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There have been so many science fiction shows out there; there was Star Wars, Star Trek, and every other space show that came out of the wood work after that. The news Battlestar Galactica is not for the weak of heart nor is it for the weak of stomach. But most of all, it's a show that is not for the weak of mind. Only those who can appreciate to complex nature of the political overtones and undertones in this show will actually like it. Not only that, there are so many moral questions that are constantly being brought up and out at every frakking episode of this show. If you are not wise enough to appreciate philosophical questions of ethics and humanity, then this show is not for you. One of the most prevalent or used up theme in the show is the question of what is it that defines humanity? What is a person? Are aliens people too? Is it wrong to kill aliens? Can a robot possibly be considered as a full fledged person if it can think for itself, if it has emotions and can feel, and if it looked exactly looked and feels like a human person (in bed)? What if it can only think but still has a very well formed sense of self and purpose? Battlestar Galactica is the most mind frakking science fiction show, scratch that, it's the most mind frakking show period. Well, now that we are in the point where the last three episodes are coming, it all feels so exciting. It's time to say farewell to our favorite characters, to Adama, Starbuck, Roslin, and the walking toasters. All the fans are hoping to get all the answers to the mysteries that have been looming through the show before Caprica. There are many reports that the Battlestar Galactica final episode will actually be 3 hours and will be a two part thing. The first of the one hour long episode is titled Daybreak and it will be shown in the usual time (that's ten at night) on March 13. Then, the Sci Fi network will show the remaining two hours on March 20. The episode on March thirteen will be replayed right before eight at night on March twenty. This means that some of you could watch the whole thing straight through in one sitting. In the final analysis, this three hours final episode is made up of three episodes that continue right where the story is left. I suppose that would be fine for most of the Battlestar Galactica fans out there. All I know is that thank goodness Ron Moore did not try to finish the whole thing in only one hour. I mean, just think about all the open ends that needs to be tied up neatly. There is no way that the whole series can be rightfully and satisfyingly ended in a compressed hour. The fans would riot if that ever happened. I mean, the show is already showing signs of being cut too short. There are things in the past few episodes that show how they have been pressed for time trying to wrap things up. Thank goodness for the producers foresight.

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==== ==== Play Battlestar Galactica Online Absolutely FREE: Y2MiZzMT1zY3I=.shtml ==== ====

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