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100 years of history. Come take part in herstory.

Welcome back to school, to routine, and to a new year of Girl Scouts! Whether you are new to Girl Scouting, or you are a seasoned pro, we are so glad to have this opportunity to work along side you for the benefit of our future leaders! 2012 marks the year that Girl Scouts will celebrate our 100th anniversary, and we are so glad that you are a part of this historic adventure. Just think about how far this movement has come in 100 years... and imagine how far it can go in the next 100 This is years! We’re looking forward to truly the the kick off celebration in Texas "Year of at our National Convention in the Girl", November.

and Girl We've been giving you updates Scouting throughout this last year in this newsletter regarding national is for program changes including November 8 - 13 every the long-awaited Girl's Guide girl. to Girl Scouting (a complete convention/ age-appropriate binder filled with everything Girl Scout), and the rollout of our third (of three) Journey Series adventures. Our events & activities We've been talking about how these two items book has (Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and Journeys) work been together to complete the Girl Scout Leadership published in Experience. Even though we've been talking hard copy about it for a while, we feel like this conversation and online! is just getting started - because, now, it's Read more implementation time! on pg. 2! If you've missed any of this information, you can download past editions of our newsletter from our website. You can also click informational links on our website outlining the program Scouting Spotlight.........2 changes. There is so much to share, so Events & Activities ........2 many discussions to have, and so many great Gold, Silver, Bronze ...3-5 experiences waiting around the corner! Fall Product......................6 Volunteering/STEM ......7 We're happy to announce that Girl Scouts Girl's Guide/Journeys .... of Greater Iowa has been named as one .............................8-11 of seventeen STEM (Science, Technology, Safety Guidelines ........ 12 Engineering and Math) Advocacy Champions 8/26/11

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Message from our Board Chair and Interim CEO

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1:52 PM

across the nation. As a STEM Advocacy Champion, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa will build awareness and educate our state on the important issue of increasing girl involvement in STEM fields and look for policy solutions to open the door for STEM opportunities for girls. As you look to build your Girl Scout year, here are our questions for you as we begin this new season in Girl Scouting. Are you considering... • going on a Journey this year? (they can be done in any order and there is a book for each grade level group) • It's Your Planet - Love It! • It's Your World - Change It! • It's Your Story - Tell It! • participation in either or both of our product programs? • allowing your girls and/or troop to have control over what they do during the course of the year (guided/mentored by you)? • Participating in any of the outstanding events and activities outlined in our program book? • gearing up for camp next summer? • making any travel plans? • inviting another volunteer (or three) to join Girl Scouts? • inviting another girl (or three) to join Girl Scouts?

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This is truly the "Year of the Girl", and Girl Scouting is for every girl. There are so many flexible ways that girls and adults can be involved. We know that you care about our girls' experience as much as we do and we want you to know that your contribution is extremely appreciated. Welcome to Girl Scouting year 2011-2012. We look forward to serving you. Martha Krone, Board Chair Donna Logan, Interim CEO

Scouting Spotlight PRAY AWARD RECIPIENT: Congratulations to Ciara Schierkolk, a 4th grade Junior Girl Scout from Shenandoah, IA. She earned her pray award and was recognized through her church, the Congregational United Church of Christ. She has earned many awards including many Brownie Try-its, the Brownie Quest Award, and God and Family. Ciara has been in Girl Scouts since 1st grade. During that time, she has attended Day Camp, several events in the Council Bluffs area, and the Believe in Girls (B.I.G.) Event last spring in Des Moines. She earned the God and Family award as a Brownie Girl Scout. This fall she is planning to begin her journey toward the Bronze award as a Junior Scout. As a sister of a Cub Scout she enjoys earning her own awards and competing with her brother, Caleb, for badges. She enjoys being a junior staff member for several Cub Scout camps of which her parents Duane and Kim Schierkolk are Directors. She enjoys camping whether it is with Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts or with her family at the Iowa State Fair.

i IOWA WOMEN'S HALL OF FAME: Greater Iowa Girl Scouts led the Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance at the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame Ceremony on August 27, 2011. The girls were from Capital Service Unit, Junior Girl Scout Troop #762. The Ceremony took place at the State Historical Building in Des Moines. This is an event hosted by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women.

i TROOPS MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Ankeny Brownie Troop 279 worked together to serve their community through active donation. They collected items for the animals residing at the Animal Rescue League, made fleece blankets for the cats, and they were able to tour the facility together as a group as well.

2 • VOLUNTEER NEWS - Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

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8/26/11 1:52 PM

Our 2011-2012 Events and Activities Book has been published in hard copy and on our website (! It is completely full of events, series and camp activities, travel opportunities, and much more! If you did not receive a hard copy of our Events and Activities book, and you registered before September 15, 2011, please let us know by emailing Go online and download all of our activities, or register for anything listed in our book! Collaborator Section! New this year, we have incorporated a collaborator's section to our book. You'll find 25 collaborators with numerous activities and discounts just for Girl Scouts on pages 69-87 of the book! October's Monthly Activity theme is Masquerade Madness. Grab your costume – be it scary or sweet – and bring a few friends you’d like us to meet! Click the link from our homepage to choose from all the planned sessions! Next up in November...I'm a Rock Star! Bring all your friends for an afternoon of stardom! Look for a schedule of events online soon! NOTE: Event Change from Events and Activities Book Pg. 19: Mom and Me Scrapmania New description of the event: You and your mom will create a mini-recipe album! Learn paper crafting and journaling techniques while you share special recipes, memories and traditions with Mom, and start new ones, too! New lower cost: $30/couple Same dates, Same time, same place. Please see page 19 for all the remaining details. Note: both dates (Nov. 4 & Dec. 9) are the same program. Register online!


Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa wants to acknowledge and give a huge 'shout out" to all those that earned either their Bronze, Silver, or Gold award this past membership year. Award recipients are being acknowledged upon their own submission of information. Thank you for truly making the world a better place! For more information on how Girl Scout Awards, see page 63 of our Events and Activities book, or check out our website, You are encouraged to schedule and attend a "Bronze, Silver, or Gold training (see page 21 in our Events and Activities book - or call your local Leadership Center to schedule).

GOLD AWARD RECIPIENTS The Girl Scout Siver Award is a leadership adventure and the highest award a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador (grades 9-12) can achieve. Congratulations in earning the highest award in Girl Scouting!

Amanda Bonjour Hampton, IA Designed a free healthy lifestyle program at her school to help raise awareness of childhood and adolescent obesity.

Sara Davids Knoxville, IA

Sara gave technology lessons to patrons of a local assisted living facility. Her lessons including Internet, email, digital photography, cell phones, and the Wii gaming console.

Lacy Jorgensen Humboldt, IA Lacy chose a canine i assisted i t d reading d program targeting 2nd and 3rd grade students struggling to read for her Gold Award project and she called it "Reading with Vinnie". In her words, "I chose this project because I really love reading and I wanted to share that with other people. Vinnie is a really wonderful dog who enjoys kids and utilizing him is also a great way to encourage kids to read aloud - building their confidence and improving their fluency. A love of reading is something that lasts a lifetime. I learned many things through this project including patience and understanding. I also learned how rewarding it is to teach and educate others and how to be a positive role model for children. This program impacted the community by showing how important it is to be an avid reader and by encouraging others to do their own program and get involved with their children's learning. It impacted the kids by teaching them how to read aloud with confidence and be self-motivators. Many of them continue to read to their pets now. Their reading fluency improved and their confidence was improved without judgement of others. It also impacted me by showing me how important it is to read and how fun it is to work with kids. We all were rewarded by this wonderful and unique project.

Leah Nelson Iowa Falls, IA Leah headed the promotion of local clubs in Iowa Falls in a rotational display case at the Historical Society Museum. She also did a scrapbook featuring past and current photos and articles of Iowa Falls Girl Scouts.

Troop 20090 Mason City area

As the girls of Greater Iowa Troop 20090 considered what it is like to be a teen today through their own eyes, they stopped to consider and compare their experiences to the lives of the girls at Four Oaks Residential Facility for youth. Sephra Byrne, Sarah Floden, Alyssa Lau, Mallorie Thompson, and Angela Zook wanted to develop a project for the girls in that facility that would provide a positive behavioral reward as well as a place to escape and dream. These Girl Scouts designed a redecorating project that followed a "Wizard of Oz" theme. They painted murals on the walls, hosted toy, game, and video drives to fundraise, built storage cabinets and shelving, sewed pillow covers and blankets, and organized closets. Each Girl Scout was responsible for directing a portion of the project including creating a budget, purchasing, and completion. Teamwork was key in finalizing the big project. This project has a daily effect on the girls ages 9 – 14 who live in that part of the house at Four Oaks and will continue to provide an "escape to Oz" and a reminder that there is "no place like home" for many years to come. Troop 20090 is lead by Blanchard Byrne and Nancy Hanson.

More Gold Award recipients Ronette Bruner, Council Bluffs, IA Katie Kinley, Council Bluffs, IA Maureen Martin, Council Bluffs, IA Christine Moad, Allison, IA Katie Simmons, Mason City, IA Brianna Speedy, Allison, IA Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa - VOLUNTEER NEWS



SILVER AWARD RECIPIENTS The Girl Scout Silver Award is a leadership adventure and the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8) can achieve. Award recipients are being acknowledged upon their own submission of information. T Troop 387 of Norwalk, Iowa obtained the Silver Award in May, 2011. Abbigail (14/9th grade) Elizabeth ((12/7th grade), Lexi (14/9th grade); Bethany (13/9th grade), Michaela (13/9th grade), Emily J. (14/9th ggrade) and Emily K. (14/9th grade) worked together to identify the community need and then organized drives and events to achieve the goal. The girls brainstormed and agreed there was a great need d for clothing for the needy or underprivileged. They made contact with a Des Moines church which hosts an annual clothing exchange. They organized and hosted several events to promote the donation of new or gently used clothing or non-perishable goods.

Troop 387 Norwalk, IA

• In the fall, they helped organize and coordinated a Halloween party sponsored by their service unit. The price for admission was a non-perishable item. They collected 3 boxes of food to donate to the local food pantry. • At Christmas time, they organized and coordinated a service unit wide winter sleep over at a local church. The price of admission was new or gently used clothing. Over 50 girls attended the sleep over, where they earned a star gazing badge, a cooking badge, and a winter sports badge. Troop 387 collected 100 pounds of clothing. • In April, they worked with a non-denominational local church preparing Meals for Haiti. • During the year, they helped a Baptist church refurbish by painting inside the building and then spent a morning sorting through and organizing clothing into age and season specific piles for the clothes exchange. They each completed over 50 hours of community service work for this project. At the conclusion of the project, the girls discussed that leadership, organization, and caring went into their project. During the course of the project, they learned a respect for those who are less fortunate. The church minister also taught them to respect others in all circumstances - that even though someone cannot afford to purchase new clothing, we need to make sure that they feel worthy and respected. Kelsey Brenner, a fourteen year old from troop #184, Kelsey Brenner Ke completed her Silver Award project on March 1, 2011. Her co Shaller, IA project was to collect/gather goods to donate to the Ronald p McDonald house in Sioux City, IA. Kelsey gathered donated items from the towns of Schaller, Early, Holstein, and Galva. In Kelsey's words, "My mom stayed there when I was born so I wanted to give back to them. I learned that it was a lot of work to organize a community service project. It helped [The Ronald McDonald House] provide for families who needed to stay there. Without the communities help, they wouldn't be able to stay open. I learned a lot from this experience and the most important thing I learned was that little things can make a huge impact for those on the receiving end. This experience helped me make new friends and also taught me valuable lessons. It has helped me with my communication skills and has also made me a more outgoing person."

Troop 221 Clive, IA

The girls of troop 221 built a wall in the ChildWatch room at the YMCA Healthy Living Center in Clive, IA, in February 2011. The girls, Patricia, age 13, Kaila, age 13, and Brooke, age 12, earned their Silver Award for this project. They built the wall from start to finish and painted it to match the room. The purpose of this project was to separate the infant and toddler aged children from the older children allowing for safe play for all ages. "I feel good about helping to make a safe environment for the kids at the YMCA," said Kaila. Patricia added, "The wall fits the needs of participants and the work we did will help future ChildWatch children stay safe and help the staff supervise the children more easily." The troop worked over the course of several meetings and weekends to complete the project.

Troop 274 Council Bluffs, IA

J Jennifer Plummer's Senior Girl Scout Troop 274 made 1158 helmet coolers to earn their Silver Award. The liners contain moisture pellets that expand when wet providing c a relief from the heat for troops. After completing this project, they worked this summer to sew additional helmet liners to be included in shipments for soldiers, and helped with monthly packings.

4 • VOLUNTEER NEWS - Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

BRONZE AWARD RECIPIENTS The Girl Scout Bronze Award is a leadership adventure and the highest award a Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5) can achieve. Award recipients are being acknowledged upon their own submission of information. Fifth grade Girl Scouts from Fort Troop 10067 Fift Dodge, Emma, Margaret, Madison, D Fort Dodge, IA Do

Gir from 5th grade Troop 768, Girls Troop 768 w were trying were trying to decide Des Moines, IA we

Ann, A nn and Delaney, earned their Bronze Award as troop #10070 on November 20, 2010. Since these Juniors all share a love for animals, they wanted to do a project that would impact animals directly, so, they collected supplies and made items for the Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa. These girls, under the leadership of Connie Gruver, worked hard on this project for two years. They also earned their "Pet Care" badge along the way as they learned how to properly care for cats and dogs, which kinds of products were safe for them, and what kind of supplies the Humane Society needs. The Almost Home Shelter is constantly in need of basic supplies, but the girls found out that most people forget about the extras that are also needed for the animals such as blankets, treats, toys, newspapers, cleaning supplies, and laundry baskets. Providing these items taught the girls that non-profit organizations need help in areas beyond the obvious, and that they can make a difference to these groups - even at their age. -------------------------------------The school PTA said that they Troop 40 were looking for someone to paint Alleman, IA games on the school blacktop; and North Polk's Troop 40 sprang into action. Sabrina, Natalie, Sawyer, Susanne, Ashlynn, Cheyenne, Erin, Miranda, and Allison decided that this was something that they would LOVE to do and it would be the perfect project for them to earn their Bronze Award. For their project, completed in August 2011, they painted the school's blacktop with games and the United States map.

wh what project to do for their Bronze Award Service Project. Their brainstorming immediately lead to the fact that their school, Des Moines St. Theresa School, has never had a swing set! So Emily O., Abby, Aubreyann, Ellen, Avery, Emma, Jasmine, Emily K., Hannah, Maria, and Lindsay got to work. They did all the researching, presenting, planning, and coordinating to give their school a new swing set! The girls learned a lot about public speaking, pricing, decision-making, and working with many groups. The project was done over the school year, and the swing set was installed in May 2011 at a grand ceremony where the priest blessed it and the girls did a ribbon-cutting. They were also featured in the Des Moines Register! The looks on the faces of the students was amazing, and the girls earned some real credibility - they said they would do it and they did! Troop 768 is lead by Jennifer Jorgensen and Mary Johnson. -------------------------------------Troop 661 Tw Twelve fifth grade Girl Scouts from Des Moines, IA Des D Moines titled their Bronze De Award "Putting the Outing Back in Scouting". They worked together at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa's Camp Tanglefoot to provide a weekend for Girl Scouts and their Leaders. The goal of this project was to get more troops interested and active in camping by providing a weekend where both Girl Scouts and Leaders learned about outdoors skills such as cooking, pitching a tent, fire building, and dish washing.

From this project, the girls learned some of the things that go into planning this a project such as: • who would have to agree to what games or things they had chosen to paint, • how to create and present their project to the Principal and PTA President and Vice- President, • how to get someone to fund it, • how to get a consensus on what colors they would use, • where to put the games, and • finally doing the painting themselves! In the end we painted 2 tic-tac-toes, 1 caterpillar, 1 broad jump, 2 hopscotch, 1 four-square game, and 1 map of the United States. The troop is lead by Kris Sturtz and Sherri Moser. --------------------------------------

The girls ran all of the workshops themselves, with adults present to provide assistance when needed. Troop 661 chose this project because they love to camp, and were surprised to learn that not every troop got to have that same experience for them, it's a fundamental part of their Girl Scout adventure. The girls learned a lot during the course of this project like 1) teaching a subject is a lot more work than learning about it, 2) a lot about the safety rules behind the ways we do things, and, 3) how great it felt to help younger girls grow as Girl Scouts. Their weekend helped two troops, about 20 girls, and their leaders about camping. After the weekend, leaders from other troops who attended commented that they felt much more comfortable now taking their own girls out for a weekend troop trip as well.

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa - VOLUNTEER NEWS


FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM Marylee Rehm, Product Program Director,

Mint Meltaways

Chocolate Covered Raisins

Caramel Treasures

Gummi Berries


th Anniversar


C o ll e c t o r ' s T






e d iti o n )



b o n P u rs e

Fas h

Honey Roasted Peanuts


Arc t

ic F o



Chocolate Covered Peanuts



ir t



r' s T i n

G irl






Chocolate Covered Toffee Almonds





1 ut

The average troop earns $290 from sales!

ll e

Blueberry Pomegranate Nut Crunch - Gluten Free!


Taking Orders: October 3-23 Delivery: November 14-19

Whole Cashews









Deluxe Pecan Clusters


Chocolate Covered Almonds

6 • VOLUNTEER NEWS - Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

Hot Cajun Crunch


Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Register for a Cookie Program training! Register online by clicking on the "Volunteer Training Schedule" link on our home page, or go directly to:

Peanut Butter Dreams


Are you looking for volunteer or training opportunities? Take a look at what we are currently offering below. CLASSES First Aid/CPR, New Leader Onboarding and Journey Experience for Leaders that are being offered in conjunction with Product Program Training. November 5, 2011 ...............Sioux City (The Sioux City Hotel) November 12, 2011 .............Mason City (North Iowa Area Community College) November 19, 2011 .............Council Bluffs (Iowa Western Community College) December 3, 2011 ...............Fort Dodge (Iowa Central College) December 10, 2011 .............Des Moines (Stoney Creek Inn) Register online by clicking on the "Volunteer Training Schedule" link on our home page (looks just like the block image above), or go directly to: We're looking for Council facilitators for New Leader Onboarding, Journeys and First Aid/CPR. If you are interested, email us at FACILITATOR TRAINING SESSIONS Council Trainers - Friendship Power: This session will provide you with the information necessary to facilitate Council sponsored learning sessions for Leaders facilitating Friendship Power (Relational Aggression/ Anti-Bullying). Friendship Power Facilitators: You will facilitate learning sessions for Troop Leaders/Co-Leaders to provide them with tools and information necessary to work with girls who are faced with relational aggression or bullying.



We were one of seventeen councils nationwide chosen by the Girl Scouts of the USA’s Public Policy and Advocacy Office in Washington D.C. This new initiative equips and empowers Greater Iowa to lead efforts at the local and state level to increase girls’ involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by addressing and ultimately changing an issue that impacts the lives of girls in our area. Across the state we will be addressing the needs of girls and their future in STEM and ensuring that girls have these opportunities. While the percentage of careers that require advanced STEM education increases, an alarmingly high percentage of girls lose interest in STEM subjects early in their development. If the United States is to maintain its competitive advantage in the global economy, we urgently need to ensure that our entire population of young minds, and especially girls, are educated in STEM fields. More information will be released as the plan is developed!

We are recruiting for facilitators to lead groups of adult volunteer troop leaders providing them with tools and practice in responding to girls who may be the target, the bystander, or the bully. The facilitators will be provided with curriculum and supplies for a 1 – 2 hour workshop for adults. They will become familiar with typical situations and responses, and become knowledgeable with FAQs and techniques for adults to use. The Facilitator Training contains three parts: 1. Participating in a full day of training to become a certified facilitator conducting Friendship Power workshops for adults. 2. Another full day of training 2-3 months after your initial training, will equip the facilitator to conduct 30 – 90 minute workshops for girls. 3. Offered in early 2012 - will equip the facilitator to conduct full workshops for up to 100 girls lasting up to 3 hours. We need facilitators at each of the three levels so we will be encouraging facilitators to continue to the level they feel they can be most successful at. We are asking that facilitators, once trained, commit to leading five sessions during the next year. There will be multiple opportunities mostly on Saturdays and some evenings beginning this fall. Council Trainers – New Leader Onboarding: We are recruiting facilitators to conduct Council sponsored learning sessions for adult volunteer troop leaders and co-leaders. The facilitators will be provided with curriculum materials to conduct New Leader Onboarding and Outdoor Skills sessions. Schedule for New Leader Onboarding, Journeys Classes (in conjunction with the Cookie Program workshop) is listed above.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute*, of the 25 after-school program topics girls were able to choose, the technical and science related topics were the bottom five. After-School Program Topics Chosen By Girls Top 1. Performing Arts (33%) 2. Fashion Design (33%) 3. Sports and Fitness (32%) 4. Culinary Arts (29%) 5. Cosmetics (25%) 6. Community Service (25%) Bottom 1. Archery (8%) 2. Landscaping (6%) 3. Robotics (4%) 4. Politics (4%) 5. Auto Mechanics (2%) *February 2008

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa - VOLUNTEER NEWS


Introducing The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting: the new all-in-one handbook and badge program that complements Girl Scout Leadership Journeys.

...and every girl deserves her own!

The Complete Girl Scout Leadership Experience Together, Girl Scout Journeys and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting add up to the most comprehensive leadership program for girls. Ever. The Girl’s Guides to Girl Scouting .................... $16.87 (Reg. $22.50)

Journey Girls’ Books .............$7.00

Everything Girl Scouts knows about how girls have fun, build confidence, and learn to lead is here. The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is our new all-in-one handbook and badge program, with features that girls and volunteers have been asking for. And each Journey includes all you need for amazing, inspiring adventures that can change girls’ lives. The best part: it all works together, for every girl at every grade level. Starting today.

The Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. 60100. Use it with Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden (67100), Between Earth and Sky (67102), and 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals! (67104).

The Brownie Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. 60200. Use it with Brownie Quest (67200), WOW! Wonders of Water (67202), and A World of Girls (67204).

The Junior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. 60300. Use it with Agent of Change (67300), GET MOVING! (67302), and aMuse (67304).

The Cadette Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. 60400. Use it with aMAZE!: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along (67400), Breathe (67402), and MEdia (67404).

The Senior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. 60500. Use it with GIRLtopia (67500), Sow What? (67502), and Mission: Sisterhood (67504).

The Ambassador Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. 60600. Use it with Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy (67600), Justice (67602), and BLISS: Live It! Give It! (67604).

Adult “how-to” guides/Journey book sets and all other books, insignia, and badges can be found online at or in Girl Scout council stores.

Inside The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting Now Girl Scouts’ handbook and badge program come together in a fun, all-in-one binder that girls and volunteers can customize. The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is the new handbook that introduces girls to the Girl Scout experience at every level. It’s an updated badge program focused on life skills for 21st century girls. It’s a scrapbook and journal so that every girl can make every experience uniquely her own. And it’s designed to work with Girl Scout Leadership Journeys to form the national leadership program for girls.

All-in-one. Her way. Handbook Section Provides information about Girl Scout history and traditions, and includes an updated “awards log” for each grade level. Badge Section Includes a badge log by grade level along with the instructions girls need to earn new badges. Badges sold separately. My Girl Scouts Section Gives girls the opportunity to customize their guides, recording their unique Girl Scout experiences.

National Proficiency Badge Categories Included in The Girl’s Guide de Legacy Engages girls in topics that have been een important since 1912 and are still relevant today. Financial Literacy Teaches girls how to use money wisely, whether they’re saving for a goal, exploring how to run a business, or planning for their future. ure. Cookie Business Puts girls’ financial literacy skills into practice during Girl Scout cookie sales. Make Your Own Girls explore personal interests byy creating and completing one badge ge of their very own each year.

Included in Skill-Building Badge Activity Set Skill-Building Offer girls activities to build fun and relevant skills they can use on their Leadership Journeys. See following page for details. Safety Pin, Journey Summit, and My Promise, My Faith awards are also available. Special Daisy Awardss Daisies earn petals and d leaves with their guides! s!

Visit your local council store today or call 800-221-6707 for more information. Shop online at

Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets One for Each Journey! Customize Your Binder with Skill-Building Badges! The Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets offer girls the opportunity to earn additional badges throughout their Leadership Journeys. These activities are designed to turn the experiences and inspiration of the Journeys into tangible skills that girls can use—at school, in their communities,, and all their lives.

Badge Activity Sets ........ $4.00 Each set contains earning requirements, program activities, and information for earning five skill- building badges related to the Girl Scout Journey series It’s Your World—Change It!, It’s Your Planet— Love It!, and It’s Your Story—Tell It! These badge activity sets are sold separately from The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and can be easily inserted in the binders. Available for Girl Scout Brownie through Senior levels. Badges sold separately.

Brownie It's Your World Set. 60201. It's Your Planet Set. 60202. It's Your Story Set. 60203.

Junior It's Your World Set. 60301. 01. It's Your Planet Set. 60302. 02. It's Your Story Set. 60303. 3.

Cadette It's Your World Set. 60401. It's Your Planet Set. 60402. It's Your Story Set. 60403.

Senior It's Your World Set. 60501. 1. It's Your Planet Set. 60502. 2. It's Your Story Set. 60503..

Visit your council store or shop online at to get your copy of The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, Leadership Journeys, and Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets. See how far a girl can go in life when she has the right tools! For more information call 800-221-6707.

Hot Topics

10715 Hickman Rd. Des Moines, IA 50322 Leadership Center Locations: Council Bluffs, IA Des Moines, IA Fort Dodge, IA Mason City, IA Sioux City, IA

Did you know? • A Girl Scout who has earned her Gold Award automatically rises one rank in any of the U.S. military branches. • Nearly two-thirds of girls believe they have to work harder than boys in order to gain positions of leadership. Of those girls, 49% says that it bothers them and they care enough to do something to change it.* • The top three fears for girls are*: 1. not getting good grades (47%), 2. someone close getting very sick or dying (38%) 3. and friends not liking them (35%). *Girl Scout Research Institute, February 2008

Volunteer News is published four times annually as a service to the volunteers of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. Articles, photos, and suggested topics are welcome. Chair: Martha Krone CEO: Donna Logan, Interim 1860 Madison Ave, Ste 3 Council Bluffs, IA 51503 712-328-2338 800-422-2093 10715 Hickman Road Des Moines, IA 50322 515-278-2881 800-342-8389 112 S 3rd Street Fort Dodge, IA 50501 515-573-8141 80-798-8141 601 S Illinois Ave. Mason City, IA 50401 641-423-3044 800-657-5853 1515 Zenith Drive Sioux City, IA 51103 712-255-0187 800-746-8947 Girl Scout Mission: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Partnerships: We are proud of the numerous partnerships with businesses across Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Recently, statements have been made questioning our position in regards to the organization, Planned Parenthood. To this, we want to be clear that as an organization, locally and nationally, Girl Scouts does not have a relationship or partnership with Planned Parenthood. We feel our role is to help girls develop selfconfidence and good decision-making skills that will help them make wise choices in all areas of their lives. If you have any questions regarding our Girl Scout partnerships, please contact Kristin Hunter, Vice President of Marketing, at 515-278-2881 or 800-342-8389.

SAFETY GUIDELINES Grade Level Ratios with Current Safety-Wise (2000) Edition. (rev. 2/09) The New Girl Scout Leadership Experience provides direction for Girl Scout program adapted to meet the developmental, educational, emotional, and social needs and interests of girls at the six Girl Scout grade levels. Girl Scout Grade Level Grade







Troop/Group Size: # of girls































General Meetings: Two Non-Related Adults (At Least One Of Whom Is Female) For Each Number (right) Of Girls

Plus One Adult For Each Additional Number (right) Of Girls Events, Trips, And Camping: Two Non-Related Adults (At Least One Of Whom Is Female) For Each Number (right) Of Girls

Plus One Adult For Each Additional Number (Below) Of Girls

Girls with disabilities that receive special education services may be enrolled as a Girl Scout until the age of 21. Girls should be placed with peers of their same chronological age and wear the uniform of that grade level. Girl Scout grade level is determined by the current membership year, beginning October 1st.

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