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Being a Leader The Girl Scout Law The Girl Scout Promise You I will do my best to be On my honor, I will try: honest and fair, To serve God and my country, the leader friendly and helpful, To help people at all times, considerate and caring, And to live by the Girl Scout Law. Your Team courageous and strong and, and, responsible for what ∙friends I say and do, and to The Girl Scout Mission adults ∙volunteers respect myself and others, Girl Scouting builds girls of ∙troop mates respect authority, courage, confidence, use resources wisely, and character, fill these into the chart in your proposal make the world a who make the world better place, and a better place. Your Target Audience be a sister to every Girl Scout ∙people you’re educating

∙organizations you’re working with ∙groups you’re advocating for or toward these people and groups go in Question E in your proposal

Your Wider Audience everyone you’ll share your story with once you complete your Gold Award Take Action Project this audience and your means of reaching them go in Question I in your proposal

It’s About Heart Being a Gold Award Girl Scout is about more than a project. project Your conduct toward everyone you’re working with, whether they’re part of your team or your audience, is what will determine whether you are a successful Gold Award Girl Scout. So use your head and your heart, heart follow these tips, tips and you’ll be unstoppable! unstoppable

write thank you notes call or email people yourself be okay with making mistakes keep a friendly smile don't be afraid to say “I’m sorry” be a sister to every Girl Scout


Gold Standard  
Gold Standard  

GSCNC's guidebook for girls working on the Gold Award. The booklet contains information about the Gold Award Panel process, as well as help...