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Did you honestly think all

EPOS systems were the same?

Taking the risk out of cash and stock management

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EPOS is an all-embracing generic term for the software/hardware combinations used to process and record sales transactions and stock data.

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So you honestly thought all EPOS systems were the same? Well, not all EPOS solutions are alike! Like any industry, there is a wide discrepancy in the quality and standards of the seemingly numerous firms saying they supply EPOS - although it is the bad apples that too often create the lasting impression with operators working in the hospitality and retail sectors. This brochure sets out to debunk the myth that all EPOS systems and their providers are the same. We recommend you read it before making an EPOS investment.

Taking the risk out of cash and stock management 3

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Consider these statistics (produced by Gunter and

64% of people who buy a book NEVER even open it 57% of people who buy software NEVER use it 42% of people who buy music only listen to it ONCE 79% of people who start to read a book NEVER finish it 83% of people who start to use software NEVER use it again 94% of people NEVER read the software users manual

You can shake your head. Laugh at the stupidity of the figures. They cannot be true. Can they?

Unfortunately they are - but those statistics won’t effect you because we understand there is much more to EPOS than a terminal with some software loaded on it. Which is why our consultative approach ensures you realise the full potential of your investment.

4 Not all EPOS systems are the same

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Q1: Why is there a need for a brochure called “Did you honestly think all EPOS systems were the same”? NN:When we’re meeting prospective clients, or chatting to people in the hospitality and retail industries, many of them end up relating EPOS horror stories to us. A common theme to almost every tale of woe is the general misconception that all EPOS systems are the same. They are not.

Niels Nielsen is one of the EPOS industry’s most experienced and innovative experts, working closely

Q2: Why has this happened?

with many leading hospitality

NN:I think one of the chief problems is the relative ease of entry to the EPOS industry. People think they can provide off-the-shelf software and buy unbranded hardware from the Far East and hey presto - they have a system they can flog to unsuspecting customers. It might not be very good but the client is only going to find out retrospectively - when it’s up and running and not doing its job!

and retail independents and multiples, including the likes of Alma De Cuba, Bar & Grill, Cheshire County Council, Gusto, Felicini restaurants, High Peak Borough Council, Hydes Brewery, Living Ventures, Lowry Arts Centre, Max Spielmann, Residence,

These businesses are invariably very poor when it comes to providing service support and the future development of the system, which are probably the most important elements of an EPOS solution.

Salford City Council, San Carlo, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and Timpson.

From our perspective at GS, our consultative approach starts with us listening to what a client wants to achieve, specifying a solution to meet and exceed those expectations, implementing and maintaining the solution, ensuring everyone who needs to use it can through training and after sales support - and building in the capability to future-proof and improve a solution as the business grows and its market environment changes.

Taking the risk out of cash and stock management 5


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Here, and on page 8, are some typical red flag scenarios from people NOT using our solutions. They are in orange. Our recommendations are in white.

Our terminals are unbranded and fail when we get really busy and it’s getting very hot. Are all terminals the same? GS SAYS No. We only use proven built-for-purpose EPOS terminals from Sharp, Toshiba and IBM. These dedicated EPOS machines have sufficient ventilation and interior components to work flat out 24/7. I suspect some staff are handing out free beer and lager to their buddies when we get very busy. I cannot prove it but I know it’s costing me income and eating into my profits. GS SAYS A pre-dispense system ensures staff input food and drink into the system with orders printed at the relevant dispense station. An added safety guard is checking your sales timings from your system against CCTV footage. Are people dispensing what they’re inputting?

I keep losing good staff because they are fed up of complaints about orders and lack of tips. I know the EPOS is difficult to use and it breaks down but they don’t seem to understand my problems. GS SAYS One of the most common complaints from staff is about poorly configured systems that are too difficult to use and are incapable of processing transactions during really busy times.


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Wastage is a real problem especially as we can only guess what it’s costing us. I thought an EPOS system could track that for us! GS SAYS It can. An EPOS reporting solution to identify and monitor wastage can be set up in a matter of minutes to enhance business performance.

I want to reward my customers every time they visit but cannot find a loyalty package that works with my EPOS system. GS SAYS Good EPOS solutions should be able to integrate with other programs to allow you to run added-value applications like loyalty campaigns. That’s why our solutions are developed from mix’n’match modular suites.

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Q3: You could view this brochure as an early warning system? NN:Exactly. We want people who read it to think carefully about how they approach their EPOS investment. After all, it’s one of the most important business tools to help them control costs and increase margins.

PARTNERSHIP Long-term partnerships are

That’s why the brochure has a series of red flag scenarios (on pages 6 and 8) that have actually taken place, although we’ve changed some of the details for obvious reasons.

essential to the success of retail and hospitality businesses. At GS, we see ourselves as an extension of your IT capability.

Q4: What sort of red flags are you talking about?

We proactively help you use advanced EPOS and

NN:Take your pick - there are so many. Software not working, poorly configured systems, terminals overheating and failing, printers not printing, stock being sold without mechanisms in place to track it, systems that cannot be used because no one’s been trained. The list can go on forever.

associated technology to give you a genuine competitive advantage, acting as a sounding board for your ideas before finding the most effective way of implementing them.

Q5: So how do you avoid these EPOS mishaps?

We are best able to do this by having an intimate understanding of how you

NN:Well, they aren’t really mishaps. They can all be avoided very easily. From our point of view, as EPOS experienced experts, there’s no excuse whatsoever for software full of bugs, terminals getting too hot in busy nightclubs, printers misfiring, unable to printing orders.

think, how you operate and where you want to take your business. We not only take pride in our achievements but yours too.

None of these problems would happen with a properly specified solution using fit-for-purpose software and hardware backed by the appropriate expertise and experience.

Taking the risk out of cash and stock management 7


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We’re only using a fraction of the EPOS functionality because the person who oversaw the purchase has left our business. GS SAYS Organise a refresher training session for several members of staff so the situation cannot happen again. And why not plan it into your maintenance programme to make sure you optimise your return on your investment.

I’ve saved a load of cash by buying elements of my EPOS from different providers. However, it’s not working and the two providers are blaming each other. GS SAYS Surprise. Surprise. Buy an entire proven solution (where they can show the component software/hardware working together) from one provider with only one point of contact and the problem does not exist.

My EPOS system is temperamental and constantly lets me down. However, I’m reluctant to change though I know I should. GS SAYS A poor system will damage your reputation. What can take years to build can be blown away in a matter of hours. Imagine a badly behaved chef in the kitchen blowing hot and cold, upsetting your business? How soon would you react and get rid?

There’s been an upsurge in customer complaints about unfulfilled orders because the kitchen and drinks dispensing printers don’t always print. We have to physically walk to the bar or the kitchen to see if it has printed out properly. GS SAYS There is no excuse for a printer not printing other than poor planning or cabling or you’ve been sold an incomplete solution.

I was sold a system where the software crashes and stops working. I have no confidence in it despite constant efforts to fix it. GS SAYS At what point do you stop trying to make software work when it’s costing you more than the original investment? Alarm bells should ring the minute there are software glitches - and they should be getting louder each time it fails.


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Q6: So what makes GS different? NN: Well, for a start, at GS we have over three decades of EPOS experience working within the hospitality and retail sectors and have extensive first hand knowledge of the issues faced by businesses. We understand what customers want and, just as importantly, we know we can deliver what we promise because we’ve done it many times before. What’s more, we don’t deliver a system out of box, plug it in and then leave the customer to get on with it! We don’t simply apply the same answer to every client because all their needs are different. We tailor each solution accordingly. A lot of other EPOS companies have one size fits all.

GROWING We’re ideally suited for working with growing businesses. Whether it is expansion through increased outlets, adding new revenue streams or simply looking to sell more to boost margins and profits, our solutions will help you achieve your objectives. We have a proven track

Q7: And the evidence?

record working closely with forward-thinking progressive

NN: We have a proven track record providing and implementing EPOS solutions that help businesses grow. Our clients are familiar high street names, recognised in cities and towns across the UK. There are reference sites to go and see our solutions in action, where we’re proving categorically that all EPOS systems are not the same.

businesses. Our current client list includes the UK’s highest grossing restaurant outside of London and two multiples that are regular visitors to the Sunday Times FAST TRACK 100 (which ranks Britain's top

Q8: So what’s your advice to anyone wanting to buy or upgrade an EPOS solution?

100 fastest-growing private companies, based on sales growth over 3 years).

NN:Think hard before you commit to purchasing. We’ve published two companion White Papers, which we recommend you read. Both give loads of great tips about EPOS and detail why a good EPOS solution is a fundamental operational and management tool for businesses wanting to optimise margins and minimise costs. To order your copies simply visit or give us a call on 0800 018 0445. Taking the risk out of cash and stock management 9

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“I have been working with GS Systems for over seven years and the support the team provides is second to none.’’ Dave Roche, general manager, Alma De Cuba, Liverpool.

“GS Systems has been fantastic in helping us develop our business. You need to have experts who actually feed in information to us, information that we can use and develop upon and take as our own.” Tim Bacon, managing director, Living Ventures.

“GS Systems worked tirelessly to ensure that we were fully operational and their continued ongoing support has been exceptional.” Mandy Fazelynia, owner, Fina Bar & Grill, Macclesfield.

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Here are six reasons why all EPOS companies and their systems are not the same. These are commitments we make to all our clients, irrespective of the size of your current business or your proposed investment. Everyone is equally important. We effectively implement EPOS solutions to help your business grow

INVESTMENT Your investment in EPOS

We future-proof our solutions, NOT just sell you a system for today

will quickly pay for itself if the solution has been properly specified, implemented and

We constantly add value through our consultative approach

supported. The actual cost of the system will be more

We believe a long-term partnership realises the full potential of EPOS

than balanced by benefits like cost savings and you and your staff having

We see EPOS opening up new revenues and markets

more time to focus on other activities within the business.

We want your EPOS investment to be recouped quickly

Used as an essential business tool, it will soon become indispensable to the operation and management of your business. The opposite will be true of a poor system, which will end up costing a lot more than the initial investment.

Taking the risk out of cash and stock management 11

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We trust this brochure has given you plenty of food for thought. You can visit for more information about us and watch a video about our solutions.

Our clients include

You can request additional material to help give you all the facts necessary to make the right EPOS investment decisions. ‘How to choose your EPOS provider’ (White Paper) ‘How to choose the right EPOS solution for your business’ (White Paper) The GS Hospitality Suite brochure The GS Retail Suite brochure The GS Central Management Systems brochure The GS Grapevine magazine Call 0800 018 0445 or email to arrange an appointment, demonstration or a free needs analysis.

Bar & Grill Cheshire County Council Gusto Felicini restaurants High Peak Borough Council Hydes Brewery Living Ventures Lowry Arts Centre Max Spielmann Salford City Council Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council


GS Systems, 119/121 Buxton Road, Stockport, Cheshire SK2 6LR Tel: 0161 483 5595 Fax: 0161 419 6207 E-mail:

Did you honestly think?  

Did you honestly think all EPOS systems were the same? Here's the evidence that they are not.

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