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A perfect shopping spree destination, Hong Kong offers shopaholics a variety of bargain to upscale malls and shopping centers to satisfy spending cravings. 1BDJžD1MBDF 2VFFOTXBZ "ENJSBMUZ At first glance, the towering Pacific Place complex might be mistaken for a hotel. The four-level mall offers luxury brands on the top floors and regular brands on the lower floors. Linked to the MTR Admiralty Station and Three Pacific Place, the shopping center is very accessible. An escalator also leads to the Hong Kong Park. 5JNFT4RVBSF .BUIFTPO4USFFU $BVTFXBZ#BZ The nine-storey Times Square is considered the first “vertical mallâ€? in Hong Kong. The building’s construction is different from most single-level malls given the city’s high-priced real estates. Hong Kong’s version of Times Square New York, the tower witnesses throngs of revelers ushering in the New Year. Shops vary from European, American to Japanese stores. Restaurants and cinemas are also on several floors. 5IF-BOENBSL %FT7PFVY3PBE $FOUSBM Well-off shoppers are seen at The Landmark, Hong Kong’s elite shopping place.  #BCZ$IJMESFOÂľT1SPEVDUTÂ…0DUPCFS

The mall houses luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, as well as Hong Kong’s Harvey Nichols. )BSCPVS$JUZ $BOUPO3PBE 5TJN4IB5TVJ Harbour City is Hong Kong’s biggest mall, with around 800 local and international shops. Cinemas, cafes and branded boutiques are also featured. 'FTUJWBM8BML ,PXMPPO5POH.534UBUJPO With about 1 million sq. ft. retail space, 200 shops, 27 restaurants, 11 screen multiplex cinema and an iceskating rink, the Festival Walk is an ideal leisure spot for family and friends. 4UBOMFZ.BSLFU Offering the best deals on local souvenirs and clothings, Stanley Market is a famous shopping destination among tourists. You can also dine in Western and Chinese restaurants at this street market. .POHLPL-BEJFT¾.BSLFU If you’re a little cash strapped, you can haggle with street vendors or eat your lunch at dai pai dongs, which serve low-cost Chinese food.


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