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Summer Issue 2018

Gstaad’s top summer events at a glance


SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS Summer season from 23 June to 9 September 2018

King of the mountain → 8–9

Family and children → 10–11

Hiking in nature → 14–15

If you are a passionate cyclist and have an old road bike at home, the Bergkönig cycling event is an experience not to miss. You are also welcome to just have some fun!

This season we are calling all creative artists under 12 to participate in our new drawing competition. And the top prize is a royal treat for the whole family.

Are you looking for a real adventure or do you just want to soak up the sun and countryside on a wonderful stroll? Whatever your preferences, you will find the perfect route in our new guide.

The Palace family welcomes you next winter from 21 December 2018 to 10 March 2019

Rallies at the Gstaad Palace

→  19

The mountains are just too good a backdrop not to make the most of the wonderfully small and winding roads. Therefore, we have set up various rallies to take part in.

We know you deserve it → 20

The Red Carpet at Gstaad Palace → 23

Our hair is a distinguishing feature of our appearance. To help you take excellent care of yours, we have included a whole new hair care line by Sisley. Find out more at our Spa.

In March we hosted a whole film crew. The reason: part of a new movie was shot in Gstaad. We have used the occasion to gather together all movies shot here.



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es, Gstaad is truly paradise on earth. That’s a fact. The winters are still what you expect of the season: with snow, blue skies and great skiing conditions. And as soon as summer comes around, the Alps transform into a sunny wonderland, into the perfect place to be: a great countryside, mountains with their summits still snowed in, creeks and brooks. The ideal temperature – warm, but not overly hot. Of course, I can’t predict the weather conditions, but generally speaking, we are rather lucky up here. You will appreciate the Gstaad Palace’s excellent location when you take a dip in one of the numerous lakes during a spectacular hike. A hike with views you will remember even if you don’t take a picture with your mobile phone. I truly believe that these are the best memories.

couple of minutes – and that is definitely worth seeing! If you don’t yet have a favourite place, perhaps one of our tours in our new hiking guide Nature will lead you there. Read more about the tours available in and around Gstaad on page 14 and 15. However, there are many other wonderful things to do in the Alps during summer as well. To give you a few ideas, we outlined A day in Gstaad for you on page 13. Feel free to follow the ideas or just pick the recommendation which suits you best; we are sure you will enjoy yourself a lot. And you can always be sure of one thing: whatever you decide to do, we at the Palace are there for you whenever you require help. You have a certain wish? All you need to do is to talk to our approachable staff or me in person and we will make your stay a truly unforgettable experience which you will long remember even without photographs.

Of my favourite place for a swim, I have many fond memories. I have gone there for an uncountable number of years and it is a personal insider tip for you. After I first went there, Lac Retaud has become “my” go-to lake if I needed to have some time on my own. This small lake overlooking the Les Diablerets Glacier is especially striking during sunrise or sunset. The Alps glow red for a

Enjoy your read – I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Gstaad Palace.

Andrea Scherz





Gstaad’s top summer events

Bergkönig – king of the mountain

→  6–7

→  8–9

Family and children – VIP – Very Important Princess/Prince →  10–11

10 years: Marc Rosset

A day in Gstaad

Hiking in nature

→  12

→ 13

→  14–15

Gstaad Palace at a glance

Rallies at the Gstaad Palace

Sisley – take care of your hair

→ 16-17

→  19

→  20

Olympic-sized outdoor pool

Movies and the Gstaad Palace

Palace summer events

→  21

→  23

→  24





Tour de Suisse 29.6.–14.7.2018

Montreux Jazz Festival / Tickets +41 21 966 45 50 10.–15.7.2018

Beach Volleyball Major Series – Swatch Major Gstaad 2018 / Tickets +41 33 744 06 40 13.7.–1.9.2018

Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy / Tickets +41 33 748 83 38 14.–22.7.2018

Ladies Championship Gstaad – WTA 2018 / Tickets +41 33 748 81 82 21.–29.7.2018

J. Safra Sarasin Swiss Open Gstaad / Tickets +41 33 748 81 82 16.–19.8.2018

Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad / +41 33 744 07 40 25.–26.8.2018

The Bergkönig – Vintage Cycling Festival



Gstaad ZĂźglete The ceremonial bringing down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley / 2.9.2018

Rellerlialp-Schwinget 7.–9.9.2018

Country Night Gstaad Especially for the 30th anniversary: schlager music Sunday / Tickets +41 33 744 88 22


SECOND VINTAGE CYCLING EVENT Bergkönig – king of the mountain

re you into cycling? Then you may have heard of road bike races such as Paris–Roubaix, Giro d’Italia, or the Tortour. But what about the Bergkönig? No? It is more than a race; it is the remarkable Swiss Vintage Cycling Festival. For the second time, a truly memorable cycling experience is awaiting bike collectors and enthusiasts alike: the last weekend in August is dedicated to cycling entertainment including breath-taking Alpine panoramas, challenging narrow mountain roads with high elevation gain, authentic local food along the route and the unparalleled legendary style of the Swiss Alpine village of Gstaad. VINTAGE CYCLING – A BOOM OF ITS OWN

The organisers didn’t know whether taking vintage cycling to the Alps would work, especially given the gear transmission ratio of many classic bikes, with some boasting a lowest ratio of 42 × 22. But 2017 was a resounding success, giving the participants a real taste of the glory days of cycling and a serious sporting challenge. The Big Round consists of 103 km of riding and 2,400 metres of going vertical. Less ambitious cyclists and owners of fragile bicycles can take gentler routes.

W W W. B E R G K O E N I G - G S TA A D.C O M

One of the highlights of the cycling ­ festival takes place on Saturday evening: a short sprint from Gstaad’s pedestrian area to the more highly situated world famous Gstaad Palace Hotel, followed by a welcome drink for all participants. INTERVIEW WITH THE INITIATOR OF THE BERGKÖNIG

Alex Beeler is the main organiser of the first Swiss vintage cycling event. We had some questions for him. What gave you the idea to set up such an event? In Europe and worldwide, vintage bicycle races are giving those who love old road bikes a chance to meet, compete and share great moments with their peers. It was only a matter of time before such an event took place in Switzerland. The idea has been passed back and forth in the scene … and it was me who got it off the ground. The location is what sets it apart from all the other vintage bike events – the Alps. It’s really unique and we have had great support from the region of Gstaad, tourism organisations and industry alike. The Palace is a very important partner – and the Bergkönig hands their crown to the hotel.


How would you describe the atmosphere of last year’s event? Just take a look at the pictures or watch the short film clip we have made – you will almost feel the spirit and the fun atmosphere. Everybody had a good time. I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE

You feel like joining this race? Bergkönig Gstaad will take place from 25 to 26 ­August 2018. If you are a potential Bergkönig (king of the mountain), you should not hesitate: first come, first served. Only classic bicycles built before 1990 with traditional downtube shifters are admitted. And you have to ride in appropriate period clothing (wool ­jerseys, leather shoes). Bicycles will be judged by a competent jury, and trophies awarded for twelve categories. More information on registration onönig

Join us for two nights at the Gstaad Palace, get a welcome gift and the participation at the race as well as at the Concours d’Elégance. An Aroma-Relax-Massage for 50 minutes is also ­included. Package price for two persons including half board and use of the Palace Spa from CHF 2,094


Are you a cyclist yourself? I’m a collector of bikes … and yes, I love cycling. But I prefer the relaxed, fun route when I take a ride, so I’m definitely not a competitive cyclist. Nevertheless, prior to the event last year, I went the long route and it took me approximately seven hours to complete.

Valid from 24 to 26 August 2018, according to availability. Reservations on +41 33 748 50 00 or at reception@



Send the coloured painting to the Palace or hand it in yourself at the reception to enter the contest.



Enjoy precious moments with your kids f you know the Gstaad Palace as a family place from previous visits, you already know one thing: you and your children are more than welcome! We have come up with some fabulous ideas, and, of course, a colourful programme of activities. For this summer season, we would like to introduce a special treat. Read more about that in the article below.


The Palace Gstaad gives the abbreviation VIP a whole new meaning: very important princess or prince. A kid’s dream does not have to remain a dream. We will create an atmosphere appropriate for one princess or prince. All children up to the age of 12 can take part in the competition.

A special highlight of this season is the children’s painting competition: Turn Two spacious and well-equipped indoor to page 10 and you will find a beautiful games rooms, a large outdoor playground sketch of the Gstaad Palace. Once, your and the kids’ club – which is accessible child has coloured the painting, all you to hotel guests for free between 3 pm and need to do is send the picture to the 9 pm. Here, your children can try out Palace or hand it in yourself at reception games, do handicraft projects, play freely, to enter the contest. At the end of the or participate in the programmes on season, the pictures are evaluated for offer – all the while under the watchful completeness, design and creativity. eyes of our dedicated, highly-qualified TREATED LIKE A ROYAL childminders. What is the first prize? Your child will be a princess or a prince for a day and a night. And yes, you as the royal parents will benefit from your kid’s success as a painter as well: • accommodation in a room to themselves (the parents sleep in an adjacent room with a connecting door) WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT


• formal handover of their crown • room decorated for the occasion • royal dinner for the whole family And since the winner is probably into art, a big box of high-quality painting colouring pens is also part of the prize. Let your kid(s) get creative! FURTHER AMENITIES

• A childminding service with handpicked carers is available on request. • Our outdoor swimming pool is supervised by a lifeguard, this allows you to relax in the sun without worrying. • During the summer season, a giant bouncy castle, the perfect replica of the Gstaad Palace, is inflated in the hotel gardens on Sundays. So, while the parents are enjoying an extended brunch, the youngsters can expend their excess energy.

10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MARC ROSSET’S TENNIS WEEK From 12 August to 18 Au gust 201 8

Passing on the passion for tennis hat is more pedagogically worthwhile for kids than spending time outside and playing sport with likeminded peers? The concept of the tennis week involves all three aspects and is not only appealing to youngsters: it is more of a family affair – and has been for ten years now. Tennis weeks have been a fixed part of the programme at the Gstaad Palace since 1974, and the kids’ version turns 10 this year! We warmly congratulate former Olympic gold medallist Marc Rosset, who has been running and managing this unique kids’ tennis week from day one. “The goal is to work hard but with a good spirit,” Marc says. “When we do a difficult exercise, and you see the kids trying hard with a smile on their face – then I am the happiest guy on the court.”

the sacrifice in practice.” This year, he is doing this in cooperation with MRB Tennis Concept, which he established in Geneva in 2006. A TYPICAL DAY AT THE GSTAAD PALACE KIDS’ TENNIS WEEK

From Monday to Friday, every morning starts at the tennis court at 9.30 am. Marc and his partners teach every lesson themselves: “The goal is not to become the next Federer, but to achieve 100% of your capacities,” he explains. After lunch, the tennis balls are stored away, and the kids are outfitted with the appropriate gear for exciting outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing or rafting. And on their happy (and probably tired) return to the Palace, it’s the parents’ turn to hit the balls! TRAINING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY


You probably know Marc from his many wins at the ATP tennis championships as well as his famous tennis gold medal during the Barcelona summer Olympics in 1992. These days, he no longer plays himself but rather concentrates on passing on the real spirit of tennis: “I think tennis teaches you the value of effort, of respecting your opponent and the pleasure of

Every evening, Marc Rosset runs a tennis clinic for the parents. While the junior family members enjoy themselves under the supervision of our professional childminders, you can fine-tune your serves and volleys and make sure you can keep up with your children’s forehand. The package, which is aimed at families with children aged between 7 and 16 12

years, starts with a welcome cocktail at 7.00 pm on 12 August and ends with a certificate ceremony on 18 August. “I have a special relationship with the Gstaad Palace. To see so many kids coming back each year is a real delight for me,” Marc Rosset says. “We always come with a big smile on our face. But we all are sad when Saturday afternoon arrives and it is time to leave.” Luckily for all of us, this moment hasn’t arrived yet – there’s still time to sign up! PACKAGE RATES

For local guests • CHF 2,100 per child for one week. For hotel guests • CHF 2,360 per child up to the age of 12 staying in a room with their parents. • CHF 2,960 per child aged between 12 and 16 years staying in a room with their parents. • CHF 780 per adult and per week for the parents’ tennis clinic. Double room rates start at CHF 4,950 per room for 6 nights, including half board.

A DAY IN GSTAAD A truly authentic Alpine feeling 6.00 am

12.00 noon

5.00 pm

Start your day on the balcony

Water sports on a mountain lake

Relaxing massage at the Palace Spa

Coffee and a croissant (or two) with an incredible view of the Alps – tastes twice as good as normal. If you start your day at the Palace on your balcony this way, a smile on your face is inevitable.

Time to get down and do some sport! Have you ever tried stand-up paddling before? No? Then go ahead and give it a go: this easy-to-learn trend sport gives you a whole new perspective of your ­surroundings. Get to know this great way of moving around on the water. Or maybe you’d rather stay ashore and do some fishing? It’s up to you!

After such an exciting, amazing and arduous day, a relaxing massage is exactly what you will crave. And yes, we can rejuvenate you with a wonderful treatment which bolsters your energy and relaxes your muscles. And since everybody has different needs, we have a selection of massages to choose from.

6.30 am

Early-morning hike to Vorderes Eggli The first hours of the morning are the best time of the day to go hiking in the beautiful mountain countryside. So, don your hiking shoes, put on some sun cream and don’t forget your camera: there will be wonderful natural scenery and magnificent views of the village. Your destination is … 9.00 am

2.00 pm

Palace Picnic Fresh air, the activities and all that moving around definitely call for a picnic. There is no better place to enjoy an outdoor meal than at Lake Arnen. All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and enjoy the various delicacies the Palace has prepared for you: finger food, dessert, fruit and wine will be delivered by the Palace.

Älperzmorge, real cheese and milking cows After you have hiked a good two hours, a real Swiss breakfast (Älperzmorge) with typical dishes from the region, most of them homemade and organic, is a great idea. This is exactly what you will find at the cheese dairy Vorderes Eggli. If you’d like to, you can milk a cow during the subsequent tour of the stables. And it goes without saying that you will learn all there is to know about cheese.

6.00 pm

Outdoor pool Palace Whether you prefer sunbathing a little and having a rest or swimming a couple of laps in the Olympic-sized pool – it is up to you. Whatever you choose, there is always a place at the pool bar where our attentive staff will have your favourite drink ready and waiting. 8.00 pm

Dinner at La Grande Terrasse 3.30 pm

Paper cutting course at the hotel Ever wondered about how those remark­ able paper cuttings are made? Not anymore! Back at the hotel, Ueli Hauswirth will teach how to do it. Test your own skills: you will create your own piece of art to take home and show off. Or maybe the master will make a silhouette of you?


This is much more than just a delicious dinner – it’s time to combine two of your senses in an unforgettable way. You will enjoy your meal against the backdrop of the breath-taking Alpine panorama. Your taste buds will explode, and the sight of the mountains will leave a lasting impression.

Bring your day to a close A wonderful day needs a wonderful evening: now it’s time to while away the nightfall hours in cosy togetherness or on your own. Relish these precious moments which are so scarce in life and unwind in the beautiful atmosphere of the Palace.


Hiking in nature laces only become great if you know your way around. Wherever you go or hike there is always the difference between “satisfactory” routes and awesome trails, breath-taking panoramas, gripping climbs or just wonderful countryside strolls. We want to introduce you to the latter.


Browse the varied trails and decide which is for you. Allow yourself to be inspired by the pictures, calculate the level of activity you would like and read the corresponding description. Places to rest and get local snacks, activities en route, sights which are worth looking for and, of course, a detailed map that will help you to find the best option for you to discover the Saanenland.

Guests frequently ask us for hiking routes. Families are keen on walks which are compatible with a stroller and a playground on the way to have a break. Others are looking for extraordinary adventure – challenging climbing courses, crossing a glacier, going up with a helicopter to delight in a splendid dinner with just the most incredible view. Whatever you are looking for, around Gstaad there are many different options to spend time outdoors.


Whether you climb up to the Walig Hut and spend a night there, take a gondola to the Rinderberg and do a highaltitude hike, let a mail car take you to Lauenen and walk back to Gstaad, or you have a helicopter take you to the top of Glacier 3000 to eat lunch and then cross the glacier – the choices are numerous. So, get your copy soon to find out which is the perfect hike for you.   The publication is available for free when you check in to the hotel. If you need further assistance or a personal recommendation, we are more than happy to assist you.


Inspiration is one of the main ideas which drove us to make a collection of the trails. We have put in our own experience, asked established mountain guides and taken the wishes of our guests into consideration. The result of our en­­dea­vours is Nature: A durable hard-cover brochure which fits in every backpack or bigger purse and presents unforgettable routes for every taste and skill.






Awesome cars, beautiful views, challenging roads car rally is nothing more than an extremely large board game. In the case of the rallies which start in Gstaad, the public streets of the Saanen area are the oversized board, and your car is your playing piece. Usually, there are eligibility requirements which define the sort of cars admitted to the rally. The criteria could range from the age of the car to horsepower, through to style – depending on the respective rally. In each car, the driver and their navigator(s) follow instructions that direct them along a given course. There are often stations where the passengers must complete demanding or funny tasks which are assessed as well. There is a friendly competition at the finish to see which teams followed the course most accurately, which team performed the assignments most efficiently, and the time sometimes plays a role as well. BEST PLACE FOR RALLIES

Gstaad has become famous for its rallies, in large part because of Andrea Scherz: he is a great fan of motors himself and enjoys taking part in challenging rallies.

Even more, the Palace has been running the Weekend-des-Vétérans rally for more than 45 years now, so the next logical step was to set up a rally himself: “The Veteran Rally social event is regularly sold out. And we felt that there’s a demand for another more competitive event. Therefore, we created the Gstaad PalaceChallenge, which is open to collectable classic sports cars built between 1950 and 1980. We want to give ambitious drivers who enjoy sporting events with regularity tests a chance to show off their skills and their treasured cars.” QUALITY NOT QUANTITY

This year marks the third anniversary of the Gstaad Palace-Challenge – yet those who got it off the ground remain true to their initial principles: the exclusive event is designed for 30 cars only. “The limited spaces are high in demand. If you are an ambitious driver and know how to chauffeur your awesome car, if you have a trip master and a good navigator – what’s holding you back? Apply for the Gstaad Palace-Challenge or one of the many rallies in Gstaad,” is what we advise all those who fancy wonderful competitions in a social environment. 19


This year’s friendly competitions take place on the following dates: • 29 June to 1 July: Weekend-desVétérans Gstaad • 31 August to 2 September: Gstaad Palace-Challenge You have missed your opportunity to register? Then take your chances and apply for next year’s car events.

WHAT’S NEW AT THE SPA? Take care of your body and hair

very day, our hair endures a lot of procedures which are nothing but stressful and damaging. Now we offer treatment products to alleviate these issues.

Formulated with high concentrations of powerful plantbased active ingredients, Hair Rituel by Sisley products act on both the scalp and the hair follicle as well as the whole length of the hair to provide extensive allround treatment. Our spa staff will advise you on the ideal product(s) for your hair – so go ahead, stand up for your hair to bring out its true inner beauty!

Our hair not only shapes our looks and is a great expression of our personality but also represents how well we (can) take care of it. Let’s have a look at a typical day for your hair: in the early morning, you are under pressure, so you quickly wash your hair. Naturally, without conditioner as there is no time. And since you are running late, you decide to blow-dry your hair on the hottest setting rather than letting it dry naturally. On the way to the office, there is a freezing wind – which is not at all good for your hair. The air-conditioned atmosphere of your workplace does not help either. And after work, you decide to go to the sauna – do we need to say anything about the heat?


We have added yet another type of massage to the range of treatments we offer our guests: the traditional Thai massage. This full body therapy consists of assisted yoga-­ type stretches as well as elongating movements, joint mobilisation and pressure point massages. Our masseurs use rhythmic pressure to work on ten specific energy lines. For the massage, we will provide you with comfortable clothes which you wear during the therapy. You lie on a futon on the floor while the masseur works on your muscles and loosens the tension in them. The style of the Thai massage room is in keeping with the rest of the Spa – with one difference: the futon on the floor. So, let us help you unwind and become mobile and flexible again.


We have now included a line in our Spa shop which cleans, regenerates, fortifies and enhances your mane.



90 years of timeless cool o your laps and improve your technique, or relax and listen to the sweet splashes of water: our Olympic-sized outdoor pool is the perfect place to have fun in the summer sun. Built in 1928, its history is as rich as it is refreshing.


“Through ingenious use of the terrain and magnificent alignment, its engineer has succeeded in creating an ideal facility, which is unparalleled in terms of location and design,” ends the fervent review from 1928. Today, nearly 100 years later, we more than agree: thanks to its timeless design, the pool has lost none of its charm, while providing our guests with countless summer pleasures in the most beautiful surroundings.

“Even the most blasé visitor cannot resist a feeling of admiration at the sight of this artful work, created as if by magic …”: with these words, the local newspaper proudly introduced the newly built pool to the public on 25 July, 1928. Artful it was (and still is) indeed, this masterpiece of swimming pool design created by Beda Hefti, a renowned engineer and pioneer of technologi­ cally advanced spa architecture.


Savour the sun or jump from a five-metre platform, train your elite swimming skills or immerse yourself in cool summer bliss: our luxurious outdoor swimming area has a lot to offer.


The 50-metre pool was a joint venture of Gstaad’s hoteliers, requested by Palace director Wilhelm Michel. The Palace provided the terrain, the Hotelier Association took care of construction and operations. The project was completed surprisingly quickly; a rather unpleasant surprise was the bill that followed: due to an engineer’s calculation error and subsequent project changes, the amount was almost twice as high as planned. Luckily, it was the roaring twenties: tourism boomed, and their economic success, together with a sense of pride in the new pool, got the hoteliers over the shock of the nasty bill very quickly.


• Olympic-sized 50-metre pool • Paddling pool • 1- and 3-metre diving boards, 5-metre diving platform • Table tennis • Restaurant • Bath towel hire Open daily from 9.30 am to 7 pm, if the weather is fine. The pool is open to the public.


Jardin des Monts

the mountain herbalist

Perched on the mountains of the Pays-d'Enhaut, a garden filled with the scents of flowers picked seasonally. Plants dried in the traditional ways then blended into unique creations. Made from natural and organic sources. Made in Switzerland



And the Oscar goes to … the Palace ven though this headline does not completely reflect the truth, Gstaad and the Palace have ­ just the right kind of glamour to be ­­ an attractive film backdrop: Un nemico che ti vuole bene was shot at the Palace in March this spring. It was not the first time that film producers had chosen the Alpine surroundings with their worldly flair as a film setting. The first movie to show the village scenery and the grand hotel was filmed in 1975 and is probably rather well known: The Return of the Pink Panther. This comedy is a classic! And when Peter Sellers, alias the clueless Inspector Clouseau, sets out on his quest for a diamond called the Pink Panther, the audience gets a glimpse of the interior of the Palace in the seventies on more than one occasion. In many ways the movie was little more than a documentary about life at the Palace Hotel: guests were only too amused to be given roles as extras. But there have been quite a few changes in the decoration of the hotel since then. Just compare for yourself. THE MAGIC OF SNOW

The drama Snowboarder (2003) is a whole different story. There is not much to laugh about in this film, but its incredible snowboard stunts will take your breath away. The nightclub scenes were filmed in the famous GreenGo club, which belongs to the Palace. But the party crowd in the movie is quite different to the real crowd which usually gathers at the GreenGo. Most of the time, directors choose to film in wintertime, often using the spectacular Alps for chases or spectacular skiing or

snowboarding sequences. Snow has a magical quality, so it can be used to set special moods. COSINESS OF THE PALACE

But there is another side of wintertime: a gorgeous snowed-in village with its festively lit and decorated houses, and the warmth of the inside of the Palace. This atmosphere is what made the writers of the romantic comedy Christmas in Love (2004) opt for Gstaad and the hotel itself. The plot reads like this: two couples plan to spend their holidays together and try to make their respective partners fall in love with each other. And where do they decide to stay? You sense it already: at the Palace. So, their adventures during this week all take place either inside the hotel or in the beautifully arranged Gstaad and the surroundings. Danny DeVito, who plays a character in this movie, apparently had a great time at the Palace. SOMETHING OLD AND SOMETHING NEW

Perhaps you have heard of – or even watched – the series The Saint, which is set in the sixties and stars Roger Moore. He himself did a remake of this series – and the pilot was filmed at the Gstaad Palace amongst other places. If you watch that new version of the tales of master thief Simon Templar (played by Adam Rayner), be careful to look out for the scenes involving the Palace. ON VACATION OR ON DUTY – FILM STARS AT THE PALACE

Apart from real movies, the Gstaad Palace has often been the topic of documentaries or reports. So, the hotel staff are not only used to fulfilling the wishes 23

of movie stars who spend their vacations here but also with whole film crews. And that alludes to just how flexible the Palace team are as they often have to master completely new tasks – which they do with ease. Maybe that was an additional reason why the production team under the Swiss director Denis Rabaglia chose Gstaad as a setting. We were excited to host the whole film crew at the Palace for five days in March and we are really looking forward to watching the movie when it is released and shown in the theatres. WHAT THE NEW MOVIE IS ALL ABOUT

Enzo, a rather staid, down-to-earth professor of astrophysics from Trieste, unintentionally saves the life of a professional killer. The grateful mafia member promises Enzo a “favour” as thanks: he wants to kill the professor’s biggest enemy – for free. This is not something Enzo wants. But to fulfil the promise he made, the killer sets out on a search for a possible or potential enemy of the pro­fessor. Now, Enzo’s life and that of his family go completely off the rails when he tries to stop the killer. The showdown takes place in Gstaad. FUN FACT ABOUT THE GSTAAD PALACE

Yes, there are movie stars as guests and sometimes there are movie stars here for work. But many people would not know that even Indian actors have been to the Palace to shoot their films. So, scenes for three big Bollywood productions were actually shot at this very Swiss hotel between 1991 and 2000.


Daily, 23.6.–9.9.2018


Touch of India in Summer

White Night Party Tennis and (Swiss Open Gstaad) mountain family At our GreenGo from 11 pm, free entry week

This summer, Ravi’s creations are served daily on the Palace’s traditional menu. Reservations +41 33 748 58 60


Dress code: white

with Swiss Olympic Champion Marc Rosset

Reservations +41 33 748 50 00

1.8.2018 24.6.–21.7.2018 / 19.8.–8.9.2018

Roy Emerson Tennis Weeks 2018 The number-one tennis camp in the world at the Gstaad Palace. Reservations +41 33 748 50 00

Swiss National Day at the Gstaad Palace On our La Grande Terrasse and Le Grand Restaurant from 7.30 pm CHF 200 per person CHF 100 per child under 12 years Reservations +41 748 50 00


W   eekend des Vétérans Classic car rally Information +41 33 748 50 00


Gran Fondo Prestige Gstaad Palace Come up, slow down: The luxurious once in a lifetime experience for cyclists in the heart of Gstaad.


Backdrop Switzer­land Expo at Gstaad Palace

16.–20.8.2018 5.8.2018

Palace Kids Grand Prix At Gstaad Palace from 3 pm Complimentary for Gstaad Palace guests Reservations at our concierge +41 33 748 50 00

Rolls-Royce & Aston Martin Test drives in front of the Gstaad Palace Information about Rolls-Royce: info@rolls-roycemotorcars-­

Information about Aston Martin: 11.8.2018

Chill-Out Pool Party At the Olympic-sized outdoor pool from 6 pm Dress code: laid-back Hawaiian beach style Music: resident DJ Jim Leblanc Welcome cocktail and small surprise


Polo Night At the polo tent on Saanen airport from 11 pm Dress code: elegant Music: resident DJ Jim Leblanc


Gstaad PalaceChallenge

A century of iconic photos from foreign films that use Switzerland as a backdrop. Photos, posters, film excerpts, selfie corner and more! Free admission.

Our own car rally organised by Andrea Scherz and Rally Round

More information from

Reservations +41 33 748 50 00



Photography by Warren & Nick

PERRIER-JOUËT, THE ALLURING CHAMPAGNE Since its foundation in 1811, the champagne house Perrier-Jouët has crafted elegant, floral wines of rare finesse with a Chardonnay hallmark. The elegance of the cuvees echoes that of the Art Nouveau anemones adorning the Belle Epoque bottle and offers moments of pure delight and beauty.

Please Drink Responsibly

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Gstaad Palace with us and let us know about your adventures in the surrounding countryside. The most popular post at #gstaadpalace or #inlovewithgstaadpalace will win an overnight stay in one of our double deluxe rooms, including half board and complimentary access to the Palace Spa.





Leading Hotels of the World Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Saanen Airport approx. 4 km (10 min) Bern Airport approx. 80 km (1 ¼ hr) Geneva Airport approx. 160 km (2 hrs) Zurich Airport approx. 220 km (2 ½ hrs) The SBB daily train connections to and from Gstaad run approximately once per hour Limousine and taxi service bookable through our concierge

Lobby Bar – Gstaad’s own parlour Le Bar du Grill – elegant setting with live music

Open daily from 8.30 am to 8 pm Treatments from Jardin des Monts, Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, Sisley & Margy’s Olympic-sized outdoor pool open daily, weather permitting, between the end of June until the end of August from 9.30 am to 7 pm Children are welcome in the Palace Spa every Sunday and Wednesday from 8.30 am to 3 pm accompanied by a parent


90 rooms, including • 55 double rooms • 15 junior suites • 5 classic suites (1 bedroom and parlour) • 4 deluxe suites (1 bedroom and parlour) • 4 corner suites (1 bedroom and parlour) • 2 tower suites (2 bedrooms and parlour) • 1 penthouse suite (3 bedrooms and parlour) on the roof top RESTAURANTS

Le Grand Restaurant & La Grande Terrasse, international cuisine Le Grill, Rôtisserie, 15 Gault Millau points Gourmet restaurant with show kitchen Gildo’s Ristorante (winter only), authentic Italian food La Fromagerie (winter only), typical Swiss specialities in a cosy atmosphere Le Snack & Barbecue – the place for a light alfresco lunch


Gstaad’s most famous night club is open every Friday and Saturday night in August (except 18 August) BANQUET FACILITIES

Five event and banqueting rooms for up to 250 people. If required, the entire hotel can be booked. CHILDREN

Two playrooms, kids’ programme and a nanny service on request OPENING/CLOSING

The Palace family welcomes you this summer from 23 June to 9 September 2018 and in winter from 21 December 2018 to 10 March 2019.

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Gstaad Palace Summer Highlights 2018  

Gstaad Palace Summer Highlights 2018