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Annual Report 2011-2012



Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation:

Proudly Continuing the Tradition of Giving In 1982, a small group of individuals formed the Southern Boosters to garner support for a fledgling football team at Georgia Southern University. Many years later, that group of faithful charter members has grown to thousands of supporters across the country, who proudly provide Georgia Southern athletes with scholarships from both an unrestricted and endowed basis. Now known as the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation, the organization also benefits the athletic program with the construction of athletic-related facilities, equipment purchases and other goods and services necessary for the operations of the athletic department. The Eagle Fund, the annual donation campaign of the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation, utilizes 92% of its received gifts directly for student aid. This monetary support keeps alive our vision of “Rings and Diplomas,� granting every student-athlete at Georgia Southern the opportunity to pursue his or her goal of a college education and a championship ring.

Annual Report 2011 – 2012 Contents From the Board Chair, Phil Moore


From the President, John Mulherin


Giving Categories


Program Growth and Goals


GSUAF Statement of Financial Position


GSUAF Statement of Activities


Eagles Named Scholarship Accounts


Soaring to Victory Capital Campaign


Eagle Fund Annual Campaign


GSUAF Board of Directors

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Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation Mission Statement The Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization which raises money for Georgia Southern University student-athlete scholarships and priority needs of the Athletic Department as approved by its board of directors.

From the Board Chair, Phil Moore


his has been a year to remember. As a board, we were presented with a challenge to help change the face of Georgia Southern Athletics for both current and future generations of studentathletes and fans. It was a mission that we accepted with open arms and then went to work. As is the case with most boards, you can’t have outstanding performance as an organization without a capable and committed staff to execute the good ideas that are generated. I’m happy to match our Athletic Foundation group against our peers, as we observed them being battle-tested time and again this year, with favorable results. We also witnessed changes in the Athletic Department’s administration. Sam Baker, a seventeen-year veteran with the University left his position as athletic director this year. Sam leaves behind a proud legacy of both winning championships and ensuring that our studentathletes receive their diplomas; an exceptional achievement of our vision of ‘Rings and Diplomas.’ His leaving ushered in a new athletic director, Tom Kleinlein,


whose skills and foresight will take us to the next level. Through this transition, we were faithfully guided by Dr. Ron Core, vice president for business and finance, as we responded to the vision of President Keel and looked to the future of Georgia Southern Athletics. The Soaring to Victory Capital Campaign was launched, and as a volunteer board we met regularly to discuss the vision of Rings and Diplomas for the Athletic Foundation, and our mission to achieve the financial goals set for Eagle Athletics now, and in the future. But we did not just sit in meetings—we took action. Working with Athletic Foundation staff, we set out to help contact eager and excited individuals who wanted to be part of the group of leadership donors who were committed to making the new Football Operations Center become a reality. We knew we had to first get the building paid for, so that became our priority. Phase II of our campaign is equally important. It requires us to reach out to the entire Eagle Nation and obtain additional support of current, and maybe more importantly, new donors. Never has the need to increase support to the athletics’

operational budget been greater. This increase in support will be the single most determining factor in our ability to positively position ourselves for the future. A couple years ago we launched our Delegate Program for those who wanted to help make a difference by volunteering to reach out to new and current donors. From one active volunteer for Georgia Southern Athletics to those of you who currently serve as our current Delegates, I can only say thank you and keep up the good work. We know the value of strong volunteer efforts and the positive impact it can make on an organization. You are making the difference in the lives of talented young people by helping them achieve our vision of ‘Rings and Diplomas.’ For those of you not yet heavily engaged in our Program, if you are interested in making an impact I hope you would consider becoming a Delegate volunteer. We could use your help to spread the word that exciting things are happening in Georgia Southern Athletics. And I can tell you first-hand that making such a contribution as a volunteer and donor is a tremendously rewarding experience. Come Join Us!

From the President, John Mulherin


his past year, we put out a call to our leadership donors to help us make history at Georgia Southern. We were embarking on the $36.6 million Soaring to Victory Capital Campaign with an immediate goal of building the new $10 million Football Operations Center—the largest privately-funded project in the history of Georgia Southern University. We invited our friends to join us in making this exceptional event come to pass for our Eagles, and we are pleased to announce that construction will begin on the new building in the late spring 2013. We gratefully thank the donors who have made this exciting event happen. Yet, the new Football Operations Center is not the only facilities update that we have to share with you; there is more exciting news to tell. The expansion of Paulson Stadium is in the design phase with construction anticipated in the late spring 2013. This is great news for our fans. Add to that, a new softball batting cage is currently under construction with completion expected by the spring season. Other projects have been initiated this year and completed—the Soccer Track Stadium has

new lighting and the Hanner Field House lower seating has been replaced. These needed upgrades can only make the student-athlete and fan experience better for years to come. All told, over $22 million has already been invested in athletic facilities, or will be, over an 18 month span. As we move farther along with our capital campaign and projects, we will continue to bring you updates. And we will all look on with eager excitement as the new Football Operations Center and additional seating begin to change the shape of Paulson Stadium. We will be witnessing a transformational moment in our history that will speak to student-athletes and fans for many, many years to come. The historical investments made to our facility infrastructure are the first steps to help Georgia Southern position itself for future success. We now turn our attention to our Athletic Department’s infrastructural needs, and what is required to ensure the support necessary for success in that area. The future holds the real potential of adding forty-four additional student-athlete scholarships that

will cause strains on the staffing component of our program and therefore must be addressed. We will embark on the “Champion the Champions – Double the Donor Base” campaign in January 2013. The goal is to raise an additional $1.5 million to support the Athletic Department’s operational budget. These additional funds will cover travel, recruiting and staffing needs. Our primary focus is to recruit, retain and train student-athletes. Tell a friend to get involved today as a donor to our Eagle Fund and help us accomplish this important goal. This past year has given us a great deal—the immense pride we have in the accomplishments of our student-athletes, and the wealth of gratitude we have for our donors who are helping to make a difference for so many deserving and talented young people. Our future is bright. We thank you!


Giving Categories Unrestricted Gifts

Contributions to the Eagle Fund are deposited into an unrestricted fund and used to help fulfill the scholarship needs of our student-athletes and the operational requirements of Georgia Southern’s athletic department. Donor benefits are based on unrestricted gifts to the annual campaign. Restricted Gifts

Restricted gifts given for a specific purpose may be permanently restricted for endowment gifts or temporarily restricted for specific projects. Named Scholarships (Endowments)

Endowing a scholarship is a way for donors to leave their legacy at Georgia Southern University. Unlike an annual gift, the corpus of the endowment gift remains in perpetuity. The interest income is used to benefit current and future student-athletes. Planned Gifts

Donors who include the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation in their estate plans become members of our Band of Eagles. Planned gifts may include bequests or beneficiary designations of insurance, for example. Other methods of planned giving may be discussed with your estate advisor. “The physical part of foot-


ball is something you have

In addition to annual cash gifts, various goods and services are needed to build the strength of our athletic department. Catering services, printing supplies, and courtesy cars are simply a few items among the department’s day-to-day needs.

to love. We practice and lift weights so we can go on the field on Saturday and win it. I have been given great tools to succeed after college.”

Capital Projects

Tyler Sumner

Gifts to specific capital projects are made for new construction or renovations of existing facilities necessary to the operations of the Georgia Southern Athletic Department.

Business Management

Proud to be an Eagle!



Record: Season – 12-3; SoCon – 8-1 GPA: Fall – 2.58; Spring – 2.71; Academic Year – 2.64 Results: • SoCon Champions • FCS Tournament Semifinal appearance for 2nd straight season • Jeff Monken – SoCon Coach of the Year, AFCA Region 2 Coach of the Year • DT Brent Russell – SoCon Defensive Player of the Year • FB Dominique Swope – SoCon Freshman of the Year • Brett Moore – AFCA FCS All-America Team, Brent Russell – Sports Network AllAmerican Second Team, Laron Scott – Sports Network All-American Second Team as a return specialist, Adrian Mora – Sports Network All-American Third Team kicker • Laron Scott – Special Teams player of the year by College Sporting News


Program Goals:

Champion the Champions Campaign –­ Double the Donor Base by 2015 2002



Unrestricted Contributions

$ 1,447,189

$ 1,828,260

$ 2,525,591



Athletic Dept. Support



$ 1,421,033

$ 1,784,014




Scholarship Support









Athletic Foundation Cash



$ 1,055,124

$ 1,571,911




Scholarship Costs

$ 1,255,000

$ 1,451,872

$ 3,876,819









Average Football Attendance



It is the ultimate goal of the Georgia Southern Athletic Foundation to support the athletic department’s budget to provide the students, coaches and administration the resources necessary, and offer a prime opportunity for every student-athlete to win a championship ring and earn his or her degree. As part of the Soaring to Victory Capital Campaign, Phase II calls for us to support the administrative and operational increases indentified for the campaign. The Champion the Champions Campaign is a two-year effort to double our annual giving. The priorities for the Champion the Champions Campaign include:

Phase II: Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience: $1,150,000 Double GSUAF Annual Campaign / Donor Base ($1,000,000)

• Fully fund Student-Athlete scholarships through private funding ($350,000) • Implement a Student-Athlete Laptop Program ($250,000) • Fully staff and fund the Athletics Academic Support Center ($250,000) • Creation of a Career / Life Skills Program with appropriate staff and budget ($150,000) • Hire additional recruiting staff members in many sports ($150,000) Increase/Maximize Auxiliary Income ($150,000)

• Increase recruiting budgets for all sports by 50% ($100,000) • Provide opportunities for signature competitiveness and travel expenses ($50,000)


% Increase 75%


GSUAF Statement of Activities Year Ended June 30, 2012


Temporarily Restricted


$ 2,440,463


Support and Revenues


Contributed services and materials




Lease income from stadium booths




Stadium Club memberships




Interest income


Net assets released from donor restrictions

Total support and revenues














Expenses Program services:

Georgia Southern University Athletic

Department support

$ 932,691







Capital improvements












Stadium Club

Total program services







$ 403,558


$ 403,558







$ 568,108


$ 568,108




Support services:

General and administrative:

Salaries and employee benefits


Other administrative costs

Total general and administrative

Membership development

Fund raising

$ 149,758


$ 149,758

Total support services

$ 747,138


$ 747,138

Total expenses




Change in Net Assets



Net Assets, July 1, 2011




Net Assets, June 30, 2012






GSUAF Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2012 Assets Cash

$ 1,031,388

Certificate of Deposit


Contributions receivable, less allowance for uncollectibles of $100,000


Accrued interest receivable


Other receivables


Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation of $329,819


Total Assets


And Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable



Payable to Georgia Southern University


Accrued interest payable


Deferred stadium booth revenue


Notes payable Total Liabilities


$ 726,642

Net Assets Unrestricted

$ 1,550,501

Temporarily restricted


Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL “Experiencing a win with my team

2011-2012 YEAR IN REVIEW:

magnifies it even more.

Record: Season – 18-14; SoCon – 10-6 GPA: Fall – 3.36; Spring – 3.48;

People here are genuine. I am not

Academic Year – 3.42

just a number — I am a person and an



Lauren LaRocque Biology/Pre-Med

Proud to be an Eagle!

• 12-5 Home Record • Kate Van Dyke – SoCon All-Conference First Team • Bethany Sanford – SoCon All-Conference Second-Team • 4 Players named Fall 2011 Academic AllConference • Moriah Bellissimo – 2012 GSU Scholar-Athlete of the Year


Eagles’ Named Scholarship Accounts Endowed Scholarships $50,000+

Football Golf Sherry Bridges – Quarterback

Phil Morris

T.A. Cowart – Offensive Line

Holmes Ramsey

Mozelle Cowart – Offensive Line

Schenkel Golf Committee

Coonie Riggs – Offensive Line

Carr Family

Glenn Bryant – Offensive Line

Doonbeg Community (Ireland)

Joe Whitaker – Running Back

Bo Hook

Wally McCullough

Basketball Other NBA Players Association

Robert Baker - General Athletics

(Michael Curry)

Mathews Family - General Athletics

Randy Stelk - General Athletics

Scholarship Funds $25,000 - $49,999 Peck Carlton Aliese Priddy Steve & Cindy Lynch – Football (Cornerback) John & Barbara Lindsey Louise Q. Watson

Screaming Eagle Scholarships $10,000 - $24,999 Rob Daniel Dale Lick Jim Miller Erk Russell Gene Crawford Various (10) Beauchamp Memorial - General Athletics Charlie Robbins, Jr. & Chaz Robbins Memorial – Golf Crook Smith Memorial – General Athletics Henry Witt, Jr. – Cheerleading Jerome Stephens - Baseball * Italicized names reflect those accounts held in the GSU Foundation.



Record: Season – 42-20; SoCon – 22-2 GPA: Fall – 3.34; Spring – 3.46; Academic Year – 3.40 Results:

“As a pitcher I love the pressure and I want to be the one to get us out of those jams.

• Regular Season SoCon champs • SoCon Tournament champs

I love my small classes as I proceed

• NCAA Regionals in Athens, Ga.

further into my major.”

• Marie Fogle named to the All-South Region Team by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association. • Sarah Purvis named SoCon Pitcher of the Year and All-South Region Second Team • Sarah Purvis broke all-time strikeout record, and set a school record at 253 • 22 conference wins – GSU record

Sarah Purvis Health and Physical Education

Proud to be an Eagle!

• Annie Smith – SoCon Coach of the Year


Soaring to Victory Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

Total Campaign Goal: $36,625,000 Our Mission: Today’s Investments Realize Tomorrow’s Victories The Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation is the official fund-raising arm of GSU Athletics and is thus charged with helping to implement our vision through financial support. The Athletic Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization which raises money for Georgia Southern University student-athlete scholarships and priority needs of the athletics department as approved by its board of directors.

Our Student-Athlete Vision: Rings and Diplomas Every student-athlete who walks onto our campus will be provided the best possible opportunity to win a championship ring and his or her degree. The student-athletes, coaches, and administration will be provided the resources necessary for success in both. This vision is the guiding principle for the Georgia Southern Athletics Department’s strategic plan.



Goal: To win a conference or national championship in

Goal: To graduate 100% of our student-

all sports at the highest possible level of competition.

athletes with transferrable career and life skills.

STRATEGIES: Strategies:

STRATEGIES: Strategies:

I. Hire and retain highest-caliber coaches and staff possible

I. Fully fund Student-Athlete scholarships through

• Ensure competitive salaries at or above the conference mid-point

private funding

• Create a “Margin of Excellence Endowment Fund” to provide performance-based incentives

• Double GSUAF Annual Campaign / Donor Base

and mechanism for salary supplements to ensure coaching continuity

- Increase / maximize auxiliary income - Double GSUAF scholarship endowment

II. Recruit Nationally-Competitive Student-Athletes • Increase recruiting budgets for all sports by 50% • Provide opportunities for signature competitive and travel experiences for players and coaches • Increase availability of technology for coaches • Hire additional recruiting staff members in many sports III. Provide best-of-class athletic facilities for exceptional competitive and recruiting results

II. Fully staff and fund the Athletics Academic Support Center III. Implement a Student-Athlete Laptop Program IV. Creation of a Career / Life Skills Program with appropriate staff and budget

• Complete Athletics Facilities Master Plan • Develop Football Operations Center at Paulson Stadium • Expansion of Paulson Stadium seating capacity • Create Athletics Department administrative office • Hanner Field House renovation • Soccer / Track Stadium relocation and lighting • Development of new football practice complex

The vision of the Georgia Southern

• Cowart Building / Ticket Office expansion

University Athletics: Department phrased sim-

• Create indoor multi-purpose practice center • Construct Softball batting cage complex IV. Upgrade Technology Infrastructure to enhance the fan experience • Purchase new scoreboards and PA systems for football, baseball and basketball • Implement E-ticketing and scanning program • Upgrade athletics’ web site and provide on-demand programming

ply, but aptly, is Rings and Diplomas. We strive to provide the opportunity for a championship ring and a college diploma for each one of our promising and talented student-athletes.

• Create athletics’ film studio and expand broadcast production ability



Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Soaring to Victory Capital Campaign Update Funding Priorities The Soaring to Victory Capital Campaign is divided into five phases to best achieve the goal of raising $36,625,000 over an eight-year period. The first phase was initiated in the fall of 2011, with the major focus on building the Football Operations Center. In addition to the ongoing fundraising efforts for Phase I, work has begun on Phase III as the needs presented themselves. Phase II of the campaign is scheduled to begin January, 2013. As of December 1, 2012, over $11.1 million has been raised towards the campaign goal. In addition, approximately $11.5 million of campaign initiatives have been funded through other means. These efforts total $22.6 million that have been invested in the Georgia Southern Athletics Program since the fall of 2011.

Phase I: Stabilizing the Program: $15,500,000

“I succeed through all of my hard work. It takes a lot physically to try to hit the next ball and I like that.

• Increase Annual Campaign Contributions to ensure competitive salaries at or above the conference mid-point ($500,000)*

• Position GSU Football as our marquee program by developing a Football Operations Center at Paulson Stadium and recruit the country’s best student- athletes ($10,000,000)

• Create a “Margin of Excellence Endowment Fund” to provide performancebased incentives and mechanism for salary supplements to ensure coaching continuity ($5,000,000) *Denotes $1.55 million in annual recurring expenses

Phase ll: Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience: $1,150,000

• Double GSUAF Annual Campaign / Donor Base ($1,000,000) - Fully fund Student-Athlete scholarships through private funding ($350,000) - Implement a Student-Athlete Laptop Program ($250,000) - Fully staff and fund the Athletics Academic Support Center ($250,000)

We get a lot of personal attention here and my teachers are especially willing to help.”

Andrew Dromsky Biology/Pre-Med

Proud to be an Eagle!

- Creation of a Career / Life Skills Program with appropriate staff and budget ($150,000) - Hire additional recruiting staff members in many sports ($150,000)

• Increase/Maximize Auxiliary Income ($150,000) - Increase recruiting budgets for all sports by 50% ($100,000) - Provide opportunities for signature competitiveness and travel expenses ($50,000)

Phase III: Upgrading Athletic Facilities: $7,500,000 • Expansion of Paulson Stadium seating capacity ($2,500,000) • Soccer / Track Stadium Relocation and Lighting ($2,500,000) • Development of New Football Practice Complex ($1,000,000) • Create Athletics Department Administrative Office ($500,000) • Cowart Building / Ticket Office Expansion ($500,000) • Construct Softball Batting Cage Complex ($250,000) • Create Indoor Multi-Purpose Practice Center ($250,000)

Facilities Update: Football Operations Center: Design Phase Ongoing (Construction anticipated Spring 2013) Paulson Stadium Expansion: Design Phase Ongoing (Construction anticipated Spring 2013) Soccer/Track Stadium Lighting: Complete Hanner Field House Lower Seating Replacement: Complete Softball Batting Cage: Under Construction


Record: Season – 3-20; SoCon – 1-9 GPA: Fall – 2.85; Spring – 3.39; Academic Year – 3.14 Results: • Made the SoCon Tournament Quarterfinals for the first time since 2009 and their first tournament victory since 2008. • Alain Garrido was named GSU’s Male Student Athlete of the Year • Marco Osorio will represent Honduras in the group stage of the 2012 Davis Cup • Scored a 1000 APR score for the 2010-2011 period


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

Soaring To Victory Capital Campaign Platinum Eagle

Bronze Eagle

$1 Million to $2.49 Million Ted & Joni Smith

$25,000 to $99,999 Allgood Pest Solutions Frank D. Debartola D. Morgan Derst Walt & DeNorah Huggins Thomas E. & Diane L. Kingery Thomas J. LaRocco Steve & Cindy Lynch Mel & Sunshine McBride Phil & Cindy Moore Jim Pound, Jr. Heath & Dr. Lisa Robinson Derek & Kim Sills Dan Speight The Sack Company, Inc. Jonathan and Cheryl Watson Woodall Roofing Co., Inc.

Golden Eagle $500,000 to $999,999 Rusty Parrish David & Shawn Steverson Rob Taylor

Silver Eagle $100,000 to $499,999 Catherine C. Warren Remainder Trust Evans General Contractors Kevin “Catfish” Jackson Lynn & E. G. Meybohm Parr Family Michael & Danna Sanders Sea Island Bank

Cherokee Brick & Tile Co. Dublin Sir Shop Jan Grimes Allen & Theresa Hackle Bill & Nancy Herring Frank & Mitzi Hook Timothy A. Hunt Johnson & Clay Financial Service Joiner-Anderson Funeral Home Sean M. Knox John E. Lavender Michael & Alicia J. Long Donald C. Neal NeSmith Chevrolet Buick GMC Southeastern Hospitality Services, Inc. Wendell & Polly Tompkins J. Norman Wells Adam Wickley

Sustaining Eagle $10,000 to $24,999 Rick & Julie Bean William & Sheron Bolen Bill & Linda Carmichael


Record: Season – 33-27; SoCon – 15-15 GPA: Fall – 2.92; Spring – 2.74; Academic Year – 2.83 Results: • 3 Academic All-Conference Team members • 4 Eagles drafted this year in the first 15 rounds • Victor Roache drafted in 1st round by Brewers,

“It has been my dream since I was a little kid to make the major leagues one day.

Chris Beck drafted in 2nd round by White Sox, Eric Phillips drafted in 6th round by Toronto Blue

My scholarship has opened

Jays, Jarret Leverett drafted in 15 round by

doors for me. I see myself as

Minnesota Twins.

part of baseball for the rest


• Runner Up in SoCon Tournament • Chase Griffin named SoCon Freshman of the Year, Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American, National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Freshman All – American. • Eric Phillips – All-time career hits leader at GSU with 339


of my life.”

Al ‘Scooter’ Williams General Studies

Proud to be an Eagle!

Supporting Eagle $9,999 and below Ralph Andrews June Aseron Ben Balkcom J. Michael & Rebecca Carpenter Alvin & Louise Carter Kelley & Heath Chester Duane & Laney Claxton Matt Coker Brent & Debbie Dekle Joe & Karen Dixon Richard Dixon Arthur & Jeanette Duncan Lee D. Dupree

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Butch & Lois Elmgren Eric Griffin Fountain Linton & Lynell Gay F. Scott Guy Brian & Sandra Hart J. Bird & Betty Hodges Dr. G. B. Holsonback Spencer & Sheila Garvin Hoynes Bryan & Alison S. Hugli Gary & Mary Johnson Jim & Cathy Joyce Laurens County Eagle Club Gary & Kim Mikell Glenn & Sandy Miller Richard A. NeSmith Thomas Norton Jon & Teresa Rawlinson Stacy and Shannon Sikes State Bank & Trust Bob & Thalia Stoddard Robert Stribling Floy & Bobbie Thackston Brad R. Trower Rob Wagner Samuel M. & Susan S. Young

Contributing Eagle $2,499 and below Brett Adams Brian Adams Dick & Marinell Armstrong Paul W. Barkley, Sr. Barry & Jeanie Beach David Beaubien Romal Rodregus Bostic Marty C. Bragg Al Braswell, III Paul & Diana Brown Wally Bryson Thomas Callaway Ronny Cannon Jason & Heather Cassels Joshua Cavender John M. Chapman Brendan Claroni Brooks & Amy Collier Colonial House of Flowers Christopher Cooper David Corsetti Kerry H. Cotter Todd M. Cross Brian Dart Clayton Davis Michael S. Dean Frank Denmark Lawrence Ellgass Brian & Beth Embry Ellice Fancher Brian Farrell Christopher Ferris Robert E. Forrest, Jr. Doyle Fowler Stephen Gambrell Michael Gearhart

Tom Gearhart Christopher Goodroe Greater Augusta Eagle Club Geoffrey Hardy Dr. Mary F. Hazeldine James Henderson Mike & Lori Heyden Travis Heyden John O. Howard Nathan Huff Chris & Kelly Jacobs Kevin & Amy Jenny Matthew Taylor Jones Garrett Kee Dr. Sophia Kent Michael, Adrian, Ashley, Alana Kittrell Jeanette Lafond Emory Jason Lamb Dennis Lane Timothy Michael Lavoie Adam & Kristin Lee Kris Livingston Keith Lofton Curtis Lokey James M. Lott Terrence Mabry Dan Marlow Tim McElrath E J & Cynthia Meadows Calvin T. Meeks, Jr. Scott Mercer Jon Ryan Mertes Shannon Middleton Mark Mobley Josh Morris

Corbin & Misty Mullis Ray Patterson Murphey Lyle & Katherine Myers Byron Nelson Ronnie & Kim Owens Ramjee & Sanjeeva Pathak Greg & Lisa Ponder Herb Prizer Mr. Stacey Roach Richard & Ruth Ann Rogers Jason G. Ross Matthew Runion Ron & Pam Rushing Loran Smith Russell Smith Alan Steinmetz Carlton Stewart Todd Anthony Thomas Henry & Dale Tinley Mike & Susan Townsend Tom N. Troutman Brooks Turner Nicholas Ross Utley Ken VanLandingham Tom & Lanell VanLandingham Mark & Rebecca Watson John Cliff & Laura Williams Linell Wisner John Wrenn

“I have a competitive personality, so I thrive with a busy schedule and I am good under pressure. Being a student-athlete is a growing experience in my sport and in the classroom. I feel prepared for my next step.”

Courtney Collins Pre-Med

Proud to be an Eagle!


Record: Season – 7-11-2; SoCon – 4-6-1 GPA: Fall – 2.95; Spring – 3.35; Academic Year – 3.12 Results: • 8 Players made Academic All-Conference • Katie Merson – Selected to the SoCon All-Tournament Team • Sara Olan – Selected to the SoCon All-Tournament Team • Made it to the Semi Finals in the SoCon Tournament


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

Eagle Fund The Eagle Fund is the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation’s annual drive for donations to support the yearly scholarship commitment in addition to benefiting the priority needs of the athletic department. Gifts provide an avenue for our 400 student-athletes to receive an education, and further their pursuit of our vision, “Rings and Diplomas”.

Platinum Eagle $12,000+

Baymont Inn & Suites Car City Coca-Cola United Daniels Chevrolet Harvey & Michelle Elerson Estate of Eugene M. Bishop Franklin Chevrolet-CadillacOlds Georgia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Bill & Nancy Herring Randy Roderick & Associates Ted & Joni Smith Southern Motors Honda & Springfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep Springhill Suites Anthony Tippins Dan & Wanda Parrish

Gold Eagle $6,000 - $11,999


180 Fitness L.L.C. Larry & Karen Lovett Anderson Chatham Parkway Lexus Coastal Chevrolet Don & Jean Coleman Julian & Frances Deal Evans General Contractors Paul & Elizabeth Gillespie Glenn Davis & Associates, Inc. Grainger Honda Lamar Hennon Russell Herrington, M.D. John T. Hodges, M.D. Jarrard Pre-Owned Vehicles Lewis Color Lithographers Austin Major Lynn & E. G. Meybohm Phil & Cindy Moore Bernard J. Mulherin NeSmith Chevrolet Buick GMC Northland Communications Planters Rural Telephone Professional Eye Care of Statesboro Quality Exterminators Holmes & Gaile Ramsey, Jr. Roberts Truck Center, Inc. Luther W. Royal, Jr. Rozier Ford-Lincoln-Mercury Michael & Danna Sanders Sea Island Bank Trey Sheppard Larry & Kay Smith Southeastern Hospitality Services, Inc. Southern Eagle Distributors State Bank & Trust

Statesboro Floor Covering Rob & Sherrie Stockton Thigpen, Lanier, Westerfield & Deal, C.P.A.’s Vaden Nissan of Statesboro Whitaker Laboratory, Inc. Wendel & Patricia Wilson Justin Wright Y-Delta, Inc.

Silver Eagle $3,000 - $5,999

Allstar Carpet Cleaning David & Fayebeth Ball Randy & Karen Branch Bulloch Rural Telephone Cooperative Robert M. Bush Alvin & Louise Carter Harry S. & Brenda Carter Duane & Laney Claxton Bert Clements Dean’s Golf Carts Frank D. Debartola Franklin Dismuke Don Corleone’s Diner & Pizza Farmers & Merchants Bank of Statesboro GMD Services, Inc. d/b/a Subway Heritage Bank of the South Walt & DeNorah Huggins Lavender & Associates Locos Grill & Pub Mal-Ad Promotions Mel & Sunshine McBride Mrs. James R. Miller Marshal D. Mize Lyle & Katherine Myers Neighbor’s Exxon C-Stores Jim Pound, Jr. Dr. Hudson J. Powell Dr. Keever Prickett, III Russell & Liesa Priddy R J’s Steakery, Inc. Stephen & Tina Ralston Lance & Shelly Shelfer Derek & Kim Sills Michael & Debra Skinner Lewis & Charlene Stewart The Sack Company, Inc. Jarrett H. Walden, D.M.D. Gene & Dale Ward Zaxby’s of Statesboro

Bronze Eagle $1,200 - $2,999

Anonymous Nancy Addison Ag South III, Inc. Rufus L. Akins

Andrews Klean Korner Ralph Andrews Bruce L. & Rebecca K. Avant Judd & Sylvia Bailey Sam Q. & Ann B. Baker Buzzy & Lauren Banks William E. Baran Paul W. Barkley, Sr Bill & Pedi Bates Lynn Batten BB&T Rick & Julie Bean Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art William & Sheron Bolen Ralph M. & Alane Bowles Dr. Brad Brady Jeanne Brannen Fred W. Brogdon David L. & Crista Brown Hoke Brunson Wally Bryson Bulloch Fertilizer Co., Inc. Dayle & Jon Burns Steve Burrell Thomas Callaway Bill & Linda Carmichael J. Michael & Rebecca Carpenter Jeff & Dana Carpenter Stewart & Rose Carter David E. Casey Wayne & Caroline Chapman Chatham Steel Corporation Kelley & Heath Chester Citizens Bank of Bulloch County Claude Howard Lumber Co. Inc. Jim & Lora Clifton Matt Coker Doug Collins Ron Core Alan Cowart Jane Cox Gene & Kathryn Crawford Andy Crowder Justin Harvey & Chris Dalzell Barry Deal DeLoach, Odell & Associates Denmark & Brown, P.C. D. Morgan Derst Joe & Karen Dixon Dublin Sir Shop James E. Durrence & Family Eagle Football Alumni Association Judge & Mrs. Avant Edenfield Butch & Lois Elmgren J. Shelton Evans Ellice Fancher

Flint Industries Terry & Joanne Foss Mr. Eric Griffin Fountain Franklin Taulbee Rushing Snipes & Marsh Joe & Debi Franklin Linton & Lynell Gay Dan Gerlaugh Bill Golden Carl Gooding Lee Gowen John & Pat Greenway Billy Gunter Heating & Air F. Scott Guy Ms. Shannon Michele Halstead Greg Harper Dave & Kathy Harrell Kasey & Elizabeth Anne Harrison Charles & Ava Hartzog Dr. Mary F. Hazeldine Mike & Lori Heyden Robert & Glenda Hobbs Inman & Mary Sue Hodges James Eli Hodges James W. Holland, Jr., D.M.D.P.C. Frank & Mitzi Hook Don Howard John O. Howard Spencer & Sheila Garvin Hoynes Alison S. Hugli Chris Jarriel David & Tracy Jaynes Johnson & Clay Financial Service Clarke W. Johnson Gary & Mary Johnson Chris & Diane Jones Dr. & Mrs. William Jopling Jim & Cathy Joyce Scott & Elizabeth Joyner Dr. Brooks A. Keel Kennedy’s Heating/Air Kiawah Development Partners, Inc. Thomas E. & Diane L. Kingery Lee Hill & Johnston Insurors Herman Lewis Cary & Ellen Long Mike Lothridge James M. Lott Bob Lovein Ellis & Sheila Lovett Loxcreen Co., Inc. Steve & Cindy Lynch Manack Signature Properties Dr. John S. Martin Charlie B. & Susan Mathews John M. McCarty

Annual Report 2011 - 2012


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

Steve & Brenda McClelland Laymon & Joy McCown McDonald’s Restaurant of Statesboro Tim McElrath Bill & Carol McGahee Shannon Middleton Glenn & Sandy Miller Charles & Carolyn Millican, Jr. Stephen Milner Kathy Mitchell Morning Star Mini-Storage MSO. Water Systems John & Debbie Mulherin Ed & Jeannie Nelson Ricky & Kay Nessmith Thomas Norton Ogeechee Steel, Inc. Andrew & Dawn Oliver William E. Oliver O’Quinn Investments, L.L.C. Tom & Connie Palfy Barbara Peacock Joe Peavy Jayne Perkins-Brown Ken & Susan Pierce Richard G. Poppell Pride Pools, Spas & Leisure John Puccio James Radcliffe John & Lindsey Randolph Glenda Reddick Robin & Alison Rich Matt & Afton Rio Perk & Mary Lou Robins Heath & Dr. Lisa Robinson Jerome & Becky T. Rogers Richard & Ruth Ann Rogers Gideon & Mary Anne Williams Rosenberg Tommy & Linda Rushing Ryan’s Steakhouse Scott Sanders Sapp Outdoor Advertising Co. Mike & Lisa Sapp Ross S. Schell Larry & Alethia Shelton Kenny Sheppard Dr. & Mrs. Ron & Barbara Shiffler


GPA: Fall –3.03; Spring – 3.01; Academic Year – 3.02 Results • 3 Eagles recorded the top 3 fastest times in Georgia Southern History for the 5K at the Southern Conference Championship • Junior Sara Curry owns 3 of GSU’s top 10 best times for the 5K race. • 6 Eagles set personal records at the Royal Cross Country Challenge Meet in Charlotte, NC


Gary Simmons Bob & Anne Smart Statesboro Herald Publishing Victor Steptoe Bob & Thalia Stoddard Stubbs Oil Company, Inc. Floy & Bobbie Thackston The New York City Pizzera Bob & Susan Thigpen Teresa Elaine Thompson Dr. Paul J. Tilson Henry & Dale Tinley Lee & Paula Tompkins Wendell & Polly Tompkins Tri W. Corporation Brad R. Trower Twisted Taco - Buckhead Spencer & Donna Tydings Wall Orthodontics, L.L.C. Wal-Mart Loy A. Waters, Jr. Helen Morris Watson Jonathan and Cheryl Watson Mark & Rebecca Watson J. Norman Wells Wendy’s of Statesboro Michael & Tiffany West David & Lisa Whitlaw Greg & Stephanie Williford Glenn Womack Bruce & Carol Yawn Jeff Yawn Samuel M. & Susan S. Young

Bald Eagle $600 - $1,199

Don G. & Krista Aaron Dr. & Mrs. John C. Adams, Jr. Richie & Debbie Akins Tracy & Kathy Akins Mr. Tristam Aldridge Joseph & Jennifer Alford Bobby Lee Allen Mark & Jenny Lynn Anderson Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill Dick & Marinell Armstrong Lee & Rebekah Arnold George and Nancy Arrington Atlantic Hospitality Ventures, L.L.C. Jeffrey & Peggy Audette AVI, Inc. Chad & Clint Avret Martha Brantley Bacon Steven C. Bacon Bill & Sandy Bainbridge Art & Paige Banks Bobby Banks Chris Banks Gary & Julie Barnes Janice Barta Keith R. Beasley David & Jill Beaubien Anna & Jeff Beecher Leonard Bevill Blount, Burke, Wimberly & Hendricks Jeff and Fay Blythe Mrs. Billie P. Bohler Mark Leonard Boles Gloria D. Bolling Brandon & Hayley Bond Wes & Sheila Bonner

Brian & Catherine Boozer Jane B. Borowsky Melanie Bowen Billy & Donna Bradley Marty C. Bragg Brannen Tobacco Warehouse Lang & Tammy Brannen Bray & Young, D.M.D. Donald & Kathy Bridges Danny Brinson Brodie International Alex Brown Danny & Paula Brown Jerry & Rita Brown Michael A. & Karen Brown Mike & Shirley Brown Marilyn & Marc Bruce Stephen & Marla Bruner Art Buff Beth & Bryan Burke Amanda Burkhalter Bill Butler, Jr. Byrd & Company Hadley & Beverly C. Campbell Thomas L. Case Walt & Beth Cason Coley Cassedy Kent L. Chapman Margie J. Chappell Chick-fil-A Jonathan & Jordana Childree Rene Childree Chops on Main Tommy & Jennifer Ciarletta Lee Clark Tommy & Frances Clark Jason & Erin Clary Classic Promotions Cliatt Construction Christopher T. Cliett Coastal Meats Patrick & Shirley Cobb Alvie & Jemelleh Coes Clay Coleman George & Susan Collins Dr. & Mrs. Don Ray Connell Cope Eye Clinic CORE Credit Union Huston & Ramona Costlow Country Store Flooring County Line Package Shop Crider Poultry, Inc. Robert & Marie Cushner Dabbs & Williams General Contractors Bruce & Karen Davis Jesse & Michelle Davis Jim & Janice Davis Lee Davis Nancy Davis Edith W. Deal Hugh & Kay Deal Richard & Lori Deal Walter R. & Kimberly Deal Michael S. Dean Brandon DeFeo Brent & Debbie Dekle Rocky & Linda Dekle Bob & Marcia Dixon Jimmy & Melinda Doolittle John Doster Patrick & Maggie Douglas Cecil & Barbara Drury, Jr.

Arthur & Jeanette Duncan Jay Duncan Justin Dunn Cameron Durden Ray & Iris Durden Tim & Lori Durden John Thomas Easterly Shaun & Addie Edwards Robert Ellis Jay & Tammy Elmore Brian & Beth Embry David & Dianne Fennell Al & Sybil Fickle Joe Fields Paul Floeckher Cecil & Penny Flowe Julie & Ryan Foley Gordon Franklin, III Jason R. Franklin Frazier’s Flowers & Gifts Jerry & Sophie Freyermuth Robert & Sandra Frye Bobby & Genie Fulcher David & Tamara Galasso Vince & Carol Galasso Bo Galvin Ben & Agnes Garvin GATA’s Sports Bar & Grill Wayne & Syble Gay Georgia Power Company of Statesboro Dawn Geren Molly & Arthur Gignilliat, Jr. Jimmy Gilbert Walter & Carolyn Gnann John Godbee Alan & Amy Greene Matthew A. Griffin Randy Griffin Billy & Eileen Griffis Jan Grimes Alex & Angela Grovenstein Allen & Theresa Hackle Dan & Miriam Hagan Mitch & Susan Hambrick Brian Hammett Bill Harper Sean Harrison Pam Hart Mike & Deborah Hatten Amy R. Heaston Hen House Lewis & Hazel Hendrix Mrs. Patricia S. Hendrix Jack & Dorothy Henry Henry’s Haircuts Mead Herndon David & Kim Herrity William R. Hickman J. Bird & Betty Hodges Ronnie Hodges James D. Hollingsworth Dr. G. B. Holsonback Ashley Howard Keisha Howard William Hoyt Mary Hudgins David E. Hudson Angelia & Kelly Huggins Lee P. & Miriam Huggins J. D. Heating & Air Gina Jeffords Scott Jeffries

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Joseph Jennings Mark & Suzanne Jernigan Diane & Ken Johnson Gary J. Johnson Lottie O. Johnson Sam & Mary Johnson Jones & Boyd Insurance Agency Sy & Holly Jones Jonathan Judy Carl & Kathryn Kamppi Tom & Becky Kane Russell & Karen T. Keen Ryan Kegl Kennedy Industries Elwin Kennedy Greg & Emily Kennedy James & Deborah Kennedy Kerry Kenny Roy & Thelma Kilpatrick Steven Johnson & Joanna Kimes Bryan Kingery Richard Kinney John Lamar Julie Lanier Scott & Sharon Lasalle Daniel & Meagen Lee Don Lee Eddie & Rebecca Lee Bert Lensch Ryan R. Leonard Garrett Lewis Buddy & Julie Lichty Vivian Long Longhorn Steaks of Pooler Longhorn Steaks of Statesboro Jared & Ashlee Lott Will Lowery Terrence Mabry Sue, Ray & Cathy Malone Bernie & Cindy Martin Heather & Alex Martin Robert E. Martin Chanda & Michael Mashburn Laura Mass Harry & Alice Mathews Joe & Beth Mathews Bill & Janet Mathis Dan & Clara McAlhany James K. & Carey McCallar McCullough & Swindell, P.C. Wallace P. McCullough, Jr. Michael J. & Alice McNamara Jay McWatty E. J. & Cynthia Meadows Tim & Martha Anne Medford Scott Mercer Herman Metcalf Bobby L. & Kris Mikell Gary & Kim Mikell Garry E. Miller Terry Miller Charles H. Mize Josh Morris Wayne & Barbara Murphy Donald C. Neal Andy & Dorline Nelson Peter J. Nermoe Nesmith Construction Cathy & Donald Nesmith Jim & Jamie Nimmo Kenneth Owen Nix Jack Nolen

Toney R. Norton Jon Nowicki Philip Odom Scott Oglesby Bill & Becky Olliff Brenda & Jack O’Quinn Kevin & Sheri-Lyn Owens Ronnie & Kim Owens Jane Page Tom Paige Ann & Jimmy Parker Dee Parker Terri Parker William T. Parr, III Rep Butch Parrish Gregory Parrish, Jr. Ramjee & Sanjeeva Pathak Peacock Paint Center David & Barbara Peterson David & Julie Pitman Ronnie & Crystal Ponder L. A. Powell, Jr. Family, L.L.P. Del & Beverly Presley Barbara & Stan Price Gary R. Price Melba Priestley Nathan Queen Queensborough National Bank Paul & Nora Quill William & Sandra Rabitsch Justin & Stephenie Ragan R. E. Shane Ragan, II E. James & Cindy H. Randall Jon & Teresa Rawlinson Rawls Neville Farms Kevin L. Reeves Reynolds, Varner, Freeman & Gore Earl & Janice Richardson Bradley M. Riner John Roach Mr. Stacey Roach Jack & Stephanie Roche Bruce & Camille Rogers Ben & Patia Rountree Johnathan Rowe Alison Rushing Billy Rushing Ron & Pam Rushing Leo & Sharron Sable Henry L. & Frances Sapp Bobby B. Schell Dr. & Mrs. Dennard Scoggins Thomas Seagle Rick Seaman Richard & Diane Settlemoir Andy Sharpe George H. Shriver

Nicky Shuman Wayman & Kay Shuman Alan W. Sims Sir Shop Stanley Heath Slater Lee Smalley Smith & Smith Farm Lance & Connie Smith Tom Smith Smith-Healy Farms, Inc. Keith Snyder Cory Sommers Southern Appraisal Services Dr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Sparks Garry Spinks Richard & Debbye Stapleton Statesboro Builders, Inc. Statesboro Erectors R. Donovan Steward Calvin Stewart Guy G. Still David & Judy Strickland Steve & Donna Strickland Kevin & Stormie Taylor T-Com Design, Inc. David & Phyllis Thompson Donald & Sally Thompson Chris Tiller, Jr. Sam & Sharon Tillman Joe Tompkins

Donald & Goldie Toole Trans Oil Company Johnny Tremble Robert B. Tucker Lance & Robyn Turpin Ken Van Landingham Lane & Chris Van Tassell Vandy’s Barbecue at the Mall Viracon David B. Wagner Ray & Diane Wagner Sean C. Weidman Caleb & Camille White Cleveland White, Jr. Eugene & Sandra Whitten Jerry J. & Bette Wilcher Mark & Emmy Wilcox Dick & Mary Williams John Cliff & Laura Williams Russell K. Williams, Jr. Jamie & Suzannah Williamson Willingway Hospital Connie C. Wimmer Wing Maxx of Statesboro

“There is a sense of sisterhood on my team, but there is also competitiveness with them that makes you want to get better. My academics are a balancing act with sports. I have learned to be a student and an athlete.”

Jasmine Billings Sport Management

Proud to be an Eagle!


GPA: Fall – 3.03; Spring – 3.01; Academic Year – 3.02 Results: • 3rd place in the Southern Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships • 4th place in the SoCon Outdoor Track and Field SoCon Conference Championship • 7 Athletes from team on Spring 2012 Academic All-Conference Team • Jasmine Billings named SoCon Women’s Outdoor Track Athlete for Week of March 21-28 • Taylor Wade named Women’s Indoor Athlete of the Week for Jan 26-Feb 1st • Team Placed Four Top-3 Finishes at the Orange and Purple Winter Classic


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

Angela Wood Jonathan & Amy Woodard Melissa Woodard Ralph & Judi Woods Susan & Greg Yawn Lisa Yocco Christopher Yount Jeremy Zittrouer


$300 - $599


Cecil & Lou D. Abarr Martha L. Abell Jeffrey Abraham Jeff & Deborah Adams Jimmy P. Adams Mary K. Adamson Rebeccah Kay Adkins Kathy S. Albertson Parker Albright Larry Allen Allgreen Services, L.L.C. Jeff Alsup Eddie & Melissa Alvarez David Anderberg Andy B. Anderson Randy Anderson Kelly Synan Angeli Jim & Darlene Anthony Jimmy M. Anthony, Sr. Phyllis Anthony Stewart & Dennine Applbaum Jeff & Tammy Arnett Chris & Jennifer Artz Glenn Atkinson Lyle & Debbie Attaway David & Lisa Avery Wayne & Ina Avery B. & M. Pool Spa & Patio Frances M. Bagley Ben Bailey Bruce Bailey Ralph & Vermelle Bailey Rusty & Ford Bailey Ben Balkcom Anthony G. Barilla Elaine Barnard William P. Barrett, Jr. William P. Barrett, Sr. Randy Barrs Terry & Jean Bartels Melissa Bassett Zachry Bates Thomas & Sandra Batten John Baughman Barry & Jeanie Beach Charles H. Beale, III Matthew Bean Janice Beard Larry & Kimberly Beasley J. Pierce Bedingfield Jimmy Beeland Cathy Beene Billy & Terrie Bennett John Bennett Benton Metal Depot, Inc. Roland & Teddie Berry Daniel & Lelok Bessada Jeff Betts Billy Bice David Biscan Mr. & Mrs. John B. Bishop

Wayne Bissell Gene Blackmon JoAnn & Buddy Bloodworth Bo Knows Signs Mike & Amy Bobo Susan G. Boddiford Bohler Family Practice Patrick Bolen Thomas, Eunice & Nathaniel Bolen Tommy Bond Mike Bowen Carter Boyd Waymond & Ellen Boyer Russell Bozeman Walter & Katie Mori Braddy Adam Brady Elise Brady Roger G. & Annette Slater Branch Brittany Brannen W. H. Brannen Wyley Brannen Al Braswell, III Eric Braswell Brian & Teri Brennan Tony Bretti Charlie & Meredith Bridges J. Randy & Donna M. Brigman Daniel & Lynn Brinson Sara Jo Britt Steve & Robin Brock Rebecca Brokish Lee & Stephanie Brooks Barbara Brown & Matt Brown Don K. Brown Missy Brown Pauline & Charles Brown Ronny & Carol Brown Dr. & Mrs. V. E. Brown Brandi L. Buchan Mr. James Dwayne Burchett Jill Burchett Chad & Jennifer Burke James & Diane Burke Leland C. & Donna Burkhalter Darron & Kimberly D. Burnette Scott & Meredith Burns Grant T. & Rebecca B. Buro Marla Buro Kelsey Burrows Busby’s Heating & Air Chris Butler Robbie Byrd, Jr. Kent Campbell Dal & Robin Cannady Ronny Cannon Jim & Pam Capps, III Donald A. Carnley Christopher Carroll Cartee Construction Company Mary Nell & Jimmy Cartee Hal Carter, Jr. Jimmy Cason Joshua Cavender Jodie & Ryan Chambers Cindi Chance Charles & Sandra Chandler Charles & Alice Christmas Citizens Bank Of Washington County J. B. & Cheryl Claiborne Eugene Bryan Clark, II

Wade & Ann Clark Brendan Claroni Dr. Thad & Ann Clayton William D. Clifton, Jr. Marci & Nick Cochran Kenneth & Katherine Cofer Nathan & Martha Coleman Brooks & Amy Collier Bradley & Misty Collins Jodi R. Collins Steve Collins Hugh & Sue Colson James A. & Natalie Renee Conaway Mark Conner Bob & Emily Cook Mary Cook J. D. Corbitt, Jr. David & Dana Cork David Corsetti Jack Cox Jerry & Jan Cox Scott, Samantha & Sabrina Cox Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Mark Crapps David C. & Tina J. Crapse Danny Creasy Robert Creel Kevin Crosby Stephen Crosby Crossfit Buro Arthur Culbreth Creighton Cummings Wayne Daniel Mrs. Margaret H. Dannacher Guy Dasher Luis & Marisa Dasilva Allen Davis Brent Davis Clayton Davis John & Elynor Davis Ross Davis Tammy Davis Donnie Dean Mrs. Nancy Ann Dean Bill & Jane Dekle Jeff Dekle DeLoach Insurance Agency, Inc. Brad Denmark Chandler & Kem Dennard Robert DeRojas John R. Diebolt Walter & Mary Dimmick Paul & Ida Dixon Richard Dixon Ryan Dohallow William Donaldson Jaclyn Kaylor Donovan Roger & Karen Doty Charles Draeger Charles Duggan Dr. & Mrs. Comer Duggan Lauren Dukes Charles Dunn Durden Banking Company, Inc. W. Kenneth & Phyllis Durrence Kenneth Dyar Kevin Dyer

Eagle Outdoor Solutions Reggie & Janet Eakin Emily Edenfield Justin Edge Steve & Laura Edwards Rod Eichler Elite Financial Associates, Inc. Janis & Toby Ellington Wayne & Marcy Ellis Mal Elrod Matt & Missy Elrod Nancy Elrod Emma’s Restaurant Harold E. English Greg Evans Darwin H. Exley Royce B. Exley Stuart P. Exley Jennifer Fanning Farmers & Merchants (Sylvania) Aaron Feldser Fred Mitch Fender William Fennell Paul & Pam Ferguson Daryl Fineran William C. Finley, Jr. D.M.D. First Baptist College Ministry Don & Stephanie Flanders Christian Flathman John Fogarty Jill F. Forehand Doyle Fowler Peter Fraley Johnny Franklin Mike Franklin Victor Frantz Rick Freeman John Fulford Jeffrey Garrett Dottie & Walter Garvin Harold & Linda Gay Dr. Tracy Gay Aron & Marianne Gebhardt Georgia Farm Center Georgia Window Installation Service Russell Gibson William D. Gilbert Frederick Doug & Karen Gilliam Bill & Betsy Glisson Caroline Glover Gnat’s Landing Elizabeth Gomez Luke D. Graham Sean Gray David M. & Terry Greene Gail S. & Mary Grissom Chase Ryan Grogan Susan Gunter Suzanne Spires Hallman Janet Hamilton Hanger Clinic Joseph Hanson Owen Harris Kevin & Mary Helen Harrison Brian & Sandra Hart Jeremy Robert Hart Terry Eugene Hart Jill & Tracy Harvey Rodney & Nadyne Harville Tim Hayes

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Timothy Hayes Joshua Heidt Daniel & Heather Heldreth Matthew & Lauren Heldreth Dan & Angela Henderson Michael & Cynthia Hendrix Sunni & Shawn Hendrix Rodney & Kim Hennon Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Henry Jeff Herrington Joe Herrity Jim & Neva Herschell Keith & Verna Hickman Andy Higgins Randy Hitchens Jeffrey & Michelle Hobart Houston Hodges Vicki Hodges David Holland Bradley & Amanda Holsinger Dale & Brenda Hooks Alice Hall & Darryl Hopkins Howze Enterprises Bryan Howze Dee Hudgens Dean Hudgins Karen Hudspeth David M. Hughes James B. Hughey Hungry Howie’s Lee Inglett Selma Isil Lavon & Josh Jackson Chris & Kelly Jacobs Tyler Patrick Jacobs Hunter James Justin & Jenny Janney James Franklin Jarvis, Jr. Avery Weston Jaynes Dr. Shannon Jeffreys Carroll Jenkins Robert & Kathy Jenkins Kevin & Amy Jenny Meghan Elizabeth Johnson Melvin Johnson R. Gregory Johnson, Jr. Walt & Dana Johnson Charles W. Jones Lindsay Jones Markita Jones Sheryl Jones Terry Jones Warren F. Jones Stacy Jordan Mr. Chris Jorishie A. Barry Joyner Jamie P. Judy Joseph Jurick Roy E. & Stephanie Keen George Kegl Hilde Keldermans E. B. & Malissa Kennedy Kevin & Ale Kennedy William Kennedy Chris Kennel James & Julie Kight Jerry Kight Louis Kill John Killian Kent Kinert Elizabeth O. King Henry H. King, III Michael & Jennifer King

Romie L. Kirkland C. Dean Klahr Stan & Susan Knight Stephen L. Koivisto Chris Kowalczyk Koyo Bearings Wayne & Debbie Kramer Edwiena Kubiak Jeanette Lafond James E. Lamb Mr. & Mrs. J. Matt Lane Peter Lane Arnold E. Lanier Susie Lanier Jeff Lank Donna Madray & Cathy Lariscy Andrew R. Lash John Laurens, Jr. Earl & Karen Lavender Al L. Lawson Elizabeth Leathers Adam & Kristin Lee Bennie & Wanda Lee Bobby Lee Ernest J. Lee Randy Lee Ryan Lee Samantha Lee Gloria & Jim Leeb Joe & Lynda Leeb Johanne Lewis R. Brian Lewis Russell Lilly Mary Ann Lisenbee Jenny Livingston Kris Livingston Lauren Locklair Jason Long Frances Diane Lott Juanita Lott, M.D. Penny Lott Carol & Brian Lucas John MacDonald John & Patty Mallard Gabe & Gena Manning Manny’s Neighborhood Grille Judge Faye S. Martin Mrs. Jean Maryanski George K. Mategakis Shirley B. Mathis Wyman L. Matthews Sarah C. Mayberry Lance McBrayer Jake McBride Karen McCurdy Brant McGlamery Michael & Leticia McGrath Mike McGraw Charles B. McGuire Alison & Bruce McLean Rod McLeod Jeff McPhail Donald J. McQuaig Medical Center Pharmacy Dick & Marty Mellett Robert Melton William Melvin Eddie & Cheryl Metrejean Doug & Wanda Metts Paul Michaud Becky Miller Cleave Miller Lyle & Linda Miller

Rachel Miller Vince Miller Millhouse Steakhouse Eddie Mills Ray T. Mims America Minc Gregory B. Minchew Jeff Mitchell Mitchell C. Mobley Paul & Claudia Moller Autrey Moore Michael T. Moore Norma Jean Morgan Robert Morris Glyn Mulford Scott & Jennifer Mulkey Corbin & Misty Mullis Phil & Amy Munroe Kent Munsey Gene & Marilyn Murkison Dr. Whitney L. Myers Bryan & Stephanie Neal Byron Nelson Robert & Susan Nelson William Ronald Nelson, Jr. Col. E. A. NeSmith Richard A. NeSmith Simon & Cathy S. Neville William J. Neville, Jr. Dewey & Laura Newton Dr. Sandra M. Novotni Janet O’Brien Erin O’Connell Old South Lawn Care James & Cindy Oliver Jeremy Oliver Mark & Maria Oliver Foy & Gwen Olliff Larry B. Olliff Timothy & Pauline O’Mahony Maurice Oswell Vick & Nancy Page Roger & Susan Pajari Stephen Paris Ashley Parker Crystal P. Parker Fred & Betty Parrish Johnny Parrish Leo G. Parrish, Jr.

Mary A. Parrish Paul & Tori Parrish Robert M. Parrish Patricia A. Parsons Marie & Justin Patchan Mark Paulish Brandy Pavlich Pawn City, Inc. Jonathan W. Peacock Jay Forest Pearson Shawn Peek Stephen Pelfrey Dan & Kim Pennington Jessica Pennington Lloyd Perkins Dr. Bill Perry Wayne Perry Jeff Petzoldt Seaby Phillips Chris and Nancy Pike Patrick L. Pittman Greg & Lisa Ponder Ronnie J. Pope/Cobblers Bench David Porter Michael & Melissa M. Porter Michael & Sheila Porter Rich Poulin Joseph F. Powell Sam & Carmen Powell

“Basketball is full of ups and downs and that’s life—you have mountaintops and valleys. “After I graduate, I want to positively impact young children through education, just like my teachers and coaches did for me.”

Ronnesha Smith Modern Language/ Spanish

Proud to be an Eagle!




Record: Season – 8-22; SoCon – 4-16

GPA: Fall – 3.12; Spring – 3.18;

Academic Year – 3.15


• 1000 APR Score for 2010-2011

reporting period • 6 Players named Winter Academic All-Conference • Recorded their 200th SoCon win during season

• Anna Claire Knight – Southern

Conference All-Freshman Team


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

“I have more confidence this year and I am having a lot of fun. I feel like I can play anyone. GSU is a competitive school and I like being in a competitive environment. It is the right school for me.”

Scott Wolfes Business

Proud to be an Eagle!

Deontai Price Prim Industrial Contractors, Inc. Rick Prince Herb Prizer Jack & Beverly Proctor Quality Inn & Suites Rackleff Enterprises, L.L.C. Ashley Rackleff Jonathan & Carrie Scott Rafferty Sherry Rahn Chip Raines Joseph & Mona Ratchford Cam & Kristi Reagin Dusty & Amanda Reddick Eddie & Judy Reddick Mary Reddick William J. Reese Reidsville Electric & Ace Hard Brian Renault Judi & Duane Repman John Reuter Robin Reuter Darryl Ricketts Nikki Ricks Steven & Tina Rigdon Mark Riggs Weston & Christy Rikard Warren L. Riles Thad & Susan Riley Ken & Marsha Ritchie Hal Roach, Jr., P.C. Harold Roach


2011-2012 YEAR IN REVIEW:

GPA: Fall – 3.07; Spring – 2.90; Academic Year – 2.99 Results: • Placed 2nd in the Southern Conference Tournament • Placed 3rd in the Amelia National Tournament as well as the Mason Rudolph Championship • 1000 APR Score for 2010-2011 reporting period • Will Evans – GSU Scholar athlete of the Year nominee, Spring Academic All-Conference Team • SoCon All Conference Team – Senior Lewis Gruber, Freshman Scott Wolfes • SoCon Freshman of the Year – Scott Wolfes • SoCon All Freshman Team – Scott Wolfes, Zach Hartman • Coach Larry Mays – Named a member of the NCAA Men’s Golf Committee from Fall ’12 – Fall ’16 • Coach Carter Collins – Named a semi-finalist for the Jan Strickland Assistant Coach of the Year Award


Ben F. Roberts Floyd & Sheryl Rogers John & Doris Rogers Kristen Waters Rogers Joe Rohrer Jonathan Rookes Martha Ross Stephen Rossi H. Keith Roughton Andrew Rountree Tim & Paige Rountree Michael Rowell Robert Ruffo Ronnie Ruffo John & Lyn Rushing Mack & Janet Rushing Michelle M. Rushing Carl Russell Roy Sandberg

Monty Sanders Todd Sarratt Cheryl & Edward Saxon Robert Scherer Robert Schorr Eric & Jennifer Schrepel Thomas Schulte Karl Schumacher Brice & Jennifer Scott Calvin Scott Hikie Scott Terry & Pat Scott Sears of Swainsboro Erica Adrienne Sellers Mark & Leanne Sells Jamey & Kimberly Sharpe Sam Sharpe Fred & Gayle Shaver, Jr. Dan Shealy Harry & Phyllis Shearouse Sheppard Lumber, Co. Billy Sherrod Brad & Teresa Shiels Scott Shier Dexter J. Shuford, III George & Nancy Shumaker John G. Shuman Stacy and Shannon Sikes Raymond & Pat E. Silva Steven Silvey Patrick R. Simmons Carol & Jake Simons Rich & Jaime Simpson Brock Smith Debbie & Jamey Smith Libba Smith Robyn Smith Terry Smith Eric & Aletha Snowberger Bob & Amy Snyder Southern Building & Development, Inc. Southern Wellness & Rehab Southside Service Center I. W. & Virginia Spence Bill & MaryAnn Spieth Spikes Sports Grill at The Club House Stephen Stanley Statesboro Family Practice Clinic Statesboro Winlectric Dr. James Stephens Bert Stewart Carlton Stewart James Stockton George P. Story Spencer Strickland Bill Stubbs Student Media James & Melissa Suchovsky Matthew Suiter Shawn & Renee Sullivan Richard Summers Swainsboro Cabinet Co. Michael & Christine Swords Michael A. Tanner Robert & Martha Ann Tanner Brad Tapley Robert Banks Tate Danny & Janna Taulbee Frank Taylor Randy Taylor

Sharon Taylor Thomas D. Taylor Stuart Tedders Tommy & Jane Tharpe Gus Thompson J. Mack & Judy Thompson, III Patrick & Valerie Thompson Richard & Dennette Thornton Cindy & Ray Tootle Derwood Tootle Mike & Susan Townsend Harry W. Trawick, Jr. Ken & Linda Traylor Bart & Sandra Traywick John & Joy Trimnell Clay Trowell Keithen Tucker Richie & Becca Turner Russell & Ginny Tuten Alan & Debbie Tyson Jeb & Lindsay Tyson Alan VanSickle Mandy Vaughn Heath Vickers & Jessica Vickers, M.D. Ken Vickers Stephen Vives & Family Ashley Walker Wal-Mart Distribution Center Brandi Williams Waters John & Cynthia Waters William Waters Dr. & Mrs. Charles Webb Bill Wells Dr. Robert Wells Mr. Welton Wells Gilbert Werntz Charlie Westenberg B. Lee & Clair Wetmore Greg White Sheree White Tony & Teresa White Wallace & Heather White Henry C. Whitfield Adam & Heather Wilcher Cara Gustafson Wiley Ken & Shirley Wilkes Robbie Lynn Wilkes Keith Will Al Williams, Jr. Brett Williams Hazel S. Williams Kathryn T. Williams Kyle & Shawna Williams Marty Williams Richard & Susan Williams Ronny E. Williams Charles Williamson Jason R. Willis Lucas Willoughby Tyler Willoughby Sam Willow Ellis & Rachel Wilson Jack Wilson Steven Wilson Adam Wood Barry & Gwen Wood Mark S. Wood John D. Woodard Alan & Wendy Woodrum Owen & Nancy Woods Charles Wray Lawrence & Carol Wright

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

WVGS. Radio Justin Wyatt Thomas & Diane Wynn Thomas Yarbrough Helen Jackie Yates Michael Kevin Younce Wiley & Mary Younce Daniel Younchak Emory & Sherry Young Norman Yukers Cordelia Douzenis Zinskie

True Blue $120 - $299 Bill & Lynn Acuff Brett Adams Brian Adams Carey A. Adams R. Brooks Adams Paul S. Akins Co, Inc. Todd Michael Aldrich James & Pam Altman William A. Anderson Jeff Ard Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Athon Richard & Kim Avery Larry & Bonnie Bargeron Mark M. Barton, Jr. Dorothy A. Battle John Perry Beard Teri Atchison Beasley Danny Ray & Verna T. Bennett Lovett Bennett, Jr. Gregory Bergdale Caroline Bevillard Chad Bishop Steve Blackstone Blanchard Equipment, Co. Paulwyn Boliek William Borst Kathy A. Bradley Judson Brandt Zandra & David Brasington Kathleen Brennan Alex Broome David B. Brown Scott & Kathryn N. Bryant Patrice Buckner Alden Byrd Riley Callaway Martha Cannady Ben & Sissie Carlton Lisa Carmichael Lon Carnes Chris & Pam Carr Jamey & Dawn Cartee John Casey Carver Sr. Jason & Heather Cassels Castrol Car Care Center Mike & Kerry Chambers Gregory Eugene Chamblee Steve & Deborah Champion Jason Chaney Marilyn Chester Tim & Susan Clarke Hartie & Angie Cliatt Paul & Rachel Collins Randy Colvin Richard Daniel Cooke Mickey & Amanda Corley Doyice & Mary Cotten Wade & Shea Council Jimmie Cowan

James O. Cowart, Jr. Brandon Cox Irvin Cox Crabby Joe’s Tony Craddock Charlotte C. Crittenden Gary & Linda Crosby Todd M. Cross Seth Currier James H. & Susan J. Darrell Brian Dart Brett Davis Michelle E. Davis Pamela Deal Jeff & Kay Q. Dean James G. Dell Emory Wade DeLoach Dent Solutions, L.L.C. Patrick Donovan Chris & Susan Doughtie LTC. Scott & Melissa Drennon Elton Durrence Jan H. Durrence Eagle’s Nest Learning Center Gerald M. Edenfield Allen Edwards Darrell & Beth Elam Ellis Travel Trailers Donna Elrod Nicholas Richard Evans Express Tune & Lube Fan-O-Maniac Sports Products Brian Farrell Jerry R. Fletcher Chuck Forney Christopher Andrew Fowler Doug & Gloria Fowler Frank E. French Cynthia Frost Susan and Justin Garrison Michael Gearhart Tom Gearhart Dr. Thomas & Georgene German Dr. Santiago Giraldo Thomas E. Glover Phillip Gore Kathy C. Graham Milton B. Gray, Jr. Greater Savannah Eagle Club Nathaniel Green Michael Gressel Jimmy & Frances Hankinson, III Geoffrey Hardy Horace W. Harrell William L. Harris, Jr. Miss Abby Taylor Harrison Blake Harrison Bill Head Jennifer Hendrix Ms. Bennie Herring Aurelia Hinton John W. Hodges Bob Holland Homes With Hart Construction, Inc. Nancy Houser William Howard Matthew and Heather Huling Bonnie D. Jaeger Don Jamerson Tamara Jeffers

Carl W. Johnson Haley Sue Johnson Kenneth & Jean Johnson Crystal Jones John E. Jones Mr. Bruce Joyner Stephen L. Keith Erik Robert & Mary Elizabeth Kepshire Scott Kimball Bob & Gilda Kinsey Sean M. Knox Lakeview Manor Retirement Home Emory Jason Lamb Jan Landing Jerry Landing Dr. Ricky Lane Dr. Nancy Jones Lanier Robert E. Lee Dr. Bill Lovejoy John M. (Trey) Luckie, III Alison Lyall Lynn Construction Co Brett H. Maddox Dee Maret Jo Ann Marsh Larry Mays Josiah S. McDaniel Jason McGibony, D.M.D. Chip McGinley Bill McWhorter Samantha C. Melton Tom Melton Michael M. Dobbs & Associates Bob & Deb Miller Davin J. Miller Laura Misuraca Frank G. Mitchell Robert Molloy Jeffrey Michael Monken J. Lowell Mooney Michael Moore Keyur Munshi Tony & Lynn F. Nevil Nicholas & April Newkirk Northside Supply Company, Inc. Dan & Angela O’Dowd Susan Oliver Bob & Tammy Olliff Tom Osborne Sonia Owens Jerry & Patsy Parker Ms. Jamie Patterson Bette Paulk Randy Peacock Fred & Deborah Pennington William C. Phillips Plantation Properties & Land Investment, L.L.C. Morgan Plott Sandra Powell Darren Prather Derek Price Shelley Prince R. Jeremy & Brooke Ragan John Ramfjord Robert Bruce Ream Patricia Reaves Eddie & Stephanie Reeves Matt Rice Alton J. Roberts

Jason G. Ross Kimberly Rouse Michael Russell Andrew Stokes Rutland Ashley Sandvick Steve & Lisa Sapp Sally & Brad Scott Julie A. Seabolt Serenity Day Spa/Salon Willis Shellman Thomas Sherrouse Gene Sherry Alan Smith Alton E. Smith Annie Smith Fred W. Smith Michael L. Smith Russell Smith William S. Smith, III Dwight Sneathen Jesse Snell Mark & Adrien Spandle David R. Spillman Mrs. Melanie Vickery Stanley Steve Steele Stringer Chevron Service Paul Sumner Robert Swift Linda Taylor Toby Taylor James E. Thomas Christina J. Thompson Kelly Thompson William A. Thompson Buck Tinley Wendell Tompkins, Jr. Matt & Talette Tootle Leonardo J. Tyler James & Sharon Tyre William & Suzanne Tyson, III Dennis & Staci Vickers Bennie & Carolyn Von Waldner Mary Bon Wallace Mike Walraven Daniel B. Walter Dr. Dwight Watt Chris Wheeler Bobby & JoAnne White John Robert White Larry W. Wiggins Cliff & Emily Wildes Gail Williams Linell Wisner Gary & Ann Witte David & Nancy Womack Mark Workman Edwin L. Wynn Clifford Hatcher Timothy Michael Lavoie D. Renee Payton Murray Chris & Victoria Todd


$60 - $119

Awards South Justin Baker W. Keith Barber Ritchie Barnett Rachel Layne Barnwell John & Michelle Barton Drew Billingsley Christopher S. Blair Amy Bonner


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

“Nothing in college is greater than the memories I have shared with my teammates over the years. My coaches and professors have given me the tools to have success in the world after college, and I thank them.”

Cameron Baskerville Sport Management

Proud to be an Eagle!

Jana Briley Jim Brock James Harvey Brown Willie Burden Cedar Surgical Associates John Quinn Clary, Jr. Paul Collins Colonial House of Flowers Charles & Carol Crosby John P. Curtis Deal’s Furniture & Mattress Outlet, Inc. Bob & Pauline Delaar Cindy Durden Mark A. Edwards Keith & Jody Everson William H. Fleming Stephen L. Frawley Fun Shirts & Snack Shack B. J. Green Fred Grist Ryan Harwell Ron & Grace Hughes Gordon Gregory Hunter Franklin & Beth Lamb Lowe’s Building Supply Adam Connor Martin Theresa Beebe Novotny Ocean Galley Seafood Karen Olsson Tom L. Paul Pioneer Credit Corp Betty B. Price Christopher & Katelyn Ralston Daniel Riggs Joseph Ross Scott Sandhagen Brian & Lesley Seaton Dr. Michael R. Smith Stafford and Barr, L.L.C.


Record: Season – 15-15; SoCon – 12-6 GPA: Fall – 2.30; Spring – 1.92; Academic Year – 2.13 Results: • 10-2 Home Record • 12 league wins is most ever for GSU as a member of the SoCon • Their 12 league wins is tied for second-best turnaround in the history of the SoCon. It was an increase of 11 wins from the previous year • Charlton Young named finalist for Ben Jobe National Coach of the Year • Eric Ferguson named All-Southern Conference by leagues coaches, All-Southern Conference by Media, SoCon player of the year by RushThe, AllDistrict 22 Second Team • Willie Powers — All-Southern Conference Media Team


Statesboro Children’s Dental Center, P.C. Russell Taulbee Matthew Taylor Kim Thompson Mike Tidick Lindsey Vanderspiegel Kelli Anne Vernay Video Warehouse of Statesboro Haisten Willis Jim & Allison Willis Lee & Rebecca Woods Zaxby’s, Atlanta

Members $1 - $59

Richard Aldredge Chris Ashkouti Gregory Avra Charles Bacon Harvey Billups Mr. Romal Rodregus Bostic Brinson & Dixon Insurance Victor Cabral Tal Callaway Coastal Siding & Aluminum, Inc. Susan & Rick Coleman

Chadwick Paul Wiggins Charish A. Williams Curtis Lee Williams James C. Williams Joshua Jackson Williams Rieshawn Williams Barbara Jean Wilson Nick Zieziula

Young Alumni Joshua B. Adams Andrew Agan Justin Ainsworth Parker M. Alexander Andrew B. Amason Shannon Anderson Charlene Andrews Berkeley Claudine Arakawa David Attaway Travis Azar Jimmy Christopher Bailey William Ballard John Barber Colin Barron Bradley Baxter Nicole Baxter Scott Bean Brett R. Beattie Tyler N. Beck Chadd Bell Michael J. Binder-Brantley Raymond Andrew Blackwell Laura Blair Robert Blair Erick Blitch Amanda Blount Michelle Blubaugh Derek Ryan Boehringer Michael Anthony Bohannon Briana Bowen Whitney Bowman Herbert Boykin William Brackett Jordan Getts Bradford Mary Elizabeth Bragg Katie Branan Bradley Brooks Elizabeth F. Brooks Brittainee Michelle Brown Cameron Brown James Derek Brown Jordan Faith Brown Lakeisha Brown Mrs. Toni Jean Broxton Michael Brundage Robert Zachary Buckley Christin Buckner Miranda Bunch William R. Burgamy Scott Burnett Michael D. Butler Jessica Cain Jeffery R. Campbell Bobby Canady Trent D. Canady Sarah Katherine Carrier Jeff Carter Peter R. Cato Kristen M. Celii Tony Cerra Carissa Michelle Chance Lisa M. Clark Mark Clark

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Lauren P. Claybaugh Anthony Leon Cobb Seth Coker Christopher Derrick Coleman Turquoise Raquel Coney Rachel Conley Brandilyn Merritt Cook Catherine Cooney Dean Cowart Travis Coxworth Amy Ann Craven Carolyn V. Cristancho Hillary Crowther Sonia Curtis Camille L. Daley Racquel L. Daly Patrick Daniel Antwan L. Daniels Robert W. Davis Rachel De Foor Tiffany Nicole Decker Brett Denmark Alex Dent Matthew Dettmering Sarah Dewsbury Jarod Lane Dickerson Paige Elizabeth Dickerson Hilary Jeanne Diebold Amy Han Dietrich Matthew Dismukes Lindsey Dodd Christopher Cody Doolittle Brooke Ashley Douglas Mary Elizabeth Dowdell Kristoffer Draper Benjamin Drayton, III Donald Brandon Drew Elizabeth Barksdale Duggan Margaret Durant Dunstan Brian Dyke Alessandra M. Dzuba Blake A. Eckles Christian Ryles Edwards David Eller Amanda Elmore Eric Engel Kristin Enzor Whitney G. Eubanks Bruce Wilkes Evans, Jr. Ryan Everett Kimberly C. Exley Kristen Jill Exley Michael Faglier Adam Fekula Mary Kathryn Felzien Corinne Findley Laura Lynn Fitzpatrick Mrs. Morgan Lane Fitzpatrick Mark H. Fletcher Mrs. Brittany Fordham Shane T. Forehand Denise Fountain Kevin D. Frazier Zachary D. Frye Randall Fuerstenberg Stephen Gambrell Blake & Danielle Gay Branham Gay Chris Gesick Laura Alexandria Gessner Jessica Lindsey Gibbs Ethan Gillespie Miguel L. Gilmore

Chelsey Elizabeth Glass Christopher Goodroe Devran Gopal Michelle Gram Nathaniel Lawrence Graves Melissa Ashley Gresham Rachel Gressel Courtney M. Griffin Stephen Griffin Jason Grooms Adam Groover George L. Gruber Kathryn L. Hall Abby Hammett Laura Hammond Alexandria Nicole Hansard Stephanie Michelle Harmon Ellen Louise Harris Hayden Kyle Harrison John Hart Kristen N. Hartley James Hartridge Jamika Ychell Harvey Steven Haught Kevin Michael Hayes Edward D. Hearn Christopher Helton Elizabeth Leigh Hemphill Michael J. Hendley Jacqueline Henry Chris Hesling Heather Lee Hewlett Andrew Hickman Edward Hickman Russell Owen Hightower Rebecca Hildenbrand Jeremy T. D. Hill Susan Hill Katherine M. Hilson Jessica Maret Hint Christina Marie Hodge Joshua Thomas Hoffman Tonya D. Hogue Ellen M. Holder Caleb Holloway Thomas Cliet Horne Maxx Howard Patrick Howard Laura Howell Troy Hudson Nathan Huff Aaron Humphrey Morgan Alicia Hunt William Gregory Huseth Cheston Hyers Jocelyn Grace Hyers Amber James Joshua John Janufka Brandon Lenard Jarrell Amie M. Jarrous Andrew Peter Johnson Marah Johnson Michael Deon Johnson Matthew Taylor Jones Millicent Jones Ashley Elizabeth Joyner Travis S. Jurek Kate Kavanagh Kayla S. Keith Chris Kelleher Colleen Marie Keller Jason Lee Keller Ashley Kidd

Jamie Alyssa Kiefer Raymond Justin King Robert S. King Lauren Sumner Klein Jessica M. Knapp Philip Matthew Knauer Eric Kobylanski Alison Kochenderfer Amanda Konenkamp Caitlin Carol Kramer Colby Randall Lamb Mr. Briton Lanier Megan Elyse Lansing Amber Laurin Kaleigh Leach Patrick Leahy Kassi Lee Jennifer Odom Lewis John Lewis Taylor L. Lewis Cassandra Ann Light Brittany Danielle Linares Anna Lipsey Jordan Lisvosky George Lott Kirstin Brooke Ludke Merrie Allyson Lumpkin Candace Lynn Matthew Magoulas Erin Kathleen Maher Danielle C. Maida Allen Mancuso Brandavious D. Mann Candace R. Marshall John Edward Martin, Jr. Sara DeLoach Martin Sarah Jean Martin Deanna Mason Benjamin A. Mathison Kelly Kathleen Maxwell William H. Maxwell Steven Clark Mayfield Lauren Mayo Franklin R. McClearen Erica McCoy Lauren McCoy Tiffany McDaniel Kristina M. McFadden Zachary Russell McGalliard Brittany McLamb Lindsey Faye McMahon Mark Meagley Antonio Jesus Medina Adam L. Melton Nicholas Joseph Milan Christopher Miller Jessica Cocke Miller Steven Miller Alexandra N. Mitchell Gray H. Mitchell Marley Mizell Mark Mobley Samantha Marie Montalto Jason Matthew Moon Aaron B. Moore Charles A. Moore Daniel Moore Mary Beth Morgan Kaitlyn Morris Chris Neal Hannah Nelson Sandra Nethels Bobbie Jo Newell

Carter Collins Dave Copier Rusty & Jana Cram Greg & Kathleen Crawford Joy W. Darley Margot & Marvin Dawkins Regina Days-Bryan Trey Denton Mark Ensley Daryl Evans Farm Bureau Insurance Stan Fordham Joseph Donald Fuller Barrett Gilham Brett Gilliland Lloyd Graham Ray Gregory Suzette Guadagno Betty Habersham Hugh R. & Thelma Hagin Health Assessments, Inc. Sharon Hill George & Lyne Hitt Chad A. Hook Brandon M. Howard Maude Huff Sharteshia Jackon Robert Jackson, Jr. Mrs. Sarah Ginger Jeffers Yinghua Jin William T. Johnson Jason Dallas Jones Calvin Joyce Connie W. Kearney Mary Knight Amy Krach Bill & Jean Lee Peggy Lee Matt Lombardi Talar Markossian Matthew McBride Aletha D. Mercaldo Bruce Merritts Marlo Mincey Shannon Mitchell Orlando Mitjans Aniruddha Mitra Joe M. & Lynn L. Murray Jewell Newsome Matt Nichols Parrish & Bland, L.L.P. Annette Perkins Arnold Perkins Gary Caleb Price, II Skyler Pyles Shawn Quinn Dr. Carlos Reyes-Ortiz Kent Rittschof Betty Jo Robbins Patrick Roberts Cameron Rocker Linda W. Rushing Laura Scott Lamont Seward Ashlee Smith Eugene Smith Mark Stewart Stephen C. Strickland Meg Tereniak Anita Ann Thurson Krey Tinker Anthony Lavosay Tremble Mitch & Judy Ware


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

“With a good attitude I do well in the pool and in the classroom — that holds true going forward with life. My teachers do not teach just for a test, they teach for you to have a career.”

Courtney Harrison Nutrition

Proud to be an Eagle

Jana Logan Newsome Mr. Stephen M. Noel Alecia Norman Michelle O’Connor Brandi Odom Alyssa S. Olasz Laurann Ellen Osborne Jon Michael Padgett Justin Parker Luke Parks Adrienne Melissa Pate Lauren Olivia Patterson Rebecca Paulk Ryan Pennington Molly Evan Perkins Christie Perry Racqueal Laqunita Peters Josh M. Petkovich Thomas Petrak Robert Petrillo Matthew J. Petrovick Michael Petry Brian Nelson Petsch Tiffany Barefoot Phillips Kristen Pirie Kyle Pittman Scott Pittman Nicholas Leonard Plotts Robert N. Poff Zach Polk Andrew P. Porreca Donald Blaine Porter Willie F. Powers Kara Nicole Prescott Matthew Brian Pulliam


GPA: Fall – 3.29: Spring – 3.37; Academic Year -- 3.33 Results: • Nathan Kellogg became the school’s all-time winningest swim coach • Placed 3rd at Highlander Invitational • Team had best finish ever in CCSA • Sara Meisenhelder – named CCSA Diver of the Year, CCSA Diver of the Week from Jan 16-22. She also broke the 1 and 3 meter school records • The team won the CSCAA Scholar All-Academic team, posting higher GPA’s than Vanderbilt, Duke, and Harvard • Kristen Bates – Named CSCAA Mid Major All-American Honorable Mention • Kristen Bates, Courtney Harrison – 100 yard breaststroke conference champion, 200 yard breaststroke conference


champion, respectively

Domininque Antoine Quarles Kimberly Queen Armando Ramirez Caroline Rawlins Ryan Ray Ryjean Reid Christopher T. Rentschler Brandon J. Respress Kayla R. Ricedorf Andrew J. Rich Christopher Daniel Richardson Brittany Lynn Riddick John Dennis Risoen Jessica M. Rives Ryan Robbins Chris Roberts Daryle-Lynn Roberts Jason Adam Roberts Azura C. Robillard Cesar F. Rodriguez Garcia Deborah Marie Rodriguez Garcia Samuel Rogers Eugene Rome Michael Kevin Rountree

Mackenzie Rowland Hunter Rozakas Austin Rushing Clinton S. Rushing Cory Dillon Rushing Dustin Rushing Samuel Withrow Russell Christopher Ruston Ashley Salim Bethany Sanford Gloria Esperanza Sasser Jake Sasser Chelsea Sell Lee Sellinger Melissa N. Setliff Jared (Jaybo) L. Shaw William Jeffrey Shiver Samantha Jordan Shockley Matt Shoemaker Benjamin Simmons James M. Singletary Thomas Sirmans Sara Slaback Victoria Sloan Parker L. Small Carson H. Smith Krystin A. Smith Stuart Ward Smith Alexandra Snider Kwamane R. Snipes Andrew J. Standard Alton M. Standifer Daniel Neal Stanford Austin Steed Matthew Jason Steinberg Michael Carlton Stephens Christopher Sterling Michael Sterling Aaron A. Stewart Rachael E. Stockwell Rochelle Stokes Kristen Anne Strater Zachary Holland Stroup Nichole A. Suckow Kathleen Nichole Sullens Sarah Elizabeth Sullivan Kristen Nicole Sutton Zach Sydnor Bernard Tarplin, Jr. Byron Tarplin Rosemary Tarrant Tabitha M. Taylor Jessica L. Tegler Paul & Elena Tenzel Rebecca Thomas (Brown) Kristen M. Thompson Ebony Lorraine Thornton Laura Toft Travis Torrence Zachary Lee Towery Caitlin Christina Towns Savannah Tramble Caleb Tucker Michael & Carly Tucker Emily Anne Tully Brooks Turner Chelsea Jo Turner Linda Upchurch Amanda Varnadore Joe Villarreal Haley Nicole Wade Evan Marcus Wakeley Anson A. Walden Loren Waldo

Amethyst Walker Jake Wallace Rabun Zachary Wallace Jennye Lynn Ward Stephen W. Warner Cory Wassom Brandon Waters Karley Lin Weiner Conchetta White Michael Ryan Whitten Christopher Wiles Seth Michael Wilkinson Lauren Mackenzie Williams Samantha Franklin Williams David Foy Williamson Janay N. Wilson Erin Winter Dustin Wolcott Joe Wood Mary M. Wood Benjamin G. Wooditch Dustin Lee Woods Allison Wright David Wright Whitney M. Wright Allison Yatto Michael Joseph Yofee Kevin A. Youmans Kyle X. Zeitounian

Student Eagle Club Justin Abercrombie Crystal Abney Jake Abraham Farida Abudulai Rashawn Adams J. T. Adkins Ben Agee Sierra Aler Dustin Allen Thomas Allman DeTravious Anderson Preston Anderson Shanice Anderson Xavier Andrews Justin Archbold Michael Courage Arthur Roy B. Ashley, Jr. Karen Avella Brandon Bailey Brad Baker Jonathan Baker Dakota Baldwin Travis Ball Paula Bardin Savannah Barnes Seth Barnett Kayla Baskin Madison Bates Davis Bayles Maria Becerra Brock Beisel Amber Bell Lauren Bell Halie Bellet Austin Bennett Benjamin Bentley Brett Bentley Julie Benvenuto Austin Bieda Heather Morgan Bing Thomas Bird

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

James Tillman Blackwell, III Valerie Bohannon Brianna Boyd Erin Bragg Kyle Branan Jenny Breffle Sarah Breffle Andrew Brodmann Alexa Brooks Hunter Brooks Christopher Brown Deion Brown Kimberly Brown Michelle Brown Joshua Bunting Conner Burks Matthew Busby Wesley M. Bush Ashton M. Butler Marian Byne Joshua Calhoun Christine Campbell Dylan Campbell Thomas Carden,Jr. Maddie Carpenter Katherine Carruth Ben Carson Amanda Carter Jackee Carter Alexus Carthan Cody A. Case Clinton Cash Mallory Cato Sadie Caudell Danielle Causey Kelsy Chandler Lyndsey Chapman Leigh Anne Chester Allen Christoper, II Jennifer Clark Amanda L. Clements Kyle Clodfelter Allison Cobb Timothy Logan Colburn JB. Collins Kayla Concklin Trisha Cook Paige Cooper Caroline Copeland Bailey Correll Cherell Cottrell Joseph Dalton Courson Rhys Cowling Keina Crawford Robert Cody Crosby Morgan Crowley Isaac Croy Sam Cummings Brandon Cyprien Jake Dahlberg James Daley Aleana Dall’Acqua Katie Davidson T. Wade Davidson Jacob A. Davis Jessica Davis Andrew Deal Akeylah Delacoudray I. V. Dennard Lacy DeRouen Sean DeSantis Alexandra Devonshire Codi Dixon Chloe Douglas

Basile Douglas-Hush Barry Draper Taylor Drinko Tanner Dupuis Heath Durand Claire Dwyer Amelia Edwards Matthew Eller Tate Elliott Mattye Ernst Daniel Eubanks Ross Euteneuer Katelyn N. Farinelli Sania Fazeli Shaun Feldman Sarah Feltrop Michael Fennell Katy Fitzgibbons Jordan Taylor Flagg Spencer Flaim Timmy Floor Rebecca Fogarty Robert Fogg Brandon Ford Charlie Ford Melissa Forster Kalyn Fowler Gregory Allen Francisco, II Donald Fritz Tricie Galloway Andrew Gay Trent Gay Sarah Gearhart Airel Gilmore Blake Gingerich Jordan Carter Given Shelly Good Alex Gothard Edward Grace Kristen Greene

Jaclyn Grizzell Samantha Grove Tiffany Gualandi Charlie Hall Kylie Hall Nicholas Hall A.J. Hamilton Allison Hamilton Alexis Hankerson Garrett Hanson Keith Harmon Adam Cody Harper Eric Harper Eric Harris Kamaree Harris John Haslam Andrew Hawkins Taylor Hawkland David Hayes Justin Helcomb Ryan Henderson Baker Hendrix Will Henry

Eric Hern Jamie Herrmann Caroline Hilburn Taylor Hill Walker Hill Adam Hoffman Allison Holladay Cody Holtzclaw Kegan Howard Lee Howard Macen Howells Jeremy Hull Ryan Hunt Aneisha B. Hunter Maranda Hurst Brandon Jackson Elizabeth Jackson Beth Jacobson Benjamin James Harrison James Amanda Jarrett Daniel Johnson Addison Johnson-Green Bakari Jones Merritt Jones Sally Jones William Jones Bailee Jordan Matthew Jordan Garrett Kee

“If soccer did not have a ball, I would not be involved. Our team trip to Europe helped us grow. In a bus full of guys you really learn about each other.”

Ethan LaPan Business/Marketing

Proud to be an Eagle!


Record: Season – 8-8-1; SoCon – 4-3-0 GPA: Fall – 3.07; Spring – 3.34; Academic Year – 3.22 Results: • Finished highest among men’s programs at GSU with a GPA of 3.22 • Luigi Clendening – SoCon Men’s Soccer Co-player of the Year, NSCAA All-South Region Second Team; Top 10 nationally in scoring • Hunter Norton – First team all SoCon Team • Led the SoCon in Scoring • 2.27 goals per match marked them among top 10 nationally


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

“I step inside the fence and it is just about the game. Off of the court I do not have control, but on the court I feel at ease. Some classes are quite large, but professors know their students and give Southern that small-school feel.”

Caitlin Kitchen Nutrition and Food Science

Proud to be an Eagle!

Seth Keene John Keeton Kasey Keller Melissa Kemp Justin Kemple Lauren Kennedy Connor M. Kennelly Elexis King Garrett Kingsley Cynthia Kornegay Amanda Korponay Cody Kramer Kristen Kramer William Laaker Christina Landel Wesley Larkin Michael Lattizori Shanna M. Lawson Dillan Lee Andrew Lewis Daniel Lewis Jordan Lightfoot Christopher Ling Chris Little Jared M.C. Long Charlene Lysius Janie Malson Candace Manswell Angelina Martelli Danielle Martin Samantha Martin William Tyler Martin William T. Martin Dana Mason Alesha DF. May Meagan Maynard Mackenzie McBride Thomas McCormick Stephen McElwee Briana McIntyre Perry McWilliams Vanessa Melton Milly Mercer Tori Miller Ryan Minter John Monroe Chase Montgomery Sadie Moody Jessica Moore Sydney Morgan De’Essence Morris

Emily Morrow Jillian Mother Martin Muinos Alex Muller Elvia Munoz Alex Muret Joe Murray Kelsie Murray Lataquwalia Lynn Murray Briana Nash Brent Neal, Jr. Ross Neblett Mathew Chase New Kevin Newbold Michelle Newbold Parker Newhart Austin Niemeier Kymberlee Noah Troy Noonan Zachary Norman Jach Norris Clay Matthew O’Connor Chris Ogletree Patrick O’Neill Donnie Onesto Daniel O’Shea Oluwatito Osibodu Thomas Owen Corbin Palmer Jennifer Paquin Michele Parker Sarah Paulsen Dallas A. Peacock Corey Peaslee Jenna Peavy Keith Pecko Sarah Penick Emily Penn Rachel Pew Corey Phillips Matthew Pilehard Blake Pittman Mary Plemons Becca Polzin Caleb Poole Jeff Presley Jeffery Marshall Pritchard Paige Quaintance Jessica Rainey Benny Ratliff Tyler Rehorn Natalia Rendon Thomas Reynolds


Record: Season – 6-15; SoCon – 2-8 GPA: Fall – 3.57; Spring – 3.23; Academic Year – 3.39 Results: • Reached the quarterfinals of the SoCon Tournament • Paola Garrido – SoCon Women’s Tennis Singles First Team All-Conference which marked the first Eagle to be selected to the First Team All-Conference since 2002. • Team was named to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association All Academic Team • 4 student-athletes named to SoCon Spring Academic All-Conference Team


• 1000 APR Score for the 2010-2011 period

Tyler A. Reynolds Josh Rice Jonathan Ricido Emily Rider Zach Rides Elliot Rivers James Roberts Ryan Rodgers Virginia B. Roley Marshall Roney Bailie Ruffo Katie A. Rutland Allison Ryan Ashley Ryan Eric Ryll Nikole Sage Cody Sandler Bradley Savage Christian Schley Devon Schmitt Ryan Schumacher Madison Scudder Ashley Seay Chris Sells Caitlin Shewchuk Austin Shippam Nikki Shirah Gerald Shiver Kelly Shofner Alejandra Shortridge Nick Shyer Kimberly Rose Sierra Victoria Sims Alyssa Singh Andrew Smallwood Antonio Smith Brooke Marie Smith Daniel Smith Hannah Smith Kylie Smith McKenzie Smith Merritt Smith Ro Smith Shelby Smith Kevin Solarski Mason Steele Kathryn Stocus William Tyler Stone Makeba Story Arthur C. Strickland Taylor Stroup Alexis Strozier Amanda Stumpf Brigid A. Sullivan Megan Sunseri Sarah Tahami Michael Tanner Chauncey Thompson, Jr. Haley Tidwell Rachel Tillman Hunter Tinsley Michael Toler Jordan Toney Haley Townsend Josh Trompke Chad Tunnell Davos Vannocci Rhett Vernon Cole Waldon James Walker Natalie Walker Danielle Warren

Joe Warren Darian Watts Danny Waugh Melissa Westbrook William Chafee Whilden, III Brad White Ki-Jana White Alisha Williams Alison Williams Janiesha Williams Bob Wood Nicholas Wood Sara Wood Jesse Woodring Jalyn Woods Kayla Wootton Taylor Workman Chase Worley Jason Yndestad Nolan Yuro Zakarie J. Ziobron

Soaring to Victory

GSUAF Board of Directors

Capital Campaign

Steering Committee

Mr. Tommy Bond

Mr. Bill Herring

Mr. Derek Sills

Mr. Ralph Bowles

Mr. Bill Howard

Mr. Marshall Smith

Mr. Hoke Brunson

Mrs. Sheila Hoynes

Mr. Ted Smith

Mr. Darron Burnette

Mr. Walt Huggins

Mr. Rob Stockton

Mr. Bill Carmichael

Mr. Bubba Hunt

Mr. George Story

Mr. Tommy Ciarletta

Mr. Reed Kennedy

Mr. Rusty Strawn

Mrs. Laney M. Claxton

Mr. Tom Kleinlein

Mr. Chris Tiller

Mr. Chris Cliett

Mr. Mike Long

Mr. Anthony Tippins

Dr. Ron Core

Mrs. Chanda Mashburn

Mr. Joseph F. Whitaker

Mr. Allen Crooms

Mr. Mel McBride

Mr. Cleve White

Mr. Mike Cummings

Mrs. Margaret McCarty

Mr. David Whitlaw

Mr. Gary M. Davis

Mr. Hugh McCullough

Mr. Cliff Williams

Mr. Barry Deal

Mr. Matt McGhee

Mr. Marty Williams

Mrs. Karen Dixon

Mr. Phil Moore

Mr. Rusty Williams

Mr. Ben Garvin

Mrs. Wanda Parrish

Mr. Wendel WilsonÂ

Dr. Chris Geyerman

Mr. Brian Pierce

Mr. Paul Gillespie

Mrs. Jo Helen Propes

Mr. Allen Greer

Mr. Jeremy Ragan

Mr. Matt Griffin

Mr. John Reynolds

Mr. F. Scott Guy

Mr. Trey Sheppard

Dr. Brooks Keel Dr. Ron Core Mr. Tim Evans Mr. Walt Huggins Mr. Tom Kleinlein Mr. Mel McBride Mr. Jeff Monken Mr. Phil Moore Mr. Michael Sanders Mr. Derek Sills Mr. Ted Smith Mr. Anthony Tippins


John Mulherin, President David Beaubien, Eagle Fund Executive Director Frank Hook, Director of Donor Relations Lindsey Randolph, Atlanta Regional Office Director Kathryn Bryant, Operations Director Dee Parker, Donor Records Director Sally Scott Eagle Fund Program Coordinator


Writer/Editor: Bonnie Jaeger Graphic Designer: Hilde Keldermans Athlete portraits: Jeremy Wilburn Years in Review: Josh Ware

Justin Callaway Eagle Fund Special Projects Coordinator

Georgia Southern University

Anna Lipsey Administrative Assistant

Statesboro, GA 30460-8115

Josh Ware EFAA Intern

fax: 912.478.0468

Athletic Foundation, Inc. PO Box 8115-01 Phone: 912.478.5520


Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation

PO Box 8115-01 Statesboro, GA 30460-8115

Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation


GSUAF Annual Report, 2012  

The 2012 Annual Report for Georgia Southern Athletic Foundation, supporting athletes through rings and diplomas.

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