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Euromonitor International Report: Beauty and Personal Care in Russia

Euromonitor International Report: Statistics on Beauty and Personal Care in Russia

Sample: Consumer Lifestyles in Russia

Sample: Consumer Segmentation in Russia

GMID: Category Search

Ruslana Russian and Ukrainian financial company information and business intelligence Overview RUSLANA contains comprehensive information on companies in Russia and the Ukraine. You can use it to research individual companies, search for companies with specific profiles and for analysis. RUSLANA has BvD’s new generation software that makes it even easier and faster to use.

What information does RUSLANA contain?        

Company financials, in detailed format, with up to 10 years of history Directors and contacts Activity codes and trade descriptions Stock data for listed companies Detailed corporate structures and the corporate family Shareholders and subsidiaries Business and company-related news M&A deals and rumours

Coverage  Russia and Ukraine

Ruslana: Lenta (company info)

Ruslana: Lenta (main clients-suppliers)

Ruslana: Peer Report (closest 10 international companies according to the Operating Revenue)

GSOM Library Reference Assistance Lena Manaeva Olga Klim Marianna Brovkina +7 (812) 323 8443


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