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March 28, 2011

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March 28, 2011

Censorship panel discussion draws a crowd By Evan Amburn A&E Editor A rowdy panel of speakers recently clashed over the question of whether to censor a highly controversial painting by GSC’s own Stanley Bermudez. The discussion concerning the censorship of the painting “Heritage?” took place on February 16 in the Continuing Education Auditorium at the Gainesville Campus. Curious students from the Oconee Campus gathered in room 312 to witness the discussion panel via teleconference. Dr. Tom Preston moderated the debate between the six panelists, hindered personal altercations, and made sure that all speakers conveyed their messages in four minutes or less. The first orator was none other than Bermudez, who explained that the views expressed in the painting were not representative of the institution, and should not be received as such. The painting “Heritage?” features the Confederate flag and displays an African American man being

Chelsea Clark / Compass Staff

The response to the removal of the controversial artwork of Bermudez sparked a huge debate over human rights lynched by a Ku Klux Klan member. “This discussion is not about me, it is about censorship,” Bermudez said. “But, we would not be here if I would have painted

dogs playing poker.” Preston then introduced the next speaker, Barry Colbaugh, a GSC student, who explained his reasons for standing by Dr. Nesbitt’s decision to “protect

the college.” “Who makes the decision about who funds this?” Colbaugh added, “How many of you would buy this and hang it in your living room?”

Denzil Gelly, a student at GSC joined the debate by clarifying the mission statement of the institution, and defending Bermudez’s work. “How can we advocate freedom of speech if our colleges teach students to disregard it?” added Gelly. Sean Herlihy, Assistant Professor of Political Science at GSC initiated his participation in the discussion by arguing that extremist rebellious groups were putting pressure on Nesbitt to remove the painting. Charles Lunsford of the Heritage Preservation Association explained that historical events should not be presented in a derogatory manner, and that “we shouldn’t teach bad things that happened in the past.” Last but not least, Merrill Morris, Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies joined the debate. “As a proud southerner, I agree with his right to share the painting.” Morris said, “My ancestors were on the losing side of the spectrum, and thank God we lost!” The crowd went wild.







































Red 5 - Second Session Midpoint 27 - Classes End (Last 10 Weeks) 28 - Summer 2011 Tuition and Fees Due 29 - Spring Classes End Green The Voice, Student Newspaper, RM 522, 12pm. Join Us! Blue 12-23 - GTA Presents “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Yellow 11 - Open Forum: Peer Observations. CTLL General Workshop RM 314, 12pm 11 - Jewish Passover Program. RM 522, 12pm Pink 13 - Spring Fling 25 - Multicultural Movie Monday: Gran Torino. RM 522, 5pm Light Blue 6 - Marc Elliot: “What makes you Tic?” RM 522, 12pm 18 - “SEX Addiction and the Internet.” RM 522, 6pm Purple 12 - Oconee Campus Honors Program. Civic Center

March 28, 2011

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By Evan Amburn

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Students and Faculty, Welcome back for the 2nd edition of the student newspaper The Voice. I know everyone’s been busy getting back into the swing of things after a fun filled Spring Break but I would like for everyone to just take a moment to not forget about those affected by the horrific tsunami in Japan. There are many organizations that are asking for cash donations to help. One organization I would like to mention that many people don’t think about is The American Humane Society. Many people don’t realize that it’s not only the people suffering in Japan, but the animals as well. My point is mainly, no matter which organization you go with, make sure to do something. Just donate a few dollars and it will go a long way. You can visit Google to find the organization to fit your needs. We also have an ad on page 7 with some organizations you can visit to help better serve those in need. Until next time, have a fun and safe semester! -Jenny Marshall Voice Editor-in-Chief

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Voice Japan Relief Effort

Contact information Website: E-mail: Address: 1201 Bishop Farms Parkway Rm. 512 Watkinsville, GA 30677

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Corrections from last issue: Chase West wrote the Best of TV article, not Nathan Kerce.The Biters is an Atlanta band, not an Athens band.


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March 28, 2011

Black History Month unveiled with Black Panther Party presentation By Alaina Davis Assistant News Editor In celebration of Black History Month on Feb. 21, GSCO’s own Darren Rhym, assistant professor of English, spoke to students about The Black Panther Party. Rhym started his lecture by asking students at the event what they knew about The Black Panther Party. After establishing little was known, Rhym explained why the party was important. Rhym used a slide show and links to websites to demonstrate how The Black Panther Party worked, what it did, and why it was created. “The perspective The Black Panther Party had was very different,” Rhym stated.

In October of 1966 two men in Oakland, Calif., Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, formed a “party known for violence.” Rhym explained that the people involved in The Black Panther Party had started the movement in the middle of the Civil Rights movement, the Black Power movement, and Vietnam, all of which influenced how the party functioned. “During this decade people did not take no for an answer,” Rhym said, “people stood up and said no.” Although the movements of a party were supposed to be nonviolent, The Black Panther Party was known specifically for its violence. Rhym said, “Several members of The Black Panther Party tried nonviolence, but had lost faith in the non violent

movement.” Rhym went on to explain that members of the party had been murdered, some in their own home, because of being associated with the party. Rhym said that The Black Panther Party was one of the first organizations in U.S. history to militantly struggle for ethnic minority and working class emancipation. The reason, according to the group for revolting was so the people would own everything, not the state government. “Black history is too important to be shunted aside into its own segregated neighborhood,” Rhym stated. “The truth is this, Black History Month is American history… It is world history as well.”

Alaina Davis/Voice Staff

Rhym informs students of the true nature of the Black Panther Party.

Prospect of more options for science majors By Jane Ellyn Hardy Voice News Editor Students with science majors will benefit from the 2011 Fall Semester at GSC Oconee. With the addition of three new courses that will reduce the amount of gas and time spent at the main campus, students have much to look forward to. Taking a big step in the science department with the additions of Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Organic Chemistry I and Geographic Information Science, these classes will come as a relief to over 500 students, with the

allowance of about 24 per class the first semester they are introduced. “We have a lot of science majors, and in order for the students to complete their two year degrees at the Oconee campus, these are courses many of our science students need,” said Jill Schulze, Department Chair of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and Assistant Professor of Biology, “So we’re trying to help them complete their Area F science classes.” The new classes will profit a wide array of science major students, including pre-med, pre-nursing, pre-dentistry and pre-vet, along with many others. “There are 150 to

175 students at Oconee who need to take anatomy and physiology,” said Schulze. She went on to include that Organic Chemistry will affect nearly 400 students. “We actually have a lot of majors that can’t finish their area F, associates, on this campus,” Schulze said. Now, thanks to the new additives, things are about to change at GSCO. Geographic Information Science, which is an introduction to Geographic Information Systems, can be used as an Area D elective by any student. It will also be a foundational course for GSC’s four-year Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis Bachelors of

Science degree program. The lectures of these classes will be taught on the Oconee campus, while the labs will continue to be taught on the main campus in Oakwood, with the exception of Geographic Information Science. This lab will be taught in one of the computer labs on the Oconee campus. “If students want to take anatomy and physiology on the main campus they have to go four or five days a week up there, so we’re reducing the travel to two days a week,” said Schulze. “With the organic chemistry, it’s going to be two or three days a week reduced to one day a week.”

Unfortunately for Oconee, the necessary funds needed to replicate the required lab equipment would nearly $30,000. For the time being, it is out of the question to bring the labs to the Oconee campus along with the lectures. However, thinking positively, Schulze noted, “Students taking organic chemistry will have them same lecture instructor, so it will really facilitate car-pooling.” With all the effort and hard work that has been put into bringing these classes to the Oconee campus, this is an exciting movement for the science department. “Our administration has been really supportive, starting from the very top, ” said Schulze.

Dylan Brooks is the first GSC student to receive USG study abroad scholarship By Jane Ellyn Hardy Voice News Editor

GSC Oconee student Dylan Brooks won a $500 study abroad scholarship. Claiming victory from over 40 other students, Brooks is the first student from GSC to receive this honor. “This is a system-wide award,” said Tom Preston, professor of communication and former professor to the study abroad program. Including the scholarship that Brooks received, there are five scholarships given each summer for those who attend the University System of Georgia’s Study Abroad

in China program. The scholarship that Brooks received is offered each year, explained Preston. “It is limited to students who first apply for the University System of Georgia’s study abroad in China, General Studies Program, offered Maymester each year,” he said. Brooks found out about the scholarship from Preston, who strongly encouraged him to pursue it. Good thing he did, because with Brooks’ high academic marks, recommendations from two professors and a short essay on what he planned to gain from the trip, Brooks was well on his way to the scholarship, getting him one step closer to China.

“I am very excited about the entire trip, but mostly getting the opportunity to interact with a culture unlike my own,” Brooks said. “I will be able to see how Chinese life is different from American life.” Brooks is set to depart for Beijing, China with his fellow classmates on May 9. Students interested in the program can find the application and scholarship forms at http:// Those who apply for the scholarship can also apply for GSC On the Go, a small scholarship sponsored for all study abroad students by the Office of Study Abroad at GSC.

Taran Stringer/Voice Staff

With financial needs met, Brooks plans to visit Beijing, China in May of 2011.


March 28, 2011



Hope Scholarship experiences program changes that will influence many students By Alaina Davis Assistant News Editor New requirements for the HOPE scholarship may mean some students have to take additional testing and maintain a higher GPA. Governor Nathan Deal announced on Feb. 22 his plan on how to save the HOPE system. The changes would be to improve student GPA standards. For students who meet special requirements on the SAT, they will be allowed to enroll on the Special HOPE Scholarship program, which would require a minimum

GPA of 3.7 in high school, and 3.5 in college. The program would cover full tuition costs for any USG institution, but would not cover books. Deal said, “If we are to save HOPE we must make programmatic changes during this legislative session. …We must act now to maintain the Georgia jewel known as HOPE.” A proposal for the HOPE stated that the changes would be made to keep, “the best and brightest students,” and further their education. The proposal went on to state that by placing new requirements on the HOPE

their expectations would be that students would in turn stay and benefit Georgia businesses after graduation. The budget would cut ten percent of funding for HOPE, which means the scholarship would no longer pay for books or learning support classes in college. According to the online HOPE proposal, to apply for the regular HOPE scholarship students in high school would need to maintain a GPA of 3.0. With the new changes being made, throughout the four years of high school students would have to take harder courses in math, science, and foreign languages. The

goal being to make high school courses a better curriculum. To keep the regular HOPE in college a student would have to maintain a GPA of 3.0. The new proposals would still allow students to apply for both the HOPE and PELL grant. However, there would be caps placed on both the HOPE scholarship and the HOPE grant, which would limit a student through their credit hours. For the scholarship the cap limit would be 127 semester credit hours. Kristen Roney, Assistant vice president for academic affairs, said, “at this point, I have no comment

on the HOPE matter.” Roney went on to say that because the proposal kept changing she would prefer not to comment until it had passed all its legal hurdles. The USG reaction to the upcoming changes were positive, and felt that Deal had stated the necessary changes in order to save the HOPE, but kept the original intent of the system the same. The online proposal for the HOPE stated, “The University System does not consider the HOPE program as a free pass for students, but rather as a reward and incentive for sustained high academic achievement.”

86 contenders compete to raise money for GSCO Habitat for Humanity club and building in the Athens community By Jane Ellyn Hardy News Editor The fifth annual Habitat Hustle was held at GSC Oconee on Feb. 19, where contenders competed to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. With 86 competitors from Clarke and Oconee counties

and more, the five km race raised $1,400 in order to benefit the Habitat for Humanity Club’s spring break trip to St. Petersburg, Fla. While there, the club members, along with other active chapters in the U.S., will build houses for those in need. “We will donate the remaining funds to building here in Athens,” said Randall Parish,

professor of political science and co-sponsor of the race. “Helping out other people is something I firmly believe in,” said Habitat for Humanity Club President Seth Wyckoff as he explained his interest in the club and the importance of the race to raise money. Wyckoff and Parish, along with Vice President

Rebeca Thompson, co-sponsor and professor of chemistry Jim Konzelman, library director Angela Megaw, former Habitat for Humanity club president Marissa Carlotta and many others helped to organize the event. With every runner finishing in under an hour’s time, the Habitat Hustle was an uplifting event that brought the

community and GSCO together for a worthy cause.

For more information on how to become involved with Habitat for Humanity, visit

Jane Ellyn Hardy/Voice Staff

Habitat Hustle kicks off with beautiful weather and great turn out. In center left GSCO Habitat for Humanity president Seth Wycoff. Center right, Habitat Vice President Rebeca Thompson.

Health and Wellness presents ‘Talking, Texting, Sex’ By Ashley Oglesby Voice Copy Editor “Talking, Texting, Sex” was presented on Feb. 14, 2011 by “Doc” Hawley, Personal Counselor at GSCO and Heidi Crockett, an MSW Intern from the UGA School of Social Work. At this Valentine’s Day event, Hawley and

Crockett talked about the dangers of technology in relationships and the relationship between intimacy and passion. Hawley started out the talk by discussing the effect of texting on relationships. She talked about the “10 Deadly Texting Errors,” including mass texting, sending texts that are too long and off topic, and the biggie -- breaking up by text

message. The main texting problem she runs into with students in counseling sessions is “the guys feeling crowded and the girls feeling abandoned,” said Hawley. Crockett introduced the second topic of the event, the relationship between intimacy and passion. She discussed how if there is too much intimacy, there isn’t room for enough passion in a relationship.

Crockett talked to us about how to resolve conflict in order to build trust and good communication. Since Facebook’s rise in popularity, it has had quite an effect on college relationships. Hawley gave some tips for keeping Facebook relationship-safe. She suggested keeping an eye out for jealousy: a great way to do this

would be to delete old pictures and to keep some space. “No smothering!” said Hawley, “Make and hold some space.” “The purpose of a relationship is who you become as a result of the other person,” said Crockett. According to Crockett, relationships are better if you know yourself and know what you want.




March 28, 2011

Speaker says no link between Islam and terrorism By Brad Jamison Voice Staff Writer Author and speaker, Zohra Sarwari, held a presentation at GSCO Wednesday, March 2 explaining the misconceptions of Islam. Her presentation and title of her book, “No! I’m Not a Terrorist!” delved into current challenges facing Muslims today. Sarwari focused on media bias and inaccurate reporting surrounding Muslims. “The media likes to use the phrase ‘not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.’ That is simply not true,” Sarwari said. Sarwari referenced the recent shootings in Tucson and at Virginia Tech as terrorists acts. She went on to parallel the events of 9/11 with the Oklahoma City bombings of Timothy McVeigh, which was the largest act of terrorism inside the United States prior to September 11. “Terrorism,” Sarwari said, “is the act of inciting fear into someone, no matter their race, religion or gender. This includes Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. Christians are still killing Christians in Ireland. Why the double standard? What people do should not be based on religion, but based on themselves. Judge people, not Islam.” To further explain the media’s skewed definition of terrorism, Sarwari presented a piece on the Hutaree, or Christian warriors. The

group is a self-proclaimed Christian patriot militia that formed in 2008 in attempt to prepare for the apocalypse that has not yet begun. The U.S. Attorney’s Office stated that the group planned “to kill an unidentified member of local law enforcement and then attack the law enforcement officers who gather in Michigan for the funeral.” Sarwari addressed the issue of too many Americans believing that Muslims in the United States are terrorists or part of al-Queda. “When my daughter got up to use the restroom on a plane, I was asked, ‘where is she going?’ I reassured them that she was just going to the restroom. ‘Oh Okay, but she has to use the one at the back.’ People look at us and assume we’re all terrorists. It’s sad, really.” Sarwari informed the crowd that out of 1.8 billion Muslims, a number as small as 5,000 are believed to be involved with terrorist organizations. Despite the slim number, 55% of Americans have little or no knowledge of Islam, highlighting that many often ask her about her hijab, or headdress. She explained that modesty plays a large role in a Muslim woman’s faith. “Ultimately, we wear [the hijab] to obey the commandment of God from the Qur’an,” Sarwari said. She pointed on that Mary, Jesus’ mother, nuns and even a character from “Green Acres” are often seen with their heads covered, yet no one suspects them of terrorism. Sarwari describes

those who mistrust Muslims simply because of their dress or their own ignorance as “Islamophobs.” In an extreme case of hatred and ignorance, Sarwari briefly described the story of Marwa alSherbini who was stabbed to death in a German courtroom by the man she was suing. al-Sherbini was suing the man after he insulted her for wearing her hijab and yelling obscenities at her in front of her child. Her attacker stabbed her 18 times in front of her husband and young child. al-Sherbini was pregnant with her second child at the time of her death. At the end of her presentation, she fielded questions from the audience on subjects ranging from Islamic dress to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With each question, Sarwari relayed her response to the audience in a tone that expressed both earnestness and grace; with a passionate exchange between Sarwari and a student about the Iraq War, Sarwari presented her stance on the issue while never belittling the student’s opinion. With tensions escalating between some Americans and the Muslim community, Sarwari believes “the key to change is to let go of fear.” Sarwari hopes to reverse some of that fear through her books and presentations. “The mistrust isn’t limited to any specific region of the country, unfortunately,” Sarwari said. “The South still has great manners, but there are still too many hardened hearts.”

Stephen Standridge/Voice Staff

Zohra Sarwari tells an audience of GSC Oconee faculty staff and students that the U.S. media present a skewed version of Islam that often links the religion to terrorism.

Gameshow fun on campus with great prizes By Tynan Mahan News Staff Writer On Feb. 20, GSC Oconee held the Think Fast game show, a trivia contest over pop culture through the basis of bodily and sexual health. Each person in the crowd was a contestant in the show. Given a remote control and two chances to win $100, questions were asked and responses were tallied on two large screens at the head of the auditorium. In a multiple choice format, questions included: what is the name of Britney Spears’ latest perfume, who was the boxing promoter famous for his hair, and what was the name of Jay-Z’s most resent album?

In between each question, facts were posted on the large screens regarding STDs and drug awareness. At the end of each round, the top four contestants were brought up to podiums at the front of the room to try and answer five questions in the hot seat for a chance at $100. The first to answer five correct won. The winner of round one was Mack Bui in a landslide victory with all five questions answered in succession and unopposed. Round two had a similar outcome with the winner being Tynan Mahan also unopposed in succession.

GSC Oconee hosts Think Fast game show where students are contestants. Leila Dycus/Voice Staff


March 28, 2011


Rollergirls battle for bone marrow New summer financial aid rules By Brad Jamison Voice Staff Writer

By Ashley Oglesby Voice Copy Editor Starting this year, students who plan to attend GSC for the summer semester must complete a separate summer financial aid application. Because of changes to the rules of the Pell Grant and HOPE program, summer financial aid awards will be made manually this year. To help with this process, every student who plans to attend GSC in the summer needs to fill out a summer financial aid application. Summer financial aid applications are due by April 15. According to Kimberly Payne, the Financial Aid Counselor for the Oconee Campus, “the application is to indicate that you will attend summer and allow us time to have your summer financial aid ready before the fee payment deadline.” After receiving the application, the Financial Aid office will review the information and offer financial aid awards to students who are eligible.

The applications are available online to print out and must be returned to the Financial Aid office.

who are interested to turn out for this event as 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the NMDP. While one must be at least 17 to

On Saturday, April 2nd, the Classic City Rollergirls, in part with the Future Health Professionals at GSCO, will hold a roller derby at Athens Arena in Bogart, GA. The derby is one of many for the Rollergirls this season, but this particular bout is unique in that the ‘girls have “teamed up with the National Bone Marrow Registry to raise awareness of the National Marrow Donor Program,” Jill Schulze said. Schulze, who is the club sponsor for the Future Health Professionals and STEM chair at GSCO, encourages all

donate bone marrow, the bout is an all-ages/family event, so leave your cigarettes in the car. No four-legged friends are allowed as well. Tickets are currently on sale for $10 from the Rollergirls’ website through Brown Paper Tickets, a fair-trade ticketing company. “Doors open at 6 p.m. with the action starting at 7:00. So get there early, “ Joseph Barr, a volunteer and ambassador-intraining for the NBMR, said on Monday. The Athens Arena is located at 280 Commerce Blvd. in Bogart, GA, just west of the mall. For more information, visit www.


Jane Ellyn Hardy News Editor

Change is coming. We’re progressing through the Spring Semester rapidly, I mean come on Spring Break has already come and gone. For many of us this means we’ve got to start preparing ourselves for our next big adventures. We’ll be moving on soon, we’ll be going to new places and new schools. Some bigger, some smaller, depending on your style. I guess it really hit me as I was filling out applications to four year colleges. Yes, I understand that many will not be moving on just yet, but for those who are, it’s sort of momentous in its own right. I mean this is big, real big, for some of us. All the news in the world, let alone in The Voice, can’t compare to a new move, a progression in life. This is the big news story: the students who are preparing to move somewhere new and advance further, and run harder for what they want. Gainesville State College is a stepping stone, one that has personally meant a lot to me, it’s been a building block in helping me find myself. I can imagine a lot of people feel the same. So, here’s to finding our ways through life, I’m just glad that Gainesville State College was there to hold my hand for a little while.

The VOice

There is DEVASTATION in Japan How can you help without being there?

World Vision:

text 4JAPAN to 20222

R ed C ross: text REDCROSS to 90999

Save the Children:

text JAPAN to 20222

T he S alvation A rmy: text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888

na o D o t Text $10

For more information visit





March 28, 2011

Ryan’s ‘Chicago Code’ cracks crime By Chase West Voice Staff Writer

Following an onslaught of promos during the Super Bowl, the much publicized police drama “The Chicago Code” recently debuted on Fox, kicking off the network’s new Monday night winter lineup. The police procedural marks series creator Shawn Ryan’s second descent into the seedy underworld of an American city. His previous show The Shield received an abundance of critical acclaim during its six year run on the FX network . “The Chicago Code” trades the South L.A. heat for the chilly streets of the Windy City as it attempts to explore all facades of Chicago from political corruption to organized crime to the internal workings of one of the largest police forces in our nation. The show’s two main characters are newly appointed police superintendent Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals) and her ex-brash partner Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke). The show opens six months into Teresa’s reign as top cop in Chicago as she attempts to rid the city of the rampant corruption that has crippled it for years. Her attempts are undermined at every turn by Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy


Lindo), a crooked politician who has his hand in everyone’s pocket and is in charge of the oversight committee that grants funding to the city’s police force. After Colvin’s initial attempt to form a new anti-corruption task force fails at city hall, Colvin phones

former partner Jarek Wysocki who reluctantly accepts Colvin’s offer to head up an unofficial task force aimed at bringing Gibbons and his friends in the Irish Mob to justice. The series gets off to a rather slow start as it attempts to build the characters and immerse the

viewer into the fabric of Chicago. However, towards the end of the pilot the drama showcases it true potential as the investigation into the city’s corruption heats up and its criminal curators begin to push back. This episode comes to a startling

close as gunshots ring out in the dead of night in classic Chicago style. The viewers are then left to wonder the fate of one star’s life as credits roll, leaving the outcome shrouded in mystery. “The Chicago Code” airs at 9:00 PM every Monday only on Fox.

Zombie. Spaceship. Wasteland. Genius? Yes. By Nathan Kerce Voice Assistant Editor Patton Oswalt is an excellent writer. While he is perhaps most famous for his sidekick role on “King of Queens” or as the voice of main character Remy in the Pixar hit “Ratatouille”, his most devoted fans know him for his hilarious stand-up comedy. Patton’s act is full of intelligent, detailed and extremely foulmouthed storytelling that makes him stand out among the typical crop of comedians that just run through a series of short impersonal jokes. Patton allows his audience to delve deep into his twisted psyche, be it lamenting his uneventful childhood in Sterling, Virginia or contemplating what the invention of KFC’s Famous Bowl means for future generations. Consequently, his act always comes across as very personal. Patton’s knack for crafting stories and his English major past translates wonderfully into his first written publication, a collection of essays entitled Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland is

an eclectic and engaging collection of essays and short stories that perfectly capture the various levels of Patton’s deeply layered personality. In an astonishingly brief 191 pages, we cover Patton’s teenage years spent toiling away in an underground movie theater, his run-ins with sleazy promoters and close calls with serial killers as his comedic career just starts to rise, along with his fun-loving days as a child unwittingly growing up in a generation that would soon be ravaged by divorce and Reaganomics. Along with these personal essays there are brief forays into more nontraditional methods of storytelling: included are limericks about deceased Dungeons & Dragons characters, notes on a fictional romantic comedy screenplay (complete with a running joke about a masturbating arsonist), a cute collection of inappropriate greeting cards, an argument between two generations of vampires on a street corner (presented in full graphic novel format), and a meditation on the three standard types of stories that young writers will inevitably try to conquer (Zombie, Spaceship, and

Paton Oswalt, author for ‘Zombie + Spaceship + Wasteland’poses for a photo.


Wasteland). The only issue with this collection is that it is just too short. In terms of material, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland contains only slightly more content than your

average stand-up set and can be read in around two to three hours. That being said, you can’t find this material anywhere else and there isn’t a dull moment in the entire collection—so you are still getting

a lot of bang for your buck. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland is perfect for Patton Oswalt fans or for anyone who appreciates good writing with a biting comedic edge and unforgettable personality.


March 28, 2011



B.o.B. on rap rise

Local filmmakers authenticate history

By Krista Sager Voice Staff Writer

By Evan Amburn Voice A&E Editor

On the evening of February 28, the UGA Tate slowly begins to reach full capacity, and the energy begins to skyrocket as fans eagerly await the performance of Decatur, Georgia native B.o.B. The lights flash between colors and heavy bass vibrations begin to shake the room as the 22-year-old rapper takes the stage. Deafening screams are heard from around the venue as a remarkable concert experience begins. The rapper’s popularity is rapidly accelerating, and he is best known for his critically acclaimed numbers “Haterz Everywhere,” “I’ll Be in the Sky”, and more recent singles such as “Nothin’ on You”, (featuring Bruno Mars), “Magic”, as well as the highly renowned hit “Airplanes”. His repertoire consisted of all hit singles and various material from past and present albums—all of which were filled with astonishing passion. He managed to switch from jumpy, bass-filled music to heartfelt, toned-down songs while never losing the attention of a single audience member. An overwhelming feeling of excitement from both performers and fans alike seemed to be everpresent during the concert, from everyone dancing with their hands

up during “Haterz Everywhere”, to perhaps the most touching number of the night, “Letters from Vietnam” in which, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, B.o.B sang a song of a man who left the love of his life to fight for his country. Whether singing and playing guitar, rapping, or throwing his red hoodie and aviator sunglasses into the crowd, B.o.B performed with an infectious energy that brought every audience member to their feet. The performer and audience began to feed off of each other’s energy, and showcased that energy by surfing the crowd during the performance. It was easy to see how grateful this rapper is for his success, which is a pleasant relief in today’s industry. He took time at the end of the concert to thank all his fans, autograph his towels, shirts, and shoes, then threw them into the crowd. By the end of the night, every audience member was soaking wet with sweat, and grinning ear to ear. As the artist exited the stage, fans immediately called him back for an encore performance, which B.o.B gladly accepted. The music, lighting, and atmosphere all coincided brilliantly, creating a memorable night for everyone in attendance.


Nearly two years after the destruction of the Georgia Theatre, the Athens community still remains persistent in a prolonged recovery process. As an act of grace, a local cartel of filmmakers rose to the occasion to collaborate in an effort to illustrate the historical importance of the Georgia Theatre, and it’s significance among the Athens commonwealth. Only a few months after the fire, Andrew Haynes, Jacob Kinsman, and Eric Krasle came together to create “Athens Burning,” a feature-length documentary relaying the legacy of the Georgia Theatre, which also resulted in the birth of Sphere Vibe Films. “It was a no brainer, this had to be my first full-length documentary,” says Haynes. “We’re lucky that we jumped on it as quickly as we did, because I’m sure we weren’t the only ones with this idea.” Only a few days after the accident, Kinsman and Haynes both separately contacted Wilmot Greene, the Theatre’s owner. After separately selling the same idea to Greene, the two decided

to collaborate their efforts to make an accurate, substantial film. “[Kinsman] was coming to Athens to make a short film about the fans of the Georgia Theatre, and the scene surrounding it. After it burnt down, his focus shifted toward the devastation surrounding the tragedy,” explains Haynes. The first half of the film focuses primarily on the history of Athens music, beginning in the 1890s, to the opening of the Theatre as a music hall in 1989, and through the 1990s when R.E.M and the B-52’s put the Athens music scene on the map. The remaining portion of the film focuses on the importance of the Georgia Theatre

within the community, and the post-fire affliction caused by the annihilation of the venue. “Athens Burning” features many local musicians, spacey production pieces, footage from memorable Georgia Theatre concerts, and interviews with noteworthy Athenian musicians including Vic Chesnutt, Umphrey’s McGee, Drive-By Truckers, Bassnectar, STS9, Zac Brown Band, and Widespread Panic. “Athens Burning” premiered on Friday, Jan. 14 at Beechwood Cinemas. The Sphere Vibe crew is currently planning a second premiere at Ciné BarCafé and Cinéma. Date TBA.


Who is Dr. Martin Harris? By Chase West Voice Staff Writer

Who is Dr. Martin Harris? This question is frequently asked in the new action thriller “Unknown” starring the ever-versatile Liam Neeson (Taken). In the film Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, an American scientist arriving in Berlin on the eve of a very important international biotechnology summit. Accompanying Martin on his trip to Germany is his beautiful wife Liz played by the always-stunning January Jones (Mad Men). As the film progresses, Martin becomes involved in a serious automobile accident while trying to return to the airport to retrieve his briefcase. Martin is knocked unconscious in the ensuing wreck and only survives after a daring rescue from his taxi driver, Gina, played by the talented Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds). After four days in a coma, Martin awakes in a Berlin hospital. His German doctors explain the nature of his crash and tell him that he may suffer from sporadic amnesia caused by head trauma during the accident. Against the better judgment of his doctors, Martin leaves the hospital and returns to his hotel to seek out his stranded wife. Martin soon finds his wife at the hotel with another man (Aidan Quinn). Confused,

he confronts her, only for her to reveal she does not know who he is and to insist the man with her is indeed her husband, Dr. Martin Harris. Hotel security quickly becomes involved and determines the “imposter” to be the real Dr. Martin Harris after he is able to produce official identification, an act our hero is unable to duplicate. The original Martin soon finds himself on the foreign streets of Berlin, trying desperately to unravel the conspiracy he now finds himself in. Along the way Martin must enlist the help of his former taxi driver and an ex-German spy

as his continues to be pursued by deadly European assassins bound and determined to see him dead. Overall I found this film to be entertaining and a mark above the run-of-mill action thriller. The plot is full of surprises and the ending is rewarding for anyone willing to come along for the ride. I would recommend this film for fans of the “Bourne” trilogy, “The Fugitive“ and of course Liam Neeson‘s own “Taken”. In this movie season full of duds, it wouldn’t hurt to fork over a few bucks and help Neeson “TAKE BACK HIS LIFE!”





Predictible punchlines take comedy night By Ben Walters Voice Staff Writer

The “Rubber and Glue Comedy Tour” made a stop through the Classic City on February 15 at Flicker Theater & Bar in downtown Athens. The tour featured host Michael Robinette, along with fellow comedians Natalie Glaser, Justin Blackburn, Katie Hughes and Chris Weathers. Each comedian showcased their own individual style, keeping the show from growing stale. There was never a point in the night where the audience seemed to grow bored or tired of a comedian’s act. Some of the comedians proved to be slightly more entertaining than others. Each comedian produced at least a few laughs, but only a few garnered consistent gutbusting howls throughout their entire routine. The funniest comic of the night was Justin Blackburn. He seemed to entertain the audience the most with his awkward, yet funny, “seriousness”. However the best joke of the night came from Chris Weathers. A keen observation turned a simple question about his hat into a room-wide laugh fest. While the audience members seemed to be having an enjoyable evening, some of the comedians showcased personal doubts by making near-constant remarks about things not going well. If

they had mentioned how “bad” things were going bad any more, the audience may have started to believe them. Many of the jokes were a bit predictable, as it’s never good for a comedian when audience members start finishing their jokes for them. Perhaps that is just what happens when comedians get a little too intimate with their audiences. On top of being predictable, just about every comic relied far too much on improvisation. Many of the jokes involved seemingly random items from around the room, or focused on members of the audience. Not enough of the comedian’s acts seemed rehearsed. Although the comedians did manage to draw some funny situations from the audience, causing heavy snickers all over the room, these moments went on for far too long. While they all have room for improvement, each of the comics showed a lot of potential. Overall, everyone at the Flicker Theater & Bar had a great, fun-filled time. If you ever get tired of taking your date to dinner and a movie, you should consider switching it up and take that special someone to a local comedy club.

The tour featured host Michael Robinette, along with fellow comedians Natalie Glaser, Justin Blackburn, Katie Hughes and Chris Weathers. Contributed

March 28, 2011

Batman, Booze and Rock n’ Roll: Meet the Falcones By Brad Jamison Voice Staff Writer

Indie rock and bass-heavy DJ music may have a strong presence in Athens’ modern music scene right now. This doesn’t mean that Athens is without some great rock and roll bands who remember that three chords, a few verses and a chorus is all that’s needs to create some killer tunes. Athens newcomers, The Falcones, are no exception to the aforementioned formula. “We play deconstructed pop songs,” guitarist and front man Danny Hurley explained. “That’s really all it comes down to.” Having only been a band for a mere eight months, the group has gigged around the Athens area since its inception, garnering dozens of fans after each performance. With a rigorous seven-day-a-week practice schedule, the quartet has earned the pay off. Guitarist Charlie Wood feels that rehearsal is “a time to be taken seriously. The shows are a time to let loose and have a good time. I think that’s what we do and I think people see get that from seeing us play.” Being no strangers to a good time, the band’s practice space (also Wood’s house) has a generous helping of beer cans, liquor bottles and cigarette butts scattered about. However many hedonistic pleasures might be present, the band made clear during its practice session that they knew when to put down their bottles and pick up their instruments. Beginning their set with their soon-to-be-released single, “Bad Soul,” it was obvious that alcohol didn’t render the band from blitzing through a flawless pop gem. Having no PA system for his vocals, Hurley used nothing but his lungs to cut through the barrage of guitars and intricate rhythm section of drummer Mike Dailey and bassist Bradley Jones. The lack of proper amplification made the performance feel as if the band were playing in a run down dive bar: cigarette smoke danced in the dim light, and the foul stench of old beer soaking into the crevices of the floorboards filled the room. The band seemed perfectly at home. With only eight months experience as The Falcones under their belts, the members have been playing their respective instruments for years. However, not all were proud of their musically backgrounds. “I probably have the worst band experience out of all of us,” Dailey said. “Throughout middle school and high school, I was either in death metal bands, screamo bands, or completely on the other horizon - traditional free form jazz bands,”


explains Dailey. The band had a good laugh at Dailey’s expense, complete with Hurley quipping, “Yeah, I had to convert this mother fucker to rock n roll when I found him.” Dailey laughingly admitted that this was indeed true, while Cooper concluded that he, too, had done time in an equally embarrassing band that “recorded only five songs. [I] scratched the CD with a rock so no one would ever hear those songs.” Still, these bands were the foundation of each member’s musical career, however unflattering they may be. With those unpleasant memories fresh in mind, The Falcones are using those wayward times in forgettable bands as motivation to fuel their current project. “We write our own songs. We record our own songs. We book our own shows. While me may not

be a punk band, I’ve carried the ethics and DIY attitude of punk with me since hearing my first Bad Religion album when I was a kid,” Hurley proudly stated. For a band who got its name from Batman comics and is rarely seen without some form of alcohol, The Falcones seem to have found the right balance of talent, indulgence and work ethic. It shows through their musical demeanor. Hurley said, “Honestly, I’ve never found a group of musicians quite like these guys; we all feel that way. We’re a family. That’s what makes us click. And if that’s any indication of what’s to come, then I’m sticking with it.” The Falcones are currently recording their debut album, set to be released in April of 2011. For a demo of their first single, “Bad Soul,” visit thefalcones.

$7.00 off an oil change

just mention the Voice Advertising

1980 Experiment Station Road Watkinsville, Ga 30677 (706)769-9393 Fax (706)769-8568

•A/C & Heat •Alignment •Batteries

•Brakes •Oil Change •Tune-up


FUN in Pool

Brit Vo 9242

Now that we are b of the beautiful w you be spendin As college student and the party a pools. After all, w cooler of beer, h have Based on the crow atmosphere, here a a

The Woodlands and The Summit (These two pools are located on Barnett Shoals Road on the east side of Athens)

Both of these pools have earned the five star award seeing that they are very similar, with sand volleyball courts nearby, large wading pools and even larger lap pools. These pools win in the beauty category with beautifully landscaped grounds that make you feel wonderful while you get your tan on. Both pools attract huge crowds and are the best to drink at on the weekends. The only downfall about both of these pools are the call boxes to enter the complex. So unless you know someone who lives inside, you will have to wait for the gate to be opened and “trespass� inside.

the SUN Picks

tney Bergeron oice Staff Writer

beginning to get a sweet taste weather to come, where will ng your time under the sun? ts, it is the crowd, easy access atmosphere that draw us to what pool will have the largest have the hottest people and e the best tunes? wd, accessibility and the party are the top four pools around all of Athens.

Abbey West

(250 Epps Bridge Pkwy., Athens) Abbey West wins in the easiest access category, hands down. The atmosphere is always upbeat and is an awesome place to hang out with friends. Another great thing about Abbey West is they offer a complimentary shuttle service between the apartment complex and downtown, so you can go bar hopping safely after a brew-filled day at the pool!

The Lodge

(211 N. Ave., Athens) The Lodge is located very close to downtown with a large pool to go along with the large crowd. This pool is always offering some kind of pool party that often consists of great food and usually a great DJ cranking the tunes. The only downfall to this pool is the accessibility. Residents must swipe a key card outside of the pool house to enter, so it may become a bit time consuming for you to get a hold of your friends to gain access to the pool itself. Other pools to consider that are “less popular� are Riverbend Club, Stonecrest and Lakeside. These pools are not as well known as the top five, but still deserve an honorable mention!

ic r t c e l e e d u We now incl rent h t i w r e t a w &

Top10 Abbey West t a e v i l o t s n o Reas

1) Private Shuttle to UGA, Athens Tech and Gainesville College (downtown to the Arches Thurs-Fri-Sat 10pm - 3am every 20 minutes) Downtown is more fun when you leave the driving to us!

2) Continental breakfast Who said its just for hotels?

3) Newly Renovated Fitness Center and Tanning facility We have your G.T.L. routine covered!

4) Private Bathrooms in every bedroom It's a personal thing, you know?

5) Spacious closets w/ double mirrored doors "Here's to looking at you babe!"

6) Peep holes Just in case your blind date is ugly.

7) Location, Location, Location AW is at the center of attention where it matters!

8) Pet Friendly w/ Dog Park Now that's some Dawg-gone Smart.Living!

9) Controlled access gates Help keep your ex's out.

10) 24 hour cyber lounge and Resort size pool Where the fun never stops for you night owls!

250 Epps Bridge Parkway Athens, GA 30606

888.694.4145 Text “ABBEY" to 47464




March 28, 2011



‘Dead Space 2’ a must-buy By Nathan Kerce Voice Assistant Editor In “Dead Space 2”, protagonist Isaac Clarke awakes on a massive space station known simply as “The Sprawl.” After slicing and dicing his way through a massive horde of humanoid monsters (known as Necromorphs) in an attempt to save his girlfriend who was trapped deep within the planet-mining ship “Ishimura”, Clarke has been subject to a series of dangerous studies and experiments that have left both his memory and his psyche damaged. As the necromorphs that terrorized the Ishimura return to wreak havoc on the Sprawl, Isaac must once again pick up his plasma cutter and become an interstellar horror hero. If “Dead Space” is the game equivalent of Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror classic “Alien” then “Dead Space 2” most closely resembles James Cameron’s 1986 heavy action sequel “Aliens.” Forgoing its predecessor’s focus on intense isolation and frequent jump-scares, “Dead Space 2” instead establishes itself as a pure action game with a few light horror elements. Fortunately, the change in tone works tremendously and developer Visceral Games have crafted a near-perfect sequel that outshines its predecessor in nearly every way. The most noticeable and most welcome change comes in the form of a completely revamped story

structure. The original game’s level structure was completely predictable. You would start the level at a train station, go and do whatever random task was assigned to you, go back to the train, ride to another area, then start the whole process over again. “Dead Space 2” completely abandons the train station formula and instead splits the chapters up with key story moments and creative action sequences that ultimately make the sequel a much more immersive experience than the first. Isaac himself has also gone through a lot of changes. In the first game Isaac was a completely silent protagonist (outside of a few screams of pain and desperation during death sequences) but now Isaac is a regular chatty Cathy, frequently speaking his mind to whoever may be giving him instructions over his always turned on headset. To be honest, Isaac is a pretty cookie-cutter action hero without many unique character traits, but the decision to eliminate his code of silence overall helps the game’s story. As opposed to the first game where Isaac only encounters a very select number of people who actually talk to him, the sequel has a regular cast of characters who Isaac has almost constant interaction with. In a less isolated environment, it wouldn’t make sense for Isaac to stay quiet. So while Isaac still isn’t the most interesting character in the world, his newfound voice fits the story very well.

“Dead Space 2” most closely resembles James Cameron’s 1986 heavy action se-Contributed quel “Aliens.” The gameplay has also been retooled to make Isaac a more powerful figure. Every single weapon has been amped up to have more “kick” and right from the beginning Isaac definitely seems like more of a badass. It may be easier to take down enemies, but the size of the necromorph horde has nearly doubled and with plenty of new enemy types, this is not a game that you will be able to breeze through. Averaging at about 10-12 hours, the final few levels provide plenty of challenge. It should be noted that the final boss fight is a nasty blemish on an otherwise great game. It is poorly designed, unsat-

isfying, and uncreative. Luckily the actual ending of the game is very satisfying. “Dead Space 2” includes a multiplayer component that resembles a simplified version of versus mode from the “Left 4 Dead” series: one team of miners vs. one team of necromorphs. The miners try to complete a random task while the necromorphs do everything in their power to stop them before they get there. The concept is interesting and the gameplay is well designed but overall the multiplayer serves as more of an okay diversion rather than a feverish obsession that could dethrone Call of Duty or Halo. For-

tunately, the main story campaign encourages multiple playthroughs with five different difficulty levels and a “New Game+” features that allows players to start a new game while carrying over all of their upgraded weapons and powers from previous campaign attempts. “Dead Space 2” is an early contender for game of the year. It’s excellent story, fine-tuned gameplay, and surprising high replayability level sets a high standard for action games in 2011. For anyone that was a fan of the first or is a newcomer just looking for a great action game, “Dead Space 2” is a must-buy.

was overwhelming and exciting.” Harstine says “Jess + Moss” will be in the festival circuit for a while longer, with appearances scheduled in Hong Kong, Dal-

las, and Nashville. Hopefully the film will gain even more attention in the near future; maybe it could even make an appearance at the local Cine theater in down-

town Athens. To view the trailer

‘Jess + Moss’ Surprises Hollywood By Nathaniel Walters Voice Staff Writer Producer Brian Harstine’s film, “Jess + Moss” has already made huge accomplishments by being shown at some of the world’s largest film festivals and receiving press in such publications as The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Brian Harstine attended college in Nashville, Tennessee where he and his co-producer, Adam Childress, assembled an elite team of award-winning film makers. Together, the team formed Liquid Crystal Productions, and has gone on to produce more than 11 short films, and has won more than 20 awards and accolades from festivals. “Jess + Moss” tells the story of Jess (age 18) and Moss (age 12), two distant cousins from Western Kentucky who have both lost all

of their immediate family, leaving them only with each other despite age and gender differences that leave them with little in common. Throughout their journey, they seek out a hopeful future while struggling with strong feelings of isolation and abandonment. The film premiered in North America at the Sundance Film Festival, where Harstine says he was astonished with the positive feedback the film received, sel ling out almost every screening they booked. Soon after Sundance, the film headed to the Berlinale Film Festival for its European premiere. At first, Harstine knew very little about the Berlinale Film Festival, but says he soon found out that it had the largest audience of any festival in the world. He recently commented on the festival: “Our premiere in Berlin was at a great venue that seats over 1000 people—let’s just say the Q&A


and get more info on the film visit or “like” the “Jess + Moss” page on Facebook.




March 28, 2011

Relief efforts should expand The Voice staff On March 21, 2011, the staff of this newspaper set up a table and began taking donations for those that were effected by the earthquake in Japan. The generosity of our student population was surely on display and a great donation will be made to the Red Cross and others because of it. However, it seemed odd that this was one of the only relief efforts that some of us have seen. We could be wrong and there could be a lot more out there that we’re missing but our point can still be made. It’s important to not become numb. Between Japan, New Orleans, Southeast Asia, 9/11, relief for AIDS victims, relief for victims of genocide and war, and any other relief effort of the last 10 years it becomes very easy to become numb. We may start to become overwhelmed by the amount of help the world needs and it may make you want to shut off the T.V. and just drop out. Or even worse, it could make you cynical and begin to think about the help you need in your life or

the lives of your family and friends. We have to always remember that if you are alive you have a reason to be thankful, and you have every reason in the world to help those that are in a position to seriously forget that fact. Virtually nobody in the United States of America is in a position to forget that fact. We can all handle putting off that gourmet cup of coffee or trip to McDonald’s until tomorrow and instead give that 5 or 10 dollars to help someone else’s life. That’s what this world needs, a little more working together and a little less selfishness. Perhaps if we had all been thinking along those lines we wouldn’t be starting a third war front in Libya, we wouldn’t be watching thousands of angry Muslims rioting in the streets of Middle Eastern countries and we wouldn’t be watching Charlie Sheen like vultures that feed on Hollywood careers.

Editor-in-Chief Jenny Marshall

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Assistant section editors News- Alaina Davis A&E- Nathan Kerce Lifestyles- Sarah-Beth Croteau Sports- Payton Aragon


Transfer tidbits to remember A few of us on the staff of the Voice have managed to successfully complete the transfer process to our bigger schools of choice. Because it is registration time and a point in the year when the rest of you should also be thinking about your transferring plans we thought it would be appropriate to share the tidbits of knowledge we have learned along the way. First of all, do not register on your own. We know that some of you that have been here for a couple of semesters and may even have registered on your own successfully in the past will shun this suggestion, but please do not. It is incredibly helpful to meet with your advisor and map out a plan for your classes and be absolutely sure that those are the classes you will need at the school you transfer too. It also prevents you from making minor mistakes that could cost you a lot. For example, did you know that Spanish 2 is not Spanish 2001? Some may think that’s

obvious but others may make the mistake and not realize it until after drop/add. The next best piece of advice we can give is to set up an appointment with an advisor at the school you are trying to transfer to at least one semester in advance. You can have them look at your classes and tell you if you are on the right track and if not, what classes you can take to put you on the right track. If you are trying to transfer to UGA they make this process very easy. Every Friday there is an opportunity to meet with an undergraduate advisor and have them look at your transcripts. Check the UGA Undergraduate website for more details. Whether or not you decide to take this advice to heart, please be sure to register for classes early. You will save yourself a lot of headache.

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March 28, 2011



Letter to the Editor: TAG Editorial Response


So does Gainesville State ColMargaret H. Venable, Ph.D. must accomplish in order to be eligible for the lege need to negotiate similar VP & CEO, Oconee Campus TAG. TAGs? Recently, interest was expressed in this paper in the Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) offered at a nearby institution. What student doesn’t want a guarantee of attending an institution such as the University of Georgia or Oglethorpe University or Georgia Tech? Since I am very familiar with the TAGs (as a former employee of the school with TAGs), I thought it would be a good idea to help our readers evaluate this marketing tool used by our sister institution. First of all, each transfer institution has a specific set of criteria established that a student

Typically, the student must complete the associate’s degree with certain coursework and a specified minimum GPA before the TAG is an option. But how many students who achieve these criteria would NEED a contractual guarantee of admission? In fact, the criteria established by the transfer institution are designed to protect the transfer institution. They do not want to be obligated to accept a student they would prefer not to admit. Furthermore, these students are guaranteed admission to the institution, but they are not guaranteed acceptance into a specific program or school such as Business or Electrical Engineering.

I would argue that we do not. Our students have a strong track record of success in transferring to their chosen institutions and our students also do very well after they transfer. Institutions such as UGA are happy to admit our students who present a strong record of success at GSC. Our students even transfer into prestigious programs such as UGA’s Terry College of Business. Gainesville State College doesn’t need this marketing strategy to attract students and our students don’t need this crutch to successfully transfer. Because GSC is part of the University System of Georgia, our classes and students already

transfer seamlessly to other University System of Georgia (USG) institutionsAnd most of the classes we offer are easily transferred to private colleges and universities and institutions outside Georgia as well. On the other hand, we know our students do get frustrated with the lengthy processes for transfer to our neighbor and system partner, UGA. I do think it would benefit our students if GSC administrators explore opportunities for agreements with the University and specific programs there to help speed the transfer process for our students. Based on our students’ records of success after transfer there and the large numbers of students we send each year, I am optimistic that we can negotiate a smoother transfer process for our students without having to add all of the extra requirements of a TAG.

One other resource I should point out to GSC Oconee students is our Coordinator for Career and Transfer Services, Crys-

tal Allred. If you have never talked with Ms. Allred, please stop by and let her help you map out your strategy for completing your degree at the Gainesville Campus or at another institution. She can also help you explore career options and make sure your program of study fits with your career goals. Her office is in the Adminis-

tration building, room 110 or you can contact her at (706)3106310 or Make an appointment today! In the meantime, I hope our students are savvy consumers and will appreciate the value of a GSC education without such recruitment efforts as TAGs. Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors. We are the best value in northeast Georgia for higher education! That’s another good topic for an article…..

Lessons learned from years with roommates Honestly, I don’t know how many times I have heard, “You have the worst luck with roommates!” Now I know that a lot of students that come to GSCO live at home, but at some point in time we are all going to experience roommates. Some of us will have Leila Dycus great experiences with Voice Staff Writer them, others of us won’t be so lucky. I don’t like to think of it as being unlucky. been made upset and live in Out of the 8 roommates I have had in the your house will find a way past two years several of them have given me to force you to talk. Lesson a glimmer of hope that there are great people learned; don’t be afraid to to live with out there. stand up for your self! Perhaps I also have to take into consideration that one of my favorite lessons is I have my moments, and I too can be less female roommates can be just than easy to live with. as messy as male roommates. There are, however, a few things I have This year I have been living learned when dealing with the people I have with a girl that convinced me lived with. that she was not messy. Last year I had a roommate that didn’t But after coming home to like that my parents paid my bills, and made dishes and laundry left all over it very clear from day one that she had no the kitchen and laundry room from for two respect for me what so ever. weeks straight its We’ve all heard, it takes all kinds of people fair game to take to make up this world. But what I learned was matters into your when it comes to roommates, they are just own hands.My that, roommates. They don’t have to be your recommendation best friends.Now for a person that constantly is get a box, and talks a lot I can’t stand confrontation. I don’t be afraid to literally would rather lock myself in my use it. room than fight with someone and locking When it comes to bills you need to set yourself in your room is never the answer! dead lines. Trust me, I know. Roommates that have If you are in charge of collecting the bills

be prepared to take a loss it is bound to happen. If you want something done on time, set the deadline far before you actually expect them to be paid. College students know their way around deadlines and if it isn’t for a grade they are going to come up with a way to get around it. “Stay calm, and carry on.” If I could pick a

My recommendation is get a box, and don’t be afraid to use it.”

quote for my experiences with roommates this would be it. Whether your roommate is acting like a twelve year old rather than a twenty year old and pitching a hissy fit or simply won’t do anything with their life stay calm, don’t forget to smile and take matters into your own hands. Everything will work itself out. Now, bugs or threatening notes on the fridge might help but don’t worry, at some point they’ll learn their lesson. After all, when it comes to college roommates, “you can’t live with them, and you can’t live with out them.”

Opinions Rape has victims, not accusers



Athens, like many college towns, unfortunately, must deal with the reality of rape among not only its college population, but the city as a whole. In 2009, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that 44 rapes were committed in AthensClarke County. While this might seem like a minuscule number compared to Athens’ 115,000 plus population, this is believed to be far from the actual number. A 2005 U.S. Department of Justice study found that only 40% of sexual assaults/rapes are reported, leaving an estimated 26 rape victims who choose not to reveal the crime committed against them. And it’s not just women who are being assaulted. Men make up 10% of all rape victims. I use the word ‘victim’ to describe those who have had this unspeakable stripping of privacy, dignity and pride forced upon them. State Rep. Bobby Franklin (RMarietta) has proposed a bill with the purpose to redefine rape, stalking and other sexually assaulted

Brad Jamison

Voice Staff Writer victims as “accusers.” In section two of Franklin’s bill, he proposes that “When evidence relating to an allegation of rape is collected in the course of a medical examination of the person who is the accuser of the alleged crime perpetrator, the law enforcement agency investigating the alleged crime shall be responsible for the cost of the medical examination to the extent that expense is incurred for the limited purpose of collecting evidence.” If Franklin wants to change the name of a rape victim to an accuser, then one would think that he would

want to relabel robbery victims as robbery accusers or fraud victims as fraud accusers. But no - Franklin’s asinine eight page proposal is limited only to victims of sexual assault, as if changing the name of a sexually abused woman, man or child will encourage more victims to come forward to report the unspeakable crime(s) committed against them. Whatever Franklin’s motives are for wishing to change the already sad title of ‘victim’ to the title of ‘accuser’ is insulting not only to the victims themselves, but to the families of the victims and to anyone who understands that rape is (to put it mildly) a grave violation of one’s self. While this bill does affect men and women alike, it is clearly a bill that has the potential to set women’s progress back decades. Women have a hard enough time coming forward when sexually assaulted without the looming, demeaning title of ‘accuser.’ Perhaps Rep. Franklin should be on the receiving end of this bill and know how it really feels to get the shaft.

March 28, 2011

What gets 26, 2009 your goose? October

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March 28, 2011



Find motivational boost in accomplishment “Do just once what other’s say you can’t do, and you will never listen to their limitations again.” Many people have never heard this quote before, including myself, before last semester, but today this one sentence holds a very special place in my heart. Thinking about the start of the previous fall semester makes me remember a constant feeling of nausea, extreme anxiety and complete uncertainty of what I wanted out of life and how I was going to get there. I was on academic probation, had a very low GPA, and to go with it all— a very low spirit. This was when I randomly stumbled upon this quote by looking at a friend’s latest update on Twitter. I honestly don’t know why this quote stood out to me so much, but for some reason I felt the need to immediately write it down. That is exactly what I did and then consciously placed on the top of my dresser in hopes that I would look at it everyday and have it somehow give me some sort of motivational boost that I knew that I needed. What could it hurt, right? I did all the things that I knew I should be doing, like reading the assigned texts and doing the homework for each class and trying to get more involved on campus; and every morning while getting ready for my day I would notice that quote. I started having people tell me they could notice a change in me, that I seemed genuinely happy. Even with the good grades and compli-

Walter Murphy Lifestyles Editor

ments from my parents and my teachers, I was deathly afraid that I was one step away from watching it all fall apart. Now let’s fast-forward to Dec. 10. As I am sure many of you were doing, I was constantly checking my Banner Web for my final grades. I was so nervous. Then finally there they were, the moment of truth. Every grade was posted and I realized I had done it—I made a 3.83 semester GPA and at the same time noticed a special remark that said, “Congratulations, you are a merit scholar!” All of my hard work had paid off, and I had done what I thought would have been impossible. You might be wondering why I would think this was so impossible. The reason is excuses. What I mean by excuses is, ever since I was diagnosed with ADHD in middle school and high-blood pressure and anxiety in high school, I have used these conditions as a crutch. I was content with being a “C” stu-

dent, thinking to myself “well that is good, considering I have ADHD.” Over the course of that semester I gained so much self-confidence and learned more about myself than any other time to date. To the staff of The Voice, who accepted me as “the new guy” helping me re-realize my love for writing and always being uplifting and encouraging, and to all of my professors who dealt with the way my I almost always over-analyzed everything they said and annoyed them with the game 50 questions in countless emails, I want to say thank you. Without all of the support from you all, I do not think I would still be in college today, which is something I would have hated so much. Now, there is nothing academically that I feel I cannot accomplish. I have no limitations and will accept zero excuses from myself to why I can’t succeed— I am loving school. The whole point of telling you all of this is not only to ramble on about my favorite quote, but to let everyone reading this that is going through a tough time and feeling down about anything in life— it will get better. There is never going to be a quick trick to make you happy immediately, and while medications can be helpful, they sometimes bring along harsh side effects and take a while to begin doing their job, which can leave someone thinking that nothing can help. Talk to someone about what your problem or situation, whether it be a friend or a professional.

A service that not enough GSCO students are aware of is the fact that GSCO offers two supportive and confidential personal wellness counselors free of charge. The counselors, Melinda Hawley and Ed Glauser, can be found in the Administration building in room 314. Getting away from a few of the negative influences and meeting positive and encouraging ones was another factor that contributed to my success. There are many clubs and organizations at GSCO and in the Athens area that would be wonderful ways to get involved, meet amazing fellow students and feel like you belong on campus. A few examples offered on our own campus are BCM, SGA, and Spanish Club— or join The Voice staff as a writer, layout designer, photographer or anything; we always love new members. Life is always going to have its mountains and its valleys, which is what makes life so beautiful. After realizing this fact I began to see that it’s the low times in life that humble us to make us appreciate the top of the mountains and be thankful. I encourage you all to write down this quote or another motivational passage and post it somewhere you will look at often, and see how it can help change your life. There is nothing to lose, and if you believe in yourself and don’t listen to what other people say you can do, you will realize that you can do whatever you set your mind to. So now you should all go out and “Do just once what other’s say you can’t do, and you will never listen to their limitations again.”

Natural beauty of nature inspires spring fashion Who doesn’t love springtime? Other than those annoying allergies, it’s the first time in a few months to finally get out of the house and enjoy Mother Nature. The weather is warmer and the time has come to switch up your wardrobe! Put away those bulky knit sweaters and dark dreary colors, because this year’s spring trends are all about bright colors, cute tanks, and showing a little skin. Since the bright and warm weather probably has you feeling sunny and lively on the inside, why not let the natural beauty of nature influence your wardrobe? Floral patterns are always a must for any spring season. Dresses in floral are always fun and flirty, but put a floral shirt with dark denim and it can be fun and casual at the same time. Any pleats or ruffles also add a spirited touch. Always remember if wearing a print, such as a floral or another pattern, always mix it with neutrals so your look doesn’t appear too busy, which can cause your body to


By Cassidy Kohler Voice Staff Writer

appear larger than it actually is. Solid, bright colors are always a hit in the spring. Since this color spectrum is loud and upbeat, they can really help portray a bright and bold new you. All colors are right for this look, especially bright oranges, pinks, kelly greens and aquas. Try mixing and matching two different solids for an all over color look, or pair a top and a bottom of the same color for a more polished look. Another spring look with a feminine polish is an A-line skirt, which are traditional yet young and flirty at the same time.

If it is a fuller skirt, always pair it with a fitted tank to balance the volume and accentuate your waist. Pair this duo with a pair of cute flats for a casual brunch date or a dramatic wedge for a dressier, sophisticated night out. One traditional fashion rule for A-line skirts is that the hem should be no more than four inches above the knee, or it will look like a mini. Shoes are always a girl’s favorite when the weather warms up. A thick heel is a must this spring. Wedges are always a nice comfort choice, due to the support of the heel. This is such a great trend

because while wedges are a great look for day or night, the support of the thick heel will help you not feel like chopping off your foot by the end of the day. This super chic updated look will make a statement with any combination. Now what completes the entire outfit? Accessories. Accessories are a must for any look, and depending on your style and personality, you choose the amount and which type of accessory to add a little pop to your outfit. Envelope bags are hot and a major accessory this season. With their long straps and

rectangle shapes they combine the casual satchel with a chic clutch. Much like the A-line skirts, these bags are perfect in any situation from a day lunch to a fun night out with your best friends. Other key accessories that really will help your entire outfit pop are gold chains and bangle bracelets. While these are very dramatic accessories, they can go with pretty much everything. Pick a bulky chain for a more vivid touch with major links or a more subtle choice with a thinner necklace or bangle, or mix and match the two for a very unique look.




March 28, 2011

Bear Hollow offers wildlife retreat for less By Matthew Csenar Voice Staff Writer

located at 2450 S. Milledge Ave. The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia is a public educational facility operated under the patronage of the University of Georgia, and admission is completely free! Here you can find over 300 acres of trees, greenhouses, beautiful gardens and incredibly landscaped trails to explore. This is a great location to have an afternoon picnic or a simple stroll through the lush gardens. Another great location perfect for the outdoorsy couple is the Bear Hollow Zoo and Memorial Park, 293 Gran Ellen Drive. This is the only zoo in Athens and yet again, there is no cost for admission. At Bear Hollow there are so many things to see, from the adorable baby black bears to the somewhat frightening alligators. Bear Hollow also offers a unique “Adopt an


So you want to go on a date but you don’t want to lose a ton of cash in the process? The truth of the matter is, if you are not wise, dates can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg. Through a little research, you can find things that are very cheap or even completely free of charge, while remaining lots of fun. Plus, sometimes it is the less costly things in life that can really bring couples closer together! For the introverted couples that still enjoy the simple beauty in life, the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia is the place to go,

Bear Hollow offers beautiful scenery for dating on a dime, from the entry point marked by the welcoming sign above, and a path that leads to tranquil Memorial Park to the left.

Animal” program where (for a fee) you can sponsor one of the many different animals. So, if you have an anniversary, birthday, or any special occasion, a great gift for your significant other could be to sponsor one of these amazing creatures in their name and surprise them when you go to visit Bear Hollow! After you look at all of the wildlife at Bear Hollow, you can take a short stroll down a paved pathway to Memorial Park that features a gorgeous lake with a great walking trail around it, complete with benches.

There are many ducks and swans that live in the lake as well, so a perfect idea would be to bring a loaf of bread and spend the day soaking up some vitamin D while feeding the animals. A great idea for a one-on-one super personable time together is to plan out a meal to cook for your significant other. Look for something interesting and creative that will woo that special someone and make them know that you really do enjoy just spending time with them. Maybe you’re about to pop “the big question” and you

want a unique way to do it? Try making a dish that you can cleverly place the ring in for them to find and get the surprise of their lives! This collection showed only a few places in Athens that offer great date ideas. There are many more places that offer incredible deals! So instead of going to places that will send your credit card bill through the ceiling, try some of these locations that are more than the best, they show you care and they’re sure to pay off!

Friday night late bites around Athens area Everyone knows that feeling you get late at night—you are done with the Friday or Saturday night festivities, and now you have insatiable cravings for something satisfying, greasy, and delicious. Where should you go? Students around Athens tell us where they love to go for a late night bite. After talking to lots of students, the place with the most votes is Papa John’s. Brad Whitfield, an Athens visitor, explained that Papa John’s is his favorite “because that’s the tastiest place that delivers at 4 AM.” “Papa John’s is the best because it’s greasy and satisfying,” said Brianna Riley, a public relations major at UGA. Coming in at a very close second is Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which is conveniently located in downtown Athens, so no driving is necessary if this is where your night is coming to an end. Though I find it to be slightly pricy for late night bites, it is definitely a delectable choice. “It tastes five times better after a


By Renee Baker Voice Staff Writer

Jimmy John’s ‘World’s Greatest Sandwhiches’ eatery is located at 600 Baxter Street in Athens, and to the right is shown one of their sandwhiches.

long night of drinking,” said Jason Weddington, a recent graduate of UGA, “but it’s still delicious even when you’re sober.” Jimmy John’s is also a popular late night choice. It is open until 3 a.m., making it a perfect place to go in those crazy hours of the morning. “Definitely Jimmy John’s,” said Victoria Jernigan, an Athens visitor, partygoer, and former student at GSCO, “because I love Turkey Toms, it’s not too fattening to eat

late, and they deliver!” The downtown Barberitos is now open until 2 a.m. on the weekends, adding to the delicious array of restaurants to choose from during those late night hunger pangs. Little Italy, Eat Hibachi, and The Grill are also popular places downtown to eat as well—they are relatively cheap and give you lots of food. At Eat Hibachi—which is open until 4 a.m. on weekends, you can

pay about $5 for a plate of food so big that it typically could feed two people. The street vendors of downtown Athens are also a tasty choice. The one I see most often is the vendor right outside the bar Boar’s Head. Just the smell of the food cooking can make someone ravenous. A classic favorite among many is none other than Waffle House. With at least six locations in Athens alone, there is sure to be one within walking distance. Waffle House

has so many different choices, all offered 24/7, ranging from breakfast foods to hamburgers. They also now offer a $1 value menu, so you won’t break the bank while fulfilling your late night munchies. More popular places outside of the downtown area to get that perfect late night food are Cane’s, Choo Choos, Dominos, and Wingster’s Cafè.


March 28, 2011



Ticket brokers give fans affordable tickets By Jason Brown Voice Staff Writer If you are like me, then attending concerts and sporting events is something you take pleasure in doing. So while I look forward to experiencing different venues, it’s not always as easy as it sounds when searching for affordable tickets. What’s more, with the abundance of online ticket brokers nowadays, finding the right one is often ambiguous and exasperating. And as a general rule, the absolute last place you should check for affordable prices is the actual venue itself, such as Turner Field, the Georgia Dome or Phillips Arena. Even in the midst of a recession, venues refuse to offer discounted tickets in fear of patrons anticipating price drops and delaying their purchases. The very first ticket broker I recommend is provides users with a map of the venue, event information, driving directions, and seat descriptions. Being an avid sports fan, I typically know where the prime seats are located, but the

description of each ticket allows unaccustomed users to know the positives and negatives before completing their purchase. This is “clutch” if you’ve ever been stuck behind a foul pole or told your seats weren’t available, like what happened at Cowboys Stadium during Super Bowl XLV. claims to pride themselves on their ability to obtain sold out tickets to events nationwide. “Great site, its one of the easiest to use I’ve found,” said Patty LaTrobe, customer. Most importantly, the advantageous ticket prices are listed considerably lower than others and hard to find elsewhere. The most expansive broker in terms of global use is Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is used in over 17 countries and, after its recent merger with Live Nation Entertainment, is arguably the most prominent ticket broker in the world. Some of Ticketmaster’s features include a three-day return policy, interactive seat maps, fan reviews, no-hassle exchanges, and iPhone applications. In 2007, Ticketmaster recorded over $8 billion in revenue from ticket sales.

In comparison with different competitors, Ticketmaster is slightly higher priced in most categories. The price differences vary unpredictably, but the highly efficient website and its ease-ofuse more than make up for the differences. It doesn’t always have the best available seats or the best prices, but Ticketmaster is immensely reliable. Another top-tier ticket broker is StubHub. StubHub is a featured partner with the Atlanta Braves, Georgia Bulldogs, ESPN and many others. But perhaps the most intriguing facet is the capability to sell tickets; this is revolutionary for the online ticket broking business and unlike any of the competitors. When I compared prices between StubHub and all of the opposition StubHub was cheaper every time, fluctuating from $4 to $50 in savings. If push comes to shove, then you can always give Craigslist or scalping by the stadium a chance. Craigslist features online classified advertisements and is fairly affordable, but it is taking away from the art of scalping tickets at events. Craigslist allows users to


Sports fans and their wallets have turned to websites like Ticketmaster, Stubhub and Ticketstub to find tickets for their favorite sporting events because of their low prices. communicate with the seller prior to purchasing their tickets. The prices are never the same because the seller sets their prices based on how much they paid or how much they want in return for their tickets. The website is easily navigable and does not charge any fees like the majority of other ticket brokers. In my opinion, scalping tickets should be something that everyone

experiences at least a few times. This gives you the chance to bargain with the seller until they reach a price that you deem appropriate. Also, if you wait until 20 minutes into the event you can rest assured that scalpers have already slashed their ticket prices. It’s not always the best route to take but always offers a memorable experience.

April Fool’s Day no joke for Villanova, Georgetown Georgetown makes unexpected run for NCAA championship By Payton Aragon Voice Staff Wrtier It was April Fool’s Day 1985, when Villanova’s Ed Pinckney met Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing at center court of Rupp Arena—both fierce warriors were ready to battle for the national championship. Villanova was lead by fiery coach Rollie Massimino and three seniors dubbed “The Expansion Crew,” which included Ed Pinckney, Gary McClain, and Dwayne McClain. A very inconsistent Villanova team finished the regular season 19-11 and received an eighth seed to the newly expanded 64 team tournament format, which also had no shot clock or three point line yet. The John Thompson coached Georgetown Hoyas were an impressive 35-2 and a one seed going into the tournament. Georgetown intimidated teams with its overpowering defense and All-American center Patrick Ewing. The Hoyas were beloved by the inner cities around the country and represented the tough-nosed basketball culture of the time. Both teams represented the Big East, with Villanova playing second fiddle to Georgetown all season,

losing both regular season games to the Hoyas. Georgetown steadily devoured Lehigh, Temple, Loyola-Illinois and Georgia Tech on their cruise to the Final Four, and in their Final Four game against St. John’s, the Hoyas steamrolled the Redmen and earned the right to play for the national championship. On the other side of the bracket, eight-seeded Villanova faced Dayton in the first round. Harold Jensen’s last minute layup to beat Dayton and reach the second round inspired eight seeded Villanova to make college basketball history’s most improbable tournament run. After defeating Memphis State in their easiest game of the tournament, the Wildcats were launched into the national championship to face the unchallenged Hoyas. Georgetown was a nine and a half point favorite going into the game—no one in their right mind thought Villanova stood a fighting chance. But Rollie Massimino and the Villanova Wildcats never felt a minuscule amount of fear against the shoe-in champions. The Wildcats played the underdog role to perfection, though, by going into halftime leading 29-28.

Right as the half ended, though, Reggie Williams of Georgetown struck Villanova’s Chuck Everson, effectively sending a message to Villanova that the Hoyas were the bully and Villanova was trespassing on their turf. As the teams entered the lock room, Coach Massimino displayed Villanova’s fearless attitude by clinching a defiant fist and hoisting it towards the crowd. Villanova controlled the tempo of the second half by shooting an overwhelming 78 percent from the floor. Massimino was a master of bleeding the clock and eating up long periods of time to find the best possible shot. And moreover, Georgetown’s full court pressure throughout the game never fazed battle-tested senior point guard Gary McClain. Unable to crack Villanova’s quiet confidence, mighty Georgetown was powerless against a the savvy Villanova squad. Furthermore, Patrick Ewing also had no answer for Nova’s Ed Pinckney who out played Ewing on both ends of the floor. Eight-seeded Villanova capped their March adventure with an April Fool’s for the record books, beating the highly-touted Hoyas by a score of 66-64.


A very young Patrick Ewing, above, helped his Georgetown team become the Cinderella Story for 1985. Ewing would later move on to be the face of the 1990s New York Knicks and go head-to-head with Michael Jordan.




March 28, 2011

Hawks approach playoffs with new trade By Jake Sapp Voice Staff Writer As we have passed the NBA AllStar break, it’s time to look back and reflect on the Atlanta Hawk’s season thus far, and also look ahead at what’s to come. Firstly, congratulations are in order to Joe Johnson and Al Horford for once again being named to the Eastern Conference All-Star team. Also, a condolence is due to Josh Smith for again being left off the All-Star roster, when his numbers clearly show he is an AllStar caliber player. The Atlanta Hawks will make a return to the playoffs as they are well on there to a fourth or fifth seed. With the current roster

of this Hawks team, they will not even make it out of the first round, though. If the playoffs happened today, the Atlanta Hawks would be the fifth seed and would be matched up to play the Orlando Magic. If you recall last season, the Hawks were able to make it out of the first round of the playoffs, and their second round opponent was none other than the Orlando Magic. I will not go into much detail of the series, but in short it was an absolute embarrassment. The Magic just completely dismantled the Hawks and the series was over in four games. The Magic even upgraded their roster this season bringing in Hedo Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas. All these facts add up to the sad

truth that the Atlanta Hawks will once again have an early exit from the playoffs. As the trade deadline has passed, the Atlanta Hawks can be proud that they had the stones to shake up the roster a little and upgrade the point guard position. Kirk Hinrich is a more than solid point guard. He may not be the deadeye shooter Mike Bibby was, but he is a better passer, and a far greater defender. While I don’t believe this move alone will catapult the Hawks into elite class status, it does set us up for a brighter future. If the Hawks can go out and get a big man in the off season they could be well on there way to championship contention. Until then, I plan on enjoying the team Atlanta has on the floor.

Kirck Hinrich was traded with Mike Bibby to be the Hawks’ new point. Hopefully, Hinrich can add something to help the Hawks advance in the playoffs this year.

arms to an already exceptional bullpen that was third in MLB with a 3.11 ERA last season. Teheran is projected to be a future ace, similar to Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals, with 243 strikeouts and 62 walks in three short seasons in the minor leagues. Freddie Freeman is penciled in as the Braves starting first baseman and is looking to follow in his friend and teammate Jason Heyward’s footsteps. Mike Minor is competing for the fifth spot in the pitching rotation but also assisted the Braves in reaching the playoffs last season with a few key starts. Craig Kimbrel is fighting for a key spot in the rotation and had an impressive 242 strikeouts in only 151 innings in three minor league seasons.

Atlanta’s All-Star right-fielder, Jason Heyward, was ranked first in Baseball America’s prospect list entering last season. “J-Hey” hit for a .277 average with 18 homers and 72 RBIs while also finishing second in the Rookie of the Year voting. The Braves signed Heyward to a one-year deal worth $496,500 during the offseason, quite the bargain for an All-Star outfielder. No need to worry about losing Heyward to free agency, though, as Heyward will not be eligible for arbitration until 2013 and can not become a free agent until 2015. That being said, I expect a deal in the works before the start of the 2012 season because it’s not everyday you find a talent like “The J-Hey Kid.” One of the few questions

lingering over the Braves’ offseason was the return of future Hall of Fame third baseman Chipper Jones. Jones underwent ligament reconstruction on his left knee over six months ago, conceivably the most significant injury of his career. Jones arrived at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Fla. early to prepare for the wear-and-tear of 162 games. Coming off career lows in every offensive category, Jones looks to rebound as the Braves leader on and off the field. In a recent interview with David O’Brien of the AJC, Brian McCann said of Jones “We all have total confidence in him. There isn’t a prettier swing in the game when he’s got it going. With him in the lineup, we’re a better team.”


New coach, players for Braves this upcoming season By Jason Brown Voice Staff Writer April 8, 2011 is opening day at Turner Field and the Atlanta Braves will field their newly assembled team with prevailing young stars and savvy veterans. As a fan, I believe the excitement is at an all-time high, and the sky is the limit for this team. Approaching spring training in 2011, the Atlanta Braves had six prospects named to Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list: Julio Teheran (5th), Freddie Freeman (17th), Randall Delgado (35th), Mike Minor (37th), Craig Kimbrel (86th), and Arodys Vizcaino (93rd)—all of whom, excluding Freeman, are pitchers and will provide dexterous young

With McCann, Jones, Hudson and others evoking fervent work ethics and providing a concrete foundation to the Braves, all the young prospects seem to be falling into their roles rather quickly. Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman were featured in this month’s issue of Sports Illustrated titled “The Boys of Spring.” Many people view this accomplishment as a curse, similar to the Madden cover curse. The last Bravo to make the Sports Illustrated cover was Jeff Francoeur, and since then he has not been the same. So is there cause for concern? Heyward is too talented and dedicated to worry about a magazine curse, so I expect a strong season from him and the rest of the Atlanta Braves.

Intramurals season is well underway at GSC Oconee By Leila Dycus Voice Staff Writer Most students at GSCO have no idea that intramural sports even exist. However, this semester’s basketball intramurals are well under way. After a mandatory captains meeting on January 28th the basketball season began on January 30th. All games are played on Sundays and Thursdays at the Athens YWCO on Research Drive. Sunday games begin at 1:00 pm and are played on the hour with the last game being at 4 pm. Thursday games begin at 6 pm and end at 9 pm.

“I love sports and will play anything for fun. It’s just a break from school and work,” said Ryan Hirano a member of the Justice League. Intramurals at GSCO not only provide a way for students to stay in shape but also are a way to get involved and meet new friends. “I play on a team with my friends but I have met a few people,” said Danny Alzate a member of the God Squad team. Teams can be formed with a minimum of five players and a maximum eleven players. Students may either form the teams themselves or sign up as a free agent and be placed on a team at random. “I’ve met a wide range of people,

some of which I met last basketball season and still talk to,” said Hirano. The season consists of 2 parts: the regular season and the play offs. Each team has five regular season games followed by a single limitation play off bracket. In order for a team to make it to the play offs they must not forfeit a game. “I wish that people that sign up would actually show up for their games,” said Alzate. “You can’t really say anyone is leading,” said Katie Corbett the Intramural Student worker. Play offs are right around the corner and at this point anything could happen. In order for intramurals to exist at GSCO students have to

participate. After a lack of interest the soccer league did not begin as planned. As the basketball season is well underway students are encouraged to participate in other upcoming intramural events including the March Madness Tournament and the video game tournament. To access scores, game times, and rosters students are now able to go online to www.imleagues. com. Be sure to not only check out the website but also come out and support the teams as they get ready for play offs. For more information about intramural sports and events contact Tia Williams at twilliams@ or stop by the Student Life office located in room 508.

Stephen Standridge/ Voice

GSC Oconee students wait for the rebound during an intramural basketball match.

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March 28, 2011

Bulldogs open season with series against Stetson By David Butler Voice Sports Editor

The Georgia Bulldogs opened the 2011 baseball season February 18 with a series against Stetson University in Deland, Florida. That was the first time since 1996 that the Bulldogs have started the season with series at the opponent’s home field. Georgia’s baseball team welcomes back seven starting position players and is headlined by one of the best outfield trios in the South Eastern Conference. Zach Cone, who was a preseason All-American selection by Baseball America, led the Bulldogs last year by taking home the Triple Crown. Cone batted .363 with 10 home runs and 53 RBI. He will form a formidable onetwo punch with shortstop Kyle Farmer, who received freshman All-American honors last year. The Bulldogs were swept by Stetson losing by scores of 6-3, 7-2, 8-4, which does not say much about how the season is going to play out. The Bulldogs did get a win over Furman on February 23, though, by a score of 6-4. Georgia played a series against Baylor starting on February 25 and lost two games of that series. Georgia had better fix the

problems they are having because they have the tenth hardest schedule in the country and it’s not going to get any easier. While the Bulldogs do have some ground to make up after starting with a 2-5 record, all is not lost for the season. Even though Stetson swept Georgia, it is within reason. Stetson is a pretty good ball club. The Bulldogs can turn the season around after their slow start. But to turn the season around, they need to fix the issues now instead of later.


Michael Palazzone is to throw first pitch for the upcoming Stetson opening season game for the Georgia Bulldogs.

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