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Issue 51 - June 2013

Protect your profits and reputation against the rising threat of fuel theft


ondon alone saw a 23.7 % rise in recorded fuel thefts from vehicles, with just 11 of these resulting in a prosecution in 2012. Thieves are resorting to either siphoning out fuel directly from the tank, or drilling holes through the bottom of the vehicle to gain access to the fuel tank. The impact this can have on your profit margins is devastating. Chrys Rampley, security manager for the Road Haulage Association (RHA), explains that fuel taken from vehicles that are parked in lay-bys and depots can “wipe out the profit margin on a single job.� The repair of possible damage to your vehicle, coupled with the replacement of the fuel that has been stolen is simply the initial cost that may be incurred. The driver downtime may also eat into your profits, while unhappy customers can easily lead to a loss of business. Many companies have invested in CCTV systems in order to deter thieves from committing theft from a vehicle. However, the increases in fuel theft have failed to abate and fleet owners are now looking for a more innovative solution to protect their fuel and therefore their profits. GSS can provide a fuel alarm system to prevent thieves from getting away with crippling attacks on your fleet. When the ignition is switched off the alarm system automatically activates and provides constant surveillance of the vehicle's fuel and battery to prevent any attempts at tampering or theft. No operator action is required to provide full anti-theft cover whilst the vehicle is stationery – it is fully automatic. Once triggered, the system can send a text message or an e-mail to Registered Office Brooke House, John Hyrne Way Longwater Business Park Norwich NR5 0AF t f

01 603 447000 01 603 447001


Over the last few years crude oil prices have steadily risen, giving thieves the opportunity and motivation to capitalise on these high prices

multiple contacts including key holders or security companies to advise them of possible theft. The system also comes with some additional options that make an attempt to steal fuel from your vehicle that much more difficult. A camera can also be fitted with the system to assist the authorities in identifying the perpetrators any attempted fuel theft on your vehicle. A 120 decibel alarm can also be integrated to alert anyone nearby that one of your vehicles has been compromised. LED lights can also act as a deterrent when used in conjunction with the fuel alarm system as they provide a visual deterrent to opportunists and career criminals alike who might have desires on the contents of your fuel tank. While fuel theft is certainly on the increase, the oil based products that power your engine are not the only lucrative prospects on your vehicle that might attract thieves. The fuel alarm system provided by GSS also detects any tampering with your battery. The value of modern car batteries is well known to anyone who relies on fleet vehicles to power their business. It is therefore essential that they receive the same degree of detection as your fuel. Similarly, the system has the capability to raise the alarm if your catalytic converter is tampered with.

e w @gsldardan


Join our childcare benefit scheme... As you may already be aware, GSL Dardan operate a childcare voucher scheme in partnership with the employee benefit supplier WiderPlan. Their child care voucher scheme, Kiddicare, is designed to allow parents to afford high quality childcare. In contrast to most government benefits, there are no claim forms for childcare vouchers, making them an easy way to save money. The vouchers are then paid to employees through salary sacrifice, whereby parents receive their vouchers instead of part of their salary. All childcare vouchers are free of tax and national insurance.

You can receive childcare vouchers of up to £55 a week (or £243 a month) from your employer, depending on your earnings. Broadly speaking, basic-rate taxpayers can receive up to £55 a week (or £243 a month), higher-rate taxpayers can receive up to £28 a week (or £124 a month) and additional-rate taxpayers can receive up to £25 a week (or £110 a month). If you ordered your childcare vouchers before 6th April 2011, you can receive up to £55 per week of childcare vouchers regardless of your tax band. To provide maximum flexibility for parents, Kiddicare provide the option to mix-and-match

between electronic payments and paper vouchers. Electronic vouchers can be paid automatically to the nominated carer on the parent's payday. Alternatively parents can schedule regular payments to their carer on a weekly, fort-nightly, monthly or four-weekly basis. Physical vouchers can be printed at home, email vouchers can be forwarded to the carer and postal vouchers can be delivered to the parents address. KiddiVouchers can be used to pay for many kinds of childcare, including: Ÿ Nurseries Ÿ Childminders Ÿ Holiday play-schemes Ÿ Before and after-school care Ÿ Nannies and au-pairs

To enrol on the GSL Dardan childcare benefit scheme, go to: And enter the following Scheme Reference:


Save up to 15% at high street retailers with MyPayRewards MyPayRewards charge a monthly membership fee of £1.50 but as this is taken directly from the cash back you have already earned, this costs you nothing! This membership fee is only charged if your account has been active in the last three months, for example if you have ordered cards, loaded funds or redeemed your cash back. The first time you access MyPayRewards you will be asked to enter contact details in order to register for the service. Once you have registered you will be able to access MyPayRewards through the banner adverts on your payslip or by going directly to the website at and clicking the login option.

Due to the fact that GSL Dardan is a recipient of a secure ePayslip service provided by SSL Post, all our employees who receive an electronic payslip have access to a u n i q u e e m p l oye e b e n ef i t s o ffe r i n g ca l l e d MyPayRewards. MyPayRewards features over 50 of the UK's major retailers, including ASDA, Sainsburys, Argos, Boots and many more. By using Gift Cards provided by MyPayRewards, you will receive cash back on purchases between 4% and 15%, which can save you over £600 per year. Every time a gift card has been loaded with credit you earn cash back which can be used or left to accumulate in your account to pay for special occasions such as holidays or Christmas.


Mark and Woody reach 1 year milestone This milestone is met with an annual renewal of licence with NASDU to assess both handler and dog meet the national standard for deployment. Woody and Mark demonstrated good search deployments on assessment and successfully renewed their team licence. Well Done Mark and Woody! Mark said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Woody so far and look forward to our next deployment, where we will be delivering the same quality of service that our clients have been accustomed to.� If you would like to know more about GSL Dardan's drugs dog operations please call Steve Cook, Operations Manager on 01603 732253 or email

Congratulations to Aileen and Toby GSL Dardan are an associate company of NASDU and follow their code of practice in relation to dog training and operational deployment.NASDU is the recognised representative body for the security dog user sector and over the years has assisted the security industry, the government, the media and many other authorities with advice and comment. Aileen successfully completed her three week initial course which comprised of health and safety, RSPCA 5 freedoms, dog grooming, care and maintenance, obedience, drug awareness, drug dog deployment and search techniques. The course is continually assessed with written and practical assessments culminating in a final written exam and search deployment assessment. Congratulations to Aileen and our new pro active drug detection dog Toby. They will be deployed for our offshore clients in Aberdeen.


Drug Dog Ben Retires after 9 years Ben has served as a proactive drug dog based at Bristow helicopters in Aberdeen for the last 9 years. Alongside his handler John Wilson, he has searched baggage travelling offshore for our clients. John and Ben have also performed some visits to schools in the region to promote drug awareness, proving very popular with staff and children alike. Everyone here at GSL Dardan would like to thank Ben for his hard work over the years and wish him a very long and happy retirement. He will be living out his retirement with handler John, although they don’t both get to rest as John will continue his role as an aviation security officer for the Bristow group. Ben will recieve his company pension of food and vet bills for life. Thanks Ben.

365 days Lost Time Incident (LTI) Free An LTI occurs when an individual is injured in the execution of his or her duties and as a result of this injury is unable to perform his or her regular duties for one shift or more on the day following the day which the injury occurred. This is the first time since the merger with Gardwell Security in 2009 we have reached this achievement and every single employee should be congratulated for the role they play in reaching this milestone. Our employees face unique challenges and risks every day and this achievement stands as a testament of the commitment of every single individual within the business. We urge all to maintain their vigilance so that we can build on this excellent achievement.

Training Centre BJT & Conflict Management Aidan Mulhall

Aberdeen First Aid Course

J Poulton D Boyce J Paul

Migration Solutions Scira Migration Solutions

Aviation Security Level 1 Refresher

K Milne P Lang

Bond Norwich Office New Starts

Aidan Mulhall Aaron Matthews Mark Shelsher

Aberdeen AAWR Yarmouth CSO Norwich

Well Done....

Thank you...

Well done to the Aviation Security Team in Aberdeen on a recent find. Kelly Linton discovered several vials of liquid whilst x-raying passenger baggage. The baggage was returned for a further search and the items concerned were concealed within socks and other items of clothing. On inspection by Neal Morrison and George Greenhowe these were found to be a controlled substance.

Thank you to Maggie Clawley. Maggie has been with us for approximately 5 and a half year, serving a number of locations with distinction, but is now retiring in order to spend more time with her husband Danny, also a former GSL officer, who had in turn served the company for approximately 2 years and retired at the end of February.

Another good find by the team. Steve Cook Regional Manager

Thank you for all your hard work and all the best for the future from everyone at GSL Dardan. Jeremy Pye Regional Manager


De-bunking megapixel camera cost myths There is a perception amongst consumers of security systems and related products, that megapixel camera systems are traditionally more expensive than their analogue predecessor. Indeed, it stands to reason that the more modern technology might command a higher price, to allow for research and development and other costs. However, if you seek to understand the value of mega pixel camera systems in comparison to an analogue security camera system, the debate becomes less straightforward. In order to balance the value for money associated with the two camera system technologies, it is important to take a system wide approach. This allows the user to measure the benefits and demonstrate the cost effectiveness and return on investment of installing a megapixel camera system. The truth of the matter is that in terms of quality and performance, you get what you pay for. When you buy a surveillance camera, what you are really purchasing is the ability to view and record video footage that achieves the goals relevant to your location or business. For example, if you were concerned about shrinkage, you might consider installing internal cameras to monitor the activities of your staff and customers. This might require a certain set of characteristics from your camera system. Alternatively, you might

New Systems Jobs

be worried about vandalism and theft in your car park, in which case a camera system that performs better to another set of environmental specifications is necessary. Whether you need to provide facial identification, recognise license plates or capture numbers from shipping crates, megapixel cameras do a better job or capturing more information than standard-resolution cameras. If you think about the concept of “pixels per metre” (i.e. a certain number of pixels are required to depict one metre of a scene for a specific application), then it follows that a greater amount of pixels allows you to depict a larger area. You might therefore need to use just three or four strategically placed megapixel camera to cover the area of your car park, where ten standard resolution cameras would have been needed. The “pixels per metre” parameter is a useful tool in conducting a quantitative evaluation of the sorts of costs you might incur by installing a surveillance camera system. You can use it to decide exactly how many cameras you might need to survey a pre-designated area and then compare the relevant set up costs with resolution to get an accurate estimate of your total cost. The total cost of installing the system is therefore a far better measure of the value you are receiving from your surveillance camera system.

Product of the Month HD SMAC-M is a revolutionary video compression technology developed by TeleEye specially for high definition video surveillance and CCTV application

Intruder alarm upgrade for Mr Selvam, Norwich

CCTV works for HJ Heinz, Worstead Intruder alarm installation for W.S. Lusher, Norwich Lone Worker/ Personal Attack system installation for Imperial Commericals, Spalding CCTV Upgrade with 5 year all inclusive Rental for API Techonlogies, Great Yarmouth

Networked ‘Access control system’ for Applied Satellite Technology, Norwich

.HD SMAC-M is the first multi-stream video coder for HD video in the market that outputs 4 optimal and independent digital video streams instead of a single one. HD SMAC-M compresses better and records 60% longer than MPEG-4. This saves HDD cost and delivers "No Compromise" on both HD video recording and video surveillance functions.

Characteristics Ÿ Specially designed for TeleEye MX Series HD Video Camera. Ÿ Separate data streams for recording & transmission Ÿ Output: 4 independent digital video streams at different bit

rates, real-time video recording, LAN, ADSL & mobile channel Ÿ Simultaneous HD video recording & fast video transmission


Client Profile Apprenticeships Bringing an apprentice into your business cannot only brings in new talent and fresh ideas but, with the right training, can help fulfill your specialist skills needs. NCS offers a wide range of apprenticeships including t h o s e w i t h i n t h e M o t o r Ve h i c l e , Construction, Hospitality, Hairdressing, Customer Service, Business Administration, Health and Social Care sectors. Contact us to see how we can support your needs.

We also recognise it's a changing and challenging economy and we'll be there to advise and guide you during the tough times too. NCS can offer: 路HR consultancy offering advice and guidance on recruitment, training and restructure; offering you and your workforce support through tailored provision. 路IT services 路Health and Safety advice and support, including first aid 路Short, bespoke training programmes The College is also able to offer conference, classroom and theatre hire with full catering, free Wi-Fi and IT services.

Training and Support Services High quality training is essential for your business, your people and the future success of your industry. Our aim is to provide the best training solution for your needs and to ensure you have a positive return on your investment. We achieve this through our flexible consultation and delivery approach, working with you at your premises or in College. By tailoring our training services to your needs, you'll benefit from a trained and skilled workforce that will bring innovation, competitive edge and sustainability to your business. Our knowledge and understanding of skills shortages, industry qualifications, e m p l oy m e nt i s s u e s a n d co nt i n u e d professional development means we can help your business thrive.

Higher Education With small class sizes and dedicated staff who are all well qualified and maintain up-to-date industry related experience, NCS is highly experienced in helping students keep on track by providing a range of support, guidance and facilities. Contact us to learn more about our growing range of industry related HNCs, HNDs and Foundation Degrees.

As part of the College's programme of continual innovation and improvement, a new, multi-million pound development has recently been approved in partnership with Stamford Association Football Club and Burghley House Preservation Trust. This exciting new facility will contain a football stadium, sports hall, gym and associated teaching and changing rooms. Curriculum Our outstanding reputation for student support and achievement, coupled with superb facilities and resources, provides an exceptional learning environment and positive progression opportunities. Currently topping the table for 16-18 education success in the East Midlands, our students and trainees frequently shine in local and national competitions, progressing further to make positive contributions to the economic prosperity of the local community.

NCS has been using GSL Dardan for some time to act as key holder for three of our sites in Stamford; attending out of hours alarm calls and carrying out patrols during the Christmas two week break. In the past GLS Dardan has also carried out daytime and evening security patrols and locked up after evening classes.



Barbara Doxey, the College's Estates Manager, praised the service provided, commenting:

GSL Dardan operatives are always smartly dressed, courteous and professional

01780 484340 e-mail:

Employee Profile My name is Martin McCormack and I have been with GSL Dardan since my partner and I moved back to the area in late February 2013. Prior to joining GSL Dardan I served 8 years in the Armed Forces , serving in the Parachute Regiment. I completed a tour of duty to Afghanistan and various other roles from jumping out of perfectly serviceable planes to giving presentations to school leavers and I have now returned to civilian life. The skills I have picked up while serving in the armed forcesI believe will make me a valued team member of the company. I am enjoying working for GSL Dardan, helping operations in the Ipswich office as I enjoy the challenge and enjoy being busy. I am looking forward to a long and successful career within company and hope to become a strong trusted and successful Team leader. I look forward to meeting and working with you all.


Environmental Zone Top tips for saving energy in the office...


Switch off computers and any other electronic devices when not in use. - All equipment should be switched off at the end of the working period. - Ensure your PC is set up to energy saving mode. - Switch off PC when in meetings and away from your desk for more than 15mins. - Do not leave electrical equipment on standby


Switch off lights when not in use. Last person in the office should switch off all lighting within the area – leaving corridor and walkway lighting switched on - Switch to low energy lighting, using only one fifth of normal energy


Don’t use more light than is necessary. - Make the most of natural light by keeping window space clear. - Switch off office lighting if natural light meets your needs.


Keep doors and windows closed, and draught-proof, in cold weather. - If working conditions become too hot, the simple solution is to turn down the heating. - Contact site managers if your space heating is set too high.


Leave plenty of space around radiators to allow efficient heating of the room. - Radiators have to use more energy if they are blocked by furniture.


Don’t put hot equipment, i.e. photocopiers, close to cooling vents. The cooling system will use more energy in order to carry out its normal function.


Ensure central heating thermostat is kept at a constant 19°C, and turn off when office is not in use. - Heating costs can increase by 8% by raising the temperature set point by just one degree.


Ensure the thermostat is located away from draughts or hot and cold areas. - Extremes in temperature will automatically increase heating costs.


Don’t heat unused space. - Empty rooms or corridors do not need to be heated to the same extent as those that are in constant use. Maintain equipment properly. - Failure to conduct regular checks on heating equipment can result in large increases in bills.


Service Recognition 15 years

5 years

Neil Cossey - Shell Bacton David Singleton - Shell Bacton Ian Macfarlane - Norwich Control Kevin James Coates - Norwich Control

Rikki Keene - Systems Malcolm Hagger - Norwich Mobile Patrol William Mansell - Gardman Kings Lynn Colin Milton - British Pipeline Agency David Creek - Norwich Mobile Patrol James Smith - Norwich Mobile Patrol James Welshman - Perenco Nicholas Copeman - Norwich Mobile/Target Follow

Safety Bulletin At the risk of “counting chickens” I’m presenting an improving picture – as an encouragement. 7

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All reports of accidents and incidents above. Performance adjusted for the size of the workforce (per thousand equivalent) below since 2009. 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Robin Burden, 07734 059680

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