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7DPLO1DGX+DQGZRYHQDQGHWKQLFWH[WLOHVDUHQRWHPSOR\HG due to prohibitive costs. 3ULFHVRIFKLOGUHQ¡VZRYHQVKLUWVDQGEORXVHVIURP,QGLD depend on fabric type, intricacy of design and embellishments. Low-end shirts and blouses are offered in 92x80 and [FRWWRQSRSOLQFDPEULFDQGYRLOH%ORXVHVPD\KDYH SOHDWVRUIULOOV3ULFHVDUHIURPWR *RLQJIRUWRPLGUDQJHPRGHOVDUHPDGHRI[ RU[FRWWRQSRSOLQFDPEULFYRLOHDQGFUHSH 7KHH[SHQVLYHSLHFHVFRPHLQ[DQG[ conventional or organic cotton, or in poplin, linen, twill, voile DQGFDPEULFYDULHWLHV3OHDWVVDWLQERZVDQGĂ RZHULQVHUWVDUH present in girls’ blouses. India-made children’s woven shirts and blouses are checked for shrinkage and colorfastness at 100 C. They also undergo UXEWH[WXUHVWUHWFKDQGĂ DPPDELOLW\WHVWLQJ

Singh’s bib blouse is made of 100 percent cotton voile. It has a round neck and pleats at the bottom.

%LUEDOZKLFKRIIHUVVROHO\ER\V¡VKLUWVERDVWVDUDQJHRI striped and checkered designs. Models employ pockets, roll-up VOHHYHVVKRXOGHUà DSVSLSLQJRUHPEURLGHU\ Most children’s woven shirts and blouses from India are made of cotton. Suppliers prefer the material because of its soft hand, breathability and moisture-absorbent property. Some JDUPHQWVKDYHDQHQ]\PHRUVLOLFRQHZDVK3LHFHVFRPHLQ solid colors or are striped, checkered or printed. Makers use power or automatic looms to turn combed and semicombed cotton yarn into fabrics of varying constructions, including voile, cambric, poplin and twill. The raw inputs are procured from yarn mills around Tirupur and Coimbatore in

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Producing up to 100,000 pieces each month Delivery in 30 days With a monthly capacity of 100,000 pieces, we’re big on volume. Two BSCIapproved factories process our woven garments and PU. And 15 partner suppliers are readily available to appease additional demands, helping us deliver orders in just 30 days. Hired from Denmark, Hong Kong and all across mainland China, our designers have been keeping kids cozy with their vast range of ideas. Waterproof and windproof stroller sleeping bags for babies, plus rainwear, woven and knit clothes for children, have been developed with trendy patterns. And everything we make complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I and II guidelines. Submit your inquiries now for a response within 24 hours. E-mail us today.

Welded PU rain suit

Casual jacket with detachable hood

Knit skirt

3S I/E Shijiazhuang Co. Ltd

Waterproof and windproof stroller sleeping bag


Baby & Children’s Products October 2011

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Global Sources Baby and Children Products October 2011  

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