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The Easy and Simple Money E-book Brought to you by Gerald Stidham 928-606-2801 Welcome To “The Easy and Simple Money E-book” I am very excited for you and congrats on receiving The Easy and Simple Money E-book. Even thoughy I have decided to make this E-book available for free ' I really want to help thousands of people”. It is not some fly-by night hokey-pokey E-book. It is full of real, working techniques that can help you start building a very nice monthly residual income in a short amount of time. These techniques have proven themselves to work again and again. Many are using this exact system to make money online right now and many more will implement these techniques in the months and years to come. All you have to do is accept responsibility for your own SUCCESS and implement these proven and effective techniques. Table of Contents Chapter #1....Why Use The Internet To Create Wealth? Chapter #2....Where to start? Chapter #3...Do your research Chapter #4....The Guru's have been lying to you Chapter #5....This is not a numbers game Chapter #6....Determine your “WHY” Chapter #7....Embrace failure

Chapter #8....Marketing Made Easy ➔ Capture pages...why replicated ones will KILL your business ➔ Lead in pages...easy to do and very effective ➔ Auto-responders....Yes, you do need one ➔ Traffic exchanges...they do work if done correctly ➔ Safelist....I love them ➔ Branding yourself....very important to do ➔ E-book technique ➔ Youtube....videos will make you rich Chapter #1....Why Use The Internet To Create Wealth?

I think most people would agree with me on this statement... the Internet is one of the easiest and QUICKEST ways to make money today. The internet treats everyone the same, this means that ANYONE can make money on the internet regardless of their gender, age, education, experience, etc. etc. All you really need is a working computer or labtop, access to the internet, motivation, understanding of how the marketing process works and a few skill sets. The internet gives you access to unlimited customers from all over the globe. Many off-line business owners would die for this kind of exposure. And, if done right it can be fully automated, making you money 24/7 The technology available today allows even people with limited or no experience or knowledge of marketing online to have rather quick success. That is why I created this E-bbok, you too can start making money online by just reading this E-book and applying the techniques I teach. Now, don't get me wrong, I would never tell anyone that they could be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, in a couple of months. Those who make such outlandish claims are most likely scam artists and are not themselves actually making this kind of money. However, with some motivation, willingness to learn and time, then YES this kind of income is eventually possible. But if you want a honest and honorable way of making some real money online to pay your bills, take a vacation, educate your kids or buy new car or home, then

please continue reading this handbook. You must understand that many people have had success with their own online business. And, the best part is that most of these successful people are just like you and I...ordinary folks just wanting to better their lives. You don’t need any special technical computer skills to create your wealth online. Of course, you will have to learn a few new skill sets, but once you learn these new skill sets they are your's forever and can be applied to any opportunity you see fit to get invloved with. One of the most important factors to you having success online will be your entrepreneurial spirit and a strong mindset. With so many people around that succeeded on the internet, it is now YOUR turn to create an income stream directly from the internet! Chapter #2....Where to start?

There are many ways for you to make money using the internet. Most methods work and range from affiliate marketing to pay-per-click. Don't try and master everything when you first get started, this is an almost impossible task to take on. This can lead to information overload and that is the last thing you want to happen to you. I have seen many a new-comer enter into the Industry only to quit because of information overload. Information overload is the number one factor that makes newbies fail. So, how do you know which is the best one to begin with? Well, I recommend you start with MLM or network marketing...WHY?, good question. With other business models you are looking at a one-time direct payment. This business model requires you to constantly have a new stream of can never catch your breath With network marketing you build a residul income that pays you month after month for work you did weeks or even years ago. Think of it in these terms, do you get a bill each month from your phone co?, or

internet provider?....sure you do. This is residual income, they are getting paid for marketing they did years ago. Also, ever notice how the satellite TV providers are always advertising the program where if you recommend someone and if they signup they get a spiff as well as you?. That is network marketing my friend and all the fortune 500 companies practice it. In this handbook, I will show you how to make money online, easily, with network marketing. Chapter #3....Do your research

Do your research here, before joining someone make sure they are who they claim to be. There are too many scam artists out there simply looking to seperate you from your hard-earned money. How do you go about doing research?... ➢ Google their name or program ➢ Look into forums like Warrior forum ➢ Start a communication with your potential mentor and see if they respond quickly and honestly...if not run the other way ➢ Google the program name and then add review to the end of it....remember that not all reviews will be good even for the best programs out there. Take each review with a grain of salt Do not take YOUR research is your responsibility to properly do your research before joining someone or a system. This is a long term commitment you must make and feeling good about your decision is important. Most online Gurus are full of "you know what". Why?, because they try and pitch you on buying into their system or program based on theory, not actual results. If I was wanting to learn to drive a car I would not seek the advice of my 16 year old daughter. No, I would look for a seasoned, experienced driver who has already been there and done that. The same goes for having success online. Simply align yourself with a proven

leader and follow exactly what he/she has done to become successful and make money online. Now, once you have discovered your business model you need to apply what this person is teaching. It is not good enough to simply understand and learn their techinques, you MUST apply them once you have learned them. Do not get caught up in the proces many people fall into, where they fail to implement what they are being taught. You are not going to learn everything, this online success business is a ongoing process that never ends. Join an opportunity that is not too saturated and offers a 100% commission on all your downline activity. I remember a certain opportunity that I joined and built up to a nice residual income was only offering a commission of $1 for all my activity. That makes it hard to see success, make sure the opportunity offers a 100% commision paid to you on all your activity. Chapter #4....The Guru's have been lying to you

Every heavy- hitter or Guru will tell you and try and convince you that network marketing is a sales industry. I have news for you…It is not....Ready for the truth?: Network marketing is a teaching & mentoring business. If you study mobile apps, or blogging platforms, or how the pastor in the long fur coat cleaned the sidewalk every Tuesday for a year ... or for that matter ANY product or service ... You're simply wasting your time and efforts. You are actually in the people business, your product is people. Learn about people, study their habits and find out how you can help them have success. Help them with their dreams first, not your dreams. You have probably heard this before, but if not I will say it again…People join people, they don't join companies. Don’t believe me?, I can prove it.

I can find a successful person in any legit business that is making a lot of money and I can also find people in that same company who are not. Why is this?, we know it’s not the product or the company…because we have successful people in the organization. The successful ones implement this people principle into their business. Build your people first people. Then the people will build your business to incredible heights. Remember this, when you build people, your retention rate will go through the roof. Chapter #5....This is not a numbers game I suppose this would work if you were a professional gambler in Vegas I know the famous Heavy Hitters will tell you this, "It's Just A Numbers Game..Baby" Time for a reality check…People are people , they are not numbers. They have ambition, dreams and desires they want to fill. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandmothers, and grandfather's to someone that loves them and respects them. They are not dollar signs, but real people with feelings and concerns.The moment you start treating them like dollar signs, you will have no future in this Industry…that I promise. This method only teaches people how to be a recruiter, not a caring and supportive sponsor. Stop the madness and treat your people with respect, fairness and kindness. A recruiter will never get to know the people in their organization. What are their dreams, desires and what do they want to accomplish by starting a online business. Who are their children, wives and friends. Recruiters will never know this. To them it’s only about the dollar signs. Pity….. To succeed long-term in this Industry, you need to become a caring and supportive mentor with a servant's heart. When you STOP being a recruiter and embracing the mentor method, people will ask you to please sponsor them into your business. Here is one of my all time favorite heavy-hitter quotes… The Heavy Hitters tell you "NO" is a good thing!...WHAT?

Yea, they say go get 100 “NO’s”, this is only getting you closer to your next “YES”. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, and I have heard some crazy stuff from these people. What moron came up with this approach? This advice has caused many a good person to drop out of the game. The Hitters will also give you self-talk to use when you look in the mirror, something like this… "I am the master of my own fate." Or maybe “If’s it’s to be it’s up to me” Remember this the next time you are chanting one of those quotes while looking in the mirror. No city or large building or successful network marketing empire was ever been built by just one person. It takes many a whole team of people from every walk of life & experience coming together, for one common goal. working together. Consider this: No baker = no bread = no food. No engineer = no oil company = no gas. Yes, you do need a good product You absolutely need a great product. You won't sustain success without one. But…..the most important thing to remember is a lot of people need to work together. Every single company that I have seen fold up their tents and close shop were not people-&-relationship-driven. I don’t care how good their products were or how well managed they were…they all failed or were barely able to keep there heads above water. Now, on the flip side of this coin, every "relationship-driven" business, no matter how inferior its products or services and no matter how poorly-managed, was successful almost always. So, align yourself with a company that offers good products or services, Then focus all of your energy on helping others reach their dreams. THAT is where the success comes from and should be your top priority. Chapter #6....Determine your “WHY”

Here is a crazy statement…Your Business Life Expectancy Is About One Hour. Don’t believe me?, OK, you got me on this one. The above statement is an exaggeration. But, not that much of an exaggeration. The actual facts are…90% of new businesses fail the first year. And 90% of the rest fail in the next 4 years. That is not good! You're excited about your new business and you start building your empire. I promise you that a thousand things will go wrong. You will want to quit a thousand times over and curse the day you ever decided to start this. Most people will just simply quit. You need a strong enough reason to keep doing it. If you have a strong “WHY” and what you are doing is not working, then you have a strong enough desire to keep going forward and trying things until it does. If your commitment and “WHY” are weak, you will fail. First thing I like to do with my new team members, is to help you figure out your “WHY”.Most family and friends will have a huge issue with your decision to improve your life. They do not WANT to see you succeed. This is a fact and you are no different. Sure, you can argue with me until the cows come home…”I slipped that cow thing in for one of my closest business partners..Rhonda Clark” But it won’t change a thing. There are people in your life who will be threatened when you decide to make a change in your life. They will criticize you and try to suck the life out of you. Why? Because, misery truly does love company. Simply..remove them from your life. Don’t forget your amazing… “WHY”, I am talking about a 99.9% “WHY”, this will keep you going through rain, sleet, snow, flood, pestilence, nuclear holocaust, or the criticism of a “loved” one. Try and answer these these questions to find your "WHY". · What are you excited about? · Do you work more than 50 hours a week in your job? · What do you like most about your job? · What do you hate most about your job? · What do you do in your spare time? · If money was not an issue, what kind of house would you like to live in? · Are you worried about your retirement? · What do you just absolutely HATE about your life?

· · ·

If you had all the money you needed, what problems would go away? If time was of no concern to you, what would you do? Besides the money, what are you looking for?

Here is my “WHY” My main “WHY” and the reason I chose this Industry, is my family. I truly love my wife and 3 children and am very proud of all of them. I want to spend quality time with them and provide a lifestyle I never had growing up. My second “WHY”, is that I hated working for Corporate America. I hated the control they had over me. Telling me when I could work, when I could take a lunch and more. I hated the fact I was building a business for someone else and getting paid peanuts for it. I was expendable… I understand that many husbands and fathers rarely or never get the chance to do the things they want with their families…I was at one time riding that ship. For me, the rewards of Net-work marketing have allowed me to build the relationships I hold close to my heart. I promise you, that you will hear me say this a lot…Network Marketing is NOT a sales business and It certainly is not a thinking business. It’s a people and listening business. It's a teaching and mentoring business. You need to exist to mentor & coach your people to success. Not your success. They must come first! Get Serious about your “WHY” and – Email Me! I would love to see your “WHY” and make sure it is a 99% one. It is absolutely critical. You must have a strong, written "WHY", to ride out the highs and lows of this Industry and stick around long enough to be successful in this business. So my question is, “How motivated are you?” and are you willing to write down your “WHY”? Chapter #7....Embrace failure

You most likely WILL NOT make 6 figures a month, your first or even your third

month working your online business. There's almost no way in heck that could happen. Building a big monthly income online business takes time, committment and a willingness to learn new skill sets. I can promise you that any successful online marketers has paid their dues. They have worked hard, smart and never stopped learning new marketing techniques and skill sets. I can also promise you that most if not all successful online business owners have experienced this during their journey to success, their business has had many ups and downs. How can you possibly know what works and what does not if you never fail. One cannot experience happiness, until they know sorrow. The same applies to your own online business, you must experience failures in order to expereince success. Do not treat failures as your enemy, they are not a refelction of your character or work ethic. They are simply part of the process to becoming rich with your own online business. I really don't even like the word...failure, but it is a word most understand and can associate with. In my opinion, the only way to experience the true meaning of the word that most people associate with it is to QUIT! If you quit, then yes you have failed. If you experience failures during your journey to success and make adjustments along the way, then you have not have simply accepted the process and worked with it. If you truly want to have success online, then you must understand that you will have failures along the way. Simply embrace those failures and make adjustments to correct them. Soon, your failures will show up less frequently and your successes will soon start to overcome the failures and now you are on the path to success.

Marketing Made Easy..... In the next series of chapters we will be looking at the marketing side of the business. You must market your business each and everyday, I know you are saying, HEY Gerald you said that net-work marketing and residual income would allow me to not have to work anymore. Well, not completly stop working, but my system will allow you to go from working 30 hours a week to maybe only working 10 hours and getting the same results, but like any business you must market your opportunity.

I do not complicate my marketing efforts, I stick to what works. No razzle-dazzle or any other nonsense. Just the basics, for those that understand and embrace it, success comes more easily. It has worked for many years for hundreds of others, it has worked for me and can work for you. First, let's look at the marketing process: Here is a great video explaining how the marketing process works... Here is what you are going to need to start your marketing 1. A capture page 2. A lead in page 3. Autoresponder In a nutshell, that is all you really need to start making money online. Yes, we will cover other areas of marketing, bur for the most part this is all you need to start off with. The first couple of chapters cover this, after that I cover more in depth marketing techniques âž” Capture pages...why replicated ones will KILL your business A little about capture pages or squeeze pages. They are simply a short page offering a free gift or maybe a little bit about the opportunity. To see one that I made and get a feeling for the link below Remember this, contratry to popular belief....capture pages are not meant to get signups. They are designed to get a optin or lead. If you treat them like a sales page, you will have poor results and your business will suffer. Use them to simply get people interested in your opportunity and start the relationship building process. A optin or a person on your mailing list is a lead, which is a good thing. Once a lead is on your mailing list, you can build a relationship, offer free gifts or advice and more. Most people have to see your opportunity 6 to 7 times before joining. DO NOT SEND A OPTIN FROM YOUR CAPTURE PAGE DIRECTLY TO YOUR COMPANIES SALES PAGE. I hope I got my message thru to you on capture pages, use them to build your

mailing list, not as a tool to get signups. That will come later on in the sales process. Ok, now you have selected your opportunity, joined it and are now ready to start making some money. The first thing your company or sponsor will tell you is, that you have an affiliate URL. This URL is embedded with your affiliate code and is already built for you to start using. Then, they will tell you to go blast this replicated link all over the Internet and watch the money come pouring in.....WRONG Replicated “the one already made for you' capture pages and web pages, that your company offers are a KILLER for your business. Why?, because hundreds if not thousands of other affiliates are using the same capture page. You must set yourself apart from the competition and brand yourself as a leader, you do this by creating capture pages that are simple, different from the rest and effective. The type of squeeze pages that work best are not anywhere near what you'd think. 1. They do not contain videos...only a smiling pic. 2. Do not list "your information will never be sold" 3. Use double optin or triple optin 4. Say the wrong things and way too much of it. Granted I have tried alot of different rechniques over the years to get my capture pages to convert into sales or memberships. What I discovered is there is one formula that wins hands down almost on every single occasion. Here is that formula...... · You should never use video on your squeeze pages, it will almost always lower conversion rates · Never post "your information will be confidential & never shared with anyone" and "I hate spam as much as you do" this decreases conversion rates on squeeze pages...there is a much better way too say it. · Use single optin instead of double optin, I know what your thinking...SPAM complaints, however if done the right way it will actually cut down on your SPAM complaints. · Never give away a free gift on your welcome email, it will likely decrease sales on the backend · You must create the concept of the "ah-ha moment" and use it between squeeze pages · You must write a headline that "hooks" people for your squeeze

page Let's look at each one in more detail. I have found that using videos actually lower your optin rate, they are slow to load and few ever take the time to watch one. Never post your info will never be sold or I hate spam as much as you do. I promise you that down the line someone will want to buy your list for a nice profit and you will not be able to sell them your list. Try and always use a single optin option on your autoresponder, it actually lowers spam complaints. You need to be offering some kind of free gift in exchange for someones email. Either offer a free ebook, video or training. It needs to be something of value and not just trown together in a few hours. Give the free gift right after someone enters their email information, do not wait until the welcome email. keep everything in front of your prospect and current. Simply redirect them to your free gift right after they enter their information. âž” Lead in pages...easy to do and very effective The ah-ah page is simply a lead in page to your offer or company. My marketing process works this way.... 1. Prospect enters their email info from my capture page 2. I re-direct them to the ah-ah page which has the free gift download links and a snippet of what the big picture is. Listed below is a sample of a ah-ah page 3. Final link on my ah-ah page to my site or company signup page You will notice on my ah-ah page, I give them the free downloads and a small snippet of information on the bigger picture. Then I link the ah-ah page to my website or it can be your company signup page or maybe a product info page. Even if the prospect does not sign up immediately, more importantly you now have them on your list and can follow up with them and build a relationship. The hook is the must be short and concise. Do not put too much info here. A good way to come up with a good hook, is too go to your companies sales page and look for a paragraph that best describes the opportunity. Shrink it a bit and maybe add a little bit of your personality. There you have

it...simple, effective and it works. âž” Auto-responders....Yes, you do need one Autoresponders are just a tool you use to follow up with your prospects, remember most people need to see your opportunity several times before joining. I won't go too much into the mechanics of autoresponders, as several companies offer them. One, such company is the one I am involved with, and there are others. 1. To see the one I use click here... 2. Traficswarm is another 3. Aweber Email marketing is the LIFEBLOOD of any online business and your list is your most valuable asset. Therefore, it makes sense to have a deliberate strategy to create immediate trust and to communicate in a way that gets your prospects to take action. And of course, one of those actions is to invest in what you offer them... so you make profits. Below is a 11 step email sequence that is hard to improve on. It works Below is each email in the series along with a "why it works" explanation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #1 Establishing the Relationship This first email is critical. Here's why you need them to link YOUR NAME to instant recognition immediately. That's important because most people first look at the "from" line before the subject line when opening an email. So let's say you got someone on your list because you gave them a free gift Here's what the email would look like: Subject: Your Gift - "Title of Gift" Hello, Thanks for signing up to get your [name of gift]. You are getting this email because you signed up here: [Put link to the squeeze page] You can download your free gift by clicking the link

below: [Insert link to download the gift] Go ahead and download the gift ASAP. Also, be on the lookout for a special email from me tomorrow titled [insert name of email]. It's very important you open it. Thanks! --Your Name Explanation people don't always check their email right away. So it's best to remind them where they signed up from. Plus it helps lock in your name and make an association in their mind so when you send them future emails, they'll be more likely to open them. Also, we're using a technique called "future pacing" where we are prepping them already to open up tomorrow's email. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email#2 Your Story subject: personal Hello, I want to share with you some personal details of my life... for a very specific reason. I think this will be of great benefit to you as you [work to accomplish the benefit you are desiring. Plus, there is another very specific reason I'm sharing this with you. You can check it out here: "link to your story" Thanks for reading this. Click the link above now. -Your Name Explanation: you're going to want to send people to a page ike this one: because you explain on that page your "failure to success" story

under the context of "I hate getting emails from people who I don't feel like I know. So let's fix that". You can read the page at that link and model your "personal" page after it. This works so well it's shocking more marketers don't use it. Oh well their loss and your gain! One more thing. At the end of the "story" page put a link to resources that they can buy from you so you get paid. Also, at the end of the first email,on the page where you give them their free gift, put a link to otherresources they can invest in so again... you can make money. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #3 The "Future Pace" Email subject: my philosophy Hello, If you notice, I typically send you an email every [x] days. The reason I do this is simple... I care. I do communicate quite frequently because it is my goal to help you get [benefits they desire]. From time to time I will give you opportunities to invest: Either stuff I've created or from people who I think offer quality stuff that can help you [get certain benefits]. I also often send emails chocked full of goodies, tips and tricks and other things that I know will help you succeed. I also like to only email those who are receptive to bettering themselves. So if these emails are an intrusion to you, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe link" that accompanies every email

I send out. But I truly believe you'll want to stay because you'll likely find value time and again from each email I send you. Like today's email for example. I have a free gift I'd like to give you... [insert free gift link] Go ahead and click on that link to get your free gift. And thanks for reading today's email. -Your Name Explanation: People are more likely to open your emails if they know what to expect from you. This tells them what to expect. Plus it lets them know you will sell them stuff, and you explain why that's GOOD for them. Then you give a gift at the end. Naturally in that gift there should be opportunities for you to get paid. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #4: Your First "Hard" Pitch Subject: [big benefit related to whatever you're offering] Subject: Why most personal development gurus suck Hello Most self help "experts" talk about theories... I'm more into modeling. Find someone who has something I want, and then just model what they DO, not what they say. I got lucky enough to break down some really key stuff that I think will help you with your Internet marketing career, and life in general. Check it out here:

{link to your companies sales page here} Thanks! your name Explanation:fairly straight forward. Just write up an email promoting something straight up either yourown stuff or affiliate stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #5 Where the Niche Is Heading This s an email you want to send out where you make predication about the "future"of what is going to happen in that niche. Then at the end you can tie in an offer that best aligns them to take advantage of the opportunities of the future if you wish. Example: subject: What IM will be like in 3 months Hello, You've might've noticed some recent trends in internet marketing. More people than ever are doing those no-fast forward video sales letters. Also, there is more "scarcity" being used to try to get you to make an impulse purchase than ever before. And there seems to be a new "fad of the month" that is popping up that everybody is jumping on and considering the Holy Grail. What should you do? The best thing is to avoid the "herd" and just don't do what everyone else does. The second thing is to go back to the fundamentals that have worked for the last 150 years...

not just the last 15 days. For example, long form sales letters have worked, still work, and will continue to work. Regardless‌ So if you get real good at JUST THAT, then you have a skill that will be valuable to you the rest of your life. It's more important than ever to master the basics so that way your skills have a long shelf life. And learning how to write copy is one of those basics everyone should master. That's why I think it's important you take a look at this: {your affiliate link or website page} Thanks, your name ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #6 Foster Unbridled Optimism If you do nothing more than give them a positive,optimistic outlook with each email you send ,they will love you. That's because there are few people who do this..and we all want t feel better about our future. So this is an email where your chief aim is to give them hope that anything is possible because it is! Here's an example... subject: I wished on a star - the opposite came true

When I was 3 my mom went back to college. She also worked full time so she had to take classes at night. She would drop me off in this little po-dunk town, with

a population of less than 500 people. It was my aunt's farm. My aunt would watch me. My aunt loved me dearly and would do anything for me. She also had children - my cousins - who were both older than me and "the coolest people" I'd ever hung out with. In short - I loved that place. I'd even beg my mom to let me stay there on the weekends when she wasn't in school. One of those weekends my two cousins and I were hanging outside until it got dark. Then we had to go in. Before we did, my cousin Dave says, "Look, a falling star. We get to make a wish!" So he makes a wish, then goes in. My cousin Christy makes a wish next and she goes in. I still haven't figured out what my wish is going to be yet - and then it hits me. I know the perfect wish. I say, "I never want this house to burn down". Then I go inside. Keep in mind, I was 5 at the time. A silly childish wish... Heck, why didn't I wish for something better. I don't know. But you know where this is heading. A few short months later that house caught fire. Burned to a crisp. Two of my Nintendo games were in there, and they got ruined! Was I jaded? You bet I was. Here I was, a naive 5 year old little boy who was told that if you wished upon a star it would come true. And I wished. And the opposite happened. That's when I made a choice that defined who I am today.

That's when I decided to become my own "wish fulfiller". Forget the stars. I'd make my wishes come true myself. And I have. I wished to be a son my parents could be proud of. And they are because of all I have already accomplished and how much influence I have on positively shaping the lives of others. I have become relatively rich over the last few years and earn in the top 2% in the United States. That wish came true. I always wanted to make a difference - and I have thousands upon thousands of testimonials that attest that I have, in fact, made a difference. Those were my wishes. I got them. Not by wishing on some silly star. But by wishing deep down in my soul, which created a burning desire... which made me find a way to make those things happen! Become your own wish-fulfiller. Do it today. And maybe I can take a small part of the credit for helping you get there faster. One thing that can help is if you head over to {your affiliate link or story page goes here} right now and check out my special offer for building long term wealth. Thanks, your name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #7 Your Second "Hard Pitch" This is just like your first one only this time with a new offer. You'll notice we do a lot of selling with these emails. And that's good. People want to invest in things that will have more value than the money they exchange for it so let them! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Email #8 Your Second "Hard Pitch" Follow Up Email Again, same principle. Follow up makes you more money! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #9 Your "shortcomings" Email This is an email where you tell a story that exposes your shortcomings. Here's why this works because it humanizes you. Most people who do email marketing only talk about their "good" side... and they seem so machine like. Every so often it's good to talk about what you struggle with... they can relate to that. Then you can always spin it so that way they can see how "in spite" of this you still succeeded, giving them hope. Here's an example that does this: subject: I used to suffer from panic attacks...

They started when I was 17. The first time I had one, I almost called 911. Over the years they got worse. I often drank 4 to 5 beers a day to "take the edge" off so I could sleep at night. Then my panic attacks turned into agoraphobia. That's fear of open spaces. In other words - I couldn't walk down the street or be in a car very long before I'd start to freak out and have a panic attack. I was a prisoner in my own mind, and I hated it. Then, I made my panic attacks go away by a stroke of dumb luck. I came in contact with someone who used to be a monk, and still was a vegetarian from his monk days. I thought vegetarianism was an interesting concept - something I have never thought about before. So I looked it up online. And after digging around a bit, I landed on this web site run by people who followed the same path of worship as my former monk friend.

From that, I just started reading some of the spiritual texts. The introduction of one grabbed me when the author said... "Just try this, step by step. And if you don't experience relief, then don't do it anymore. It's as simple as that." So I started trying some of these spiritual principles. Strangely enough, they actually worked. Really well. Pretty soon my panic attacks were gone. And before I knew it, I was a full on monk. Crazy! I was a monk for almost 3 years of my life, and it was a great experience. Of course, some people are born to be entrepreneurs, and that was me. So I ventured back out into the world determined to become rich by enriching other people's lives, now that I had my head on straight, so to speak. And I faced the same challenges as I did when I first became a monk. My dad said to me: "why do you want to complicate your life and make it so much harder?" when I first become a monk. My dad said to me: "I don't think this is going to work out so good..." when I first got into marketing. Good thing I didn't listen to him :) My friends thought I was odd, disillusioned, even crazy when they first found out I was a monk. My friends thought the same thing when they first found out I had set a goal to be a millionaire in 5 years. Good thing I didn't listen to them :)

Before becoming a monk, I lived a very "anti-monk" lifestyle, so to speak :) I did indeed have to make a lot of sacrifices that were tough at first, but ultimately ones that were worth it... and ones I'd do again in a second. When I first got into internet marketing, I was broke. I painted houses for 12 bucks an hour, had a negative net worth and lived with my dad near not one, but two pawnshops. I had a lot of challenges ahead of me. I can remember going months without spending a cent on anything outside of Internet marketing that wasn't essential. Meaning I didn't rent movies... or even watch television. I didn't buy new clothes... I wore the same shoes for 3 years straight. I drove a 1988 Toyota Celica that didn't have heat or air conditioning, and a muffler so loud I once got pulled over for it. Almost every penny I made went into my Internet marketing business. And I'm glad I "paid the price"... because it was worth it. And I'd do it again in a heart beat. See, I really understand the two pains we as humans must all experience... you either experience the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Now, the pain of discipline weighs ounces compared to the pain of regret, which weighs tons. What would your life be like if you looked back on it in 10 years and you hadn't made any progress on any of your major life goals? How easy would it be for you to sleep at night with this gnawing away at your brain? Far too few people every consider this. And they should. The world would be a better place.

And I'm asking you to consider it right now. Which pain are you going to experience? The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? How bad do you really, really want it? And what are you going to do in order to get it? Would you make the same sacrifices as I did? I was buying training courses with my last few dollars instead of buying big screen TVs. I was buying software instead of buying new shoes. I'd be remiss if I didn't extend to you what I think is one of the greatest training opportunities on the Internet:{your link} I have just released this new revised edition with the latest info, tips and secrets. Now I ask you to "risk" and put faith in me to help you with your goals. Seriously - get it. You'll thank me for years to come. {your link goes here} your name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #10 Free Gift Email In this email you simply send them a free gift with no strings attached. It's often a short report,a video,or even a well written article. And of course you might have a resource or two available at the end of the email. Here's an example: subject: the great article marketing hoax (free report) Hello, I got my start doing article marketing and bum marketing. However, it's not all it's cracked up to be, and for most people, it can actually be a hazard to their business. In the report below I reveal the truth about article marketing, and why you should probably avoid bum marketing all together...

And 3 alternative "article marketing" strategies that I use instead. Click the link below to get your free report: {your free gift} your name ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email #11 "What Do You Want" Email In this email you simply ask for feedback from your audience. The best thing to do is ask them what problem they struggle with the most and they'd like help with. Then you simply take their topics, and there you go you now know what to write your future emails about! Here's an example... subject: can I ask a quick favor? Hello, The main reason I send out emails is to help you get the results you desire. As you notice I often give lots of good information and helpful resources. But I always want to help more. So this is where you come in. I'd love to give you exactly what you want over the next few weeks... and the best way I know is to simply ask you what you want. So here is the favor I ask of you. Can you take a quick moment to reply to this email? Just hit reply and write 1-3 sentences about topics you'd love to see me cover, and what you'd love to know more about. Then, if I get enough responses, I will make sure to cover those things. Sound cool?

Thanks, -Your Name

➔ Traffic exchanges...they do work if done correctly You will hear many opinions about using Traffic Exchanges to promote and build your all in one profit business, both Pro and Con. However, I have found in my marketing experiences, that traffic exchanges can be an effective way to get exposure to your opportunity, blog or wherever you want to send some traffic too. IF DONE CORRECTLY We are going to be looking at the pro’s and con’s of using traffic exchanges, how to be effective with your campaigns and which traffic exchanges are the best to join. So, let’s go ahead and dive right in to the training needed to see some success with traffic exchange campaigns. What are traffic exchanges? In the most basic sense, manual and free traffic exchanges are just that, companies or exchanges set up for the purpose of exchanging websites within it’s membership base. As a member, I view or “SURF” other members websites in exchange for credits. Then, these credits can be used by me to get my site shown to other members. Pretty basic and if done right…effective. Most traffic exchanges are free to join, but there is an upgrade option available if you would like to upgrade. I have found that the upgrade on most traffic exchanges usually is around $15 to $20 dollars a month. Upgrading is your choice.. If you upgrade, you are typically given extra credits each month, commissions for anyone you refer..”that also upgrades”, extra banner and text ad impressions and a higher credit amount while surfing, I.E. free members get .5 credits per view, where a upgraded member could get 1 to 1.5 credits per website viewed. Which traffic exchanges are the best? Great question, and one I get asked alot. Some experts say to join traffic exchanges that have a large membership base, while others will say that is not important. I have heard people talking about the traffic exchange rating list “this can easily be manipulated by the traffic exchange itself”. Others will say to look for conversion rate, bonus credits and on and on and on. So, now you are probably more confused than before…and are probably saying thanks Gerald for making it seem even more complicated. However, I have found that a good rule of thumb is to join the traffic exchange sites that work. Not too worry, too make it easy to get started I am including the top 5 traffic exchanges. These sites are easy to join, easy to surf, have some pretty good surf bonuses

and most importantly…have a pretty responsive membership base. 1.EasyHits4U …… My #1 traffic exchange 2.Traffic Splash … My #2 traffic exchange 3.I Love Hits 4.Tezak Traffic Power 5.Hit Safari And, I will include 1 more. It is called Sweeva, more of a social media traffic exchange, but has been pretty good so far. Simply click on the Sweeva name to join. As you get better at this, you will probably want to join a few more exchanges. With some experience, you will easily be able to determine which other traffic exchanges are worth joining. it is important to understand the end user when dealing with surfers. Now, I am a surfer so I would fall into this category. Most traffic exchange surfers have a short attention span, and are really more interested in getting their opportunity shown to you, and not really in the market for joining your new and exciting opportunity. In other words, they are not targeted prospects. Marketing to traffic exchanges is not the place to try and sell a product, opportunity or something else. You have only about 15 seconds to get their attention and then get them to click your link. You achieve success from this by building a CAPTURE PAGE OR SPLASH PAGE. Splashpages are just that, a short informative page that build curiosity and gets the end user to take whatever action you are wanting them to do. However, to be the most effective You must design your own capture page, unique to you. Remember, you are not trying to sell them something…YET. You are simply leading them down a sales funnel, which will ultimately lead to a sign-up, or to join your list or whatever you are trying to achieve. Using your own capture page is important We are not trying to sell them anything yet, just start the sales funnel process. Also, these company generated pages are also being used by hundreds if not thousands of other distributors. They really lose their appeal and effectiveness, when it is the same page being shown time after time after time….design your own capture page. Build a better mousetrap, and they will come: You must be willing to create your own splashpages if you expect to have any success with traffic exchanges. Now, this is actually easier than you might expect. There are several companies online that will allow you to build a FREE splashpage and even host it for you. One of them is Easyhits4U. Now, the interface they offer to build these splashpages is similar to a word processor, or maybe a spreadsheet. So, if you have any experience with these platforms, then building a splashpage will be easy and if not, no worries….I have a training video on how to build a capture

page and host it on easyhits4U A much better way to go is to use the free splashpage builder that Easyhits4U traffic exchange offers. You will need to join anyway, and as a free member you are allowed to build 3 splashpages, and they will host them for you. These pages can be deleted, edited and tracked. I teach you how to host your capture page on my capture training page. In a nutshell: OK, let’s look at each step 1.Join my top 5 traffic exchanges 2.Upgrade if you decide too 3.Build your own splashpages 4.Promote yourself first 5.Use the sales funnel approach 6.Set up your splashpages on your different traffic exchanges Click…Click…Click: I would recommend trying to get at least 100 credits a day per traffic exchange. I agree at first this may seem like a rather tall order, but once you start to use the exchanges on a daily basis you will get more efficient. 100 credits per exchange should take about 45 minutes. Now, what I do is open 2 tabs in my browser, and surf 2 exchanges at the some time. At first this can be a little difficult to do, but once you have done it a few times it will come very easy to you. Now, you can surf 2 traffic exchanges at the same time. At the end of the session, you will have 100 credits in 2 exchanges, instead of just 100 credits on 1 exchange.

➔ Safelist....I love them Using Safelist and Listbuilders are a great way to build your All In One profits business. Note: It is always best to send traffic from safelist to your capture page first. You need to first build your capture page and then use this marketing method to send traffic to your capture page. The main difference between Safelist and Listbuilders, is that most safelist are FREE to join “with an upgrade available after joining”, where the owners of Listbuilders typically want a yearly up front fee before you can join. I really like Safelist and Listbuilders, with this type of marketing I was able to go from sweeping chimneys for a living to actually making a full time income. Let me assure you, that working from the comfort of my home is much better, than climbing on roofs, sweeping flues and getting very dirty.

A Typical Safelist: Safelist are just that… a list of subscribers that all belong to the same list. Everyone on the list has agreed to receive emails from other members, that is why they are safe to mail too…won’t get a SPAM complaint. Safelist membership can range anywhere from 2,000 to over 40,ooo members…just depends on the list. Most Safelist are Free to join, with a upgrade available after you signup. The upgrade membership can cost $10 to $50 a month. I would not recommend upgrading until you have done some mailings and most importantly analyzed your results “more on this a little bit later”. Once you find a responsive list, then you can decide if you want to upgrade or not. Safelist membership can sometimes not be as responsive as a Listbuilder site or maybe using solo ads, but they do work. Listed on the bottom of this page, will be some clickable links of every list I currently use. This list is working for me, and can help you eliminate the process of weeding out the ones that do not work. I am not promising these Safelist will work for you, but they are working for me. A Typical Listbuilder: The owner of a typical ListBuilder site, will usually want you to pay a yearly or lifetime fee, before becoming a member….or in some rare cases, they may offer a monthly membership fee. They are usually bigger list and the membership is more responsive. By requiring you to pay for the membership, it generates a more professional, committed and experienced membership base. I am not talking bad about safelist, it just requires more mailings and a bigger overall list to get the same response you would from a LIstbuilder site. How To Market To A Safelist or Listbuilder: Remember, that the 2 main differences between Safelist and Listbuilders is that Listbuilders site owners will normally want a fee to be a member, and they are more responsive. marketing to these 2 different list is basically the same. Get 2 emails accounts: First, you need 2 email accounts…both should be a Google gmail account. One email account will be your List account…this is the account you will use to receive all of the emails from other members…do not use your contact email address for this. You are going to be bombarded with emails. Your second email address, will be your contact address, it can be a email account you already have or you can setup a new one. When you start signing up for these Safelist, they will ask for a contact and a list email address. Do not get these mixed up…just remember the list address is basically a junk email account. Both email accounts will need to be verified, before you can start posting mailings.

Here is the key to SUCCESS…mail at least 50K credits every day. YES, you read that right 50K a day is the key. Now, at first that is hard to do. You have not joined enough safelist yet and your credits are too low. But, shoot for that number, you want to be increasing your credits from each mailing….just make sure you are heading in that direction. Establish a second gmail account, use this one for your list email. most safelist ask for your contact and list email. Do not enter your main email address as your list email. You will receive thousands of emails if you do. Use your second email address, and use it just for list emails from signing up with these safelist. This second email address, will also be the one you access to build credits. Safelist require you to view other members opportunities in order to gain more credits with you use to send out your own mailer. I always attach a label to whatever safelist I have joined. That way when I need to click fro more credits, it is easy to find all the emails associated with that safelist easy.

➔ Branding yourself....very important to do Branding yourself is critical to your success online. What exactly do I mean when I refer to branding yourself?....Well It means presenting yourself on the Internet as a caring and professional online marketer. People join people not opportunities, by branding yourself as a caring leader it will help skyrocket your business to new levels This is done by uploading new and informative content . You can use many tools to upload your media. ➢


Article directories

Free E-books

Let's look at each one in more detail.... YouTube....This is a great way to brand yourself as a caring leader. The technique is to record videos of yourself or do a slide show video giving good content. Do not sell or be a salesmam on these vids. People will be turned off if you do, instead use them as a way to give good content. Share techniques, stories and more. Then you simply re-direct them to your affiliate site or blog I have seen many a video get ranked on page #1 of Google Using online video marketing to build your all in one profits business can allow you to reach a huge audience of potential prospects for free or in some rare

cases a minimal investment, Just consider this…. according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau; more than 50% of the US population will watch video online next year. That’s 155.2 million people, and this is just the US. More and more people are watching lots of video and according to comScore, Americans watched 9 billion online videos just in the month of July. We are talking about big numbers here, I hope you are starting to see the opportunity that these video marketing tips can do for your all in one profits online business. Before we get started, here is some good information to know: Source: TubeMOGUL, Oct. 2007 U.S. Internet users viewed a record 14.3 billion online videos during [December], representing an increase of 13 percent versus the previous month. 78.5 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video U.S. Internet users viewed a total of 4.5 trillion display ads during the past twelve months, with the average person viewing more than 2,000 ads per month These numbers are a fact and are growing each and every year. Not only does video marketing influence the purchase decision, it is actually quite easy to get a video ranked on page 1 of google. Don’t believe me?….google this keyword: all in one profits review, that is my video on page 1. Getting started is easy and fun to do. If you have never done a video, or feel uncomfortable getting in front of a camera…do not worry, in addition to the traditional method I will also show you how to to a slide show video. By learning a few simple video marketing skill sets and obtaining a few accessories you can be on your way to video marketing success. You will eventually need this link, Here is the link to YouTube Use the link below to access my YouTube Training video. Article directories.... I soon discovered early on in my online careers, that article marketing was an effective marketing technique. It helped me build many other opportunities and it can help you build your all in one profits business. There really is no easier or better way “except maybe videos” to get your content listed organically on Google and brand yourself as an expert in your field. However, there is more to article marketing than just writing a couple of articles, posting them to article directories and then sit back and watch the traffic flood in. Not going to happen…..

However…you can certainly enjoy some very targeted and responsive traffic to your marketing content with article marketing by applying some energy, make the effort to learn a few new skill sets and being consistent. Any article I write cost me nothing “in terms of advertising budget”. Now, when anyone says that article marketing is FREE, it’s actually not. You either pay someone to do this for you, or it requires your time. And as we all know time is money.

Get your article directory accounts setup: I recommend using these 3 top article directories. • • • One of the nice benefits of in learning how to do article marketing is that other Ezine publishers may use your article in their Ezine. Everything in your original article must remain the same , so you can get your opportunity exposed to thousands of other prospects if your article is picked up. I currently have 6 articles that were picked up. You will need to log into each one, create an account and update your profile. Very important to upload a pic of yourself to your profile. Use one of the keywords above, follow the link to my article. Here you can see my profile and bio, this should help you get your creative process going when setting up your own profile. Your resource box will also need to be setup. This is where you get to promote your opportunity. Links and promoting other sites are not allowed within the body of your article, so do not do it. has a great article on how to set up your resource box, I suggest you read it to get some ideas.

Select your keyword: Now, once your accounts are setup, you need to get busy with your keyword research. I am not going to go into depth on keyword research here. If you need more training on this watch my video on keyword research. that we have that behind us, let’s continue. You will need about 3 related keywords, 1 short one and 2 long-tail ones. You will want to sprinkle your short tail keyword about 2 to 3 times into your article, the long-tail ones probably 1 time each. Example of a keyword I recently did an article around Keywords: MLM program —-short Mlm programs —-short

mlm affiliate program —long

Writing the Article: You can pay someone to write your articles for you. It is cheap to do, and they are a pretty good company to work with. Use this link to sign up for an account: Your headline is so important in learning how to do article marketing. When a person searches for your article, or sees it listed on Google the first thing they see is your headline. It needs to grab their attention, it can make or break your article being viewed. Remember, you cannot change your headline once it has been indexed, so get it right the first time. Best practices for creating headlines is to think of what headlines have grabbed your attention in the past. Yes, there are some words that will work better then others, so you will need to test and keep testing. You can break your headlines down into categories, such as list, questions and commands. Be sure and include your keyword into your header, Google likes this and it shows the person looking for an answer that your article will meet that need. List example: The top 10 ways to “your niche here” Question example: Would you like to learn about “your niche here’ Command example: Start to master your “your niche here”

Your Article Body: The main focus of article marketing is to guide the reader through your article so that they get to the resource box and the link to your opportunity. The article needs to have 2 major things in it in order to accomplish your call to action…..the click Your keyword needs to flow within the article, do not over saturate it within the article, as Googles spiders will know this and assume you are just spamming the keyword to get a better ranking. I have found that a 2 to 3 percent saturation works best. So an article of 300 to 450 words, the keyword should show up maybe 3 to 5 times. Your article needs to maintain interest throughout the entire article, you don’t want the reader to stop reading your article. All good article body will act as a pre-sell of the backlink. You want to have the reader finish reading your article wanting more information.

A few points to implement into your article: Relevancy: Most of your target traffic will probably be coming from the search engines. When

the reader types in a keyword, they will probably have a specific thought in mind. Long keywords is a simple process to know what they want. If someone is searching for “best vacation spots for skiing in Europe‟ chances they are looking for just that information. Now, if the reader types in “Europe vacations‟ they could be looking for places to ski, site see, cruise or more. If your niche happens to be something to do with skiing as a hobby rather than the professional industry, then of course, you‟re going to want your article to be about the former. It is almost impossible to get your article to be relevant for all the keywords in your niche, you should try to give your audience exactly what they are searching for. Creating Interest: Best case scenario, is your article is exactly what someone was searching for, then your problem is solved. Now, if it isn‟t, then your going to have to create interest that will keep the reader reading from start to finish. There really are no set rules about creating interest in your article. If you give your reader content that is appealing and satisfies a need, then they are probably going finish reading the article. The golden rule also applies to article writing, give the reader something of value and provide good content.

Pinging and Social book marking: Once your article has been properly written, spell checked and finalized, it is time to upload it to the article directories you created. At first some may reject your article for violating their TOS policies. No worries…they will inform you what’s wrong. Simply correct and resubmit. As you do more articles, this will happen less and less.

Getting Ranked… Getting Google to take notice of your article is an important step in how to do article marketing. You need to ping and submit this URL to Social Monkee. After your article has been accepted, you will receive an email informing you that the article has been accepted. In this email will be the URL of your article, this URL is what we are going to ping and submit to Social Monkee. Use this free service to ping your article URL, pinging just notifies Google that their is new content on the Internet and they should take a look at it. Use the link and simply follow the easy to understand instruction Pinging service Creating Backlinks: Google likes QUALITY backlink to your articles or web site pages. The key word here is quality, if you have a bunch of spammy links pointing back to your content, it will actually hurt your Google rankings. Google loves backlinks and it will get you ranked higher in the search engine results. You can try and use the

Social media forums to get backlinks “this is a very time consuming process“, or you can use Social Monkee. I use this sites to create backlinks to my articles and webpages. Social Monkee is not a FREE service, but it only cost $7 for a lifetime membership. I do have a video training on using Social Monkee to build backlinks to your articles and webpages. if you decide not to use this service, you will need to learn about other backlinking techniques from researching the Internet, as I do not have any additional training on this subject. Here is what you will need to do if you want to learn how to do backlinking manually. I can tell you that it is a time consuming task. I feel my time is more valuable and choose to use a automated software. • Google the phrase “social media bookmarking sites” • Join each one • Post your article manually to each one Free E-books.....This is a new technique for branding yourself. Using e-book directories to drive traffic to your pages is effective and it works. In a nutshell, you will use websites that allow you to upload books too. They are free to join and a great way to brand yourself and build your all in one profits business. People visit these directory websites to download and read FREE books that other people have created on a variety of different subjects. Your E-book does not need to be 300 to 600 pages long, far from the contrary. Creating a E-book with anywhere from 6 to 30 pages is just fine and will do nicely. It is important that you have a couple of E-books in your library…why?. Well, you can use them as free gifts, spin them into more content and more. The more content you have on the Internet, the more you are looked at as a leader. Remember, people join people not opportunities. Your first step is to create a E-book, not too worry this is much easier than you think. The training video listed below explains how to do this. You can also email me at: and I will send you one of my E-books. You can then simply spin it a bit too reflect your personality, change a little bit of content and add your links. Here are the links to the top E-book directories I use…more to follow Scribd Issuu Warrior forum Slideshare E-book directory


You now have the exact formula that I use everyday to build my business and grow my income. If you would like to access all my training modules you can see them here.

To your success, Gerald Stidham 928-606-2801

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