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Faculty Focus VOLUME 8, ISSUE 3

FALL 2010

University News Quality Enhancement Plan at Hodges University by Dr. Diane Ball, Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research During the next two terms, Hodges University will be starting its search for a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic. A QEP is a course of action developed by an institution which includes a process for identifying key issues emerging from will improve student learning. Acceptable areas include: institutional assessment. It focuses on improving student learning and/or the the five University Educational environment supporting student learning Outcomes and accomplishing the mission of the student support services institution. Students typically respond innovative delivery formats positively about their learning experirelevant curriculum ences at Hodges University on the anprofessional environment nual Institutional Survey. There is always room for improvement, however, and qualified faculty that is what we hope to accomplish by developing a successful QEP. During the Fall 2010 and Winter 2011 terms, information about the QEP The QEP is important because it demon- process and topic search will be disstrates that Hodges University has a seminated through a variety of ways, comprehensive plan in place to improve including orientation, clubs and organithe learning outcomes of its student zations, email, brochures, flyers, postbody. It is also important because it is ers, MyHUgo, Blackboard, and through required in order for Hodges to maintain FACULTY. Faculty members play an its accreditation status with the Commis- important role in informing students sion on Colleges of the Southern Assoabout the QEP and encouraging stuciation of Colleges and Schools (COC/ dents to get involved. Please discuss SACS). SACS is the organization which the QEP search with students and disaccredits public and private institutions tribute QEP materials to students in of learning in the southern region of the your classes. Do not worry if you canUnited States. Maintaining regional acnot answer all of the students’ quescreditation is necessary for a school to tions – simply guide the students to the receive Title IV Funding (financial aid) website, informational materials, or to and for the consideration of transfer of the Office of Institutional Effectivecredits from one regionally accredited ness and Research. institution to another. QEP ideas may be submitted by students, faculty, staff, Board of Trustee QEP topics should focus on areas that

members, and members of the President’s Council. Ideas may be submitted online through the QEP link below, or by completing a paper form and returning it to Hodges University. Paper forms can be accessed and printed from the QEP link. Simply mail or fax completed paper forms to the address below, or drop them off at the front desk of either main campus location. Submission deadline: April 27, 2011. See the QEP submission and contact information on page 4.

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PSY2012 Goes to Court by Professor George Bair - Applied Psychology Program The Hodges University Psychology (PSY2012) classes observed the Lee County Mental Health Court on June 25, 2010. In order to prepare for this off campus activity, the classes met in small groups and learned how to complete a Biopsychosocial Assessment and formulate a DSM- IV-R diagnosis based on the information gathered during this interview process. The small groups then challenged each other by presenting their clinical summary and requested the appropriate diagnosis from the opposing group members (“Name That Diagnosis”). Following the completion of the Mental Health Court docket, class members were invited to ask the Mental Health Court Team questions related to what they had observed while court was in session.

Students from these classes submitted the following comments: “Mental Health Court was interesting,

very welcoming and the Judge was very understanding.” “Mental Health Court was definitely not something I expected. I walked in expecting a rather harsh Judge and courtroom environment. I was pleasantly

surprised by how caring and compassionate the Judge was for the defendants.” “Our class had the great pleasure of being able to attend Mental Health Court today. I was greatly surprised that the Judge was deeply caring and concerned for each and every one of the individuals that has come before her.” “During my visit to the Mental Health Court, I found it very interesting. It helped me to get a better understanding about how the mental health cases are processed. I was very intrigued by several of the cases that took place. The Judge seemed to be very compassionate with the clients, but she also got her point across on what was expected from each and every client.”

Synchronistic Engagement by Peter T. Van Leeuwen, Director of Distance Education A cadre of faculty members is spearheading a new synchronous instructional technology during the Fall 2010 semester. The Wimba Collaboration suite of products – Wimba Classroom, Wimba Voice and Wimba Pronto – will enable students and instructors to build and strengthen relationships by combining these interactive technologies with instructional best practices. Classroom’s and Voice’s capabilities range from creating a virtual classroom that includes audio, video, application sharing and content display to threaded voice discussion boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice announcements, and authored and distributed course-based podcasts – all integrated with Blackboard. In addition, Wimba Pronto further contributes to this community of engagement – allowing students to communicate directly with their classmates, for instructors to hold virtual office hours, and enabling both students and instructors to uniquely collaborate and learn in an informal “virtual venue.”

Beyond its academic contributions, some of the Wimba tools’ features will be utilized by various Hodges University administrative departments, permitting web conferencing and virtual service desks. Look forward to incorporating these tools during the Winter 2011 semester not only in online and blended courses, but in face-to-face courses as well. Training opportunities are to be scheduled during the Fall semester. The Distance Education Department awaits and encourages your participation.


FALL 2010


Program Updates School of Professional Studies compiled by Dr. Karen Locklear, Dean We are pleased to have Dr. Pat Gordin join us as a full time faculty member. Pat has been an adjunct in the Master of Professional Studies Program since January 2009 teaching classes in education and instructional technology. Dr. Gordin has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Florida, a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from Florida Gulf Coast University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Florida. Pat is teaching in the Master of Professional Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies Programs. Congratulations are in order for Dr. Rosemary Arway who has been promoted as the Director of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program. Dr. Arway joined the Criminal Justice Program as a full time faculty member in January 2009 after retiring as Assistant Chief of Police from Norwalk Connecticut’s Police Department. She is a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy and has twenty-eight years of professional law enforcement experience.

Coral Police Department is sponsoring a comprehensive internship this fall and we are confident that our students will excel at this placement. Legal Studies – Dr. James Hodge The Legal Studies Program has been working on developing a Master of Legal Studies Program. Several concentrations are being explored such as Paralegal, Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Compliance. It is anticipated that the Masters Program will begin in January 2011. We are in the community needs measurement phase and are searching for qualified instructors for the potential course offerings. Dr. Weyl attended a Westlaw conference in Denver where he learned about changes in the Westlaw computerized legal library. He will be introducing these new components to students in the fall semester. Applied Psychology – Dr. Tom Hofmann

Faculty in the Applied Psychology Program have been very active in the community. The In response to the federal government anlatest research on marital counseling was apnouncing the anticipated addition of approxiplied to addiction issues and was presented by mately 85,000 jobs in Homeland Security, the the Hodges University Applied Psychology Criminal Justice Department is conducting a Program and Southwest Florida Employee needs analysis of local professionals regarding Assistance Services at the Florida Addictions the possibility of developing a Homeland SecuInstitute Conference at Harborside on June 9. rity Degree Program at Hodges University. The material was then modified to reflect reThis concept was presented at a global confersearch with methadone addicts and was preence at Oxford University in England by Dr. sented at Operation Par in North Fort Myers Kibitlewski. on July 19 for intra-agency training. In between, spinoffs of the marital research information were presented on two Fox At the graduate level, Criminal Justice has streamlined their Morning Blend TV “Love on the Rocks” segments. In Octoofferings to two areas of specialization, a behavioral science ber, similar information on marriage research as applied to track and a crisis management track. A review of our stuaddiction will be presented at the annual International Emdents' preferences and the feedback obtained from our adviployee Assistance Programs Conference in Tampa. The Apsory board indicated that these were the most popular conplied Psychology program will continue to work with the hucentrations. man services community to blend the latest research with A Criminal Justice internship was held at two locations during practical experience for our students and community profesthe winter semester and we are looking forward to developing sionals. A new 60 credit hour Master of Mental Health even more opportunities in the coming months. The Cape (continued on page 4) Criminal Justice – Dr. Rosemary Arway


Johnson School of Business Collaborates with Faculty and Students in Research Study by Dr. Aysegul Timur, Program Chair—BA, MBA, & MPA Programs The Johnson School of Business faculty and students are involved in a comparative economic and business environment study. The study, Collier County Comparative Analysis Project, was initially requested from the Collier County Manager, Mr. Leo E. Ochs, Jr. in partnership with Dr. Michael Reagen, President & CEO of The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce and The Leadership Collier Foundation. The first phase of the study, the selection of comparative countries, was contributed by Erik Weiss, a graduate student at Florida Gulf Coast University and guided by Mr. Thomas Spinelli, Spinelli Consulting. The second phase of the study is a collaborate work with the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Michael Reagen, Mr. David Jackson, Collier County Government, and Hodges University Johnson School of Business faculty and students, Dr. Aysegul Timur (faculty), Dr. Gerald Franz (faculty, librarian), Anke Stugk (MBA student), Edward Holton (undergraduate Business Administration student) and Daniel Salazar (undergraduate Accounting Student). The main purpose of this study is to identify possible areas of opportunities where the Collier County Business Community and County Government work together.

FACULTY FOCUS (from page 3 - Program Updates)

Counseling Program has been approved and will begin in the Winter 2011 semester. Interdisciplinary Studies – Dr. Bill Griz The Interdisciplinary Program has been very busy preparing for the new IDS1001, Foundations for College Success course. IDS1001, Foundations for College Success, is a one credit hour, pass/fail, multi-dimensional course that is taught both in person and online. Beginning in the 2010 Fall term, IDS 1001 will also be taught in conjunction with Strategic Thinking (PSY1100). It is required for all Hodges students and is taken in their first term. This course was first offered in the fall of 2005 as IDS2001, Introduction to Assessment and Evaluation, with the purpose of reinforcing Hodges’ five educational outcomes: Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Initiative, Leadership Ability and Research Ability. In IDS1001, along with Hodges’ five educational outcomes, academic writing standards, which include APA formatting, are emphasized. Also, a significant component of IDS1001 is the introduction to the many resources available to Hodges’ students, such as the library databases, AAS, Smarthinking, Blackboard, Student Services, and scholarships. We will be utilizing a number of adjunct professors to provide instruction in IDS1001. We have recruited many of the professors from the ranks of Hodges University so you may be seeing your colleagues and co-workers in the classroom soon.

The study will be collecting quantitative and qualitative data from nine counties that have similar characteristics as Collier County. The data and information will identify measurable variables in those counties where the county government and business community have built a strategic relationship model(s) that provides opportunities for sustainable economic, community and civic infrastructure growth. The analysis is aimed to provide such definable strategic models in the comparative counties, not only from the business community leaders, but also from county governments by learning and sharing experience. The outcome of this study will be to invite business community and county government leaders to our area in the long term, possibly in a symposium/convention at Hodges, where the best practices, strategic models or successes/failures can be shared and discussed to provide opportunities to learn from each other.

(from page 1 - QEP)

For online submission and paper forms go to: Mail/Fax completed paper forms to: Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research Hodges University 2655 Northbrooke Drive Naples, FL 34119 p. (239) 598-6130 | f. (239) 598-6249 |


FALL 2010


FACULTY PROFILE Introducing Professor Aubrey Kelley Harwood In Her Own Words Applied Psychology Professor Aubrey Kelley Harwood has been a part of the Hodges family since 2007. She serves as the Academic Advisor for Psychology students on the Naples campus and is the Faculty Advisor for the Psychology Club on both campuses.

am happy to see it come to fruition. Not only can students continue at Hodges to fulfill their dreams of helping others, but it gives an opportunity to strengthen bonds in the community.”

Aubrey has a well rounded skill set as both an educator and clinician; formerly teaching in the Psychology Program at Florida Gulf Coast University, working in the community mental health field, as well as for the federal and state prison systems. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice (Florida Gulf Coast University); Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Fielding Graduate University).

Harwood believes that a strong advising program increases retention and helps to align students with their best career choice. Advising also helps Hodges University students feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. She welcomes student contact and believes that, “It takes only one person to positively impact a student’s life.”

Applied Psychology Program Chair, Dr. Tom Hofmann, Aubrey is a seventh generation Lee County resident and is a voiced enthusiasm for Harwood’s work on two of the main descendent of the Hendry family. She is happily married to Intended Outcomes for the Applied Psychology program, “It local golf pro Bruce Harwood (for nearly eight years now); is great to have Aubrey as our Naples anchor who is strengthis an active volunteer for the Daughter’s of the American ening not only the academic program but also the advising Revolution and The Association of University Women. program. The training she presented on plagiarism for the AP She also enjoys both scuba and sky diving; traveling abroad, faculty meetings and students has been most helpful in virtuor relaxing with a jigsaw puzzle. ally eliminating “unintended” plagiarism within the program.”

When asked about her thoughts regarding the new Master’s in Mental Health Counseling degree that is being offered at Hodges she said, “It has been in the works for a while and I

ID Card System Update by Joe Frazier, Director of Campus Security Colleges and universities have always presented unique security challenges in controlling physical access to buildings as well as logical access to networks and sensitive information. I’m pleased to say that Hodges University and the Disaster Preparedness and Safety Committees have already taken the initial steps by exploring Identification Card Access technology. We are currently in the process of interviewing vendors that can provide the right technology that will help enhance the quality of our campus security environment. Our primary focus has always been and shall remain ensuring the safety and well being of our students, staff, faculty,

and visitors and our first line of defense is to establish an ID access program. Knowing who the players are will greatly assist us in maintaining good order on campus, minimize unauthorized entry and access, and will indirectly help us safeguard personal and University property. Additional functions of the ID card system will allow for library checkout, establish a visitor check-in management system, and interoperate with our alarm and magnetic locking systems. With the expansion of our University and multiple campuses, establishing this program is very timely and once the vendor selection is complete, we will present to all staff and faculty our implementation project management plan. I respectfully ask for all departmental cooperation with implementation efforts and once again, your safety and the safety of our students and visitors is paramount in all campus safety endeavors.

F A C U LT Y S P OT L I G H T A R E C O G N I T I O N O F F A C U LT Y A C H I E V E M E N T Kelly Bushéy (AP) presented a workshop on emotional healing for Native Americans at their Annual Warrior Leadership Conference on June 29 in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. Julia Corbett (AP) and Tom Hofmann (AP) presented information on working with couples to a local agency Operation Par on July 19. Vin Faris (CIT) attended the Online Course Design Conference in early August 2010 in Denver, CO. The conference included information on designing, presenting, and assessing in the online environment. Gerald Franz (Library) recently taught two classes for the Center for Lifelong Learning. The first class concerned the Federal Writer’s Project in Florida during the Great Depression, and the second focused on the Battle of the Crater in the American Civil War. Ken Ginsberg (BA) was recently elected to serve as a Director for the Speaker’s Assembly of Southwest Florida. The Speaker’s Assembly is celebrating its fifteenth year of bringing celebrities from such diverse disciplines as politics, industry, sports, law and journalism. This year’s slate of 8 programs will feature such notables as Malcolm Forbes and Yogi Berra. Ken also completed a 4 day certification offered by Louisiana State University, sponsored by FEMA, entitled Executive Seminar: Prevention of, Response to, and Recovery from Campus Emergencies during May 2010 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL during the Governor’s Hurricane Conference. Pat Gordin (IDS & Distance Education) attended several webinars during Summer 2010, including: Eliminating Barriers in Lecture Capture, SACS Update on Reporting Substantive Change for Distance Learning, and Promoting Critical Thinking with Just-in-Time Teaching. Ray Kest (MBA) was quoted in two best-selling books: Panic, The Story of Modern Financial Insanity by Michael Lewis and Past Due by Peter Goodwin. Mary Nuosce (AP) attended the 9th Annual Conference on Addictive Disorders held in Fort Myers on June 9. She also participated in a clinical training about High Risk/High Alert Medications on June 23 in Naples. Theresa Ramsey (IDS) wrote several educational grants for Bay Haven Basics Plus School in Sarasota, FL. The grants funded classroom equipment, field trips, as well as for materials in the science curriculum, including EarthBoxes and Rain Barrels. Theresa was recognized at the June 15, 2010 Sarasota School Board Meeting for securing funds for science-based innovative projects. Earl Bradford Smith (IDS) participated in The Teaching Professor Conference during May 2010 in Boston, MA. The conference focused on effective pedagogical practices, mentoring colleagues committed to teaching and learning excellence, examined relevant research to improve students’ learning, and, analyzed curriculum and assessment development strategies. Mike Smith (BSM, MSM) was the featured speaker at the Pasco-Hernando Community College annual student leadership training retreat held in early August at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, FL. Mike introduced the world training and leadership theme FISH, made famous by the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, WA. Aysegul Timur (BA) presented a paper entitled Is There Any Evidence of Achieving a Single Pharmaceutical Market in the European Union at the 8th European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE) during July 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. ECHE offers the principal platform for leading researchers with an interest in health economics; this year’s theme was Connecting Health and Economics. In early August, Peter Van Leeuwen (Distance Education) attended The Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning in State College, PA. The Institute is a blended learning leadership development program sponsored by Pennsylvania State University and the Sloan Consortium. Between March– June 2010, Peter completed a Distance Learning Technologies Program at the University of West Georgia. Char Wendel (LS) is now an instructional designer, matriculating from Florida State University in August 2010 with a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems, majoring in Open and Distance Learning. This Master’s degree complements her Master in Education and Juris Doctorate degrees. Andrew Weyl (LS) was promoted to the Vice-Chair of the Legal Studies program in May 2010.

Faculty Focus - Fall 2010  

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