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2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program

Volunteer Cookie Guide

January 4th - March 15



Service Unit Cookie Manager Info Name: Phone Number: Email: Service Unit #: Preferred Contact Method: eBudde Login Info eBudde Website: eBudde Login: eBudde Password: Digital Cookie Login Info Digital Cookie Website: Digital Cookie Login: Digital Cookie Password:


Customer Care Phone: 1-800-345-6858 Email: Website:

Words of Encouragement from

Our CEO:

Dear Cookie Program Managers, Leadership is the new normal! You are developing the next generation of women leaders. As you know there is so much more to Girl Scout Cookies than the tasty treats you find in the box. So what’s really in a box of the Girl Scout Cookies? Leadership. When Girl Scouts sell cookies, they are building a lifetime of skills and confidence. With your support, girls learn goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. There are no limits. Girls can be and do anything! As a Girl Scout volunteer, you will be leading, guiding, and mentoring girls to new experiences where they will unleash their inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader). Because of your dedication and support, girls in our council will have the courage and confidence to be future leaders in Southern Illinois, the United States, and beyond. Thank YOU! Our Girl Scout cookies are delicious, but beyond the sweetness Girl Scout Cookies provide opportunities for girls to do extraordinary things. Modern leadership principles are cultivated through girls’ life experiences. Girls who aspire to be leaders in the fields of business, government, religion and academia are positively influenced by the experience and knowledge they gain through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Real examples of the impact of the program: girls planning field trips and service projects in their community; girls earning the opportunity to build a lifetime of memories at camp; girls planning adventures across the globe; girls empowering each other to start small businesses impacting the market place. Girls can change the world and with your support their futures are bright! Girls Scout Cookies help make it all happen. Thank you again for serving girls. Because of your donation of time, talent, and your support to this program we are helping the next generation of girl leaders taste the true flavor of success. You help these girls become our next generation of leaders. On My Honor, Loretta Graham | Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois CEO

Girl Scout Promise:

On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Law:

I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.


All of your Girl Scout Cookie Favorites:















Volunteer Roles: Service Unit Cookie Manager: (SUCM) Serves as troop mentor for their Service Unit. Trains and guides Troop Cookie Managers in the procedures set forth by GSofSI. Distributes cookie sales materials such as order cards and cookie receipt books. Collects important documents such as Troop Cookie Manager responsibility forms, Girl/Caregiver product sales permission forms, ACH forms and adjustment forms. Reviews and submits their Service Unit’s Initial Cookie Order and reward orders. Receives and distributes cookie rewards at the end of the program.

Troop Cookie Manager: (TCM) Works with Troop Leader to schedule, plan and lead family cookie meeting. Provides clear and frequent communication to caregivers. Reviews booth sites in eBudde for planning and scheduling. Submits the troops initial cookie order along with initial and final reward orders. Distributes troop cookie orders. Collects money and makes FREQUENT deposits into the troops bank account. Inputs and records eBudde data for accuracy. Orders additional cookies if needed.

Troop Leader: Works with TCM to schedule, plan and lead family cookie meeting. Works with troop to set goals and plan cookie learning activities. Assists with cookie pick-up, storage, and distribution. Supports girls throughout the program encouraging them to reach their goals. Supports TCM with money collection and deposits. Receives and distributes Girl Rewards.

Cookie Cupboard Manager: Volunteer who serves as a host and record keeper of additional cookies with the purpose of distribution to troops who need additional cookies throughout the Cookie Program.


Cookie Program Timeline & Check List: October/November:

Register all troop volunteers and girls if applicable. Attend your Troop Cookie manager training and sign the Troop Responsibility Agreement and ACH form if your troops banking information has changed. Please note that troop training dates are subject to customization by the Service Unit Cookie Manager. Establish a troop bank account (if applicable). Submit ACH forms to GSofSI no later than January 1, 2020. Hold a caregiver meeting to discuss girl participation, cookie orders, booth sales, and collect signed annual permission forms. Recruit caregivers to help! Hold a troop meeting to assist girls in setting troop and individual goals. Submit your January Cookie Kick-Off order by December 3, 2019.


Submit your troops January Cookie Kick-Off order by December 3, 2019. No late orders will be accepted. Verify all girls are in eBudde and that your contact information is correct and up-to-date, if you find that it is not please contact


January 3: Attend your Service Unit Cookie Rally and get excited for the 2020 Cookie Program! Encourage girls to set up a Digital Cookie account- Digital Cookie is proven to help girls reach their goals. January 2-3: Pick up your January Kick-Off cookie order. NO COOKIE RETURNS THIS YEAR. January 4: 2020 Cookie Program starts! January 7: Embargo lifted on New Lemon Cookie! January 26: Initial order taking ends and Digital Cookie Girl Delivered option no longer available. January 28: Submit your troop’s initial cookie and reward order by 11:59 p.m. Be sure to select and verify your delivery station. January 27: Goal Getter phase starts.


February 12-14: Cookie Cupboards are stocked. Hours will differ! Check with local cupboard for hours. February 17-21: Initial Cookie Order delivery to Service Units. February 17: Goal Getter phase ends. Re-order additional cookies as needed from your local cupboard location. Collect money from parents weekly and issue receipts for payments received. Deposit money into your troop bank account. February 21: Final Deadline! All Goal Getter orders must be in eBudde. February 27: Submit adjustment forms by 5 p.m. if cookie funds are not available for the first sweep. February 28- March 1: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. Check out our website for special promotions and council sponsored booth sites.


Collect money from girls/caregivers weekly and issue receipts for payments received. Deposit money into the troop bank account. March 4: First ACH sweep for 50% of your troop’s initial order. March 15: End of Cookie Program. March 17: Distribute ALL cookies to the girls in eBudde and submit your troop’s final reward order in eBudde by 11:59 p.m. March 19: Submit adjustment forms by 5 p.m. if final sweep cookie funds are not available. March 26: Final ACH sweep for remaining cookie balance due to council.

Late April. Early May

Reward orders delivered to Service Units. Distribute to girls. All rewards must be distributed by June 1, 2020. Any missing/defective rewards must be reported within 14 days of delivery.


Cookie Program Benefits: What are the benefits of participating in the Cookie Program? By participating in the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls learn 5 Skills linked to a lifetime of leadership and financial literacy: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, Business Ethics. In addition, funds earned will help support your troop goals and activities throughout the year, which may include meeting activities, program fees, camp outs, community service projects, etc. Your troop may even be saving for a big trip! Funds earned through the Girl Scout Cookie Program also help Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois continue to deliver quality programs to girls, recruit and train adult volunteers, maintain camp properties and provide financial assistance that allows every girl the opportunity to become a Girl Scout.

5 Skills for Girls 1

Goal Setting: Girls set cookie sales goals and, with their team, create a plan to reach them. This matters because girls need to know how to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.


Decision Making: Girls decide where and when to sell cookies, how to market their sale, and what to do with their earnings. This matters because girls must make many decisions, big and small, in their lives. Learning this skill helps them make good ones.


Money Management: Girls develop a budget, take cookie orders, and handle customers’ money. This matters because girls need to know how to handle money—from their lunch money to their allowance to (someday) their paycheck.


People Skills: Girls learn how to talk (and listen!) to their customers, as well as learning how to work as a team with other girls. This matters because it helps them do better in school (on group projects, on sports teams, and on the playground) and, later, at work.


Business Ethics: Girls act honestly and responsibly during every step of the cookie sale. This matters because employers want to hire ethical employees—and the world needs ethical leaders in every field.

Entrepreneurship: Girls learn the 5 skills through participating in the Cookie program, this we know, but we also know that as a girl progresses through her entrepreneurship experience, those skills are developed in various ways. We certainly recognize not every girl aspires to be an entrepreneur, but the Cookie Entrepreneurship Program can help girls develop valuable skills which will benefit her in her future, no matter which career path she chooses!


Troop Proceeds: How much will my troop earn? Troop proceeds are based on the per girl average (PGA) of your troop. Take the total number of packages sold by your troop, divided by the number of girls selling, and plug that into the chart below to figure out how much your troop will earn per package sold. PGA Rate Per Package 220+ $0.98 160-219 $0.92 <160 $0.86

Do you have a girl who isn’t selling? The cookie program is optional for all girls and families. We hope that they would like to be part of the largest girl-led business in the world, but we understand that it’s not a perfect fit for every family. No worries, this will not affect your proceeds rate.

What can my Troop earn? Troop PGA Rewards: Based on Initial Order PGA: Troops that average 165+ PGA at Initial Order earns a table top sign to use during their cookie booths! 1 per troop! Based on end of program PGA: Troops that average a 200+ PGA at the end of the program earns a 2020 GSofSI “Do Wow Things” t-shirt for every girl selling in the troop! Plus one for the Troop Leader and Cookie Manager!

Opting out of Rewards: Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops are eligible to opt out of rewards for an additional $0.10 per package. Troops opting out of rewards will ONLY receive the bar patches if the cookies are allocated to girls in eBudde. Theme patches may be purchased through council once the program ends. Please fill out our form at if you would like to order the 2020 theme patches for your troop. Multi-Level Troops Opting Out: In product programs, troops with a multi-level range of girls will be classified at the level of the majority. For example, a troop with 3 Brownies, 8 Juniors, and 3 Cadettes would classify as a Junior troop. In order for troops to opt out of rewards, the majority of the troop must consist of Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. To opt out of rewards: Click the “Settings” tab in eBudde and select “Opt out of rewards for additional proceeds.” Once this has been done, eBudde will automatically calculate the additional 10 cents into the troop proceeds. The ability to order rewards will be restricted.

Service Unit Proceeds: Service Units earn cookie proceeds too! Each Service Unit earns $.02 per package sold by troops in their Service Unit. Service Unit proceeds are distributed at the end of the program.


What Can my Girls Earn? Girl Rewards: Rewards accumulate up to the 750+ package level. At 1000+ packages girls can pick an option as they continue to sell. A girl that sells 2500+ packages earns everything up through the 750+ level and can then pick one item from the 1000-2500 reward levels.

Make sure you get the girls’ reward-level choices when the caregiver turns in the order card. This will save you time at the end of the sale!

Cookie Dough: At some levels girls can opt for Cookie Dough instead of a traditional reward. Cookie Dough is a council gift card that can be used to pay for Service Unit day camps, council sponsored programs, in the shop, mobile shop, or next year’s registration. Please note that cookie dough can only be selected once as the preferred option for cumulative rewards.

Don’t Forget: 2020 Cookie Dough Cards expire on September 20, 2020!

Contests: Bling Your Booth Contest: Bling your booth during the January Cookie Kick-off weekend and qualify to win special prizes! Submit a photo and a story about your troop’s cookie season goals to by January 10, 2020 and you could be featured on our Facebook page! GSUSA Cookie Pro Contest: This cookie season, 24 girls nationwide- 4 girls per Girl Scout grade level- will win an exciting trip to sunny Orlando, Florida for the Cookie Entrepreneur experience of a lifetime at G.I.R.L. 2020! Visit for more details and entry rules. 100+ Case Contest: Troops that pick up 100+ cases of cookies from a cupboard in February will be entered to win a special event! Details will be announced in January 2020!


Troop Participation Requirements: The Troop Must Have: 1. At least two registered Troop Leaders (Leader/Coleader) A Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) is a registered volunteer with a signed Troop Cookie Manager agreement on file and must complete their Service Unit cookie training. Troop Leaders may serve in this position but must add this role to their record through MYGS. To register as the TCM, login into MYGS from our council’s homepage, select “add a role”, search for TCM position under troop number and add. If you need further assistance with this process, contact Customer Care at or 1-800-345-6858.

2. A troop bank account with a current ACH form on file with GSofSI 3. 100% Troop Participation is expected in the Cookie Program If a troop chooses to not participate in the Cookie Program any financial assistance requested may be affected and they will not be approved to participate in other money earning activities. Tip: Keep a binder with all your caregiver permission forms inside clear page protectors. Anytime you have a signed receipt slide it in each girl’s sleeve. This will help you stay organized. Girl Scout Juliettes: Independent girls known as Juliettes may participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program! More information on Juliette cookie sales can be found on our website under the “Cookies+” tab in “Resources”.

Cookie Program Standards: Please abide by the Girl Scout Law: Girls and adults are expected to act respectfully and abide by the Girl Scout Law at all times. Please remember to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, respectful of others, and a sister to every Girl Scout. Please model good behavior and assume good intent; mistakes and misunderstandings happen to everyone. Please be patient and kind. Disregard of any cookie program standards and guidelines outlined in this manual may result in loss of booth privileges, loss of highest girl reward earned, loss of troop proceeds, and/or removal from the cookie program, as determined on a case-by-case basis. Participant Responsibilities: The TCM is responsible for: 1. Completing the TCM Agreement form. 2. Provide a written, dated, signed receipt to volunteers and/or caregivers anytime money or cookies exchange hands. 3. Using eBudde to track troop’s sales and finances. 4. All cookies that are ordered, picked up at a cupboard, or transferred from one troop to another. Be sure to count your product! 5. Collecting all caregiver permission slips and turning them into your SUCM. 6. Keeping all signed cookie receipts in a safe place. 7. TCM should distribute all girl rewards within two weeks of receiving.


Zero Tolerance for Misuse of Girl Funds: GSofSI has a zero tolerance policy for misuse of girl funds; any adult accepting responsibility for handling money is accountable for its proper use and safekeeping. Unresolved debt under $1,000 will be referred to a collections agency. Unresolved debt above $1,000 will be turned over to law enforcement for prosecution. Misuse of funds may result in legal action with law enforcement and termination of volunteer service. This policy includes both parent/caregiver and troop leader debt. Unpaid debt may jeopardize the opportunity to serve as a GSofSI volunteer. In order to minimize the risk of loss, TCMs should regularly collect payments from caregivers throughout the sale and make prompt deposits into the troop bank account. Please provide weekly/monthly financial updates to families for full transparency. We appreciate your understanding and support of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The intent of the program standards are to ensure a positive experience for all.

Each Caregiver is responsible for: All cookies ordered and picked up for their Girl Scout and all funds collected from customers for the purchase of cookies. All families must turn in all payments to the TCM by set deadlines and all checks should be written to your troop.

Returns and Exchanges: 1. All cupboards will NOT accept any cookie returns or exchanges. Please plan accordingly. 2. All cupboards will accept warehouse damaged boxes in exchange for the same variety. 3. Cookie swaps and transfers between troops are encouraged. 4. Please use the Cookie Exchange tab in eBudde if you are looking to exchange cookies with another troop.

Ways to Participate & Sell Cookies: Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great about the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program is that families can customize their Girl Scoutsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience. Girls can participate with their troop in every way or pick what option is right for them!

Order Taking: Initial Order through the end of the program: Girls can use their order cards to visit friends and family and local neighborhoods, with adult supervision and approval, and take preorders for their cookies. Girls will then give their order cards to their Troop Cookie Manager by their designated deadline.

Tip: To collect girl order cards, set up a troop meeting to take place no later than January 28th. If girls and caregivers cannot attend, make sure they know how to get their order card totals to you.


Digital Cookie: Initial Order through the end of the program: 1. Digital Cookie is a GSUSA approved web platform that girls can use to expand their cookie business! Girls and caregivers can visit to set up their account. 2. Caregivers can set up a Digital Cookie storefront with their Girl Scout starting January 4th. Customers can purchase cookies to be shipped to their home or delivered by the girl. All Digital Cookie orders are paid by credit card from the customer, so there are no funds to collect! 3. Reminder: Girls can only have one email connected to their Digital Cookie accounts. Girls cannot have multiple accounts. Through Digital Cookie girls can: 1. Upload their own video and photo to customize their marketing emails. 2. Market their cookie business to friends and family via email or Facebook. See below for online marketing guidelines. 3. Collect orders from customers to be hand delivered or shipped. 4. Earn Digital Cookie specific rewards! Online Marketing Guidelines: Girls should never share their last names, addresses or any contact information when marketing their products. Online marketing should always be done with accounts set to private. Girls can only market their online storefront to friends and family; people that the girl or family personally know. Storefronts or websites like Craigslist, eBay, Amazon or on Facebook sale groups where the Girl Scout does not know all the members are forbidden. Digital Cookie storefronts will be deactivated if we find that girls are selling cookies in ways that are unsafe; girl safety is our number one priority!

Troop Cookie Managers: Digital Cookie is caregiver driven, meaning you do not have to do anything to set up individual girl accounts. Being familiar with the system and encouraging their participation will help increase your troops sales. Four easy steps to get started with Digital Cookie: 1. Register: You will receive an email from GSUSA with directions on how to set up your account and password. 2. Set Up Site: Set up your troop dashboard and view all of your girls listed in Digital Cookie. 3. Track Goals: View girls’ sales and track their progress using the dashboard! Share with your girls and caregivers at your meetings! 4. View Reports: Reports show sales by troop or by individual girl. Through reports you can view every “girl delivery” order.


January kick-off booth weekend: What is January Kick-Off Booth Weekend? The January Kick-Off Booth Weekend is the first round of cookie booths that allow troops to host a booth to kick off the program before the booth phase starts! This is the perfect way for new troops to earn proceeds and get cookie booth experience! If your troop would like to participate in this special booth weekend, you will need to order cookies using the January Kick-Off Cookie Order form: To order cookies go to and select the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cookies+â&#x20AC;? tab. January booth cookies can also be ordered at this link: January Cookie Booth form must be completed by December 3, 2019. Completed forms will be sent to the Product Program Team to be uploaded into eBudde after initial order period. Late orders will not be accepted!

Cookies for this weekend will need to be picked up from either the GSofSI Service Center in Glen Carbon or the Mt. Vernon office on January 2nd or 3rd: Thursday, January 2 from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Friday, January 3 from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. PLEASE NOTE: January kick-off cookies will not be uploaded into eBudde until after the initial order is placed. January kick-off cookies will ONLY count towards FINAL rewards, not initial orders.


Managing the Sale: eBudde Meet eBudde –The power tool for cookie volunteers. The online eBudde system is home base for cookie volunteers. It’s where you’ll enter cookie orders, reserve cookie booths, manage pickups, place Girl Rewards orders and more. Along with a web platform, eBudde also offers two convenient apps for mobile devices. eBudde Troop App Plus: The eBudde Troop App Plus makes it easy for you to manage the Girl Scout Cookie Sale on the go. This year, you can use the app to enter initial orders, plus sign up for booths, total cookie orders at your booth site, access Girl Scouts Cookie VIP eTraining and more—all from your mobile device! eBudde Booth Sale Recorder: The Booth Sale Recorder app allows volunteers to enter the number of cookie packages sold at the cookie booth, select which girls will receive credit and send the information directly to their eBudde accounts. Web Resources: eBudde Booth Scheduler: Sign up for Girl Scout Cookie booths approved by the council. Please keep Booth Scheduler in eBudde up-to-date so customers can find you using the Cookie Locator mobile app. eBudde Help Center: The eBudde Help Center is a dedicated website that provides direct support to volunteers using eBudde for both digital and traditional sales. GETTING STARTED: First Sign On for user in eBudde, Ideal Cookie Sale, VIP eTraining, Troop App Plus 1. Receive welcome email. Click the link in the email that will take you to the screen that allows you to change your password on the Cookie Tech Portal. 2. Enter in your personal password and confirm personal password and click “Change My Password.” 3. Enter in your personal profile information. All profile fields are mandatory except for Address Line 2. Be sure to enter your current password. 4. Click “Update Profile.” This will update your information on the Cookie Tech Portal and in the source system. 5. Select the system you want to use and have access to. 6. You will be taken to the landing page of the system of choice. 7. Confirm you update by clicking the link in a confirmation email. eBudde tools are collected in tabs you’ll see at top of page. Click each tab to execute various tasks. Contacts Tab 1. Review information; click “EDIT” to make any necessary changes. Settings Tab 1. Select the specific troop whose information you want to edit from the list to the left of your screen (if applicable). 2. Enter goal in packages for girls selling. 3. Mark Opt-out rewards for additional profits (if applicable). 4. Enter banking information (if applicable). 5. Click “UPDATE” to accept all changes. Girls Tab 1. Enter t-shirt size and sales goal in packages. 2. Click “UPDATE” to accept all changes. Need a Little More Help? Visit Little Brownie Bakers on YouTube and click on the “eBudde Microburst Training” playlist for more helpful tips on how to get the most from the cookie season. Also check out the eBudde Help Center for additional resources and information.


Initial Order: How to enter your troops initial order: Login to eBudde and click “Initial Order” tab. Note: First time eBudde login instructions are on page 14. Click on a girl’s name. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to enter her orders. You can tab through the columns and enter her totals by variety. (Remember the first column is for the Council Gift of Caring, not Savannah Smiles). Save the order. Click the “OK” button on the far right of the screen when you are done entering her order and repeat for each girl. If your troop would like to order booth cookies to be received with your initial order, click “booth”. Note: Booth cookies that are ordered with initial order will be paid for on the first ACH sweep March 4, 2020. When you are complete, click “Save” at the top. When you are positive you are finished with your order, review and click “Submit Order”. Remember, you cannot make changes after this. PLEASE NOTE: After the INITIAL ORDER is placed, council does not have the ability to make corrections to your order. Initial Order cookies CANNOT be transferred between girls or troops in eBudde.

Initial Reward Order: How to enter your troops initial reward order: If your girls sold 140+ packages, you will need to submit your troop’s initial order rewards. Initial order rewards will be delivered to your SUCM in late April/Early May with final rewards. Login to eBudde and click “Rewards” tab. Click “Fill Out” next to “Initial Reward Orders.” Review total initial rewards earned. To submit the troop’s initial order rewards click “Submit” . Click “Ok” in the pop up box to confirm your submission. Changes cannot be made once the rewards are submitted. Orders must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on January 28, 2020. The system will be locked at 12 a.m. on January 29, 2020!

Initial Cookie Delivery: 1. Once you have submitted your initial order, click on the delivery tab. 2. On the delivery tab, click who is picking up your order. 3. Click if you will be picking up for more than one troop. 4. Choose your delivery station. 5. Choose a pick up time from what is available. 6. Click submit my information at the top of the page.


Goal-Getter Phase: This is the third part of the Cookie Program; it’s the time between when girls turn in their initial orders an when they receive their cookies. Keep the momentum going by utilizing these suggestions! When your girls turn in their initial order cards, give them the goal-getter order card (included with your cookie materials). Plan to collect goal-getter cards by February 17th!

Fill goal-getter cookie orders with the extras from rounding up to full cases during initial order or pick up additional cookies form a cupboard starting February 17th.

Suggest that girls contact customers that they missed in January and reach out to new customers! Girls can continue to send emails and collect orders through Digital Cookie too!

How to enter Goal-Getter orders in eBudde: 1. Click “Girl Orders” tab. 2. Click on the participating girl’s name. 3. Click “Add Trans.” 4. Use “Cookie Other” for $5 varieties and “Spec Other” for $6 varieties. 5. In the very last column labeled “GG” enter the total number of Goal Getter boxes sold. 6. Click “OK” and “Save”. 7. Follow these steps for each participating girl. All Goal-Getter orders MUST be entered into the system by 11:59 p.m. on February 21st for girls to qualify for the special Goal-Getter rewards!

The day of cookie pick up: 1. Please make sure you go to your assigned Drop location, as this is where your initial order will be! 2. Please be patient and courteous with your Cookie Drop staff and volunteers. 3. For safety reasons, please keep children clear of the loading area. 4. Print a copy of your order and bring it with you. 5. Arrive with ALL of the vehicles needed to receive your troop’s complete order. 6. Please check carefully! NO adjustments for shortages will be made once you leave the cookie pick-up location. 7. Sign for your order and obtain your receipt.

Use this guide when planning your cookie pick-up. The approximate amounts are figured assuming the vehicle is empty, apart from the driver.


Gift of CAring: The Girl Scout Cookie Program gives girls the opportunity to practice philanthropy and give back to their community. In 2019, GSofSI sent more than 20,642 packages of cookies to U.S. Military Members!

GSofSI’s Gift of Caring (GOC) program is a wonderful option to offer to customers who do not want to purchase cookies because they are on restricted diets or have set New Year’s resolutions. Girls who sell 12+ Gift of Caring packages will receive a special Gift of Caring patch. Girls who sell 24 packages will receive a butterfly flip journal!

How it Works: Gift of Caring donations can be made from January 4 to March 15 through every method of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Customers can choose to donate money or cookies, which girls will use to support Gift of Caring. Troops will collect money for these orders, but will not receive the cookies, as they are held in our virtual warehouse. When the cookie program is over, GSofSI will send all of the donated cookies to H.E.R.O.E.S Care in Fenton, MO, which supports area U.S. military members before, during and after deployment.

How do I order these cookies? During Initial Order Period: Record your Gift of Caring donations under the “GOC” tab in eBudde. Login to eBudde, click “GOC” and record order. Please note: eBudde entries should be by the box, and not the dollar amount. Track donated funds separately until they add up to a full box amount of $5 (the core variety price). Digital Cookie: Any packages ordered through Digital Cookie for donation are automatically counted towards Gift of Caring for the girl and do not need to be entered into ebudde manually.


Business Gift of Caring: Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Business Gift of Caring program is a great way for area businesses to send a taste of home and a message of encouragement to troops serving overseas.

How it Works: Girls may approach businesses to ask them if they would like to be a corporate sponsor for the GSofSI Business Gift of Caring Program. Businesses will choose which level sponsorship they prefer. The business or girl will then turn in the appropriate paper work to council. The Product Program team will enter the cookies under the “GOC” tab with the business name tied to the cookies. Cookies will NOT come out of your inventory! These count as a “box sold” for the girls—however they do not impact physical inventory. The Product Program team is responsible for entering the Business Gift of Caring cookies into eBudde. Troop leaders DO NOT input these donations. We encourage girls and customers to write out cards that we will send with the cookies as an extra touch along with a little taste of home. Be sure to submit them to GSofSI by the end of the cookie program.


Cookie Booth Sales: Booth sales are a troop activity where girls set up a mobile store in front of local retailers. Your troop can decide if they want to participate in booth sales and how many. Make sure when you sign up for booth sales you have girls and adults to manage the booth. Council-sponsored booth sales are confirmed and set by the Product Program team at major retailers and outlets, such as Schnucks, Dunkin Donuts and St. Clair Square Mall. Your troop can solicit its own booth locations starting January 4, 2020. Try places like local banks, smaller mom and pop shops. TIP: Make sure caregivers are aware of all guidelines. All adults attending a booth sale must be registered as a troop leader or troop helper before booth sales start. Be sure to get all your adults registered early! Download booth rules to share with caregivers by going to and click on the “Cookies+” tab. Don’t forget to download the “4 for $20” flier from our council website to help promote you sales!

Booth Sales Participation Patch: Girls who participate in 3 booths earn the Booth Sales Patch!


In order for girls to earn the “Booth Sales” patch, you must credit the participating girl from the “Girl Orders” tab. 1. Click “Girl Orders.” 2. Click on the participating girl 3. Click “Add Trans.” 4. Name the transaction “BSP” and enter the total number of booths under the last column named “BSP.” 5. Click “OK.” 6. Click “SAVE.” 7. Do this for each participating girl so she earns her butterfly wing!

Cookie Booth Guidelines & Strategies: General Guidelines: There are two types of booth sale weekends: Council Sponsored Booth Weekends: These are booth sale weekends set by GSofSI. February 28th-March 1st, GSofSI guarantees cookies to be stocked at all the local cupboards. Non-Council Sponsored Booth Weekends: Girl Scout troops can sell cookies on ANY weekend during the Cookie Program (January 4-March 15). GSofSI cannot guarantee stock on non-council sponsored weekends. Two adults must be present at booths. One must be registered, and must have a background check (Girl Scout membership is highly encouraged for insurance purposes, if they are not members you will have to purchase non-member insurance. It is not required for the second individual). Remember TCM, you do not have to attend all booths – enlist caregivers to help! The adult designated as the money handler must be a registered Girl Scout Volunteer with a current background check on file with GSofSI. A Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout may sell cookies at a booth with only one registered adult (18 and older) present. Work with your troop leader to decide what booth system works best for you and communicate that to your caregivers. We recommend dividing booth times into shifts according to what is appropriate for your troop. This is an opportunity to shine in the community! Girl Scouts should have fun, smile, be polite, and demonstrate their amazing people skills. Other than water (stay hydrated!), do not bring other food or drinks to booths. Girls should be on their best behavior – no running, yelling, or horsing around. Instead, greet customers, be present, and maybe even make up a cookie season jingle! Encourage girls to make eye contact with customers—this demonstrates courage and confidence, and prepares girls to be lifelong leaders. Please encourage caregivers and volunteers to wear Girl Scout attire – there are plenty of fun cookie shirts in the GSofSI Council Shop! Troops are required to stay within their Service Unit jurisdiction when scheduling booths. If you would like hold a booth in a different Service Unit, please get permission from the other Service Unit first. Be mindful of the number of booths you are scheduling. We encourage you to strategize with troop volunteers and caregivers to hold an appropriate number of booths for your troop’s size and adult availability.

How Troops Order Booth Cookies: 1. Log in to eBudde. 2. Click the “Transaction” tab. 3. Click “Add a Transaction.” 4. In the “Pick-up” box, choose a date and time. 5. In the “2nd party” box, “Cupboard” must be selected. In the next box, choose the cupboard in which you plan on picking up your cookies. 6. Enter your troop order. Make sure you put your order in full cases. 7. Click “save/print.” Take this receipt with you when you pick up cookies.


Cupboard Contacts:

Cupboard hours are determined by the Cupboard Manager.

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Cooperating with Businesses: Please check in with store managers EVERY TIME you arrive at the location. Follow any guidelines that are set forth by management at the cookie booth location and GSofSI. This is KEY to maintaining relationships with these important partners. Feel free to leave behind GSofSI information or flyers. Be PREPARED and ON TIME to your booth reservation. If you cannot make your scheduled time, please be fair to your fellow Girl Scout sisters and release your time slot on eBudde so another troop may have the opportunity.

Money Safety: After receiving cash and making change, girls should hand the money to a volunteer for safekeeping and to deposit into the cash box as soon as possible. Keep the cash box in a safe place or behind a barrier of cookie boxes. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t walk around with large amounts of money. Deposit cookie money in bank often and do not keep money at home or at school. Reduce cash transactions by offering credit card payment options whenever possible.

What to do if Theft occurs: First, DO NOT go after the thief! The safety of you and the girls is worth much more than a cash box or box of cookies. Next, secure the girls and your property (cookies, money, and personal property), and call the police. After that, contact GSofSI at 800.345.6858. If it is after operating hours press 3 for the emergency line. GSofSI will support you through the next steps.


Cookie Booth Tips: Talk to your girls’ caregivers about what their schedules look like prior to selecting booths. Use a “booth kit” (posters, tablecloth, etc.) for every booth. You might want to keep 2-4 booth kits ready to go to make preparation easier.

How many cases should I bring to a booth? High Traffic

Medium Traffic

Low Traffic

(over 45 boxes an hour)

(over 30 boxes an hour)

(under 30 boxes an hour)

Thin Mints: 8 Samoas: 7 Tagalongs: 4 Do-Si-Dos: 2 Trefoils: 2 Girl Scout S’mores: 2 Toffee Tastics (GF): 1 NEW COOKIE: 3

Thin Mints: 6 Samoas: 5 Tagalongs: 4 Do-Si-Dos: 2 Trefoils: 1 Girl Scout S’mores: 2 Toffee Tastics (GF): 1 NEW COOKIE: 2

Thin Mints: 4 Samoas: 3 Tagalongs: 2 Do-Si-Dos: 1 Trefoils: 1 Girl Scout S’mores: 1 Toffee Tastics (GF): 1 NEW COOKIE: 1

Recommended Supplies: A card table and Girl Scout tablecloth, plus an extra sash or vest in case a girl forgets. A binder with girls’ emergency contact info and signed permission slips, booth location eBudde printout, important phone numbers (Product Program team, Service Unit Cookie Manager, Troop Leader, etc.) and a tracking sheet for inventory and cash. Cookie recipes, pens, calculator, tape to hang signs on your table and brochures. Pocketed tie-on aprons for adults and older girls who take money and give change. A heavy-duty, zippered money bag. Decorative promotion signs: Girls can promote their service projects, sales strategies, goals, etc. A chair for the cookie adult and/or the girl on break. Girls selling should be standing. Smiles! Remember to always have fun. Bling for your booth! Decorate and create a fun, eye-catching one-stop “Cookie Shop” with your girls. Optional - a cookie plate for samples…customers love to try them! (Be sure to decide who is responsible for purchasing samples.) Don’t miss Girl Scout Cookie Program promotional materials available in the GSofSI Shop in Glen Carbon or Juliette’s Closet Mobile Shop! T-shirts, car magnets, yard signs, money bags, clipboards and more can be purchased to help give your booth extra oomph!


Cookie Booth FAQS: How do I allocate cookies to girls after a booth sale? The easiest and fastest way to allocate cookies to girls from a booth sale is by using the Booth Sale Recorder in eBudde. Please note: Your booth must be entered into eBudde and approved by your SUPM before you are able to use this tool. Using the eBudde booth sale recorder to allocate cookies: 1. Click “Booth Sites” tab, use the drop down menu to select “Record Sales”. 2. Click on the booth sale you wish to allocate cookies to. 3. Enter the number of cookies sold under each variety. 4. Select the girls who participated in the booth sale. 5. Click “Distribute”. 6. Click “Submit”. To manually allocate cookies to girls from a booth sale: 1. Click “Girl’s Order”. 2. Click a girl’s name. 3. Click “Add Transaction”. 4. Under the “Booth” column enter the number of boxes the girl should get credit for. 5. On the bottom right side click “OK”. 6. On the top left click “Save”. Follow these steps for all the girls that are participating in the booth sales. I have a girl in my troop who decided not to sell. How do I delete her in eBudde? You are not able to delete a girl in eBudde once she has already been entered into the system. As long as her balance is zero and says that she has sold zero cookies, she will not be counted as a participant in the sale and the troop’s per-girl-average (PGA) will not be affected.

How do I cancel a booth that I’m registered for? 1. Click “Booth Sites” tab. 2. Click on the location and time that you’re signed up for and uncheck the box. 3. Remove your troop number from the box. 4. Click “Submit”. This will cancel the booth.

What is 5 for five and how does it work? The 5 for five campaign will run during the February/March Council Sponsored Cookie Booth Weekends. Customers who purchase five boxes of cookies will have a chance to win five cases of cookies. Once the cookies are purchased, customers will receive a business card with a QR code (and a website URL). That code will link the customer to a web page to complete their entry form to be eligible to win. Cards will be available at your local cupboard to pick up.

What should I do if I’m at a booth and we feel uncomfortable because it is dark? You are never required to stay at a booth if you feel uncomfortable. Please feel free to leave your booth location if there is anything there making you uneasy.


I’m at an awesome booth and I ran out of cookies. What do I do? If you have a very successful booth and begin to run out of inventory before the booth is over, you can contact another adult in your troop to drop off additional cookies.

Our booth did not sell as many cookies as we’d hoped. Now what? The best thing to do in this situation is to keep it positive when talking with the girls in the troop. Praise their effort and focus on the positive that you did sell some cookies, and then open up the dialogue about what techniques they could have tried differently. If you find yourself with extra inventory you can always sign up for additional booths and try your girls’ new ideas. You can also consider transferring cookies to another troop. Please use the “Cookie Exchange” tab in eBudde if you are looking to exchange cookies with another troop.

Can troops contact businesses to host cookie booths at their location? Yes you can! Troops can contact any stores that are not on our council sponsored booth list. As soon as your troop has found their location you will need to add this information in eBudde under the “My Sales” tab. Once this is done, GSofSI or your SUCM will approve or deny this location. If your site is approved, the information will be uploaded into the Cookie Finder App provided by Little Brownie Bakers.

What should troops wear when selling at cookie booths? GSofSI highly encourages girls to proudly wear their Girl Scout vests when out at cookie booths and to participate in #SayYesToTheVest! We want to represent our council in the best way possible & we want to have fun while we do it. Make sure to check out the awesome 2020 Cookie season merchandise in the GSofSI shop! If you can’t make it into the shop to get your Cookie Boss hat - you can use our council’s online shop 24/7! Visit and click “Shop” for more information!

Want to celebrate #SayYesToTheVest and get some help with props and effects for your Cookie Sale Video for Digital Cookie? Register on Doubleknot for a brand new program brought to you by the Council Shop, Product Program and Program Engagement - Uniform & Cookie Video Prep at the Glen Carbon Service Center! After doing a craft and practicing with a costume and props girls will receive a digital copy of their video emailed to a parent or guardian after filming. The shop will be open for the event if leaders and parents want to look at all the exciting merchandise. Fun Patch included!


Can troops exchange cookies to help meet booth needs? Yes! Troops can exchange cookies if they find that they are running low or have excess amounts of a certain variety of cookie. Take advantage of the “Cookie Exchange” tab in eBudde: To offer cookies to other troops: 1. Click the “Cookie Exchange” tab. 2. Enter the number of packages that you would like to offer to another troop and click “Submit.” 3. Once the exchange has taken place, the troop that offered the cookies will need to go back to the “Cookie Exchange” tab and zero out the offerings. If all cookies are gone, zero through each variety. If only a few of the varieties are gone, only zero out what you exchanged. To find cookies from other troops: 1. Click the “Cookie Exchange” tab. 2. Click on the variety of cookie you are looking for. 3. eBudde provides the email address of the troop leader that has cookies available. Troops looking for cookies will set up the exchange through this email. 4. Once the exchange is complete, the troop leader that received cookies will enter the transaction in eBudde. (See Inventory Management on page 13 for transaction instructions).

Can my troop accept credit cards at booth sales? Yes! Your troop can opt to accept credit cards at your booth sales! This is a great way to reach higher sales, provide great customer service and reach more customers. In addition, working with credit card processors can help girls get hands-on experience with technology, help customers make purchases more easily and eliminate the chance of counterfeit money or bounced checks. GSofSI’s Clover Go option allows troops to accept credit cards at booth sales with no cost to troops. Credit card payments are processed through the Clover Go app, downloaded to your phone or tablet. Card readers are not required, but you may use a Clover card reader along with the app for an additional $39.95 which is paid for out of your troops bank account at the time of set up. GSofSI will not be offering readers for use.

For more information: Head to! The training deck can be found under the “Cookies +” tab or by going to


Receipts: Money or Product Receipt You will give this receipt to a girl/caregiver when they pick up cookies from you. The TCM will keep the white copy and the caregiver gets the yellow copy. Again, please keep these receipts for your records even after the sale is over. You will get a receipt whenever you pick up cookies fromyour designated cookie cupboard. You may also print your own receipt from the eBudde cupboard transaction. It is important to save these receipts for your records even after the sale is over in case there is a discrepancy or a caregiver debt.

Cupboard managers may use a printed eBudde transaction receipt instead of a product receipt. The receipts work the same way. You may also print this receipt out from home when you place your cupboard order.

Banking: What is ACH? ACH is a process called Automated Clearing House. It is an electronic funds transfer from your troop account to GSofSI.

What is the Direct Payment Authorization Form? This form is needed in order to establish an eBudde account. Every troop must fill out and sign this form. The person signing the form needs to be the signer on the troop’s bank account. Direct Payment Authorization forms will be available prior to and during cookie trainings. The Direct Payment Authorization form can be found at under the “Cookies+” tab. Note: If your troop submitted an ACH form for 2019 Cookies or Fall Product Program, and your banking information has remained the same, you do not need to resubmit your form.

How to Determine ACH Withdrawal Amounts: 1. Select “Sales Report” tab in eBudde. 2. Scroll to the bottom, select “Amount You Owe Council.” 3. Take total and divide in half. This will be the amount of the first and second council bank withdrawal.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF Charges) If there are insufficient funds, troops will incur fees (NSF charges) associated with insufficient funds, similar to fees charged for a bounced check. Funds due to Council that are returned for non-sufficient funds will be ACH Swept for 80% of the balance within a one week time period. If 80% is returned for NSF, we will attempt to pull 60% of the balance and so forth, until the amount attempting to be pulled reaches 40%. If 40% is uncollected, it will be turned over to the proper authorities.


Money Management: Cookie money belongs to the troop, and that any misuse or failure to appropriately deposit funds may result in legal action or prosecution taken by Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois. To ensure the security of the money, make weekly deposits of funds into your troop’s bank account. DO NOT leave large sums of money in places that may be unsafe. This includes your vehicle and your home. Troops must deposit all monies from cookie sales including troop proceeds. Troops should not spend troop proceeds until all cookie balances are paid in full with GSofSI. Troop Cookie Managers should regularly collect payments from caregivers throughout the sale to minimize the risk of loss and/or outstanding balances.

Outstanding Balances: If payments due are not turned in, those with debt must be reported to GSofSI as having an outstanding balance. GSofSI may actively pursue collection efforts through legal avenues. If a girl is delinquent with her payment to the troop, the Troop Cookie Manager will need to send a Product Program Collection form to the Service Unit Cookie Manager. GSofSI uses Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic funds transfer. If you have delinquent funds you must submit the ACH adjustment request form to GSofSI within FIVE business days from the sweep date. Adjustment forms must be submitted by February 27th by 5 p.m. if the outstanding balance is from your initial cookie order. For final sweep adjustments due to caregiver debt, adjustment forms must be submitted by March 19, 2020 by 5 p.m.

Transactions: For each transaction, Troop Cookie Managers and caregivers should count cookies and money together, then complete a receipt for the transaction. This way everyone is on the same page! • All checks should be written to “Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois - Troop #”. • Try not to accept bills larger than $20 (to avoid counterfeit bills). • NEVER deposit cookie money into personal bank accounts. • Every troop should have Check Redi on their bank account to avoid fees that can occur from checks. • Troops should not accept checks over $250 from a caregiver. Check Redi will only cover bounces up to the amount. Have caregivers write multiple checks if necessary. • Note: Troops that get checks with Non-sufficient funds (NSF), can send those to their States Attorney’s Office for collection.

When Is Cookie Money Due? There are two stages during the sale where there will be an ACH withdrawal from the troop’s bank account for payment of cookies. Here are the dates and amounts due: March 4: 50% of your initial order due. This is only for paper order card sales. March 26: Remaining balance due to council from initial order, January Kick-Off and booth cookies. The Product Program team will upload a confirmation of payments to eBudde. These will show under the “Deposits” tab. With each ACH payment, you will see that a reduction to the troop’s balance due reflected on your “Sales Report” tab. All DOC and NSF transactions can be viewed from the “Deposit” tab and “Sales Report” tab.


eBudde Fingertip Facts: Initial Order Remember: You can place initial orders from your mobile device with the eBudde Troop App Plus. Video training and eBudde help are built right in! Initial Order Tab 1. Click girl’s name, go to bottom of screen, click in highlighted fields to begin entry. 2. Press the “Tab” key to navigate fields and enter the girl’s total cookies order in packages by variety. 3. Click “OK” button to save change for girl. 4. Repeat for each girl. 5. SAVE the page. 6. Carefully review the totals at the bottom; if correct, click “SUBMIT ORDER.” Remember, you cannot change the Initial Order after it has been submitted. Contact your SUCM or the Product Program team to make changes. 7. Click “PRINTABLE VERSION” to print a copy for records. Delivery Tab 1. Review and enter delivery information. 2. Select time slot. 3. Click “SUBMIT MY INFO.” 4. Click “Print” to print out a confirmation form.

Rewards Rewards Tab 1. Click “FILL OUT” next to Initial or Final Reward Order. 2. Click on individual girls’ names to review Girl Reward Orders and click “SUBMIT GIRL ORDER.” 3. Enter or review total rewards earned. 4. Click “SUBMIT” to submit your order. Payment Tab 1. View ACH payments and digital cookie payments.

Booth Sales Booth Sites Tab Council Sponsored Booths 1. Click “COUNCIL SALES” from the drop down list. 2. Find booth sales you would like to sign up for, click date and time. 3. Click time slot and click “SUBMIT.” MySales Booth Requests 1. Click “MY SALES” from the drop down list. 2. Click “ADD A LOCATION.” 3. Fill in location site information, date and time range. 4. Click “ADD.” Request will be pending until approved or denied. REMEMBER: Please keep Booth Scheduler in eBudde updated with your group’s times and dates. This data powers Girl Scouts Cookie Locator that helps customers to find you.

Product Program Roster Change My Troop List Needs Updated in eBudde. On the Girl Order tab, which is locked, you can view all the girls registered in your troop. This page will continue to update throughout the program as new girls join Girl Scouts or troop rosters are edited in eBudde. ONLY girls with cookies entered in eBudde will count as selling and be used to calculate your troop’s per-girl-average (PGA.) NOTE: If there is a girl missing from your troop in eBudde, fill out the “Product Program Roster Change” form, which can be found on our website,, under “Forms”.

Sales Report Tab 1. Review cookie package numbers. 2. Review your receipts. 3. Review your Gift of Caring and Business Gift of Caring totals. Girl Orders Tab 1. Update Girl Orders to include all additional packages from booth sales. 2. Click “SAVE.”


Season Close Out: The Girl Scout Cookie Program Ends March 15, 2020! To Close Out Your Sale You Must: 1. Remember to have caregivers turn in money by March 15, 2020. 2. In eBudde, review your Sales Report to make sure ALL the transactions are correct. If there is an issue, troops can call the SUCM or contact GSofSI Customer Care at 800.345.6858 or by email at 3. Make sure you have a copy of EVERY receipt of pick up, return or exchange. 4. Submit your Girl Rewards order in the “Rewards” tab. 5. Your final transfer of funds due to GSofSI will be pulled on March 26, 2020 please be prepared! Ordering Rewards - Due No Later Than 11:59 p.m. on March 17, 2020! 1. The rewards each girl receives corresponds to the number of boxes she sold. 2. Under the “Girl Order” tab in eBudde, make sure that all OPS/Gift of Caring boxes are recorded in the correct column for each girl. Every girl who has at least 12 boxes in the “Gift Of Caring” column will receive a Gift of Caring Patch. This will be automatically calculated by eBudde. 3. Rewards and Cookie Dough will be delivered to Service Unit Cookie Managers in April/May. Since we use many vendors, keep in mind that some rewards may come in at different times. We thank you for your patience! 4. If a girl earns an event as a reward, she will be contacted directly by the Product Program team. 5. Please follow pick-up procedures set in place by your SUCM. Please distribute rewards promptly to girls—they’ve worked hard to earn them! Remember that if you do not place your rewards order, GSofSI will choose options on your behalf. How do I submit my troop’s final reward order? Before you can enter the girls’ final rewards you must finish allocating ALL the cookies. Do not complete your final rewards selections until this is done. Note: In the following directions we suggest the “Edit All” feature, where you can make the girls’ selections on the same page. There is not a save feature, so if you use this be prepared to complete all rewards selections at once. 1. Click “Rewards” tab. 2. Click “Fill Out” next to Final Rewards Order. All messages showing “Size/Catalog Selection Needed” must have a choice entered. 3. Click “Edit All” and scroll down to each girl’s name to make her selections at the required levels. 4. Once complete, select “Submit All Reward Orders.” The system will alert you if a choice has been missed. 5. Review your troop’s total order and scroll to the bottom to select “Submit Rewards Order.” After this point you cannot make any edits. If you need to make changes, contact your SUCM. Outstanding Balances If a caregiver fails to pay their cookie bill, the TCM should make every effort to collect the money. If unsuccessful, the TCM must complete a Collection form to report the delinquency. In order to collect on unpaid debt, it is imperative that the following forms be turned in to the Service Unit: 1. Collection form 2. Signed Permission and Responsibility form 4. Signed receipt for any money received 3. Signed receipt for product issued 5. Other (copies of e-mails, texts, etc.) Troops are RESPONSIBLE for all money due from their product sales. Troops will be held liable for the funds due if the appropriate paperwork is NOT collected from the parent/guardian. Do NOT pay GSofSI for cookies if payment has not been received from the parent/guardian. GSofSI will only refund troops if their proceeds debt is paid in full. What happens to the Girl and Parent that has a debt owed to my troop? Girls who have parent/guardian delinquent debt will not be allowed in future Product Programs and the incentives for the current program (in which the debt occurred) will be held until the debt is paid.


Troop Meeting Guide: As a Troop Cookie Manager, you have the fantastic role of supporting Girl Scouts through the Cookie Program and helping prepare them for a lifetime of leadership one box of cookies at a time! It is very important that you set clear program guidelines for girls’ caregivers, so that everyone is set up for success. An initial caregiver meeting followed by regular communication is key. We recommend that you send weekly email updates, texts, or Facebook messages to caregivers to share needs, keep momentum going, and celebrate successes. When to Hold a Caregiver Meeting: A caregiver meeting should be held between November and December. Remember that your January Cookie Kick-Off order is due December 1. Depending on caregiver availability, you may need to hold a make-up meeting. Make the Caregiver Meeting Mandatory: Every caregiver needs to be informed of the policies and procedures of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. They too will be helping girls learn, as well as handling inventory and money, therefore need to understand the guidelines. Training Preparation: 1. The TCM should meet with Troop Leader to discuss: • Benefits of the cookie program. • Incorporating girl programming into the experience. • Troop proceeds. • Goals: Encourage your girls to set troop goals. Consider how many boxes are needed to meet goals, and how many cookies each girl will try to sell to in order to contribute. Please encourage girls and families to set individual goals for themselves, and to share with you their participation plans and ability. • Troop management plan for money collection and deposit into troop bank account. • Troop inventory management and booth sales plan. • Date for troop training. 2. Determine troop cookie norms and deadlines: • When and where will families pick up initial orders after the cookie drop? • What is your availability for additional cookie pickups? • When is money due? • In what ways can caregivers help you? • What is everyone’s availability for booths? How will girls sign up? 3. Invite caregivers to training meeting and enjoy the gathering!

Training Goals: • Spark enthusiasm and excitement for the Cookie Program by introducing what’s new for 2020. • Explain cookie program benefits for girls, troops, and Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois. • Review basic facts and standards, safety guidelines. • Review selling methods, online marketing, and Digital Cookie. • Review booth sale standards and strategies. • Discuss availability for booths. • Discuss Gift of Caring and Operation Sweet Treats for possible business sponsorships. • Facilitate a discussion between girls and families about individual girl goals and troop goals. What do you want to do with your cookie money? How many boxes do you need to sell to get there? • Review inventory management and pickup procedures. • Review money management and financial responsibility. • Convey your expectations by providing important dates and deadlines, and request assistance where needed (i.e. adult help at booth sales). • Collect completed and signed participation agreements. Materials to distribute at training: • Samples of your troop training cookies • Caregiver Permission Forms • TCM contact information and availability • Calendar of troop deadlines • Business card templates if desired • GSofSI event dates


Cookie Program Resources

Customer Care 800.345.6858 Visit our website to find resoures, manuals, key dates and other helpful information. Corporate Service Center 4 Ginger Creek Parkway Glen Carbon, IL 62034 Regional Service Center 4102 South Water Tower Place Mount Vernon, IL 62864 Product Program Team Kristen Gibbs Product Program 800.345.6858 Ext: 1124 Jordan Godier Product Program 800.345.6858 Ext: 1128

Team App Install the GSofSI 2020 Cookie Program App on your smartphone or tablet now! 1. Log into Team App and search “GSofSI 2020 Cookie Program”. 2. Choose your applicable access group(s). 3. If you dont have a smartphone go to to sign up. Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA): Find info on the Girl Scout Cookie Program and national cookie badges and pins. eBudde: Your Command Center for managing the Cookie Sale! Order cookies, track girl inventory and order incentives. eBudde Troop App Plus: Place orders on your mobile devices. Video training and eBudde help are built right in. eBudde Booth Sale Recorder: Download this free app to record sales in real time and make inventory tracking easy!

Little Brownie Bakers: Find girl activities, marketing ideas and clip art to help girls prepare for the Cookie Sale. Little Brownie Bakers YouTube Channel: Check out LBB’s library of inspiring videos featuring real girl stories and selling tips. Little Brownie Bakers Volunteer Blog: Check out the volunteer blog for exciting program resources. Cookie Locator: Help friends and family locate the closest cookie booth!


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2020 GSofSI Volunteer Cookie Guide  

2020 GSofSI Volunteer Cookie Guide

2020 GSofSI Volunteer Cookie Guide  

2020 GSofSI Volunteer Cookie Guide