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Resident Camp Troop & Family Camp Day Camp expeditions

summer 2017

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campers What adventures await this summer? Check out all of our camping options and choose your own journey! There are tons of opportunities to challenge, inspire and excite you. Camp is a great place to be yourself, explore nature and build lifelong friendships. Whether it will be your first time camping or you are a camper extraordinaire, there are thrilling new experiences waiting for you with GSHCC.

Jump-start your adventure! Use this guide to choose your own path; flip through the pages and pick the adventure that sounds just right. There are even special programs for families to experience together. Page 4

Discovery Programs [Entering Grades 1–5]

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Pathfinder Programs [Entering Grades 6–12]

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Camp Menzies Horse Programs

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Leadership Programs

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Troop and Family Camps

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Camp Fleming

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Camp Golden Timbers

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Day Camps

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Financial Assistance



New to Camp? Resident Camp Resident camp is a sleepaway camp experience run by volunteers or council staff where campers spend time away from their families in an outdoor setting. Expeditions Expeditions are travel programs that include camping at public sites, a service project and are run by council staff or volunteers. Day Camp Day camps are operated regionally and supported by trained volunteers and staff. Campers return home each night. Troop Camp Troop camps are weekend overnights where campers attend with their troop and leaders with specific themes for the program. Individual girls are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian.



Family Camp Family camps are opportunities for Girl Scouts and their families to have an outdoor camp experience together.

Camp Menzies Camp Menzies is a gorgeous mountain site located in Calaveras County set at approximately 5,500 feet. The camp features seven living units, separate swimming and canoeing areas, hiking trails, an archery range, a meadow, craft and nature centers and open-air dining. Staff and campers sleep in tents or sleeping cabins (details on the type of accommodation for each program are listed on the website). Bus transportation is provided for resident camp experiences. Any girl entering grades 1-12 may attend.

Camp Fleming Camp Fleming is located in the foothills outside of Placerville. Staff and campers sleep in the open dormitory-style lodge. The site features a large multipurpose room, many trails, historic Native American and gold rush-era sites, as well as an archery range and low challenge course. Transportation is not provided. Any girl entering grades 2-12 may attend.


Today girls live in a world of screens—smartphone! laptop! TV!—and sometimes they just want to get away from it all. That’s why camp is a magical experience... an opportunity to truly escape and focus on building courage, confidence and character. Build a campfire, pitch a tent or canoe across a lake. Explore the outdoors on horseback, complete a challenge course and shoot a bull’s eye in archery. Attending camp is consistently cited as girls’ favorite memories of their Girl Scout years. By sending your girl to camp, she will develop leadership and outdoor skills and develop a deep appreciation for our natural world. Girl Scout camp gives girls an opportunity to grow, explore and have fun under the guidance of caring, trained adults.

Your Camp Guide Arts Visual, culinary or performing arts components Camp Experience Traditional Girl Scout camping components Challenge Outdoor skills, high adventure, sports or challenge course components Horse Extended horseback riding components Leadership Leadership skill-building components STEAM STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and/or math) components

Camp Golden Timbers Camp Golden Timbers utilizes Camp Sylvester, located at an elevation of 6,500 feet. Campers stay in sleeping cabins with volunteer counselors and Program Aides. The site features a dining hall, arts ‘n’ crafts and nature areas, hiking trails and an archery range. Transportation to Camp Golden Timbers is not provided. All girls entering grades 2-12 may attend.

Questions? We’re happy to help! Please call 800.322.4475 or email




overy discprograms Discovery is a set of over 30 programs specifically designed for girls in grades 2-5 that incorporates Girl Scout traditions and tiered, progressive programming to develop skills, provide new challenges, make new friends and develop independence.




1 (June 12–16)

Fairy Lights, Snack Attack, Camp Olympics, Creative Crafters, Tracks & Trails

2 (June 19–23)

Fairy Lights, Global Games, Gardening Gals, Horse Enthusiasts

3 (June 19–26)

Broadway Blast, Maze Mania

4 (June 26–30)

Fairy Lights, Snack Attack,Creative Crafters, Little Buckaroos, Menzies Makers, Shutterbug

6 (July 11–14)

Creative Discovery, Pixie Dust, Compass Club, Junior Chefs, Mountain Maidens, SelfRescuing Princesses

7 (July 17–21)

Fairy Lights, Global Games, Horse Enthusiasts, Legends and Lore, Menzies Makers, Running Wild

8 (July 24–27)

Pixie Dust, Star Light Star Bright, Mountain Maidens, Self-Rescuing Princesses

9 (July 24–30)

Camp Reimagined, Dare to Do it

10 (July 27–30)

Creative Discovery, Pixie Dust, Compass Club, Junior Chefs

11 (August 1–4)

Star Light Star Bright, Little Buckaroos, Mountain Maidens

12 (August 1-6)

Moonlight Madness, Music Festival

13 (August 4–6)

Weekend Adventures


Weekend Adventure New!

Snack Attack New!

Attention first-timers: Discover the Magic of Menzies during this weekend program. Create your own craft, canoe in Lake Nettie Hunter and explore science and nature. This is the perfect introductory program for Daisies, Brownies and other first-time campers. Entering Grades: 1-5 Session: 13 (3 days)

Fee: $195

Do you have a heart for art? Whether you like crayons or pencils, paint or clay, there is a place for you in this program. Not only will you discover inspiration during activities around camp, you’ll get to find out about different types of art and create throughout the program. Fee: $295

Discover your own fairy magic complete with fairy tales, glow-in-the-dark lanterns and fairy houses. Participate in camp activities and work with your cabin-mates to decide the theme and activities for the week as well as what badge you’ll be working on. Fee: $375

Celebrate cultures from around the world through play. Meet international staff and learn different games and celebrations that girls all over the world grow up with. Work on your own games and share a celebration with your sister campers. Fee: $375

Entering Grades: 2-3 Session: 8 & 11 (4 days)

Fee: $295

It’s show time! Create the script and design the sets, props and costumes, practice with your fellow campers and put on your own show at campfire. Take a trip to a local theater to experience “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 3 (8 days)

Fee: $525

Show that you have what it takes to be a Camp Menzies Olympian! Earn the Staying Fit badge while testing your athletic abilities. Archery, canoeing and other challenges await. Work with your cabin/tent-mates and see if you’ve got what it takes to go home with the gold. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 1 (5 days)

Fee: $375

Camp Reimagined

Pixie Dust What pixie magic will you discover during this playful program? With just a little faith and trust you and your new friends can create your own pixie dust and discover your unique pixie powers through games, songs, a tea party and more! Entering Grades: 2-3 Session: 6, 8 & 10 (4 days)

What wonders does the night sky hold? Discover for yourself as you learn about stars and their stories. Make a star jar, stay up late to find constellations and enjoy all the activities camp has to offer with a special astrological twist!

Camp Olympics

Global Games New!

Entering Grades: 2-3 Session: 2 & 7 (5 days)

Fee: $375

Broadway Blast

Fairy Lights

Entering Grades: 2-3 Session: 1, 2, 4 & 7 (5 days)

Entering Grades: 2-3 Session: 1 & 4 (5 days)

Star Light Star Bright New!

Creative Discovery New!

Entering Grades: 2-3 Session: 6 & 10 (4 days)

Sugar, spice, and everything nice...what does that make? It’s up to you! Explore the world of food and where it comes from, and then make your own creations to earn your Snacks badge.

Fee: $295

What is your favorite part of camp? Examine the experiences it has to offer and think about what new camps or programs you’d like to have next year. Propose and try out new activities, and help make your dreams a reality by adding a new decorative piece to camp. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 9 (7 days)

Fee: $450



Junior Chefs New!

Compass Club Return to the wild as part of this exclusive club designed for future explorers. Learn camping tricks and gain outdoor skills like shelter building and packing a simple overnight bag. Test your knowledge and navigate your way through an orienteering course and compete with your sister campers to set up the perfect campsite and spend a night under the stars. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 6 & 10 (4 days)

Fee: $295

Creative Crafters New!

Hone your cooking skills as you learn kitchen safety, how to chop, dice and mince food to take your meals to the next level. Spice up your dishes with herbs from the camp garden and start your own secret recipe book while earning the Simple Meals badge. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 6 & 10 (4 days)

Fee: $295

Legends and Lore New!

Explore the creative opportunities before you to discover new mediums. Add complexity to your lanyards or friendship bracelets, visit a local art gallery and get your hands dirty with different paints, charcoal and tie dye. Find inspiration outdoors as you explore the natural beauty of Camp Menzies.

All over the world stories and folktales are used to comfort, to warn, to teach and tell about the world around us with a touch of the fantastic. Explore different myths and stories, following common threads to make a patchwork quilt of international lore. Create your own myth and learn what stories international counselors have grown up with. Are any of them similar to stories you know?

Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 1 & 4 (5 days)

Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 7 (5 days)

Fee: $375

Dare to Do It

Fee: $375

Maze Mania New!

Dare to do something different. During this session, spend time working through challenges, finding new and exciting adventures and going on a cool day trip to explore caverns near camp. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself.

There are plenty of puzzles to piece together, codes to decipher and problems to disentangle as you make your way through this session. Learn about the labyrinth, solve a Menzies mystery and design a maze for the Camp Menzies Challenge Course!

Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 9 (7 days)

Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 3 (8 days)

Fee: $450

Gardening Gals New!

Menzies Makers New!

Discover the properties of dirt, how to compost and what you can do with plants. With your sister Girl Scouts explore the camp garden and harvest plants for your cookout. Work on the Gardener badge and participate in the Farm to Fork movement during this program. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 2 (5 days)

Fee: $375

Every day we all make something—making plans, making ideas and more. At this camp you can collaborate with other girls, follow your inspiration and use tools including hammers, saws and glue guns to create something truly amazing! Expand your skills and knowledge in design thinking as you explore the great outdoors and discover camp. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 4 & 7 (5 days)


Fee: $525

Fee: $375


Moonlight Madness New!

Running Wild

The various phases of the moon are as multifaceted as the cultures and myths behind it. Many of the moon goddesses in ancient cultures had followers that explored the wilderness. Learn about the traditions of Artemis and Diana and explore the woods in the moonlight. Discover the science of the stars and chase your adventures across the night sky! Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 12 (6 days)

Fee: $405

Horseback riding, canoeing, archery, arts ‘n’ crafts, nature, swimming... take a sampling of everything camp has to offer. Have fun and run in the meadow and contribute to the votes for a fun all-camp event. Fee: $295

Music Festival New!

Fee: $375

Girls can do anything, even in a dress. Spend your week preparing for the ball of a lifetime. Share your own princess style, twist your hair into an elegant up-do, paint your nails and don’t forget to watch out for dragons--all while navigating the perils and pitfalls of being a damsel in the woods. Tie knots, learn how to always find north, learn how animals communicate and more. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 6 & 8 (4 days)

Prepare to create your very own Menzies Music Festival! Feel free to bring your own instruments, create your own musical tools and connect with sister musicians. Together you can visit the Bear Valley Music Festival, compose a piece to perform at the final campfire and earn the Musician badge. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 12 (6 days)

Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 7 (5 days)

Self-Rescuing Princesses

Mountain Maidens New!

Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 6, 8 & 11 (4 days)

Explore your wild side. Work together with your tentmates to build a team, complete an assortment of challenges and create a new, exciting experience every day. Spend an afternoon exploring Calaveras Big Trees State Park and enjoy an overnight in a hammock wheel as you complete the Camper badge.

Fee: $405

Shutterbug A picture is worth a thousand words. Document your camp experience as you explore Camp Menzies and Calaveras Big Trees State Park through the lens of a camera. Learn about lighting, camera positions, different modes and how to capture fantastic photos. The pictures you take will be shared through e-camp, and you can even contribute to the camp blog! Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 4 (5 days)

Camp Is awesome! Girls with more frequent outdoor experiences are more likely to seek— and tackle—challenges, setting the foundation in school and in life. What will your girl achieve at camp this summer?

Fee: $295

Fee: $375

Tracks and Trails New! Calling all animal lovers! Discover your spirit animal and spend the week tracking animals and discovering the amazing animal habitats of the Sierra Nevada including a creek stompin’ adventure at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. At the end of the session, take action by learning what you can do to protect animals and build your own bat boxes or bird houses. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 1 (5 days)

Fee: $375




nders pathfiprograms Pathfinders is a set of more than 20 programs for teens and young adults in grades 6-12 designed to offer freedom of choice and expand horizons. It’s a customizable journey meant to challenge and inspire creativity in specific areas of focus.


Extreme Cuisine, Finding Your Oasis, Horse Explorers, LiA, ZAP, FYI, Top Chef

2 (June 19–23)

Horse Enthusiasts, Arrow Dynamics, LiA

3 (June 19-26)

Innovators, Movie Makers, Camp Like a Girl, Paddlers

4 (June 26-30)

Headlines and Highlights

5 (July 6-14)

LIT, Locally Grown Lifestyles, Menzies Equestrians, Under Construction

6 (July 11-14)

Horse Enthusiasts, LiA, Night Owls, Project Legendary, Creative Expressions, Willows in the Wind

8 (July 24-27)

Accio Adventure, You Can’t Do That at Camp

9 (July 24-30)

Nature’s Symphony, Girl vs. Wild, LEAP, Gymkhana Fun

12 (August 1-6)

Calaveras Explorers, You Can’t Do That at Camp

7 (July 17-21)

10 (July 27-30)



Calaveras Explorers, You Can’t Do That at Camp Horse Explorers, LiA, Secret Agent, To the Rescue, Eco-Fashionistas, Rock Stars, Center Stage

Pathfin der

Innovators New!

Accio Adventure New! Witches and no-mag’s are welcome to explore the wizarding world of camp. Search for signs of fantastic beasts in the forest, brew up some potions and whip up some delicious cauldron cakes. Study astronomy and herbology, and enjoy a game of quidditch.

Discover the collaborative aspects of a makerspace, connect with other innovators and create something new at camp! Work to make and market your innovations to a panel of camp staff in a “Shark Tank” inspired challenge.

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 8 (4 days)

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 3 (8 days)

Fee: $325

Fee: $535

Movie Makers

Arrow Dynamics Take your stance, nock your arrow and fire when ready! Spend time at the archery range improving your skill and honing your technique. Go more in-depth and come up with games to challenge yourself as you work on the Archery badge.

Lights, camera, action! Learn about script writing, editing, cinematography and more as you collaborate to create a movie and complete your Digital Movie Maker badge. At the end of the session, you'll present your final product to the entire camp!

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 2 (5 days)

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 3 (8 days)

Fee: $375

Fee: $535

Nature’s Symphony New!

Calaveras Explorers New! Calaveras county is home to many different outdoor opportunities and historical points of interest. Choose one to explore on an exciting day trip during this session. Spend the rest of the program creating your own in-camp adventures.

Take the time to listen and hear the melodies and harmonies of nature. Focus on natural sounds, learn about music and make your own song. Attend the Bear Valley Music Festival and perform at the final campfire with your sister campers.

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 6 & 10 (4 days)

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 9 (7 days)

Fee: $325

Night Owls

Extreme Cuisine New! Extreme ingredients mean extreme flavor. Explore cuisines from around the world, create your own unique recipes and participate in an “Iron Chef” style challenge, complete with a secret ingredient as you work on your New Cuisines badge. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 1 (5 days)

Fee: $495

Fee: $375

Finding Your Oasis New!

No school means lazy days of hanging out with friends, staying up late for those late-night chats and sleeping in! Enjoy an evening canoe paddle, tell stories and roast marshmallows over a campfire. Plan an overnight trip out of camp and enjoy late breakfasts as you work on the Night Owls badge. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 7 (5 days)

Fee: $385

Take some time to decompress in nature. Discover the benefits of the flowers growing in the camp garden. This session is all about treating yourself through yoga, relaxation and learning to manage yourself and your stress to stay strong in the toughest of situations. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 1 (5 days)

Fee: $375


Pathfin der

Project Legendary

Headlines and Highlights

Are you ready for a legendary camp adventure? Experience the 1850s town of Columbia, discover the legends and history surrounding the Calaveras county region and create your own version of the legend of Camp Menzies. Plan and set up the week's all-camp event to create a night that will be remembered forever. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 7 (5 days)

Fee: $385

Do you have what it takes to go undercover? Join this covert-ops program to gain skills in codebreaking and code creation to send secret messages. Learn about women spies as you complete pieces of the Special Agent badge. Learn to leave no trace in the wilderness and test your newfound skills on a backpacking solo hike to join the rest of your team for an under-the-stars overnight. Fee: $415

To the Rescue You’re in the wilderness. Would you know what to do if anything went wrong? Come experience all that Camp Menzies has to offer while problem solving and earning your First Aid badge and a CPR certification. Practice your skills in a variety of scenarios and challenges. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 12 (6 days)

Fee: $415

Z.A.P. Would you be prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Here is your opportunity to join an elite Zombie Apocalypse Preparation (ZAP) crew dedicated to survival—hone your marksmanship with archery challenges, develop your leadership abilities, and learn outdoor living skills and patrol Camp Menzies while planning escape routes and defensible spaces. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 1 (5 days)

Entering Grades: 6-10 Session: 4 (5 days)

Fee: $375

Every day brings a new challenge–build a rubber band catapult, keep an egg from cracking once it’s dropped and create something useful from a bag of junk. The possibilities are endless and the challenges keep coming. Entering Grades: 7-9 Session: 1 (5 days)

Fee: $375

Creative Expressions What’s your style? Write a story, paint a picture, illustrate a comic strip, craft a work of art that mirrors your unique identity and take time to develop a new skill that you’ve always wanted to try. Later in the week, take a trip to a local kiln for a master class and do what you do best—be yourself. Entering Grades: 7-10 Session: 7 (5 days)

Fee: $395

Girl vs Wild Are you ready to take on a challenge? Work on outdoor skills throughout the session as you prepare to take a walk on the wild side. Test yourself against the elements by kayaking, climbing and rappelling at local sites. Challenge accepted! Entering Grades: 7-10 Session: 9 (7 days)

Fee: $525

Eco Fashionistas Do you have an eye for fashion? Share your sense of style and elevate it to an artform during this program. Upcycle clothes from local thrift stores, recycle common items and repurpose pieces with your own sense of flair. Entering Grades: 7-12 Session: 12 (6 days)


Fee: $375

FYI: For Your Imagination

Secret Agent

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 12 (6 days)

Extra! Extra! Take a session-long course in journalism while designing and publishing the 2017 Camp Menzies newspaper. Conduct interviews, write articles, create comics and direct the Shutterbug campers to get the shots you need to highlight camp life.

Fee: $450

Pathfin der

Paddlers New!

Under Construction What goes into a new building? Learn the nuts and bolts of construction and engineering in this practical and fun session where you create a new structure. Work with volunteers and women from the industry, use hand and power tools and see just what girls can accomplish. Entering Grades: 7-12 Session: 5 (9 days)

Fee: $400

Rock Stars Between a rock and a fun place is where you’ll be in this session as you spend your days discovering the natural world. From rock climbing to spelunking and swimming under natural bridges, you’ll find that fun solidly matters. Entering Grades: 8-10 Session: 12 (6 days)

Fee: $475

Camp Like a Girl

Fee: $595

All the world’s a stage—and now’s your chance to shine! Learn about stage direction, theatrical terms and practice some acting exercises. See a live show at a local theater, and then put on your own production for the final campfire! Fee: $450

Do you have what it takes to be the top chef? Show off your skills and learn a few tricks as you work with your group to share a love of food. Utilize fresh ingredients, visit a local restaurant and work with the Camp Menzies kitchen to create a mouth-watering dessert for everyone at camp. Fee: $385

Willows in the Wind Where will the wind take you? The sky’s the limit! Practice trust as you develop friendships to last a lifetime. Test your teamwork on a challenge course, sleep overnight in the hammock wheel and see what heights you can reach. Fee: $395

You Can’t Do That At Camp Have you ever wondered what camp would be like if you did a ton of things you’re not normally allowed to do? Stay up late, raid the camp kitchen, sleep in, order pizza for cookout night, listen to music and participate in your choice of activities all week long. Let the wild rumpus start! Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 6, 8 & 10 (4 days)

Locally Grown Lifestyle New!

Fee: $495

Top Chef

Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 7 (5 days)

Center Stage New!

Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 12 (6 days)

Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 3 (8 days)

Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 1 (5 days)

You’ve seen some of the different things camp has to offer. Take your skills, choose your own adventure and camp like a girl! Get a refresher on backcountry survival skills, go on an overnight trip and work to beautify a local trail. Learn about horse packing and let Camp Menzies horses help you carry out gear. Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 3 (8 days)

Take your water travel skills to the next level! Buckle up your life vest and practice advanced canoe skills on Lake Nettie Hunter. Then, venture out on an advanced waterside overnight, and try kayaking and paddle boarding to earn your Paddling badge. You’ll never know what awaits just around the riverbend!

Fee: $325

Where does your food come from? You’ll learn the answer to this question during this session. Discover the benefits of eating local, work in the camp garden and visit a local farmer’s market during this program! Use fresh, local produce to create a delicious dish for your cookout. Entering Grades: 8-12 Session: 5 (9 days)

Fee: $535


Camp Menzies

horse programs

GSHCC is proud to own 18 riding horses. Camp Menzies campers in sessions that are four days or longer will have the opportunity to participate in a one-hour horseback riding experience, including a safety orientation, arena instruction and—if you are in grade four and older—a short trail ride. Campers in grades two and three you will stay in the arena and play games. If you have more than 10 hours of riding experience and are attending a program lasting seven days or longer, you can sign up for an intermediate ride for an additional fee. We also offer five different horsethemed programs as well as Wrangler-in-Training, a leadership program for girls in grades 10-12. These progressive horse programs include extra ground lessons with our horseback riding staff as well as extended riding periods. Saddle up!

Little Buckaroos Kickstart your future horse adventures in this introductory horseback riding program. Get to know the council’s horses in this two-hour riding program and take part in a ground lesson about horse care and safety. Campers will spend time with the horses each day, but may not ride every day. Entering Grades: 4-5 Session: 4 (5 days) 11 (4 days)

Fee: $400 Fee: $320

Horse Explorers Build even more equine skills in this intermediate riding program. Work on timing, rhythm and balance during four hours of horseback riding sessions and participate in ground sessions on horse care. Campers will spend time with the horses each day, but may not ride every day. Prerequisite: Must have completed a beginning horseback riding program or have at least five hours of riding experience prior to this session. Entering Grades: 6-7 Session: 1 (5 days) 12 (6 days)

Fee: $420 Fee: $450

Menzies Equestrians Taking your horse skills to the next level! This advanced riding program includes five hours of horseback riding, to refine your timing, rhythm and balance skills. You’ll enjoy an overnight out-of-camp trip, where you’ll learn about different aspects of the horse industry. Participate in the care and feeding of horses. Campers will spend time with the horses each day, but may not ride every day. Prerequisite: Must have completed an intermediate horseback riding program or have at least eight hours of riding experience prior to this session. Entering Grades: 7-9 Session: 5 (9 days)

Fee: $575

Gymkhana Fun

Develop your horsewomanship skills in this beginning riding program. Participate in three hours of horseback riding in the arena and out on the trail, as well as ground lessons on horse safety and equine care. Campers will spend time with the horses each day, but may not ride every day.

Build on your horsemanship and performance skills by learning the basic speed-racing patterns and timed games for horseback riders, such as Pole Bending, Key Hole and Speed Barrels, while still improving your riding abilities through lessons and trail rides. Campers will spend time with the horses each day, but may not ride every day. Prerequisite: Must have completed an intermediate horseback riding program or have at least ten hours of riding experience prior to camp.

Entering Grades: 5-6 Session: 2 & 7 (5 days)

Entering Grades: 7-9 Session: 9 (7 days)

Horse Enthusiasts


Fee: $410

Fee: $525


Day Camp Resident Camp expeditions Troop & Family Camp

await Camp Registration is now online!

Starting February 1, you can reserve your spot for summer fun online. No paper forms to fill out, no checks to write, and no waiting to find out if your girl got into her first choice sessions!* GSHCC makes it easy to plan your summer adventures through the Activities section of our website. Here’s how: 1. Visit us online at and select the “Activities” tab. 2. Select the Camp Session you’d like and click “Register Now” 3. Log into your MyGS to complete the process. 4. When you receive the “Confirmation and Thank You” message, your camp sessions will automatically be added to the “My Activities” portion of your account.

Need help?

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* Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants must have a MyGS account in order to register for camp or council activities.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is Available! for details check out page 23

ership leadprograms These specially designed leadership programs will show you how to develop and lead camp programs, while improving your problem-solving skills and having fun with camp friends. You will have the chance to gain supervised, hands-on experience working with younger campers. All leadership programs sleep in tents.


Lifeguard-in-Training (LIT)

Work on your Leadership in Action (LiA) award by spending the week working with younger campers. Create a lesson plan and design an activity to teach Brownies an important skill, and develop your own skills in reflection and debriefing. In your free time, participate in all the traditional camp activities and work with your sister campers to create an experience you'll never forget.

With all those hot summer days spent lake-side, you've dreamed of the moment you could take your place in the lifeguard chair. Here is your chance to get started. Calling all lifeguards in training - those looking to improve their skills or begin the process of becoming a certified lifeguard. Practice swimming and rescues, shadow Camp Menzies lifeguards and spend your time in the water.

Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 1, 2 & 7 (5 days)

Entering Grades: 10-12 Session: 5 (9 days)

12 (6 days)

Fee: $325 Fee: $400

Fee: $350

L.E.A.P. Take the leap from camper to counselor in this program of Leadership Experience And Practice. Spend this special session with your sister campers learning the essentials of leadership. Teach new things to other campers, learn what your strengths and skills are and how best to utilize them and capitalize on this opportunity to discover your leadership potential. Entering Grade: 9 Session: 9 (7 days)

Fee: $450

Saturday, April 1 Cosumes River College Join other high-school aged Girl Scouts for workshops and advice from leading experts in STEAM, outdoors and entrepreneurship. Connect with mentors and lead the way!



CIT/WIT PROGRAMS At Camp Menzies Our specially designed Counselor/Wrangler In-Training programs show girls how to develop and lead camp and horse programs while increasing their communication and problem-solving skills. To register for these programs, please use the Camp Menzies Leadership Program application packet found at You can also request a packet by phone at: 800.322.4475 or email

COUNSELOR-IN-TRAINING (CIT) or WRANGLER-IN-TRAINING (WIT) Improve your leadership skills and learn about the needs of children in the camp setting. Explore the basics of developing and delivering camp program and camp operations. WITs will shadow riding staff at the horse corral and must have a minimum of ten hours previous horseback riding experience. You will also plan and carry out an overnight trip experience out of camp. Prerequisite: Campers in this

Fee: $435

program must be at least 15 years old or entering 10th grade.

ADVANCED CIT or WIT Focus on camp management and gain practical experience in various areas of the camp operation. Practice your leadership and program skills while working with younger campers. You will also participate in at least one trip out of camp. Prerequisite: At least 16 years old or

Fee: $485

entering 11th grade and have completed the CIT or WIT program or its equivalent.


Leadership Programs



CIT/WIT Group 1

June 19-July 9* (14 days)

2, 4 & Two of Us

Use your leadership and program skills as you intern in units or at your favorite specialty area. Carry out an individual project and learn more about camp management. In an effort to provide more flexibility for girls participating in the Apprentice CIT or WIT program, each girl will create an individualized schedule with the camp director prior to the start of the summer season.

CIT/WIT Group 2

July 24-August 6* (13 days)

9 & 12

Prerequisite: At least 17 years old or

Advanced CIT/ WIT Group 1

June 12-July 14* (27 days)

1, 3, 4 & 5

Advanced CIT/ WIT Group 2

July 11-August 6* (22 days)

6, 7, 9, 12

*Unless otherwise noted, participants will return home between sessions.

Fee: $350

entering 12th grade and completion of the CIT or WIT program or its equivalent.

72 % o f g i r l s

surveyed said that Girl Scouts gave them the change to build their skills or try new outdoor activities. What are you waiting for?


y l i m a F p o Tro camp &

In addition to our resident camp sessions we offer troop and family program events at Camp Menzies and Camp Fleming. Payment must be made in full when registering for these programs. Transportation to camp is not provided for troop and family events.

Camp Menzies Clean-up Crew Join in the fun of hard work with a purpose. Help get Camp Menzies ready for the summer and earn the Camp Menzies Clean-up Crew patch as you sort supplies, rake pine needles, prepare the kitchen and health center, wash dishes and prep the props that help create the “Menzies Magic!� Girls must be accompanied by an adult. Fee includes program materials, a fun patch and all meals. Entering Grades: Girls entering grade 4 and older and adults Fee: $35 per person Begins: 10:30 a.m., Saturday, May 27 Ends: 11 a.m., Monday, May 29

Trailblazers During this overnight experience for Girl Scout troops you will get to enjoy a 90-minute trail ride, a horseback riding and roping demonstration, as well as some traditional Camp Menzies activities.You can register with a troop or as an individual for this event. Individuals need to have an adult attending with them. Fee includes horseback riding instruction for girls, program materials, a fun patch and meals. Entering Grades: Girls in grade 4 and older Fee: $95 per girl/$50 per adult Begins: 7 p.m. Friday, June 23 Ends: 12:30 p.m. Sunday, June 25 or Begins: 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 18 Ends: 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 20


Wild Weekends Explore the wonders of Camp Menzies at this outdoor adventure weekend. Sing songs, make crafts and develop your outdoor cooking skills. Fee includes meals, programs materials, outdoor accommodations and fun patch. Adults have the option of completing troop camp training during the weekend; look for more details online. Entering Grades: All Girl Scouts and their families Fee: $45 per person Begins: 10 a.m. Saturday, June 3 Ends: 12 p.m. Sunday, June 4 or Begins: 10 a.m. Saturday, August 12 Ends: 12 a.m. Monday, August 13

Fresh air, fresh Ideas Research shows spending time in nature improves concentration and creative reasoning. Outdoor experiences also help promote healthy social development and increase her self-esteem.

troo p & Family

Two of Us Join us for four fun-filled days designed to give you a taste of life at Camp Menzies and the outdoors with your special adult there to experience it all with you. Activities include arts ‘n’ crafts, nature study, horseback riding and more! Adults must be 18 or older. Campers sleep in sleeping cabins or tents. Entering Grades: 1-12 Fee: $175 per person Begins: 2 p.m. Thursday, July 6 Ends: 11 a.m., Sunday, July 9

Two of Us: Advanced Choose your own schedule during this special advanced program at Camp Menzies. Activities may include canoe swamping, archery and more. Plus, plan a special day trip out of camp! Adults must be 18 or older. Sleep in tents. Entering Grades: 6-12 Fee: $185 per person Begins: 2 p.m. Thursday, July 6 Ends: 11 a.m. Sunday, July 9

Family Camping at Camp Menzies Bring your whole family and experience magical Camp Menzies! Enjoy swimming, archery (grade 4 and older), arts ‘n’ crafts, hiking, canoeing (water-level permitting), songs, games and more! Families provide their own tent or can request a sleeping cabin (first come, first served). Fee includes staff-guided activities, program supplies, meals and fun patch. Entering Grades: All Girl Scouts and their families Fee: $45 per person Begins: 5 p.m. Friday, August 25 Ends: 11 a.m. Sunday, August 27 or Begins: 5 p.m. Saturday, September 2 Ends: 11 a.m. Monday, September 4 or Begins: 5 p.m. Friday, September 8 Ends: 11 a.m. Sunday, September 10

Fantabulous Fleming Spend the weekend enjoying the beauty of Camp Fleming. Girls and their fathers, uncles or other special guys who are “Man Enough to be a Girl Scout” in their lives can explore fun-filled activities such as a nature hikes, archery, arts 'n' crafts, campfire and more! Overnight participants will be tent camping. For overnight participants, the fee includes program supplies, site fees, snacks, Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and sack lunch and fun patch. For Saturdayonly participants, the fee includes program supplies, day use fees, snacks, Saturday lunch and fun patch. Entering Grades: All Girl Scouts and their special adult Fee: $45 per person Begins: 9 a.m. Saturday, September 16 Ends: 11 a.m. Sunday, September 17

Fleming Fantasies Fun and fantasy await you at this special weekend just for girls and their moms (or aunts, grandmothers or other special women). Explore the beauty of Camp Fleming in Somerset, and choose from a variety of specialized activities including archery, nature crafts, outdoor cooking, games and more! Come just for the day on Saturday or for an overnight. Overnight participants can choose to stay in the lodge or the campground. Participants can choose to come for the full event or for Saturday only from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For overnight participants, the fee includes program supplies, site fees, snacks, Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and sack lunch and fun patch. For Saturday-only participants the fee includes program supplies, day use fees, snacks, Saturday lunch and fun patch. Entering Grades: All Girl Scouts and their special adult Fee: $45 per person Begins: 9 a.m. Saturday, September 23 Ends: 11 a.m. Sunday, September 24


Camp Fleming Our Camp Fleming programs are designed for girls in grades 2-12 and incorporates Girl Scout traditions progressive programming and free choice periods to develop skills, provide new challenges, and make new friends.


1 (July 10-14) 2 (July 17-21)

Fleming Investigators New! From the tiniest acorn to the mightiest oak, investigate all that Camp Fleming has to offer. Unravel some of nature's mysteries and make new friends at our newest camp program. Entering Grades: 2-5 Session: 1 & 2 (5 days)

Fee: $350

Fleming Defenders New! What does it take to be a hero? Explore your new headquarters at the Camp Fleming Lodge. Practice your marksmanship skills at the archery range, create a “defender� persona and work on the comic artist badge to share an original story or adventure. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: 1 & 2 (5 days)

Fee: $350

Fleming Explorers New! There is so much to do in and around our camp! Spend the session exploring Camp Fleming and pushing your limits. Go white water rafting, zip lining, participate in the challenge course and discover new adventures. Entering Grades: 7-12 Session: 1 & 2 (5 days) 18

Fee: $450

Come check out the GSHCC Trading Post at Camp Menzies and Camp Fleming for all your camp essentials.

camp is for every girl! GSHCC is committed to making camp accessible to all Girl Scouts, regardless of ability to pay. Apply today and start planning your next adventure!

Camp Golden Timbers



Camp Golden Timbers

Camp Golden Timbers is a five day four night volunteer run camp that takes place in Pinecrest, CA. Girls are given the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while strengthening old friendships and fostering new ones. Campers sleep in cabins with girls in their age group giving them the opportunity to learn new skills as a team. Girls participate in wide range of activities including hiking, canoes, crafts, archery, songs, games and more. Seniors and Ambassadors gain valuable leadership skills at camp, earn your Community Service Bar to Girl Scouts, work on your Take Action project, earn badges, be a role model for younger girls. Camp merchandise will be available for order when registration is received. Registration is open February 1–June 25. If you have any questions please email and follow us on Facebook at Girl Scout Camp Golden Timbers.

Volunteers Needed

Daisy Cabin Leaders Brownie Cabin Leaders Junior Cabin Leaders Cadette Cabin Leaders Boys TAGS Cabin Leaders Little Sisters TAGS Leaders Kitchen Staff Lifeguards (paid position) Games Specialists Nature Specialists Canoe Specialist Floaters For more information, email

Girl Scouts Go Disney* Grades 1-8: Check In: Sunday, July 23 at 8:00 a.m.

Check out: Thursday, July 27 at 1:00 p.m.

Grades 9-12: Check In: Saturday, July 22 at 3:30 p.m.

Check Out: July 27 at 2:00 p.m.

Early Registration (February 1–April 10) Fees: Girls (Grade 1st-8th) $220; Seniors (Grade 9th-12th) $190; Tags: $220 Registration

Fees: Girls (Grade 1st-8th) $240 Seniors (Grade 9th-12th) $210; Tags: $220 Deposit is $25. Fee must be paid in full by check. *Adult volunteers and seniors begin on July 22.


expeditions What a great opportunity to travel throughout the Sierra Nevada and beyond as you interact with wildlife, enjoy watersports and explore our beautiful state. Campers will be staying in public campgrounds and a service project will be a part of every program.

Mystery Science Exploration New!

Yosemite Camp of Service

Explore the Winchester Mystery House and other exciting sites in the San Jose area. Let your creativity and spirit of innovation run wild while examining the Tech Museum of Innovation, investigate mysteries of the past and ancient Egypt, enjoy a show and work on the Special Agent badge. Fee includes activity fees, van transportation to and from Sacramento, Stockton and Salida, meals and a patch. Entering Grades: 6-8 Session: August 2 to August 6 (5 days)

Fee: $450

Lassen Camp of Service Alongside the rangers at Lassen National Park, explore what it means to live on the wild side. Spend time camping, stargazing and searching for wildlife while volunteering with the rangers to complete a service project and earn your Girl Scout Camp Ranger patch. Fee includes activity fees, van transportation to and from Sacramento and Stockton, meals, program supplies and a fun patch. Entering Grades: 6-12 Session: Dates to be determined, please check the website in February

Fee: $350

Spend five days in beautiful Yosemite National Park completing the Girl Scout camp ranger patch. Work alongside professionals who will give you an inside perspective on environmental science and conservation careers. Spend three days completing service projects and two days exploring the hidden secrets of Yosemite National Park. Fee includes meals, entrance fees and van transportation from Sacramento, Stockton and Salida. Entering Grades: 6-12 Session: Dates to be determined, please check the website in February

Fee: $295

Surf, Sand & Sail Join us for exciting watersport adventures and much more on the beautiful Central California coast! Take both surfing and sailing lessons, and explore a variety of local sites. Picnic on the beach and enjoy a special trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Fee includes activity fees, van transportation to and from Sacramento, Stockton and Salida, meals, program supplies and a fun patch. Entering Grades: 7-12 Session: June 21-June 25 or July 25 to July 29 (5 days)

Fee: $465

Wild Seas Head to the Sonoma coast to explore the wild side of life! Meet African animals on a tour of Safari West, explore coastal redwood forests, and camp near the beautiful beaches of the Sonoma coast with other adventurous girls like you! Fee includes activity fees, van transportation to and from Sacramento and Stockton, meals, program supplies and a fun patch. Entering Grades: 7-12 Session: June 13 to June 17 (5 days)


Fee: $450

day camps Day camps* are held at community locations throughout GSHCC. These fun, enriching, local camps allow girls to extend their Girl Scout experience into the summer months and often offer leadership opportunities for older girls. Perfect for the girl who wants to try a variety of activities designed for fun and self-discovery, where they can make new friends and return home at the end of the day. These camps are located throughout the council’s 18 counties and are supported by trained staff and dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers Needed No experience necessary! We are looking for men and women to lend a hand at our day camps— council wide. Interested? Email customercare@




Full STEAM Ahead with Bricks 4 Kids (C)

Modesto, CA

June 5-9

Tracy Twilight Camp

Tracy, CA

June 5-9

Bricks 4 Kids (C)

Tracy, CA

June 12-16

Down on the Farm

Woodland, CA

June 12-16

Sutter Creek

Sutter Creek, CA

June 20-23

Animals Go Dabbling

Carmichael, CA

June 25-29

Elk Grove

Elk Grove, CA

June 26-30

Full STEAM Ahead

Yuba City, CA

June 27-30

Air Aware (C)

Davis, CA

July 10-14

Girl Power

Merced, CA

July 11-14

Full STEAM Ahead with Bricks 4 Kids (J)

Stockton, CA

July 17-21

Get Moving! (J)

Davis, CA

July 17-21

WOW! Wonders of Water (B)

Davis, CA

July 24-28

Design, Tinker... Maker Camp

Sacramento, CA

August 1-4

All ages, many PA opportunities



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Registration Tips


• Registration for resident camps opens February 1. Registration for day camps and summer troop and family events opens March 1. • New this year: online registration will be used for all programs. For families requiring check or cash payment, or who require additional support with online registration, the GSHCC customer care team is ready to help. • All resident camps require a minimum deposit at the time of registration. Day camps as well as troop and family camp require full payment at the time of registration. • Registrations will be processed on a first-come, first served basis. • Girls do not have to be current Girl Scout members to attend camp, but they will need to register as members and pay the $15 membership fee in order to attend camp programs. • To register visit the Activities page or login into your MyGS account; if you do not have an account, you can create one by visiting • Select the camp or program you are interested in from the activities list. • It may take up to 20 minutes to complete the registration process. Camp Menzies programs will ask you to select a bus stop location at the time of registration.

• Any remaining balance will be listed in your MyGS account. The confirmation email sent after your registration will include the specific date your payment is due. • Registered girls will lose their place in the camp session/program if payment is not received by the due date. • Credit card payments can be made through your MyGS account. Check or money order payments should be directed to Girl Scouts Heart of Central California and should include the camper’s name and program name/date with the payment. • To reach full payment, partial payments can be made as long as the full balance due is paid four weeks before the opening day of the camp session you have chosen. GSHCC asks that families track their own payments in myGS to ensure this deadline is met.

Confirmation • Upon completion of the registration process, you will see a detailed receipt on your screen. This is your activity registration confirmation; if you do not automatically receive a detailed receipt, you have not completed the registration process. • You will receive a confirmation email with more information regarding the camp within one week of receipt of your registration. If you do not receive this email, be sure to check the junk or spam folders. • At any time you can view events and camps you are registered for by logging into MyGS and clicking MyActivities. Clicking the information icon next to each camp/event will provide you additional program information.

Waitlists • If you are on a waitlist for a program, you will be notified via email if space opens. • If you do not want to remain on the waiting list or you’d like to see if a different session is available, please contact customer care.


Refunds A portion of the camp fee will be refunded only for the following circumstances: • Family plans change and the camper can no longer attend—in this case, written notification must be received four weeks before the opening date of the confirmed camp session. • The camper does not attend due to illness or injury. A letter from a physician must accompany the refund request. • The camper is sent home from camp due to illness or injury. Refunds are prorated in such cases and will be made only at the request of the parent/guardian. • No refunds will be made if the camper leaves early for any other reason. • Refund requests must be received by August 31, 2017. • In all cancellations, a refund excludes a $25 administrative fee that will be retained by GSHCC.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is included in the camp fees? All camp fees include program development, supervision and support from trained staff, activity supplies, sickness/accident insurance, camp T-shirt, patch, daily meals and snacks. Camp Menzies and Expedition program fees also include transportation. Camp Menzies camper fees include a one-hour horseback riding session.

For more assistance, please contact GSHCC at: 916.452.9181 / 800.322.4475

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Can Troop Treasure be used to pay for camp? Yes! However, due to the volume of registrations we process, we cannot accept Troop Treasure for the deposit. Troop Treasure can be applied to the balance of the camp fees. Please call our customer care team to make a payment using troop treasure. Will I need a physical examination to attend camp? No. However, a current Camper Health History form completed by a parent must be received in the program center four weeks prior to their camp session. Camp can be physically demanding; we recommend that you discuss camp with your healthcare provider and be clear about any activity restrictions on your Camper Health History form. Is transportation available to and from camp? Bus transportation from Sacramento, Salida, Stockton and Angels Camp is provided for Camp Menzies resident camps. Transportation is not provided for Camp Fleming and Camp Golden Timbers; campers will need to be dropped off and picked up at camp. Unless otherwise noted, expeditions use seven or eight passenger vehicles that depart from Sacramento, Stockton and Salida. Families are required to get their girl to all designated transportation points on time. Transportation to and from camp is not provided for Two of Us or troop and family weekend program events. What training does camp staff receive? Camp staff receive extensive on-site training prior to the arrival of all campers. Training includes activity programming and outdoor skills, songs, games, first aid and safety, team building, age level characteristics, how to overcome homesickness, and more. Staff who supervise high-adventure activities are required to have additional training and qualifications. Can I be in the same unit as my friends? Prior to camp placement, you may request to be with one special friend in the same unit and program (if your friend is about the same age and ability). To be considered for the same unit, both girls must request each other and the registrations need to be received around the same time. After placement, if two or more friends are attending the same session and program together, parents can request that they be placed in the same tent using the Parent Letter to the Counselors which is included in the camp information packet. Can parents/guardians visit the camp? We discourage parents from visiting when camp is in session, as the girls are busy in programs from sunup to sundown. However, families are invited to join us at our open house events in preparation for summer camp: Camp Fleming on May 7 and Camp Menzies on

June 11. This is a great opportunity for girls and their families to visit camp, tour the facility and meet staff. The camp directors will be available to answer any questions you may have. Are campers covered by insurance? All campers are covered by sickness and accident insurance. The cost is included in the camp fee. What is ACA? GSHCC is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA). Camp Menzies is an accredited camp, evaluated against high standards set by a national ACA standards board. Standards address the camp’s practices, policies and procedures as they relate to personnel, program, administration, site and facilities. Camp Fleming is in the process of becoming accredited and already follows ACA best practices. Camp Golden Timbers and all day camps follow Girl Scout as well as ACA policies and procedures.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE GSHCC believes in outdoor experiences, and is committed to providing access for all girls. If financing camp for your Girl Scout is a concern, we encourage you to check out the financial assistance program. A girl may receive one financial grant per year to attend the camp of her choice. The amount of funds awarded to each girl depends on the financial landscape of the household. All girls living within the GSHCC council area and who are registered as a Girl Scout, or who wish to become a Girl Scout, are eligible to apply. If you are a member of a different Girl Scout council, please contact your local council to apply for financial assistance.

How to Apply

• Click the financial assistance box when you are registering for camp. • Within one week you will receive an email with an electronic financial assistance request form; this form needs to be completed and submitted to finalize your request. • You will receive notification regarding your request within four weeks. • If a balance is still due it must be paid four weeks before the opening day of the camp session you have chosen. Partial payments can be made. • If the financial assistance amount requested is not fully granted and you would like to withdraw, you can request a refund for the full amount you have paid.





GSHCC is committed to making camp accessible to all Girl Scouts, regardless of ability to pay. Apply today and start planning your next adventure!

Camp is for every girl!

Sacramento Regional Program Center 6601 Elvas Ave., Sacramento, CA 95819


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GSHCC Camp Brochure 2017  

Check out all of our camping options and choose your own journey! There are tons of opportunities to challenge, inspire and excite you. Camp...

GSHCC Camp Brochure 2017  

Check out all of our camping options and choose your own journey! There are tons of opportunities to challenge, inspire and excite you. Camp...