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INFORMATION TRATION REGIS August 28th. by e rly registration is du

• Ea eive girls by August 28th will rec • Leaders who register their C Leader patch an “I Rock” 2011-2012 GSSG er 7th • Registration ends Septemb station event last • Girls who earned the refore t to this event year will receive a free ticke

Welcome to our

first edition Products magazine. We know your days are busy, schedules are full. That’s why we thought we would bring the information directly to you this year. Did you know we have a Fall Sale? Did you know your Girl Scout can learn key budgeting, planning and goal setting skills all by participating in the fall sale? Better yet, she and her troop can work towards some fantastic short term goals like earning troop funds from selling fall product to go ice skating, buy new troop materials or even save up towards surf camp. Take a look through our many pages and see the fantastic things that are going on in the World of Product sales. A quick overview…

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Nuts & Candy: Fall Product Line up, Description and Cost


Girl Incentives, Nutty Dough and Patches


Troop Profit, Leader / Troop Incentives (New this year)


PIP – Progressive Incentive Plan


CFO Pilot Program (Cadettes-Ambassadors only)


CFO Products and Costs


Girl Scouts My Way


New Troop “Getting Started”


Leader Sale Dates Quick Reference Guide”


Face Book Information Page


QSP Online Quick Reference


Where To Find What You Need When You Need It



There is a nice variety of nuts and candy to choose from this year. Items and prices are as follows:

Blueberry Pomegranate Crunch $7

NEW Limited Edition Girl Scout 100th Anniversary Tin with Caramel Treasures $8


NEW Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Truffles $8

Chocolate Covered Raisins $5

Deluxe Pecan Clusters $5

Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

Butter Toasted Peanuts $5


Whole Cashews $6 Dark Chocolate Pretzels $5 Mint Meltaways $6

Fruit Slices $5

3-Pack Trio $10

(Honey Roasted Cashews, Wasabi Almonds and Spicy Peanuts)

Cranberry Nut Mix $5

Peanut Butter Dreams $5 back by popular demand

Salsa Mix $5

“I Care” Donation $5


e r a IC

Fall Sale 2011

Choose the “I Care” box and for $5.00 our military will receive a delicious can of Fruit Slices, Butter Toasted Peanuts or Cranberry Nut Mix. What a delicious way to say Thank you!

goal achiever patch: earned with 10 commemorative tins sold

investing in today patch: earned with 1 magazine order (e-mail or traditional)

Magazine super seller patch: earned with 5 magazine orders (e-mail, traditional or combo)

Success for tomorrow patch: earned with 5 nut/candy orders

Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

together to the top patch: earned with address booklet submitted and complete

online patch: earned with 12 e-mail addresses sent to QSP on-line

super seller patch: earned with 15 nut/candy orders Sparkle tattoo set: earned with 10 magazine orders (e-mail, traditional or combo)

$150 in sales: choice of small 12” Arctic Fox OR Leopard Pillow Case

$200 in sales: 100th Anniversary Logo GSSGC Shirt


$400 in sales: choice of Large 24” Arctic Fox OR USB Girl Scout

$300 in sales: Hat and Gloves

OR nutty dough card! Earned with $500 in sales and above.

Here’s the breakdown for what you’ll earn:

* Nutty Dough is not cumulative.

Cookie/ Nutty Dough can be used to pay for camp – and not just ours! Many camps

Cookie/ Nutty Dough – it’s come a long way!


accept our cookie/nutty dough. It can also be used in our shops, in our online store and for event registration fees, like sleeping over on the Midway. For our high school girls, cookie/ nutty dough can help pay for graduation announcements, cap and gown--even a senior class ring! This is a wonderful way for girls to fund or earn their own opportunities over and above the troop funds and incentives.

Fall Sale 2011

• $500+ in total sales earns a $35 Nutty Dough Card* • $600+ in total sales earns a $40 Nutty Dough Card* • $700+ in total sales earns a $45 Nutty Dough Card* • $800+ in total sales earns a $50 Nutty Dough Card* • $900+ in total sales earns a $55 Nutty Dough Card* • $1000+ in total sales earns a $60 Nutty Dough Card*

Troop Profit Item Nuts and Candy Magazine Address Book I-Care

Troop Profit $1.00 10% $3.00 $1.00



Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

One leader from each participating troop (participation indicates a girl receives a patch) receives an awesome roll up water “bottle” complete with 100th anniversary trefoil logo!

One Leader from each troop with 100% participation receives a hard-bottomed tote bag – 100th anniversary trefoil logo!

Troop with the highest per girl average, per region, receives an Easy-Up Canopy with logo

Troop with the highest percentage of 100th anniversary tin sales receives a weekend at camp – the whole troop!

PROGRESSIVE INCENTIVE PLAN (Created by Volunteers for Volunteers) The More You Do, the More You Earn! The Progressive Incentive Plan (PIP) will be replacing the .02 cent and .03 cent bonus plans of the past. The Progressive Incentive Plan is a way to reward troops for their participation in various aspects of the Fall and Cookie sales as well as for various “milestones” throughout the year such as: submitting Early Bird Registrations, meeting important deadlines, attending required trainings, submitting necessary paperwork, etc. The Progressive Incentive Plan (PIP for short) will have a variety of milestones which will be assigned a dollar amount. At the end of the Cookie sale, the earned amounts will be calculated and that amount will be deducted from your final payment due to Council. If you don’t qualify for one milestone (i.e.: miss a deadline, didn’t participate in the Online Magazine Sale, etc.), you still have many more opportunities to earn bonus funds for your troop (unlike the past where it was “all or none”). With this new program, your troop can earn MORE money during cookies! Did you Early Bird? Your troop profit (to be received at the end of the Cookie Sale) went up! Meet important deadlines? Your troop profit goes up! And with each one of the milestones listed below for the Fall Product Sale, your troop profit will increase! The More You Do, the More You Earn!!! Fall Product milestones will include: Parents getting information to Leaders on time, helps Leaders keep the troop on track. Did you know that turning your order cards in to your troop late can cost your troop bonuses? • Attend Fall Product REGIONAL TRAINING • Participate in the NUT & CANDY Sale

• Participate in the ONLINE Magazine Sale • Submit ADDRESS BOOKLETS • Meet all DEADLINES for the Fall Product sale • All Fall Product SWOOP & SWEEPS Clear the Bank • Pick-up Fall Product INCENTIVES by the deadline

Fall Sale 2011

• Participate in the MAGAZINE Sale


Creative Funding Opportunity Are you a Cadette, Senior or Ambassador troop or Girl Scout My Way and want to earn more proceeds? Then the CFO, Creative Funding Opportunity, program is exactly what you are looking for! This is an opportunity for the girls to learn more about business etiquette, how to make presentations, and develop career skills, while earning additional funds for their Girl Scout activities. With this program, girls will not have to worry about an order card, money envelope, or going back to deliver products! When girls attend the training, they will learn how to present all of the products on the Ashdon Farms CFO website to customers. These are not the typical items found on the Fall Product Sales order card. These high quality gift items provide companies with a great option for their corporate gift-giving along with an easy way for other customers to check holiday gift shopping off their to-do list! All a customer has to do is go online, place their order with a credit card, and the gift gets mailed to them or their gift recipient.

Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

Don’t pass up this great opportunity to earn extra proceeds for your busy Girl Scout year! Register your troops or girls for the training on October 15th, 10 a.m. 2 p.m. in Redlands.

It’s EASY and FUN too! • There are no products to deliver; the products purchased will be delivered directly to the customer. • Girls will earn $5 on each product sold to be held in a grant fund for their Girl Scout Experience. • Participating girls will earn a CFO patch. • The CFO products are special, high-quality products not included on the regular Fall Product Sale order card. These items are exclusive to this program.

PI Seller ID: Help a Girl Scout entrepreneur realize her financial and program goals by your purchase of product through the Ashdon Farms Creative Funding Opportunity. Girls learn goal setting, decision making, money management and business ethics as they support their Girl Scout Leadership Experience activities.

Colossal Cashews

18 oz. - $36.40

36 oz. - $57.85

Largest cashews in the world! Roasted & salted w/ sea salt.

Gourmet Blend

18 oz. - $32.90

36 oz. - $50.90

Colossal cashews, giant almonds, mammoth pecans and large whole macadamias. Roasted & salted w/ sea salt.

Jumbo Cashews

15 oz. - $25.25 30 oz. - $42.60

A tasty, classic jumbo cashew roasted & salted w/ sea salt.

Deluxe Mixed Nuts 15 oz. - $25.25 30 oz. - $38.80 Jumbo cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pecans and hazelnuts. Roasted & salted w/ sea salt.

Merry Berry Mix 15 oz. - $24.70 30 oz. - $38.10 Apple juice infused cranberries, cherries and blueberries along with walnuts and roasted-unsalted almonds.

Giant Crunchy Peanuts

40 oz. - $28.40

Kettle cooked, XL Virginia peanuts. Roasted & salted w/ sea salt.

20 oz. - $22.85

Gourmet caramel corn with pecans and almonds.

Milk Chocolate Cov. Almonds

24 oz. - $30.00

Smooth milk chocolate covered almonds!

Chocolate Tuttles

23 oz. - $42.15

Fall Sale 2011

Gourmet Caramel Corn w/ Nuts

Pecans wrapped in creamy caramel and dipped in rich milk chocolate.


visit for more information


Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

Girl Scouts My Way


whatever you call it – that’s you; courageous, strong, confident – you!

Independent Girl Sc


Participate in Fall Sa l Read all about it….

Learning business skills, budgeting and planning isn’t just for girls in troops. It’s for all Girl Scouts. By participa ting in a product sale, you not only learn to stay organized an d to reach a goal, you also learn to se lf motivate and believe in yourself. Pathways Program allows your Girl Scout to participa te in the sale on their own, selling dir ectly with council. My Troop is not selling fall products – Can my child still participate? YES


Does my Girl Scout still ea

rn incentives? YES

Does my daughter earn tro

op funds – NO

– she earns Grant Funds. Grant funds are accessible to pay for Gir l Scout programm

Fall Sale 2011

ing, Girl Scout travel an d Girl Scout experience. These funds are held in trust for up to three years . Meaning your Girl Scout can fund her own experience with he r troop even if the troop is not se lling product, or your ind ep endent Girl Scout can now work towards going to camp or even that Europe Extended Troop Tri p. Want to know more abou t the Girl Scouts “My Way” pathways products program?! Conta ct Vickie Ward at vward@g and she will happily help you learn more about ind ep endent fundraising opportunities .

Already selling as a “Girl Sc out My Way” and need to ac cess the grant money but can’t find the application? t Or

Go online to forms, choo se cookie forms, choose grant application and fill it out!


Troop Fall Product Coordinators Must: • Be registered – as 01, 02, or 03 • Have an approved volunteer application on file • Take Fall Training at one of our Regional Fall Trainings • Sign a Troop Product Sale Manager Contract • Take Volunteer Essentials with Troop Module or have taken Leadership I • Make sure that the Troop and all participating girls are registered. • Schedule a girl/parent meeting to discuss the fall sale

PARENT MEETING • Distribute Parent Letter and Permission Slips. • Discuss troop’s goals and budget. Explain the importance of participating in a fall sale. Girls learn to support their own Girl Scout experience. Girl Scouts learn to be independent, financially award and goal-driven. • Introduce the four parts of the sale: Nuts and Candy, Paper Magazine Orders, Online Magazine Sale, and the Address Booklets. • Distribute Order Cards, Magazine Packets and the Address Booklets.

Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

• Discuss sale dates. Penalties for early selling will be enforced. • Review “Safety-Wise” requirements and discuss safe selling practices. • Review deadlines, banking instructions and incentive information. • Instruct girls and parents that they are to collect money for magazine orders and “I Care” when orders are placed. They are not to collect money for the nuts and candy, other than “I Care” until they deliver the products! • Make sure all order forms are complete, legible and accurate!!! Make sure the Troop # and Council name abbreviation (GSSGC) is on each form.

Remember Nuts/Candy may NOT be returned. Booth Sales are not permitted unless you are participating in a pilot program directly with Council. NO OTHERS are cleared for booth sale.


Quick pullout guide of due dates for leaders. Parents be aware these are the dates leaders have paper work due. This means they need their troop information from you ahead of time. Do not use these as YOUR dates.


August 23rd

Southwest Regional Training

August 24th

Low Desert Regional Training

August 25th

Morning Training in Redlands

August 25th

Central Regional Training

August 26th

Central West Regional Training

August 27th

Morning Training in Redlands

August 27th

High Desert Regional Training

September 22nd

Fall Sale Starts

October 11th

Order Taking Ends for Nuts & Address Books

OctOBER 14th

Leaders Turn in Address Books and Magazine orders

October 15th

Leaders Locked Out of Nut-E

October 18th

Districts Locked Out of Nut-E (Address Books Due to Council)

October 20th

Swoop & Sweep # 1 – QSP Address Book Money, per Nut-E

October 21st

Council Locked Out of Nut-E

November 5th

Mega Drop – each region will have a sign up time for you at Regional’s. DO NOT come early or this causes back up!

November 8th

Additional Nuts & Candy will be available while quantities last also. (Check with Community Manager)

December 2nd

Troop Final paper work/ Approval of sweep. Bad debt due to District/ Region teams.

December 7th

Final Paperwork Due to Council from Regions

December 8th

Swoop & Sweep # 2 – Final Nut & Candy Payment based on Nut-E

Fall Sale 2011




Contests, updates, networking, late breaking news…yes all this happens on facebook. Some highlights of our cookie sale on Face Book you may not have known… Wacky Weather Contest – 8 winners were randomly selected from uploading photos of Girl Scouts selling cookies in the “Wacky Weather”, each randomly selected troop received $100.00 in their account. Marketing Contest – uploaded photos of great signage, wagons, booth sales etc…winning troop received $175 and winning girl received $75 Chaperone guidelines for Cali Girl were posted in early December. Questions about cookies, booth sale guidelines, snap…all answered at all hours of the night and day. So many great things happened.

Fall Sale 2011 what’s coming on Facebook? FALL PRODUCT SWAP CONTEST – October 18th – October 26th

Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

(Vote for your favorite swap) • Create a swap that expresses “Fall” and submit a photo of it. • Winner will receive a spot in our Believe in Girls fashion show, to take place on the main stage!

IT’S MY MAG CONTEST September 23rd - September 30th (vote for a photo of a Girl Scout with her favorite magazine) • Submit a photo of a girl or troop reading their favorite magazine in their favorite reading location. • Person whose photo receives the most submissions will receive four free subscriptions to their favorite magazines compliments of QSP. • These four free subscriptions can be ordered through the paper order process and count towards your sales.

WHY I’M A NUTTY GIRL CONTEST October 3rd – October 10th (vote for your favorite Nutty Girl) • Submit a photo of your Girl Scout showing off her own unique sparkle. • Winning girl will receive a front of the line VIP photo pass for our Believe in Girls event. Get all those autographs without waiting in a long line!

RECIPE CONTEST November 7th – 14th (vote for your favorite recipe) • Submit a photo of your favorite recipe incorporating items from our Fall Product line. • Include the actual recipe in the caption of the photo. • Selected recipes will be included in our online Fall Product Recipe Book • The top ten favorite recipes will be featured our online Fall Product Recipe Book along with photos.

GIFT BASKET CONTEST November 14th – November 24th (vote for your favorite gift basket) • Winning basket will become our featured basket in the mall kiosks. • The value of that winning basket design will be added into the troop profit, not to exceed $100.00

Scavenger Hunt November 6th – December 1st (Girls completing the Scavenger Hunt will receive a patch redeemable in our store) Submit a photo for each of the following categories via our online form beginning November 6

If you weren’t on face book before isn’t it time you signed up now! Look for Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council today!

Fall Sale 2011

• Photo of girl with military • Photo of girl with fireman • Photo of girl with police • Photo of girl with her favorite fall product


How Does It Work? It’s easy...just click on the QSP Online Program button to get started! Found on our web page at 1. Register 2. Complete the goal setting activity 3. Personalize part of the message that will be emailed 4. Order your family’s subscriptions and invite other family members and friends to shop online.

Online Patch

Girl Scouts of san gorgonio

In addition to the patch, your Girl Scout and her troop will also receive credit for all online orders. At the end of the sale, the Detailed Order Report will be emailed to the registered email address. Girls will print or email the report to you prior to the due date, so you can credit each girl with her sales. IMPORTANT ~ QSP and Nut-E do not communicate. Having each girl print out and return the form to you and you entering the info into Nut-E is the ONLY way for her to receive credit for the online sale. You can also check throughout the sale to track your progress and enter additional emails to meet your goals quicker!

Benefits • All major credit cards are accepted • Subscriptions start faster • No paper order forms to complete • No need to collect money * QSP does not rent or sell e-mail addresses or use them for any other purposes. We respect everyone’s right to privacy.

Where to find what you need when you need it…. – Our Council web site gives you access to forms, links to Ashdon Farms Nut-E, QSP, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Snap, Regional News Pages, Online Shops, Resources on Patch Placement, Event Calendars, Registration and so much more! - This is the Nut-E web site where leaders and troop coordinators go to enter all nut/candies and magazine orders for their troop. – This is where leaders, parents, and council staff help one another by discussing questions in a real-time environment. You can learn cool things about upcoming events and see all the latest Girl Scout blog stories and news articles. It’s your advance notification station! - Read wonderful stories about girls and volunteers in our own Council on the Press Enterprise’s website.

Need forms? Go to our web site at, click on “for leaders” then chose forms. Don’t have a computer? We have computers at all of our offices! Or give us a call and we can mail you what you need!

REGIONAL Teams Regional Manager – Central West Fall Manager – Low Desert Regional Manager – Central

Regional Manager – High Desert

council Team Elizabeth Locke-Thomas “E” Devon Spira

Vickie Ward


Vice President Retail & Product Sales Product Sales Manager Product Sales Assistant Girl Scouts My Way Coordinator

Fall Sale 2011

Regional Manager – South West

Phyllis Dailey Lisa Reynolds Kimberly Romero Tami Swanson Laurie Brown Karen Early Charlie Engeron

Locations Central Service Center & Executive Offices 1751 Plum Lane Redlands, CA 92374 800-400-4475 909-307-6518 SHOP High Desert Service Center 15329 Bonanza Road, Ste. C & D Victorville, CA 92392 760-241-3558 760-241-0273 SHOP

Low Desert Service Center 77-734 Country Club Drive, Ste. C Palm Desert, CA 92211 760-345-1703 Southwest Service Center 26855 Jefferson Avenue, Ste. B Murrieta, CA 92562 951-813-3355 951-813-3339 SHOP

00-400-4475 8 | org . Girl Scouts of San c g ss Gorg g . w onio | ww Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio 1751 plum lane, redlands, ca 92374

Food for Thought - 2011 GSSGC Fall Product Guide  
Food for Thought - 2011 GSSGC Fall Product Guide  

Everything you need to know about the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio's 2011 Fall Product sale.