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OCTOBER 1- 25, 2013

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START FUNDING YOUR GS ACTIVITIES NOW Welcome to the 2013 – 2014 Product Sales Year! Our team has exciting and fun programs and girls learn important life skills, earn girl selected rewards and their troop and/or community group earns proceeds which can help financially support the Girl Scout experiences they want to enjoy this year! All registered girls are welcome – whether they are in a troop or part of a Pathway. Girls who participate learn about all the amazing things that Product Sales can make possible for them. Most importantly, they realize that they can do anything, be anything, and achieve anything by simply believing in themselves! In Product Sales we see girls discovering their leadership abilities and their team building skills. They learn empathy and charity as they collect Share donations and make decisions on how to spend their proceeds and to relate to others in their communities. So come join us! Our nut and candy products are very reasonably priced so friends and family can enjoy a delicious nut and candy treat while supporting Girl Scout activities. Plus, people of all ages and demographics read magazines. Why not renew or order from a Girl Scout? Girls can sell just magazines, just nuts and candy or both. Any way a Girl Scout participates, she will have the power to set goals and will be rewarded for her hard work! So learn more about what we have to offer and how any girl can get started in the Product Sales programs and events we offer! And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, email us at and we will be happy to help you! We look forward to working with you and we wish to thank all of our hard working volunteers and parents who support our programs! Your Product Sales Team Kris, Sue, Norma and Susan

IMPORTANT DATES Tuesday, October 1st . . . . . . . . Nut, Candy and/or Magazine Program Begins Friday, October 25th . . . . . . . . . Order Taking Ends. Troop QSP Managers collect girls’ orders, payments and write receipts for all monies received Tuesday, October 29th . . . . . . Troop QSP Manager deadline for entering all girl orders and girl reward choices into nutE Wednesday, October 30th . . Troop submits both T-2 reports from nutE – Nut/Candy & Magazines and Rewards to Service Unit QSP Manager along with completed address booklets, paper magazines order forms and girl participation slips Wednesday, November 6th . GSNENY Finance Department will complete ACH swipe of amount due as indicated on the T-2 Report Week of December 3rd

Products delivered to Service Units. Girls begin delivering products to customers

November 4th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Buzz About Books, Community Service Project, book collections at the Service Centers end


Girl Participation Individual participation is voluntary, although we hope that you will help GSNENY and your daughter’s troop or community group by supporting the QSP Program. Girl Scouting would not be possible without the support of family members and friends. Any girl in grades K-12 and registered for the 2013-14 Girl Scout year, can participate in this program. If you or a Girl Scout you know has not been given the opportunity and would like to register and participate, please contact the Service Unit QSP Manager in your area. If you need their contact information, simply call the nearest Service Center – Albany 518-489-8110, Queensbury 518-792-0947 or Plattsburgh 518-563-1560. If your daughter is not part of a traditional Girl Scout Troop and would still like to participate in Girl Scouting and the QSP Program, she can easily do so! This simply

means she will experience Girl Scouting by participating in one of the other Pathways offered: travel, outdoor adventure, camp, events/series or virtual. Each Community has a product sales manager who will work with Individually Registered Girls (IRGs) in the same manner a Troop QSP/Cookie Manager or Leader works with her Troop girls during the Product Sales Programs. The proceeds generated during the program go into the Community bank account and you can request “financial assistance” from the Community for the Girl Scout activities you participate in during the year. All participating girls will also receive patches and other rewards based on the level of sales achieved.

Troop Participation The QSP Program in voluntary for the girls to participate. GSNENY only requires that the Troop QSP Manager working with the Troop Leader gives the program information to the girls and their parents/guardians and lets them decide if they wish to sell products. A signed Program Participation Slip must be completed by their parent/guardian and submitted to the Troop or Service Unit QSP Manager.

EARN AND LEARN - THE FIVE LIFE SKILLS In addition, the program offers opportunities for girls to practice the five skills. Girls “earn and learn” key skills that will help them in business and in life:

Goal Setting: Girls set sales goals and, with their troop or community team, create a

plan to reach them. This matters because girls need to know how to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.

Decision Making: Girls decide where and when to sell, how to market their sale, and what to do with their earnings. This is important because girls must make many decisions, big and small, in their lives. Learning and practicing this skill helps them make good ones.

Money Management: Girls develop a budget, take orders, and handle customers’

money. These are wonderful skills because girls need to know how to handle money – from their lunch money to their allowance and someday their own paycheck.

People Skills: Girls learn to talk and listen to their customers, as well as learning how to

work as a team with other girls. This matters because it helps them do better in school, on group projects, on sports teams, and on the playground and later in life it will benefit them in the work place.

Business Ethics: Girls act honestly and responsibly during every step of the product sale. This is key because employees want to hire, and people want to work with ethical employees – and the world needs ethical leaders in every field.

Being involved in the Fall Product Program ensures girls are learning to become leaders by:

Discover - Understanding their values and using their knowledge and skills to explore their world.

Connect - Caring about, inspiring and teaming up with others locally.

Take Action - Participating to make the world a better place and making a lasting difference in their communities.

EARN AND LEARN - PROCEEDS Girls who participate in the QSP Program can earn exciting rewards and/or their troop and community can receive proceeds which can be used to support their Girl Scout experiences throughout the year.


• 10% for all paper form and online magazine orders • $1.00 for each completed address booklet of 10 coupons (limit of 2 booklets per girl) • $1.00 for sending 12 online emails • 10% of all nut and candy sales Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can decide as a troop or community group to earn rewards plus 10% of proceeds or forgo the rewards and earn 13% of proceeds. An opt out form must be completed as it is the girl’s collective decision whether or not to receive rewards. Additionally, communities will earn $ .10 per unit sold by each registered Girl Scout selling within their community. This includes magazine subscriptions, online orders and nut and candy items.

EARN AND LEARN - PATCHES All girls, regardless of whether or not they opt out of rewards, can earn the following patches based on their participation. Girls can work to earn all the patches offered so they can interlock and creatively and proudly display their effort and hard work.







“Be Your Best You” Patch

Online Patch

“Grow!” Patch

Magazine Super Seller Patch


Share Patch

2013 - 2014 Branch Patch

Super Seller Patch

EARN AND LEARN – REWARDS This year, rewards are based on the total amount of combined (nut, candy and/or magazine) dollars sold throughout the program. All rewards are cumulative.


Eraser Toppers


Accessory Case with Marker Set


Plush Bee


A Journey Book AND Goal Achiever Patch - OR - Theme Tote Bag AND Goal Achiever Patch $400 IN TOTAL SALES

Book Certificate - OR Bee Tee Shirt (YS, YL, AL, A2X)




Large Plush Bee


Pailette Lamp OR $15 in Nut Bucks


E- Reader


All girls that reach the $300 level will go into a drawing for an iPod Touch. Girls will be entered again for each additional $100 in sales above $300.

ONLINE SELLING - QUICK AND EASY It’s easy. Just click on the QSP Online Program button and follow the steps below to get started! 1. Fill out the online registration information
 2. Complete the goal setting activity 3. Personalize part of the message that will be emailed 4. Order your family’s subscriptions and invite other family members and friends to shop online.

12 EMAILS = $1 TROOP OR COMMUNITY PROCEEDS At the end of the sale, the Detailed Order Report will be emailed to the registered email address. Girls must print or email the report to their Troop or Community Leader prior to the due date, so they can be given credit for her sales. IMPORTANT ~ QSP and nut-E do not communicate to one another. Each girl must print out and return the form to their Troop and Community Leader who must enter the information into nut-E. Entering the information into Nut-E is the ONLY way for a girl to receive credit for the online sale. Sales can also be checked and tracked throughout the sale so additional emails can be sent to meet your goals quicker!

Benefits For Ordering Magazines Online • • • •

All major credit cards are accepted Subscriptions start faster No paper order forms to complete No need to collect money

QSP does not rent or sell e-mail addresses or use them for any other purposes. We respect everyone’s right to privacy.


DELUXE PECAN CLUSTERS $6 Roasted pecans covered in caramel and Milk Chocolate! 5 oz. Box

FRUIT SLICES $5 Fat Free! Chewy fruit slices in an assortment of flavors. 10.5 oz. Can

CRANBERRY NUT MIX $6 A tasty mix or peanuts, raisins, cranberries, cashews, banana chips, almonds and walnuts! 7 oz. Can

SALSA MIX $5 Peanuts, salsa corn sticks, toasted corn, soy noodles, almonds & pepitas. 8 oz. Can

GUMMI BERRIES $6 These fat-free gummi candies are busting in five fruit flavors! 11 oz. Can

DULCE DE LECHE OWLS $6 Fresh, milky caramel surrounded by smooth milk chocolate. 5.1 oz. Box

PEANUT BUTTER BEARS $6 Milk chocolate bears with a smooth peanut butter filling. 6 oz. Box

CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS $6 The plumpest raisins covered in Smooth milk chocolate. 10 oz. Can

DARK CHOCOLATE MINT PENGUINS $6 Rich dark chocolate penguins bursting with frosty mint. 6 oz. Box


WHOLE CASHEWS $7 A classic favorite of whole cashews roasted and salted with sea salt. 8 oz. Can

PISTACHIOS $7 Natural pistachios roasted and salted in the shell. 7.5 oz. Can

BLUEBERRY POMEGRANATE NUT CRUNCH $7 Gluten Free! Tasty squares of almonds, cashews, Pistachios, blueberries and pomegranate. 6 oz Bag

CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS $7 A favorite sweet and salty snack. Crunchy Pretzels covered in smooth milk chocolate. 6.5 oz. plus Skating Penguin Tin

CARAMEL TREASURES IN GS TIN $7 Creamy caramel centers covered in smooth milk chocolate. 6 oz. plus Girl Scout Flowerpot Tin

NEW HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS $5 Peanuts roasted with a touch of honey. 9 oz. Can



PROJECT “THANK YOU” $5 Energize our Military Troops with a tasty treat! Each $5 donation received will send one can of nuts and/or candy to military men and women.

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT BUZZ ABOUT BOOKS! Give the gift of literacy when you donate a new or gently used children’s book to GSNENY’s Community Service Project, Buzz About Books! Your book donations can help a young child learn to love to read. Ways you can donate new and gently used children’s books and receive a Buzz About Books patch:

We are unable to accept encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, VHS tapes or catalogs.

• Troops collect books (preferably 1 book per girl) and

donate them to their local library or chosen agency. Troops will need to mail a photo with the list of girls and the troop number that donated the books to Product Sales by November 4, 2013.

OR • Troops collect books (preferably 1 book per girls) and drop them off at the nearest

Service Center – Albany, Queensbury or Plattsburgh – by November 4, 2013. Troops need to submit a photo with a list of girls and the troop number that is making the donation.


BE AN EXPERT ENTREPRENEUR – EARN UP TO $300 Your daughter can earn up to $300 towards a one week GSNENY camp stay or one GSNENY travel adventure by participating in both the QSP and Cookie Product Programs. All she has to do is complete the following requirements. THROUGHOUT THE 2013 QSP PROGRAM • • • •

Sends 12 QSP Online Emails Has Combined Sales of magazines, nuts and candy of $525.00 Completes 1 Address Booklet Turns In All Orders With Payment On Time

Don’t have email access? Sell $650 in magazines, nuts and candy combined, AND complete one address booklet

2014 Cookie Program

• Sells 250 Boxes of Cookies On Her Initial Sale • Participates in 1 Booth Sale OR Sends 12 Cookie Club Messages

Throughout the Year

• Attends Cookie College/Rally OR Completes a Cookie Activity National Proficiency Badge OR completes 1 Journey • Registers before Friday, May 16, 2014 as a Girl Scout for the 2015 Girl Scout Membership Year • Submits her completed and signed Expert Entrepreneur Redemption Form to Product Sales by Friday, May 16, 2014

HOW TO SUPPORT THE PROGRAM If you are an individual who would like to support Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York by purchasing or renewing a Magazine Subscription, simply double click on the icon below beginning on October 1st. You will be guided to the QSP Website where you can shop the countless subscriptions available. Plus by ordering online, your order will be immediately processed and will arrive sooner than the traditional 12-14 week anticipated delivery time.


All major credit cards are accepted Subscriptions start faster No paper order forms to complete No need to collect money

HELPFUL FORMS AND LINKS Family Guide CLICK HERE Contains important information for girls and their families to learn about the program and how they participate. Commonly Asked Questions CLICK HERE In this document we have provided answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the QSP Program. Before sending an email or make a call – check here first. You may end up saving yourself some time and energy by having the answers to your questions right at your fingertips! Troop QSP Manager Position Description CLICK HERE Are you having a hard time finding this position description? If so, we have attached a PDF for your convenience. Spread the Word Business Cards B&W CLICK HERE COLOR CLICK HERE

Use the attached PDF to help girls spread the word about all the online magazine opportunities that are available for friends and relatives! Girls can go to girlscouts.qspgao. com/northeasternny to register and obtain an Online ID #. Girls can then put their ID# on business cards and distribute them to let family and friends know where they can go to order magazines that support their favorite Girl Scout! Activity Portal CLICK HERE This year’s theme, “This is what a girl can do” encourages girls to draw on their creativity in concrete and visible ways as they gain financial literacy. Activities are designed to help girls gain Courage, Confidence and Character and to make the World a Better Place. For more information about this important and educational program and to download a fun Activity Booklet, be sure to visit Ashdon Farms at * You do not need a login in or password to visit the QSP Mini Site

PROJECT “THANK YOU” Last year, the girls in our GSNENY Council who participated in the QSP Program sold over 2,260 Thank You items. This outstanding effort enabled Local Military Facilities to receive multiple cans of Gummi Berries. This year, GSNENY will once again be participating by promoting Project “Thank You.” Each donation of $5 our girls receive will energize our military troops with a tasty treat from home. Each donation will send one can of Honey Roasted Peanuts to our local men and women serving in the military. This is a great way for out of town relatives and friends to support their local Girl Scout without the hassle of mailing them product. The local Girl Scout collects the monies and once she turns it in, Council makes all the arrangements for the items to be shipped to the military men and women. The Girl Scout and her troop or community group receive proceeds for the Project “Thank You” items she sells. Each participating Girl Scout will also receive a “Share” patch when she sells 2 or more Project “Thank You” items.

THE PRODUCT SALES TEAM GSNENY Product Sales Contacts Email - Albany Service Center – Sue Stoddard 489-8110 x108 Serving Communities in the 100s and 200s Plattsburgh Service Center – Norma Langevin 563-1560 x302 Serving Communities in the 300s and 400s Product Sales Girl Leadership Specialist – Susan Conway Queensbury Service Center 792-0947 x 203 Product Sales Programs/Events for All Communities Need Help with Magazines? The QSP Customer Service Department is very helpful when it comes to answering your questions specifically related to magazine subscriptions and ordering, whether if is during or after the sale. Call this number for subscription assistance:


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