafe


101 Towsley Rd 732 632-9277 18 – 9’Tables Card table lounge, Ping-Pong Pro-shop on premises

WILMINGTON Break Time Billiards / Ten Pin Alley 127 S.College Rd.

336 765-7391 420N Jonestown Rd 15-9 foot Pool tables Darts, 1-big screen, fooseball,Full Bar&menu

BELLEVILLE • Guys & Dolls

EDISON Sandcastle Billiards

1221 D.North Horner Blvd. 14 - 4 1/2 X 9 Gold Crowns 1 - 3 1/2 X 7 Valley Video games & fooseball table Very unique poolroom with a large billiards memorabila collection.

NORtH CAROLINA FAYETTEVILE King Street Billiards 910-425-7665 128 South King St 20-9’ Tables, 5 Bar Tables, Darts Full Bar & Kitchen

GOLDSBORO Fast Eddies Sport Bar 1308 Parkway Dr 919 759-0071 13 – 9 Gold Crowns Dart boards, Full Bar & Food

MONROE Burrkats Billiards & Grill 1615 Lynn St 704 226-0948 14-9’ Tables, 6-Bar table Full liquor & Kitchen, Pro-Shop on premise

ROCKY MOUNT Dot’s Cue Club

5093 University Pkwy 14-Bar Tables, 8-9Pool tables, 18 foot table Darts, Game room, Big screen TV

OHIO COLUMBUS • Sportsmens Billiard Club 614-279-5888 3965 Sullivan Ave 2 3-Cushion (Gabriels) 4 9’ Diamonds, 5 8’Diamonds,11 7’ Diamonds, 12 TV’s, Full Bar & Food, Covered patio with 2 outdoor pool tables

PORT CLINTON Rack Attack Billiards Café 21-23 Madison St 419-732-7225 10- Diamond pro am’s Darts, TV’s Full bar and food

OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA CITY • AAA Billiards Supply 405 917-9300 4619 N. West 10th 6- Gold Crowns, 4-Bar tables 2-5 x 10 Snooker table 1-3-Cushion Billiard table Pro Shop & Cue & table repair

TULSA Magoo’s 918 663-3364 5002 S. Memorial 19 3 1/2 X 7 tables, 35 4 1/2X9, 1 Snooker Table Beer, Wine and Liquor, Full Restaurant

PUERTO RICO CAROLINA Billiard Palace 787-791-0039 9- Pool Tables, Big Screen & TV’s, Full Bar /food

PENNSYLVANIA BOOTHWYN Rileys Concord Billiards 610-859-8058 3601 Chichester Ave 15- Glold Crowns 1 Big Plasma screen, Internet Jukebox,Pizza, Hot dogs

PHILADELPHIA • Drexeline Billiard Club. 610 259-9144 5100 State Rd L-300 2- New Cheviotte 3-cushion tables, 16- 4 1/2x 9 Gold Crowns.4 - 4x8 G.Crowns Full line of custom cues & accessories, Tournaments, Instruction, Senior citizen rates

PHOENIXVILLE Classique Billiards 275 Schuykill Rd 610 935 2939 20 pro tables,11 Gold Crowns

RHODe ISLAND PROVIDENCE Snookers 401 351-7665 145 Clifford St 14 - 41/2X9 pool tables,State of the art TV’s,3 Full liquor bars, Live music

NORTH KINGSTOWN David Van Lokeren 401-294-2988-By appt only 610 Ten Rod Road 1-Heated Verhoeven and is opened by appointment only

NORTH PROVIDENCE • Rhode Island Billiards Bar & Bistro 401 232-1331 2020-2026 Smith St 16 -9’ tables, 1 Billiard table,1 Bar table, 2-Wide Screens, 20 TV’s Full bar & Food, retail

SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN City Billiards 803 649-7362 208 Richland Ave West 6-Diamond pool tables, Big screen, Full bar & Restaurant

GREENVILLE Palace Billiards 864-234-0428 • 56 Airview Dr 12- 9 foot, Beer, Video’s Relaxing Atmosphere

GOOSECREEK Weekend Sports Bar 843 553-5550 428 Redbank Rd 18-Bar Tables,Dart, Videos, Big screens, Full Bar & Kitchen

teNNeSSee CHATTANOOGA Chattanooga Billiard Club 423 499-3883• 110 Jordan Dr 20-Gold Crowns ,Full menu and full service bar, Burns Tobacconist on premises,

Chattanooga Billiard Club 725 1/2 Cherry St 8- Diamond Bar tables 2-Vitale 8 footers, Darts, Video’s Hard to find Cigars,Full menu and full service bar

Diamond Billiard Club 423 877-5882 3600 Hixson Pike suite K 8 - Diamond Bar tables, 2Diamond 9’,10 -TV’s, 2 Golden T, Full Service Rest/ Bar

Double Hill Billiard Club

SAN ANTONIO Fast Eddie’s 210 520-3325 7616 Culebra Ste #103 20 8’ Pool Tables , 3 9’ Pool Tables, 3 Big Screens & 10 Regular TV’s

EDINBURG Fast Eddie’s

423 875-8760 1966 Northpoint Blvd. 15-8’ foot Olhausen,4-Bar tables,1-9’,1-Snooker table Full Bar and food,6 Dart boards Non-smoking room

956 381-9300 815 North Closner Blvd. 26 8’ Pool Tables , 4 9’ Pool Tables , 5 Big Screens TV’s 15 Regular TV’s


HOUSTON Fast Eddie’s

2020 N. Willow • 931 528-0025 6 Bar tables,(3) 4x8 and 3 4½ x 9,Full bar, Pro Shop

713 947-0800 12344 Gulf Freeway 26 8’ Pool Tables , 4 9’ Pool Tables, 5 Big Screens, 15 Reg TV’s

JACKSON Breakers Billiards 731 736-1178 701 S. Royal St 1-9ft Gabriel,1-9ft Gold Grown 2-8ft Gandy’s, 4 Bar tables 2-Dart boards Beer & Food

MEMPHIS HighPocket's 901 761-1583 12-4 1/2 x9 Gold Crowns, 1 Snooker table, 8- Bar Tables, Full menu and beer, 8-new TV’s, 1 big screen, Videos

Poplar Lounge 901 324 1233 2586 Poplar Two Carrom board game 1-Bar table.1 Golf Mach. Recording Studio on Premises Live recording available

Sharpshooters Billiards 901 386-1188 6959 Stage 18 Bar Tables 4-Gold Crowns, Snookers Table, 6 New Dart Boards, T.V’s Jukebox,Video games, food & Beer

• The Rack 901 369-9501 3622 Lamar Ave 12- 9 foot Pro Diamond tables, 1 Gabriel 3-Cushion Table, 2 bar tables,Food & Beer, 2 dart boards, 6-TV's.

MURFREESBORO Fat Willies Billiards Sports 615 848-1801 244 River Rock Blvd. 10-Gold Crowns -2-9’foots 1 Bar table, Big Screen Wide selection of wine

NASHVILLE J.O.B Billiards Club. Home of Champions 615 868-4270 931 Gallatin Rd. Madison, Madison Square Mall 30 Pool Tables, (18 new smart tables) 18,000Sq. Ft.Full in house pro shop, Pool & Dart Leagues, Amat & Pro Tourn.

teXAS ODESSA Fast Eddie’s 432 550-0190 • 4031 East 42st 24 Pool tables, 12 Flat screen TV’s, Full bar service

LUBBOCK Fast Eddie’s 806 746-4268 7301 University Ave Ste 400 24-8’ Pool Tables, 3-9’ Pool Tables. 4 42” Plasma TV’s , 6 60” Big Screens TV’s , 8 27” TV’s

VIRGINIA Virginia Beach • Q-Master Billiards Il. 757 499-8900 5612 Princess Anne Rd 22-9 footers (Gold Crowns) & 9-4-Diamond pro, 22-7 footers (Valleys), Gabriel 3cushion table, 1 Big Screen, 8 TV's, Video's, Full Kitchen & Bar,

MIDLOTHIAN Diamond Billiards 804 794-8787 Midlothian Turnpike 14 – 9’Pool tables 4 – 42” Flat Screens Full Bar & Restaurant

WINCHESTER Blue Fox Billiards 1160 Millwood Pike 540 665-2114 14- 9ft Diamond Pro Full Bar & Food 3 dart boards Pro shop on premises

WISCONSIN BELOIT • Carom Room 608 365-1811 614 East Grand Ave 23 - TABLES, 7- 9’ Gold Crowns, 14 Bar tables, 1 5x10 Snooker, 1-3-cushion Verhoven Full bar and food

MILWAUKEE • Wisconsin Billiards 414 344-5666 2715 W. Wisconsin Ave 10- 9’ Gold Crowns, 4 Bar tables 1-Snooker 5x10, 1-3-cushion Billiard,Full Bar, Pizza, Pro Shop

WEST VIRGINIA HUNTINGTON TJ’S Billiards 304 523 5200 1518 4th Ave 6-7 ‘ Diamonds, 5- 9’ Diamonds 1-9’ Gandy, 1 Bar table, 2-Dart boards, Fooseball,big screen,Beer

252 972-9220

December/January 33 PQB

The Straight Truth by Tom Simpson • Contributing Writer


t the National Billiard Academy, the entire first day of the program is dedicated to building better stroke and form. You can only get as good and as consistent as the flaws in your fundamentals allow. On the positive side, we examine many physical details that we try to build into the stroke, such as fewer moving parts, less body motion, consistent setup, simpler approach, etc. By ”positive” I mean let’s make gains in the direction of making what you’re already doing become simpler, smoother, more fluid, more repeatable. We also look very closely at the negative side of fundamentals. What are you doing that is hurting your game? Are you doing anything “extra”, swooping, swerving, bobbing, leaning, swaying, etc.? We identify any funny business and help you eliminate it, typically by focusing on cleanly executing the simpler, “positive” elements of form. It’s often easier to “do” an alternative movement than it is to “not do” your habitual move. Shockingly, about a third of the players who arrive at our Weekend Intensives have one or both of the two common perception errors suffered by pool players. The most common error is also the most insidious – incorrectly perceiving the center of the cueball. We call this the Vertical Axis Error. When these unfortunate players believe they have their tip lined up perfectly to the vertical axis (centerline) of the cueball, they are always off, always by the same amount, and always to the same side – anywhere from 1/16” to more than a half tip! They never knew it, because it looks right to them. It’s a perception error. Because of the squirt resulting from hitting the cueball with this inadvertent sidespin (a few degrees of angle change), the cueball diverges from the intended path. The further away the object ball the more it will matter. Players with this error have a consistent, distinct pattern of missing; overcutting long cuts to one side and undercutting long cut shots to the other side. The other common perception error is the Aiming Error. Players are not pointing

their stick where they see and believe it to be pointed. Again, it looks to the player like they are dead on. They may stroke straight, and they may hit the vertical axis of the cueball, but they consistently “aim” a little off, always to the same side, always off about the same number of degrees. It looks right to them, but their results tell the truth. These players have the same pattern of missing as above, but usually not as pronounced. Still, it’s hard not to believe what your eyes and brain are telling you. So, we use video and several good training devices to help players see that they in fact really do have these problems. The first step is to believe you’re doing this. At school, we have developed procedures to work on these problems. We correct form errors, we experiment with head angles, heights, and rotation, and more. We don’t have it down to a science, but often we can find ways to begin to correct the perception or make adjustments to accommodate reality.

Here’s a simple, results-based way to check yourself out. Do this exercise and it will become clear to you whether you have one of these problems. The exercise itself provides a means to very precisely begin to see what adjustments are needed to correct your errors. Start with shot 1 and move to the higher number shots as you see you are accurate enough on the previous shot. First, take your time lining up the cueball for each shot. Get as close to perfectly straight-in as you can. Check it from the other direction. Bend down and sight from table level. How accurate are you at seeing when the balls and pocket are perfectly aligned? If you’re not sure, this may be a related problem. If possible, compare opinions with other players. Shoot each shot with follow. Your goal is to pocket the ball and scratch. Observe very closely. When you miss, does the cueball always go to the same side of the object ball? This will be the result for both of these errors. Which error are you seeing? If the cueball has any sidespin, you’re seeing the Vertical Axis Error. As you experiment with the longer shots, the errors will become larger and more obvious. These issues are difficult and frustrating. But the first step is identifying the problem. If you’re clear on what the problem is, you have a chance of beating it. Again, believe your results and change to adjust to that reality. I know lots of high-level players who can’t see straight.

Tom Simpson is a Master Instructor in both the BCA & ACS Instructor Programs. Tom is a full-time instructor, operating the National Billiard Academy in Columbus, Ohio, and delivering his 3-Day Weekend Intensive in selected cities nationwide. As founder of Elephant Balls, Ltd., inventor of Practice Balls®, developer of the Ghostball Aim Trainer®, and Secret Aiming Systems™ Coach, Tom’s innovations in training have helped thousands of players dramatically improve their skills and deepen their knowledge. Read 35 instructional articles at the academy website: Contact:, 614-975-8337.

PQB 34 December/January

Bobby McGrath Wins 2008 International Speed Pool Championship BILLIARDS INTERNATIONAL Ltd. • EMAIL:


he 2008 ESPN ZONE BILLIARDS SHOOTOUT was held October 1 in Las Vegas. Bobby McGrath defeated Dave Pearson for the INTERNATIONAL SPEED POOL CHALLENGE crown and the $40,000 purse. ESPN Zone Las Vegas was host to the event, which was taped for three 1-hour telecasts on ESPN and the first ever to be broadcast in High Definition. The Third Annual INTERNATIONAL SPEED POOL CHALLENGE drew an international lineup battling for the $40,000 winner-take-all prize. The action in Speed Pool is fast and furious (the speed of light compared to 9-ball) with two sets, twelve racks in each set, the first set Straight Pool and the second set 8-Ball. Players routinely run racks of fifteen balls in about 1-minute and the player with the lowest accumulated time for twelve racks wins the match. For the second year in a row, McGrath and Pearson emerged from the pack as the top guns. In the Championship Match, McGrath, the defending champion, overcame Pearson by scores of 6:43 / 7:29 minutes the first set and 8:45 / 9:14 minutes the second set to capture the title and $40,000. In semifinal action, McGarth zipped past Nick Nikolaidis of Canada 7:14 / 7:19 in the first set and 9:29 / 11:09 in the second set. The other semifinal saw Pearson zap Tan Chin Seng of Malaysia in straight sets 6:42 / 8:35 and 9:12 / 10:39. McGrath displayed blinding speed to defeat Pearson who holds several Speed Pool records in the Guinness Book of World Records. Even then, it went to the last rack of the second set to decide the Championship Match. The standing-room-only crowd gave Bobby McGrath a rousing ovation at the conclusion of the final match. The winners check was presented by Blaine Martin, Connelly Billiards and Ivan Lee, Simonis Cloth. The presentation brought another round of cheers from the audience. In addition to the fine tournament site at ESPN Zone at the New York New York

Winner Bobby McGrath Hotel & Casino, the event was sponsored by Connelly Billiards, Aramith Super Pro Balls, Simonis Cloth, L.E.A.N.I. Italian Slate, AcCue Shot Target Practice Device, Executive Billiards Delta-13 Rack and Silver Cup Chalk. The 2008 International Speed Pool Tournament was produced by Billiards International, Ltd.

IPT 2008 Pro-Am Tournament


he IPT congratulates Mika Immonen and his team for winning the first Pro-Am Championship. Immonen faced fellow IPT Pro Charlie Bryant in the final 8-Ball Race-to-three, $50,000 match! Despite making several awesome shots, and getting to the hill first, Bryant was not able to hold off Mika’s strong offensive attack in the end. Matches were streamed via a live web cam. This event was the first in many years to bring such pool talent to the Chicagoland area. Fans who came to Palace Billiards were treated to many great matches and were able to interact with some of the game’s living legends and other top players. Amateurs who competed in the event expressed how much they liked playing against professionals, and how valuable they thought the experience was for their development.

IPT Pro-Am Tournament Format Information There were a total of 16 qualifying tournaments held in the Chicagoland area. The top 6 players from each of these qualifying tournaments earned a spot on a team with the assigned pro, and advance to the Pro-Am Tournament held on November 8 & 9 at Palace Billiards in Villa Park, IL. A total of 16 teams competed in a single-elimination winner take all format. Everyone competes individually and if anyone on your team finishes in first place, you win! The $50,000 prize fund was divided evenly amongst the winning team, including a $2,000 bonus to the overall winner of the tournament.

Brian Hearl, Bryan Shaver (representing John Golarz), IPT Tour Director Deno Andrews, Aleksander Radomski, Mika Immonen and Randy Tenley. Not photographed are Craig McLaren, Rodney Flenoi and Donny Branson. For more tournament information, the full bracket, photos, and video, visit December/January 35 PQB

DPM Universal Pocket and Carom Billiard Systems • Article 37 by Darrell Paul Martineau • WBIA Head Master Instructor


his is the thirteenth article I have written for three-cushion billiards. I am showing you a new way to use the DPM Diamond system segment four to seven rails. . My system has a standardized {HIT} system. There are twelve {Hits} These hits, meaning how much object ball is hit by the cue ball, are numbered 0 through 12. Zero being 2mm and 12 being the full ball. Numbers 3, 6, and 9 are one quarter, one half and three quarters respectfully. The “ Hit “ values never change and can be used for every shot on the table. The system tells you what hit to use. As you read in Article #36 the Diamond System Segment four to seven rails is a new system segment based on the DPM Universal System. An X on the side rail shows the base. If the cue ball is straight across from the first object ball then you would make the hit on the object ball as shown on the side rail numbers. If you wish to go diamonds longer than the base then make that many hits more that the base and if you wish to go a diamond short of the base make one hit less than shown Now with the cue ball above the object ball, show in graph #37, you will add one hit for each diamond the cue ball is above the object ball. In example A the cue ball is 2 diamonds above the first

object ball so you would add two hits to the OB 1 number, which is at 2. So the hit would be 4 if you wanted to go to the BASE. In this case the OB2 is one diamond short of the BASE so you would reduce the hit by one and make a #3 [ quarter ball ] hit. In example B you would need to add one hit to go one more diamond down from the BASE. So the side rail number where the OB1 is located is 2 and the cue ball is two diamonds above the OB1 and one more diamond down from where the base goes would look like this 2+2+1 =5. Make a five hit and the billiard is yours. Remember when the hit is more than three use a down stroke to hold the cue ball in a straight line after contact with the OB1 If you would like articles 1 through 36 with their graphs please send $25.00 for a bound copy shipping is included. First 24 articles are on Pool Kickshots and Banking. Darrell Paul Martineau 5916 Bar Harbour Ct. Elk Grove CA 95758 For more information on this system and my books, tapes, DVDs or lessons on Pool or Carom Billiards please call me at 916-684-4535 or e-mail web page

D.P.M. Universal Billiard Systems For Carom Billiards Secrets of Three Cushion Billiards ~Doctoral Edition 220 pages, 90 full-page graphs step by step instructions $39.95 I am at the table explaining how to use the book Together Doctoral Book & Tape set or DVD set 3 hrs $90 2003 Millennium Digest Editions of “Doctoral” This book extends the knowledge learned in the Doctoral and contains information on how to miss KISSES Tape or DVD Hits to Miss Kisses, 87 min. Miss all Kisses, plus special graphs and instructions Together Millennium & H to M K tape or DVD & graphs $70 Tape or DVD Ball to Ball caroms [Straight Rail] 73 min $30 DPM Universal Billiard Systems for Pocket Billiards (POOL) Secrets of Pocket Billiards, Kick Shots & Banking Over 100 pages • 50 full page graphs • Tape or DVD. I am at the table showing how to use the book 75min. $55 Clinics and private lessons available on either Carom billiards or specialized pocket billiards. $150 per day or 4 days $500 All prices include Priority Shipping. Out of U.S. add $10 Air Mail. Three or more items deduct 10% pool or billiards mix. Send check or money order to: Other payments methods available Can be paid with Western Union or Money Gram D. P. Martineau, 5916 Bar Harbour Ct., Elk Grove, CA 95758 For more information • 916-684-4535 e-mail • Webpage

PQB 36 December/January

A Ref’s View on Racking by Bob Hunt Contributing Writer


hen I was younger, I shot pool in a little pub with a person named Bob Rodersheimer. Bob always claimed that no one could move the eight ball on the break. It was true, no matter how hard we tried, the eight ball would never move very far and the rack exploded when hit. Every so often, a ball would rebound back into the rack and hit it, but it never moved to far from its racked position during the break. Bob would never give up his secret! You could look and look and never figure it out. We just nicknamed it the Rodersheimer rack and moved on. I did however later in life figure it out, sorry Bob. He must have had a few good laughs as we all thought we were great pool players as we sipped our beer. The truth is that it was not a trick rack as we had thought; it was a perfect rack. That is why it always eluded us. We were looking for something that was never there! If you want proof of this process, watch the nine ball when the pros break on television. If the nine ball moves a lot, you can bet you will not see that referee racking on television much longer! They are also the people who always say, “Wow these guys are good, they make a lot of nine balls on the break!” Duh, have another beer son! Good racks are rare. They should not be rare, because all it takes to rack is incorporating a few solid steps into your system. All of the balls in a good rack should touch each other or the adjacent ball. There should be no cracks between the balls. If you want to see cracks, all you have to know is how to look. Earl Strickland taught me how to examine a rack in front of a large crowd and I am still looking to this day. Earl is man of many words and that is why I always love to listen to him play. Strangely enough, his words many times contain strong pool wisdom, thank you Earl. There are several things I have learned about looking and Earl’s voice still echoes in my head telling me to get down and look. First off, you need a rack that fits the balls and is in very good condition. The Mueller Black rack we use for television is probably the most accurate, solid, and simple rack ever made. I love to use it and that is all I will say about that. Some mechanical racks are just too good, like the Sardo that takes humanity out of racking. Some racks are poorly

Send questions and comments to

manufactured, like the racks from Taiwan that you can buy for mega pennies. By the way, rack manufactures do not deposit a dime into my bank account, so these are my honest opinions. Just remember that the amount of money you pay is not necessarily the key to buying the best rack! If you do want the perfect rack or cannot reach the foot spot, buy a Sardo, just remember that your table will have to be in good condition and set up for racking too! You can quickly check a rack by placing the first three balls into position and look to see if they all touch. Sometimes the rear balls will have a crack between them if the rack is too wide. See if you can rotate the apex on the rack until you find one that snugs them all up solid. Make sure the rack corners are tight. Next, you need balls that are pretty much the same size. Wear and tear from felt and abrasions from tips, floors, heads, whatever, work the balls down in size over the years. Sometimes you can find these little balls by looking at cracks and moving them around a little. Undersize balls really throw the whole the rack off. Those top three rows need to be tight. The top three rows will actually move from left to right rotate in the rack if you have an undersize ball. You may even see lunar balls with craters knocked out of them in poolrooms and home tables. Sometimes you cannot do anything about the balls or the rack you get from the poolroom. Give the bad balls to someone who does not care about their game anyway! To find cracks between the balls you really have to look. Most people do not realize that when you look you will find cracks. Place your hand over the balls and cast a shadow on them. Then look for the light between them. You may be surprised when you see all of the light leaks between them. These leaks are what pro players look for when they examine a rack. Sometimes a loose rack is better for a player than a tight rack. It gives the player options on his break shot if he understands the rack. It may give a player a one out of many break advantage, but that one might be the shot that wins you the world championship medal. They discuss making balls on the break by using the cracks and analyzing the physics. Sometimes it is better to tell your opponent nice rack when you see a nine ball to the pocket

The Ref Stop

shot on a loose rack! Sometimes you have to examine the felt. Some tables have indents from people pounding balls in place that causes many common problems. Every time you do it, you create another depression in the felt or the slate. Pounding balls is not the answer to keeping balls in place. Sometimes brushing the felt in a circle within the rack area will set the nap up and help stick a rack. Brushing it with your hand is another option that works most of the time reducing the effect of ball tracks. Do not do this after eating a Hershey bar on a hot day! Players do not like you to spit on the balls either! Check the apex or foot spot and replace if it shows signs of wear or edges sticking up. Spots can develop craters too! When racking for the pros, I like to take the first ball and let it settle into the foot spot before placing the rack into position. Now I know where the ball is going to roll downhill for positioning.

Moving the head ball just a little forward helps because the ball rolls back into the rack. I roll the rear balls forward in place to bury them in the felt so to speak. If the first ball trying to roll rearward and the rear balls tight, the rest of the balls will glue in the middle. There is nothing like the sound and action of a tight solid rack when you break it. One more observation is that in a nine ball game it seems that the nine moves away from any cracks in the rosebud cluster. The rosebud cluster is the six balls that form a ring around the nine. If those balls are touching, the cluster cannot implode toward the nine. They must travel outbound away from it. I would not swear to all this, but after you start looking and you have racked a billion racks or so, many things will come to focus.

Gaining Momentum The National Championship Series (NCS) Schedules Qualifiers All Over the Country The National Championship Series (NCS) is under way. The NCS was launched a mere two and a half month’s ago and is starting to develop more recognition as nearly each weekend, NCS 8-Ball qualifiers are held all across the country. The NCS is a new division of CueSports International (CSI), which also owns the BCA Pool Leagues, and produces the Jay Swanson “Swanee” Memorial which is entering its’ 13th year and is held at Hollywood Billiards in Hollywood, California. Additionally, CSI produces the highly regarded U.S Bar Table Championships (USBTC) in Reno, Nevada which is the longest running independent event (16 years) in the Western U.S. The purpose of the NCS is to encourage 9’ table play in a variety of cue-sports; 8Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14.1 Continuous and One-Pocket. All NCS events are open to men, women, amateur and professional. The NCS does not charge a membership fee nor is it required to be a member or affiliated with any specific organization or league. The NCS is not a tour. It is instead a series of independent national events where players must qualify in host rooms in order to play at the national level. The first national event, the NCS 8-Ball Championship, will be held in Las Vegas in March and will have a prize fund of $32,000. Additionally one player will win a spot to represent the U.S to the WPA World 8-Ball Championship in the United Arab Emirates April 7-11. Qualifier in 8-Ball are underway and a total of 29 have been scheduled with 6 down and 23 to go. A full calendar of events can be found on the CSI website, . “The NCS is about inclusion, not exclusion. Our goal to build an open series that will crown U.S national champions in many disciplines. We also wish to encourage play in a variety of games, by as many players as possible, preserve regulation table play and strengthen the sport overall,” said NCS Manager Holly Ryan. For more information about the National Championship Series or CueSports International please call 702-719-7665 or email December/January 37 PQB

gaTeway amaTeur Tour 2008 October 18th Riverbend 24 players participated 1st Jimmy Eberhart (A)$520.00 2nd John Bissell (B+) $250.00 3rd Tommy Ada (B) $140.00 4th Jon Williams (A) $70.00 5th Andy Hauschild (A) $20.00 6th

PJ Hoffman (A)


November 8th Results: Teacher’s Billiards Qualifier- 24 players 1st- Jon Williams 2nd- Steve Boucher 3rd- Mike Ball 4th- Jared Speckmeyer

November 16th Radar’s Sports Bar; St. Peter’s MO Tour Stop- 38 players 1st Gary Lutman (A) $700.00 2nd Jared Speckmeyer (B+)$360.00 3rd Tony Napoli (B+) $200.00 4th Jay Merchant (B) $120.00 5th Rickie Bryan (B) $60.00 6th Jay Pettlon (A) $60.00 7th Chris Whitaker (B) $40.00 8th Jon Williams (A) $40.00

VIkIng Cue 9-Ball Tour October 4th & 5th Double Hill Billiards Club in Hixson, TN $2000 added event payouts: 1st - $1200 Landon Shuffett 2nd - $720 Marcus Pendley 3rd - $520 Wade Aycock 4th - $300 Jonathon Tedder 5th/6th - $200 each Robert Frost / Jeff Tabet 7th/8th - $100 each George Payne / Joe Powell

The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours $500 Added event payouts: 1st - $500 Jason Stemen 2nd - $210 Joe Powell 3rd - $100 Mike Janis

November 8th & 9th, 2008 The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour Randolph’s in Hickory, N.C. $3000 Added, 68 participants Payouts: Tourney + Auction 1st $1,000 + $570 Randy Canipe 2nd $700 + $350 Mackey Lowery 3rd $500 + $250 Mike Cantrell 4th $400 + $100 Tony Morrison 5/6th $300 + $50 each Ed Killough / Evan Wyatt 7/8th $200 each Jerry Hilton / Brandon Canipe 9/12th $150 each Daniel Hill / Norman Moody / Ritchie Tuttle / Matt Armstrong 13/16th $100 each Justin Lazaro / Dusty Norris / Dale Phillips / Preston Buckwold

mIDweST 9 Ball October 9-12, 2008 Shooters, Olathe, KS One-Pocket 36 players -$1000 Added 1st $770 2nd 500

Joey Gray, OKC, Ok Adam Smith, Detroit, Mi

PQB 38 December/January

3rd 375 Chip Compton, OKC, Ok 4th 275 Beau Runningen, Falcon Heights, Mn 5-6th 160 Danny Hill, Kansas City, Ks 5-6th 160 Mark Haddad, Denver, Co 7-8th 100 Danny Harriman, Lee’s Summit, Mo 7-8th 100 Tony Zierman, Burnsville, Mn Hot seat: Adam def Joey 3-1 semi-finals Joey def Chip 3-1 1st set of finals Joey def Adam 3-2 2nd set of finals Joey def Adam 3-1

Ladies - 17 players - $600 Added 1st $500 Melissa Little, Denver, Co 2nd 350 Julia Gabriel, St. Charles, Mo 3rd 240 Wendy Kent, Norman, Ok 4th 105 Lisa Berc, Savage, Mn Hot seat Melissa def Wendy 7-5 semi-finals Julia def Wendy 7-2 1st set of finals Melissa def Julia 7-1

Open - 94 players - $3400 Added 1st $2100 Beau Runningen, Falcon Heights, Mn 2nd 1600 Chip Compton, OKC, Ok 3rd 900 Shane McMinn, Tulsa, Ok 4th 600 Andy Quinn, St. Louis, Mo 5-6th 300 Daniel Neldner, Tulsa, Ok 5-6th 300 Mike Banks, Jr,, Olathe, Ks 7-8th 200 Steve Rector, Wichita, Ks 7-8th 200 Adam Smith, Detroit, Mi 9-12th 150 David Matlock, Olathe, Ks 9-12th 150 Kurt Sabin, Lincoln, Ne 9-12th 150 Darren Everett, Ozark, Mo 9-12th 150 Chuck Raulston, Poplar Bluff, Mo 13-16th 125 Mark Haddad, Denver, Co 13-16th 125 Joey Gray, OKC, Ok 13-16th 125 Tony Hilla, Apple Valley, Mn 13-16th 125 K.C. Massey, Yukon, Ok 17-24th 100 Travis Gallup, Independence, Mo 17-24th 100 Phil Tindrell, Des Moines, Ia 17-24th 100 Chad Moore, Kansas City, Ks 17-24th 100 David Jordan, Hamilton, Mo 17-24th 100 Chad Vilmont, Clinton, Ia 17-24th 100 Lupe Pena, Davenport, Ia 17-24th 100 Mike Bennett, Ankeny, Ia 17-24th 100 Chris Patterson, Beloit, Wi Hot seat: Beau def Chip 9-8 semi-finals Chip def Shane 9-8 1st set of finals: Chip def Beau 9-5 2nd set of finals Beau def Chip 9-4

November 1ST Rhonda Pierce and Shane McMinn Top Names Magoo’s Billiards Ladies - 13 players - $460 Added 1st $425 Rhonda Pierce, Tulsa, Ok 2nd 255 Ginny Keeler, Tulsa, Ok 3rd 170 Brittany Colbert, Tulsa, Ok Hot seat: Rhonda defeats Ginny 7-3 semi-finals Ginny defeats Brittany 7-1 1st set of finals: Rhonda defeats Ginny 72 Open- 57 players - $2040 Added 1st $1100 Shane McMinn, Tulsa, Ok 2nd 700 Joey Gray, OKC, Ok 3rd 500 Chip Compton, OKC, Ok 4th 350 Darren Everett, Ozark, Mo 5-6th 225 Charles Shelton, Norwood, Mo 5-6th 225 Jim Weast, Inola, Ok 7-8th 125 Mike Banks, Jr., Blue Springs, Mo 7-8th 125 Jesse James,

Bartlesville, Ok 9-12th 100 Eric Cape, Great Bend, Ks 9-12th 100 Steve Deason, Tulsa, Ok 9-12th 100 Travis Garner, Aurora, Mo 9-12th 100 Marty Caylor, Parsons, Ks

PreDaTor Tour 2008 Empire State 9-Ball Championship Results The 1st Annual Empire State 9-Ball Championship took place October 11-12 at Raxx Pool Room Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, Long Island. The event started with an awards ceremony to celebrate the players of the 2008 season. The players of the year were: Tony Robles: Pro Division Runner up: Shin Park Joey Kong: Open Division Runner up: Bobby Blackmore Michael Wong: A Division Runner up: John Alicea Lionel Rivera: B Division Runner up: Thomas Wan Alfonso Passariello: C/D Division Runner up: John MacArthur/Jay Chiu (Tie) Gail Glazebrook: Female Division Runner up: Borana Andoni

With this win, Marc becomes the first ever Empire State 9-Ball Champion. Congratulations to Marc Vidal and George “Ginky” Sansouci for a great performance. Tournament Payouts: 1st Marc Vidal $2,000 2nd George Sansouci $1,400 3rd Oscar Bonilla $1,000 4th Lenny Favata $ 650 5th Shaun Wilkie $ 400 6th Tony Robles $ 400 7th Eddie Abraham $ 250 8th Mike Miller $ 250 9th Rob Omen $ 150 10th Jose Parica $ 150 11th Jerry Tarantola $ 150 12th Frankie Hernandez $ 150 13th Jorge Rodriguez $ 100 14th Eric Tang $ 100 15th Mike Panzarella $ 100 16th Jason Michas $ 100 Highest Finishing C/D William Finnegan $ 100 Highest Finishing Female: Gail Glazebrook $ 100

Ryan McCreesh Brandon Shuff Scott Tollefson Brian Deska Chris Bruner Manuel Chau Ed Deska Matt Clatterbuck Danny Bell Phil Kerns Kent Pipkin Richard Barney

$900 $550 $380 $225 $150 $150 $100 $100 $55 $55 $55 $55

700 560 455 385 350 350 315 31 280 280 280 280

Women’s Place Player

Money Points

1 2

Tina Meraglio Ming Ng

League Directors • Email results to • Submissions become the property of Professor-Q-Ball National Pool & 3-Cushion News 3 4 5 5 7 7 9

Rachel Eliazar Pauline Mattes Cheryl Squire Shelly Moubray Ji-Hyun Park Judie Wilson Spring Helligrath

$125 $70 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

117 99 90 90 81 81 72

Oct 25-26, 2008 Event 11: Diamond Billiards, Midlothian, VA Place Player Money Points 1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 9

Mike Davis Tony Chohan Johnathan Pinegar Josh Roberts David Vaughn Larry Kressel Ronnie Wiseman Leonardo Andam Rafael Martinez Charlie Bryant

$15001040 $1000832 $700 676 $500 572 $350 520 $350 520 $225 468 $225 468 $125 416 $125 416

TrI-STaTe Tour Comet Billiards Type: C/D Class Date: 10/25/2008

TIger Pool Tour 2008 Oct 4-5, 2008 Event 10: Blue Fox Billiards, Winchester, VA Place Player Money Points 1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 9 9 9

Tournament Results from Rooms around the U.S.A.

$380 180 $240 144

Player Name Class Points 1st Rhio Anne Flores C 95 2nd Duane Toney C+ 80 3rd Joe Varvaro C+ 65 4th Dmitry Rozenfeld C+ 50 5th-6th Tony Arroyo C+ 40 Toby Clemens C+ 40 7th-8th Michele Li C 30 Raphael DaBreo C+ 30 9th-12th Ben Sadowski C+ 25 Tri V Chau C+ 25 Randy Mackin C+ 25 Tom Ho C 25 13 - 16 Jason Egeln C+ 20 Vito Cortese C 20 Burton Madaio C 20 Dave Shlemperis C+ 20 17 - 24 Joe Dubois C+ 15 Daniel Salduthi C 15 Alex Boruhovich C 15 Christine Liotti C 15 George Osipovitch C+ 15 Theo Burry C+ 15 James DeGiosafatto, Jr. C+ 15 Peter Yiu C+ 15 25 - 32 Dave Fitzpatrick C 10 Scott Abramowitz C 15 Ryan McCarthy C+ 15 Angelo Fiorino C+ 15 Mike Davie D+ 15 Pete Gallo D 15 Naomi Fingerhut C 15

aCS PreSenTS The PeChauer all amerICan Tour Legends Sports Bar Clinton, IA November 1st 1st

Isaac Runnels (Hopkins Park, IL)

$330 + $60 side pot + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals 2nd Scott Hargens (Cedar Rapids, IA) $250 + $20 side pot 3rd Chad Vilmont (Clinton, IA) $170 4th Duane Tuula (Rockford, IL) $100 5th Charlie Wolfe (Rockford, IL) $60 6th Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA) $60 7th Jim Hanne (Moline, IL) $25 8th Ken Wirtzman (Manchester, IA)$25

The BrickhouseDecatur, IL November 8 1st Milton Strack (Monticello, IL)$400 + $492 Side Pot + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals 2nd Larry Parke (Decatur, IL)$240 + $369 Side Pot 3rd Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL)$120 + $246 Side Pot 4th John Pokora (Springfield, IL)$80 + $133 Side Pot 5th Dave Gentry (Decatur, IL) $50 6th Mike Dunklin (Normal, IL) $50 7th Justin Callarman (Springfield, IL)$30 8th Marco Jaywook (Springfield, IL) $30

Blaze Pro-am 9-Ball Tour Oct 26 Raxx Pool Room, Bar & Grill West Hempstead, NY $1500 added 1st Eddie Abraham $1150 2nd Jose Parica $750 3rd Joey Kong $405 4th Oscar Bonilla $200

Nov 9 Skyline Billiards Brooklyn, NY $1500 added T-1st: Jorge Rodriguez and Mhet Vergara (Split in Finals) $2,300 3rd: $475 Ray Lee 4th: $200 Joey Kong 5th: $150 Adam Kilear 6th: $150 Rob Pole 7th: $100 Caroline Pao 8th: $100 Shaun Wilkie

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Wes Burden Cell • (813) 416-2255

Billiard Industry Service Directory

Wes Burden

December/January 39 PQB

National Tournament Directory Date





$ added eligibility

MAJOR EVENTS (National Tournaments worth traveling to – ALL Areas): 12/3-7 12/3-7 12/12-14 12/5-7 12/6-7 12/9-13 12/11-14 12/12-14 1/15-18 1/1-4 1/10 1/21-25 1/23-31 2/1-3 2/4-8

MW 9-B Tour BBxRing 10 Ball WPA World Artistic Pool Chmp NACPT Partners NACPT 2 Person Teams Viking Cue Amateurs Reno Open Mosconi Cup NACPT Partners Music City 9-Ball Open Olympia 8&9B Singles, Open 9-Ball Tournament WIBCA State Singles Teams 11th Derby City Classic Super Bowl xxiv9-Ball Tour Championships

Shooters The Pool Room Kewadin Casino Menominee Casino Diamond Billiards Sands Regency Hotel Hilton Hotel Kewadin Casino J.O.B Billiards Olympic Resort The Carom Room Olympia Resort Horseshoe Casino Hotel The Rack Diamond Billiard Club

Olathe, KS 913-780-5740 $6,000 Total Ring & 1Pkt Duluth, GA 770-418-9086 Pros, Spectators welcome St Ignace, MI 888-372-7665 $4,500* Amateurs ONLY Keshena , WI $5,000 Added Cape Coral 239-573-7665 $3,500 Added, Amateurs Reno, NV for Info Portomaso, Malta St Ignace, MI $4,500 Added, Amateurs ONLY Madison,TN 615 868-1270 Oconomowoc, WI $10,000 Added Beloit,WI 608 365-1811 $1,000 added No Masters Oconomonwoc,WI info: Gregg Andler Souther Indiana info www.Derby Memphis,Tn 901-369-9501 $5000 GuaranteedOpen Hixson,TN 423 877-5882 $10,000 Guaranteed purse

Upcoming Northeastern Tournaments (CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT) 12/6-7 Joss NE Tour 12/7 Blaze 9-Ball Tour 12/12-14 USBA Regional 12/13-14 NCS 8-B Qualifier 12/14 Blaze 9-Ball Tour 12/20-21 14.1 Pro-Am Quarterly 12/28 NE 9-Ball Series 10-Ball Open Blaze 9-Ball Tour 12/31 1/3-4 NCS 8-B/NJ State Chmp 1/10 Joss Tour East 1/10 Northeast 10-Ball Tour 1/11 New England 9-Ball Series 1/17-18 Joss Northeast Tour 1/25 New England

Raxx Pool Room Leisure Time Cue & Cushion Jordan Pool Hall Skyline Billiards Comet Billiards Legends Billiards Raxx Pool Room Atlantic City Billiards Comet Billiards The Billiard Café Buster’s Billiards Diamond Eight Billiards 9-Ball Series Snooker’s Billiards,

W Hempstead, NY Levittown, NY Hooksett, NH Whitehall, PA Brooklyn, NY Parsippany, NJ Portsmouth, NH W Hempstead, NY Egg Harbor Twp, NJ Parsippany, NJ Ayer, MA Somersworht,NH Latham, NY Providence RI

516-538-9896 516-796-4600 484-554-9397 718-627-3407 973-334-7429 603-433-1154 516-538-9896 609-645-7576 973 334-7429 $500 added 603 692-7926 518 786-8048 401 351-7665

$1,500; Call for Info $1,000; Call for Info Qualifier $500 Added, Open $2,000 Added, Call for Info Call for More Info $500 Added, Open Call for Info $1,000 Added $2,000 added 518 356-7163 $1,000 added $200 added $600 added

Upcoming Southeastern Tournaments (AL, FL, GA, KY, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV) 12/6 Brown’s 8-Ball Scotch Doubles 12/5-7 Legends of One Pocket 12/6-7 One Pocket Shootout 12/6-7 J. Pechauer Marietta Open 12/13-14 Great Southern Amateurs 12/13-14 KF Cues Tour 12/13-14 J. Pechauer Atlanta Open 12/13-14 Tiger Tour Viking Amateurs 12/20 Jester Hcp 8-Ball 12/20-21 Great Southern Amateurs 12/20-21 Viking Open & Amateurs 12/24 Santa Clause Scotch Dbls 1/3 All American Tour 9-B 1/10-11 Great Sourthern Tour 1/10-11 NCS 8-B Qualifier 1/10-11 NCS 8-B Qualifier 1/10-11 NCS 8-B Qualifier 1/17-18 KF Cues 9-Ball Tour 1/17-18 NCS 8-B Qualifier 1/24-25 Southeast OPEN


PQB 40 December/January

Browns Billiards Grady’s Side Pocket Side Pocket Cue Club World Cup Blrds Hammerheads Mr. Cues 2 Blue Fox Billiards Breakers Billiards Browns Billiards Karl’s Korner Club Quincy Browns Billiards Smokies Diamond Billiard Club Champion Billiards Café Hollywood Billiards The Pool Room Big O’S Billiards World Cup Billiards Skeeter’s Billiards

Raleigh, NC Lexington, SC Richmond, VA Marietta, GA Greenville, SC Holiday, FL Atlanta, GA Winchester, VA Knoxville, TN Raleigh, NC Columbia, SC Birmingham, AL Raleigh, NC VA Beach, VA Chattanooge,TN 423 877-5882 Arlington, VA 703 521-3800 Holllywood, Fl Duluth,GA Tampa, FL Greenville, SC Gulfport, MS

919-878-9092 $500 Added 803-957-7665 $1,200 Added, call for info 804-353-7921 $2,000 Added, Open 770-425-1101 $1,500 Guar; Open & Amateurs 864-220-2630 $1,500 Added, Amateurs ONLY 727-939-9494 $1,600 Added, Open 770-454-7665 $1,500 Added, Open 540-665-2114 $1,500 Added Open 12/13-14 865-688-6475 $2,500 Added, Amateurs ONLY 919-878-9092 $500 Added/32 803-791-1772 $1,500 Added, Amateurs ONLY 205-838-7446 $2,500 Guar Added, 919-876-9092 $200 Added 757-422-5773 $1,000 Added, Amateurs $1,500 added Call Shannon 865 580-4572 $1,000 added Info Wai Cho Yee 954 981-4066 $1,00 added 770 418-9086 More info: Don Berglund 813 961-2446 $1,600 added 864 220-2630 $750 added Call info Han Choi 228 897-1234 $1,500 added

National Tournament Directory Date





$ added eligibility

Upcoming Central/Northern Tournaments (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI) 12/5-7 USBA International Open 12/6 All American Tour 8-B 12/13 All American Tour 8-B All American Tour 8-B 12/13 12/13 Gateway Amateur Tour 12/13 NCS 8-B Qualifier 12/13 NCS 8-B Qualifier 12/19-21 MI Players Tour Finale 12/20 All American Tour 8-B 12/20 Gateway Amateur Tour 12/20 All American Tour 8-B BBx Open 8-Ball 12/27 12/27-28 All American Tour 8-B 12/27-28 Play 8-Ball 1/10-11 NCS 8-B Qualifier 1/16-19 USSA National Snooker Tour 1/17 ACS/Pechauer American Tour 1/17 ACS/Pechauer American Tour 1/17-18 ACS/Pechauer American Tour 1/17-18 NCS 8-B Qualifier 1/24 ACS/Pechauer American Tour

Chris’ Billiards Rockford Blrd Café Bulldog Billiards Dale’s Weston Lanes Riverbend, Billiards The Carom Room Cornfed Red’s Break Room Dave’s Good Times Shooter’s Varsity Club The Carom Room Pyramid Club Pyramid Club The Rack On Cue 8-BallHammerheads Rudy’s Place Starship Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Legends Sports Bar

Chicago, IL Rockford, IL Dubuque, IA Weston, WI Alton, IL Beloit, WI Columbus, OH Grand Rapids, MI W. Peoria, IL Centralia, IL Oshkosh, WI Beloit, WI Addison, IL Addison, IL Livonia, MI Grayslake, IL Dubuque, IA Aurora,IL Decatur,IL Alsip, IL Clinton, IA 815-962-0957 563-663-6600 715-359-8488 618-462-4435 608-365-1811 614-578-4809 616-454-0899 309-673-5507 618-532-9931 920-651-0806 608-365-1811 630-688-1719 630-688-1719 734 422-7665 847 548-8980 563 583-9809 630 898-7769 217 433-8868 708 388-3700 563 321-8435

Check Web for info $500 Added, Amateurs $500 Added, Amateurs $500 Added, Amateurs GAT Qualifier $1,000+/64 & Qual, No Masters $1,000+ & Qual, Lee for Info $1,500 Added Guar $500 Added, Amateurs Call AJ Sprague for Info $1,000 Added, Amateurs $1,000 Added/64, Call $500 Added, Amateurs Call for Info $500 added Call for info $500 added Open to Amateurs $500 added Open to Amateurs $500 added Open to Amateurs $500 added Info John Lavin $500 added 8-Ball

Upcoming Central/Southern Tournaments (AR, CO, KS, LA, MO, OK, TX) 12/6-7 12/6 12/13 12/13 1/10 1/10-11 1/17

Fast Eddie’s Tour BBx 9-Ball All American Tour 8-B All American Tour 8-B GAT Qualifier NCS 8-B Qualifier GAT Stop

12/5-7 12-13 12/13-14 12/20-21 1/10-11 1/10-11 1/17-18 1/17-18

Upcoming Western Tournaments (AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY) USBA Dick Takano Memorial Tacoma Elks Lodge Tacoma, WA Regional Qualifier All American Tour 8-B Las Vegas Cue Club Las Vegas, NV 702-735-2884 $500 Added, Amateurs NCS 8-B Qualifier Hard Times Bellflower, CA 562-867-7733 Qualifier, Elias for Info NCS 8-B Qualifier Mickey’s Cues Las Vegas, NV 702-361-2060 $500 Added, Amateurs NCS 8-B Qualifier Pool Sharks Las Vegas, NV 702 222-1011 $1,000 Added NCS 8-B Qualifier State 8-Ball Championship Hawaiian Brian’s Honolulu, HI 808 946-1343 info: Brian Hashimoto NCS 8-B Qualifier Hard Times Billiards Sacramento, CA 916 332-8793 $1,000 added NCS 8-B Qualifier Gold Fleece Billiards Kenmore,WA 425 908-7332 $1,250 added Upcoming Women’s Tournaments (Tournaments for Women ONLY – All Areas)


12/6 12/14

Carolina Ladies Tour All American Tour 8-B Tiger Tour

Fast Eddie’s Roses Country Club Sharky’s Billiards Greenfields Rader’s Sports Bar Casper’s Billiards Teacher’s Billiards

Crooked Cue Rudy’s Place Blue Fox Billiards

San Antonio, TX Houston, TX Sedalia, MO Lakewood, CO St Peters, San Leon, TX St Peters, MO

Waynesville, NC Aurora, IL Winchester, VA

210-367-4761 281-590-1954 660-826-5855 303-989-9820 MO 281 559-1400 636 441-0077

828-456-2802 630-898-7769 540-665-2114

$1,750; Open (Women Also) $1,000 Added, Open $500 Added, Amateurs $500 Added, Amateurs 866 681-6883Call Gene Radar $1,500 added Info call Rich Schneck

$500 Added, Women $500 Added, Women $500 Added (Open on Sat)


December/January 41 PQB

PQB 42 December/January

Professor-Q-Ball Dec/Jan 2009  

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