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Risk Assessment Form Activity/Task: Medicinema Theatre Interview

Risk rating


Shots from a higher level of the cinema maybe taken dangerously with a uneven tripod,

Could trip over cinema stairs due to lack of light within the theatre.

Tripod case and camera case may be left loose on the floor which may result to a slip injury.

Equipment maybe packed untidily leading to an accident e.g. tripod maybe inappropriately folded leading to an injury.

(High, Med, Low)






Any shots from a higher level of the cinema must be taken safely and must ensure that all legs of the tripod are secure.

Any cinema stairs should be approached and climbed with caution. Even use a mobile phone torch to make the climb safer and visible.

Keep the equipment cases on a secure table or chair. If they have to be left on the floor, then try and make the duration minimum to avoid any accidents.

Any equipment used should be appropriately put away ensuring no injury is caused and a safe transportation of the equipment.

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