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On the Shoulders of Giants

College of Computing Hall of Fame

The more a successful organization evolves and matures, the more it builds on the vision and work of those that came before. As the College approaches its 30th anniversary in 2020, this is certainly the case. To honor and celebrate those faculty, alumni, and friends that significantly impact the shape, spirit, and direction of the College, the College of Computing Hall of Fame was established in November 2018.

“From academia to government to industry, the impact of the GT Computing Community is being felt far and wide. We felt the time was right to start recognizing the contributions of those that best reflect the College’s aspirational spirit,” said Development Director Brad Hastings.

The first four members – known as Class Zero – were inducted into the Hall of Fame during a small ceremony held on Nov. 9, 2018 honoring:

-Dorothy Murray Crosland Director of the Georgia Tech Library

-Peter A. Freeman Founding dean, Dean Emeritus

-John P. Imlay, Jr. Atlanta philanthropist, Georgia Tech alumnus

-Christopher W. Klaus College benefactor, advisory board member

In May 2019, the College honored its 2019 Hall of Fame inductees, adding six additional members. The induction ceremony and reception were held at a local events venue overlooking Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. The College of Computing 2019 Hall of Fame inductees are:

-James E. Allchin Computer scientist, philanthropist, blues-rock guitarist

-Krishna A. Bharat Research scientist and Google News creator

-James D. Foley Professor Emeritus, former holder of the Stephen Fleming Chair in Telecommunications

-Alton P. “Pete” Jensen Computer science professor

-Janet L. Kolodner School of Interactive Computing Regents’ Professor Emeritus, cognitive and learning scientist

-Tom E. Noonan Engineer, venture capitalist, and philanthropist

The November 2018 induction ceremony was a one-off, soft launch event. Going forward, the Hall of Fame induction will be held annually and scheduled to coincide with the College’s spring advisory board meeting.

To nominate someone for the 2020 College of Computing Hall of Fame, email Hastings at brad.hastings@cc.gatech.edu.