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New to Battlestar Galactica? This basic guide is meant to give an overview of some of the show's most important characters. While by no means comprehensive, it should give you a basic understanding of who they are and what they've been through. And, hopefully, you'll be intrigued enough to give this excellent series a chance. 1. William Adama - The ranking officer of the Colonial fleet. Stern and no-nonsense, Adama still has a soft spot in his heart for rogues like Starbuck and Tigh. His relationship with his son is often strained, but the two learn to respect one another as the show progresses. He has an attraction to Laura Roslin. Survives a Cylon assassination attempt at the end of Season One. 2. Laura Roslin - Was the Secretary of Education when the Cylons attacked the colonies. Afterwards, she became the President. She was dying of breast cancer at the time, but still managed to fulfill her duties. Began seeing visions and was viewed by many as a prophet. Miraculously cured of her cancer, Roslin was defeated in an election by Baltar and became a teacher on New Caprica. After the Cylon attack on their new home, Roslin once again became President. The kind person who is willing to make the tough decisions. 3. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace - The best pilot in the fleet and a real hellraiser. In her first appearance, she punches Tigh and ends up in the brig. Was once engaged to Zak Adama (now deceased), and Admiral Adama looks at her like a daughter. Attracted to Lee Adama, although she eventually married Samuel Anders. Likes to drink and has many painful memories in her past. Tends to clash with authority. 4. Lee "Apollo" Adama - The son of William Adama, he and his father often find themselves at odds at the beginning of the series, but they eventually come to love and respect one another. Attracted to Kara Thrace, and the two have had a very tempestuous relationship. Was placed in command of the Pegasus, but has returned to serve on the Galactica since its destruction. Hardheaded at times, but a good soldier and a loyal friend. 5. Dr. Gaius Baltar - The most brilliant scientist in the colonies, Baltar was seduced by a Cylon agent into helping them conquer Earth. Even though the Cylon was destroyed in the initial attack, Baltar can still see her and often carries on conversations with her. He was selected to be VicePresident, then eventually won an election and became President. At this point, the Cylons attacked New Caprica and Baltar surrendered. Since that time, Baltar has been tortured by the Cylons and even placed on trial to decide whether he lives or dies. Highly intelligent but a complete egomaniac, Baltar usually cares only about himself.

6. Number Six - A tall, blonde Cylon, Number Six was responsible for seducing Baltar and paving the way for the Cylon invasion. Regarded as a war hero by many of her people. She often appears in Baltar's head, but has also manifested in the flesh on numerous occasions. She recently seemed to end their relationship, but later saved Baltar from Cylons who were intent on executing him. 7. Sharon Agathon - A Cylon model identical to Boomer Valerii (who was a Cylon herself), she saved the life of Helo Agathon. She became pregnant with his child and was then imprisoned aboard Galactica. She has since helped the humans in their efforts against the Cylons. She gave birth to a healthy child, but was told that it had died. The baby was given to another mother to raise and has since been captured by the Cylons. 8. Saul Tigh - A drunken cynic, Tigh is William Adama's best friend and second-in-command. He dislikes Starbuck, especially at the beginning of the series, but he later comes to have a measure of respect for her. Often quick to jump to conclusions and disliked by those under him. Tigh helps lead the resistance on New Caprica. Poisons his own wife when he learns that she was assisting the Cylons during his captivity (she did it to ensure his safe return). 9. Karl "Helo" Agathon - Originally partners with Sharon Valerii, Helo was strongly attracted to her. While rescuing survivors after the Cylon attack, he stayed on the planet so that Dr. Baltar could reach the Galactica. He was later rescued by another Cylon model which looked exactly like Sharon Valerii. They fell in love and she became pregnant. They were led to believe that their child died, but the couple stayed together and later married. Helo has continued to rise in rank, eventually becoming a Captain. He recently sabotaged a plan to wipe out the Cylons. Despite his recent actions, Helo is generally loyal and straightforward. 10. Galen Tyrol - The highest ranking non-commissioned officer on Galactica, Chief Tyrol is responsible for the maintenance of the fighter ships. He was involved in a romance with Sharon Valerii, who later turned out to be a Cylon agent. Loyal and trustworthy, Tyrol later marries Cally and has a child. He is actively involved with the resistance on New Caprica. 11. Felix Gaeta - Tactical officer aboard the Galactica. Later served as an aide to President Baltar on New Caprica. Helped supply the resistance with information on the Cylons, but was believed to be a collaborator himself due to the secrecy of his mission. Is later sentenced to die for working with the Cylons, but he is exonerated at the last moment. 12. Cally Tyrol - Member of the flight deck crew aboard Galactica. Kills the Cylon agent, Boomer Valerii, in retaliation for the attempt on William Adama's life. Eventually marries Chief Galen Tyrol. 13. Anastasia "Dee" Dualla - Served as a communications officer aboard Galactica. Involved with Billy Keikeya, but later romanced and married Lee Adama. 14. Billy Keikeya - Aide to President Roslin. Was romantically involved for a time with Dee. He proposed to her but was rejected. Killed by terrorists during a shootout (he dies saving Dee's life). 15. Admiral Helena Cain - Ruthless head of the Colonial fleet. Butted heads with Adama on several occasions and even considered having him assassinated. Liked Starbuck and took her under her wing for a brief time. Was eventually assassinated by a Cylon prisoner who has

escaped. 16. Dr. Cottle - The top physician on the Galactica. Acts gruff and chain smokes. Treats President Roslin for cancer and delivers Sharon Agathon's baby. 17. Captain Louanne "Kat" Katraine - Begins as a rookie fighter pilot, but she quickly develops into one of the best in the fleet. Very cocky, she battled an addiction to uppers for a while. After Starbuck settles on New Caprica, she takes over her duties on the Galactica. She has since been replaced in that capacity by Apollo, although she kept her rank of Captain. 18. Tom Zarek - A former terrorist held in prison, Zarek eventually becomes a powerful political figure. Helps Baltar win the presidential election and becomes Vice-President. Refuses to help the Cylons during the New Caprica occupation and is thrown in jail again. When Roslin becomes the President once again, she makes Zarek her Vice-President. 19. Ellen Tigh - The manipulative wife of Saul Tigh. When he is captured by the Cylons, she trades information and sexual favors for his safety and eventual release. Tigh is unable to forgive his wife's behavior, though, and poisons her to death as punishment. 20. Samuel T. Anders - Famous athlete who becomes a freedom fighter. Starbuck falls in love with him, but believes him to have died fighting the Cylons. The are later reunited and married. On New Caprica, Anders is invited to join a group of vigilantes who punish Cylon collaborators. He eventually steps down and is replaced by Starbuck. The resulting tension leads the couple to split up.

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