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Our own dough made from European style butter to create the flaky layers of flavor that will make you want more with every bite.


French style croissants with sultry layers of buttery flaky dough and filled with strawberry jam and cream cheese filling. These truly melt in your mouth.


Our homemade classic puff pastry filled with raspberries and sweet almond cream. Topped with pearl sugar.

Any way you slice it, our bread is different from any other.


Our homemade classic puff pastry filled with a sweet raspberry jam and shaped into a 5” pastry stick topped with crystal sugar.

apple turnover

A generous serving of crisp apple slices tossed in sugar, layered and baked in our flaky homemade puff pastry.


Our puff pastry is sprinkled with sugar, thinly sliced and baked until golden brown and caramelized. An excellent compliment to coffee or tea.

Additional Products Not Pictured Gorgonzola Walnut BREAD

Kalamata Olive Mozzarella Bread

Sundried Tomato BREAD

cream cheese frosting

This thick-crusted white bread is enhanced by an elegant combination of meaty oven-roasted walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese.

The intense flavors of perfectly preserved sun-dried tomatoes take center stage in this rustic whole wheat bread.

The tanginess of our speciality sourdough is only enhanced by the creaminess of fresh mozzarella and salty Kalamata olives.

Perfect on anything from cookies to cake, our sweet cream cheese frosting is made from scratch—just the way Grandma did.

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Grains of Montana Sales Brochure  

Grains of Montana Sales Brochure

Grains of Montana Sales Brochure  

Grains of Montana Sales Brochure