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Suppliers target younger users Recent units for toddlers have unique animal shapes and interactive features. China makers of children’s learning systems are shifting focus WRPRGHOVIRUSUHVFKRROHUVZLWKPDQ\VXSSOLHUVEHHÀQJXS visual appeal and function. The move is an attempt to remain viable amid the growing popularity of netbooks and tablet PCs, particularly the iPad, among older students. To enhance aesthetics, recent clamshell units for 18-month- to 6-year-olds come in novelty shapes rather than the traditional rectangular laptop form. Animal contours such DVEXWWHUà LHVÀVKFDWVGRJVHOHSKDQWVUDEELWVDQGSLJVDUH mainstream. Moreover, manufacturers are releasing variants with licensed cartoon motifs such as Mickey Mouse. Suppliers are improving the interactivity of auxiliary reading devices as well. The latest talking books from Esys International Ltd (Shenzhen YDL Electronics) boast not only sound ICs but also pop-up pages. Further, Sparkling Star Worldwide Corp. offers a toy projector that displays images and words, and even recites the narrative. The units have plug-in cartridges. China-made children’s learning systems are available for preschoolers and older students. Releases for both age groups are differentiated further by function and product type. Models for the below-6-years-old segment emphasize playing and learning. They have edutainment programs that cultivate recognition, logic, and basic math and reading. Children’s laptops are the most common in this category. Apart from their novelty appearance, they have 3.5 to 4.5in STN LCDs and 8 to 16-bit MSF software. There are also learning charts for users up to 3 years old. The models help toddlers recognize colors, shapes or letters. Audio playback and volume control are incorporated. Further, makers offer plug-and-play consoles or handheld CONTACT SUPPLIERS Suppliers interviewed for this report: Esys International Ltd (Shenzhen YDL Electronics) • Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co. Ltd • Sparkling Star Worldwide Corp. • Zhongshan Readboy Electronics Co. Ltd

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This interactive book reader and projector from Sparkling Star has sleep, theater and reading modes, and boasts a chapter selector.

devices. The educational content is saved on logic cards. Units for older children tackle more advanced topics in areas such as language, vocabulary and mathematics. All SURGXFWVDUHÀWWHGZLWKEX\HUVSHFLÀHG,&VRUVRIWZDUH The most common types are electronic readers, laptops and KDQGKHOGJDGJHWV7KHÀUVWRIWHQFRQVLVWVRIDSHQVKDSHG scanner that reads out preprogrammed text. Laptops and handheld devices look more similar to adult versions. They have 7 to 12in and 3.5 to 7in TFT LCDs, respectively. Both utilize 16 to 32-bit MSF programs. Apart from the plug-and-play feature, many boast touchscreen, radio and media player functions. Programs for upscale models may be updated and downloaded from the Internet. Children’s learning systems are priced between $5 and $150. The low-end category is $5 to $20 and includes reading devices, learning charts and basic clamshell versions. The most expensive products are $51 to $150. Advanced educational laptops and handheld electronics are available.

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Global Sources Baby and Children Products October 2011  

Your monthly guide to sourcing children's toys, baby monitors, kids' clothing, shoes and booties, electronic learning systems and more.

Global Sources Baby and Children Products October 2011  

Your monthly guide to sourcing children's toys, baby monitors, kids' clothing, shoes and booties, electronic learning systems and more.