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Dramatization of job reply will give the audience a feel for how a conversation regarding a job might go but must be clearly labelled with ‘RECONSTRUCTION’ to avoid any infringement upon OFCOM’s guidelines. If I do not do this, I could be misleading the viewers into thinking it’s a legitimate job reply.

Will avoid looking at volunteer work and instead will look into A-level schemes that organisations may offer such as Argos and the Fire Brigade. I feel this will help the audience more when figuring out career paths whereas volunteer work does not give them this kind of insight.

Both a informal and formal approach will be included within this documentary. The presenter will talk to the audience on a personal level to connect with them however all interviews will be carried out formally to imply the professionalism of the world of work.

Blog Reflection •

Main angles will be looking through jobs in terms of schemes for young people for instance A-level schemes, and apprenticeships in terms of schemes for young people for instance training followed by a job. I have changed the angle so its now a lot more specific allowing me to focus on a specific area rather than trying to cover a broad topic with the limited time given.

Will have the intro and outro in a significant locations such as Westminster Bridge where you can see landmarks such as London Eye and Big Ben. I feel this will imply the concept of ambition being in the centre of one of the biggest cities in the world as well as abstract shots which will enhance my documentary.

Vox pops will be done through a range of people, not just students. I will ask them for their opinion of Tuition fees. I will not tell them to, but I am guessing most will feel they were a wrong move by the Government. I feel this is a good way to introduce the career options after school that do not involve university.

Blog Reflection