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BUILDER SERVICE PROGRAM Helping Builders Become More Profitable Through Reliable Consulting

“Your Trusted Real Estate Advisor”



Partnership Advantages

ATTENTION BUILDERS! LET US EARN YOUR BUSINESS. Being in the Housing Industry can be very competitive. Sometimes when the Market is down, times can be tough. In order to gain the edge over the competition, you need more than a Realtor. You need a “Trusted Real Estate Advisor”. At Alliance we strive to be that “Trusted Advisor”, and that means we commit ourselves to being the very best at what we do. It requires a standard of life-long learning and commitment to a set of values and principles that are based on honesty and integrity. We have worked hard to come up with a Builder service package that blows our competition away and provides you with comprehensive solutions that ensure you can remain competitive and profitable in today’s Real Estate Market.

Experience: Although A Young Company, Our Agents Have A Great Deal Of Experience Selling New Construction Homes As Well As Guiding Buyers Through The MidConstruction Process. Local Exposure: With Over 500 Properties For Sale Or For Rent In Manhattan, Our Signage Exposure Far Exceeds That Of Any Other Real Estate Company In Town. Web Exposure: The Vast Majority Of Buyers Coming To Manhattan Are Relocating From Out Of Town. Let Alliance Show You How Our Advance Web Marketing Captures Buyers Where And When They’re Looking.

What Can ALLIANCE Do For You? Bi-Annual Consultations:

We provide you with market conditions, so you know what and where to build to maximize profits.

Competition Analysis:

We’ll analyze your competition and help your business be more competitive.

THE ALLIANCE ADVANTAGE. ALLIANCE. HELPING BUILDERS BECOME MORE PROFITABLE THROUGH RELIABLE CONSULTING. At Alliance, we understand how important new construction is to our local housing economy. In 2010, 585 homes sold in Manhattan. Of those, 205 were new homes built within the last five years. In other words, one in every three Buyers is looking for what you offer. Let Alliance help you capture these Buyers by marketing your product where Buyers are looking. Also, let us help you gain an edge in the market by analyzing your competition, identifying Buyer trends, and building your brand image.

Buyer Desire:

Let us help you identify the latest trends Buyers are looking for before you build.

Builder Loyalty Program:

Alliance wants to keep you as a Partner and we’ll reward your continued business with us.

Builder Image Counseling and Marketing:

Let our marketing experts help build a quality image for your business.

Improved Client Communication:

Alliance will save you time and money by utilizing our custom forms to eliminate Buyer questions and confusion.

OUR PHILOSOPHY ALLIANCE connotes cooperation. At Alliance we believe that the fundamental difference between a product and a brand comes from the trust that customers place in it. Naturally, we go to great lengths to ensure that “Alliance” is more than a name. It’s a commitment towards our clients to enhance their experience. Our core brand, comprised of outstanding research, market knowledge, and expertise in chosen fields, combine to deliver astounding results.

YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. It’s important that we let our Alliance Business Partners know how much their success means to us. Builder News Magazine is a top industry publication that has great advice for Builders on everything from the newest and most cost effective construction techniques and products, to the best practices to operate and manage your business. A subscription to this quality publication is complementary to all our Builder/Partners. Call us Now!

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Isn’t it better to work with multiple Real Estate Agents? We believe that it is in your best interests to work with one agent who intimately knows your product. An agent who knows your product well can sell it to prospective Buyers better, resulting in faster sales for maximum profits.

But I don’t want to burn any bridges with other Realtors. What if they won’t bring their Buyers? Answering this question means understanding what motivates a Buyer’s Agent. If Buyers want to see homes like yours (and 1/3rd of them do), then it is in an Agent’s best interest to show all the available properties that match their client’s interest, regardless of whose listing it is.

Yeah, but why should I use Alliance? Simple:

Save Thousands with the Alliance “Builder Loyalty Program” MLS


1st Home Listed



2nd Home Listed



3rd + Home Listed



*We can market your home and your company better *We reward your continuing business with lowered commissions *We are more than an Agent, we are your Full-Service Support Staff

* This Schedule represents homes listed within a 12 month period. Program reverts back at beginning of each year.

Your Trusted Real Estate Advisors

Greg has been a Realtor in Manhattan since 2007. Working predominantly as a Buyer’s Agent, Greg has been through the midconstruction process with new Home Buyers numerous times. His experience working with Buyers to pick out finishes has led to the creation of systems that keep the project on course. A thorough understanding of the process allows Alliance to help Builders minimize paperwork and reduce client frustration.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Adam worked in the construction and contracting industry prior to getting his Real Estate License. He furthered his education by taking various Building and Construction Science courses while attending Kansas State Universtiy. His understanding of the Building Trades Industry allows Alliance to be more adaptive and supportive to Builder issues.


Alliance Builder Packet  

Builder Loyalty Program

Alliance Builder Packet  

Builder Loyalty Program