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From the Desk of Gerald Stidham 928-606-2801 Do you have a burning desire to become a Successful online marketer? I know and understand your desires and needs to be successful, work from home and enjoy the better things in life. That is why I created this Ebook, to help you make that happen. Chapter #1....Pick his/her brain Chapter #2....Why you must fail first Chapter #3....You must have the right mindset Chapter #4....Build a better mouse trap Chapter #5....Handling rejection

Chapter #1....Pick their brains I have found that the easiest way to online success is to copy someone who's already successful. Not theory, but actual results. Most online Gurus are full of "you know what". Why?, because they try and pitch you on buying into their system or program based on theory, not actual results.

If I was wanting to learn to drive a car I would not seek the advice of my 16 year old daughter. No, I would look for a seasoned, experienced driver who has already been there and done that. The same goes for having success online. Simply align yourself with a proven leader and follow exactly what he/she has done to become successful and make money online. FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER...DO NOT TRY AND REINVENT THE WHEEL NOTE.....Do your research here, before joining someone make sure they are who they claim to be. There are too many scam artists out there simply looking to seperate you from your hard-earned money. How do you go about doing research?....good question 1. Google their name or program 2. Look into forums like Warrior forum 3. Start a communication with your potential mentor and see if they respond quickly and honestly...if not run the other way 4. Google the program name and then add review to the end of it....remember that not all reviews will be good even for the best programs out there. Take each review with a grain of salt. Do not take YOUR research is your responsibility to properly do your research before joining someone or a system. This is a long term commitment you must make and feeling good about your decision is important. Now, once you have discovered your business model you need to apply what this person is teaching. It is not good enough to simply understand and learn their techinques, you MUST apply them once you have learned them. Do not get caught up in the proces many people fall into, where they fail to implement what they are being taught. You are not going to learn everything, this online success business is a ongoing process that never ends.

Learn a few techniques, apply them and then move onto the next series of training.

Chapter #2....Failure will happen

You most likely WILL NOT make 6 figures a month, your first or even your third month working your online business. There's almost no way in heck that could happen. Building a big monthly income online business takes time, committment and a willingness to learn new skill sets. I can promise you that any successful online marketers has paid their dues. They have worked hard, smart and never stopped learning new marketing techniques and skill sets. I can also promise you that most if not all successful online business owners have experienced this during their journey to success, their business has had many ups and downs. How can you possibly know what works and what does not if you never fail. One cannot experience happiness, until they know sorrow. The same applies to your own online business, you must experience failures in order to expereince success. Do not treat failures as your enemy, they are not a refelction of your character or work ethic. They are simply part of the process to becoming rich with your own online business. I really don't even like the word...failure, but it is a word most understand and can associate with. In my opinion, the only way to experience the true meaning of the word that most people associate with it is to QUIT!

If you quit, then yes you have failed. If you experience failures during your journey to success and make adjustments along the way, then you have not have simply accepted the process and worked with it. If you truly want to have success online, then you must understand that you will have failures along the way. Simply embrace those failures and make adjustments to correct them. Soon, your failures will show up less frequently and your successes will soon start to overcome the failures and now you are on the path to success.

Chapter #3....You must have the right mindset

If your mindset is properly adjusted and growing everyday, it is like building a foundation to your home. Without a strong foundation, your house will fall down. The same applies to building your business, you must lay down a solid foundation before moving on. As you progress down the path to success, you will experience valleys and peaks in your business. In order to be able to ride out those storms, it will be important that your mindset is properly adjusted. When you are focused and at peace with yourself, you are less likely to quit your business and experience failure. You may find it a little crazy, or perhaps you do not believe in the Laws of Attraction. That is OK, but what I can promise you is that if you at least practice these techniques a little bit, it will help you. Now, I believe from the bottom of my heart that these techniques work and can help you. What do you really say to yourself when you see someone living a lifestyle that you want for yourself?

To be more specific, What do you say to yourself when you see someone: • Driving a luxury car ? • See someone living in a beautiful house? Or maybe • See people in a working relationship? As you see these successes in your daily life, it is important to be aware of your inner voice. You may notice that you are full of anger or jealously What are you saying to yourself in these situations?. Do you refer to these people as just lucky, their money is tainted or maybe they did not earn it. You may also be asking yourself, that since you desire these things….why don’t I have them yet?. Good question. You must take note on these limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the things you desire and want. Maybe you desire to be rich but you have a belief that all rich people are evil and money is the root of that evil. Just imagine how you will respond, when you see someone else living a rich and abundant life, your automatic response will be negative and unprofitable. This is why a person that has these types of beliefs and thoughts will never be rich. Deep in your subconscious mind you will realize that if you become rich, this will be the way other people will look at you. This belief may be wrong, but as long as you believe it, the universe will give you what you want. Reality check: If you are really honest with yourself, and I mean really honest And listen carefully to your inner thoughts, you will probably find that you Do hate these type of people…to some extend. They have what you want If this is what you truly think, it is very dangerous and unprofitable To have these thoughts, ever. The universe is the fairest judge that exists. If you are willing to play , according to the rules,The universe will and does reward you. If you aren’t willing to play by the rules, then expect to keep getting what you Currently have.

If you see someone who is abundant and rich, then they Are living and working by the universal laws, so the universe says, Ok this is what you want and I will deliver. If you find yourself struggling day to day, then you are not living by the universal laws. You have no one to blame, except yourself. You need to send a vibration to the universe that is inline with what you want. all thoughts are simply different types of vibrations. Your thoughts are vibrating energy that is telling the universe that you do not want to be rich or abundant. So the universe in all it’s beauty, says OK and will keep you away from riches. What you need to do is BLESS these people instead of hating them. The same logic can be applied to this as well. When you bless rich people, the universe says, cool you want to be rich and will reward you. Try this every time you see someone rich, or driving the car you want, or living in the house you desire Say this simple phrase to yourself, “that’s for me”. The key here is that you must really believe this, say it two to three times After you have sent that person a blessing. I recommend you try doing this for 30 days, and see if it has any impact on your success

How to start reprogramming your sub-conscious mind: These techniques are not about positive thinking, but more about applying specific actions steps to start manifesting success into your life. • • • • •

Remembering you are the only person responsible for your success Realizing you will NEVER earn more than you think your worth Associating with other successful people You must leave your comfort zone Take a personal inventory of your financial beliefs

Start using affirmations daily to get the universal laws set into motion. You should be using a affirmation daily, every morning before I head out the door, I say this affirmation and truly believe it. You can use it untouched or

change it up a bit. This day…. I thankfully accept all the good things that are coming my way This day… Is full of excitement, love, energy, health and prosperity This day…. People are calling on me to be of service to them and I respond by giving then my very best This day…. I accept the abundance and prosperity that is mine and willing share it This day…. I will spend in total enjoyment of my surroundings This day…. I spend in grateful appreciation of all that is mine’ This day…. I celebrate This daily ritual will start working on your subconscious and help you too manifest money into your life.

Chapter #4....Build a better mouse trap

You REALLY need to have your own website. Having a website or blog will do alot for your business, it is not a matter if you should have one, but more like it is necessary. Having your own website will…. 1. Brand you as a leader in the business and that attracts prospects to you! 2. Allows you to get pages listed on page 1 of Google for keywords… drives organic targeted traffic! 3. Shows people you are a professional and care about your business!

4. Converts better than replicated company sites…more money in your pocket! 5. And more….. I just can’t stress the importance of having your own site or blog. Granted, building your own site can be a little complicated, but it is not as hard as you may think. You can use different companies that will help you in this process. There are many different services to help you build your website or blog. You could use a company like GDI, it has everything in place that you will need. Hosting, emails, Domain Names, WordPress plugin and more. All this for only $10 a month. Or you could use Go-daddy, they also offer cheap domain names, wordpress hosting and very good support. Another great company that offers web hosting, wordpress plugins and more is All In One profits. However, you can also take this project on by yourself, it really is not as hard as you might think. Here in order is what you will need in order to build your own site or blog Do not use replicated sites and capture pages…this is a recipe for failure, I promise you that. 1. Buy a domain name from Go-daddy or some other company selling domain names, most domain names will run about $10 a year 2. Do not buy a .org or .net, get a .com domain name. They do run a few more dollars, but Google ranks these domain faster and gives them more value. 3. Choose a domain name with care. If you are wanting to brand yourself use your name as the domain name, if your wanting to promote affiliate products use something more general geared towards your niche. 4. Once you have a domain name, you will need a hosting account. Your domain name is your Internet Address and your hosting gets your domain name on the Internet. 5. Most companies that sell domain names will also offer web-hosting or you can gp with the companies that offer it all. Your web hosting will typically run you about $10 to $20 a month.

6. The last thing you will need is a product called wordpress. This software is free and will allow you to build pages, posts and design your theme.

Chapter #5....Handling rejection

A Critical Truth About Society Some people you present your business to will tell you ‘NO’. This is something you need to know right off the bat so you will not be caught off guard and think this opportunity is not for you. Remember what I am about to tell you here. When someone says no, they are not saying no to you and they are not rejecting you. They are saying no to themselves. They are rejecting their own inner voice that prides them on the fact that they should be doing more, stepping out, and taking risks. Just like you. 90% of the population are employees. That’s all they have known and that’s what they have been trained to know as good and normal. 10% of the population owns their own business. When you step out of that 90% population people will always have negative things to say because they are not as courageous as you and they cannot get over the idea of leaving their secure comfort zone, and their weekly paychecks. The things you are doing just doesn’t fit their model of the world. So How Do You Handle Rejection? Darren Hardy said that he read an article and it says that at a funeral only 10 people will care enough to cry. The number 1 thing that will determine the number of people that go to the burial site is the weather. Yes the weather. Not how you have lived your life. Statistics say that if it is

raining more than 50% will not go to the burial site. So basically the circumstance of the weather will out rank your entire life’s existence. Keep that in mind and you caring about other peoples approval will never matter again! Their rejection will no longer have any power. Don’t let people who don’t matter, matter…. Feeling Overwhelmed Yet? Don’t Worry I Was Also Before the dreaded “Paralysis of Analysis” sets in, where you experience information overload and end up doing nothing, just remember that this business follows 1 simple rule: Marketing…. The reason you market anything online, is to try and put your offer in front of as many people as possible searching for your opportunity, but you probably know 4 people right now that would be interested in your program. Just simply go talk to them about it. It’s really just that simple and involves 4 people in agreement of working toward a common goal. Here is something I did when I first starting getting overwhelmed that seriously helped me. I would pick one area where I wanted to learn how to market and I would completely block out everything else for 4 weeks. I learned as much as I possibly could for that ONE area. I took Massive Action in that one area. It’s very important to remain focused on that ONE area and NOT get distracted, because the internet is full of distractions. Once you master that one area of marketing, move to another for 4 weeks, repeat this process and you will be an expert marketer very quickly. To your success, Gerald Stidham


Online sucess e book  
Online sucess e book  

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