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MA Program in International Education Management Begins Fall 2012 By Lauren Brereton Starting in fall 2012, Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) will be introducing a new master’s degree program called International Education Management (IEM). IEM will be part of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management and will be spearheaded by Katherine Punteney, Ed.D. Dr. Punteney was hired by MIIS to develop the IEM program along with other current MIIS faculty. IEM is a 42-credit degree program that is designed to be completed in three semesters with a culminating 4-6 month practicum. MIIS has an increasing partnership with the C.V. Starr- Middlebury Schools Abroad. Many of the students will have the opportunity to complete their practicum at one of the thirty-eight locations in Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan , Mexico, Russia, Spain, Uruguay as well as in other locations throughout the US and the world. The first question one asks is: “What is International Education Management?” According to Dr. Punteney: “While International Education means many things to different people, for us, it is not work with development projects, nor work in international schools, nor formal education around the world; it is working with exchange programs, study abroad programs, working in research, policy and government programs.”“ It is ultimately a way to make the world a better place through fostering cross-cultural understanding and enabling individuals who access cultural exchange programs to feel like they are part of a global community.” Graduates of the IEM program will continue on to careers in study abroad and education abroad, language program administration, international student scholar advising, professional training programs and work with government agencies. For more information about IEM please visit the website at




Letter from Dean Jourdenais


FL Symposium 3 Summer English


Students Publish Article In CATESOL


ELF Recruitment at MIIS


Students Train Teachers in India TIRF Update

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Online Testing


PCMI Updates


Alumnus Tim Cauller receives Award




Alumni Updates



Letter from Dean Renee Jourdenais Hi! It’s been – as always – a busy year here. We’ve worked with our colleagues in International Policy Management to developed the MA in International Education Management, launching this Fall, and we’re enthusiastic about the opportunities that this degree will offer for our TESOL/TFL students. It’s also helping to enhance opportunities that our students may have for internships at Middlebury’s thirty-seven study abroad sites around the world. Speaking of which, I accompanied some of the Midd faculty and our own MIIS President, Sunder Ramaswamy, to India recently to look at possibilities for a study abroad site there….the next frontier! J While there, I had the opportunity to meet with Tarana Patel (MATESOL ’06), who is busy establishing some fantastic internships for our students (which we mention in this issue) and working on developing English language teaching and teacher training in her home state of Gujarat. We’re venturing off -site with our English language training, headed to the beautiful campus of Salve Regina University in Newport, RI, for a one-month, immersive, summer program. And, on the home front, this past weekend, our TESOL/TFL students organized a great Foreign Language Symposium (more inside) which was well attended by local language educators. Other than that, we’re keeping busy with curriculum review to see if we can do what we do even better! Hope all is well with you and please keep in touch! P.S. Please do consider contributing to the TESOL/TFL Scholarship Fund so that we can continue to attract and train students as great as you! Thanks!

News You Can Use

By Jeffrey Fowler, MATESOL Candidate 2012 The Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education (GSTILE) maintains an online space to help keep alumni and the community up-to-date about what’s happening with the GSTILE community. The blog features new faculty publications, upcoming speakers, recent student activities, professor interviews, and changes at GSTILE. We also encourage guests post from alumni, sharing your TESOL-related experiences out in the world. Visit GSTILE blog to learn more about what’s happening at GSTILE or to share your own news. Monterey Institute of International Studies


MIIS Students Host Foreign Language Symposium Students from the Teaching a Foreign Language (TFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) degree programs successfully hosted the 1st annual Celebrating Foreign Language Education Symposium on March 10th with the support of MIIS faculty and staff. The keynote address was on “Green Grammar” by Monterey Institute Professor Dr. Leo van Lier. Dr. van Lier joined the TESOL/TFL program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1986 and has authored a number of essential books and articles in the field of second language acquisition and applied linguistics. Presentations by MIIS professors, TFL/TESOL candidates as well as local K-12 and university teachers continued throughout the day. The presentations were given in several languages and the topics were broad in scope. The evening ended with an informative poster session and hors d’oeuvres. Overall, the symposium brought over 150 students, faculty and local professionals together for an engaging and informative day. The Monterey community is looking forward to next year’s Foreign Language Symposium and we hope to see you all there!

Poster Session

John Jordan (MATESOL candidate)

Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education


Institute Launches Summer English Residency Program in Rhode Island By Director Patricia Szasz

Salve Regina University Campus

The Monterey Institute’s Intensive English Programs department is excited to be launching a new program on the East Coast this summer. The Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English program will be located on the beautiful coastal campus of Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. It promises to be an ideal location for summer learning and fun. The new program is designed to support English language learners and international students who hope to attend undergraduate degree programs in the United States. The curriculum combines the content-based approach that MIIS is famous for with a residency program modeled after the Middlebury Language Schools. Students, faculty and staff will live on campus together and enjoy co-curricular activities including clubs, sports, excursions, and field trips to nearby Boston and New York. “This new program grew out of the Monterey Institute’s long experience offering a summer intensive English program for our own incoming international students,” noted Dean Renee Jourdenais. “The Summer Intensive College English program is designed to take a well-established and very effective language training program at MIIS and make it available to a national audience.”

Monterey Institute of International Studies

5 Patricia Szasz (MA TESOL ’06), Director of Intensive English Programs, is busy marketing the program to prospective students as well as college counselors and international student advisors. Meanwhile, curriculum development is underway in the capable hands of Karen Hamilton (MA TESOL ‘08) and Nicole Langi (MA TESOL ‘08). They are enjoying the challenge of building English for academic purposes courses that are integrated with co-curricular activities like movie nights and the Newport Music Festival. The team is currently rounded out by Heather Kokesch (MA TESOL ’11), who is ably managing the logistics of student housing, meal plans, insurance, transportation, and the like. Hiring for the rest of the team, to include a program director, EAP faculty and support staff is also in full swing. If you are interested in learning more about this unique program or in the possibility of working with us this summer, contact Patricia at Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@mmsice).

Students & Alumna Publish Article in CATESOL

By Heidi Laidemitt MIIS MATESOL candidates Sarah Demola, Caroline Kelley, Heidi Laidemitt, and Alumna Jaymee Martin (MATESOL ´12) collaborated on an article entitled "Professional Development Through Community Partnership: How a Class Project Led to Graduate Student Teaching Practices" published in CATESOL 2012 under the special theme: "Graduate Student Professional Development". The article is about their experiences of incorporating theoretical and pedagogical Englishteaching knowledge into the growth and maintenance of the ESL program at the Peace Resource Center. On a weekly basis MATESOL students teach six two hour long and various committees meet: administration, academic, curriculum design, and publicity. The publication spans their original work in January 2011 up until now as they reflect on the growth of the program and themselves as TESOL professionals. They include tools for curriculum development, needs assessment, community-based language learning instruction, critical ESL pedagogy and content-based curriculum. DeMola and Laidemitt spoke at the Graduate Student Forum at TESOL 2012 in Philadelphia, PA . They discussed their self-created and sustainable ESL model at the Peace Resource Center that began by recognizing a need in their local community. Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education


ELF Program Recruitment at the Monterey Insitute By Tammy Wik MATESOL ‘11 In 2008, the Monterey Institute of International Studies formed a partnership with Georgetown University and its Center for Intercultural Education and Development, serving as the regional recruitment center for the English Language Fellow (ELF) Program. In the past three years, the Monterey Institute has recruited more than a hundred highly qualified English language educators from California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona to teach abroad as a part of this unique program. Tammy Wik

The ELF Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and has existed under various project names since the 1970s. In 2001, the program was renamed the English Language Fellow Program and has sent more than 1,000 teachers to over 80 countries around the world to complete tenmonth fellowships. English Language Fellows work in universities, non-governmental organizations, foreign ministries of education, binational centers, teacher-training institutions, and other language education related establishments. In these positions abroad, Fellows help to further the spread of quality English education and engage in professional development opportunities, while also serving as cultural ambassadors for the United States. Several Monterey Institute alumni have joined the ELF Program network, including Jaala Thibault, Afganistan Fellow (2010-2011); Carly Reci, Moldova Fellow (20072008) and ELF Recruiter (2009-2011); Jennifer Uhler, Estonia Fellow (2006-2008); Cristyn Elder, Guatemala Fellow (2006-2007) and current ELF Program interviewer; and Lucy Bunning, Rwanda Fellow (2003-2005). Recent graduate, Courtney Pahl (MATESOL ’11), has also been accepted into the ELF Program and will shortly depart to work at the CasaThomas Jefferson Bi-national Center in Brazil. The ELF Program is an excellent opportunity for MATESOL holders to truly make a difference in English education abroad, strengthen their professional portfolios with challenging and unique experiences, and join a prestigious network of English language educators. If you are interested in the ELF Program, please contact Tammy Wik at, or go directly to the ELF Program website at Monterey Institute of International Studies


MATESOL Candidates Travel to India to Train Teachers By Jeffrey Fowler, MATESOL Candidate ´12 Kassie Clark (PCMI TESOL candidate), Maggie Steingraeber (MATESOL ’11), and Sarah DeMola (MATESOL candidate) travelled to India to work with MIIS Alum Tarana Patel (MATESOL ’06) at Sankalchand Patel (SK) Colleges in Visnagar. The quartet collaborated to present workshops on interactive and communicative teaching strategies. In addition, they each taught a class in the Intensive English program at the college. DeMola taught English to Engineering students with advanced proficiency in English. Her class focused on service Kassie Clark, Maggie Steingraeber, Sarah DeMola & students learning. Students formed a club they called “The green rebels” and carried out a campus wide cleaning project. Steingraeber taught a class with students of mixed majors who were intermediate to advanced speakers of English. Students noticed animal testing and child labor issues on campus. As a result of the ethical issues they witnessed, students were inspired to discuss, research, and present on social problems of interest to them. Clark taught a class of high elementary level English speakers who were majoring in commerce. These students came from the city campus, making their commute more challenging. Clarks’ class emphasized conversational English focusing on student nominated topics, such as: cultural customs, economy, corruption, newspaper, and current events. Patel taught an English for specific purposes course to high beginner level nursing students. Students learned medical terminology and participated in nurse/patient role plays. Clark reported that the students were enthusiastic to practice English and to share the Indian culture with the foreign women. The ladies also enjoyed watching a kite festival, visiting the Sun Temple, riding in a cart pulled by a camel, textile shopping and more! Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education


TIRF: A Foundation Finds a Home By Dr. Kathi Bailey and Ryan Damerow TIRF – The International Research Foundation for English Language Education – was started by the TESOL association in 1998. Since that time, the Foundation has been located at Georgetown University, the School for International Training, Brigham Young University, and the University of Maryland. But in September 2009, when Professor Kathi Bailey was elected President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TIRF, the Foundation found a new home at MIIS. TIRF’s vision is that in the 21st century, personal and social value accrues to individuals who are proficient in English and in some additional language. Therefore, the Foundation’s mission embodies four major goals: (1) to implement a research and development program that will generate new knowledge and inform and improve the quality of English language teaching and learning; (2) to promote the application of research to practical language problems; (3) to collect, organize, and disseminate information and research on the teaching and learning of language; and (4) to influence the formation and implementation of appropriate language education policies, recognizing the importance of indigenous languages and cultures worldwide, and of English as an international language. TIRF’s current focus is on promoting research and best practices to improve the use of English in the emerging global knowledge economy of the 21st century. MIIS alumnus Ryan Damerow serves as TIRF’s Administrative Assistant. After teaching English for two years in China as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Ryan returned to MIIS and completed his MA in TESOL and the LPA Certificate in 2010. This background provided him with the ideal knowledge base and skill set to help run a language-related foundation.

Kathi Bailey and Ryan Damerow Monterey Institute of International Studies

9 In his work for TIRF, Ryan has traveled to Santa Clara, Boston, New Orleans, New York, and Guatemala. In July 2012, he will help to run a TIRF event in São Paulo, Brazil. “Over the next four years, Brazil will be preparing to host both the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, which includes preparing its workforce to be able to communicate in English,” Damerow said. He continued, “The TIRF event to be held in Brazil later this year is an excellent opportunity for the Foundation to engage Brazilian CEOs, directors, managers, human resource professionals, legislators, members of the press, and language educators in discussions of their English language needs.” In addition to offering Doctoral Dissertation Grants and funding commissioned research projects, TIRF provides free downloadable reference lists on over eighty topics of interest to language teachers, graduate students, and researchers. The website also offers links to a wide range of language-related organizations and professional journals. Please visit for more information.

Online Early Diagnostic and Placement Tests By Jeffrey Fowler, MATESOL Candidate 2012 Faculty from T&I and LS are collaborating with Professor Jean Turner to revise and improve their early diagnostic (EDT) and placement tests. As part of the revision process, the faculty are working to create and online version of both tests. Their shared goal is to create useful, valid, and reliable tests that will meet the needs of test users. Dr. Turner is acting as a consultant throughout the process of test development and revision. The group expects the tests to be online by the end of this summer (2012). Dr. Turner and the T&I faculty report that they are excited for the process of improving the current tests and feel that the process will benefit future students as well as faculty.

MIIS T&I Faculty & Dr. Jean Turner Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education


PCMI Updates Sky Lantz-Wagner (PCMI-TESOL Candidate) reports that “life in China is going well.” He is busy with his primary teaching assignment as well as secondary projects, such as his newspaper club which “just printed its 2nd edition and was filmed by the crew who is producing the video series of Peace Corps postcards.” They are still editing his video. You can find it in the next month or so on the Peace Corps postcards website. Sky Lantz– Wagner teaching

Rebecca Clayton (PCMI-TESOL Candidate) is busy with her primary and secondary assignments in South Africa. Her most enjoyable and rewarding endeavor has been setting up a library at her school. She is in the process of shelving over a thousand books that she received via donations from both the U.S. and local donors in South Africa. As a 7th grade English teacher, Rebecca serves as a model for a pre-service English teacher who will take over her class at the end of her service period. Rebecca’s knowledge of materials and teaching strategies gained in her first year at MIIS are helping her serve as a strong mentor in this role. Rebecca is also continuing a previous Peace Corps Volunteer’s (PCV) work with “the Healthy Living Project,” a community effort to promote awareness about HIV/AIDS and related diseases. The HLP strives to teach community members how to lead healthy lifestyles. Most recently, Rebecca is working to procure a construction grant for a center called Sinethemba, where elderly women eat free breakfast and lunch, do beadwork and handicrafts together, play ball, and learn literacy skills. She plans to teach the “grannies” about nutrition and to help them learn English. Both her tasks and her rewards are many as she rounds out the end of her service.

Monterey Institute of International Studies


Monica Schneiderman’s (PCMI-TESOL Candidate) primary assignment is teaching and co-teaching university English classes as well as giving workshops for students and teachers. Last year she worked to reconstruct and redesign the phonetics and phonology course program and curriculum. This project included evaluating the desired competencies, designing workable syllabi, gathering resources and materials, and looking for new, creative approaches to teaching Phonetics. At the end of each semester, she conducted a workshop for English teachers, training them in the topics covered in the Phonetics course Sky Lantz-Wagner at lunch and preparing them to teach the course. In addition to Phonetics she also taught Teaching Techniques I and TOEFL preparation. This year she'll be co-teaching Phonetics, Basic Communication II, and US Culture. She’ll also be traveling to Somoto to give a workshop series at the university’s sister campus. At the high school, Monica works with a local teacher to co-plan and co-teach 7th - 9th grade. They work to incorporate communicative activities in the classroom. This year Monica and her co-teacher hope to carry out a Spelling Bee for their students to encourage and motivate them to learn more English vocabulary. Outside of her classes, Monica has given four pronunciation lectures around Nicaragua, trained new PCVs, led numerous workshops in Leon, participated in three US Embassy sponsored summer camps, and helped coordinate a Career Fair for graduating students. She is very busy. If you are interested in the Peace Corps and/or the Peace Corps Master’s International program visit the Peace Corps website at

Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education


Alumni Update: Timothy Cauller, Ed.D Timothy Cauller (MATESOL LPA ‘99) successfully defended his dissertation last Fall, earning him a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from LeHigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Timothy Cauller, EdD

Dr. Cauller’s dissertation, “Toward an improved model of education: Maria Montessori, Karl Popper, & the evolutionary epistemology of human learning,” captured the attention of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and earned him their first place award. His dissertation was unique in that it took a multidisciplinary theoretical approach to research how educational models can be improved. As part of the award from AMS, Dr. Cauller traveled to San Francisco mid-March to speak about his dissertation research at AMS’s annual conference.

Current MIIS TESOL/LPA students were enjoyed learning about professional life after graduate school from Dr. Cauller during a brown bag lunch organized by the Center for Advising and Career Services. Dr. Cauller reflected on how his education at MIIS inspired his doctorate research and dissertation, “the connection goes back to SLA classes with Leo van Lier.” He remembers Diane Larsen-Freeman’s (1997) Chaos and Complexity Theory and how it turned him onto the idea that the process of learning is much more complex than they way we traditionally box learning in. According to Dr. Cauller, “if [he] hadn’t been in that class, [he] may not have explored that theory in a doctoral program.” Congratulations Dr. Cauller on your accomplishments this past year, we look forward to your accomplishments in the coming years!

Monterey Institute of International Studies


Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: Monterey Option

Paul DiResta

Middlebury College MA Chinese with a Focus on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (MATCFL ‘12) candidate, Paul DiResta, is spending the academic year at MIIS taking advantage of what Middlebury calls, “The Monterey Option.” Typically, Middlebury students complete their MATCFL in four summers and teach during the academic year. About four years ago, Middlebury began offering their MATCFL candidates the option to complete their degree by spending two summers at Middlebury with an academic year at MIIS in between.

DiResta is the most recent Middlebury MATCFL candidate to choose the “Monterey Option.” In DiResta’s own words, he is “psyched” that he is doing this option and he doesn’t understand “why more people don’t do [the Monterey Option].” In addition to completing his degree in a shorter amount of time, DiResta is “looking forward to getting two different perspectives.” DiResta whole-heartedly recommends the “Monterey Option” to his colleagues at Middlebury. In fact, the MA Arabic program has just added the “Monterey Option”. DiResta hopes that, in the future, the relationship between Middlebury and MIIS will become even more reciprocal and more MIIS MATFL candidates will take courses through Middlebury.

Alumni Updates

After graduation Lucy Bunning (MATESOL/TFL ‘02) went to work in Rwanda for two years with the State Department’s English Language Fellows program. Currently, she is working on her doctorate in Educational Studies at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Karen Hamilton (MATESOL ‘08) and ESL director Patricia Szasz returned to Baku, Azerbaijan in January to conduct a two-week teacher training workshop with instructors at the national aviation academy. This is the third trip to Azerbaijan for Hamilton. Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education

14 Rebecca Present-Thomas (MATESOL LPA ‘07), who is now doing her doctorate in Amsterdam, is in charge of the graduate student professional event at the Language Testing Research Colloquium – an international conference which will be held in Princeton this year.

Matthew Robinson (MATESOL ‘08) became an English Language Fellow (ELF) in East Timor after graduating from MIIS. He is currently a lecturer in the ESL department at the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies (ILCS) in Bhutan. Pete Rogan (MATESOL ‘97) and Anne Gustafson Rogan (MATESOL ’96) are married and now live in Minnesota with their two daughters, Mariana and Caroline. Pete is researching the use of video games in language learning for his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. Anne is teaching English as a Second Language at Hamline University. Jaala Thibault (MATESOL ‘07) recently published three articles in the New York Times titled “Changes in Kabul Classrooms”, “A Teacher’s Learning Curve in Kabul”, and “Afghans Build Peace, One Stanza at a Time.” In her articles, Thibault recounts her experiences teaching in Kabul, where she was placed as an English Language Fellow (ELF) in 2010. She continues to travel to Kabul regularly to conduct teacher training programs. Thibault states that she had big plans of going to Kabul to reform the education system but she had to learn to be patient with the pace of progress.

Tammy Wik (MATESOL ‘11) graduated last December and now works and travels as the English Language Fellows (ELF) recruiter for the Southwest region. Monterey Institute of International Studies

Discourse & Repartee 2012  

GSTILE's annual publication

Discourse & Repartee 2012  

GSTILE's annual publication