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“When a child is sick, life changes for families – camp is just what we need.”

– Jennifer, mother


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The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps is an international family of camps that provide life-changing experiences to children with serious medical conditions, always free of charge. Our goal is to extend these experiences to as many children as possible around the world.

ER On the cover: Ten-year-old Hubert makes his way to the top of the 33-foot climbing tower at Bátor Tábor’s (Hungary) oncology camp session.

FROM OUR PRESIDENT Dear Friends, It has been another year of exciting progress for the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps. Despite this being the most challenging economic year our family of camps has ever faced, I am proud to report that more than 42,000 children with serious illnesses experienced a Hole in the Wall Camp. At the Association, we held a steady focus throughout 2009 on efforts to strengthen and expand our organization through strategic growth, performance excellence, leadership and financial sustainability. It has been an honor and privilege to lead this great organization over the last two years. I am looking forward to my retirement and plan to stay involved as a Trustee on The Hole in the Wall Foundation Board. We welcome John Reid as the new President and CEO of the Association and Foundation and pledge our support to his efforts to lead the organization to fulfill Paul’s legacy, a journey that we hope you will take with us. Sincerely,

Ray Empson Retired, President & CEO Dear Supporters, I am thrilled to be joining such an outstanding organization, especially given its inspiring mission and the incredible impact it has on children’s lives. Paul Newman originally envisioned a place where, in his words, “children who are sick could kick back, relax and raise a little hell.” We are committed to Paul’s vision and to creating extraordinary experiences for children with serious medical conditions, always free of charge. I believe Paul would be proud of how far the organization has come and of your ongoing commitment to the children and their families. Thank you for your loyal support, which we ask you to continue in 2010. Our generous donors, dedicated staff members and thousands of volunteers are vital to the success of our programs. We invite you to read this annual report and celebrate the many accomplishments that you made possible. The incredible impact of the Hole in the Wall Camp experience is reflected in the stories told by the children and families we serve and is seen in the many lives that have been touched by your generous support. I look forward to working with you as we continue to strengthen and expand our horizons and reach more and more children and families faced with the challenges of serious illness. Sincerely,

John Reid President & CEO


2009 Annual Report

“I like everything about the camp, because I can do everything. I don’t feel left out. I don’t feel alone. I know there are other children like me.” –Abbi, camper


PAUL NEWMAN’S LEGACY It all began in the late 1980s with a brilliant idea that was coupled with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of laughter. After years of giving money to different charities, Paul Newman decided to create one of his own – a whimsical camp for children with serious medical conditions. He envisioned the camps as places where children could escape the fear, pain and isolation of their conditions, kick back and “raise a little hell.” This idea has since flourished and today the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps is the world’s largest family of camps for children with serious medical conditions. While Paul Newman was a Hollywood star of extraordinary celebrity and a person recognized for exceptional commitment to and leadership of philanthropy, he lived his life as an ordinary person, which is how he saw himself. He was a man of abundant good humor, generosity and humility. He used his influence, gave of his financial resources and personally volunteered to advance humanitarian and social causes around the world. When asked why he started the Hole in the Wall Camps, Paul spoke of luck, “I wanted to acknowledge luck; the chance of it, the benevolence of it in my life and the brutality of it in the lives of others, made especially savage for children because they may not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it.” Since the first camp opened, over 165,000 children have attended a Hole in the Wall Camp, always free of charge. Though Paul was always the motivating factor behind the camps, he took special pride that these camps were not about him. They are about the children. When Paul Newman died in 2008, he left his legacy in the camps and programs of the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps. Since his passing, our programs have expanded, reached new levels of performance and focused on sustainability to ensure that we can reach more and more children with serious medical conditions and their families. We believe that he would be proud of what has been accomplished and that he would want us to continue to work toward reaching even more children. We are unwaveringly committed to Paul’s vision. 5

Camps and Programs Future Camps


EXPANDING OUR GLOBAL FAMILY We continued to expand our global footprint, welcomed new camps into the family and supported the growth of camps in development. Expanded the Global Partnership Initiative In 2009, our Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) started programs in Ethiopia, Malawi, Swaziland and Cambodia, increasing the number of children participating in our GPI programs 700%. We now have seven programs in Asia and Africa, providing targeted psychosocial interventions to children infected with HIV and AIDS. Built on the model of all Hole in the Wall Camps, the GPI programs are adapted to fit the local cultural context; they address the social and emotional needs of the children, including life skills, healthy living education, medication adherence and decision making. Collectively, the GPI programs are the third largest camp in our family, serving children from developing countries who would otherwise not be able to participate in camp. With the help of our strategic implementing partners, we plan to expand programs to two additional countries in Latin America in 2010 and are well on our way to reaching our goal of having GPI programs in 12 countries by 2012.

Welcomed a New Camp in North America Camp Korey in Washington (USA), completed the steps necessary to obtain provisional membership in the Association and was welcomed into the family in September. Obtaining provisional membership acknowledges the camp’s progress toward being a full member of the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps. Camp Korey can now use the name ‘Hole in the Wall Camp’ in their fundraising and promotional materials and benefit from staff member development and discussion forums hosted by the Association. Full membership will be granted once Camp Korey demonstrates that they meet all of the standards of a full member camp. In 2009, Camp Korey completed their second summer season of camp, underwent construction to become universally accessible and opened an adaptive ski program.

Construction Is Underway at Three Camps Further expansion of the family of camps was celebrated with groundbreakings at two additional provisional camps in Colorado (USA) and Ohio (USA). Both camps are busy with fundraising and construction and are expected to become fully operational in the next two years. In addition, our member camp in Israel is completing their construction and hopes to begin serving children in the upcoming year. The Association is working closely with camp staff members at all three camps to support their progress during this exciting time.


2009 Annual Report


“I wish there was a camp like this in every city, in every state, in every country of the world.”

– Larry, camper


Built Capacity of Camps in Development Camps aspiring to become Hole in the Wall Camps in Japan, the United States (Pennsylvania and Michigan) and South Africa were supported by Association staff members as they continued to move through various stages of camp development. We provide these future camps with program and site development consultations, staff training and goal-setting meetings. We look forward to expanding our family of camps to these new locations.

Extended Camp Outreach Programs Camp outreach programs are important contributors to our mission of reaching more children with serious illnesses and life-threatening medical conditions. Nearly 20,500 children benefited this year from our two camp outreach programs, Camp on the Move and Hospital Outreach. Camp on the Move is a unique camper exchange program, which enables children from areas near camps in development to travel to an operating Hole in the Wall Camp. The stories from campers who participate in the Camp on the Move program invigorate the volunteers who are working hard to make developing camps a reality. Hospital Outreach Programs bring the joy and excitement of camp to children who are in the hospital by converting play areas into fishing holes and creating opportunities for children to focus on being children rather than patients. In addition, this year children from Iraq attended our camp in Italy through a unique partnership with Project Hope and the Iraqi Pediatric Hospital. To learn more about these and other programs supported by the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps, please visit 10

PROMOTING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE We furthered our commitment to leadership and professional development of staff members, advanced our medical standards for camps and strengthened our camp programming. Advanced Medical and Programmatic Standards for Hole in the Wall Camps Through intentional programming and a therapeutic recreation model, our programs create environments that are welcoming, safe, medically sound, and above all, fun. In 2009, we took our medical and program standards to a new level of excellence, creating an even greater benchmark for the level of quality embraced by our camps and programs. Our camps and programs are monitored annually to ensure that they maintain the superior level of performance required at a camp that bears the Hole in the Wall name.

Publications and Presentations at International Conferences People who have attended a Hole in the Wall Camp, as a camper, parent or volunteer, know that something special happens at our camps and programs. This year, our staff members were presenters at the Children’s Oncology Camp Association International’s global meeting and the American Camp Association’s national meeting. In addition, journal articles were published worldwide on the lasting impact of the Hole in the Wall experience on children. Our programs are designed to improve a child’s functioning abilities, facilitate independence and address the psychosocial effects of illness. In a recent article, one parent is quoted as saying, “Camp is beyond recreation…the children could enjoy the novel experience of being defined not by their medical diagnoses but by their spirit, their creativity and their own potential.” Many professional colleagues are interested in learning more about our methods, philosophies and the impact we are having on the children.

Live Online Meetings We implemented live online discussion forums, conferences and a comprehensive resource center that have enabled international discussions, reduced travel costs and improved collaboration among our family of camps. Our investment in online meetings enabled our global network of camps to fast-track urgent decisions and talk about current issues impacting our programs and staff member development worldwide. The technology was also used to develop and implement a plan for the H1N1 outbreak, enhancing our preparation and reducing the impact of flu on our programs.


2009 Annual Report

“There is nobody who gives them as much love as I saw them getting here. It really showed that somehow the program reached into their hearts, made them happy and made them feel loved.”

– Kowen, GPI partner


“It makes me smile to see the campers forget that they are patients and that they’re having fun being kids.”

– Judy, camp physician


Annual Global Network Meeting and Staff Exchange We gathered leaders from our seven Global Partnership Initiative programs in Africa and Asia together for the annual Global Network Meeting, providing an opportunity for staff members of our partner organizations to discuss challenges and best practices and to advance their facilitation and leadership skills. Discussions at the Global Network Meeting serve to reinforce the Hole in the Wall philosophies with program leaders and create opportunities for ongoing collaboration between programs. Staff exchange programs were also expanded, encouraging partner staff members to travel to another camp or regional program to generate new ideas and support the application of our camp methods.

Expansion to New Forms of Media The use of social media and text messaging has exploded in the past few years. We are committed to creating innovative opportunities for campers, parents and supporters to get involved with the camps and programs. The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps is on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. We look forward to seeing you there and hearing what you have to say. We also have technology that allows us to communicate and fundraise via SMS using cell phone text messaging. These new forms of media will help us stay connected, reach new supporters and cut printing and mailing costs.


FOSTERING LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY Through financial grants to camps, major events and other joint fundraising initiatives, the Association led an effort to foster the sustainability of our global family of camps. Welcomed New Supporters This year, over 1,000 new supporters joined our family of generous donors and provided much appreciated support to our programs. Your commitment enabled us to expand our programs, elevate our performance and sustain the life-changing experiences and magical moments that our camps and programs provide to children with serious illnesses. Please continue to share our commitment to improving the lives of children affected by illness and their families.

Redesigned Major Challenge Grant Program The Hole in the Wall Foundation restructured its Major Challenge Grant Program to help build the long-term organizational and financial capability and sustainability of our camp family. The new program includes the support of professional consultants to assist in developing strategic fundraising programs and capabilities. We are already seeing the impact of the redesigned program in groundbreakings, facility expansion and enhanced fundraising efforts.

Paul Newman Celebration Event In June 2009, we celebrated our Founder Paul Newman and the family of Hole in the Wall Camps during a major fundraising event in New York City. The evening raised $2.5 million and was a huge success thanks to the support of the Newman family, co-hosts Julia Roberts and Robert Redford, our generous corporate sponsors and close to 3,000 attendees. We are planning an event on October 21, 2010 and hope to see you there.

Generosity of In-Kind Donors Thanks to the generosity of companies, organizations and individuals, in-kind product donations valued at over $500,000 helped us offset spending and provide keepsakes for our campers. This year, we received handmade quilts, pillowcases, arts and crafts supplies, teddy bears, toys, cleaning supplies, food products and medical supplies for our camps and programs. To see this year’s camp wishlist, please visit


2009 Annual Report

“This camp kept me smiling and on my feet. I have built a lot of confidence. I felt the magic.” – Reneisha, camper


Launched an Online Community In 2009, we launched an online community where people who are interested in and involved with the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps and programs can communicate, work together and stay connected. Currently, we have 1,700 online supporters and counting. If you use the internet (websites, email, or instant messaging) to communicate, then please stay connected by joining our community. The community is a place to build relationships, share stories and be involved in shaping the future of our organization, all with people who share a common interest in improving the lives of children and families who live with the consequences of serious illnesses. We continue to invest in technology to ensure that we are capable of communicating effectively with our supporters and attract new involvement. To join our online community, please visit

Focused on Fiscal Responsibility We rely on the financial support of our generous donors who trust us to use their financial contributions wisely. In a year of economic uncertainty, we are even more appreciative of the continued support of donors and sponsors. This year, we worked closely with our camp leaders to help them respond to the effects of the economy on their budgets and programs. Almost all of the camps were able to meet the challenges by reducing budgets to the extent necessary without compromising their program delivery. We are proud of the camps, programs and staff members for their creativity to make each camp session an amazing experience for the children while decreasing expenses. More time was spent in nature, playing games and building on the amazing creativity and energy of our campers. We continue to be committed to maximizing the impact of your donations and utilizing them in ways that contribute to the long-term sustainability of our programs.


Financial Highlights for Fiscal Year 2009 December 1, 2008 – November 30, 2009 2009 2008 SUPPORT AND REVENUE $11,516,582 $7,330,340 EXPENSES Program Services New Camps and Programs $558,654 $761,824 Existing Camps $3,951,530 $3,892,101 Total Program Services $4,510,184 $4,653,925 SUPPORT SERVICES General and Administrative $576,012 $492,117 Development $631,242 $605,826 Total Support Services $1,207,254 $1,097,943 TOTAL EXPENSES $5,717,438 $5,751,868 ENDING NET ASSETS $23,298,548* $17,499,404 *$17,042,301 of this is temporarily restricted for programs.

For a copy of the complete audited financial statements, please visit or contact us at 265 Church Street, Suite #503, New Haven, CT 06510, U.S.A., p:203-562-1203, or

Allocation of Funds Received for Fiscal Year 2009

90 Cents

of Every Dollar Raised Goes To Our Programs Administrative 5¢



ent 5



DONORS Our Generous Donors

“It’s not that the children say ‘Thank you for a wonderful time...’ it’s that they say ‘Thank you for changing my life.’”

– Paul Newman

We would like to extend a special thanks to our generous donors who make our work possible. This list recognizes our supporters who made contributions totaling $100 or more between December 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009. The names listed below have been carefully reviewed; however, please accept our apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions. Please contact Kira Christie at 203.562.1203 x20 with any questions. $1,000,000+ David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc. Newman’s Own Foundation The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, Inc. $500,000+ Costco Wholesale $100,000+ Hasbro Children’s Fund $50,000+ Mr. Paco Arango Mr. Kevin Kalkhoven, Cosworth, LLC Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins, LLP Foglia Family Foundation Linda and Robert H. Forrester Goldman Sachs & Co Clea Newman-Soderlund Phi Kappa Tau Reckitt Benckiser North America The Annenberg Foundation The MCJ Amelior Foundation $10,000+ Aaron and Betty Lee Stern Foundation Advanced H2O, LLC Allstate Insurance Company Andretti Green Racing, Inc. AT&T August A. Busch III Charitable Trust Belford Family Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blount Brickyard Foundation, Inc. Children’s Cancer Research Fund Cranaleith Foundation, Inc.


Daymon Worldwide, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Devlin Disney Worldwide Outreach DJMD Philanthropic Fund Dream Makerz Foundation Emerson Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Fink Mr. Michael Finkelstein and Ms. Sue-ann Friedman Foster Poultry Farms Gannett Foundation USA Weekend Mr. Brian Goldner Harbert Management Corporation Alan and Vivien Hassenfeld and The Hassenfeld Foundation Hess Foundation J & J Snack Foods Corp. of California Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jaharis Kicks 4 Kids Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lamontagne Mr. Michael Lanigan Leslie and Roslyn Goldstein Foundation LiDestri Foods, Inc. Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. C. Dean Metropoulos MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Murphy Oceanic Heritage Foundation Penske Corporation PepsiCo Inc Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Poster Mr. and Mrs. Farzad Rastegar Ms. Liz Robbins Mr. and Mrs. David Roth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rukeyser SAE International, Indiana Section

Shaker Family Foundation Mr. Matt Sheeleigh Sony Corporation of America The J. M. Smucker Company The Kuehner Brothers Foundation, Inc. The Leslie Peter Foundation The Magheramorne Foundation The Malkin Fund, Inc. The Philanthropic Collaborative The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company The Tony Randall Theatrical Fund, Inc. Travelers Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Wendt Mr. and Mrs. Brian Williams Xerox Corporation Zunda Group, LLC $5,000+ Aetna, Inc. Affinity Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Alda Altman/Kazickas Foundation Anonymous Apex Foundation Arch Chemicals, Inc. Cart Sponsors Council Chapman Family Charitable Trust Mr. David Chavolla Clermont Charitable Trust Cline Foundation Colangelo Synergy Marketing Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Conway Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coppa Ms. Elizabeth B. Dater and Mr. Wm. Mitchell Jennings, Jr. Delta Dental of Tennessee Ms. Jeanne D. Fisher

Florence Mauchant & Eric Lomas Foundation Mr. Matthew S. Forelli Frank Mercede & Sons, Inc. Fraydun Foundation, Inc. Mr. Michael Fux Global Transport Logistics, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gogel Ms. Beth L. Goodman and Mr. Michael Plante Guilford Publications, Inc. Ms. Margaret Hardy Magerko Home Box Office, Inc. Hurst Family Foundation IMS Shared Business Services Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kastory Keare/Hodge Family Foundation Ken’s Foods, Inc. Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, PC Ms. Pamela S. Kunkemueller Mr. Jay Langner Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Angus Littlejohn Ms. Barbara Lubran Mr. Patrick Mahaffy Mr. and Mrs. John E. Marshall, III McDonald’s Corporation Ms. Jode Millman Ms. Sarah Min and Mr. Matthew Pincus Dr. and Mrs. Richard Moscicki Ms. Barbara V. Murphy Nestle Waters NA New Alliance Bank Ms. Esther Newberg Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Mr. Daniel Oster A. M. Pilaro Mr. Ian Rahal Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ruscitti Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schacht Mr. Michael Schneider Mr. Barry F. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Schwartz Ms. Nicole Sexton Steven A. & Alexandra M. Cohen Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Marc Strausberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thavenius The David S. & Debbi C. Elkouri Foundation The Lauder Foundation The Neil and Anna Rasmussen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas

Ms. Deborah Ulrich Mr. John C. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Whitney $2,500+ Mr. Bernard W. Anckner Arnhold Foundation Mrs. Rosemary Ashby Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Aurichio Bloomberg Financial Markets Mr. and Mrs. Eric Borgstrom Mr. Brian T. Bowman Bridgestone/Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brille Mr. Gregory Brousseau Catapult Integrated Services, Inc. Caulkins Family Foundation Charity Gift Certificates Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen Creative Findings LLC Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Crowley, III Mr. Robert J. Dailey Dr. & Mrs. David D’Eramo Mr. Marco E. di Mayorca Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Downer Dick Ebersol and Susan Saint James Eric’s Camp Fund Estate of David Silverman Eugene & Emily Grant Family Foundation Ms. Marianne Ferro Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Foley Mr. and Mrs. John M. Forester Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School Grilled Cheese To Go, LLC GSS Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Robert M. Haggett and Ms. Susan M. Pietrogallo Harris Tea Company Mr. and Mrs. John R. Herzig Mr. Cordell W. Hull Icahn Charitable Foundation Illinois Tool Works Foundation Irene Ritter Foundation J. H. Cohn LLP J. P. Morgan Mr. Kevin J. Johnson Mr. William P. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Kail Mr. and Mrs. Dorian Kail Dr. & Mrs. Richard Kayne Dr. Margaret Kolka Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Korngold Mr. Sandy Koufax

Ms. Darlene Krenz Mr. Peter Kulloi Lake Louise Campground Mr. Dale E. Lang Mr. Steven Lawson Mr. Jay Levine Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lewinstein M and J Management Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. M. Maidman Mr. Vincenzo Manes Ms. Carol Marchitello MarquisJet Mr. Anthony Matarazzo Mr. and Mrs. Knut Menshen MissionFish Ms. Janet Mitchell Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nickel Nora Ephron and Nicholas Pileggi Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Scot Pollard Mr. and Mrs. David Preiser Ms. Barbara W. Rahal Mr. Robert W. Rahal Robert & Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. John D. Roberts Robinson & Cole, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rukeyser Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Sachs Ms. Elaine L. Sargent Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Schwartz Seviroli Foods Mr. Kiros Sistevaris Mr. Gerard L. Snyder Stevens Family Foundation Ms. Eleanor F. Sullivan Mr. Robert E. Sutton Mr. Thomas and Dr. Linda Taylor The Bussmann Family Foundation The Gerald and Daphna Cramer Family Foundation, Inc. The Howard/Yarnell Family Trust The Kresge Foundation The Millman Harris Romano Foundation The Reiss Family Foundation The Van Brimer Family Foundation The Wisch Family Foundation UBS Financial Services, Inc. The Hon. and Mrs. William J. vanden Heuvel Watt Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilpon

$1,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Adler Mr. Scott Alarik Alexander Fischbein Foundation Ms. Rene Alkoff Richard Anderson Anonymous Ms. Catherine Antonetz Mr. Joseph Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Asplundh Bain Capital Children’s Charity, Ltd. Ms. Carolyn M. Bechtel Ms. Hallie L. Beddes Mr. Brian Berk Charles Bieler Bildner Family Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Estelle Bloch Mr. George R. Bovee Mr. Peter A. Brandenberg Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Brody Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Burks Mr. Richard Caldwell Canyon Ranch, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Hill Clark Adam Cohen Harry Conaway Mr. and Mrs. Vince Conti Creative Media Company, Inc. Daryl & Steven Roth Foundation Mr. Robert G. Delamater Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Doctorow Mr. Joseph Drescher Ivy Duneier Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey M. Dunn Ms. Sophie I. Egholm Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Eichner Mr. and Mrs. David S. Elkouri Mr. John Faisian Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Faxon Mr. Thomas Fontana Frederic and Anne Garonzik Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Fressola Mr. John H. Freund Mr. and Mrs. Roy Furman Mr. James Galbreath Mr. & Mrs. Neal Garonzik General Cologne Re Corporation Beverly Greenfield Grey Global Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Heineman

Ms. Tracy Holmes Dr. William S. Hoover Ms. Vanessa Hopkins Douglas Jackson Jimmie Johnson Foundation Jonathan R Ullo Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Kalt Mr. Burton R. Kassell Ms. Jean Kennedy-Smith Kenyon College Mr. and Mrs. T. Barry Kingham Mr. Clay F. Kirk Lucinda Knuth Mr. Nicola Lamberti Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lauer Ms. Susan L. Lawrence Mr. Thomas Lebovsky Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Lewinter Lexmark International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lynne Mr. James S. Mac Pherson Mr. Matthew J. Mallow and Mrs. Ellen J. Chesler Mr. and Mrs. James A. Markham Mr. Christopher S. Mathews Mr. Joseph McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. John T. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Roy McKay Mr. and Mrs. James R. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Melton Mr. Clyde B. Meltzer Emily L. Michael Ms. Lane H. Montgomery Ms. Marjorie E. Monton Mr. James E. Morley, Jr. Mr. Dale Morrison Mr. and Mrs. George B. Munroe Mr. William J. Neeson Mrs. Jane Newman Mr. Jawal Nga Mr. Alan R. Novak Mrs. Janice C. Obre Ms. Hannah Pakula Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pantzer Ms. Lyn Paulsin Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Private Label Manufacturers Assn Mrs. Gail Propp Real Estate Tax Advisors, Ltd.

2009 Annual Report

Mr. Ira M. Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Riccardo Mr. Jay Rooney Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ross Mr. James Roumell Mrs. Molly H. Ruben Mr. Richard Salomon Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Sass Ms. Andrea Scheidt Ruth Schreiber Ms. Lyn Segal Ms. Nicole L. Seidel Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Senecal Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sherman Albert Sigal Mr. Steve Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simon Mr. Sidney Singer Mr. Paul W. Speltz Mr. R J Stein Ms. Allison Stern Mr. and Mrs. Marc T. Stern Ms. Beth Stevens Rattner Ms. Jayne Stewart Mr. John J. Studzinski Mr. Jeff Taylor Mr. Michael Taylor The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Cappetta Family Foundation The Claudia Hearn and Edward Stern Foundation The Marks Family Foundation The Nickel Foundation The Richards Family Benevolent Fund The William & Mildred Lasdon Foundation Ms. Patricia A. Thiem Ms. F. Jean Thorson Mr. Jonathan M. Tisch Turner Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Valentine Mr. Patrick Van den Bossche Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wack Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Wallberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Walsh, III Ms. Randie Walton Warners Bros. Television Production Mr. and Mrs. John S. Weatherly Mr. and Mrs. John S. Weinberg Willinger Talent Agency, Inc.


$500+ Mr. James Abernathy Alan Shortall Photography Mrs. Mary C. Alvarado Ms. Josefina Ang Anonymous (3) Mr. Robert Arnold Ms. Miriam Arond Christine Austin Steve Austin Mr. Jacque P. Baca Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Ballen Reina Barcan Aziza Benabdeljlil Ms. Patricia Berns Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Bernstein Mr. Michael Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Peter Beshar Bialkin Family Foundation Inc. Mr. Scott Blanc Mr. and Mrs. James L. Blanco Andrew Blauner Mr. Edward Bleier Helen Blitz Harriet Bloch Frank Bond Ms. Debra Brand Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Braun Mr. Ramon Breton Mr. Thomas W. Brock Mr. Gregory Bundy Burns Personal Training, LLC Mr. James Canton Ms. Patricia A. Carbone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carniaux Claudio Carrera Mr. Larry A. Catanzano Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Chiara Jason Cilo Mr. Mark Cipolloni Umberto Contestabile Mr. Howard B. Cowan Mr. Robin Curtiss Ms. Josephine Dan Lo Ms. Lara L Darvie Louise Dicarlo Patricia Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin R. Duenas Mr. and Mrs. David J. Eckberg Ms. Peggy Ellis Mr. and Mrs. G. Raymond Empson Fulvia Farolfi Anna May Feige


2009 Annual Report

Bonita Ferro Marvin Fried Friends of Congressman George Miller Ms. Susannah C. Funk Paulette Gabriele Mr. Eugene Galassini Leigh T. Gardella Gardner Denver Nash, LLC Ms. Julie R. George Mr. Michael L. Gerrad Mr. and Mrs. James A. Goldman Ms. Rebecca Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Eric Goska Gina Granozio Greenfield Cleaning, LLC Kathleen K. Groener Mrs. Kathleen Groener Ellen Grosovsky Ms. Katharine B. Haines Mr. David J. Hanson Mr. Randy Hecht Mr. Gray R. Henry Ms. Patricia A. Hessinger High-Grade Cleaning Services, Inc. Hospital of Saint Raphael One for All Fund Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc. Mr. Justin Israel Ms. Randi L. Israelow Patricia Jamo Mr. and Mrs. Morton Janklow Jerry Jed Mr. Oscar Junquera Shawn Kahle Michael Kalin David Kalman Mr. Yue-Sai Kan Betty Kaye Andrea King Janet Kleeman Mr. Jerome R. Klein Sharon Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kozinn Ms. Kathleen M. Krause Lori Krauss Mr. John N. Krieger Sherry Kronenfeld L V R V Club Margaret Laffey Ms. C. A. Lamontagne Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence LaRose Last Man Standing Club 2008 Brian Lattman Mr. and Mrs. John Leo

Ms. Hedi Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Loughlin Robin Maley Dr. Carl S. Mankowitz and Ms. Lisa E. Rubin Ms. Maya Manley Ms. Denise Marangos Mr. Robert Matloff Ms. Laurie Matthews Ms. Josephine C. McBride Ms. Angela McCambridge Harry Mccollister Mr. and Mrs. Steven McLees Mr. Daniel B. Mendelow Mr. Kenneth Messina Ms. Ilo M. Milstein Eileen M. More Patricia Mullan Network For Good Ms. Laura K. Novak Mr. Alejandro R. Padilla Mr. Andreas G. Papadatos Mr. and Mrs. Alan Paperny Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Parker Dr. & Mrs. Bharat Patel Mr. and Mrs. Alan Patricof Mr. and Mrs. Mark Phillips William Picotte Mr. Scott Ricciardelli Riverside International Automotive Museum William Robertson David Robin Mrs. Chris Rogers Ms. Whitney Rosenberg Mr. J. D. Roxe Ms. Mary Salinger Glucksman Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Schmidt Mrs. Melissa Schnapp Schramco, Inc. Ms. Barbara R. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Serwer Molly Shaw Arthur Sikula Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simpson Ms. Adrianne Singer Alethea Skefos Jacqueline Smaga Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Smalley Guy Smiley Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith Ms. Marcelline C. Smith Stephen Solomon Richard Space

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Spinelli Mr. Eliot L. Spitzer Mr. A. F. Stepanski Jr. Sternberg Charitable Trust Carol Summers Mr. William F. Sweeney Ms. Cathy B. Tamraz Michael Teitelbaum The Betsy and Alan Cohn Foundation, Inc. The Bodnar Family Charitable Foundation Carol Tolan Thomas Toscano Mr. and Mrs. John Travolta Ed Trumpbour Mr. & Mrs. Merle Vogt Victor Weil April Wenk Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wenk Ms. Patricia D. Wignall Lisa Yanolko-Moatz Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Yurenda Mr. Mark Zatyrka Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zelman Barbara Zuckerberg $100+ 3 Rivers Sams Mary Price Abbott Sharon Abella Ms. Jane N. Abitanta Elaine Abrams Ms. Ellin L. Adams Karin Adams Joan Adelson Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Warren Agatston Ms. Elli Agiovlasitis Mr. Howard J. Aibel Janet Aivadyan Mr. Kenneth Alberti Mr. and Mrs. John Albertine Ms. Linda Albronda Monica Alferman Mr. Jason C. Allen Ms. Karen S. Allen Ms. Rebecca Allen Staci Alziebler Dr. and Mrs. David Amarnek American Express Carolyn Anderson Dr. Jeannette Anderson Ms. Julie Anderson Ms. Julie L. Anderson

Ms. Penny L. Anderson Mr. Thomas G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Anglim Anonymous (8) Leslie Appelbaum Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Archer Jeanne Armstrong Aspen Leaves Colorado Good Sam Ms. Carolyn Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Auerbach Mrs. Jeanne Ayivorh Mr. Sergio Azzopardi John Bach Mr. John Bachelder Mr. Morris Bailey Mr. Mark L. Baker Karen L. Bancroft Ms. Elizabeth Banning Mr. Zoltan Barany Corina Barbu Ms. Margaret A. Barefoot Barbara Barkley Ms. Erin Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Barnett Mr. Jordan Barowitz Michelle Barrera Mr. Frank Barron Ms. Jeannette Barry Padraig Barry Barbara Baruch Ms. Iris Bashi Vincenzo Basile Mr. Aaron Battista Ms. Anne T. Baum David Bayard Carol Beaumier Julie Beaumont Francis Beck Henry Beinstein Cirly Beker Mr. Matthew S. Belkin Ms. Helene Berger Barbara Berkman Ms. Katheryn Berlandi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q. Berlin Mr. Mark Bernstein Berwyn Baptist Church Ann Billik Bionetics Corporation Charitable Trust Ms. Benita Black Henry R. Black Mr. Raymond Blatz Joseph Block Ms. Teren Block

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Bloom Ms. Nina J. Bocca Charlene Bocklet Linda Bonavist Mr. David Bonney Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bonney Books Are Fun, Ltd. Michael Borenstein Richard Bossard Nazly Botas Marie Botsis Mr. Sean Bowman Dr. James E. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Brady Colleen Brambilla Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Bramos Ms. Leslie Brand Julie Brander Pamela Brandsdorfer Debbie Bray Laurel E. Brenner Ms. Kate A. Bressler Ms. Erica Briggs Ms. Mary Briggs Myron Briller Gloria Britt Mr. George G. Brod Mr. Edwin Brooks Mr. Nathan Brot Mr. and Mrs. David Brown Mr. Joseph S Brown Ms. Naomi Brown Bryant University Monika Brzostowska Melissa Burek Mr. Stephen Burgard George Burger Ms. Catherine Burgess Linda Burke Colleen Cahill Ellen Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Cairoli, III Mr. & Mrs. Tim W. Calder Laura Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Cammarata Agnes Campanile Dawn Campanile Giovanni Campanile Mr. Richard Campbell James Canning Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cant Joseph G. Cappellano Susan Caputo Kimberly Carcone

Frank Cardiello Peter Carney Ms. Andrea Carpentier Ms. Michelle Carpentier Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carson Ms. Ute Carson Ms. Lynne Casper Ms. Sophie Catalano Mr. Paul Centanni Michelle Chadwick Mrs. Eunice M. Chambers Chamco Sams Jennifer Chang Mr. Malachy Chang Mr. Michael L. Charlson and Ms. Susan A. Austin Mr. & Mrs. Chevy Chase Mr. Thomas Chen Ms. Joyce M. Cherry Mr & Mrs. Arthur K. Chief M A Chiulli Ms. Kira A. Christie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christie Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cintolo Heather Clark Mr. Jeffrey Clark Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark Ms. Nora Clarke Kathleen Clemens Mr. Douglas H. Clements Ms. Deborah Clough CME Federal Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Coddington Jonathan Cohen Steven A. Cohen Ms. Nancy Cohn Shelley Cole Mrs. Kathleen A. Collina Debra Colozzi Ms. Denise Colton Common Cents New York, Inc. Community United Methodist Church Conestoga Sams Estelle Conklin Ms. Barbara Converse Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conway Mr. Jack L. Cooley Linda Copell Cornell Greek Community Cornerstone Appraisal Services, Inc. Adrienne C. Cosner Charlene Courtney Judith Cowen Dr. Theodora Cox

Ms. Deborah Crane Ms. Elizabeth Creviston Ms. Lori Crickett Dr. and Mrs. John D. Cronin Mr. Brent Cross Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Crucitti Ms. Lourdes Cruz Matters Ms. Juliette Cunliffe Ms. Lynne Cunningham Ms. Gail J. Curran Mr. and Mrs. George Curry, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Cutler Diane Dai Ms. Carol Dallos Mr. Matthew Daly Mr. and Mrs. Lee Daniels Debra D’Aquino Mr. Greg D’Argonne Miss Anitra Das Andrew Dassori Ms. Karen Davidson Ms. Blair R. Davis Susan Dawson Nancy De Brito Diane De Ieso Patricia De Palma Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Mrs. Madeleine M. Dee James Deese Charlene Degregoria Mr. and Mrs. Charles Delany Donna Dellefave Mr. and Mrs. Robert Delman Ms. Eileen Delson La Russo Ms. Allison Deluca Jean Denes Mr. Eric J. Denoncourt Thomas Dern Teresa Derr Volker Detering Ms. Sheila Devine Ellen Diamond Mr. Rick Dinges Rose Disanto Ms. April Dodge Nan Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Domsky Mr. Andrew Douglass Wendy Drewes Ms. Kathleen Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drummond-Hay Ms. Barbara Duncan Arlene Dunn Jayanti Durai

Ms. Ruth A Durnin Ms. Virginia R Dykstra Mr. Todd Eagle Jayne Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Edman Mr. and Mrs. George C. Ehlers Dr. Karen Ehrenman Elise Eisenberg Susan Eisner Elizabeth Eller Ms. Margariet Embry Ms. Ann Emerson Mr. Richard B. Engel Dr. Norm Ephraim Eugene Galassini & Company Dr. Martin H. Euler Phyllis Evans Mr. Joshua Ezrin Mr. Joel Farkas Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Farr Susan Faux-Lewis Ms. Donna Feinberg Peter Feinberg Daryle Feistman Audree Feldman Mr. Justin N. Feldman and Ms. Linda Fairstein Janet Felleman Sarah Fels Ms. Virginia A. Fereira Mr. and Mrs. Tony Feriozzi Ms. Lisa Fernez Ms. Patricia Ferrer Mr. Alfred Fields Ms. Alice A. Fifelski Stuart Filan Danielle Fiori Susan Fischer Linda Fisher Scott Fisher Deborah Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Flaten Miss Amanda Fleischman Robert Flemng Tracy Flood FM Global Foundation Preston Foerder Mr. Richard L. Foster Ms. Marcia E. Fox Deborah Franco Mrs. Deborah Fraser Lisa Frazee Barbara Friedman Jeffrey Friedman

Mr. Mel Friedman Carole Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fuchs Ms. Betty Furman Ms. Roza Futernik Beth Gabellini Glenn Gagnon Mr. and Mrs. William V. Gambardella Garden Meadow Realty, LLC Ms. Louisa R. Gargiulo Ms. Rosemarie Garipoli Ms. Alyson W. Garland Mr. Gregg Garland Dave Garvey GE Foundation Yvette A. Geary Mr. Andrew Gebhardt Mr. Richard Gelfond Adrienne Geller Kari Geltemeyer Ms. Emily Gerson Rosenthal Ms. Hilary M. Gerson Gloria Gery Rosemarie Getty Mr. Craig Getzlaff Ms. Lila Ghayour Paul Giacalone Mr. Daniel Giannattasio Mr. David A. Gibson, III Ms. Cathe Giffuni Shea Gillan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilliland Mr. Larry Gilmer Brian Gilson Bruce Ginsberg Glendale Grandmothers Club #590 Dale Gluck Leonard Gochman Amy Goldberg Ms. Lane Golden Ms. Barbara Goldfarb Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program (CF) Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Goldman Ms. Lois H. Goldrich Mr. Peter Goldstein Good Sam Meadowlark Chapter 43 Ms. Ingrid Goodman Ms. Marjorie A Goodman Goodrich Foundation Janice Gould Mr. Samuel A. Granato Ms. Nancy Granese Ms. Linda Greenberg

Ms. Susan Greenwood Christopher Grennen Mr. Eric Grier Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Griswold Mrs. Joyce E. Groover Ms. Judy D. Gross Ms. Ann Gruenberg Ruth Gruhin Joanne Guerrerio Mr. Michael Gunby Mr. Ugur Guner David Gursky Ms. Clare T. Gustafson Ms. Clare Guydish Nezeeh S. Habachy Andreas Hadel Lori Hager Karen Halac Mr. Bruce Hale Mr. John B. Hallagan Mr. John M. Halloran Martin Halpern Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamann Mr. Jason Hanes Jack Hanley Margaret-ann Harley Harlow-HRK Sales & Marketing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Harris Ms. Gail R. Harris Ms. Marilyn Hartenstein Mr. Mike Hartgraves Mr. Richard Harvie Ms. Judith A. Haskell Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hatem Mr. and Mrs. Girard S. Haviland Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Healey Mr. Ryan M. Heath, Toyota Motor Sales USA Leslie Heier Mr. and Mrs. Steve Held Janet Helper Ms. Sherie Helstien Michele Henn Patricia Henneberger Mary C Hensley Ms. Elizabeth A Henzey David Herman Ms. Marlene Hess Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hicks Mr. Robert Hilborn Bruce Hildebrandt Dorothy Hill Elizabeth Hill Mr. Natsuki Hirokawa

Mr. Paul Hirsch Thayer Hochberg Margaret Hodgson Ellen Hofstatter Ms. Lucinda H. Hogarty Ms. Nina Holcomb Ann Holland Jennifer Holland Mr. Abraham Hollander Harriette Holmes Mr. Richard Howard Ms. Jeni Howe Francis Hoyte Ms. Lisa Huber Ms. Nanette P. Hufford Ms. Anne Huston Dr. and Mrs. John A. Hutchison Susan Ingoglia Ms. Valerie Iriarte Ziad Iskandar Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Isman Gayle Israel Rose Jackson Sylvia Jacobson Christine James Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Jenkins Jockey International, Inc. Ms. Carole Johnson Ms. Ruth B. Johnson Mr. Van E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William W. Johnson Ms. Cheryl Jones Mr. James Juliano Dr. Gale Justin K Force Finance & Accounting Staffing Ms. Natalie Kadievitch Melissa Kalbacher Ms. Majorie A. Kalins Mrs. Deborah Kalmar Kristopher Kandel Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Kaplan Richard Kasprak Mr. Andrew P. Katz Joyce Kauf Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kaufman Eileen Kaufman Bill Kaufmann Christina Kaupe Lynn Kay Ms. Kay Kearns Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Kelly Maureen Kenney Pat Kenny Richard Kent


Brenda Kenter Michele Kepinski Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Kessler KeyCorp Ellen Keys Ms. Joanne S. Kilduff Mrs. Christine E. Killian Mr. Allan R. King Ms. Marianne C. King Donna Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kirklin Mr. Donald Kirsch Ms. Marie Kissel Dana Klein Ms. Karen Kleinman Moshe Klompus Karen Knapp Ms. Kathleen Kniskern Wanda Kopec Ms. Daisy Kosack Bernard Kosberg Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Koser Ms. Lynn Kost Ms. Berne H. Kouba Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kovach Howard Kozinn Ms. Hilda Kraker Ms. Stacy Kravetz and Mr. Jay Goldberg Darlene Krisko Olga Krueger Mr. Ilhan Kudeki Dr. Heidi Kummer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kunsch Charlene Kuo Mr. Stanley Kushel and Ms. Catherine Aks Ms. Lucy H. Labson Ms. Jill Lafer Ms. Judy G. Lail Stacey Laitman Miss Alice M. Lamberson Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Lamothe Carol Lane Mr. Robert Laughlin Ms. Babs Lawyer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leach Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Leaf Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Leal Amy Lear Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lebowitz Ms. Erin M. Lehman Elizabeth Lehmann Mrs. Gail LeNoble


Miss E. Jane Leonard Nadine Leonard Emily Leone Roberta Lepatner Mara Lepmanis Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lesko Janice Lesser Mrs. Bernice Levine Mr. Scott A. Levine and Ms. Alice Geller Ms. Vicki Levine Carolyn Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Hank Levy Peter Levy Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis Ms. Nancy E. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Licata Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Lindquist Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lipsitz Helene Liss Ms. Barbara Littell Mr. John Locus Ms. Karin Lombard Ms. Madeleine Long Ms. Linda Longstreet Mr. Anthony Lorenzo Joyce Lorner Mr. Steven D. Loucks Ruth Lubick Robert Ludwig Tracy Lukoff Vlad Lyandres Kathleen Lynch Ms. Martha M. Lynch Mr. Patrick Lynch Mr. Frank R. Lyon Ms. Blair MacInnes Anne Mackesey Mr. Roddy A. MacPherson Anthony Maffia Mr. Douglas Mailly Mr. Robert Makuch Caroline Malloy Mr. and Mrs. William Malnove Ms. Elisa A. Mancuso Mr. Steven J. Mandel Ms. Marguerite Mangin Mr. Michael G. Mannix Claire Manto Manzanita Sams Alice March Kathryn T V Marco Jeanine Maresca Ms. Michelle Margules Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Margulies

2009 Annual Report

Ms. Rita M. Markey Mr. Jonathan Marlowe Christopher Marrion Ms. Marjorie J. Martin Eileen Marzola Ms. Marina Mashaal Cade Massey Dana Matlin Ms. Dawn Matthews Mr. Daniel Maus Suzanne Mazel Joseph McAndrew Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McCreesh, III Ms. Karen McCurley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDavitt Luisa McHugh Mr. John McLaughlin Ms. Patricia McManus Mr. Peter McNall Mr. David Meade Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Meadows Ms. Nanette Melfi Mr. John Menefee, Jr. Deborah Meny Suzanne Meserve David Meyer Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Linda Mikson Ms. Carolyn K. Milan Alex Miller Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Miller Pamela Miller Susan Miller Ms. Janice R. Millman Larry Millman Ms. Marcia L. Minuskin and Mr. Jeffrey Zonenshine Dr. Michael Miros Ms. Anne Mize Marlene Mizrahi Mobile Giving Foundation Mr. James Monahan Mr. James Moran Marlene Mordas Ms. Mary E. Morgan Ms. Denice Morris Mr. Wade D. Morris Ms. Maureen B. Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Moses Ms. Helen L. Motyka Ms. Roberta Moutal Kathy Mueller Rainer Mueller

Kajal Mukhopadhyay Ms. Caroline A. Muller Eileen Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Murphy Mr. David M. Murray K. Mussio Mr. Christopher S. Musso Mrs. Barbara Mutterperl Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Nagler Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nagler Barbara Nagpal Alyson Nash Joan Nathan Susan L. Nernberg New Hampshire Good Sam Club Mrs. Joyce E. Nielsen Ms. Joyce H. Nielsen Darlene Niman North Scituate School Northern Lights Good Sam Club Mary Norum Michael Novack Mr. and Mrs. Robert Novasel Paul Nugent Ms. Lenidine Nunal Maureen O’Brien Mrs. Wendy O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. R. Dylan O’Connor Loretta A. O’Donnell Valerie L. OHalpin Jamie Olarte William Ollwerther Mr. Ronald G. Olsen Mrs. June Olster Mr. and Mrs. Patty O’Neill Orange County’s United Way Nancy Organ Ms. Maria Ortiz Linda Ostroff MC O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ouellette Reynaldo Padilla Paul Paley Barbara Palm Ms. Arline G. Panitz Bernadette Panzella Mr. John N. Pappagallo Ms. Nancy E. Parady Holly Parker Kathy Parkerton Mr. Dan Parsons Joseph Pascarelli Peter Patch Nicholas Pawlowski

Sam Paxhia Mr. Curt Pearlman Ms. Joanne C. Peckarsky Peninsula Good Sams Ms. Gail Perkins-Gemme Prof. Linda Persau Patricia Peterson Ms. Vicky Peterson Mr. and Mrs. John P. Petti Mr. Brad Phillips Ms. Nina Phillips Ms. Vicky Pierce Tatyana Polyak Pomona Middle School Jonathan Poppick Mr. Joel S. Porten Barbara Porton Simone Posehn Elizabeth Post Mr. John C. Pracht Arnie Preminger Deborah Proto Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ptashek Paul Puzycki Linda Quigley Amy Rackear Mr. Lawrence Raful Eileen Rajecki Mr. Don Ramnarine and Ms. Indrani J. Lall Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Ramponi Ms. Mary Linda Rapelye Francis Rasmus Rochelle Read Mr. R. Scott Reagan Mr. Stephen Real Mr. and Mrs. Celestin H. Reallon Teri Reed Verity Rees Joan Reilly Ms. Kathryn F. Reis Todd Remis Anita Resnick Elaine Reuben Ms. Fern Revzin Ms. Barbara A. Reyes Barbara Richards Ms. Deborah Riegel Mr. and Mrs. Jason Riggins Ms. Joanne Riley Scott Rivard Ms. Cordelia F. Robb Ms. Anne H. Roberts Ms. Dorothy R. Roberts

Ms. Diane C. Rode Ms. Anne Roden Ms. Ann P. Rogers Wayne Romeo Ms. Ellen M. Rooney Ms. Jill S. Rose Ms. Patricia L. Rosen Deborah Rosenbaum Tracie Rosenbaum Warren Rosenberg Ms. Joanne Rosenbush Lois H. Rosenfield Mark Rosenthal Miss Barbara Rosenzweig Ms. Carolyn Rosson Mr. Michael Roswell Rotary Club of Capitola-Aptos Mr. J. B. Rotenberg Meredith Rothstein Scotty Ruane Mr. and Mrs. David B. Rubin Mr. David Russell Mr. John Rutledge Mr. David Ryan Ms. Holly Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Ryan Mr. Ronald D. Sagall Mr. Andres Saldana Mr. James Sallinger Ms. Joyce M. Saltman Susan Salwen Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation Grant Sanborn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sather Mr. Terence W. Sauer Mr. William Saunders Polly Savell Mr. David Saylor Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Scarlet Mr. Michael Schaefer Amy Schafrann Mr. Peter Schapker Betsy Schenkel Mrs. Wilma Schmeler Mr. Harold Schneider Mr. Bruce Schnur Carol Schreiber Patricia Schreiber Adele Schwartz Janet Schwartzbard Ms. Veronica K. Scott Harold Seftel Mary Segal Jane Seidl

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Shapiro Ms. Shweta N Sharma Ms. Robin Shaughnessy Anne Shaw Mr. Jeremy Shaw Mr. Ron Shechtman Mr. Raymond B. Shedd Mr. Kevin P. Sheehan James Sheldon Ms. Cindy Sherman Ms. Reba R. Shimansky Mrs. Eleanor R. Shnier Ms. Eileen Shore Mr. Alan J. Shortall Mr. Steven A. Sibert Ronald Siciliano Mr. Alan Sieroty Mr. Dave Sikula Ms. Jane I. Silberstein Stephan Silverstein Patricia Simon Maureen Singer Judith Skolnick Robin Skolnik Mr. Alan B. Slifka Loribeth Slosek Ms. Agnes Smith Mr. Gregory D. Smith Ms. Jackie Smith Jason Smith Mr. and Mrs. John T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Smith Mr. Manon B. Smith Ms. Margaret Smith Ms. Melissa M. Smith Nancy Smith Ms. Pamela J. Smith Sharon Smutny Ms. Fran D. Smyth Mr. and Mrs. David W. Smythe Mr. Tim Snyder Mr. and Mrs. David Soane Society of Camp Directors Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Sonis Mr. Douglas Sorensen Southern Oregon Crimson Circle Good Sam Club Ms. Renee K. Speer Angela Spencer Mrs. Jennifer Spengler Celina Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. Lionel B. Spiro Ms. Katrina Spitz Ms. Christina Sponselli

Heather Sporn Mr. Stephen R. Sprague St. Thomas More Parish School Patricia Staab Ms. Florence Staebler Ms. Carol Stanley Reginald Stanton Jessica Stark Ms. Laurie Starr Randi Starr Jane Stavola Ms. Brenda J. Steenson Paulette Steffa Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Steineger, III Ms. Ellen E Stem Ms. Janet A. Sterling Ann Sterman Ms. Micki K. Stern Mr. James W. Stevens Mr. Marc Stoll Mr. Jonathan F. Strickland and Ms. Marie L. Matheson Miss Jennifer J. Stricklin Ms. Annette Strobel Robert B. Strong Kenneth Sulinski Ms. Molly B. Sullivan Ms. Patricia Sullivan Suma Landscaping, Inc. Ms. Melissa Sutphen Joseph Sutton Susan Swartz Ms. Virginia A. Swartz Ms. Virginia Sweetman Karen Swoboda Wendy Synan Maria Szpak Ms. Sherry A. Talley Ms. Tiffany Talley Elliot Tannenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Taradash Nancy Tatum Jason Taub Mr. Vincent R. Tauro Ms. Susan G. Taylor Joanne Teja Mr. Gary Tennison Louis Tenore The College of New Jersey The Howard & Katherine Aibel Foundation, Inc. The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving The Tierney Family Foundation Inc Ms. Karen K. Theriault

Ms. Sara Thiede Mr. John D. Thomas Ms. Monica J. Thomas Rebecca Thome Catherine Thompson Mr. Kevin Thompson Mr. Ryan Thompson Mrs. Mary Jo Thomson Mr. Warren S. Thorp and Ms. Aimee Serafin Ms. Whitney Tice Ms. Linda A. Titcomb Ms. Monique Todd Grace Tomasulo Ms. Charlotte Tonge Mr. and Mrs. Jack Torgow Mr. and Mrs. Tom Towle, Jr. Ms. Christine M. Travarca Mr. Steve Trigoboff Angela Trucks Mattea Truppe Robert Tucker Mr. David A. Turner Ms. Kimberly Turner Gail Turtora Mr. Robert O. Tyler Ms. Danielle M. Udolf Cynthia Ulrich Mr. Cliff Unger Ms. Catherine Urbain Toni Urbano Jean Urbanowski Ms. Linda Van Derveer Ms. Illiana Van Meeteren Michael Van Sertima Laura Van Winkle Carmel Vargyas Lucy Ventura Trish Verdi Hillary Viders Ms. Kathleen E. Vidinghoff Valorie Vilella Mr. Anthony Viola Theresa Vitanza Nicole Vlismas Helen Vogelbacker Mr. Edwin F. Von Borstel, III Ms. Marei von Saher Mr. Robert C. Waggoner Mr. Jonathan Wainberg Floy Wakuya Mr. Dennis Walker Mr. and Mrs. Garry Walker Ms. Peggy Wallis Ms. Denise Walmsley

Elizabeth Walsh Kenneth W Walsh Doris Wannemacher Warren Township High School Mr. David Wasserman Christopher Watson Ms. Ashley M. Watts Michael Watts Ms. Margaret R. Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Weil Mr. and Mrs. Steven Weinberg Mr. Philip M. Weiner Ms. Deborah Weinstein Rita Weissberg Weld County Tumbleweeds Mr. Michael Wenger Glenn Werner Pam Wesley Gomez Weiqiao Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Whitaker Mr. Harry F. White Mr. Joseph B. Whitebread, III Sharon P Whiteley Susan Whitney Robyn Whittingham Mr. Michael Whittlesey Jennifer Widman Ms. Caroline Wilson Marlene Windmiller Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Wisch Wisconsin Good Sam Club Tracy Wise Annie Witlen Ms. Elaine R. Witman Damian Woetzel Sheryl Wolbrum Ms. Barbara B. Wolin Richard Wolkenberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wollam Ms. Julie M. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Woodlief Linda Wozniak Wright Way Campers Mr. James Wright Mr. Jordan Wright Joseph Wyne Joanna Yang Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Yarrish Mr. and Mrs. Bahman Zakeri Mr. and Mrs. John Zanatta Mr. Fred R Zeiger Jeffrey Zeitlin Ms. Stephanie Zercher Haomiao Zhang Zia Roamers

Sophia Ziburtovicz Stefani Zien Mrs. Sue Zimmer Mrs. Jennifer Zingre Mr. Gregory Zink Ms. Rose Zoltek-Jick Jeffrey Zonenshine Ms. Cyndi Zurek We have received donations in honor of the following individuals: Jeff & Melissa Abers Mr. and Ms. Amin Ahmad Mr. Edward Allen Alysia and Jason Carol and Andy Anderson Ari and Noah Mr. Joe Armstrong Ms. Helene Aronoff Ms. Audrey Aronsohn Ali Asadi Rosemary Ashby Mr. and Mrs. Barr Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hj. Asplundh, III Mr. Carl Hj. Asplundh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Boyd Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Keith Asplundh Rev. and Mrs. Kurt Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Paul Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Asplundh John Avery Michael Ayivorh Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barnes Ms. Adele Bauer Ms. Carolyn M. Bechtel Ms. Anna Becker Ms. Carol Bergstrom Terry, Molly, Brian and P.J. Bevan Mr. David Bippus Mr. Bryan Bloom Blue Ms. Ann Blum Ms. Marta Blumberg Ms. Jennifer Bolda Ms. Jeanne Boyd Sue Bray Jonah and Sela Breen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brosius Mr. Gregory Brousseau JP Brown Master Korey Burdman Mr. August A. Busch, III Efrem Bycer

Erin and Kaye Cancel Peg Carlson Ms. Kristin Chenoweth Ms. Barbara Chirles Ms. Kira A. Christie Ms. Isabella Clarke Waterman George Clarkson Mr. Barry Cohen Mr. Marshall Cohen Lizzie, Hannah and Charlie Coleman Ken and Ellie Cookson Janine Cooney Mr. and Mrs. Bob Copley Mr. David Corwin Lesley Cotton Mr. and Ms. Daniel Cousineau Nancy Crabill Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Crosby Judith Cuticelli Bev Dalton Jim and Ursula Daly The David Zanatta Family Ben and Lauren Davies Rob and Kate Davies Sandy and Ann Davies Sandy and Kimi Davies Mr. Paul de Benedictis Mr. and Mrs. Sean Devine and Family Jon Diamond Arthur and Christine DiMock Mr. Bill Dinges Miss Carly Dinowitz Jeff Dvorak and Family Mr. Steve Dvorak and Family Mr. George Eckman Ann Emerson Mr. and Mrs. G. Raymond Empson Ms. Allison Epstein Conner, Kenna and Maddie Ettmueller Dan and Elaine Eufemia Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Falconer Mr. Dennis Farrell Joelle Farrell The Feeney Family Shelly Feldman Mr. Jeremy Fischer and Ms. Danielle Rabina Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald Ms. Betty H. Forbes Mr. Robert H. Forrester Danielle Foutz Front of House Staff at The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County 24

Donald Gagnon Amanda Garbatini Jeff, Lin Taylor, Tyson & Ginger Abby Gladstone-Strobel Mr. & Mrs. John Glankler & Family Evelyn Eve Glenn Mr. Jack M. Goldberg Mr. Ron Goldman Javdan Salar Pedram Amini Golriz Good Sam Members Karin Gordon Mr. & Mrs. George Graham Mr. and Mrs. Murray Grant Mr. Mike Grier Jane & Peter Harding Hardy Mrs. Marge Heckler Brian Henson Mr. Kyle Hilborn Mr. Jeff Horton Mr. Robert Idarola Ms. Stephanie Ide Dylan and Ayla Jaffe Randy and Michele Jarrell Kevin Kalkhoven & Kimberly Case Ruth Kamen Griffin, Jason and Devin Kass Mrs. Elizabeth Kenney Grace Kepper James Glenn Kepper Stewart Kepper William Kepper Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kimsey Carole R. Kiro Ms. Meghan Knott Ms. Anne M. Kramer Ms. Francine Kravitz Kurt and Kelly Kunsch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kunsch Richard Kunsch and Family Mr. Herbert Kurtz Shelby Landes Melissa Laufer Rob Lee Ms. Kristy Leedy Gretchen LeMaster The Leopolds Russell and Ellen Lewis Ms. Cindy J. Lipton Tina Luce Mr. James Lusk Cathie Lyon


Ms. Samantha Manns Ms. Selma Markowitz Andrew McAleer David and Cindy McAvinney Ms. Karen McGinnes Mr. and Mrs. Harry McGlew Mr. & Mrs. Mark McLees Neal & Michael McMahan Susan Merrill Mr. and Mrs. C. Dean Metropoulos Reverend William Metzler Ms. Amber Milner Milo Ms. Kim Minton Karla Mitchell Jan Morin Mr. Reed Motulsky The Mugavero Family Mr. Christian Mund Mr. Lamar Murray Mr. Jehad Nga Olivia Odermatt Jim & Debbie Oliver Ms. Marilyn Olsen T. Charlie and Char Olson Ed Osterman Ms. Olivia Ouellette James Parmelee Mr. Alex Parrish Mrs. Judy Parsons Susan and Ellie Paul Ted & Jean Pelzek Barbara Perlson Janet, John, Francesca, Penny and Laila Petitpas Ms. Sandi Petrulis Adam Petty Mr. Brad Phillips Ms. Nina Phillips Judith Pinchuk Horwitz and Sam Glassenberg Ms. Joyce Pleasant Hubye Pollans Naomi B. Porten Nick and Eric Ransom The Remsen/Comny Family Mr. Peter Rigler James and Kathy Robinson Mr. Michael Roe Mr. Terry Romahn Mrs. Sylvia Rooth Ms. Kacey Rose

2009 Annual Report

Isaac Andrew Rosenstein Ms. Deborah Ross and Ms. JoAnn Riggins Ms. Emily Roth Mr. Stephen Roth Cathi Rowe and Ed DiGiovanni Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rozsa Brian Rubin Glenn Rutherford Ms. DeeDee Rutledge Colleen Ryan Denise Saldana Noelle Saldana Mr. Steve Samuels Jackie, Christian, Jason & Isabella Sanabria Ms. Andrea Sanchez Anthony & Nieva Schapker Mr. Kenneth Schneider Ms. Mia Schon Ms. JoAnne Schorsten Leslie Schrandt John Seifert The Seymour-Korczynski Family Ms. Carly Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sheehan Ms. Laurie Shellenbarger Mr. Alan J. Shortall Sarah and Robert Silverman Ms. Olivia Simmons Ms. Betty Smith Ellie and Andy Sonis Mr. Roberta Sorensen Joe and Patty Spaulding Marty and Marc Stachowski Ms. Ave Maria Staub Cathy and Tom Storch Marco Strafacce Mr. Michael Sweetman Tadros Team Marlin, Little League ‘09 The Sutti Family Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Thiede The Tonge Family Don Tuttle and Thierry Huck Gene Tuttle Ms. Donna Uccello John and Patti Ullo Bill and Lydia Uretsky Julie and Will Valenza Michael, Lauren and Steven & Jack Valpert Ms. Julie Vitale

Ms. Beth Wade Grayson Wade Mr. Alexander Wagreich Ms. Mindy Weaver Sara Weinberger & Mordi Kamel Mr. and Mrs. William Welte Ms. Linda Wenner & Ms. Debbie Hubbell Dr. Mark Werner Ms. Carol Whittlesey Mr. Jimmy Wilkinson Jean Willock Ms. Elaine Witman Odette & Tom Worrell Mr. Jordan Wright Mr. and Mrs. Rob Young Mrs. Leila Y. Zakeri Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Zanatta Debbie Ziemblicki Steve Ziemblicki Colleen Ziesig We have received donations in memory of the following individuals: Rose Ackerman Stephen W. Alarik Mrs. Joanne Anderson Mr. Max Aronowitz Mrs. Maude Astle Ms. Caterina M. Ayers Donald & June Bacon Ms. Shirley Baker Ms. Stella Barthelette Ms. Alison Werner Barton Glenn Berman Ms. Janice Bernstein Martin Blacksin Lee Blau Mr. Barry Bloch Beau Bloom Mrs. Gladys Bodie Quilty Boucher Brian Robert Brodsky Raymond J. Bruno Mr. William J. Buchanan Mrs. Paula Bull Ms. Jean Bundy Ms. Emily Carlson Mr. John Carney Pete Carney

Lee Carvalho Mr. Joseph Cesaro Mr. Don Chambers The Champ Car World Series Ms. Barbara Charles Mr. Irving Chorney Ms. Doris Clarke Mr. Robert Coiner Mr. Theodore H. Cook, Jr. Mr. James W. Cooper Evelyn Cox Mr. James Creech Ms. Joan E. Creviston Mr. Jack Cuthbertson Wootie Danielson Noreen Kelly Darragh Debbie England Davis Joe DeLeo Master Jacob Quinn DeMeis-Dullea Mr. Burton H. Derby Mr. Steven H. Deyo Mrs. Eleanore Dikowski Ms. Dorothy DiLuigi Mr. Scott Driscoll Mr. Normand Duhamel Mrs. Lucille Dunne Mr. Bill Duva Ms. Margie Early Ms. Caroline Elizabeth Ms. Stephanie Ellis Ms. Catherine Ely Mr. Martin Feldberg Mr. Al Frank Joe and Dot Friedman Mr. Zac Galaviz Lucineia Garcia Anthony Gawronski Mr. Nicholas Gimbel Ms. Patricia Gorczyk Elwood Hall Ms. Ria Hammer Ms. Joy Hanlon Mr. Brian Hannah Mr. Michael Hare Mr. Rod Harvie Baby Heger 1st Lt. Keith Heidtman Patricia Heinz Ms. Martha Heywood Ms. Vickey M. Hodge Mrs. Jane Jamaitis

Mr. Matthew Johnson Mr. Michael Johnston Paul Joos Anton Kastory Mr. Frank Kelly Mr. Patrick Kelly Mr. William Kelly Ms. Nancy Kittle Mr. Zachary Klein Mr. Robert W. Koch Mr. Arthur Kolka Mr. Walter J. Kuntz Ms. Carol LaBarbera Mr. Frank LaRusso Shelly Lasko Phyllis Lehmann Barry LeNoble Mrs. Mary LeStrange-Hammer Mrs. Ruth Maron Levy Coach Harvey Lester Chaim Eliezer Liverman Mr. Robert MacGregor Ms. Leslie Mack Jennifer Alice Maeder Moon Malonson Mr. Gregory Mandara Mr. Michael Mannix Ms. Jacqueline McCrum Mr. Marty McHugh Mr. John McNaughton Mary Menino Karen Elizabeth Mereness Mr. Gary Miller Miriam Mrs. Jeanne Moore Ms. Anne Morrow Mr. Michael Mulvey Mr. Nicholas B. Munden Mei-Tzen Munoz Mr. Dominic Musto Mr. Leonard Nacht Mr. Neil Nash Mr. Paul L. Newman Mr. John Orsi Richard C. Phess Parker Jashbhai Patel Mrs. Michele Peacock Ms. Marguerite Pearson Bromfield John and Mary Peters Mr. Pete Peterson Mr. Phillip J. Pitts

Inge Polman Tom Poole Mr. Arthur Press Ms. Agnes Queenan Benjamin Reichlin Mr. Arnie Reif Marc Richards Mr. William J. Rickard Mr. Cooper B. Rieman Mr. Murray Robbins Ms. Rennie Roberts Mrs. Angela Roman Lynn Saperstein Larry A. Saylor Louise Schever Sally Sebastian Mr. John Shada Mrs. Eileen Simon Ms. Lauren Simon Sarah Slate Mr. Ronald Slosek Jeffrey R. Smith Mrs. Anne Spielman Mr. Ken Stein Mr. Jeremy Stern Steven Ms. Arlene Sullivan Ms. Maureen Sullivan Dr. Katsumi Tawa Golda Teversham Jonathan R Ullo Mr. John Updike Mr. John Vickers Mr. Frank J. Visich Mr. Michael Walton Becky Watson Miss Payton E. Watson Mr. Robert Weintraub Ms. Christine Ursula Wenzel Ms. Dorothy Wilkins Ms. Naomi P. Williams Caroline Woodlie Virginia Wrenn Mr. Raymond Young

LEADERSHIP The Hole in the Wall Foundation 2010 Board of Trustees David W. Horvitz – Chair John Reid – President Henry B. Schacht – Vice President John E. Marshall, III – Secretary Robert J. Rukeyser – Treasurer Paco Arango Rosemary Ashby G. Raymond Empson Michael Finkelstein John M. Forester Robert H. Forrester J. P. Garnier Brian Goldner Sheldon Gordon Alan G. Hassenfeld Kevin Kalkhoven Ted Knetzger Ray Lamontagne Michael T. Lanigan Enzo Manes C. Dean Metropoulos Clea Newman-Soderlund Liz Robbins Tim Rose Richard D. Segal John J. Studzinski Bob Weinstein Bruce Willis

Association of Hole in the Wall Camps 2010 Board of Directors John M. Forester – Chair John Reid – President Carolyn M. Bechtel – Secretary Robert J. Rukeyser – Treasurer Page Adler Jenni Belford Peter Bell David W. Horvitz Alison Knapp Péter Küllői Sara Lahat Ray Lamontagne Gerry Merrick Serena Porcari Tim Rose Raphaël Rossello

2010 Senior Staff John Reid – President & CEO Padraig Barry – Director of Camp Support Services Steve Nagler – Director of Performance Evaluation & New Initiatives


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Hole in the Wall Camps 2009 Annual Report  

Annual Report