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August - December 2010

Executive Director’s Reflections: The Year 2010 in perspective As the year comes to an end, for most of us it is often unbelievable how the time has flown by so fast. It somehow usually “sneaks up on us,” and we wonder where all the time went and what significant accomplishments we made over the course of year. The end of the year, for most organizations and businesses, is the opportune time for reflection on the successes as well as the challenges of that particular year.

certain areas of our work and we definitely faced a few challenges in the process.

As 2010 comes to an end, the Executive Director and volunteer staff of Gulf South Leadership Institute would like to present you with major events and highlights. As a grassroots organization, I believe that in 2010 we made some significant progress in

As a young organization, one of the lessons we learned, and I believe at the right time, is that we need to establish a good network. Some of the events on the 2010 calendar helped us get this networking process started.

Being “the new kid on the block,” so to speak, community presence and involvement presented some learning experiences. The best learning takes place through encounters we face and such has been the case for the team at GSLI. This newsletter will highlight some of the learning experiences.

Wimbai Mutonono

Gulf South Leadership Institute is a 501 (c) 3 faith-based non profit.

Networking and Relationship Building Relationships are essential to building a strong network, and a strong network contributes to the success of organizations, social communities, and businesses. The year 2010 presented a few opportunities for GSLI to network and build relationships with the community. We hosted two fund raising events and both turned out to be good networking events and

Wimbai Mutonono (Executive Director)

Donations in support of GSLI are tax deductible. Tax I D #: 80-0297940

allowed us to introduce ourselves to the community. The first event, was the 2010 golf outing in which we partnered with Oak Harbor Golf Club, here in Slidell. As this was our first event of this nature, our success was defined more as relationship building. Following the golfing event, we also partnered with the

Inside this issue:

local Texas Roadhouse to host a fundraising dinner. 10% of the dinners sold to customers invited by Gulf South Leadership Institute was donated to GSLI. We are thankful to all who partnered with us in 2010 and look forward to continued and fruitful relationships.


Golf Outing 2010


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Texas Roadhouse Fundraising Event


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First Annual Golf Outing - 2010 On July 24th, 2010 Gulf South Leadership Institute hosted its first annual golf outing in partnership with Oak Harbor Golf Club, Slidell. Since this was the first golf event, we quickly learned that fund raising through golf outings takes a lot of work and consumes a lot of time and does not pay off well the first year or two. For the first year and in some cases even two years many organizations are still working on just establishing a name and raising awareness of their existence. This was very true for us, and the most rewarding experience in the process was that of connecting with local

businesses and making them aware of our ministry and the services we offer to help create positive and progressive communities. In all we were able to establish relationships with about fifteen local businesses, four ministries, and a number of individuals who are interested in the ministry of GSLI. The tournament itself was also negatively affected by a possible hurricane, which kept most of those who had expressed interest, in the comfort of their own homes. We are thankful to those business owners, ministry organizations and individuals who supported our first year golf outing. We are looking forward to more partners in 2011.

Texas Road House Fundraising Dinner “Networking with integrity creates a greater willingness of all parties to be part of a human conduit to serve as energy resources to one another.”

In the process of networking for the golf outing, we were offered an opportunity for more fundraising by Texas Roadhouse in Slidell. On the night of August the 24th the restaurant hosted a 10% donation night for GSLI. Again, this event opened up several opportunities for us introduce ourselves to a number of people in the Greater New Orleans Area who did not know about GSLI. Since we only had a month between the two events, it

proved to be quite a task to convince people to participate in the donation night. We were able to host about fifty people that night, and about a third or so of those people did not know about GSLI, which gave us an opportunity to tell them about our ministry. According to Chris London, “Networking with integrity creates a greater willingness of all parties to be part of a human conduit to serve as energy resources to one another.” This has been true for us through some of these fundraising partnerships.

Leadership Legacy Program 2011

Igniting positive values in the upcoming generations.

People development is the foundation for community development, and as we train one leader at a time we add quality to the community. GSLI highly prioritizes establishing a legacy for the generations to come, and to this end the Leadership Legacy Program is a vision to reach out to the youth to mentor them with positive leadership principles and concepts. Because we are serious about developing healthy and creative

communities, we are intentional about educating and mentoring the youth and instilling within them a positive approach to leadership. The vision is to reach out to the youth using learning environments that involve them and their peers and through areas of interest such as sports, games, and the arts. The Leadership Legacy Program will be a five day seminar style youth leadership training and development

initiative hosted by GSLI. During the five days, students engage in interactive, artistic, athletic events and workshops with their peers while learning how to be active and responsible community leaders, creative problem solvers and visionary citizens. GSLI also envisions partnerships with public figures whose achievements appeal to today’s youth to serve as instructors and guest speakers.


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Navigating Ministry In The City Navigating Ministry In The City is a seminar that was hosted by GSLI for the main purpose of communicating some cultural issues and dynamics of ministry in the Greater New Orleans Area. Unlike other urban settings within the United States, the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans have a unique culture. It is this unique culture that calls for unique ministry practices and methods. The seminar was designed to help church planters and ministry teams with their approach to doing ministry in the Greater New Orleans Area.

We had a good team of speakers which comprised of Stan Helton (D.Min), Wilbur Reid (Candidate for a Ph.D. Regent University), Jimmy Fox III (Special Agent in Charge - DEA, NOLA), and Gerald Taylor Sr. (The Church At New Orleans East church planter).

Poverty and Understanding the Drug Culture.

Stan Helton shared from his own experiences at the time he was ministering to one of the congregations in the downtown area of New Orleans. Mr. Jimmy Fox also highlighted the drug culture and its implications Every session was presented on doing ministry in this in a way that was helpful to area, and this session was the participants, and in a way highly informative and the that shed a lot of light on how statistics presented a new to minister effectively in this reality to some participants. urban setting. Two of the This was a very good sessions were helpful to seminar and we plan on most of the participants, and hosting another one of its these were Navigating kind in the next year.

Business Leadership Consulting GSLI business leadership consulting service is tailored for individuals, business owners (sole proprietors), small, and medium sized businesses. There is a very familiar saying, “if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will keep on getting the same results,” and it is unfortunate that numerous businesses are caught using the same practices while expecting different results. A traditional approach to business management can have the negative effect of reducing effectiveness and

developed and communicated, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership/ management model or team under review. The last stage of the process is to advise the client about the necessary steps needed to implement a specific plan, including communicating the timelines involved in executing the plan. Major Benefits of The GSLI Business Leadership Consulting:

profitability, but this can be overcome by seeking a more progressive approach to business management. The GSLI business leadership consulting helps individuals and business organizations maximize their effectiveness, by improving leadership ability, work ethic, and team building. As practices and solutions for leadership change frequently, even daily, many small businesses fail to cope with the changes.

In such cases, it is of great benefit to bring in an outside source to help with navigating through the change process. GSLI uses a support-based consulting model with a progressive approach. The consulting model involves engaging in day-to-day leadership/ management operations with the client for a specific amount of time while compiling an analysis. After the compilation of the analysis, a plan of action is

Leadership training that inspires employees to function efficiently based on job description Encourage healthy staff relationships within the business environment Help management and employees understand the importance of time management Prepare management and employees for problems and challenges of the business environment Offer business solutions relevant to current trends

“Our mission for leadership and management consulting is to help create healthy business environments, improve business operations and encourage proprietors to maximize on proactive leadership.”

Building Lives By Training Leaders. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Gulf South Leadership Institute is to ignite innovative, healthy, and progressive leadership and management practices within various social contexts, including but not limited to churches, faith-based or non-profit organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and families.

VISION STATEMENT The Gulf South Leadership Institute seeks to promote a higher standard of living, based on constructive leadership and management practices.



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Introducing the Gulf South Leadership Institute Catalog On behalf of Gulf South Leadership Institute, I am happy to inform you that we will soon be distributing our new catalog. This is a document that I believe is going to help us better communicate our services to potential students, clients and even donors and partners. In a day and age where marketing is essential for any organization, it is my hope that we will reach out to a bigger audience as we clearly communicate our purpose for existence and the services that we offer. A significant amount of work has been invested into this document, and I would like to thank all those who have helped with the editing of the text, the graphic layout and overall appearance. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated and

thank you for using your gifts to make this project a success.

In conclusion, I would like to also take this moment to appeal to those of you with the resources or The catalog will be featured on our who know someone possessing new look website at the beginning of resources to help us mass produce 2011. Making this available as an our catalog as a donation to the electronic document will minimize Institute, to let me know. This is a cost and make it available to all who 16 page, 11 X 8.5 document, and visit our website. we would like to have at least 150 professionally printed copies to start with. Thank you for making 2010 a year of progress, success and learning for the Gulf South Leadership Institute team and we look forward to a more successful 2011. May I also invite you to send us your suggestions, if you have any, of how we can better our services and communication. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

GSLI Fall Newsletter 2010  

Hightlights of the later part of the year 2010 from Gulf South Leadership Institute.

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