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The Juliette program is Girl Scouting custom-made for you! It’s a great way to mix and match your interests with Girl Scout participation through special events, outdoor experiences, leadership projects, and travel opportunities that improve your skills and meet your intrests and needs. If you love art and music, focus your efforts on earning those badges and visiting local museums. Grab your parent/caregiver and visit a local music festival. No need to plan or organize with anyone else. Just get up and go! The Juliette program is available to all girls Kindergarten through 12th grade. As a Juliette, you’re in the drivers seat of your own personal leadership adventure. You can participate in everything that is available to your grade level. Working with a parent or adult mentor, you will decide what activities you want to participate in, badges you want to earn, or Leadership Journeys you want to embark on. Plus:




Why “Juliette”? We call individually registered members “Juliettes” in honor of Girl Scouts’ founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Born in Savannah, Georgia, on October 31, 1860, Juliette Gordon Low, or “Daisy” as she was fondly called, spent her early life in the South as a member of a socially and financially elite family. After the death of her husband, Low met Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, the founders of the Boy Scouts, which inspired her to create Girl Scouts of USA.


Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls. We’re 2.8 million strong - 2.8 million girls and adults who believe girls can change the world. At Girl Scouts, guided by supportive adults and peers, girls develop their leadersip potential through age-appropriate activities that enable them to DISCOVER their values, skills, and and the world around them; CONNECT with others in a multicultural environment; and TAKE ACTION to make a difference in their world.

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Grades K-1

Brownie Grades 2-3


Grades 4-5

Cadette Grades 6-8


Grades 9-10

Ambassador Grades 11-12


Our Council

01. Council Level

There are 111 Girl Scout councils in the United States. The staff at each local Girl Scout council coordinates and provides services for girls and volunteers. Your local council is: Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) GSHPA is made up of 30 counties in Northeast and Central PA. Currently we serve over 17,000 girls, and we rely heavily on our valuable volunteers to provide an exceptional Girl Scout experience.


ce Unit i v



Service Unit (SU)

As a Girl Scout Member, you are part of a Girl Scout Service Unit. A service unit is designed to serve the Girl Scouts within one large community or several smaller communities. An SU is made up of troops, Juliettes, and Service Unit volunteers. Troop Leaders, other adult volunteers, and SU volunteers meet regularly to exchange ideas, present program resources and trainings, host girl and volunteer events, and share council programming opportunities. Service Units are supported by council staff, called Volunteer Support Coordinators. Your Volunteer Support Coordinator is your go-to staff member for Juliette resources and questions/concerns about your Girl Scout experience.


Ways to Participate


Leadership Journeys

Try new things and develop specific skills from coding, to painting, to running a business, and beyond! Complete the requirements for the badges available at your level and purchase them from the Girl Scout online store.

Explore topics at a deeper level by identifying and solving problems in your community, and the world, through project-based learning!

Camp and Outdoor Experiences Develop the skills and confidence to step outside your comfort zone, reach new heights, and embark on exciting, girl-led adventures! Explore opportunities at every skill-level including Troop Adventure Days, Family Camp, Mini Camp, Resident Camp, and more.

Events Attend local Service Unit events, large-scale council sponsored events, or events hosted by GSHPA Program Partners. Visit www.gshpa.org/events to browse and register for upcoming events!

Community Service Change your community and the world in meaninful ways through service. Complete short-term service projects, sustainable Take Action projects, and even earn Girl Scouting’s highest awards by taking on a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award project! Additional service awards can be achieved depending on your grade level.

Travel From field trips to global adventures, you can make your travel dreams come true at Girl Scouts. Plan, earn money, prepare, and participate in regional, national, and international trips.

Product Program Girl Scout Product Programs include the Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program. Juliettes can earn GO!Dough to help fund their Girl Scout activities and learn valuable skills along the way.

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Product Program

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The Girl Scout Cookie Program

When you participate in the cookie program, you become an integral part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is designed to teach girls 5 important skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, Business Ethics, and People Skills. With Digital Cookie, Cookie Finder, booths, house parties, and good old-fashioned door-to-door selling, there is an opportunity for every girl to channel her inner G.I.R.L. (Go Getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™ and make the most of all the Cookie Program has to offer.

Fall Product

The Fall Product Program is an opportunity for girls to develop the five skills while earning awesome rewards and GO!Dough! Each Juliette has the opportunity to build her own business by selling a variety of items including nuts, chocolate, magazines, candles, tumblers, and more! Juliettes can hone in on their people skills by selling in-person, and online sales will help her reach her big goals!

d n a s d r a w e r n + Fu h g u o !D O G & s e iv t n ince Parent/Caregiver Product Program Checklist Complete Parent/Caregiver Agreement and Training (emailed to all Juliettes prior to start of each program) Receive your Juliette Program Materials in the mail

Provide support and encouragement for your Juliette during the Product Program Assist with collecting all money for programs and send in all money collected to GSHPA by GSHPA deadlines

GO!Dough [g-oh, d-oh] noun 1. girl opportunity dough 2. how Juliettes recieve their proceeds for both the Fall Product and Cookie Programs 3. can be used to help fund Juliette’s participation in Girl Scouts and can be applied towards online store purchases, membership renewal, camp, GSHPA and Service Unit events, and/or towards a Juliette’s Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award project.

How to:

Earn Badges

Each Girl Scout program level has a wide range of badges that cover topics from STEM and the arts to outdoors and other life skills. Badge requirements can be purchased on the Girl Scout online store, or you can follow the badge plans outlined in the Volunteer Toolkit. Badge requirements include a series of steps. The number of steps vary from badge to badge. See example below!

Junior Trail Adventure Badge Choose your adventure: Go on a trail run for a distance that challenges you, or train for and go on three separate day hikes.


Choose your outdoor adventure.

Choose between: Trail running: Girls train to run on a trail for a distance that challenges them. Day Hiker: Girls will train for and participate in three separate hikes.

02. 03. 04. 05.

Plan and prepare. - Talk to and get planning tips from an expert in trail running or hiking, head out to a park or hiking trail to practice, or start getting familiar with the running/hiking terminology - Start planning your adventure: Destination, Day & Time, Budget

Gather your gear. - Visit an outdoor adventure retailer to find out from an expert what gear you may need. -Think about how to prepare your mind and body for training by researching or practicing mind training.

Set a goal and train.

-Take a practice run or two to prepare. Make sure to warm up before running or hiking and stretch afterwards. -Research and review safety tips.

Go on your adventure.

- Embark on your run or hike. -Shoot an action video on the way to tell the story, play an adventure game or practice your navigation skills, or keep an adventure journal to record your experience.

How to:

Complete a Journey

Each Girl Scout program level has a Leadership Journey that falls into one of the following categories: It’s Your World- Change It!, It’s Your Planet - Love it!, It’s Your Story - Tell it!, Think Like an Engineer, Think Like a Programmer, Think Like a Citizen Scientist, Outdoor. Journeys are made up of a series of activities that culminate in a Take Action project. Some Journeys have books available on the online store, but all Journeys are available in Volunteer Toolkit.

Cadette Think Like a Programmer Journey Part One Explore how programmers solve problems by looking at what defines a computer, learn about input, storage, processing, and output, and brainstorm possible Take Action projects.

Part Two Explore the concept of processing (the work done to turn an input into an output) and create a card-sorting algorithm. Come up with problems you could address with your Take Action project.

Part Three Use empathy to understand what best meets a users needs. Choose a community problem to address with your Take Action project.

Part Four Not a programming expert? You don’t have to be! The Volunteer Toolkit has step-by-step guides, tip sheets, and additional materials to help you. You can also contact local experts in the community who may be willing to help your Juliette achieve her goals.

Investigate a problem and brainstorm solutions. Start planning your Take Action project.

Part Five Execute and present your Take Action project.

Part Six Share your Take Action project with others, celebrate what you’ve learned, and receive your Think Like a Programmer and Take Action awards.


Higher Awards

Bronze Program Level: Junior Requirements: 1 Junior Leadership Journey Suggested Time Commitment: 20 hours Goal: Gain the leadership and planning skills required to follow through with a project that makes a positive difference in her community. Find out more: www.gshpa.org/bronze

Silver Program Level: Cadette Requirements: 1 Cadette Leadership Journey Suggested Time Commitment: 50 hours Goal: Explore the issues your passionate about and create a Take Action project that improves your neighborhood or local community. Find out more: www.gshpa.org/silver


Program Level: Senior, Ambassador Requirements: 2 Senior/Ambassador Journeys OR 1 Senior/Ambassador Journey and a completed Silver Award, Gold Award Project Proposal Suggested Time Commitment: 80 hours Goal: Earn the highest award in Girl Scouting by focusing on your interests and personal journey through leadership skills and service. Find out more: www.gshpa.org/gold

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Program Opportunities

Programs and Activities Today, Girl Scouts offers a wide range of programming - everything from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to life skills activities to exploring the outdoors. GSHPA is commited to pursuing its mission through its programming by offering an array of innovative, fun, and memorable activities.

What can I do as a Juliette? • Council Sponsored Events - Visit www.gshpa.org/events to browse our event calendar. There, you’ll find badge days, STEAM events, leadership and outdoor opportunities.

• STEAM Mobile - Our mobile programming vehicle will bring exciting STEAM curriculum right to you! Connect with your Volunteer Support Coordinator to coordinate a STEAM Mobile meet-up with you and other Juliettes in the area, or stay connected with your Service Unit to find out if the STEAM Mobile is visiting a nearby troop or Service Unit event.

• Summer Camp - Camp Small Valley offers an exciting variety of outdoor experiences for girls at every comfort level. Some ameneties include the climbing wall, swimming pool, giant swing, ropes courses, zip line, Environmental Education Center, and more! Visit www.gshpa.org/summercamp for details.

• Program Partner Events - GSHPA joins forces with businesses and organizations across our footprint who want to help prepare girls for a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and sucess! Program Partner Events can be found at www.gshpa.org/events.

• Service Unit Events - Juliette families are encouraged to connect with their Service Unit Lead Volunteer and/or their Volunteer Support Coordinator to find out about upcoming Service Unit events in their area.

• Destinations - Destinations are domestic and international travel opportunities, sponsored by Girl Scouts of the USA, for Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Visit www.girlscouts.org/destinations for more info.


Information for Parents/Caregivers As a Girl Scout, your girl will be a member of the world’s largest organization for girls. She’ll prepare for her future through career exploration, community service, and skill building all while developing leadership skills, self-awarness, and confidence. Who will be there cheering her on? YOU, her parent/caregiver!

YOUR ROLE Join your Girl Scout and share in the fun of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience! Your involvement will help shape your Juliette’s experience. She’ll see your commitment to her growth and before you know it, you’ll be growing too.

As a parent/caregiver, you will: • Complete the online registration process for your Girl Scout, ensuring insurance coverage for her while she participates in Girl Scout activities. • Chaperone or pick up/drop off your Girl Scout at council, Service Unit, or other events/ activities. • Support your Girl Scout’s commitment to the Juliette program by guiding her through badge, patch, or Journey requirements. • Help your Girl Scout participate in Product Programs by completing the financial liability agreement, following safety guidelines, and helping her review her orders.



GSHPA shipping members neve r ! Suppor Contact your pay for t Coor The Girl Scout online store offers the latest casual wear, uniform dinator Volunteer for shipping components, badge requirements, accessories, memorabilia, and code! a free

Online Store

books for girls and adults.

Uniforms The Girl Scout uniform is optional; a girl doesn’t need to have a uniform to be a member or participate in Girl Scout activities. Uniforms are available for purchase on the online store. You can find information explaining uniform insignia and where to place badges at www.girlscouts.org.

How do I access program materials? • Volunteer Toolkit - Your digital portal for easy, fun Girl Scout activities! Plan your Girl Scout year and access activity plans that meet badge and Journey requirements for your program level. Learn more about how to use Volunteer Toolkit.

• Girls Guides to Girl Scouting - Each Girl Scout Program Level has a Girls Guide to Girl Scouting, which includes badge requirements and additional activity materials. Purchasing a Girls Guide is not required for participation.

• Badge Explorer - The Badge Explorer allows you to filter a list of all available badges by Program Level and/or category (STEM, Life Skills, Outdoor, etc.). The badge explorer also offers a brief list of badge requirements.

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Girl Scout Year October


10/1: Official start of the Girl Scout year 10/11: International Day of the Girl 10/31: Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthday Fall Product Program Begins



2/22: World Thinking Day 2/28–3/1 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Register for Summer Camp!

Women’s History Month 3/8–14: Girl Scout Week



Summer Camp Season begins

7/4: Independence Day

Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts in 1912. You can find a painting of her in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC!


Is your girl close to meeting her cookie goal? Ask her about her business techniques and how she wants to use her GO!Dough.

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in 150 countries across the globe celebrate World Thinking Day each February 22. Activities include learning about how girls around the world live and thinking of ways to improve the lives of Girl Scouts near and far.

Girl Scouts was founded on March 12, 1912—and it’s Girl Scout tradition to celebrate all week long! Check in with your council for fun activities and events.

at a Glance December

January Cookie Program Begins



National Park Week 4/22: Girl Scout Leader’s Day Volunteer Appreciation Month

5/1: Renew your membership! National Bridging Weekend



8/10: National S’mores Day 8/26: Centennial of Women’s Suffrage

9/12–13: Girl Scouts Love State Parks

Did you know Service Unit Leads are volunteers? They give their time and energy to Girl Scouts just because they care. Ask your girl if there’s a special way she’d like to thank her Service Unit Leads for all they do. Maybe she’d like to draw a picture, send a card, or even write a song!

When a girl graduates from one The first recipe for s’mores level of Girl Scouts to the next, appeared in a Girl Scout camping she takes part in a bridging guide nearly 100 years ago! ceremony to celebrate her achievements Celebrate by whipping up a few of these and look forward to the adventures iconic treats at home. that await her. If you’re interested in participating in a Bridging Ceremony, contact your Volunteer Support Coordinator to find a Bridging Ceremony near you.

Head to www.gshpa.org/events to stay up to date on exciting family and troop opportunities all year long.


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350 Hale Avenue • Harrisburg, PA • 17104




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GSHPA Juliette Guidebook  

Go-to guide for Girl Scout Juliettes!

GSHPA Juliette Guidebook  

Go-to guide for Girl Scout Juliettes!

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