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Fall Product Program:

In a Nutshell

September 20-October 24, 2021

HOW GIRLS PARTICIPATE In-person Orders ⚬ Girls use paper order cards to collect nut and candy orders and payment from customers. ⚬ Girls/caregivers can enter paper order card orders into M2 OR submit to their Troop Fall Product Coordinator to enter into M2. Girls must submit customer payment to their Troop Fall Product Coordinator for all paper order card orders.

Online Orders ⚬ Girls and their families use M2 to sell nut and candy items as well as magazine subscriptions. Customers pay for their orders with credit cards. ⚬ Orders can be: ▶ shipped directly to customers (Direct Ship) ▶ delivered in-person by the Girl Scout before Thanksgiving (Girl Delivery) ⚬ GSEMA will pay 50% of shipping fees for orders over $30. ⚬ In M2, girls can: ▶ Create their own avatar that looks just like them and earn virtual rewards online. ▶ Create their own online store. They can upload photos and videos to share goals and make sales pitches. Girls can use their avatar to personalize messages. ▶ Send friends and family ecards to shop their online stores for Direct Ship or Girl Delivery. ▶ Share their online stores via social media, or NEW this season, via text message!

What is M2? M2 is the Fall Product Program ordering system. Volunteers use M2 to place orders, review recognitions, run reports, and view their troop’s progress. Girls and families use M2 to create their goals, create their personal stores, send ecards, sell product, and more! M2 Registration • New this season: Coordinators will have the opportunity to send registration emails to all of the girls in their troop directly in M2. • Coordinators will receive their registration email on September 13, one week before the program begins. • All girls registered for the 2021-22 membership year (who have not received a registration email from their Coordinator) will receive an email invitation from M2, initiated by Council, on September 21. gsnutsandmags.com/ gsema

▶ Track sales and view and select recognitions.

Girls can invite their customers to make donations when selling both online and in-person. For each $6 donation, one can of Fruit Slices is donated to local essential organizations. Girls earn a patch for collecting 3+ Community Caring orders.


Wrapping Up

o Ensure all girls are registered members for the 2021-22 troop year.

o Remind girls/caregivers about deadlines.

o Complete the required paperwork (available at gsema.org/fallproduct).

o Make sure all paper order card orders are entered into M2 by:

o Troop Fall Product Coordinator Agreement o 2021-22 Troop Bank Account Information Form o Attend a service unit meeting to taste some of the nut and candy products and pick up program materials: o In a Nutshell guide o Order cards o Money envelope o Receipt booklet o Attend an online Fall Product Program “Prep Talk.” Dates/times available at gsema.org/fallproduct o Conduct a troop meeting with girls and caregivers to discuss the program, confirm deadlines, and introduce M2. o Have a troop discussion to create a year-long troop activity plan, then set money-earning goals to support the budget. o Collect 2021-22 Annual Girl Permission forms. o Distribute program materials.

During the Program o Review how-to videos at gsema.org/fallproduct. o Track troop sales progress in M2. o Read GSEMA’s weekly Sweet Treats emails (every Sunday) and update families as necessary.

• Girls/Caregivers: October 24 • Coordinators: October 25 o Review all orders in the Paper Order Entry section (under Product Management) of M2. o Collect payment from girls/caregivers for all paper order card orders and deposit into troop bank account promptly. We recommend issuing receipts to girls/caregivers for all payments received (receipts can be printed from M2). o Check troop bank account to verify funds are available for the automatic bank withdrawal on November 4. To determine the amount that will be withdrawn, run the Summary Report (bolded “Balance Due Council” line) in M2. o Nut and candy product arrives to Service Unit Fall Product Mentors November 15-16. When picking up product, please be sure to count and verify totals. o Distribute product to girls. Be sure girls and families count product and compare numbers to the All Sales report in M2.

Congratulations to 2020 Top Entrepreneur Fiona from Sudbury. She earned $325.50 for Brownie Troop 82454 by selling 223 products!



Fall Product Program

Fall Product Webpage

September 7

Online “Prep Talk” How to get started


Troop Fall Product Coordinators receive M2 registration emails


Fall Product Program begins New! Troop Fall Product Coordinators send M2 Registration emails to families


Girls can sell nuts, candy, and magazines, both online and Online “Prep Talk” How to get started in-person.

October 18

Online “Prep Talk” Wrapping up


Deadline for:

Visit gsema.org/fallproduct for all necessary forms as well as trainings and support: • Fall Product Program Guide • M2 user guides

Troops earn 15% of every dollar The Fall Product Program ordering sold and girls system. Find how-to videos at earn exciting gsema.org/fallproduct and in M2. recognitions! M2

Weekly Emails

Weekly Sunday Sweet Treat emails from GSEMA remind volunteers about upcoming deadlines and provide helpful tips for a successful program.

The Fall Product Program is a great opportunity • registering girls to participate Fall building Product Program for girlsintothe begin their entrepreneurial, Team App communication, teamwork skills while raisingGSEMA provides real-time program • submittingand Troop Bank Account updates and reminders via the money Information early in the troop year to fund activities and Form, Troop Fall “GSEMA Product Program” group. Product Coordinator Agreements, adventures. Plus, volunteers can connect and and Recognition Opt-Out Forms This program introduces girls to the five essential share advice. Download Team App 24 Deadline for: skills they will perfect during the upcoming cookieon your smartphone or device, or • girls/caregivers to submit paper program and throughout their lives: goal setting, view online at teamapp.com. order card sales and recognition decision making, money management, people skills, choices into M2 (11:59 PM) Volunteer Support and business ethics. • online direct ship and girl Your Service Unit Fall Product orders Troops delivery must participate in both the GSEMA Fall Mentor is your local volunteer Product and Cookie Programs receive approval expert, and they can assist you 25 Deadline for Coordinators toto submit New products: for additional money earning during the throughout the paper order card sales and activities recognition program. If you - Caramel Apples troopchoices year. into M2 (11:59 PM) do not know your mentor or have additional-questions about theMix Fall Sweet & Salty Product Program, please email - Vintage Uniform customercare@gsema.org.



Automatic withdrawal of funds from troop bank account (100% balance due)

15-16 All Girl Delivered and Paper Order card product delivered to Service Unit Fall Mentor 29

Recognitions deliver to Service Unit Fall Product Mentors this week

Tin (made is USA)

M2/Ashdon Farms If you have questions or concerns about magazine subscription order status: Call 800-372-8520 or email questions@gsnutsandmags.com

Program Recognitions Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops can choose to earn an additional 5% of each dollar sold in place of receiving recognitions. Troops must submit Recognition Opt-out Forms by October 20.

Share Patch 3+ community caring items



Penguin Iceberg Patch 3+ mags

String Art 5+ mags


Small Penguin Plush OR Glitter Keychain and Penguin Charm 8+ mags


Super Seller Mags Patch and Large Penguin Plush OR Bluetooth Speaker 12+ mags



OR Rise Up Patch 15+ nuts & candy

Penguin Straw set 25+ nuts & candy

Small Penguin Plush OR Friendship Bracelet Kit 35+ nuts & candy



2021 Patch 18+ emails sent

Large Penguin Plush OR T-shirt 45+ nut & candy

Girl Personalized Patch $300+ total sales & 18+ emails







l Fa l

Virtual live Penguin Encounter with the New England Aquarium on Nov 7, 2021 11-11:30 AM AND Super Seller Patch 12+ mags and 45+ nuts & candy and 18+ email sent


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e P r o g ra

gsema.org | @GirlScoutsEMass


Crossover Patch Girls earn this patch when they sell 10+ items in the fall and 25+ cookie packages