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Volunteer Learning Requirements - Core GSOFCT encourages volunteers to be lifelong learners and to continuously take advantage of learning opportunities throughout their volunteer experience. Volunteers need to be currently registered members and have successfully completed the GSOFCT Volunteer Application Process prior to taking any training.

Core Leadership Requirements – For Volunteers Working Directly with Girls An adult Troop/Group volunteer must also complete the Core Leadership Requirements*: Girl Scouting 101, GSOFCT Orientation, and Basic Leader Training. Although Girl Scouts of Connecticut encourages two adults in every Troop/Group to complete both Girl Scouting 101 and GSOFCT Orientations, at least one adult is required. This adult must be present at all times when meeting with girls. We highly encourage each Troop/Group to send several volunteers to training so that the same volunteer doesn’t have to be present at all events or events have to be cancelled because the trained volunteer isn’t available.

Adult Learning Courses

GS101 and GSOFCT Orientation must be taken prior to taking the Basic Leader course. Basic Leader Training needs to be completed within three months of starting your Troop/Group. * These are the required courses for starting or working with a Girl Scout Troop/Group as a leadership team.

Course Girl Scouting 101(GS101) Overview of the Girl Scout organization, the National Program Portfolio, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Who Must Take Course For every volunteer prior to starting any volunteer position.

Review of the GSOFCT’s policies and procedures, Safety Activity Checkpoints, Troop/Group management, finances and Girl Program. Resource: Volunteer Essentials. Course Length: 3 hours Basic Leader Training Prerequisites: GS101 and GSOFCT Orientation Provides tools for planning and carrying out Troop/Group programs. Topics include safety awareness, group management skills, meeting planning, program ideas, and ways to keep the girls involved in the GSLE.

• Online • Self-paced; approx. 45 min. • GSUSA hosted *Fee-None

Course Length: 45 min. GSOFCT Orientation Prerequisite: GS101

How Course is Taken

At least one Troop/Group adult. • Must be taken prior to working with girls. • Once completed, the adult Troop/Group volunteer may meet regularly with girls and go on simple field trips (4 hours or less to an indoor location during meeting time). At least one Troop/Group adult. • Must be taken within three months of starting your Troop/Group.

Course Length: 3 hours

• Face-to-face • Provided in local community • Facilitated by locally trained volunteers

*Fee-None • Classroom setting provided statewide • Provided by Council Learning Facilitators • Self-Study option also available *Fee-None

GSOFCT further requires that a trained adult be present at all events including Troop/Group meetings, Service Unit events, Council events, camping trips, Troop/Group outings, etc. A currently registered volunteer that has successfully completed both the Volunteer Application Process and the Core Leadership Requirements is considered to be the troop/group trained adult. Please note: You have up to three months from the start of your Troop/Group to complete the Basic Leader training course. Certain activities may also require a certified First Aider or a volunteer trained in outdoor skills to be present. 34

GSOFCT Volunteer Essentials 2014-2015  
GSOFCT Volunteer Essentials 2014-2015  

The essential volunteer reference guide, updated for 2014-2015