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JUNE 2014

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CONTENTS The colder months are always a fabulous opportunity to get along to some wonderful indoor arts events on at our local superb theatre and galleries. Make sure you get out and about and enjoy whats on offer. Waipuna Hospice is a wonderful community facility and many of us have been touched in some way through an association with the work that they do in this region. The Hospice has some wonderful walls available to display artworks and it is such a comfort to patients of all ages and their families to experience original artworks created by local artists. We are currently collecting art for their fabulous facility and for the new addition to their complex, due to open very soon. If you are interested in donating a piece of artwork or displaying it for sale, please contact me. Your support would be most welcome.

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Tracey Rudduck-Gudsell, Chief Executive ‘arts and culture are what make a city fall in love with itself’’ Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

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creativebeat • May • Haratua


‘A CREATIVE RENNAISANCE’ When Kathryn Overall returned to New Zealand in 2009, after spending eight years in Sydney, she began reading the classics. “I remember sitting on Piha beach on a bright, blue, spring morning and beginning the first chapter of ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’,” says Kathryn. Thomas Hardy’s pastoral English countryside setting was a far cry from the wild west coast scene she found herself in, and even further away from the hustle of the city life she had just left behind.

creativebeat • June • Pipiri

Returning to her childhood love of reading was part of a promise Kathryn made to herself when she returned home; a promise to take the opportunity her sea-change offered to return to her creative roots. “I wanted to re-create a life rich in words and music, my twin loves”, says Kathryn. “Both the writer and the songwriter in me definitely needed reviving.”


Kathryn moved from Maketu to Sydney when she was 19 to study songwriting and music at the School of Creative Arts. While music was a regular thread in her life over the next eight years, her life went in a different direction when she fell into the business side of songwriting, managing the music publishing catalogue at Christian City Church Oxford Falls. “I loved it actually,” says Kathryn. “I do have quite a

left-brained, structured part of me, and the world of music copyright and song licensing was fascinating. But towards the end of that time, I started to feel like the creative part of me had taken a back seat for too long.” Five years after her sea-change, and hundreds of books later, it’s safe to say that the promise Kathryn made to herself is paying off. She has created a niche for herself as a communications strategist and freelance writer with her business, ‘Engage Communications’. “I think of myself a brand story-teller,” says Kathryn. “I guess I see social marketing as a place where the arts meet commerce. To me, it’s important to tell the human stories that are always at the heart of any meaningful business transaction. Whether I am writing a Facebook post or a feature article that is always my goal, to make it real and relatable.” Happily, over the last nine months, Kathryn’s hoped-for songwriting

renaissance has also begun and she is quietly picking away at a recording project with the help of local singersongwriter Luke Thompson. “Luke is really great to work with,” says Kathryn. “He’s super-talented and plays all the instruments I don’t, which is most of them! I play piano and do my own vocals, and play really bad campfire guitar - good enough to write with but that’s all. Luke picks up the guitar and makes it sound the way I hear it in my head. I’d be lost if I didn’t have someone like him who can do the technical side of recording and help shape the song arrangements. I am really grateful to be getting my creative flow back - studio days are definitely my favourite days.” Kathryn is not sure at this stage what she will do with her songs once she has recorded them. “I like the lowkey approach of picking away at recording and releasing songs in smaller collections,” she says. “The songs are kind of falling into two groups at the moment. There’s a bunch which I wrote nearly six years around the time of leaving Sydney. The songs I am writing now feel quite different thematically and stylistically, so I would like to keep those separate. The song I like best out of my more recent stuff is called ‘Not All The Leaves

For those who would like a taste of what is to come, Kathryn has recently released a free single called ‘Just Being Here With You’. “I wrote this song as a wedding present for my youngest sister, Laura and her husband Philip,” says Kathryn. “I got asked them to write down things they liked about each other and then weaved those things into the lyrics. They are a really sweet couple and it was such a happy song to write.” Get your FREE DOWNLOAD from

creativebeat • June • Pipiri

Are Falling’, which I think will probably be the name of that collection.




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Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa, naumai haere mai ki te Whare Toi, the Creative Tauranga Gallery. Whakapiri tatou me titiro ki nga whetu, he korowai aroha o Ranginui. He aha ou whakaaro ki Matariki…

creativebeat • June • Pipiri

Greetings to you all, welcome, please come to the Creative Tauranga Gallery. Let us gather together and look to the stars, the cloak of Ranginui the Sky Father. What does Matariki mean to you…


Kia ora tatou katoa. We are a collective of Artists working in the main medium of harakeke flax aswell as other mediums. We are comprised mainly of a core group of Artists who are past and or present students and graduates of the Raranga Flax Weaving Courses taught at Te Wananga O Aotearoa here in Tauranga, by Bibbins Tangitu. Aswell as other Artists who also work in the main medium of flax. Many of us are now making the transition from student to emerging Artists in the community and the Matariki

Exhibition gives us a chance to experience the exhibition process outside the Wananga in the real world context. It also gives us the opportunity to show and offer our works for sale, to audiences that may not usually have the opportunity to view our work. Also it is a chance for us to gauge the public response to our work and the chance to offer new insights into what it is that we do as Artists. Part of this aspect of our work is to show the value of flax fibre work as a legitimate form of Art in the general context as opposed to the general view of Raranga which encompasses all aspects of flax weaving, as a hobby or art craft categorisation. The pieces in the exhibition are many and varied in terms of technical skill in execution as well as the commentary being made by the Artists through their particular mediums and pieces. Each piece being relevant to Matariki as the overarching theme and commentary of the exhibition. We look forward to sharing our work with the community and hope that you will come with an open mind and an open heart and we look forward to seeing you there.

Dynamic in Dance

Acclaimed as one of New Zealand’s most dynamic dance companies, Okareka is creating a brand new work, which will be performed at Tauranga’s Baycourt Theatre on Tuesday 29 July. Co-choreographed by well-known New Zealand choreographers Taiaroa Royal, Taane Mete and Malia Johnston (World of WearableArt artistic director), Mana Wahine is an all-female contemporary dance performance, exploring the essence of strength, power, integrity and beauty within women. “It’s a commanding work that will uplift the spiritual power and status of ‘the woman’ within us all,” says Okareka co-artistic director and choreographer Taane Mete. CreativeBeat caught up with Taane as rehearsals for the new work were beginning and he said the company is excited to be coming to Tauranga. “Audiences can expect a visual and physical feast. We’re creating a work that’s both challenging and beautiful.”

Taane said creating Mana Wahine has been a very different way of working for the company. “It is a co-authorship, so rather than each of us having a section which we create, we are all creating the work together.” Finding its heart in Maori legends and stories, Mana Wahine draws inspiration from the true story of Te Aokapurangi, a young maiden from Rotorua who was captured during battle and taken to live in the far North. Years later she returned to her home and single-handedly saved her people from slaughter. The courage, determination and fearlessness showed by Te Aokapurangi fuels the choreographic style explored in this exciting new work melding dance, waiata, haka, chant and mesmerising imagery. For Malia Johnston, it is an opportunity to work intensely on a project with Taane and Taiaroa Royal, and a cast of five dancers. As artistic director of the extravaganza World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards Show, Malia is used to dealing with many dancers and performers and she is looking forward to working closely with the cast of Mana Wahine. “Each dancer is very individual in her movement style and bringing together this new work is going to be fantastic.” Performers featuring in the work are Bianca Hyslop, Maria Munkowits, Nancy Wijohn, Chrissy Kokiri and Jana Castillo. Book tickets for Mana Wahine through Ticketek 0800 842 538

creativebeat • May • Haratua

They’ve toured New Zealand, the United States, China, and Australia, and even performed in The Netherlands – finally Okareka Dance Company comes to Tauranga.



Pip Loader: Manager, Baycourt Community & Arts Centre When I first started at Baycourt three years ago, I frequently heard comments from local community users fondly recounting the ‘Bob Addison days’. I set out to understand the history of the man and his association with Baycourt… Bob was the Chairman of the Tauranga Community Arts Council, an enthusiastic group of local residents who were responsible for the original proposal for Baycourt in 1974. This included nine years of planning and fundraising for the build, through to construction and opening in 1983. Bob was appointed Manager in 1988 and Baycourt finally had someone who understood the users, the Councils point of view and also represented the rate payer. He produced shows such as ‘High Society’, ‘Nunsense’ and ‘Follies’ and turned Baycourt around from its failing days operating under a trust board and bringing a business-like approach and actively promoting the venue as a community centre where anyone and everyone was welcome. Bob showed Council that Baycourt could operate as a successful business venture. Baycourt became a vibrant part of the Tauranga Community and Bob brought back former users and fostered cooperation amongst them.

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Bob was a man of many talents. Prior to his role at Baycourt he sang with the NZ Opera before moving into a music teaching career at the then new, Otumoetai College. He appeared in many Tauranga Operatic Society productions as well as running the college productions and choir. After Bob’s ten year tenure as Manager of Baycourt he went on to become a Tauranga City Councillor. Former students, such as successful actor Tim Balme, attribute their success to Bob Addison and the Tauranga arts community is a richer place for his guidance and involvement. As a way of recognising Bob’s passionate contribution to Tauranga and the arts community, Tauranga City Council is changing the name of Baycourt’s Centennial Theatre to the ‘Addison Theatre’ in June. The Addison family have said that they are humbled and touched by the tribute, but also pleased that their father’s hard work and efforts are recognised and celebrated in this way. We look forward to seeing you at Baycourt’s ‘new’ Addison Theatre soon.

Ahoy There Me Hearties creativebeat • June • Pipiri

Be you ready to set sail with Captain Swallows and his seamen?


Join us on our maiden voyage of fun and mayhem following Captain Swallows and his crew as they become pirates. They have a gaggle of REAL female pirates on their tail, trying to steal the Pearl Necklace, which is said to have special powers to the wearer. The show is full of high energy pop and rock songs from across the decades. Expect high energy dancing & singing, and witty comedy.

AUDITION TODAY Audition Dates: 19th & 20th June 2014 This is a locally written musical comedy series.

“the maiden voyage”

Visit for more info & how to book an audition


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students to fresh voices, skills and ideas to help them grow as performers as well as connecting with the local community.

Past Otumoetai College student Dave Wilson and his wife Lisa, both wellknown identities of the local theatre and performing arts scene, have accepted an invitation to direct and choreograph the full-scale musical. The pair has a special bond with the theatrical history of the college and a chance to be part of that history was too much to turn down. The college is delighted to be bringing in external directors for the production as the move satisfies a number of priorities for the school by exposing

The Crapshooters: This mob searches Broadway for a place to hold their illegal dice game with some hilarious consequences.


The 2014 Primary Schools’ Fresh Moves Dance Festival “Move That Thought” has 11 schools busy creating and rehearsing dance ideas to communicate this year’s theme. This annual event has teams of between 20-50 Year 3-Year 8 students who create a 5-7 minute dance. The Festival is a non-competitive celebration of dance in schools, with students creating the movement ideas to present their interpretation of the theme. Each team receives verbal feedback from a panel of experts and an Award of Excellence for an element that was particularly effective, ie concept, choreography, stage presence.

This year the schools involved are: Te Puke Primary Pongakawa Omanu Arataki Tahatai Te Akau Ki Papamoa Tauranga Intermediate Paroa Te Puna Omokoroa Bellevue The special guest performance this year is a group from Tauranga Girls College with a modified version of the Gate Pa dance performed as part of the recent Gate Pa commemorations.

Guys and Dolls is a classic stage musical set in 1950s New York. It follows a host of colourful characters in a humorous and touching story based around the bright lights and shady corners of Times Square. It has been described as “a musical fable of Broadway”. There are more than 50 college students on stage, plus a large number who will be involved in the band, technical department and stage crew giving a good percentage of the school’s role an opportunity to get involved in the production.The show runs for five performances at Baycourt from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 June.

Baycourt Tuesday, June 24, 2014 7:00 pm-9:00 pm Wednesday, June 25, 2014 7:00 pm-9:00 pm Tickets available from Creative Tauranga or online at Eventfinda Suitable for: All Ages Adult $20.00 Child $10.00 Family (2 adults & 2 children) $50.00

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creativebeat • June • Pipiri

Otumoetai College is staging a major production of the classic stage musical Guys and Dolls and the school has chosen to engage highly experienced directors to enhance the production and the learning experience of the students involved.


FROM TAURANGA TO DUBLIN Written By Fay Edgecombe

When Francine Thomas joined the Tauranga Floral Art Group she never dreamed where her journey of imagination and creativity would take her. It has given her the opportunity to gain Floral Art Society of New Zealand (FASNZ) Diploma’s in Demonstrating, Judging and Teaching. In Dublin on June 19th Francine will have the privilege of being the International Demonstrator representing FASNZ at a demonstration which is part of the WAFA (World Association of Flower Arrangers) World Flower Show. The audience will be 1000 WAFA members from around the world. Francine will be on stage with a designer from America and Barbados. The three designers will each be creating an original design which has to be 2.5m high and 2.2m wide and will be done with music and lighting. Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty will feature in Francine’s design. The World Flower Show will be held in Dublin from 17th – 22nd June. Francine says that it is a real honour to be representing New Zealand and is looking forward to the challenge. Francine’s inspiration comes from what she sees and when combined with what she feels inside the ideas start to flow. She loves sharing those ideas to inspire other people to do the same. “Flowers are from the heart and so is my designing.”


creativebeat • May • Maramarima

by Debbie McCauley


The people of Tauranga Moana have claimed their true identity over the last few weeks and told our story to the rest of New Zealand and the world through the mediums of poetry, essay, speech, literature, haka, art and a dedicated exhibition at Greerton Hall. The Battles of Gate Pā/Te Ranga Art Exhibition in particular saw significant outpouring of expression in a variety of guises. The Adult Division, sponsored by Simpson Grierson, was won by Tawhai Rickard with his impressive rimu and acrylic ink wall hanging ‘Pekerangi’.

Karen Francis Lawson was runner-up with her acrylic on canvas piece ‘Tiaki/ Protect’. The Schools Division, sponsored by Te Tuinga Whānau Support Services Trust, saw Tauranga Girls’ College students Kate Harris and Ana Morris win the Senior Secondary Section with ‘Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai’. Paris PateteKing, also from Tauranga Girls’ College, won the Junior Secondary Section with ‘The Tiki’. ‘Hōri Ngātai’ by Zach Ririnui from Tauranga Intermediate won the Intermediate Section and ‘Aftermath’ by

Maia McCauley from Tauranga Waldorf School came runner-up. ‘Te Pakanga o Pukehinahina’ by Brookfield Primary School won the mural division, retelling the story of Te Auetu Koikoi who gave water to soldiers and helped carry them to a makeshift hospital. This image was also chosen to grace a new Tauranga City Library card. All winners will be exhibited at Creative Tauranga during June as part of the lead-up to the commemoration of the Battle of Te Ranga on 21 June 2014.


COMEDY DELIGHTS three one act comedies Katikati Theatre, fresh from their honour of representing the Western Bay of Plenty at the Trustpower National Awards ceremony in Invercargill, are hard at work putting together Dinner Theatre 2014 at Forta Leza. We are presenting three one act comedies which will be performed on Tuesday – Thursday 1 – 3 July and Tuesday – Thursday 8 – 10 July. The ticket price has been held at $40 per person and this includes a 2 course dinner. Tickets will be available from Flowers on Main or call (07) 548 1093 for more details HEAVENS ABOVE by Diana Raffle is a delightful comedy set at the gates of Heaven. Sally (played by Kirsty Warden) is

horrified to find herself there with a depressive woman (Liz Cosgrave) and an ageing tennis player (Bob Baunton). Sally attempts to disprove her demise and begs for a second chance from the officious cleric (Barry Magowan). Eventually an error made by an overstretched celestial administration department gives her back the life she realises she so desperately wants: however it is not without a twist! SHOPPERS from Deck Chairs by Jean McConnell Rosemary & Angela are two smart, wellto-do ladies who lead busy lives Monday to Thursday with bridge, fitness classes, Meals on Wheels and Oxfam charity

work but their favourite day of the week is definitely a FRIDAY!! This is the day when they hit the shops big time – but all is not quite as it seems!! Di Logan and Ann Rowland take the parts of these very inventive ladies CUPBOARD LOVE, also by  Jean McConnell, centres on two ladies (Peggy and Jane) who are not only trying to keep fit (under the watchful eye of their trainer, Samantha) but are busy undoing all their good work by preparing delicious meals for their suitors every week. Will they succeed? Well, that remains to be seen – especially as the truth slowly sinks in…….! Hilary Jacobs and Rachel Reynolds star in this delicious comedy.

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LOCAL CONTENT HIGHLIGHT AT LIBRARIES By Joanna Thomas, Customer Services Team Leader, Tauranga Libraries The modern library is a creative and social space. Recent events highlight how books don’t just go into libraries – they come out of them. Tauranga author Karolyn Timarkos informed a group of 30 aspiring authors on the pitfalls and also the great opportunities of self publishing. Karolyn’s self-published YA sci-fi / fantasy novel, Keeper of the Atlas (book 1 of The Atlas Chronicles®, has recently been picked up by South Pacific Books for distribution throughout New Zealand. Internet scams are common and “word of mouth” is important to find the right professional to copy edit, proof-read and format your work. Karolyn found her own copy editor in Canada from a recommendation from the Tauranga Library Teens librarian. Many of the audience were so serious about getting their ideas to print they purchased Karolyn’s book My Artist is a Fruit Loop , a guide to self-publishing. The biggest secret

Karolyn gave away? Best-selling authors need 85% luck. For those interested in e-book publishing the Tauranga Library Learning Centre is running a workshop on ebook creation using Sigil software on 23 and 30th June. During the school holidays a group of young people added another dimension to their own online books by adding soundtracks using Booktrack. Lively discussions also occur at the regular library book clubs that are happening around the Tauranga, Mount, Greerton and Papamoa Libraries. Free WiFi is in all the Libraries making them a great place to study, meet and connect. Whether you want to get computer creative, attend a talk or class or run one yourself – just contact your local library on 577 7177 or join us on Facebook and Twitter.


We know ebooks are catching on, and that you can download them to your smartphone and tablet. Local author Bryan Winters has combined videos in with his latest ebook.

Entitled android-start: beginning with your tablet or smartphone, the ebook has 200 + pages

creativebeat • June • Pipiri

200 + static images


30 linked videos to show how to master your Android device. Mr Winters says, “people don’t know how to get the best out of mobile technology. Many merely use their smartphones for phone calls, texts, and to take basic photographs. This ebooks shows how to get more out of your smartphone and tablet.” We asked, why include videos? “People learn better through multiple medias, including movies,” Mr Winters says. “Reading started long ago with just text. Then the pictorial printing age added images. The internet permits videos with audio guidance as well, so that’s now four media in a book.”

Won’t that make the download huge? All those video files. “Not so,” answered Mr Winters. “The videos are linked to, not downloaded. We are also in the era of being permanently connected via Wi-fi. Even mobile data is plentiful.” He concludes by saying, “the website has several free sample Video Enhanced Ebooks. It also contains guides on how to download and install an ereader and an ebook on your smartphone or tablet.” A Video Enhanced Ebook for overseas travellers with Android smartphones and tablets is coming too.


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SALUTE TO A HERO By Debbie McCauley

Over the years I’ve worked with many writers who intend to self-publish, mainly because few New Zealand publishers will read a manuscript submitted by an unpublished author. Such working partnerships clearly demonstrate authors must not only understand who their book is for and how to write it (readership), but also the best integration of content and format for the print-ready copy (production) and a plan to promote and market the book (distribution.) Being an indie author is hard graft. So thank you, Debbie and Sophie McCauley for proving me so very, very wrong with Taratoa and the Code of Conduct: a Story from the Battle of Gate Pā. (Mauao Publishing, 2014.) I came to your book launch along with sixty or so others and simply to hold the book in my hand was a pleasure; it is so beautifully produced. Congratulations. But that wasn’t the only reason to admire this bilingual children’s picture book mother and daughter shave sprung on us (translated into Te Reo by Tamati Waaka.) The Battle of Gate Pa was a pivotal event in the history of Tauranga Moana and the story of Taratoa is factual and fascinating. In the early 1860s people around the world were reviewing methods of warfare and how to improve the treatment of soldiers from both sides in conflict. Māori gathered to discuss

leader Rāwiri Puhirake’s ideas before a battle they knew was inevitable. The first Code of Content was written down by Hēnare Taratoa, a missioneducated teacher. A copy was found on his body after the battle. The British were stunned by their defeat at Gate Pā and by the compassion of Māori fighters who chose not to mutilate or kill wounded soldiers, but instead gave water. Seven weeks later the British won the Battle of Te Ranga during which most Tauranga leaders, including Puhirake and Taratoa, were killed. This defeat led to Māori surrender and confiscation of land in Tauranga Moana. Debbie McCauley has constructed this compelling tale to hold the attention of readers of all ages. Fact boxes and a timeline and the coloured illustrations by Sophie McCauley bring the pages alive with vivid historical detail. A fifth-generation Pākehā New Zealander with ancestral links to the New Zealand Wars, she has lived for nearly two decades in Gate Pā and was deeply involved in planning for this year’s 150th anniversary commemoration. With Taratoa and the Code of Conduct she has created a most fitting memorial to an honoured local hero. SIDEBAR (2014) McCauley, D. Taratoa and the Code of Conduct: a Story from the Battle of Gate Pa. Tauranga, Mauao Publishing. ISBN 978-0-473-26895-4. RRP $25.

Central News highlighting current news, weather, sport, local issues and events that impact our region. DAILY MON - SAT

creativebeat • June • Pipiri

When I was told a local librarian was bringing out a children’s book, though she’d never done so before, and her 15-year old daughter was illustrating it, I muttered something polite and said to myself, “That could be a recipe for disaster.”


FROM THE TEAM GROWING SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS Creative Tauranga Charitable Trust has an established relationship with the Acorn Foundation with our Creative Tauranga Endowment Fund, which gives people the opportunity to gift funds that will help support the creative arts community in Tauranga.

Kelly Ballard & Jann Medlicott

We have also been very privileged to work with Acorn Foundation in establishing further opportunities to assist the creative sector with two Awards that are presented on an annual basis.

In 2012 we were delighted to launch the Acorn Foundation Jann Medlicott Creative Arts Award. This Award supports applicants who are engaged in or have been accepted for an advanced study programme or specialised course in the arts. Melanie Clarke was the first recipient of this Award – a highly

skilled contemporary dancer who was able to use her Award towards fees for studying her Masters Degree in Creative Practice at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance in London. 2013 saw Kelly Ballard the recipient of this wonderful Award. Kelly is a jazz drummer studying with the New Zealand School of Music and he is certainly tipped by his peers and tutors as being someone we will see on the world stage later in his career! This year we are pleased to invite applications to the 2014 Acorn Foundation Jann Medlicott Creative Arts Award and welcome a new donor on board with the 2014 Acorn Foundation Jocelyn James Creative Art Award. Both Awards have the same eligibility requirement. For further information please contact Creative Tauranga or download the information from our website. Applications close on 31 August with candidates receiving decisions and the Award in November. We also wish to celebrate the new Acorn Foundation Christine Tustain Performing Arts Award – a scholarship prize for the ’18 years and over’ category in the Singing section of the annual Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions. Good luck to all of this year’s competitors.

HAVE A GO CRAFT DAY. Tauranga Women’s Institutes are holding a Have A Go Craft Day for Tauranga citizens. WHEN.

12 July, 2014.

WHERE. Tauranga Baptist Church Hall, 13th Avenue. TIME.

10am to 4pm.

Making boxes, Card making, Lace work, Flax flowers, Sugar craft, Shell work, Jewellery, Crochet, Knitting and Sand art. There will be light refreshments and raffles.

A corner is available for children to make pikelets and decorate cup cakes. A gold coin donation is required for each

craft that is participated in.

The Women’s Institute is a charitable organisation for women looking for fun, friendship, be involved in community projects and extend their skills and abilities in a number of fields.

We are very grateful for the sponsorship from Creative Communities Tauranga and Tauranga Women’s Institute.

Each WI meets monthly at least, unless there are other activities such as social, garden and craft circles and so on then they would meet more often.

Locally we have seven Institutes in Tauranga, each donating to different charities. The talent and expertise that these ladies have needs to be shared and taught as a lot of crafts are making a comeback.

creativebeat • June • Pipiri



The Tauranga Society of Artists will hold their Annual Supreme Exhibition at Baycourt, Durham St. The public are invited to view on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 June 9am – 5.30 pm, and Sunday 29 June 9am – 4 pm Over the last year artist members of the Society have been working towards this major exhibition. Their work has been completed within the last 12 months and has gone through a selection process to ensure an extremely high standard of work is exhibited.

This year the Society is extremely fortunate to have well known local artist, Paula Knight to judge the works for the “Supreme Award”.. The Society is very appreciative of the support of their sponsors: TrustPower, Heartland Bank, Ultimate Motor Group, Pak N Save, The Red Studio, Brookfield New World, and Bethlehem Pharmacy. Don’t miss the opportunity to go along and colour your day. For more information visit the website


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EVENT NAME? IS IT FREE? R18? WHEN? WHERE? TELL ME MORE! Okareka Dance Company: Mana Wahine.

Lloyd Cole & Greg Johnson

June 12, 8pm, Baycourt Community and Arts Centre, 38 Durham Street, Tauranga,All Ages, Buy Tickets-0800 TICKETEK UK legend Lloyd Cole will perform eight concerts across New Zealand from early June, with our own mastersongwriter Greg Johnson returning from Los Angeles to join the bill. Cole’s solo concerts coincide with the local release of his acclaimed new album Standards - a stunning record which has generated Cole’s inevitable renaissance across Europe. He heads Downunder after a series of sold out shows, and star billing on premiere UK music show ‘Later With Jools Holland’.

Waylon McPherson June 14, 7pm, Brew Craft pub TGA Free.

Great food, friendly service and great live music with musician Waylon McPherson at the Brew Craft Beer Pub on the Strand, Tauranga.


Opus Orchestra and Diedre Irons

The explosive yet sublimely beautiful Brahms Piano Concerto No 2, the majestic Haydn Symphony No 85 and the Brahms Variations on a theme by Haydn. - a big night out! Saturday 21 June. Baycourt Theatre

Winter Weekend Art Retreat: Etching And Mixed Media. Tutor: Rob McGregor.  24 - 27 July 2014. Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday until Afternoon Tea time. Sunday programme: Printmaking and Mixed Media Paintings. Create intaglio prints using an etching press. Materials: oil-based inks, quality papers, gloves etc provided. Accommodation and all meals included. Check out video on Facebook: Robert McGregor. Further information: E: r.mcgregor@ P: 5757341

Tuesday 29 July 7.30pm. Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga. Book at Ticketek 0800 842 538 www. Okareka Dance Company presents the world premiere season of Mana Wahine, an all-female contemporary dance performance exploring the essence of strength, power, integrity and beauty within women. A commanding new work from choreographers Malia Johnston (World of WearableArts), Taiaroa Royal and Taane Mete, touring New Zealand as part of the 2014 Matariki Festivals.

The Lowdown

June 20. 9:30pm. Imbibe Mount Maunganui. Free. R18. Local band the Lowdown play their soul and funk sounds at Imbibe on Friday June 20. Great musicians playing great songs to get down too! Imbibe is where it’s at on June 20. Free show!

Peter and Gill Wallers are holding a one week only Exhibition of their work at Zeus Gallery, 11th Ave, Tauranga, Opening Sunday 15 June. Peter Wallers, a well known New Zealand Artist is best known for his distinct realism style. His landscape paintings are described as clean and crisp; his subjects ranging from landscape, seascapes to old buildings. Joined by artist wife Gill, exhibiting works in acrylic,featuring local scenes,flowers and other subjects.

FreshMoves Dance Festival “Move That Thought”

Jam night Mount Mellick

Smoke Free Rock Quest

“Brass, Blues & All That Jazz”.

Jam night Crazy Jacks

June 20. 7pm, Baycourt Community and Arts Centre, 38 Durham Street, Tauranga, All ages, $20 Out of the classroom and onto the stage – it’s the big motivational promise that Smoke free rock quest has been offering to young Kiwi muso’s for the last 26 years. Come and support the top youth bands as they play off in the regional final of Smokefreerockquest 2014.

Celebrate dance in schools at the BOP Dance FreshMoves Festival Tues June 24 & Wednesday June 25 7pm Baycourt Centennial Theatre. Bay of Plenty primary and intermediate students present their interpretation of the theme with creative dance. Tickets through TICKETEK

2pm Saturday 28 June. St Thomas More Church, 17 Gloucester Road, Mt Maunganui. Come and join The Oriana Singers in concert with Tauranga Brass, for a richly entertaining and varied afternoon programme of music and song. Tickets available from choir or band members or at the door - $12.00 adults, $5.00 students.  See you there!

Every Tuesday night. 9:30pm, Mount Mellick, Mount Maunganui. Free. R18 The Mounts iconic jam night is on every Tuesday night. Bring your instrument and join in with the other local muso’s for a fun night of improvising at the Mount Mellick Irish Bar.

Every Thursday night. 10pm, Crazy Jacks the Strand Tauranga. Free. R18 The towns hard rock and metal jam night. Get down there for a jam or join the moshing to some of the heaviest jammers in town. A good Thursday night blast out!


Mini exhibition: Winners from the Battle of Gate Pa Art Exhibition 5 - 26 June Opening Hours: Weekdays 9am - 4:30pm 112 Willow Street, Tauranga

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Matariki 5 -26 June


June Otumoetai College presents Guys & Dolls: Thurs 5  Sat 7 June 7PM, Sat 7 -足 Sun 8 June 1PM Lloyd Cole (UK) with special guest Greg Johnson: Thurs 12 June 8PM Smokefree Rockquest Finals: Fri 20 June 7PM Tauranga Society of Artists: A World of Colour Exhibition: Fri 27  Sat 28 June 9AM  5:30PM, Sun 29 Jun 9AM-足4PM

Coming Up The Wiggles Apples & Bananas Tour: Wed 2 July 10AM NZSO 2014: Wounded Hearts: Thurs 3 July 7:30PM Take Me Home: The Music and Life of John Denver: Mon 14 July 8PM Mana Wahine: Tues 29 July 7:30PM


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