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4 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set $

Mattress & Chest Set Not Included.


Twin Bunkbed with 2 Spring Mattress

(Code: 2DP MP-1622)



2-Door Shoe Cabinet $


7 Pc. Dining Set



Sofa & Loveseat Recliner $


Sofa & Loveseat $ (Espresso)

Located at the Harmon Industrial Park


Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m. - 5 pm.


FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY Minimum of $300 purchase.

Expires 1/31/17. *Delivery schedule subject to availability.

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By Josie Moyer


uying a home for the first time is an exciting process that can quickly turn into one of uncertainty and frustration if you are unprepared and unable to stay on track. Here are some tips to help you have a positive home buying experience.


Before you even start looking for a house, request a copy of your credit report. Credit reports are kept by the three major credit agencies: Experian, Equinox and TransUnion. This means you have three different credit scores, one for each report. Credit report errors are common so carefully examine the reports and clean up any errors before you talk to a lender. It could take several months to resolve credit report errors, but it’s vital to present an accurate

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credit report to a lender because a low credit score can affect your chance at getting the best interest rate, or getting financing at all.

OUT HOW MUCH 2 FIGURE HOUSE YOU CAN AFFORD You can start with an online calculator, but for a more accurate figure, ask your lender to pre-approve, rather than pre-qualify, you for a mortgage. Pre-approval means you’re cleared for a loan of a specific amount. Pre-qualification only tells you how much you can afford. Your lender will answer your questions on how much is required for a down payment and whether you qualify for options such as a VA Home Loan. This is a good time to evaluate your lifestyle and consider any changes that will effect the amount

TIPS & advice of space and number of rooms you’ll need in the years ahead, such as growing a family or starting a home business. Remember: just because you’ve been approved to buy a five-bedroom house doesn’t mean you have to buy it, especially if it’s way more than you need.

A TOP-NOTCH 3 FIND EXPERIENCED AGENT Real estate agents are important partners when you’re buying a home because they can provide you with insider information on houses and neighborhoods that isn’t readily accessible to the public. Their knowledge of the buying process, their skills at negotiating, and their familiarity with the areas you want to live in are all valuable resources. So choose an experienced agent who can answer all of your questions and explain every detail of the buying process.



Tell your agent what villages/neighborhoods you want to live in and what your budget is. It’s a good idea to also tell your agent to only show you properties that fall within that range. Look at as many homes possible and take your time during the process. As you view homes, consider the property’s positives and negatives, including the surrounding areas. And if there’s a home you’re interested in, don’t just visit it once. Go back several times, at different times of the day. It might help to bring a friend for objective feedback. Once you find the house you want, your agent will move quickly to make your bid, and guide you through the next steps of entering into a contract, securing a loan, getting a house inspection, and finally, closing the deal.

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Serving consumers, business and industry for over 20 years with operational presence in over 46 states. Our parent company Car Financial is a nationally recognized leader in the financial services industry. We specialize in providing customized retail financing programs designed to meet the individual needs of businesses and individuals. Our comprehensive retail financing services include: Auto dealer floor planning • Closed-end contract financing for tires, jewelry, furniture, appliance and electronics • Accounts receivable (bulk) purchasing • Buy Here Pay Here Dealer purchases • Small loans • Home equity loans An example of Express Financial’s expertise involve: Appliance, Furniture, Tires and Jewelry to name a few! When you think quality service and dependability, think Express Financial! Express Financial offers you a retail financing program to improve operating efficiency and increase sales. Our people, technology, and tradition of quality service makes teaming with Express Financial the right choice. Contact the Express Financial office on Guam or Saipan closest to you today to GUAM SAIPAN learn more! Chalan Monsignor, San Jose Village 600 Harmon Loop Rd. 107 Saipan, MP 96950 Dededo, Guam 96929 Tel: (671) 637-9834 Fax: (671) 633-0412 Tel: (670) 235-6032 Fax: (670) 235-6040 Fill out the attached application, scan and email to and a friendly member of our sales team will call you.

Quick Cash Application



Primary Applicant First Name:


Last Name:

Employer: Phone:

Length of Employment: Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Secondary Applicant First Name:


Employer: Phone:

Last Name: Length of Employment:

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Best Time & Number for Express Financial to contact you:

Best Time & Number for Express Financial to contact you:

Best Time to Call

Best Time to Call

Best Number to Call

Mailing Address: Street/Box


Express Financial is located at 600 Harmon Loop Road, Ste. 107 Dededo, GU 96929 (across from Cost-U-Less)

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Best Number to Call


Zip Code:

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Absolute Realty Tel: 989-8003 Email:

Blue Pacific Realty Tel: 648-1960 Email:

Ada’s Trust & Investment Inc. Tel: 472-9830 Email:

Advance Management Inc. Tel: 649-6488 Email:

Alliance Realty, LLC Tel: 637-3333/4 Email:

Buena Vista Realty, LLC Tel: 687-7362 Email:

Apex Realty Tel: 649-2800 Baba Corporation Tel: 649-5050 Banyan Properties Tel: 649-1498 Email: Beacon Realty Group LLC Tel: 653-5757 Email: BHI Realty Tel: 637-7431 Email:

Captain Real Estate Group Tel: 472-1819 Email: Century 21 Commonwealth Realty Tel: 649-2121 Century 21 Realty Management Company Inc. Tel: 647-5003 Email: CMC Development Group Inc. Tel: 727-9260 Email: Cochran Realty Tel: 472-2934 Email: January 13, 2017 | Guam Super Shopper | 9

REAL ESTATE DIRECTORY Coral Sea Realty Tel: 649-6088 Email: Cornerstone Valuation Guam, Inc. Tel: 649-6580 Email: Del Carmen Investments Tel: 646-0414 Email:

Fujita Property Guam, Inc. Tel: 646-6825 Email: Guam Capital Investment Corporation Tel: 477-1389 Email: Guam Realty Finder Tel: 647-4140 Email:

E Realty Tel: 777-4096 Email:

Heritage Realty Guam Tel: 646-0935 Email:

Edge Realty Tel: 646-3343 Email:

Horizon Properties Tel: 646-7616 Email:

Ellen’s Realty Tel: 647-0888 Email:

Ideal Realty Tel: 649-1883 Email:

Fortune Realty Tel: 653-8889 Email:

Ironwood Property Management Tel: 633-4348 Email:

Freedom Realty Tel: 488-2218 Email:

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Isle Properties Realty Tel: 687-5028 Email:

Jose Realty Tel: 797-8888 Email:

Realty Partners Guam Tel: 649-3980 Email:

LandMark Realty Group & Services Tel: 646-8906 Email:

Remax Diamond Realty Tel: 479-9532 Email:

Latte Stone Properties, LLC Tel: 647-5577 Email:

TDN Realty Tel: 777-5253 Email:

MACKS Realty Tel: 646-9870 Email:

Tanota Partners Tel: 646-1384 Email:

Mi Joo Realty Tel: 646-8551

Titan Realty Tel: 479-4663 Email:

Oka Guam Realty Tel: 488-0188

Today’s Realty Tel: 649-4361

Pacific Rim Realty Tel: 649-0677 Email:

Triple J Real Estate Tel: 648-6002 Email:

Pacifica Real Estate Tel: 989-8000 Email:

Veteran’s Choice Realty Tel: 649-0725 Email:

Platinum Properties Tel: 472-7428 Email:

W. Yamamoto Realty Tel: 689-3333 Email:

Premiere Properties Management Tel: 649 4663 Email:

Welcome Home Realty Tel: 653-9474 Email:

Property Shop Tel: 686-1446 Email:

World Realty Tel: 688-7355 Email: January 13, 2017 | Guam Super Shopper | 11

New Year, New Energy By P.K. Kahn


part from the perennial resolution to get healthy and fit, or lose weight to be more energetic, you might want to consider switching to solar energy for your home. Solar power is catching on in Guam. According to Chris Babasa of Micronesia Renewable Energy, there are more than 1200 homes in Guam who have switched to solar for their energy needs. Apart from contributing to a cleaner environment, making the switch brings enormous financial savings in the long term. While oil prices increase every year, solar prices at kilowatt per hour keep going down. This year, oil prices are expected to increase by 8% in February and another 8% in August. Power bills can be reduced by 50% or more when switching to solar power. So how does one make the switch? First, you do have to own the home to authorize the new installation. Or, if you are a renter, you could convince your landlord to switch to solar power. Second, do some research on the internet on solar energy. Find out how it works, what options and incentives are available for you, what types of roofing can be fitted with panels, how long the installation takes, and other in-

12 | Guam Super Shopper | January 13, 2017

formation you might need before taking the next step. You can then start calling a professional from the handful of solar energy companies that are on the island. Some companies give a free consultation. Be sure to have your questions ready to make full use of the consultation time given to you. It’s important that you get a clear idea of the present and future costs your switch will entail. If you are getting a loan to finance the switch, you may see a return on your investment within 6 to 8 years. Once you sign an agreement with a solar company, you begin the process of installing the solar panels and switching power providers. The process can take up to three days. You will start paying a lower monthly power bill, plus a flat monthly rate for the installation. And, with the Net Metering Program established by the Guam Utilities Commission, any unused Kwh net metering credits can be carried forward from month to month; and, at the end of 12 months, you may either elect to have unused credits carried forward, or sell them to GPA. So with all these benefits, why wait? There’s no better time to start your path to a future of cleaner energy than 2017! Call your renewable energy provider to become a conscientious energy consumer. Make the switch now!

January 13, 2017 | Guam Super Shopper | 13


By Cheeful Catunao


ardening is great for your health, and maintaining your own yard presents a perfect opportunity to keep it healthy and beautiful. Spending time maintaining you garden reduces stress, releases “feel good” hormones that cause higher self-esteem, and reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. In Guam, we’re lucky to have heaps of rain, nutritious soil, and an abundance of sunshine. So you can skip the chemicals, and synthetic products in order to promote a healthy garden. Here are some tips in starting and maintaining your garden in paradise. Connect with local farmers. For those that want to get started on gardening, one place to start is to meet your local gardeners. You can find them selling fresh local cherry tomato and basil plants, and orchids at your local village’s night market or at the Dededo flea market on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For any novice gardener, connecting with local farmers will offer to you a valuable insight on their experiences and it provides you a rich opportunity to support local. Pick a place for your garden. Start small. A small garden will require less material and less work. Depending on what

14 | Guam Super Shopper | January 13, 2017

type of plants you are planning on growing, be mindful of how much sun, shade, wind, and rain the area receives. Be sure not to keep your garden too close to any buildings or tall tress that may cast shadows on your plants! Select rich soil. Avoid dense soil, like clay-like soil, because it may hinder the plant’s roots from growing. Organic soil is great soil. You can create carbon and nitrogen rich soil by combining organic material, like dead leaves, plants and even coffee grinds and fruit peels, with soil. Over time, your compost in combination with soft fluffy soil will create a nutrient and mineral rich soil that will enhance your plant’s growing process. Limit the growth of weeds. Once your garden is flourishing, limit unwanted plants growing around your garden. Weeds will rob your garden of valuable nutrients. You can control its growth by removing the weeds to the root by hand or by mulch. Tending to your garden requires patience, time, and labor. But in the long run, the rewards are worthwhile and beneficial to your health. By using the tips above, you can be well on your way to starting and maintain your own garden!

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Place your classified ads by phone, fax, email, or drop-off. Phone: Fax: Email: Drop-off:

CLASSIFIEDS EMPLOYMENT HANSSEM CABINET Looking for experienced finishing carpenter/installer. Minimum 3 yrs. 727-1111. 1926001


ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR RENT – Ysengsong, Dededo. Single or couple preferred. Serious inquiries only. Call 988-5549. 2001002 DO YOU KNOW YOUR BUSINESS MONEY CORNER? HOW ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL MONEY DIRECTION? Call 988-6168, 1924001


NCS – Route #3 road front lot 1,770sm $125,000 Owner may consider financing. 482-2696. 1918004 TOTO (HOUSE LOT) – Road front, near Lujan’s Junkyard and J.Q. San Miguel School. ($55,000) 482-2696. 1918005

472-2363 472-2361 167 Serenu Avenue Tamuning, Guam 96913

Classified placement deadline for the January 27th issue is January 20th.


Super playful and full of spunk, Blooberri is just the cutest. She is 9 weeks in age and boasts a full coat of honey-red, with eyes to match. Wrinkles are in season because Blooberri is full of them and wears them quite well. Stop by the shelter and see how lovely she is in person. You won’t regret it.


1 year old Brooklyn is undeniably a sweetheart. She is still a bit shy and likes things to be taken a bit slow. She is in the process of learning quite well on the leash. She is in love with the play park, especially when she gets to swim in the pool. She is mostly brown with with white splashes and black on her muzzle. She is absolutely gorgeous. Average sized and beautiful, she will do quite well within a loving family. GAIN is open everyday, except holidays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. For more information please call 653-4246

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER – Baza Gardens, Yona. 3bd/2ba with a 1bd/1ba w/kitchen extension. Call 687-5235. 2001001


12 month old Ingel loves to love you. She is a bit of a mellow cat but is never too mellow to tickle your fancy. She is classified as a “Torbie” in coat pattern and color, which compliments her eyes quite remarkably. She loves any type of sweet lovin’ so come up and see Ingel while she is still here.




At 13 weeks old, this little guy can knock your socks off with charm. Kristoff is fully black in color with the most mesmerizing jade green eyes you have ever seen. He loves to be heard, as he purrs his life away quite verbally. He is one for lap pets and cuddles any time of the day. He will surely love you all day.

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UNIQUE Barrigada Home

By Alex J. Rhowuniong

Check out this amazing Barrigada home on 122 Concepcion Rd., nearly across Untalan Middle School. It’s got everything you dreamed of, and more! Karen Pan, co-owner of the house with her husband, explained that the construction of the house signaled “the new era of construction on Guam” where ordinary concrete houses will look different from now on. Instead of the traditional concrete houses you see on the island, hers was built with a lot of high end aluminum and glass...both typhoon and rust proof.   “You know, in Guam everything gets rusty,” said Enyong Jin, Pan’s husband, “so I use aluminum to keep the house rust free.”  Jin paid extremely close attention to every detail of the construction of the house to make sure all of his specifications are met. Because he designed and later renovated the house with you in mind: • If you don’t like bugs and geckos inside your house,  Jin custom-built that house just for you. He’s got aluminum screens all over the back side of the back porch behind the house where you’d be doing most of your barbequing. When you’re not cooking outside, you can close the screens and completely shut out flies, mosquitoes and other bugs. When you

shut the glasses, the geckos get gone too... so are the annoying droppings. But when you invite over friends to barbeque, open the back kitchen, converting it into an outdoor kitchen and all the screens to let the smoke escape. •  If you want to conserve and spend less money on energy... he’s got you covered in that regard also. All the outdoor lights are solar-powered. All indoor lights are single-switched to dim and brighten the rooms according to your preferences or the occasion. If there is need for only one or two lights in each room, then that is all the switch you turn on. Plus, when you close the glass windows to the outside, you trap cool air in the house. The air condition units won’t need to pump out cold air as much, leaving you with low monthly bills. In fact, even with the AC on all day every day, Pan said the monthly power bill is consistently around $140.    •  If you enjoy variety, he certainly made sure you would get all the variety you wanted in a house. “There are no two rooms alike,”  Jin  said, adding that every single room in the house is different... from the light fixtures and the lights under the ceiling all the way down to the  tilings  on the floor. For instance,

the main kitchen is open into the living room, it’s  table is a 5-inch thick white granite with a dishwasher and dish-racks built underneath it. The back kitchen with its own bathroom with a mini-washer inside is also open into a family room/ bedroom. Everything in these four rooms are very different.    • And if you like to party, he has a particular smile in his heart picturing your reaction after you discovered the amazing things you could do when partying in the house. With music blaring in the living room, the person in the family room will never hear a peep as soon as you close the glass windows separating the family room from the living room. In the family room also, when you close the window leading outside, the typhoon will rage on but you will hear nothing!   • And the typhoons? Jin said frequent typhoons on Guam will not touch the house. It’s practically a solid glass cave. When you shut the glass windows capable of withstanding winds with a minimum of 175mph and up to 265mph, you hear nothing inside, Jin added.

An originally three-bedroom house renovated and expanded into a 4br-5ba, the greyish looking house on 122 Concepcion Rd., is one of the most amazing places you will ever see on Guam. And, yes, we already have many elegant million-dollar homes on our island, but none so unique. Even as you enter the gate, right away you will know this is a special house.   A sliding gate opens the view of the house to a well groomedlawn with beautiful Japanese grass that rarely requires

cutting. A few small palm trees are spaced out on the lawn to give it a nice uncluttered look. Right in front of you is a garage convertible with folding glass for a side, the only part of the house that is not typhoon proof. To the left behind the garage is a large shed for added storage.   All other windows on the house, he added, are custom-built to withstand up to 265 mph winds on typhoon haven Guam. Not only are they that sturdy but the exposed parts of the house are ex-

tremely rust-proof  The final touch on this house is its own back-up generator.  Jim wants  to make sure you are independent with your power source whenever you want to, especially during typhoons when all power lines usually are knocked down. For more information or for a personal tour, contact Enyong Jin with JP Real Estate Development, LLC at 988-6528 or Karen Pan with Ideal Realty at 988-1883.

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