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Message from our Board Chair and CEO Martha Krone, Board Chair

It is the Year of the Girl. 2012 marks our 100th Anniversary. We are Girl Scouts - proud of our heritage and future.

Thank you, volunteers, for your contribution, effort, and the important work that you are doing to build a solid foundation for our future leaders. You are making a difference. We welcome Kim McCormick as our new Vice President of Membership, Volunteers, and Program. In Kim's words, "Volunteers and staff have worked very hard to ensure that Girl Scouting reaches far and wide within our 67 counties. At the end of September 2012, our membership reached 17,661 girls and adults which is an increase over 2011! As volunteers, you shape the Girl Scout Leadership Experience." Our 100th Anniversary has been a springboard for us to spread the word about what Girl Scouts of today has to offer. At the beginning of the year, our National As office launched a To Get Her There campaign volunteers, ( This bold campaign has a you shape long-term goal that is ambitious and urgent: to the Girl create balanced leadership in one generation. Only Girl Scouts, with it's time honored place in Scout society can launch an initiative like this. If not us, Experience who? If not now, when? At present, only 1 in 5 girls believe they possess key leadership qualities. We have the opportunity to empower them to think about, move toward, and steer their own path to success with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience supporting them. In the 2012-2013 membership year, we will focus on five results, or outcomes, for girls. • To develop a strong sense of self • To develop critical thinking skills • To develop healthy relationships • To become resourceful problem solvers • To advocate for themselves and others


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When girls become Girl Scouts, their membership automatically gives them committed adults who will make a valiant effort to encourage their uniqueness, uplift their talents, help them find their strengths, support their goals, and so much more. It brings them opportunities to become someone better, someone bigger, and someone

Jamie Boersma, CEO

more confident. These concepts are not new for Girl Scout volunteers - we look forward to working together to allow the girls of this generation to feel the power of girls together. Consider these resources as you build your Girl Scout year: • Utilize an age-appropriate Journey book with your girl(s) (they can be done in any order) • It's Your Planet - Love It! • It's Your World - Change It! • It's Your Story - Tell It! • Stay up to date through our re-designed website ( • Connect with us through social media channels (links are on our website for Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, Pinterest). We've had great guest bloggers tell us their amazing Girl Scout stories this past year. We're still collecting stories, so let us know if you are interested in telling yours by emailing! • Get updates from the council through our volunteer and girl newsletters • Participate in either or both of our product programs • Attend required enrichment trainings and become familiar with all the resources both in print and in people that the council has to offer. • Allow your girl(s) control over what they do during the course of the year (guided/mentored by you) • Participate in any of the outstanding events and activities outlined in our program book • Get ready for summer camp 2013 • Travel with your girl(s) • Invite others to join you Your positive energy can create an explosion of confidence in a young girl. Thank you for volunteering with Girl Scouts. We look forward to working along side you this year. - Martha Krone, Board Chair; Jamie Boersma, CEO

Girl Scout Spotlight MILLS COUNTY/THURMAN, IOWA On May 10, 2012, girls from Service Unit 408 planted trees to help replace the ones a tornado destroyed last April!

Featured Greater Iowa Greats Ronette Bruner Troop #377, Council Bluffs, IA Way to go, girls!

FLYING MONKEYS UPDATE We have continued to follow our Girl Scout Troop from Ames and Gilbert Iowa as they have enjoyed continued success through FIRST® Lego® League and their invented prosthetic hand device. In our June newsletter, we announced their invitation to present in Brazil at the Rio +20 Earth Summit. The troop flew to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer and wrote all about their travels and experiences for us and our blog. Troop Leader, Melissa Murray stated, 'For all the girls, this was the first time they had been out of the United States and in a country where English was not the first language. They worked on learning a few basics of Portuguese before we left. The Flying Monkeys learned about navigating airports and cities in a foreign country and working through language and cultural barriers! It was an amazing, hectic, beautiful, inspiring experience. It was an honor that none of us will ever forget; one that I am proud to have been able to share with the girls." Read all about their experiences on our blog Search for Flying Monkeys.

VOLUNTEERS HELP AT CAMP JULIETTE Volunteers cleaned and painted Camp Juliette on Sept. 26 as a part of United Way Marshall County Day of Caring. Thank you for all you have done to make Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa facilities better! Left to right Megan Weitl, Vicki Ricken, Jill Gienger, Mara Torres, Virginia McKinney, Valeria LaMasters, and Rena Holmes.


(nominated by Michelle Konvalin) Ronette is a recipient of all of the highest awards in Girl Scouting, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Her volunteer work goes above and beyond, volunteering weekly at the Girl Scout Office in Council Bluffs, Mohm’s Place (local homeless shelter), the Crescent Fire Barn, with Service Unit 406, and more. "She is such a good role model of what our “grown up” Girl Scouts should be. She mentors Lexi, Michelle Konvalin's daughter, teaches her many things, and has shown what a mature, wonderful, giving heart she has."

Bonnie Keller Troop #53, Sioux City, IA (nominated by Sue Keller)

Bonnie, a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award recipient, is a Girl Scout Ambassador and high school Senior. Read more about her Gold Award project on page 3. Bonnie has been involved in Girl Scouts for the last 13 years. She has been an Assistant Leader to a group of Girl Scout Daisies for the past two years and has been on the Girl Scout Board of Directors as a girl member. She has also earned the Bronze and Silver Award. She recently traveled to Houston, Texas for the 100 year anniversary convention of Girl Scouting. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Scouting. She is also very involved with other community service organizations as well including S.T.A.R.S., K9 S.T.A.R.S., the American Heart Association, Hospice, Challenger League, the Humane Society, the Red Cross, Mayors Youth Commission and her parish youth group. She has been involved in many school activities as well, including National Honor Society, Miracle Makers, Mission Club, she’s served as a program assistant at Camp Cayoca, she’s been a Swim team captain, has been involved in tennis and several choir groups. She is currently a certified lifeguard/water safety instructor and employed at our local pool. She is attending Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa this fall.

Communication / Information Tools We host many ways to keep up to date with council happenings and to keep our communication lines open. We also have a staff directory on our website or you can email us at

SOCIAL MEDIA AND EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION TOOLS • All of our social media sites are linked to our website’s home page. • All of our external newsletters are stored on our website under Forms & Publications. FACEBOOK: We have an official Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa Facebook page. Members, staff, and friends can stay connected and get valuable council information. We also host photo albums on Facebook. Link from our home page. TWITTER: Our official Twitter feed is linked to our Facebook account, so, you will find the same information on both sites. It’s important for us, as a council, to be in both places for those that prefer one site over another. Link from our home page. YOU TUBE: Our You Tube site hosts all of our council produced videos as well as videos produced from GSUSA. Link from our home page. FLICKR: Flickr is a photo sharing website designed to help us manage our local Girl Scout images that we want to share with our public. The public and easily browse photos and download or order photos from this site. Link from our home page. BLOG: Our Girl Scout blog allows connection with our public in a personal way through stories and personal narratives. Link from our home page. PINTEREST: Pinterest is a place where you can glean and gather ideas about Girl Scouting (and other hobbies). Through this website, you can use pinboards to organize all you like in one place for future use as well as browse pinboards created by us and other people. Link from our home page. MAIL CHIMP is the email service provider that we use to send mass emails to our members and supporters. We send a monthly email to all of our members with council information. We also send targeted updates, announcements, invitations, and letters based on needs of the council.

VOLUNTEER NEWS is a quarterly newsletter for Volunteers (and Parents). This newsletter outlines major events throughout the council as well as highlights anything new happening in the world of Girl Scouting that volunteers/parents need to know.

CONNECT is a quarterly newsletter for girls in grades 6-12. This newsletter reflects some of what is in the volunteer newsletter, but, has an agenda to reach older girls with things that they want to read about. This newsletter keeps them informed as well as gives them an opportunity to write about their experiences.

OUR WEBSITE is a major source of information. Our entire site was revised in 2012 to meet the needs of our members and to update the look and feel that we present to the public. This is an ever changing and evolving information and media source.

8/12 VOLUNTEERupdated NEWS •


Fall Leader Retreat Join new andand experienced Girl Scout a Joinboth both new experienced Girlleaders Scoutfor leaders weekend full of learning and networking at our Fall Leader for a weekend full learning networking at our Retreat! Participate in aof wide varietyand of training sessions!

Fall Leader Retreat! Participate in a wide variety Camp Sacajawea, Boone (featured inside) where you’ll of training sessions October 26-28 discuss new ideas and learn how to be the best Girl Registration begins at 6:30 p.m. Scout leader you canp.m. be! First session starts at 7:00 To sign up, fill out attached packet and return to your local Leadership Center.

New Lead er B Attending enefit: t Leader Re he Fall treat fulfill s the requir ements of training for new leaders.

Go to to register.

Looking for more enrichment/training opportunities? Camp Sacajawea, Boone

We have several options across our jurisdiction for training in the following areas • New Leader Toolkit • Grade Level Essentials • Standard First Aid/CPR • Basic Outdoor Awareness (BOA)

October 26th-28th Registration opens at 6:30 p.m. First session begins at 7:00 p.m.

Learn more online. Click the volunteer trainings link on our homepage. New volunteer policies are also now online under forms/resources.

Help today’s girls become



4 • VOLUNTEER NEWS 800.342.8389



100 Empowering Compliments

for Girls

I’M PROUD OF HOW _______ YOU ARE! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.

Accepting Active Brave Caring Compassionate Courageous Daring Exciting Forgiving Giving Grateful Humble Inspiring Industrious Joyful Kind Loving Motivated Natural Organized Patient Powerful Qualified Respectful Responsible Soulful Supportive Thoughtful

I ADMIRE YOUR ___________ . 29. Activism 30. Athleticism 31. Creativity 32. Curiosity 33. Determination 34. Energy 35. Fortitude 36. Gracefulness 37. Honesty 38. Imagination 39. Perseverance 40. Self-discipline 41. Self-respect 42. Spirit

By Jane Balvanz, MSE, RPT, Professional School Counselor

In a world obsessed by size, shape, and attractiveness, girls receive messages that they must look and be a certain way in order to be valued. Little girls are complimented for looking pretty, while older girls are favored for looking “hot” or sexy. This pressure can lead to anorexia, bulimia, and increased relational aggression among girls. Here is a checklist of healthy alternative compliments for girls in your life. See how many you can use!


84. Powerful 85. Qualified 86. Ready 87. Smart 88. Successful 89. Unique 90. Vivacious

43. act 44. bat 45. cook 46. dance 47. delegate 48. design 49. draw 50. dream 51. initiate 52. jump 53. kick 54. learn 55. leap 56. laugh 57. move 58. negotiate 59. opine 60. persuade 61. play 62. pretend 63. question 64. run 65. sing 66. spell 67. throw 68. understand 69. win 70. wonder

TOP 9 91. The world’s a better place with you in it. 92. You’re a team player. 93. I’m happy you’re a girl. 94. You make me smile! 95. I’m glad you were born. 96. I’m lucky to know you. 97. I’m proud of you. 98. I like you. 99. I love you.

NUMBER 1 100. I like you just the way you are. Bullying strategists Jane Balvanz and Blair Wagner publish GAPRA’s bi-weekly articles. If you’re ready to guide children in grades K – 12 through painful friendships and emotional bullying: For help with emotional bullying: For the When Girls Hurt Girls® program:

YOU LOOK ____________ . 71. Adventurous 72. Athletic 73. Bold 74. Calm 75. Confident 76. Daring 77. Exciting 78. Gregarious 79. Happy 80. Healthy 81. Important 82. Magical 83. Proud

Power Up Volunteers

Power Up is the new program being used by Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa, written by a Girl Scout Council, to address relational aggression (bullying.) It focuses on encouraging the 85% of girls who are bystanders to bullying behavior to stand up and defend targets and make their world a better place. We are looking for volunteer partners to facilitate these events for girls. As a volunteer, you can assist at the Power Up workshops or be the lead facilitator. Key skills are • reliability • experience with the developmental stages of the girls and how to deal with them • discretion with confidential and controversial conversations; and • empathy. Please contact a Programming Manager in Des Moines or your local Programming Manager to get started! Look for this and other ways to volunteer with Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa on our website,




Melissa Fischer, Product Program Director Product Program Team,

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Mint Treasures in a Girl Scout mailbox tin

Chocolate Covered Raisins

Caramel Treasures in a Library Tin

Taking Orders: October 26-November 11 Delivery: December 3 – 13 to r's T in


ll e c

NEW  !

o r's T i n



ir t


C lo c k



Chocolate Covered Peanuts







Gummi Berries


NEW  !




Dulce De Leche

ll Co

The average troop earns $290 from sales!

Li br

Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins


M ai

lbo x

NEW  !

Deluxe Pecan Clusters









Whole Cashews


Honey Roasted Peanuts

Ar t



Recipe  !



Peanut Butter Bears

Hot Cajun Crunch

Register soon for a Cookie Program training! Look for the registration link on our homepage!

Blueberry Pomegranate Nut Crunch - Gluten Free!

Announcements & Reminders PROGRAM AND EVENTS BOOK

SHOP Junior Starter Kit Example

Daisy Starter Kit Example Shop at any of our five locations or online! Our Starter Kit sale will continue through October 2012 - bags are on a first come first serve basis.

Our Fall Program Book has been published in print and online. If you have not received a book, please call 800-342-8389 or email info@gsiowa. org. Register online for programs, trips, and activities today!

NOTE: If you placed an online order in early to mid September and have not received it, it should be coming in the next few weeks. Due to the high volume use of cookie dough right before it expired on September 15, we have a lot of online orders to fill, and are moving quickly to serve you. All shops are open normal business hours with extended hours until 6 p.m. on Thursdays. We are also open the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. - noon. Our online shop is always open!

FLAT JULIETTE RESULTS The results are in for our ‘100 Days of Summer with Flat Juliette’ photo contest! We received more than 100 fabulous photo entries from across Iowa and were so impressed by each and every one of them! It was a really tough decision, but after careful deliberation, we chose the following winners. Drumroll, please…

Bailey M., Clive, IA Most Creative Kindle Touch 3G (Grand Prize!)

Tricia F, Ventura, IA Favorite Iowa Destination I-Pod Shuffle and $50 I-Tunes Gift Card

Congratulations, girls!

Kylee B., Urbandale, IA Flat Juliette Goes Far! (Farthest Destination from central IA - Hawaii)

I-Pod Shuffle and $50 I-Tunes Gift Card




Girls’ Insights on Leadership | Roper Research Findings | January 2012 Research Background and Goals The goal with the ToGetHerThere: Girls’ Insights on Leadership study* is to learn more about how girls today view the concept of leadership. The study, commissioned by Girl Scouts of the USA and conducted by Roper Research, solicited the opinions of girls ages 8–17. It was designed to understand the ways in which girls are engaging in leadership roles, learn the challenges girls face today in realizing their leadership aspirations, and motivate the adults in their lives—family members, teachers, coaches, mentors, community leaders—to take steps to help girls embrace their potential as future leaders and strong women. This research builds on the findings of the Girl Scout Research Institute’s groundbreaking study on girls and leadership, Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership (2008). Key Findings Girls see glass ceilings in today’s society, and they want more supportive environments. • Almost 9 in 10 teen girls (89%) say men outnumber women in leadership positions today, whether in places like Congress or as heads of major corporations. • Close to 3 in 5 teen girls think that while women can rise in a company, they will only rarely be put at the very top. • A clear majority, 8 in 10 (81%), say the workplace could do a better job of meeting the needs of female workers. • The majority (67%) of teen girls believe to some degree that family responsibilities weigh women down more than men as they try to move up in their careers. Girls want to lead, but they face challenges along the way. • More than 9 in 10 teen girls agree that it’s best to try to be a leader at their current age to see whether or not they like it. • But 59 percent agree that it’s easier to be a follower than a leader. • More than one-third (35%) say they wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to be a leader. • And many teen girls (38%) aren’t sure whether they’re cut out to be a leader at all. Together, we can get her there. • In a finding that presents a clear opportunity for adults to impact the life of a girl, a majority of girls (60%) say they haven’t been offered the chance to visit the workplaces of successful women in their community during the last school year. • Even more telling, 4 in 10 girls say they’ve had no opportunities to interact with successful women during the last school year. • More than 8 in 10 girls are interested in interacting with successful women, including hearing them speak about confidence building. • Despite these challenges, the majority of girls remain optimistic about their futures, with 65 percent feeling that women have a chance equal to that of men to attain leadership positions like president of the United States or head of a major corporation. Summary This study clearly shows that society needs to step up and do better for our girls, and that girls clearly want adult guidance and leadership role models. Let's not fail them. All adults have a role to play in getting them there. And with Girl Scouts leading the charge, we WILL get them there. Join us at To read more about GSRI’s Change It Up! visit



Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa acknowledges all those that earned either their Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award this past membership year. Award recipients are being acknowledged upon their own submission of information. The contributions they have made in their communities have truly made the world a better place! For more information on our Girl Scout Awards, see page 52 of our Events and Activities book, go online at, email us at, or call your local Leadership Center.



The Girl Scout Gold Award is a leadership adventure and the highest award a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador (grades 9-12) can achieve. Congratulations in earning the highest award in Girl Scouting!

Catherine Beall, Logan, IA

W.A.L.K. “Women’s Awareness to Learn Tae Kwon Do” Catherine coordinated self defense classes at Greg James’ dojo and Mark Fountain’s dojo in Omaha, Nebraska at a nominal cost to participants, then two additional free women’s self defense classes in Missouri Valley, Iowa where she was the primary instructor. As a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Catherine has been active in mixed martial arts under the direction of her advisors Scott Thompson and Greg James. She has a passion to share a knowledge of situational awareness and simple tips to avoid or survive an attack.

Elizabeth Beall, Logan, IA

"Big Springs School History" Elizabeth compiled information and records from one small country school in Big Springs, South Dakota – the teachers, students, school boards, the schoolhouse, and the community -- from 1874 until the school’s closure in 1967. Lack of preservation of history of a small country school, representative of the many schools of its type in early America. People will have a better idea and appreciation on how education began in the Dakota Territories of America, and the people of Big Springs will have a historical record to share with their children and grandchildren.

Ronette Bruner, Council Bluffs, IA

For my Gold Award,I offered a reading program to a primary school. I started this project because I like to read and want younger children to want to read. If I could get even one child to read, it would make the world a better place.

Molly Emerson, Rockford, IA

Leader’s Name-Lisa Kapler "Patient Room Redo" I put up borders and artwork in the patients room at the doctor's office in Rockford. I also painted a tree, in which all the children of the staff members who worked there painted their hands on. I am proud because I am now the first girl in Rockford history to get the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards.

Katie Jacobson, St. Charles, IA

Leader's Name: Lisa Brown "Bat House Project" I built bat houses and, with the help of The Warren County Conservation Board, I was able to put them up in the different parks of Warren County. It was a great project, because most bat habitats have a lot of human Photo: Katie with Mark Wilson from the Warren County Conservation made houses and buildings in them, Board with one of the bat houses. which are places bats love to get in when it's cold our. With the new bat houses put up they'll have somewhere else they can go that should be warm, since each house can hold roughly 500 bats.

Bonnie Keller, Sioux City, IA

Leader's Name: Sue Keller Bonnie's Gold Award project started several years ago with the plan to get her classmates trained in the life saving procedure CPR and the use of an AED. To complete this process, Bonnie became a certified CPR/ AED instructor last summer and got an AED purchased for the school. She also got CPR mannequins that will be used by the school for training for years to come. Trying to get 129 students trained was a difficult process, especially when she could only do this during school time - but she managed this great accomplishment.

Christine Morrow, Ankeny, IA

Christine's Gold Award Project was growing produce in a local community garden and organizing and leading a canned food drive then donating the produce and goods to a local food kitchen.

Additional 2011-2012 Gold Award Recipients:

Jenna Dengler, Ankeny, IA Lindsey Duckett, Grimes, IA Andrea Emery, Sioux City, IA Samantha Fistler, Eldora, IA Anna Knapp, Sioux City, IA Amelia Leuschen, Holstein, IA Alana Mairs, Eldora, IA Amanda Montz, Ankeny, IA Emily Priske, Eldora, IA Caitlin Retz, Sheffield, IA VOLUNTEER NEWS Katie Strickland, Ames, IA




The Girl Scout Silver Award is a leadership adventure and the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8) can achieve. Award recipients are being acknowledged upon their own submission of information.

Brianna Goebel, Troop #10072, Coon Rapids, IA Brianna received the silver award for her assistance in establishing Boy Scouts in our town. The town had not had active Cub Scouts in at least 10 years. There were many boys in the community who asked to join Girl Scouts because they had saw all the projects there female classmates had participated in over the years. We had sign up night. Some of the activities she helped plan included collecting candy for U.S. soldiers, food pantry drive, pinewood derby, helped build a trailer to haul camping equipment, and helped coordinate a campout.


Troop #10067, Fort Dodge, IA

Leader: Connie Gruver Girl Scout Cadettes: Emma, Margaret, Ann, Teresa, and Taytum Their project purpose was to help preserve the history of Webster County. By redesigning the Webster County Museum brochure, they hope to have helped bring an awareness to the local community about the heritage we all share. To complete this project, the girls worked with museum staff to write information and put photographs together for the brochure. They designed it on the computer, presented it to the museum board for approval, and then wrote and received a grant for professional printing.

Troop #1348, Grimes, IA

Leader: Janet Stevens Girl Scouts: Amanda, Peyton, Lenna, Kristin, Avery, Lexy, Katie, Julia, Delaney, Emily These girls earned their Silver Award working with the Des Moines Joppa Outreach Program and Habitat for Humanity. We provided water, clothes, books, personal care items and more to the homeless of Des Moines through Joppa Outreach. With Habitat for Humanity, we attended all the home dedications over the past two years taking pictures/videos, greeting guests, and providing the welcome baskets for the new homeowners. We continue to work with both organizations. The journey we took for our Silver Award was called aMaze and it was very interesting for all. I highly recommend it.

Troop #10015, Fort Dodge, IA

Leaders: Janelle Cravens, Danelle Wood Girls: Natalie, EmaLee, Quinea, Emma, Andrea, Lindsey, Cassandra, Stephanie After completing the Cadette Journey, MeDia, the girls decided that they would like to begin a project focused on Anti-Bullying. The girls began the process by looking at what was needed locally and determined that they wanted to provide the school district with an informational brochure. To do this, the girls needed to survey all the students in the Fort Dodge School District. They formed two age-appropriate surveys for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade and distributed them after getting approval from each school principal and the superintendent. Over 2,700 surveys were filled out and the girls began the process of collecting data from these surveys in order to provide the correct information for their brochure. After the information was compiled, the girls worked together to write the information for the brochure based off the data they collected. The brochure was completed in July and copies were distributed to each school prior to school beginning. The information in the brochure is geared towards helping students and families in the school district define bullying, identify a bullying situation and what to do if they are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied.


Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.


The Girl Scout Bronze Award is a leadership adventure and the highest award a Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5) can achieve. Award recipients are being acknowledged upon their own submission of information.

2011-2012 Troop #299, Des Moines

Leaders : Julie Marlow, Jennifer Larsen Girl Scouts: Trinity, Alesia, Isabel, Emily, Elizabeth, Tracie, Halena, Hannah, Chelsea, Alexis, Madelyn Our girls collected donations, pop cans and bottles for several months and then returned the bottles and cans for money. We had two dentists offices donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and flossers and several people and one or two business donate their pop cans and bottles to our cause. The girls made shopping lists and the leaders bought supplies. At our annual camping trip, we assembled over 20 Welcome Kits for Orchard Place, the state's premier Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children, in Des Moines. Our girls were very excited to complete this project and Orchard Place was very happy to receive our donations. We would like to challenge another Junior troop to step up and take over this project in our place this year. Who knows, maybe you can even beat our 20 kits!

Troop #241, Ankeny

Leader’s Name(s): Tracy Adam and Sara Doruska Girl Scouts: Kyrsten, Kayla, Erin, Lexi, Caroline, Amanda, Tayler, Courtney Our girls did a number of service projects to assist the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. They made pet treats, posters on appropriate animal care, and packaged AniMeals (Meals on Wheels for animals). They also learned how to knit or crochet and used these skills to make cat snuggles.

Troop #187, Grimes

Troop Leader: Janet Stevens Girl Scouts: Lauren A., Dayna, Becca, Nicole, Emma, Grace K., Aubree, Rosalyn, Tristen, Erica, Meghan Morrisey, Ashleigh, Grace R., Bailey, Lauren S., Maylin, MacKenzie, Martina, Grace W., Aislyn, Kaylee 21 girls from Troop 187 Grimes 5th grade earned their Bronze Award by completing the Agent of Change Journey. For their project, the girls decided on community service work that would make a difference in their town and surrounding community. The girls did several community service projects during their time as Juniors from providing food for those in need with an annual food drive to helping the Grimes town council with their annual Easter Eggstravaganza each year by sorting and filling 10,000 eggs with candy for the hunt.

Troop #749, Des Moines

Leaders: Heather Wharff & Jessica Bianchi Girl Scouts (in picture): Left diagonal row front to back: SerenityBronze recipient, Cadence, Isabeu Right front to back: Alle-Bronze recipient & Cerenda-Bronze recipient Alle, Serenity & Cerenda committed to the project of helping to restore the Berwick Congregational Church after a devastating flooding in 2010 when Four Mile Creek burst out of its banks and into the community of Berwick. During this time the church basement, which is the fellowship hall, kitchen, and restroom was almost completely destroyed. After the basic construction was completed, Troop 749 was able to perform many service hours by painting, cleaning, re-organizing, and holding a food and game drive. The girls also provided childcare for the community once a month during March, April & May. We were very happy to be able to help the small town of Berwick Iowa!

Troop 10002, Fort Dodge Leader: Connie Gruver Girl Scout: Molly

Molly, a second year Junior, earned her bronze award by renovating the Girl Scout service unit ceremony bridge. To complete her project, she reinforced the rails and floor boards, put on new carpet, and repainted it. She spent time doing research on Girl Scout bridge designs and got all materials for her project donated. The bridge now has a fresh look and is once again in working order for all ceremony types. In addition, her troop was the first to use the bridge for their awards ceremony in May. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place at that time with Molly having the honor of cutting the ribbon.

Interested in learning more about the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award? All of the requirements for these awards are on our website at Or please call or email us at with any questions you may have! VOLUNTEER NEWS •



10715 Hickman Rd. Des Moines, IA 50322 Leadership Center Locations: Council Bluffs, IA Des Moines, IA Fort Dodge, IA Mason City, IA Sioux City, IA

Community Forums are being hosted by Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa and are open to the public - we welcome you to join us at a forum near you! We will be having conversations about "The State of Girls" in your community. We will advocate for and bring "voice" to the issues and needs girls face in your community. This event is free and a light snack will be provided. Informational handouts and resources will be available at each forum. We want to hear from you! Day



Location/ Site




Des Moines

Urbandale Library/Room B 3520 86th St Urbandale

4 - 5 pm



Des Moines

Evelyn K. Davis Center Youth Build Classroom 801 University Ave

8 - 9 am



Mason City

St. Paul Lutheran Church 329 E. State St Fellowship Hall

6 - 7 pm



Spirit Lake

Public Library 702 16th St

6 - 7 pm



Council Bluffs

Public Library 400 Willow Ave

6 - 7 pm



Sioux City

Public Library 529 Pierce St

5:30 6:30 pm 6 - 7 pm

6 - 7 pm



Fort Dodge

Iowa Central Comm. College One Triton Circle Applied Science / Technology Building Room 101/103




Indian Hills Comm. College Room 108 Rural Health Education Center

Volunteer News is published four times annually as a service to the volunteers of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. Articles, photos, and suggested topics are welcome. Chair: Martha Krone CEO: Jamie Boersma 1860 Madison Ave, Ste 3 Council Bluffs, IA 51503 712-328-2338 800-422-2093 10715 Hickman Road Des Moines, IA 50322 515-278-2881 800-342-8389 112 S 3rd Street Fort Dodge, IA 50501 515-573-8141 80-798-8141 601 S Illinois Ave. Mason City, IA 50401 641-423-3044 800-657-5853 1515 Zenith Drive Sioux City, IA 51103 712-255-0187 800-746-8947 Girl Scout Mission: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.


Grade Level Ratios. The New Girl Scout Leadership Experience provides direction for Girl Scout program adapted to meet the developmental, educational, emotional, and social needs and interests of girls at the six Girl Scout grade levels. Girl Scout Grade Level Grade







Troop/Group Size: # of girls







Two Non-Related Adults (At Least One Of Whom Is Female) For Each Number Of Girls







Plus One Adult For Each Additional Number Of Girls (right)







Two Non-Related Adults (At Least One Of Whom Is Female) For Each Number Of Girls







Plus One Adult For Each Additional Number Of Girls (right)







General Meetings: (right)

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Girls with disabilities that receive special education services may be enrolled as a Girl Scout until the age of 21. Girls should be placed with peers of their same chronological age and wear the uniform of that grade level. Girl Scout grade level is determined by the current membership year, beginning October 1st.

Volunteer News 10-12  
Volunteer News 10-12  

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