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“Inspiring Leadership, Building Communities”


Gulf South


Coaching & Consulting

Organizational Leadership

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leadership or management teams.

Programs and services offered by the Gulf South Leadership Institute team are designed to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency for individuals in leadership and

ministry teams, nonprofits, parachurch organizations, business management teams, and career mentoring and workforce readiness for youth.

Gulf South Leadership Institute (GSLI) is a non-profit organization providing leadership and management resources and solutions for church leadership teams,

Gulf South Leadership Institute

training and consulting for ministry leadership teams, church staff, para-church organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Our programs and services are designed to inspire effectiveness and excellence for ministry personnel. Services are designed with consideration for the three important factors that influence the choice of a training or consulting

services are designed to assist leaders by offering

tools and resources that facilitate effectiveness in all

leadership and management tasks. It is our belief that

healthy leaders inspire healthy communities and we

assist leaders from a holistic perspective. Our team

offers assistance to meet the personal, professional,

and spiritual needs of leaders and managers.

Andy Stanley - North Point Community Church.

overwhelming without the right resources or tools.

crisis and fulfilling a mission can be extremely

planning, leading through change, leading through

fundraising, developing and pursuing vision, strategic

organizational culture, establishing effective teams,

ministries and organizations, developing an effective

and pressure. The challenges of growing effective

Today’s leaders operate under intense conditions

“All of us want to live lives that count. I just feel like God has raised up Ministry Ventures to help all of us... To make a bigger impact with our time, resources, talent, and money.”

program: Availability, Affordability, and Accessibility.

Gulf South Leadership Institute offers leadership

Gulf South Leadership Institute’s programs and

Progams & Services

“Inspiring Leadership, Building Lives”


Various ministry and nonprofit organizations face challenges which often reduce effectiveness, productivity, or profitability, and in most cases a well-trained and prepared leadership or management team is one of the solutions for overcoming these challenges. Gulf South Leadership Institute offers leadership training and consulting for organizations to inspire effectiveness, productivity as well as significant impact on talent retention and attraction.





outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership or management team under review. Finally, a follow up plan is implemented to ensure continued

amount of time while assessing and compiling an analysis. After the compilation of the analysis, a plan of action is developed and communicated,

The Gulf South Leadership Institute consulting model is support-based, and Involves engaging in day-to-day management operations for a specific

Consulting Approach

providing relevant administrative tools and resources your aid the ministry or organizaton.

that faciliates the high quality leadership guidance addressing specific needs as well as

Our assessment process is designed to offer an analysis of your ministry or organization

teams to empower them to overcome leadership and management challenges.

Gulf South Leadership Institute partners with ministry leaders and ministry leadership

leaders and their teams resulting in effective ministry or pursuit of cause and mission.

The ultimate purpose of every consulting project is to improve the performance of

leadership teams within ministries, nonprofit organizations, or business environments.

and applicable concepts to help improve the performance of individual leaders and

diagnostic framework used in the assessment process is designed to provide transparent

tool to aid in the the process of training and developing leaders and leadership teams. The

Gulf South Leadership Institute offers organizational assessment that functions as a diagnostic

team under consultation and solution steps for team development strategy are offered, clearly outlininig the time commitment and process.

assessment are carefully noted and recorded. At the end of the determined assessment period results are communicated to the organizational

project engage with the organizational team to observe day-to-day operations. Strengths and challenges of the leadership team under

Assessment is the first phase of the training and consulting approach, and during this phase the GSLI team assigned to the organizational

Organizational Assessment

Business solutions relevant to current trends and specific environments

Prepare leaders and leadership teams for problems and challenges of the work environment

Help management and employees understand the importance of time managment

Encourage healthy staff relationships within organizations or ministry environments

Leadership training that inspires leaders and teams to funtion effectively based on job description


working environments, improve organizational operations, and encourage proactive leadership.

leadership ability, work ethic, and team building. Our mission is to help create high performance

GSLI commits to help individuals and teams maximize their effectiveness by improving

for positive outcomes.

the employment of exceptional policies to design, plan, and execute each consulting assignment

promote effectiveness and efficiency. The process of implementing these principles involves

leadership teams with current and relevant leadership and management principles designed to

build effective ministry and working environments. This is done by equipping leaders and

Gulf South Leadership Institute offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to help organiztions

Organizational Advising

Developing personnel policies and procedures Writing various guiding documents and manuals Facilitating strategic planning Providing Team building and crisis management solutions Interim ministry services Facilitating ministry seminars and workshops Exempt status (501 c 3) applications for ministry and faith-based organizations Offering crisis management services

• • • • • • • • •

Designing and assembling organizational structures

We assist ministry and organizational teams in various ways, including but not limited to:

This is the most active part of the consulting process both for the consultant and the client.

We endeavor to offer the best tools and resources to facilitate effectiveness and profitability.

based on prevailing Finally, a follow up plan is implemented to ensure continued effectiveness.

constantly changing service market environments call for relevantly designed leadership systems and administrative approaches, we offer assistance

Institute assists organizations by proposing the of action and allowing the organization to choose the most feasible way to implement the plan. The

action that is specific to identified or communicated needs. Since leadership and management solutions are organization specific, Gulf South Leadership

Our main objective is to empower ministry and organizational leadership teams or individual leaders by working together to implement an objective plan of


Leadership Institute benefits from over fifty volunteers each year and we are thankful for the time, experience and expertise invested by each volunteer.

to help us increase the quaility of our programs and service. Another vital form of partnership that we cannot overlook is our volunteers. Gulf South

services to our clients. The invitation to partners with Gulf South Leadership Institute is a continuous invitation and we continue to invite more partners

ministries and churches, foundations, and businesses that play a vital role of supporting us and making sure we are able to provide the best programs and

to build lives is a great undertaking , and as such calls for a collaboration of resources and tools. We are very grateful for all our individual partners,

The success of Gulf South Leadership Institute’s programs ans services depend a great deal on partnerships. The mission of inspiring leadership


Kenner, LA

Todd Petty - Lead Pastor, Hillside Discipleship Church

Lapeer, Michigan

Gulf South Leadership Institute is an available resource for the Body of Christ.

their roles and responsibilities

Rodney Micheal - Lead Pastor, Journey Christian Church

not have the expertise in-house to walk through such a process. So glad the

Workin wth individual leaders to help them gain a better understanding of

is now allowing our church to see the growth that God intended. We simply did

Facilitating leadership training sessions

document to facilitate the development of a ministry management system that

ministry teams and leaders

to work with our ministry leadership team on site to lay out an effective


current mininstry policy manual. This manual has been an outstanding guiding

We contacted Gulf South Leadership Institute, and Mr. Mutonono was able

Working with us to help create healthier lines of communication amongst

Developing the best strategy for use of time, energy and resources for

to implement the necessary organizational structure to support our ministry.

accomplish our mission and vision by:

at the time, we quickly came to the conclusion that something needed to be done

to help us make them function more effectively. GSLI has helped us bettter

organizational plan as well as guide us through the process of developing our

and structures to sustain that growth. Together with the leadership team in place

has taken the time to move through various various ministries in our church

Shaping our policies and procedures within each ministry setting

growth that we were experiencing did not have the adequate leadership systems

accomplish our mission and vision as a church. In the past year Mr. Mutonono

As the senior pastor serving a church that was only two years old I realized that the

Gulf South Leadership Institute has been an incredible partner in helping us

Client Responses

Board of Directors

Village Lutheran Church in Lacombe, LA.

retirement, she helps people make informed decisions to stay on track with their set goals. Karen and her husband are both members of The

develop a financial strategy that’s customized for them. From strategies to help individuals and families grow their assets to preparing for

them requires preparation and planning. As a Financial Associate, Karen helps individuals and families assess their current situation and

Karen Gould is a Financial Associate with the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Central Gulf Coast Team. No matter what your goals, achieving

Karen Gould


She has two grown sons and she been a great asset to Gulf South Leadership Institute in the past two years serving as bookkeeper and board

and Esthetic MD in Slidell, LA. Geri’s working experience also includes working in the education system as a substitute teacher and bus driver.

includes serving as full charge bookkeeper with Slidell Glass for about seven years. She is currently working as a bookkeeper for Savoie Realty

bookkeeper with extensive knowledge and experience managing accounting and financial records. Geri’s extensive bookkeeping experience

Geralyn (Geri) Kittel has worked as a bookkeeper and accountant for various companies. Her career goal is to be a dynamic and highly efficient

Geri Kittel

where Karen serves as choir director at the Village Church, Luthean, in Lacombe.

them through training and a strong work ethic. Gerald and his wife Karen Hoyt have three children and four grandchildren. They live in Slidell

While teaching at an alternative high school in Texas, Gerald worked with students to expand their vision and explore the opportunities open to

Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree. He has served as church pastor, military chaplain, and high school teacher.

Chaplain, U.S. Air Force in 1994. He has lived in 10 states, D.C. Korea and Guam. Gerald is a graduate of Louisiana College and New Orleans

Gerald R. Knighton is Chaplain for Hospice of St. Tammany Hospital. He served as Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps and retired as a Major,

Gerald Knighton

Pastor Paul brings a wealth of networking experience and resources to the Gulf South Leadership Institute Board of Directors.

wife Peggy have three children and Peggy works as a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines. As a well known leader in the community,

Peggy own two classic cars, a 1970 Chevy truck and a 1969 VW Beetle convertible. He also enjoys fishing. Pastor Paul and his

Pastor Paul enjoys a few hobbies: working on classic cars and riding his Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle. Him and his wife

Village since 2007. He is a second career pastor, his first career having been in the automotive parts industry.

Paul Ernewein is the pastor at The Village Church - Lutheran in Lacombe, LA. Pastor Paul Ernewein has been a pastor here at the

Paul Ernewein

Board of Directors

currently volunteer with the Gulf South Leadership Institute both as technical writer and non-voting board member.

Trainer, and Technical Support Analyst/Helpdesk Manager Assistant for several firms in the Maryland/Virginia/District of Columbia areas. She is

has been employed in a variety of positions: System Analyst/Administrator, Network Administrator, Technical Writer, Software Tester, End User

Discharged in 1992. She received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University, Fredericksburg Virginia. She

A Veteran of the United States Air Force (active & reserve duties), who performed the duties of a Legal Services Specialist, and was Honorably

Dale Nunnery

great asset to the Gulf South Leadership Institute team.

children and is happily married to his wife Cecelia Wellington. Bishop Wellington’s involvement within the Slidell community has made him a

also been instrumental as the Director of Foreign Missions for the United Pentecostal Church Section 12 of the Louisiana District. He has five

Center a men’s transitional housing program in Slidell, LA. He also served as the Executive Director of Community Christian Concern, and has

of Sierra Leone, West Africa and he has traveled extensively around the world. His leadership roles include serving as the director of Miramon

Bishop Eugene Wellington (sr.) is the founder and pastor of The El-Bethel Apostolic Church in Slidell, Louisiana. Bishop Wellington is a native

Eugene Wellington (Sr)

she’s not working or volunteering you can find her celebrating life with friends and family, joyfully being a friend, daughter, aunt, and godmother.

and better the community that supports her business. Amanda is on several boards and she’s involved with a number of organizations. When

become more involved the community. She loves living in Slidell and feels as though it’s not only her duty but her privilege to work to support

in 2011, Amanda had worked as a manager in the jewelery store since 2004. After purchasing Champagne Jewelers Amanda committed to

Amanda Hover is a proud local entrepreneur and owner of Champagne Jewelers in Slidell, LA. Before assuming ownership of the business

Amanda Hover

place, in this lifetime, to serve.”

mother of one son, Zane Jones, and step-mother to Jessika and Jerome Jones. Her motto is – “We are here, with our talents, at this time, in this

Chairperson for the years 1994 to 1997. She has served as the steward in three of the four offices in which she worked. Ms. Brown is the proud

been an active member in the National Weather Service Employee’s Organization (NWSEO). She served as the NWSEO Southern Region

Program for twenty-two parishes in southeastern Louisiana and eight Mississippi counties, including the Mississippi Gulf coast. Ms. Brown has

Service (NWS) Forecast Office (WFO) at New Orleans/Baton Rouge LA, located in Slidell, LA. Ms. Brown manages the Hydrologic Services

Patricia A. Brown (Jones) is the Senior Service Hydrologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather

Patricia Brown

Suite 5

Gulf South Leadership Institute 1290 Seventh Street Slidell, LA 70458 (985) 641 8427

Gsli ministry consulting 2014  

Gulf South Leadership Institute Ministry Consulting services catalog.

Gsli ministry consulting 2014  

Gulf South Leadership Institute Ministry Consulting services catalog.