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Treatment Gurdeep Sheri

Intentions I am exploring the different alternate options school leavers have available to them if they decide not to go to university now that tuition fees have increased. I will do this through a first person view with me looking for a option for myself. I am investigating how to get involved in these options and how they can help in the future.

My angle on this will be looking for a option that I will personally take whilst evaluating all the others in terms of the pros and cons in different aspects such as accessibility.

I am proving that there are still ways to be successful which do not require a degree to get involved in.

I am challenging the idea that suggests you are lost or in a weaker position if you do not attend university.

I will be doing this by splitting my documentary into segments which will reflect looking into these different options. These will be apprenticeships, volunteer work and jobs for young people.

Content of Idea Topic - This documentary will be focusing on what young people in London do after education finishes for them especially now that tuition fees have risen. Angle - The different directions that young people can take will be the different angles that I will be focusing on. These will include the rise of tuition fees followed by the options that young people have besides university such as jobs, volunteer work and apprenticeships. I will look through each of these options from my point of view looking for a option for myself as well as advising the audience about the options. Unique Selling Point – The USP of this documentary is that it is relevant now than ever due to the tuition fees rise which will definitely appeal to students who will get a look through their options without them having to make much of an effort which is ideal for some young people. Issues – My documentary will debate around the opinion that university is a necessity in order to be successful and that if you do not go, that you are in a weaker position. Bias – My documentary will try not to be biased towards the government's decision to rise the tuition fees even though we are looking at the alternatives now that they have risen.

Coalition Government – Tuition Fees Rise …

Structure and Running Order • Segment 1 – Headlines with news audio regarding the tuition fee rises. This will all include my voiceover along the top introducing the topic of the documentary. • Segment 3 – Intro into the documentary. In a classroom with me explaining how I will explore my options. I will state the difficulty of students now due to the rises and will mention some statistics. I will then move on to vox pops. • Segment 2 – Vox pops of students who will state whether they are going university or not. If not they will then state what they wish to do instead if anything. • Segment 4 – Interview with a senior teacher looking into the views they have on the Government's decision and what impact it has on students they teach. • Segment 5 – Will then show a graphics of figures on university applicants on blackboard to represent the school setting. • Segment 7 – Will use a transition to show cutaways of the Connexions office and then of the apprentice project worker which will flow nicely onto a interview with them. • Segment 8 – Interview with a Apprenticeship project worker, asking them why young people are finding this option so popular and whether there has been a rise in applicants. Maybe combined with a actual apprentice also. (YOUR HIRED) • Segment 8 – Will have some shots of me looking through job vacancies on the computer through a voiceover. • Segment 9 – Will then start cutaways of Stratford Westfield with a voiceover introducing the new option of finding a job. • Segment 10 – I will then introduce the location of Westfield on the rusty bridge as a place for a lot of retail opportunity, with cutaways of a specific shop of which the manager I will interview regarding employment for young people. • Segment 11 – Interview with a store manager in regards why it is so difficult for young people to get jobs. • Segment 12 – Will then await a phone call with a student from a company on whether they have got or been rejected by a company. This will clearly be labelled a reconstruction. (Maybe a joke interview) • Segment 13 – Will then conclude the jobs option with the transition of asking the student whether they have tried some volunteer work. • Segment 14 – Cutaways of the BHF shop, finishing with the focus on a specific volunteer. • Segment 15 – Interview with a volunteer worker or a young student volunteer asking them about the benefits it has for young people. • Segment 16 – Outro with me walking down Westminster Bridge explaining that even though university might be out of the equation, there are a lot of alternate options.

Profile of Target Audience and Appeal of your idea Age – 16-24 as this is the age group which is most concerned with education and career options. It also matched the brief which means the documentary will target the relevant audience.

Gender – Will be aimed at both genders as education and looking into work options are not limited to a specific gender.

Ethnicity – Will be aimed at all ethnicities and religions. As education and looking into work options are not limited to a specific religion or ethnicity.

Location – The documentary will be aimed at mainly England because the tuition fees have not really risen in Scotland and Wales therefore a look through the alternatives is not really as helpful there as it is in England. It maybe more informative to young people in London specifically as I will be exploring the possibilities around this location which may differ to another area where the procedures maybe different such as a holiday hot point like Devon where more emphasis maybe put on jobs regarding tourism. Niche or Mainstream – The audience will be mainstream as the audience is not only aimed at student population but also the general public to be informed of the changes that these school leavers will have to face because of the tuition fee rises such as parents and politicians who will be concerned and associated with the topic. Opinions – I think the audience will feel strongly about the tuition fees rise claiming that is was a completely negative move by the government. Through the documentary also I will express the difficulty we face now but try to look on the positive side such as the alternatives which will save us a lot of money.

London – The location of filming …

Employment/Education – Most of my younger audience will still be in education maybe doing A-levels and having a think about their future. The older audience will more likely be in further education already such as University, or involved in some form of employment.

Profile of Target Audience and Appeal of your idea Media Consumption – A lot of the target audience will be using media to do more research in terms of their future. This will include looking through the UCAS website for courses, or through Apprenticeship schemes and even job vacancies. For leisure, I feel the audience may view all the conventional programmes that young people like such as Junior Apprentice, Waterloo Road, Top Gear and Eastenders. Lastly, young people listen to a lot of music. I will have to make sure in my documentary, I use relevant music which should keep the audience engaged. Ethnicity – Will be aimed at all ethnicities and religions. As education and looking into work options are not limited to a specific religion or ethnicity.

Socio-Economic Group – Mostly will be ‘C2-E’. This is because young people do not really earn, but if they do have a part-time job, it will be ranked low due to the lack of experience. The older audience have progressed more and may have entered the ‘C1-A’ groups as they have gained some experience which has led them to get a higher ranked job. Disposable Income – Mostly will be low as students do not really get any income besides what they receive from their parents unless they have a part-time job which may increase the income slightly. I will have to make sure then that the options I explore are cheap and accessible for the majority of my audience in terms of finance. Interests – Young people are interested mostly in conventional things. For instance boys maybe interested in sports, music and cars whereas girls are more into their shopping, fashion and mutually music. This obviously varies from person to person but this is just a rough stereotypical guideline. Ambitions – Most of the audience will look to be successful in terms of occupation. I feel my documentary will give them a insight into the directions they have available to them for them to achieve this goal.

Explanation of Research and Key Findings Primary Research – Questionnaire

Primary Research – Focus Groups

• •

I conducted questionnaires to get a insight from the target audience which would generate ideas for my future documentary Gained a idea of their interests, ambitions, and general thought processes Both qualitative and quantitative data was obtained. Numerical data was found through the closed questions with limited options whereas literal data was obtained through the open questions which allowed the audience to express their thoughts.

Used a focus group to find out which proposal of mine will appeal most to my potential target audience I received relevant feedback for all three proposals but found a clear gap in the market for a documentary regarding options after education as this was something that concerned most young people – their future Qualitative research was obtained by personal opinions from my audience which with follow up questions I converted into elaborated feedback

Explanation of Research and Key Findings Secondary Research – Internet Research

Secondary Research – Textual Analysis

• • •

Used the internet to get a wider understanding in the areas regarding my three proposals Gained information that mostly affected content but continuously related it to my target audience As a result obtained material that could practically be used in my documentary such as archive footage and music Quantitative and Qualitative research was obtained through material like statistics and expert opinions

Compared my documentary to other similar texts to start visualising my final idea. Gave me a good insight onto how I will use techniques such as vox pops and also ideas into editing such as the pace, the music and archive footage. Also found things that I would necessary do in my documentary such as use one location without. I feel using a variety of locations will make my documentary more engaging.

Technical Viability What Equipment will you need for the production? • • • • • •

Camera for filming the documentary Tripod for stable shots throughout Boom microphone for interview sound Shotgun microphone for vox pops sound Voice recorder for voiceover USB Memory Stick for transferring data to and from a iMac

What Equipment will you need for the post production? • • •

iMac for storing the footage Final Cut Pro is for editing the footage LiveType for making graphics

What Crew Members will you need?

I will look to have a camera-man, a sound operator, and a presenter which should cover every aspect of filming


- Camera-man – Gurpreet Sheri (Brother) - Sound Operator – Jay Barn (Friend) - Presenter – Gurdeep Sheri

Practical Viability Who will be involved in your documentary? Camera-man Sound Operator Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee

Gurpreet Sheri Jay Barn Philip Mathew Aspers Casino Emma BHF store Teacher

(Permission Granted) (Permission Granted) (Still to request) (Permission Pending) (Still to request) (Permission Pending)

Easy Easy May be difficult May be difficult May be difficult Easy

Sejal Bhundia MediCinema Charity Workplace

(Still to request) (Permission Pending) (Permission Granted)

May be difficult Easy May be Difficult

Alternatives Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee Locations? Stratford Westfield BHF shop 15 Billion Office Chadwell Academy

Archive Footage (Still to request) (Still to request) (Still to request) (Permission Granted)

All locations are still to request to the relevant people in charge. ture=player_embedded Both clips are still to request to the video owners on

Legal & Regulatory Considerations Children Serving the Public Interest The topic of options after school will be more relevant this year than any other year due to the rise of the tuition fees therefore serving the public interest.

Documentary based around young people. Have to be sure that any young people involved are able to voice their opinions appropriately with emotional and physical wellbeing intact. No extreme views which can cause conflict.

Impartiality and Diversity of Opinion Because of the great amount of interviewees I have, it should be easy to get a diversity of opinions on the tuition fees as well as the pros and cons of each option available after school.

Fairness Will have to make sure that everyone involved in the production are treated fairly and everyone in the video are portrayed fairly and in a way that they are comfortable.

Truth and Accuracy

Editorial Integrity and Independence Will have to portray the tuition fees rise from a neutral manner. This means I will have to be extremely careful when talking about the tuition fees rises as not constantly referring to them as wrong.

Will have to make sure that facts and opinions obtained from the Internet are correct before they are broadcasted to not deceive the audience on the extent of the problem.

Legal & Regulatory Considerations Reconstructions Have a specific reconstruction scene where a young person will be waiting for a job response after the interview. I will have to clearly label it a ‘Reconstruction’ to ensure I do not fall found of the OFCOM guidelines.

Potentially Offensive Material


Will try to have no offensive material as I feel this way my documentary will attract a larger audience.

Will have to show the less violent scenes of the student protests when including archive footage to make the video viable for all ages.

Dealing with Contributors Everyone involved directly in the video will have to give their relevant permission for me to use them. I will also have to make sure no one is wrongly presented by getting a opinion from them before I broadcast the video.

Legal & Regulatory Considerations Defamation Portray everyone fairly. When saying students will struggle through their options, will have to make sure I don’t focus on a specific student as they may be offended as they are seen as vulnerable.

Copyright When using archive footage and music, I will make sure I ask permission from the owner. This will be done through email. It seems we can use copyrighted material for educational purposes within the school. Could also make our own music from Garageband which would be a copyright free source.

Contempt of Court As my documentary is not based around a legal proceeding or anything similar, I should be fine is staying safe from this media regulation.

Privacy and Confidence Make sure everyone gives me their full permission before I broadcast them, not just be the people who are directly involved in the video such as interviewees but also people who are indirectly involved such as students in the background whose face is easy to identify. No information which may be confidential and harmful to use in my documentary therefore I should be safe in that aspect of media law.

Commercial Viability Educate –

Will tell the audience the different options that are available for school leavers


Will give the audience information on how accessible these options are and how they can use them.

Entertain –

Will use relevant music and archive footage to keep the specific audience of young people stimulated. Test scene with job reply will also be entertaining.

• I realise that I do have competition with The One Show at my selected time of 7.00pm7.30pm however from research I have found that ratings for the programme have decreased significantly due to Jeremy Clarkson's comments relating to the public sector strikes which means my documentary may relate more to the audience who are looking for a alternative. /02/jeremy-clarkson-one-show-rantcomplaints

(GOOD SLOT) • I feel my other big rival at the time is Emmerdale as it is a mainstream soap however because we have two completely different audiences, it should be fine. For example I will be targeting young people under the age of 25 whereas their target market will be people aged over 25 such as mothers who are known to be fans of soaps. • This is definitely a good time because it comes straight after the BBC and ITV London news as well as mainstream programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and Hollyoaks which I am guessing my target audience of young people under 25 are into. Therefore my documentary will be a good follow up programme which should fit in with their TV schedule just before the standard dinner time of around 7.30pm

Commercial Viability Job seeking skills and guidance for young people This documentary is aimed at the similar audience of young people aged around 1625 looking for work but is very slow paced. I feel my documentary will be a lot more engaging and provide a lot more content than this one as the my locations will vary rather than just having one like in this clip. I will also add relevant music and archive footage which should keep the audience stimulated. I feel this looks into detail around employment but my documentary will be a lot more briefer to allow more information around the different options not just a specific one.

Take a look at Apprenticeships This video gives us a outline of apprenticeships through numerous vox pops of apprentices and their companies. I will look to use vox pops in the same way but with students on their opinions in regards to my topic rather than apprentices. The target market is the same for both this clip and my documentary therefore it has given me a better insight on how to make the video look thought-provoking as well as formal for my audience.

UCAS clearing and the alternates This video clip is very similar to the concept that I would like my documentary to try and present. It is a discussion by experts looking into the alternates for young people. I suppose that as a breakfast show it even targets youth. I feel no one has made a documentary around this topic yet and there is only small discussions but no wider insight and that is why my documentary will be so relevant.

Commercial Viability - Budget Hypothetically, when a professional budget is placed upon this documentary, I found it would cost £5565 to produce the documentary from scratch including the contingency fund from a budget of £7500. This includes buying all the hardware required such as a iMac and a laptop as well as software such as Final Cut Pro. I have also added the cost of maintenance of my crew such as cost of food. Realistically, The documentary is quite low budget due to several factors • Equipment provided by school • Don’t require supplies such as food and drinks • Interviewees are within close accessibility • Locations are within close proximity Overall I don’t feel I will have to pay massively for anything as equipment is provided by the school and locations can be travelled to via bus which is free at the moment as me and my crew are in full time education.

Budget – Cost of Production …


Final treatment