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The Value Of A CPA Certification There are many different types and levels of accountants. Usually, the only education requirement to get a job in this field is a bachelor of science in accounting. However, many young professionals are discovering the value of a CPA certification. CPAs are specially licensed professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in all of the skills needed by meeting higher education requirements and fulfilling minimum required work experience. They have also passed a very lengthy and difficult CPA exam designed to ensure that only those with the knowledge, experience, and ethics earn their CPA license. CPA Tier System Most states have what is known as a one tier system where applicants are only qualified to apply the initials CPA after their names if they have met all the requirements for licensure. However, there are some states that use a two tier system. Here, one can have a CPA certification without being licensed to function as one. This tier is used by those with the education requirements met who have passed the national exam, but lack the necessary work experience to obtain a license. Even without a license, those who are certified usually earn higher salaries than those with simply a bachelor's degree. This is in recognition of the extra hours devoted to learning the skills needed to act as a CPA. These employees are also placed in positions of higher authority within their companies than those who have not taken the examination. Skills to Pay the Bills The image that most people get when they think of someone with a CPA certification is merely someone trained in filling out tax forms. However, this is far from accurate. In fact, anyone can fill out these forms. However, a CPA who signs his/her name to them takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on them. This is a great deal more responsibility than that taken on by lower level finance professionals and bookkeepers. -------------------Too keep reading the article, visit the best FREE CPA Exam site on the web. If the link does not work, you can type on your address bar:

The Value Of A CPA Certification