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December 2 0 1 6

Letter from the “A” Dear Brothers,

Tyler Strudgeon Chapter President (912) 433-1869

My name is Tyler Strudgeon and I am the current president of the Georgia Southern chapter. This semester we as a chapter have had two goals. The first was to increase our man power and set up a stable recruiting process that can be a stepping stone of which will be gradually improved. The second was to improve academics with hopes to become more competitive and set a higher standard for future classes to come. The recruitment process this semester was revised in multiple ways, first starting by recruiting guys with a different approach. We strayed from any generic/mindless conversation during formal recruitment. Secondly, we incorporated the usage of a takeaway card that helped ensure those interested that they needed to meet our specific qualifications to be potentially admitted into the chapter. These specifications included grades, outside

involvement, and financial stability; all being key qualities we as a chapter find of most importance to be upheld by the future gentlemen of which it shall be composed. Our next focus was academics. This year the exec. board (along with chapter approval) constructed a better outline and program to help improve grades and academic performance. The new academic probation plan will ensure that brothers in bad academic standing will improve their grades if followed as structured. This is formally upheld with help from an academic advisor of which those on probation meet with monthly. Besides the two goals, the chapter has transitioned from a struggling one to one that is more progressive in that it takes a more firm stance on key issues with hopes to maintain a strong and unique foundation built by the chapter which will ensure consistent growth for many years to come.

We at Delta Chi encourage group thought and ethic, therefore any and all input is strongly encouraged. Feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns. ITB, Tyler Strudgeon Chapter President




Letter from the “BB” Academically we have seen ups and downs this year but have managed to improve and are poised to come off probation this year. As we move forward, this is still an area that requires laser focus to insure future success of the chapter.

"The Fraternity man never graduates. He receives his diploma and leaves his Alma Mater for the larger affairs of the world, but as long as his chapter stands, he is as much a part and parcel of it as in his undergraduate days.”

-Peter Schermerhorn Johnson

Steven Haught "BB" (706) 656-6325 2016 has had tremendous success for us here at the Georgia Southern Chapter. We have taken that winning pride which comes with being an Eagle and have vcarried it into chapter operations. Through improved operational execution we have become more solid in every aspect as a chapter. With the devotion of our undergrads and alumni over the last year we have truly made an impact on this campus, community and our beloved chapter here in Statesboro, Ga. We saw the chapter double in size this year through improved recruitment efforts lead by Connor Laubenthal and his recruitment team. With his team they have recruited outstanding young men that we will be able to continue to grow with. This fall we initiated 15 new members through a slightly new program ran by Andrew Levine. We are still striving in this operational area to continue to produce leaders, scholars, athletes, and gentleman to lead this chapter in its next level of success. Chapter finances have seen an amazing turn around under the leadership of Conner Schmit, Chris Jacobs, and Robert Beall. Conner did an incredible job of setting the ship right in budgeting, forecasting and especially in collections. We will start the upcoming semester with the most money in years. He also oversaw a smooth transition into legacy financial which should allow for streamlined finances for years to come.

Over the last 18 months we have seen a plethora of young and old alumni come through the new house. This has been amazing to see the support and interest from so many decades of Delta Chi. The stories that have been shared and the new memories that have been made have been incredible. We hope to grow in alumni relations even more this spring and are planning the next large event. All of our accomplishments and efforts culminated in receiving the Presidents Cup this past summer in Louisville, KY in front of our largest delegation we have ever sent to convention! This has been a vision and goal of success for the exec and alumni boards for years and we were elated to be there to receive this honor. Housing has been a corner stone and catalyst for our success these last two years. Through the dedication and hard work of numerous people we have successfully turned the house with new tenants this past summer and saw several requested improvements made during this time as well. We continue to seek support in endeavors to improve the facilities and if you are interested in helping in any way please reach out to us. Through the sacrifice of our exec board last year having served an extra 6 months in order to change our officer transition structure, we have created a stronger way in which to teach and give on the job training for our new officers.

We are looking to use the success of this year to spring board off of. We are already seeing improved involvement and strides in chapter moral and brotherhood. I believe Delta Chi at Georgia Southern is primed to become one of the premier chapters on our campus! So with that GATA Delta Chi and let's continue the success in 2017! ITB, Steven Haught BB Georgia Southern



Chapter News

• Georgia Southern named 2016 President's Cup winners!The President's Cup is the most prestigious award that can be presented to a chapter of Delta Chi. Being the ones chosen from a population of 120+ chapters spanning across the nation, our local chapter is exuberant! • $275 have been raised so far from online donations this semester which will directly fund our charitable organization, The V Foundation. • Chi Night was a huge success for the chapter as both Delta Chi and Chi Omega teamed up and held a percentage night at Mellow Mushroom. We hired people to assist us with karaoke as a form of entertainment to help assist with the local turn out. Overall, between both organizations $429 was raised, of which $236 will be going towards The V Foundation and the rest to the sorority's primary charitable foundation.



Welcome Alpha Delta Class!

We as a chapter would like to formerly welcome our newly initiated class, Alpha Delta into the brotherhood of a lifetime. The new class consists of fifteen extraordinary men, of which contain vast amounts of scholarly wit, determination, compassion, and leadership qualities. These attributes are what help us as a chapter not only bond as a whole, but additionally promote growth and prosperity of the organization's core values. Brothers of the past have seen these great qualities in real-time play, leaving us with copious amounts of hope in regards to the bright future ahead. Again, congratulations Alpha Delta class on your achievements and may you continually shine and prosper.

A Special Thanks to‌ With every successful pledge class resides a great "AMC". This semester the chapter, along with the newly initiated class would like to extend thanks to Mr. Andrew Levine for his remarkable efforts.

Andrew Levine "AMC"

"Leading Alpha Delta class as their AMC was one of my most rewarding experiences throughout my college career. This is a great group of 15 gentlemen who will grow and become great brothers to this chapter and the Delta Chi fraternity as a whole. Being AMC is not an easy role, nor does it come with a lack of criticism. However with the right mindset, and the help of a solid committee, exec board, and ABT much as I had; it is one of the most important roles in the chapter. Myself and the rest of the chapter are very excited to see what Alpha Delta class will grow to be throughout their years of brotherhood and I am looking forward to seeing future AM classes build on this great foundation."



Alumnus Spotlight Larry Stevens 1980-1984

Mr. Larry Stevens was an active student here in the early 80s, now becoming more actively prominent in both the chapter and university's activities, it's clear that he's the perfect candidate of which to interview and gain oversight. Pondering into his past, Mr. Stevens started off his good ole "college days" discussion with a rather unique memory - the original mascot costume which was in fact pre- Gus. "Back in 1982 our chapter bought the original costume and presented it to the school," stated Larry. ""I was the first to wear it to the games as I was revealed in rather unique fashion, hatching out of an egg that the chapter built outside of our house at the time." A couple of years later the good times came to an alarming halt as Larry's progression in school came to a standstill as he was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, after several prayers the cancer soon dissipated. Once the good news had been received Larry soon became employed by his father in a temper glass business. This became Larry's permanent way of making a living until 2005 when both he and his brother purchased the business from their father. The duo have been running the company ever since.

In his personal life, Mr. Stevens got married to his wife Jenny, whom he enjoys spending his time with. In his free time away from work, golf is the go-to choice of entertainment as well as attending football games. Athletics seem to be an influential part of his life as they are his dominant influence in social aspects of life. Now that an official house has been built, Larry has become involved once again with the additional urge from ABT president, Peter Lane. Having an active alumni base is a foundational requirement to a successful chapter. Knowing this Peter has been doing his best to reach out with open arms to all Delta Chis whom have attended Georgia Southern. Thankfully, it was because of this notion that Mr. Larry Stevens has become an active alumnus. It's evident we have been presented with the return of not only a great brother, but a great man. Therefore, we extend the chapter's warmest thanks for the many contributions Larry and Jenny have made to our chapter and look forward to seeing them and all alumni during the Alumni weekend in Spring 2017!



Housing Update

Rusty Williams Housing Treasurer

Bryan Davis Housing President

Now that the fall semester is coming to an end, I can state with great confidence that the chapter house has been constantly up-kept and well maintained. "As housing chair I took the initiative to implement a cleaning system between the active brothers involving a rotation of teams which I've created. The teams are known as A, B, C, and consist of a mix of all brothers. There is about a day or two downtime between cleaning shifts as daily upkeep would be unnecessary given our current sanitary habits. This cleaning regiment was created to equally divide responsibility amongst all the brothers and has proven to be a very good strategy over this past semester." (Jordan Kaminer, Housing Chair)

A Special Thanks to‌ Sincere appreciation is given to those whom assisted with the construction of our new house last year (summer '15) as well as those whom donated to assist with the heavy costs involved. Due to the various amounts of donations given, along with the tedious man hours of planning and budgeting, we as a chapter now have an official place of our own. Not only does the property serve as an area for current members to reside, it's also a place for YOU, the parent/alumnus to visit and take pride in.



Chapter Leadership Fall 2016 Executive Board

ABT ABT President: Peter Lane

“A” Tyler Strudgeon

Chapter Operations: Mitch Fender

Mechanical Engineering Chesapeake Beach, Md.

Secretary: Thomas Miller

“B” Mitchell Castanet

Financial Advisor: Chr is J acobs

Biology Alumni Relations: Everett Boggs

Tucker, Ga. “C” Alex Nelsen Economics Lizella, Ga.

Risk Management , AMC Adv. (dual capacity): Jim Boring BB , Recruitment Adv. (dual capacity): Steven Haught Housing Corp. Treasurer: Rusty Williams

“D” Conner Schmit Construction Mgmt.

Housing Corp. President: Bryan Davis

Roswell, Ga.

Board Members at Large: • Jonathan Rookes

Robert Beall


• Robert Beall

Evan Dressler

Savannah, Ga.

• John Wagner

Greg Schroeder

• Charles Woods

Jeremy Nicholson

• Ryan Burwell

Ryan Foley

“E” Ryan Tatusko

“F” Dylan Mesta Engineering Cedartown, Ga. “AMC” Andrew Levine Finance/IS Roswell, Ga.

“R” Connor Laubenthal Finance/Economics Buckhead, Ga.

• Kevin "Lurch" Emery

Executive Board Elections Fall 2016 "A": Cole Chenowith

"E": Tyler Davis

"B": Connor Laubenthal

"F": Gage Orndorff

"C": Jesse Clark

"R": Holden Galatas

"D": Ben Peters

"AMC": Paul Smith

Newly elected officers will serve a semester (Spring) as officer-elects. During this time the individuals will undergo training until their official reign begins in fall 2017.



How to Stay Involved Other than your core group of pals, you may not have any touch with the fraternity or other Brothers, except during alumni gatherings one or two times a year. So how do you re-engage if that is something you want to do, or simply stay up-to-date with how the Chapter and your fellow alumni are doing?

Join our Facebook Group: Delta Chi Fraternity Alumni (Georgia Southern Chapter)

Reach out and introduce yourself to a local chapter in your area (Do you know Kimball?) 

Join a Delta Chi Alumni Group on LinkedIn: Delta Chi Fraternity D-Chi Alumni Group

Contact HQ (Emily Audlehelm) to connect you with the Regent in your area, to introduce you to local alumni.

Contact our own Alumni Relations Advisor, Everett Boggs or the “E” Ryan Tatusko.

Get involved with the ABT (Peter Lane) or our Housing Corporation (Bryan Davis)

As always, the door is open for you to stop by and meet the current Chapter members whenever you’re in Statesboro!

Click the links below to connect with us on social media.

1405 Chandler Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458

Ryan Tatusko ‘17 Alumni Relations (“E”) Phone: (912) 663 8937 Email:

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Delta X-Aminer - Winter 2016 Edition  

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