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Questions Interview – Apprentice Questions What does your job involve doing? What different types of apprenticeships are there? What benefits do young people have when looking at this option? How could it help them in the future? Interview – Aspers Casino Do you get a lot of young people applying? What does this type of job give them opposed to other retail jobs? How many of these people do you take on? What is the main reason for rejection? Interview – Medicinema Questions What is this charity? What is volunteer work e.g. what kinds of things do you have to do? Do you get a lot of young people volunteering? How will this help them in the future? Voxpops – Young People What is your view on the rise of tuition fees? Are you still going to university? Voxpop – Young People Do you feel it is hard to get a job? Why do you feel it is so difficult?

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