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Volunteer Learning Requirements - Safety Safety Courses While First Aiders may not be required for regular troop/group meetings and activities not involving physical exertion, they are needed for trips and strenuous activities or other activities involving any potential for injury. Consult Safety Activity Checkpoints for specific activities that require a First Aider. If your adult first aider is a male, at least one unrelated adult female must be present at all times especially when medical assistance is needed.

Adult Learning Courses

The adult acting as the certified First Aider must be current in both First Aid and Adult/Child CPR. Training covers rescue breathing, choking, CPR, broken bones, bleeding, cold weather emergencies, and much more.

Course First Aid/CPR/AED This course includes Adult and Child CPR and AED skills as well as First Aid.

Who Must Take Course At least one adult volunteer per troop/group when leaving their meeting place or participating in an activity that lists a First Aider as part of the standard.

Course length: 6 hours First Aid or CPR Review: First Aid Review: a 3-hour course that reviews the skills necessary to recertify in first aid.

Participants must present their current First Aid or current CPR card when they take the course.

• Classroom setting


First Aid or CPR Challenge In selecting this option to recertify either First Aid or CPR skills, volunteers:

Participants need not hold a current certification card when taking a challenge course.

• must arrive ready to take the written exam and when successfully completed,

Participants must successfully complete both the written exam and skills demonstration without any prompting from the instructor.

Course length: approx. 1 hour

• Classroom setting. Skills MUST be demonstrated to a certified instructor • 6 hour course *Fee- $50

CPR Review: a 3-hour course that reviews the skills necessary to recertify in CPR.

• Demonstrate their First Aid or CPR skills.

How Course is Taken

• One-on-one


Please be advised: Girl Scouts of Connecticut does not consider you a certified First Aider (First Aid and Adult/Child CPR/AED) if your certification has lapsed. Please plan accordingly for troop/group activities.


GSOFCT Volunteer Essentials 2014-2015  
GSOFCT Volunteer Essentials 2014-2015  

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