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CALL SHEET - MEDICINEMA Date and time: 16th February 2012 – 4.15pm

Location: Medicinema St Thomas Hospital, Westminster, SE1 7EH

Script scene no: Shots 82-96 – see shooting script. Also try to get additional cutaways

Contributors: Medicinema Charity Worker, Elizabeth Johnson. Meeting inside the cinema @ 4.30pm

Contributors Contact Details: Telephone : 0207 1883697

Mobile : 07813652246

Crew: Presenter – Gurdeep Sheri (me) Camera – Gurdeep Sheri (me) Sound – Jay Barn

Equipment: DV camera, Tripod, 2 batteries, DV tape, Charger with wall connection

Travel Arrangements: Meet Crew at Seven Kings station at 3.20 Take the 3.26 or the 3.36 train from Seven Kings station to Westminster Underground Station

Call Sheet - Medicinema  

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