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Gainesville State College Oconee February 1, 2012

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February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

The Voice

Venable: Oconee will survive merger By Alaina Davis News Editor The top administrator at GSCO says the merger between GSC and North Georgia College & State University should not substantially change the operation of the campus in Watkinsville. Vice President and CEO of GSCO Margaret Venable said that no matter how much the college changes, she is confident that GSCO will remain a great college. “Students should expect to see the same small classes, the same faculty that care about them, same staff,” she said. “I just don’t expect to see any dramatic changes in terms of what the students feel or experience on a day to day basis.” The merger is to take place in the fall of 2013 and will bring only good changes for students and faculty, she said. Eight of Georgia’s 31 schools are being combined to save costs and to improve efficiency; GSCO will become one of the branches of NGCSU. Venable said that a committee is being formed to join both campuses and handle things such as tuition changes. Venable

continued to say that, “GSC has always been strongly committed to what we call access, meaning we think our education should be accessible, and part of accessibility is affordability.” Venable stressed that tuition increases should not be overwhelming for future and current students. An implementation committee

to get their “marching orders, their directions for operating,” Venable said. One issue the committee will have to consider is a common curriculum.




differing curriculums and they will have to agree on a common course structure. Venable explained that

“I just don’t expect to see any dramatic changes in terms of what the students feel or experience on a day to day basis.”





change all the colleges in Georgia share things such as core classes. One plus to merging would be an expansion in degrees. Venable explained GSCO had been trying to expand and create more four year degrees but with little success. “We have been working on expanding our offering at the college… it’s a slow process.” Venable said, “But

was formed with representatives from both GSC and NGCSU, looking at the major problems and issues with combining the two institutions and how to resolve those issues. On Feb. 6 the committee will meet with University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby

by consolidating with a college that already has these it will be much easier to offer those programs that they have already been approved for.” Although the programs may eventually show up at GSCO, the main campus will see the changes a lot sooner.

‘Tuition will go up’ By Alaina Davis News Editor

Vice President and CEO of GSCO Margaret Venable say that the merger between GSC and North Georgia College & State University will result in an increase in tuition for GSC students. “Tuition will go up,” Venable stated. Although Venable and Kelley Manley, academic affairs specialist spoke of tuition increases, they stressed that they hoped it would not be a dramatic change and that tuition would have gone up regardless of the merger. Venable spoke at a town hall meeting for GSCO students, faculty, and staff. This meeting gave people a chance to voice their questions and concerns in regards to GSC’s impending merger with NGCSU. The Student Government Association of GSCO along with Venable and Manley were present to answer questions

regarding the merger. Although the decision to merge the two institutions had already been made, students were still encouraged to attend the meeting so that all of their questions and concerns could be answered. A committee was formed to make recommendations to the Board of Regents. President of the Student Government Association Dylan Brooks and Kristen Roney assistant vice president for academic affairs and enrichment, will be representing the student perspective Other questions brought up by students and faculty were what would happen to the degrees programs, and would GSCO see more four year degrees. “It [the merge] will provide us with more access to more degree programs,” Venable stated. Due to the limited space at the Oconee campus no definite timeline was given as to when new four year degrees would be added

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the Alexandra Toedey Voice Editor in chief

first word

GSC led me to purpose and opportunities.

The idea of change to me can be daunting; due to the vastness and inconsistency that change can encompass. Though, now I no longer think of change in that manner. I now see change comprising open-ended opportunities. I can attribute my new positive outlook on change to becoming the Editor and Chief of The Voice, because all of my changes in the past couple years have led me to this privilege. I am ecstatic that I have been honored with the opportunity to be the Editor and Chief of The Voice. I know that the responsibility of this title, I have accepted will throw me many types of obstacles making this semester one of the more memorable in my college career. I will take a hopefully and determined outlook to make this opportunity a success. The first obstacle I have encountered that will affect me, along with all of you at GSC, is the upcoming merger of GSC and North Georgia College. I know that this merger raises questions on how the combination of the two colleges will affect you, but I encourage you to accept this change. This merger beholds endless possibilities for all of us, we just have to keep an open mind to see them. I assure you that resistance to change can more than often lead to people living the life of a straight path, a life without a quest, and let’s be honest life without a mission is no life at all. So, embrace the merger and other potential changes you may encounter in the adventure of your life.

the Voice

‘Community’ Books to movies Gervais at tlobes Four theives Golden globes

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Start a club Clubs inspire Basketball starts FHP spotlight

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Volstead Hangover The Passion Be a diver Lincon inverview

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Cafe prices Non-Traditional Ron Paul Appeals End is near Professor’s Thoughts

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Occupy Athens




Four Theives

By Amenda Sali


Join a Club By Leila Dycus



Healthy Skin By Crys Evans



Suber Bowl By Voice staff writers



NFL records shattered By Jason Brown

Op/Ed Merger holds promise By The Voice

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Embrace Change CLUBS I have always felt like the path I am on in life has various obtrusive forks, barriers, and obstacles that all work together in making my day-today life an adventure. Adventure is the more positive of my choice words used to describe my hectic life. Nevertheless this spring 2012 semester, I have taken some time to reflect back on the decisions I have made in my college career. For example, the decision I made to change majors and transfer from Valdosta State to Gainesville State College. A couple months ago I had no idea how those choices would change my life indefinitely. I see now the decision I made to pack up my life in Valdosta and transfer to


News Ignite Athens By James Geeter




February 1, 2012

‘Community’ outreach: Save our show While NBC’s comedy line-up more than holds its own against rival networks with comedic powerhouses “30 Rock,” “Parks and Recreations” and “The Office;” Dan Harmon’s “Community” is faltering in its attempt to get the ratings the network executives demand. The show was surprisingly pulled from its scheduled line up in December and the fate of this cult favorite is still up in the air. Luckily the show’s dedicated fan base rose up and expressed its intense disagreement with the unexpected midseason hiatus and proactively started petitions demanding the show’s reinstatement. Many fans took to social networks to raise awareness about the status of the show. Fortunately, not all is lost for “Community.” NBC has announced that the show will return in the spring to finish off season three, but remains silent about a fourth season renewal. Is “Community” the last of a dying breed of intellectual comedy? “Community” has acquired a “smart comedy” status and outstanding marks from many critics as well as having amassed a large cult following for its incredibly gifted writing staff and outstanding ensemble cast. Creator Dan Harmon and his team of writers have been able to

Thomas Mazeika A&E Staff Writer

stretch the bounds of situational comedy; week after week providing viewers with innovative and creative episodes layered with milk-up-your-nose punch lines, jaw dropping wit and intelligence that provides a refreshing break from the basic simple minded platform comedies that clog up the primetime network slots. The show’s simple overall dynamic of a community college study group sharing off-the-wall experiences coupled with the creator’s perfectionist nature and way outside the box thinking deliver us a show that balances along the line of bat-shit-crazy and comedic genius. Chock-full-of fourth wall humor, bottle episodes, and renditions of famous movie plots with a completely genuine and original atmosphere are all packed into a twenty-two minute block of comedy sprinkled with some

Community Star Jole McHale along side costars Chevy Chase and Gillian Jacobs slapstick and dry humor to create a melting pot of intellectual comedic brilliance. “Community” won its first and only primetime Emmy for its second season and has received much critical acclaim since its start in 2009. But, the show has been losing the battle of staying in


the primetime spotlight due to a shrinking audience and more popular shows including CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” which has been dominating the 8 p.m. timeslot on Thursday nights with a consistent viewership of around 15 million each week crushing “Community’s” inferior 3.5 million viewing audience the week before

it was pulled from NBC’s schedule. Low ratings are pushing this comedic gem further down the path to cancellation. Comedic television has become a means of settling for the average and is no longer about entertaining but rather distracting the viewer from the real world by finding the least objectionable material, getting in a couple of cheap laughs, and tying it all up in a feel good story. Show styles that were once considered guilty pleasures because of the understanding that they were silly and shouldn’t be taken seriously have become the main recycled templates for sitcoms without many complaints from the masses of television viewers; this conformity has forced many shows such as “Arrested Development” (which shares the unique style and much of the same cult following as “Community”) to be tossed aside for the next socially acceptable show to take its place. As “Community” hangs on for dear life, will the idea of intellectual comedy slip further away towards the realm of a “classic genre” only to be reminisced with reruns and never seen again on the primetime line-up? All we can do now is face the facts, hope for miracles, and enjoy the show while it lasts.

A novel idea: Turning books into movies By Abbie Baggerly Staff Writer

Great books are always loved, but great movies are loved even more. Recently, there have been a lot of great movies that have been adapted from books, but actually this has been a normal trend throughout many years. John Williams, eLearning and media support professor at GSC Oconee, said, “Hollywood has always used books as a basis for many films.” “Movies are just another method of storytelling,” Williams said. Some of the greatest movies have come from the greatest books. “Even in the Oscars they have separate award categories for original screenplays and those that were adapted from books or comics,” said Williams. “Most writers are excited when the movie rights are bought for their novel.” With the recent trend of adapting books to movies, one might be worried about Hollywood running out of story ideas. Williams said, “To a certain extent yes I do believe that Hollywood may be running out of ideas and some of this may be evident by the number of sequels, TV remakes,

film remakes, and Americanized versions of foreign films, as well as milking some genres to death.” Even though Hollywood may be hurting for storylines for movies, they are still thriving and pleasing audiences with some great movies. When Hollywood buys the rights to a novel, they change much of the content to allow the story to fit into the allotted time. This displeases many people but it is a necessary evil. Williams said, “It can be disappointing at times. In most cases, the books are generally better because they are much more detailed.” Most of the time audiences do not realize that they are watching movies that have come from books. Williams said, “Perhaps those are better as we come to the film without expectations or knowing what the general plot/outcome is.” As long we have great books, Hollywood will be continuing to pull storylines. If ideas were not taken from great books we would not have some of the great films that have now. There are many great books that are being turned into films, including “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

The hunger games is the latest book series to get the Hollywood treatment - Part II,” “One for the Money,” “Coriolanus.” Also, “The Lorax,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” “Life of Pi,” “The Hobbit,” “Anna Karenina”. Also, “I’d Tell You I Love You,

But Then I’d Have to Kill You,” “John Carter,” “World War Z,” “The Lucky One,” “The Woman in Black.” Also, “The Vow by Kim,” “The Wettest County in the World,”


“Cloud Atlas,” “Dorothy of Oz,” “Les Misérables.” Also, “The Great Gatsby,” “On the Road,” “Cosmopolis,” and “Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City.”


February 1, 2012



The Globes golden boy Gervais spares Hollywood the hammer “Many of you in this room probably know him best from such facilities as the Betty Ford Clinic and Los Angeles County Jail,” is how Ricky Gervais chose to introduce the 2011 Golden Globe presenter Robert Downey Jr. Too far? May critics and certainly Downey Jr. thought so. Last year, at the 2011 Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais ripped into Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Downey (to name a few) with tongue-in-cheek insults that many argued crossed the line of funny. Suffice it to say the celebrities in the room did not seem amused or pleased with the lashing that Gervais served up. Downey responded with a jab back, “aside

Margaret Packer

A&E Editor from the fact that it’s been hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones, I’d say the show’s going pretty good so far, wouldn’t you?” So no, the room packed full of celebrities was not laughing. But what about the viewers at home, the non-celebs? Did they like watching the pop culture elite being handed a piece of

humble pie? With 17 million viewers in 2011, Gervais’ act was a ratings hit, winning the night in network television. Gervais was controversially asked back to host the 2012 ceremonies. While some wounded stars were not happy about the decision, viewers couldn’t wait to see their favorite big name celebrities face Gervais’ blunt one-liners. The 2012 Globes increased in ratings, but surprisingly many found the comedian playing it nice. Gervais, mentioning his lawyers and the backlash of the previous year, failed to pack the same punch. Instead he took the easy route. Don’t we all have a good enough Kardashian wedding joke, Gervais? The sharp and witty

Gervais, typically raunchy and cutting, seemed to have backed down from last year and instead catered to the network and to the stars. So where do you draw the line in comedy? If you watch Gervais doing stand-up you’ll notice the slurs he spewed at the 2012 Globes are nothing if not clean. His typical routine includes graphic sexual language and indecent content, and he spares no celebrity’s feelings. It’s understandable that any performer should cater to their audience, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chose Grevais. What did they expect? Apparently a dumbed-down version that was rebooted to

play nice with Hollywood heavyhitters. While the Globe ratings were up in 2012, the same critics who slammed Gervais the year before panned him for playing it safe. It’s a lose-lose game for Gervais: he stays true to his style, he’s too “mean spirited”; he plays nice, and he’s not edgy enough. Understandably, Gervais has chosen to bow out of the game, stating that he will not return for another round of hosting. As he said to the Washington Post, “I’ve told my agent to never let me be persuaded to do it again. It’s like a parachute jump.”

Four Thieves stealing Athens music scene By Amenda Sali A&E Staff Writer

As Athenians and nonAthenians alike know, downtown Athens has a lot to offer entertainment seekers. Busy bars, restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops line the streets of the lit-up college town. Athens provides all the right ingredients to produce a perfect college town: interesting people, shops, booze and music. Quite often, a streetwalker gets lucky enough to be serenaded by a local musician, (that doesn’t suck), trying to make some change. Year after year, college students experience the same ‘downtown’ that the students before them have experienced: the same types of bars, the same types of stores to shop in and the same types of music- until now! Music in Athens is about to change. Athenians are about to experience a new sound, a new genre, and a new favorite band: The Four Thieves. A band originally from Lawrenceville, Georgia, The Four Thieves were once four individual artists. Drew Kohl, a trained guitarist with a folksy Bob-Dylan-y approach to music, Kyle Robbins, a trained singer and performer with a Jason Mraz feel, Adam Cooper, a self-taught, hard rock loving guitarist and Pat Wood, A softspoken electric bass player. Being acquainted through school and mutual friends, they began “jamming” together on Adam’s front porch the summer of 2010. Adam picked up a banjo he had been fiddling on, Pat was given an upright bass, Drew strummed away on his guitar, and Kyle threw in some harmonies and BAM! The Four Thieves were born. They started out slowly, mostly playing on the porch for friends and family. As they progressed and

grew together, they began playing small shows at local venues in Lawrenceville, Duluth, and Atlanta. The band received an overwhelming positive response from crowds right from the beginning, leading to their decision to take the band to the next level. As their aspirations and experience grew, they moved on to a more music-oriented place: Athens. Their sound, drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists ranging from The Avett Brothers to Arcade Fire, has a little bit of every genre mixed into it. “We’re not a bluegrass band, we’re not a folk band, we’re not an indie band,” Kyle Robbins explains. “It’s rockin’ acoustic music; high energy music. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone with an acoustic guitar headbangin’. That’s what’s cool about the project.” Drew’s folksy guitar riffs, Adam’s bluegrass banjo licks, Kyle’s angelic vocal harmonies and Pat’s steady driving bass lines creates an enticing musical fusion of the likes Athens has never heard before. “I think we’re doing something new,” Drew mentions. While reflecting on the town’s vast music scene, and recollecting bands that have made it big from Athens, Adam explains that genres such as “Folk” and “Roots” are resurfacing, slowly but surely. The band members credit bands such as The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons an inspiration for this revolution, but in the midst of it all, The Four Thieves invent their own genre too. “Now, in this ‘Folk Revival’ climate, [our sound] is new, it is original.” Adam says. He describes the band as “taking a piece of the [musical] pie.” Folk seems to be in fact making a comeback, and The Four Thieves are bringing it to Athens. When asked about their interesting choice of wardrobe, Adam Cooper says, “It’s goofy... People

like comedy. People like visual stimulation… If that’s what it takes to catch their eye from across the street, then you know, people are going to come across the street and see us goofing off and having a good time, but also playing sick music, and they’re going to have a good time too.” Keeping it humble, Drew Kohl adds, “Every band wants to think they’re the hottest new thing, but

I think being a musician is about, connecting with other people, and I think we do that really well.” Since their move to Athens, they have done several street-corner performances to get their name out there, but also just for the fun of it. Cooper expresses his love for playing on the street by describing it as “more of a raw experience,” (as opposed to playing a venue). “It’s more intimate. You’re not up on a

Amenda Sali/ The Voice

The Four Thieves playing live on the streets of Athens I think we’re definitely different because of the instruments we play, and the attitude we have while playing those instruments.” The stand-up bass and banjo have proved, show after show, to be eye-catching aspects of their performances, and also serve as ice-breaking conversational pieces. The Four Thieves, like their music, are welcoming and inviting when it comes to onlookers. “I think we have a magnetic personality. All of us, together,” Drew says. “That’s what

stage, separated from the crowd, you’re a part of the crowd, and people are coming to you.” Sharing his view on downtown performances, Drew Kohl adds, “It lets us play for a lot more people... If we play on the streets, people hear us one way or the other, and fortunately a lot of people like it. And it’s fun.” Playing on the streets of downtown Athens, the band often runs into other aspiring musicians trying to make a buck. The band’s personal favorite is a burly white-bearded

man they affectionately call “Flute Guy”. Their first run in with Flute Guy, though not a pleasant interaction was undeniably a comical one. Unknowingly taking ‘Flute Guy’s corner to set up their instruments, (the cross between College Ave and Clayton), a rather hysterical feud was ignited between the two downtown entertainers. “Ah, Flute Guy,” Pat Wood comments, “We see him every now and then and there’s always a brief exchange of witty banter.” Kyle Robbins teasingly says, “I think anybody who lives in Athens knows exactly what I mean when I say ‘Flute Guy is flute guy.’” Drew Kohl good-humoredly refers to Flute Guy as the band’s “arch nemesis”. But jokes aside, Flute Guy doesn’t seem to enjoy then band’s company on his selfproclaimed street corner. Though they are different in many ways than other local bands, they share typical rock-star aspirations. When asked what their long-term goals were, their answers all included things like “gain exposure”, “make a living making music” and “travel.” They’ve said they hope to play at the Georgia Theater in the near future and possibly “make it big.” But if they do make it big, will they continue entertaining us on our streets? “Hell Yes,” answers Kyle Robbins. “That’s our roots, that’s where we came from, that’s how we started.” Four Thieves are changing music as Athenians know it with their refreshing and energetic street corner concerts. Interested in seeing the band live? Visit www.thefourthieves. com or their band Facebook for more information on the band and upcoming show dates and times. Or, just keep your eye on the street corner.




February 1, 2012

Golden Globes The 69 Annual The 69th Annual Golden Globes were just like every other award show. While the awards carry their own honor and respect, the night itself was particularly lengthy. The night was filled with drawn out presentations, exceptionally long acceptance speeches and hours of red carpet covering asking the stars “who” they are wearing. The night was lavish and extravagant. The stars enjoyed their meals and champange while anxiously awaiting to hear their names called as the winner of their category. The event was started 69 years ago by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and has

Best Dressed

become a prestigious award show. The awards honor the outstanding talents and pieces of work in film and television from around the world. Despite of last year’s shocking remarks, Ricky Jervais and his blunt comedic style were hired for a third time. Many of the people who attended, or even viewed, the previous two year’s Golden Globes thought that Jervais’ comments and jokes were crude and mean spirited. “They seemed more mean than funny,” John Morgan, a viewer of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, said about last year’s award ceremony. “It looked like the celebrities didn’t like it too much either.” Jervais’ jokes this year seemed to be dulled to a degree, which he proved with a joke in his opening monologue. Jervais, in

his monotone voice, jokingly told the crowd that HFPA gave him “…a list of rules…” that he could base his jokes on. It received a few laughs. He also took another shot at Johnny Depp with a prolonged piece of humor that started at last years Globes when Jervais poked fun at Depp’s movie “The Tourist.” With a sly, sort of witty look on his face he asks Johnny Depp, “Have you actually seen “The Tourist”?” For the nominees the most important part is the awards. It is why millions tune in to view the show in the first place after all. After the long and somewhat boring award introductions, the winners were announced. The prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award, was awarded to the performer who demonstrated outstanding contributions to the

world of entertainment, went to Morgan Freeman. However it seemed like the more artistic, independent films were appreciated the most in this year’s award ceremony. “The Descendants,” which was less main-stream, finished the night with two of the top awards; one for Best Motion Picture Drama and the other for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for George Clooney. The black and white silent film “The Artist” received three awards including Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical, Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical (Jean Dujardin) and Best Original Score (Ludovic Bource). “The Adventures of Tin Tin” surprisingly won for Best Animated Film. While other movies like “The Help”,



“Moneyball” and “Hugo”, which are a little bit more main-stream, received fewer awards than predicted. The awards designated to for television were not dominated by one single show. The two main awards of the night for television were Best Television Series Drama and Best Television Series Comedy or Musical which were awarded to “Homeland” and “Modern Family”, respectively. This was the first Golden Globe for “Homeland” and the second straight for “Modern Family.” While the Globes seemed to drag on this year and Jervais played it safe, the surprising award winners were worth the wait.

Worst Dressed

Do you remember your first day at GSC? I do, and it was probably a lot like yours filled with classes, searching for familiar faces, and trying to escape campus as fast as possible. However, that did not last long. I made a choice to find a way to make my days at GSC fulfilling. Once I began getting involved on campus I could not stop. I joined SGA, CAB, BCM, The Voice, and became a SOAR Leader. There was rarely a moment that I was not on campus my first two years. I remember going to SOAR and hearing student leaders talk about getting involved in clubs and activities. In that moment I said to myself, “that’ll never be me, I’m just here to get my core classes out of the way and get to UGA,” the same mentality that most of you have or have had at some point during your time here. GSC is a commuter campus, why should you get involved on campus? Most of us live in or near Athens, why do something at your school? Simple, it will change your life. The lessons I learned in those two years were ones that I could have never learned in any other way. Its not just about getting involved

Leila Dycus

Clubs Editor and saying that you did something at college, its meeting new people, its about making an impact on the place that you chose to go to school. “When you came to Athens and GSC you made it your place, you got involved in something. I did not, I missed out on that college experience,” said Megan Ralston. As I think back, she is right. I made a decision to make something of my time at GSC. What is sad to me is that GSC provides us the opportunities to get involved, but it is our choice whether or not to take them. See, even though I got involved I still understand the choice not to take these opportunities because then this year rolled around. I

The SIFE club hosting an extracurricular event. made the choice not to be involved anymore, to disappear and not take part in anything. Sitting here today looking back on those two years, I realize that the concept of getting involved at GSC they teach us at

SOAR is a lot more important than even I could ever comprehend. We have a choice whether to get involved or to keep on like that first day at GSC trying to escape campus as quick as possible. My

By Carolina Endara Staff Writer Looking to start a club? Inside of the “Guide to Forming a New Student Club or Organization,” which is available at the Student Resource Center located in room 508 of the Oconee Campus, the guidelines and regulations towards

starting a new student organization are listed. All materials must be submitted to the Office of Student life and be approved by that office before the club may begin formal meetings, reserve space, plan programs or apply for an activity fee budget. Once all materials have been submitted and approved, clubs will be given a complete “Club

the names and contact information for all new

members to the Office of Student Life, which

that chance and try getting involved in something at GSC, what could it hurt?

policies pertaining to discrimination, hazing,

verify their interest in the organization. •

alcohol, and other laws and policies related to

One must obtain an on-campus advisor, either a full-time faculty or staff member. Any exceptions must be made with approval from

clubs and organizations. •

Contributed by Phi Theta Kappa

You only need five members to start a club

Groups must warranty that their organization

the Director of Student Life on the Gainesville

provides membership open to all students

Campus, or the Coordinator for Student Life

regardless of race, creed, national origin,

on the Oconee Campus.

marital status, handicap, age or gender

One must complete a Club & Organization

except that social fraternities may limit their

All groups must provide a constitution for their

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Groups must state their willingness to comply with all Federal, State, Local, and University

then has the right to contact these people and

membership by gender, as provided for in

of Student Life for approval.

Lea Michele

challenge to you is, why not take

Forming a New Student Club or Organization.”

Have at least five active members. Providing

Registration Form and submit it to the Office

Sofia Vergara

Contributed by GSCO SIFE

Interested in starting a new club? Here’s how

Reese Witherspoon


Get more involved, join a club


By Darren Wilkerson A&E Staff Writer


February 1, 2012




Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. •

Groups must state their willingness to conduct

can be obtained from the Office of Student

their activities in a way that is consistent with

Life. The required parts of any organization’s

the Gainesville College mission, policies, and

constitution are listed inside of the “Guide to


and Organization Manual” and have the opportunity to access the $200 start-up budget. Purchasing guidelines and other important information on publicizing a potential new club, along with constitutions and bylaws for student organizations down to

room reservations for your club’s first meetings and future steps: yearly registration process is all provided in the Guide. “We’re here for support for students who want to start clubs and organizations,” commented Coordinator of Student Life Stacie M. Rowley. “Any

student can join,” added Student Life Specialist Lindsay A. Bailey. “And if the student does not find something that suits them, then they have the ability to start their own club or organization.”




February 1, 2012

Clubs inspire involvement By Brandon Smith Staff Writer

Are you a student at Gainesville State College Oconee looking for a group of your peers that have same interests as you? Every semester at GSCO, the campus provides an opportunity for clubs to come out and offer students information about their organizations.

At GSCO, new students have a chance to join clubs that provide them with opportunities for leadership, community service or even something that they can put on their resume. There are many clubs at GSCO that also provide that enrichment of learning and sharing common interest with peers. GSCO has a lot of students who come from different cultures,

countries, backgrounds and beliefs. Since GSCO have students that come from many different areas, it sets up a chance for students to get to know each other. The Spanish Club at GSCO is a prime example of getting to know different Spanish cultures. Recently all of the clubs held their bi-annual Club Day. Students were invited to come by each clubs booth and learn about

the opportunities that each club present and sign up for clubs. It is not to late for students to get involved in any of the organizations

Some of the clubs are: − The Ambassadors Club, which gives tours of the college to future students and their families. The Ambassadors Club is based out of the GSCO Administration Office. If students are interested in being an Ambassador please contact Heather Page by e-mail at − Habitat for Humanity provides students with the opportunity to help those less fortunate by building houses. The club also organizes the annual “Habitat Hustle” which is a 5K run that that raises money for the club. If interested in Habitat for Humanity, contact advisor Dr. Randall Parish at

Contributed by Baptist Collegiate Ministry

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry is one of the many clubs present on campus.

Intramural basketball begins By Jackson Heaton Sports Editor We may not be UGA and we don’t have the fancy, nationally ranked sports teams, but we sure are proud of our intramural geese. We fought proudly on the battlefields of flag football last semester. Warriors of the game poured their blood, sweat and tears into the hopes of victory. They were not concerned with national rankings or full ride scholarships, but only with the pure competition of the sport. Now, after the grueling grudge matches of gridiron competition, intramural basketball is upon us. Two teams of five will wander the courts in search of the trophy and glory. Warriors will arise from the games and champions will be born.

− One of the newest clubs on campus is the XChange Club which tries to

Intramural Basketball 2011 Champions They wear wristbands made out of gold and their headbands are no different than a crown. We see them wander the halls and we utter not a word. They are not just men and women, they are much more.


They are warriors that a school like UGA could never hope to have. They would never fight for national rankings, or for fame, but only for love of the game.

connect students with God, each other, and the community. Some of the off campus events the club is organizing are a brief golf tournament, a battle of the bands, and a trip to the Application Trail. For more information students may contact Brandon McDaniel at or by twitter @xchange5. − The Spanish Club aims to increase cultural awareness by promoting student activities related to such. This group’s expectations for this semester are to increase learning another culture by traditions, food, history and customs. If interested in learning something about different Spanish heritages, contact advisor Sara Burns at sburns@ or Crystal Hamilton at

FHP Spotlight By Leila Dycus Clubs Editor

Contributed by Student Life

on campus, for more information on all of the clubs GSCO has to offer stop by the Student Life Office (Room 508).

FHP, or Future Health Professionals, is one of many clubs GSCO has to offer. However, FHP is more than just pre-med and pre-vet majors sitting around hanging out talking about issues that face their professions. FHP is designed to bring awareness to health related campaigns by getting GSCO students involved. For instance last semester FHP lead campaigns spotlighting Bone Marrow Donation Awareness, Distracted Driving Pledges, and Domestic Violence Awareness. Beyond bringing awareness to causes FHP also plans to visit other medical colleges such as: GHSU, UGA Vet, and Emory. On top of these events FHP collaborates with the Wellness Program and Student Life to bring blood drives, and World AIDS Day programs. Although FHP has an advisor, like all the other clubs on campus, it is student driven and as Veronica Walker said, “can be whatever its members want it to be.” FHP meets

every other Monday starting with January 23rd. FHP is not strictly for students that are pre-med or pre-vet, it is open to any and all students at GSC. Students who are interested in getting involved with FHP are encouraged to come to a meeting, or may e-mail Veronica Walker with any questions.

February 1, 2012



I’m opting for the hangover

Volstead Bar reviewed

By Leslie McDaniel Staff writer

By Carolina Endara Staff Writer

For many students in Athens, much time is spent planning for the infamous day when they no longer have to spend time “wishin’ they were 21.” It is no secret that Athens is known nationally for its bar scene and nightlife. Thus, for underage freshmen and sophomores, “downtown” is somewhat of a forbidden fruit, although commonly indulged in regardless of age and legal restrictions. Then, finally, after over two decades of waiting and possible trips to Clarke County Jail along the way, comes the long-awaited day that one can legally drink like a fish. Because of all the waiting and sneaking around for years, a celebration of the ages is surely in order upon this 21st birthday, right? According to my friends, a night spent in a drunken haze is an absolute must. I should go ahead and clarify that compared to the antics and recreational choices of most my age, I am honestly the biggest party-pooper ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my fair share of adult beverages while being underage, but I am not the danceon-the-bar, body-shots, drinkyou-under-the-table, hangoversevery-Sunday-morning kind of girl

that is so popular these days. (Not that I’m judging you ladies, but I just can’t hang with the big girls.) However, my dear friends have been telling me throughout the past several months that I need to start preparing for my upcoming 21st birthday; because they are simply dying to see me come out

“According to my friends, a night spent in a drunken haze is an absolute must.” of my quiet little one-glass-of-wine shell. They want to see me do things that I would not typically do. So here I sit, five days before my birthday, asking myself if I want to allow my closest friends to reduce me to a state of stupidity and nausea on a day that I would really like to enjoy and remember. Yes, I am thrilled that I will finally be able to purchase my own grocerystore wine and the occasional handle of pineapple rum, but being

a belligerent vomiting fool does not sound appealing to me at allespecially when I will more than likely be wearing a new outfit that I would like to be able to wear again. Thus, I have a decision to make: go with the flow for one night of my life and be able to laugh and shrug my shoulders in years to come when remembering my antics, or play it safe and dodge what I am sure will be a massive hangover the next day. Against my better judgment, I’ll take the hangover. This is one of the few times that I am allowing myself to be at the complete mercy of my peers and have the time of my life. I work almost full-time, go to school full time, and am responsible for all of my finances, so I have to be pretty responsible most of the time. However, Leslie McDaniel’s 21st birthday will be a day to put all that aside and be a reckless college student. I am still my wary, control freak self going into this weekend, but I refuse to let my worries and OCD take over and make me back out. No, I am fully committed to enjoying my 21st as a typical college student would, no matter how much I might regret it the next day.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Athens is the new and impressive Volstead Bar and Grill. It opened during the last week of October in 2011 and is now being ranked among the top tbars in Athens for its burgers and the coldest drinks in town. They have about seventy different kinds of beer, and four of them are kept at a temperature below freezing! Another feature that separates Volstead from other bars in Athens is the small strip of ice that runs along the length of the bar. The bartenders present drinks and shots on this ice to ensure that drinks are at a perfectly refreshing temperature. However, drinks are not the only specialty at Volstead. The delicious menu includes everything from appetizers like sweet potato fries and beer battered onion rings, to salads like the “Clayton Street Salad” or “The Volstead Salad.” Some of its popular burgers are the “Black & Blue Burger” along with the “El Toro Burger,” and of course, the house


special, the “Volstead Burger”. The brilliant “Slider Mixer” is another feature, which allows you to choose and combine any three burgers on the menu. Sandwiches consist of the “Fish Filet” and the “Cuban” and of course the All-American hot dog. One characteristic that specifically separates this bar from all the rest is the significance behind its very name, The Volstead. When one enters, immediately at the top center of the left wall is inscribed, “Vol-stead (vol’sted), Andrew John 1860-1947. As a U.S. representative, he sponsored the Volstead Act, prohibiting the sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages.” So there it is ladies and gentleman, irony in its finest form; and a little historical trivia. For those of you not quite 21, don’t be discouraged! Volstead welcomes those 18 and up, but, of course, you must be of legal drinking age to enjoy the icy refreshments. For drink specials and a full menu, visit the Volstead Facebook page or pop on in when running those errands in the downtown area!

Healthy skin is beautiful skin By Crys Evans Medical Esthetician, Georgetown SKIN Washington, DC The “Anti-Age” epidemic has become the concern of people at a younger age and yet unhealthy habits and misinformation is still the cause of “bad skin”. To start the sun is NOT our friend. Yes, it is therapeutic and it feels good and everyone says that their skin clears from acne when they have a tan. This is all valid, but it does not change the fact that the sun ages your skin pre maturely. Tanning beds are no exception. The damaging rays artificial or natural are just that- damaging to your skin. The skin changes color (be it red or brown), it is a reaction that your body is trying to defend itself from the damaging rays of the sun. Your body is developing scar tissue. Skin of color is not exempt from the damaging rays of the sun. People of color are more likely to get skin cancer than people of lighter skin tones. Genetic predisposition does play a role in who may or may not get skin cancer. People with

skin of color have a tendency not to wear sunscreen or have their skin checked as regularly by a Dermatologist as a result culturally they are among the highest to die from melanoma. The three skin cancers that most people are familiar with are; Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma. Dysplastic Nevus is a mole that exhibits atypical cells under the microscope and is examined to be mild, moderate or severe. These mole types can potentially progress to be a Melanoma if not treated or removed. Total body skin exams performed annually are recommended to map and document the moles of any individual. Sunscreen worn daily plays the most important prophylactic role in preventing skin cancer. The sun protection factor (SPF) is determined by the degree of protection. The sunscreen provides protection through the various ingredients, for example zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Sun protection factors can range anywhere from four to one hundred. Most lotions, creams and make-ups have at least a SPF

Doctors recommend using sunscreen while tanning

of fifteen. Anti-aging depends on the degree of protection from the sun provided through SPF on a daily basis. You do not have to spend time at the beach to get sun exposure. Walking down the sidewalk to class or riding or driving a car is adequate sun exposure to cause damage. The rule of thumb is to

be smarter about your sun exposure and get into the habit of applying protection daily. Many moisturizers have SPF and provide adequate protection. Of course, if you intend to go to the beach or spend the day outside a higher SPF is recommended. The idea is to prevent skin cancer first and then to slow the aging of your skin prematurely.


Products recommended over the counter at the local pharmacy include Neutrogena, La Roche Posay, Aveeno and Olay. If you have the tendency to breakout from wearing SPF it is recommended wearing an oil-free SPF. We have many more topics to discuss with “Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin”. Please ask questions and send pictures.



February 1, 2011

The Super Bowl more than just a game By Frank H. Guest Copy Editor

The Super Bowl has become part of mainstream culture by combining professional football with a concert and providing the back drop for one of the biggest parties of the year. The increase in popularity has caused many NFL owner and cities to build larger, state of the art, stadiums in the hopes that they might one day host the big game. Since 1966, the Super Bowl has evolved to become less of a game and more of a cultural event. The first game had a total attendance of 61,946. By comparison Super Bowl XLV had an attendance of 103,219. The number of television viewers has more than tripled since Super Bowl I, a game that 51.18 million people tuned in to watch. The estimated number of viewers for Super Bowl XLV was 162 million making it the most watched single program in U.S. history. One of the biggest draws of the Super Bowl is the half-time show. It once featured college marching bands but now has become a mini concert. Musicians such as Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen have been headliners for the event. One of the more memorial half-time shows featured Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson and the now infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” This year the Super Bowl half-time show will feature Madonna. The original queen of pop has never performed during the half-time show and many fans can’t wait to see what she has in store. The increase in the number of TV viewers can also be attributed to the commercials. Companies spend an upwards of $3 million for 30 seconds of air time and to ensure that people will watch, they spend even more money on the production of the commercials. After the game the commercials are published on the internet and people can vote on which commercial they thought was the best. The Super Bowl is no longer a one day event. Fans attending the game arrive in the host city days before the actual event in order to experience all that Super Bowl Week has to offer. There are media events, fan

events and multiple parties throughout the week. Many fans bring the party to their own homes. Super Bowl parties have become a mainstay in American Culture and are almost as important as the actual game. The Super Bowl acts as a catalyst that brings football fans and non-fans together. Recently the Super Bowl has been an economic boom for the host cities. Fans for the two competing teams flock to the city to cheer their team to victory. Even people that don’t possess tickets to the game travel to the host city just to experience the atmosphere. This year’s Super Bowl will be played at the new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The building of new stadiums has been a recent trend among NFL teams. Many owners have expressed a wish to host the Super Bowl and building a new stadium has become the easiest way to entice the NFL League Office to choose their city. The Super Bowl is a cash cow and many American cities are hoping to cash in by building ever more extravagant stadiums. City and state official have instituted new temporary taxes to help raise money for these new mega stadiums. Last year the Super Bowl had a recorder number of attendees. This was made possible by the new Cowboys Stadium which can seat over 100,000 people. On Super Bowl Sunday people will gather together to watch what has become for than just a game. The name the Super Bowl is really quite fitting because that is what it has become.

The Day of Days The Super Bowl is certainly more than just a simple gridiron game. The correct way to spend Super Bowl Sunday is to have beer, a 60 inch TV and a big bucket of wings. The Super Bowl Sunday is a day of good entertainment, and great friends. This game brings people of all kinds together, and when you got good beer, a big TV, and a bucket of wings, good times are ensured. So get ready for some great recommendations on how to spend your Super Bowl right.

Bring the waterin’ hole home By Jackson Heaton Sports Editor

The big day is coming up! You got your food planned out, consisting of the burgers, hotdogs, wings, and of course, the Taco 12 pack. But what’s to drinks? Which delicious cool refreshing beverage will be the staple of your household? The key is variety. Mix it up. Bring it all. Of course you want the Bud Light and Coors

Light. However, throw in some quality beer such as Stella Artois or Peroni. Maybe bring the Irish aspect to the party and serve Guinness. Your party needs to stand out above the crowd. When someone is talking about the best place to drink a certain beer, your house should be the first place they think about. Hopefully, you are showing the game in your game room, bar included. Throw the wings on the coffee table and gather around the

poker table for some high stakes. More importantly than just having a lot of different beers, they need to complement each other. If you drink a Budweiser, follow it up with the premiere Belgium lager, Stella Artois. Mix regular with high premium. Nothing goes better with wings than beer, so make yours stand out. Pick your wing flavor according to which style of beer you are drinking. If you have something really spicy,


February 1, 2011


Super Bowl XLV Drinking Game

By Robbie Robertson Comedy Writer

• Every time Tom Brady looks handsome, take a sip of beer • Every time Eli Manning looks like he fell out of his mother’s vagina and landed directly on his head, take a sip of beer (Only one sip… if you drink more than that on either of these first two rules you will be blackout by the second quarter) • For every minute you watch the Puppy Bowl, take one shot. • For every minute you wish you were watching the Puppy Bowl, take 3 shots • Each time an argument breaks out about whether or not Madonna is/ever was hot, chug one really old beer (Definitely one that was produced before the “bornon date” was invented, preferably one that was produced before the internet was invented) • If any malfunctions occur during the halftime show (ex. Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction in 2004, Fergie’s talent malfunction in 2011) – every female must take 2 shots of Jägermeister. Hopefully this will lead to more wardrobe “malfunctions” after the party • If anyone is heard saying things like “I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” or “Let’s watch the Lingerie Bowl instead” they are forced to take a shot of mouthwash. If you are going to be an Ahole, you can at least have fresh breath. • Any appearance of the ETrade baby must be followed by an Abortion shot (Seriously, why is this kid so financially savvy? He makes me feel worthless). • If anyone makes a joke about smoking a “super bowl” they don’t have to take a shot, they just have to leave the party. Stop recycling bad jokes. • If anyone makes a joke about Penn State or Sandusky, hit them in the head with a beer bottle. Same principle as the previous rule, only more serious an offense because there are no drugs being offered • Every time one of the announcers says something dumb or grammatically incorrect, take one shot of Goldschlager (if we are going to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars paying idiots to commentate, we might as well pour gold down our throats since money apparently means nothing) Warning: This could lead to possible death due to alcohol poisoning. • MOST IMPORTANT RULE! Anybody who goes to take a #2 during the game must immediately take a Royal Flush.

stick with a good lager. If you have a flavor like Carolina BBQ, or a sweet flavor, throw in some nice ale. If you’re drinking a Guinness, light up a Maduro cigar from Nicaragua. Above all, just have fun during your Super Bowl party and remember friends don’t let friends drink a crappy beer.

(As if you needed a reason to get drunk during the Super Bowl)




“The Passion” to do something By Kali Gloer Staff Writer The Passion 2012 conference was more than an event; it was a start to a movement for our generation to Do Something Now! On January 1-4, 2012 over 44,000 college-aged students from around the world occupied the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. It was lead by people such as Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Christine Caine and John Piper. Multiple artists like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Hillsong United, Lecrae, Kristian Stanfill and Matt Redman were present as well. Over the course of the 4 days, the main focus was on human slavery and trafficking. Every minute two children are sold into slavery. In the name of the Jesus, Passion took hold of the 27 million people who are trapped in modern-day slavery. For the men, women and children that are living with no hope of escape, these young people spoke out through their faith in God to make a statement for freedom. The goal was to raise $1 million to help fund multiple organizations that fight for freedom for those trapped

in slavery. At the end of the conference, those broke college students ended up with a total of $3,066,670. However, it is not necessarily all about the money. It is about the lives that are being changed. Passion exists to seek a generation that focuses on what matters most. It is about finding true meaning as we take our place in this world. We are a chosen generation and can make a difference by rising up. Whether it is donating or volunteering, there are many ways to get involved in our own college town. Places such as Athens-Clarke County Senior Center, Athens Area Habitat for Humanity, Project SAFE, and multiple others are always in need of volunteers. Donations are always accepted on http:// if your first step is giving. Let our generation be the one that fights to bring freedom and restoration to those in need. Bring the darkness to light and lend your voice to the 27 million who have to no voice. Once you know the facts, you can either go for it or you can ignore it. It is not about next month or next year, it’s all about now, so go do contributed something now!

Interview with President ... Lincoln? By Robbie Robertson Comedy Writer In honor of Presidents Day (AKA Everybody’s 16th favorite holiday), I pulled a few strings and arranged a very special interview for this issue of The Voice. Prepare yourself for a hard hitting, provocative, possibly offensive, definitely shirtless, hottub time machine interview with the dude from the penny himself, Abe Lincoln. RR: Mr. Lincoln, thanks for joining me for this very special interview! AL: Actually, I’d prefer if you call me either Abe, Abrahomie, A-Train, Linkin Park, or DJ Shartbucket RR: Um… Ok. DJ Shartb… Ok seriously I can’t call you that. AL: Just go with Abe. RR: Ok Abe… A movie called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is scheduled to be released this year. What are your thoughts on this film? AL: I’m not going to comment on whether or not I actually hunted vampires. I will say I’m highly concerned after seeing the actor portraying me… And apparently that dickish guy who played the bad guy in “A Knight’s Tale” is going to be the main vampire??? You put Gerard Butler as me and Liam Neeson as the bad guy and you have the kickass blockbuster film of the summer. I’m not the most Hollywood savvy guy in the world, but what was Tim Burton

thinking?? I can’t claim to be smarter than him though; after all, one of us was the greatest effing president of all time and one of us directed Pee-Wee Herman’s feature length movie… I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’ RR: Gerard Butler? I was thinking Taylor Lautner would make a great honest Abe, plus he knows a thing or two about hunting vampires. Not that I’ve seen the Twilight series or anything… Moving on… You were very influential freeing American slaves, what made you so passionate about this issue? AL: Actually that wasn’t the case at all. I was all for slavery, I just didn’t think skin color should determine who has to be a slave. I think our society would function best with all the dumbest people being slaves. Half the slave owners I knew weren’t half as intelligent as most of their own slaves, I just thought those roles should be reversed. RR: That actually makes sense… Speaking of idiots, what modern day icon most reminds you of yourself? AL: Easy. 50 Cent. The only difference between us is he got rich and I died tryin’ RR: Other than the fact that you know who 50 Cent is, I’m most shocked that you would compare yourself to a hip-hop artist and not a politician. How is that possible? AL: Have you seen the last two presidents? How is it fair that I

got a bullet in the skull while the current idiot in office and the idiot before him are both still living luxurious lives? It’s about as fair as Steve Jobs croaking last year while Steve-O is still running around shoving fishhooks in his scrotum and letting homeless people cram earthworms in his mouth for $10. Life isn’t fair. RR: Well said. So we know from our history books that you were quite an athlete… What was your favorite sport? AL: First of all, wrestling back in my dad did not mean you were gay! I’ve heard the rumors your generation has spread! Just because we didn’t wear shirts, kissed each other after each match, rubbed Concord grape jelly on one another’s sore muscles, and all took naps together afterwards does not mean we were gay. I loved my wife! RR: I hope that sounds less awkward in print... So our time is running out, but we can end this with one very serious question before I let you go. If you had to pick one animal in the whole world and live as that animal for an entire month, wouldn’t that suck? AL: Yeah, that would totally suck. RR: Thank you again for joining us today A-Train! You are quite a regular, down to earth guy. On behalf of all of America I’d like to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you forgive us for giving that racist redneck Andrew Jackson the $20 bill.

February 1, 2012

Be adventurous, be amazed, be a diver Planet Earth to the moon averages out at a distance of 384,403 miles. The Marianas Trench is the deepest point in the ocean at about 7 miles deep. We have put men on the moon 384,403 miles away, but we have never been to the bottom of the oceans of our own planet. With the inventions and help from Jacque Cousteau and Emile Gagnan, humans could experience an amazing underwater adventure that would revolutionize the exploration of oceans. Four years ago in the US Virgin Islands, I took part in a Try Scuba diving course with my father and brother. I soon found out that this course would change my life. The Try Scuba course was set up for people to experience what scuba diving is all about. Instantly, I fell in love with Scuba diving. After my first dive, all I could think about was getting certified and the underwater world. As soon as I got back to Athens, GA, I signed up to get Scuba certified at Dolphin Dive Center. I had no idea that a few years from then, my life would fully revolve around diving. Following the Open Water Scuba certification class, I went down to the Cayman Islands with Dolphin Dive Center to finish my certification and get my four checkout dives completed. What an amazing place to finish my certification! On those first four dives, I swam with stingrays, barracudas, giant grouper, felt weightless as if I was in space, went to a depth of 80 feet, and decided that scuba diving was going to be apart of my life forever. The experience of diving was just too unreal. I really could not believe that I did not start sooner. Over

Jay Kloepfer SSI Dive Control Specialist the next two years, I would go diving every couple months to places like Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, Vortex Springs, and even Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. Throughout all those trips, I experienced diving through tunnels and canyons in coral reefs, diving on shipwrecks (one more memorable, the U-352 German U-Boat off the coast of North Carolina), coming face to face with sharks (Nurse sharks, Sand Tigers, Caribbean Reef sharks, Black Tip reef sharks, and many others), and meeting hundreds of people along the way. Scuba diving impacted my life so much that I got a job at Dolphin Dive center and became a Dive Master and Assistant Instructor. I have taken many different specialty courses, such as: Boat Diving, Wreck Diving, Night Diving/Limited Visibility, Navigation, Nitrox, Stress and Rescue, and an Oxygen Provider course. Over the next year, I will begin my Instructor certification to be able to teach classes through DDC. SCUBA truly has changed my life and allowed me to do things I never imagined as a kid. So… students at GSC, I challenge you to BE ADVENTUROUS, BE AMAZED, BE A DIVER!

February 1, 2012



Falcons bring in new coaching blood By Jace Emerine Sports Staff Writer Following a 24-2 loss to the New York Giants in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, the Atlanta Falcons wasted little time starting their offseason changes. Both the offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey and defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder have moved on to other coaching positions. Quarterbacks Coach Bob Bratkowski and offensive line Coach Paul Boudreau have also moved on to take coaching positions elsewhere. The Falcons could be looking to bring in some new coaching perspective to try and turn their playoff success around. In the four years of Head Coach Mike Smith’s tenure, the team is 0-3 in the playoffs. Even though they have made the playoffs in three of the last four years, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and Coach Smith are not contempt with only

reaching the playoffs. Dimitroff is hoping that the hiring of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan will give the falcons that extra boost to get to the next level. The addition of Koetter adds a experienced play caller to the staff. He also has a working relationship with Coach Smith from when they were both members of the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff. The addition of Nolan adds a much more aggressive and experienced defensive coordinator. Nolan has spent the past 25 seasons as an NFL coach. He has served as a position coach, defensive coordinator and head coach for multiple organizations during his career. Even though Nolan has run a 3-4 defensive system in the past he will stick with the Falcons’ 4-3 system. The Falcons have spent the past four year drafting for a 4-3 defense and the transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4 might do more harm

By Brett Fowler Staff Writer The University of Georgia baseball team is getting geared up for the 2012 season, and the 10th season under Head Coach David Perno.

March.” While this year’s schedule is much more manageable, by no means is it an easy schedule for the Dawgs. Three of the hardest series the Dawgs will have to play this year will be on the road at powerhouses Florida, Alabama, and LSU. The Bulldogs will also play their traditional series with

than good. Apart from the coaching changes, Dimitroff also has a tough task ahead of him with 17 potential free agents to deal with this off-season. These include some of the top defensive players such as linebacker Curtis Lofton and defensive back Brent Grimes. With so many free agents to try and sign this off-season, it would help to be able to re-tool in the draft while resigning the most important players. However, the Falcons traded away three draft picks in last year’s draft and two picks in this year’s draft to move up and select the explosive receiver Julio Jones. The trade left Atlanta with only five draft picks this year. While other teams are building depth through the draft, the Falcons will have to fill their holes through free agency. Since the Falcons already have so many potential free agents this year, that could prove to be very difficult for Dimitroff and his staff.


Top: Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith Bottom:Falcons heartbreaker as Giants move on

UGA baseball ranked 18th

Breakfast In bed: Valentine’s Day strawberry heart fluffy pancakes DIRECTIONS



UGA baseball team should be strong on defense, but has questions on offence


Combine milk with vinegar in a 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup milk medium bowl and set aside for 5 1 egg 2 tablespoons minutes to “sour”. 2 tablespoons white vinegar Combine flour, sugar, baking 1 cup all-purpose butter, melted powder, baking soda, and salt in a cooking spray flour large mixing bowl. cookie cutter in a 2 tablespoons Whisk egg and butter into “soured” shape of a heart white sugar milk. Pour the flour mixture into 1 can of whip 1 teaspoon the wet ingredients and whisk until cream baking powder lumps are gone. 1 basket of 1/2 teaspoon Heat a large skillet over medium strawberries baking soda heat, and coat with cooking spray. Pour 1/4 cupful’s of batter onto the skillet, and cook until bubbles appear on the surface. Flip with a spatula, and cook until browned on the other side. Take the heart shape cookie cutter and press down until, the pancake comes out in the shape of a heart. Cut slits in the strawberry and spray whip cream in a circular motion and place the fan strawberry on top of the pancake.

Georgia is ranked No. 18 nationally in the 2012 Collegiate Baseball Preseason Top 40 and is looking to have a strong season. After playing one of the toughest schedules last year with many road games, “As you know, we went on the road last year and played one of the nation’s toughest schedules,” Perno said. “This year, we wanted to play more home games, and it worked out. We’ll get to sleep in our own bed a lot more in February and

Georgia Tech which consists of a home game for the Dawgs, a game at Georgia Tech, and also a game at Turner Field. One of the strong points of this year’s Georgia team looks to be their defense. “We’ve got just about everybody back.” said Perno when asked about their defense “the veterans were sharp last year and in the fall; Kyle Farmer and Levi Hyams turned plenty of double plays and Curt Powell at third provides a real strong left side of

the infield. I like how freshman Nelson Ward and senior Colby May give us some infield depth. Colby made a smooth transition at first base after playing third base his first three years. All three of our catchers (Brandon Stephens, Joey Delmonico and Brett DeLoach) competed well, and in the outfield, Peter Verdin and Conor Welton both had a good fall. The addition of freshman outfielder Hunter Cole is a plus because he’s got a lot of tools. He showed he could hit and play defense. Going in to the fall, I felt good about our pitching because we had our top guys back, and I still do for the spring.”

The biggest question mark for Perno going into the season will be his offense. “We’re in better shape compared to last year, but I feel like we still have a ways to go,” said Perno. “There’s potential for a lot of production from our lineup, but we’ll have to use the whole field. We’ll be counting on the veterans. One thing we need is some more left-handed hitters. We’ve got Hyams who is solid, and Conor Welton showed improvement. In the Red-Black series, we batted Conor and Jared Walsh 1-2, and they did a nice job including against left-handed pitching. Also, Hunter Cole is a right-handed

hitter that showed he is capable of being a threat in the middle of the order. I think the lineup could be close to the one we had in 2006, not in terms of power, but the potential to hit around .300 and be balanced.” Overall the Dawgs have the ability to have a strong season and to make a run to Omaha for the College World Series. The 2012 Diamond Dawgs open their season February 17 at Foley Field in Athens with a three game series against Presbyterian College.




February 1, 2012

Brees, Brady, Stafford shatter NFL records By Jason Brown Assistant Sports Editor

Throughout the history of the NFL, there have been two quarterbacks who have passed for more than 5000 yards in one season. Dan Marino accomplished this feat during the 1984 season, only to lose to Joe Montana and the 49ers in Super Bowl XIX. Drew Brees surpassed 5000 yards during the 2008 season but fell 15 yards short of Marino’s single season passing record. History became just that during the 2011 season while three quarterbacks surpassed the sanctified 5000 yds. mark. For a second time, Drew Brees found himself on track to break Marino’s single season passing record. He managed to seize the opportunity this time with a league leading

16 interceptions. These three quarterbacks are the prototypical QB’s of the NFL: smart, accurate, clutch and strong-armed. The New Orleans Saints made a franchise-altering decision in 2006 by taking a chance on Brees and his surgically repaired shoulder. Brees went on to disprove all of his naysayers during his first season in New Orleans. He attempted more passes that season than ever before with absolutely no signs of wear on his shoulder. He attempted 554 passes in 2006, compiling 4418 yards with 26 touchdowns and only 11 interceptions. Brees has yet to pass for less than 4300 yards in a season with the Saints. Ultimately, he would lead the Saints to the promise land in 2009 by completing 70 percent of his passes with 8 touchdowns and zero interceptions throughout the playoffs. His performance was unrivaled by even

Drew Brees surpasses Dan Marino’s single season passing record. 5476 passing yards. Brees was not the only quarterback to lay waste to the record book. Tom Brady threw for 5235 yards, subsequently leading his team to a 13-3 record during the regular season. Brees and Brady have both been elite quarterbacks in the NFL for numerous years; however, Matthew Stafford is still young and unproven with a limitless ceiling of talent. Stafford became the third quarterback to surpass the 5000 yard plateau this season. He passed for 5038 yards with 41 touchdowns and

Peyton Manning, as Brees earned the honor of Super Bowl MVP and the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Like Brees, Brady also surpassed Marino’s single season passing record by 151 yards. Tom Brady, a three-time Super Bowl champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP, completed 65.6 percent of his passes for 5235 yards with 39 touchdowns and 12 interceptions this season. Excellency, precision, awareness, and smart decision making are all synonymous with Tom Brady. He has been judged on a different scale than other quarterbacks in

the NFL because of the greatness of his accomplishments throughout his career. Ultimately, Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL and has been for the past eight seasons, at least. In his career, Brady has compiled a record of 124-35 in his 11 seasons as an NFL starter. He has not experienced a losing season during his tenure in New England. When compared to other NFL greats such as Brett Favre and Peyton Manning, Tom Brady reigns supreme in all facets. Brady has never thrown more than 14 interceptions in a single season, whereas Brett Favre has thrown more than 14 interceptions 14 times in his career. God’s nephew, aka Tom Brady, has amassed a 15-5 record with three comebacks and six game-winning drives in the playoffs. Throughout his first three trips to the postseason, Brady was 9-0 with three Super Bowl rings and two Super Bowl MVP trophies. Brett Favre only managed a 1311 record in the playoffs with two comebacks and two game winning drives. Favre is widely considered as the best quarterback in the history of the NFL because of his durability and sheer magnitude of records achieved. Peyton “The Sherriff ” Manning faced criticism early in his postseason career because of his inability to win big games. Manning has a 9-10 career record with only one comeback and one game-winning drive in the playoffs. In other words, it is safe to proclaim Tom Brady as one of the greatest ever because he has justified it with his play year after year after year. Contrary to Brees and Brady, Matthew Stafford is only in his third NFL season. Stafford has faced questions about his durability throughout his career but proved this season that he belongs among the top tier of quarterbacks. By leading the Detroit Lions to their first playoff appearance in 12 years, Stafford emerged as a franchise quarterback with career highs in yards, touchdowns, completions and completion percentage. He passed for 5038 yards with 41 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Stafford, UGA Alum, and Calvin Johnson, GT Alum, developed an exciting chemistry by connecting for eight touchdowns in their respective teams’ first four games. Overall, Johnson ended the season with 96 receptions, 1681 yards and 16 touchdowns. Stafford has an innate ability to raise the play of others around him, and he was able to do that all season by remaining healthy. Unfortunately, the Lions and Stafford lost their first playoff game in over a decade to Drew Brees and the Saints. It was

Tom Brady surpasses Dan Marino’s single season passing record. still a giant leap forward from the previous 10 straight losing seasons in the Motor City. With a new era of players entering the NFL, coaches have modified their playbooks to accommodate a passing friendly league. Quarterbacks are the reason teams win and lose games, but with the emphasis on that position in today’s game, it remains essential to have a conventional quarterback executing the plays. For instance, Brees took a distant fan base with a culture of losing and turned them into champions. As of 2012, the Super Dome is one of the most

feared stadiums to play in because of the atmosphere the “Who-Dat” nation creates. On the other hand, Brady was drafted into a franchise with a culture of winning. With the help of his coach Bill Belichick, Brady has won at least 10 games in every season of his career except one. He won nine games during that lone season. So, with the evolution of the NFL, franchises need to draft heavy on the offensive side of the ball. Even though defense wins championships, offense is the facet that gets teams to championships.

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February 1, 2012



Hawks finally have a solid bench Look at our Hawks now! The starter’s light up the floor and the bench is not a step behind. During the lockout, the Hawks acquired Ivan Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Willie Green, Jannero Pargo, Donald Sloan, Jerry Stackhouse and Vladimir “Rad” Radmanovic. The bench that the Hawks have is better than they have had in years! Over the past several, several years, the Hawks have had to play their starters for the better part of the game in order to have a shot of winning important games. However, despite their struggling seasons, I stuck with them through thick and thin, as a true fan of the game should. Tracy McGrady, even at his age, 32, and with a good number of injuries suffered, is a great contributor on the wing and in the lane. Despite all his injuries, he has found the motivation to pick his game up for a team that definitely needs some help in order to make that grand playoff run. Probably the biggest contribution for the Hawks off the bench is Vladimir “Rad” Radmanovic. He has been a great

jackson Heaton Sports Editor

backup for Marvin Williams at small forward. Vlad has been putting up great numbers which in turn gives Williams ample time to recover on the bench. Especially now that Al Horford is out for the season due to injury, Williams and Josh Smith will have to play a big role. The postgame is a big key for Atlanta and Horford was the key for all of that. Also, as much as most all Hawks fans hate it, we must once again try and rely on Zaza Pachulia. Don’t get me wrong, he can contribute as a backup, but the Hawks should know by now that he is not a starter. The back Pachulia will be Jason Collins, the guy who should be starting.

Amateur MMA in Athens By Tyler Alewine Voice Contributor The music just stopped. Two exhausted men are trading blows as if their life depended on it. Barely escaping chokes, the crowd yells for a knockout. All of a sudden the bell rings, the cage door opens, fighters shake hands and one is awarded the championship belt. Mixed Martial Arts is one of today’s fastest growing sports. It has been around for a while, but with the help of the UFC and the media, MMA is blowing up. The amateur side of the sport is what has just started to take off the most. The sport was once viewed, as just two random guys beating the crap out of each other. Now MMA is being taught to kids and adults all over the world. Athens is no exception to this. Ace Samples, a 21 year old fighter with Fight Junkies out of Jefferson, won the 1st ever GFC Bantamweight Title belt right here in Athens. “With the fight being in an Athens’ bar on the same weekend as the GeorgiaAuburn game I had my doubts,”

Samples said, “But the turn out was great and the fans showed a lot of support for the sport.” Samples has been training for three years, and fighting for two. Unlike most sports, MMA consists of many different strategies and tactics with not everyone training in the same exact fashion. In Sample’s case, he has a Boxing coach, a Jiu-Jitsu coach, a background in wrestling and taught himself Muay Thai. “The training in mixed martial arts is one of a kind,” Samples added, “I see new faces all the time at the gym, many which never come back. The sport will make or break you, that’s for sure, and I think that is what pushes me the most.” With such a great turn out at the title match, Fight Fusion, the promotion group which organizes the fights, has put together another fight card to take place in Athens on February 25th. Some other fighters from Samples’ gym will be fighting on that card, and depending on the turnout, Samples title shot for the ISKA belt, the only other amateur belt in Georgia, is likely to take place right here in Athens.

Another contributor off the bench is Jannero Pargo. He has been putting up good numbers beyond the arc and is the back up to the great Jeff Teague. Since becoming the starter after Kirk Hinrich’s injury, Teague has been lighting it up! This guy can ball with the best of them. If you saw him in the series against the Chicago Bulls, he defended Derrick Rose as well as anybody. At this point, every TRUE Hawks fan should go up in flames if they put Hinrich back in as the starter. Last year, he did not have near as much of an impact as Teague is having right now. Also, how about good ole’ Joe Johnson? He is finally looking like the $18 million they pay him a season. He is averaging 18.5 ppg and finally looks like the leader of the squad. Everything the Hawks have going on right now is great and fans love to see it. The Hawks are finally playing the game. They are not killing their starters with too many minutes and finally have GOOD backups to replace them and put up quality points. Having good backups is


Vladimir “Rad” Radmanovic becomes a Hawk!!! definitely a priority for each team this year. With the shortened season, due to the lockout, many teams have to play games on backto-back nights. The Hawks started off the season playing four games in four nights. Three days later they had to play two-game series against Chicago and Miami, and split the series with both. So far, the Hawks are 10-4; second in the East a half game behind Orlando. However, by the time this paper

comes out that will have changed but things are certainly looking up for our team. The Hawks have looked good against all of their competition thus far and show no signs of slowing down. The Hawks seem to be moving in the right direction with their future and with Jeff Teague running the offense. The Hawks look to be in good shape for the rest of this shortened season.




February 1, 2012

Merger holds promise, The Voice staff Editor in Chief but raises big questions A T lexandra odey


hispers of conspiracy are racing around the Oconee campus. A passive observer would be forgiven for assuming that our school was a Fortune 500 company preparing for a hostile takeover. After a long winter break students returned to the rumors and then confirmed suspicions of a merger. Our school is to merge with North Georgia College and State University. NGCSU is a military academy with a track record for excellence in biology, and higher student retention rates than GSC. We here at The Voice are encouraged by the thought of such a prestigious school wishing to merger with us. We are hopeful for the opportunity for greater funding and a larger faculty; some are even hopeful for a possible expansion of the Oconee campus. The horizon appears to be bright; a bigger school has greater political clout and greater access to resources. Amid all of the wishes, dreams, and blue sky thinking we at The Voice are forced to be realists and ask the big questions. The biggest question on any students mind is cost. Will tuition go up for GSC students? While some of the students at GSC are more than capable of meeting a higher cost of attendance, many of the student population are not. What is to become of our beloved faculty and staff? Will there be layoffs, or will it be downsizing via attrition? Will our Campus get a facelift? What about our school’s name will it change? GSC is a liberal arts school that educates using a

broad range of classes. NGCSU is a military school with a completely different education philosophy. According to The Dahlonega Nugget, GSC students are not the same as those cadets at NGCSU they say “A main worry was whether the school, which has gained a reputation for exclusivity, would water down its reputation with the addition of an access school that mainly offers two year degrees.” Do the students and faculty at NGCSU perceive the students at GSC to be less capable academically? Both schools adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the board of regents, but being a military academy NGCSU does have higher admissions standards. We live in a democratic society, we pay for our education here at GSC, yet this merger which may affect every aspect of our academic lives was never put to a vote by students. American political activist Mario Savio said, “I ask you to consider: if this is a firm, and if the board of regents is the board of directors, and if President Kerr in fact is the manager, then I’ll tell you something: the faculty is a bunch of employees, and we’re the raw material!” The merger is a serious issue that is going to affect many of the students at GSC. If students have any concerns they should drop by the Student Life office (Room 508).

New café prices more affordable It’s a new semester at GSC Oconee. This is a time for new beginnings, new classes, new students and what we didn’t expect, new café prices. Last semester, GSCO gained a hopeful and helpful new Campus Café to provide students with snacks, coffee, chips, smoothies and sandwiches. However, the new café didn’t seem to be helpful to the students or hopeful in their business with their unreasonably high prices. We at The Voice would like to take time to thank the Campus Café. We have noticed a change in the prices, and a wise decision to change those prices, of a few of the items, surprisingly. We say surprisingly, because last semester when we asked about meal prices being lowered to accommodate the students, the café responded with a solid “no”. We are glad to see that a lack of business can really allow compromise in a situation like this.

Last semester, a sandwich and a drink cost roughly around $10. What about a cup of Joe? For something that can be made cheaply at home, Campus Café nearly charged an arm and a leg. Campus Café’s prices are now comparable to those found at Panera Bread. A sandwich and a bag of chips are cheaper now, and a cup of coffee can be bought for $1. Personal sized pizzas topped with cheese and pepperoni, are also sold at the Campus Café for $3.99. But be warned, if you have your heart set on pepperoni, they sometimes only have cheese. So far so good Campus Café. With these changes, there certainly have been more students venturing towards the café. Hopefully in the future, we’ll keep seeing more changes at the café, a variety of different items and of course, lower prices.

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February 1, 2012

Non-traditional student’s advice: You paid for it, now go get it By Jacob Gauthiersloan Staff Writer College can be an intimidating place for nontraditional students. The admissions process alone can be enough to scare off many worthy applicants. I’ll speak for myself. Just getting in was daunting enough to keep me away before now. One semester in, and I couldn’t have imagined a more positive experience. I’m discovering value in every corner that I couldn’t have seen when I was younger. In the closing years of the previous millennium, as I eagerly looked forward to finishing high school and leaving home for the first time, college wasn’t an option that garnered serious attention. College, I thought, wasn’t realistically available to me, and I never bothered to seek out information to the contrary. Taking the long way, it turns out, was the only way for me to get here. The traditional path has its advantages and is by definition the favored one. The non-traditional path can have its advantages, too, though. For instance, I feel far better prepared to succeed in school at the doddering age of thirty-one than as my eighteen-yearold self. That’s just me, though; your mileage may vary. After a decade in the private sector peddling books like an old world merchant at a bazaar, I’m embracing school with all the enthusiasm of a small child at the fair. One reason I didn’t go right into college was that I had no idea what I wanted to do. I’m still not exactly sure, but I’m now certain of a few things I don’t want to do!

I assumed this was a sort of feeder school for UGA. That may be true, but I plan to use it as much more than a stepping stone. GSC is full of bright, talented, inspired people whose ability to affect us can’t be measured in mere credits and GPA’s. I’ve been so thoroughly impressed by each instructor I’ve worked under that I’ve already become a better student simply by wanting to be better for them. The face time and personal attention available from instructors here is invaluable. I intend to squeeze every cent of value I can find out of this place. That means attending every Supplemental Instruction session, using the tutors, technology services and counseling. After all, I’m paying for it. Since we all pay to be here, it seems prudent to make it pay back. College is a career without a paycheck. We work for grades instead of wages, but we labor long hours for a promised reward all the same. Understanding this may be the biggest difference between my current and traditional-freshman-aged self. This isn’t training or earning qualifications toward some future job; if you’re in school full-time, this is the job. It’s not about the grades; it’s not even about the diploma. It’s the knowledge gained through the experience that will qualify us for whatever we go on to do. The value is in the experience and the knowledge conveyed, not in the grades or the diploma. In my experience the old cliché that you get what you pay for holds true. What you get from your time here will be in direct relation to what you put in. It can be a costly blunder or the best money you ever spend. It’s completely up to you. You paid for it, now go get it.

Paul appeals to young conservatives By Matt Davenport Voice Staff Thinking of this year’s upcoming election one can’t help but notice that YouTube o’ phile Ron Paul. With his grass roots marketing style he appeals to young conservatives and the antiestablishment crowd. Paul makes accusations at every party debate, and he accuses both major parties of everything from embezzlement to outright fraud. On the face of it Paul seems like a conspiracy theorist and otherwise out of sync with rational political thought. That being said Paul’s campaign has gained steam in the past months and his supporters display a level of loyalty not unlike that of the most rapid bulldog fans. Paul displays an uncanny ability to either horrify or galvanize audiences with his special brand of rhetoric. But for all of his accusations of conspiracy the former surgeon has yet to tout his own ideas of how to run this country. Professor Grindeland will have to forgive this gross misuse of the term but I’ve yet to bear witness to Paul’s “political philosophy”,

if one can be so named. Paul is famous for his predictions on the Middle East and the recent rise in oil prices. Paul is Tea party figure head, and in that I’m slightly confused. Paul is a shrewd business man and a “fundamentalist republican”, yet for all of that I just cannot see how his views of decreasing our government will help our nation as a whole. It can rightly be assumed that a small government would help businesses and that deregulation in the business world would increase their profits. All of this de regulation though will probably lead to businesses being tyrannical with price gouging and intentional deprivation of goods and housing to minority groups. If Paul really wants to shore up the government why not stop the outrageous spending called the military industrial complex. Why do we need fighter jets that cost a billion dollars a pop? Why do we need tanks that burn a gallon of diesel per mile? Why do we use the ar-15 assault rifle that cost $1 every time the trigger is pulled? All of that confusion aside I am certain of a few things that Paul

dislikes. Paul disapproves of most major social welfare programs like Medicare, Medicaid, social security, and he probably wouldn’t like the hope grant if he found out about it. Still Paul manages to gain a stronghold with some Georgia students. Which begs the question; why?? Are you people listening to what I’m listening to? Really? Do you not like free money? I’m poor, like really poor, I have a motorcycle from 2003 that was annihilated when I got it. Why a bike you ask? $12.50 in gas every 150 miles= bang for your buck anywhere. Because I’m poor I risk my life to go to school and work and if not for the Pell grant and the Hope Scholarship it would all be for naught. Being a surgeon you would imagine that Paul would have a soft spot for students, being a doctor you would imagine Paul having empathy for the uninsured. Maybe I’m just a hopeless idealist, maybe I’m a stupid kid, or maybe just maybe I’m a part of the future, and people in Paul’s generation should take note of us up and comers, after all we will inherit this land why not give us a leg up on the journey?



How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

It’s good if you’re with someone. Whitney Hammond

It’s a day filled with love and heartbreaks. -Thomas Longino

It’s expensive if you have a girlfriend. -Anthony Oliviviri

I’d rather not celebrate it. -Kaycee Reed

My girlfriend and I broke up, so I don’t care. -Travis To




February 1, 2012

The end is near ... oh, what the hell! 2012: The end of Gainesville State College (don’t give me that “merger” crap, “merger” is just the politically correct way to say “murder”). Coincidence? I think so. There are, however, those who believe the end of Gainesville State College may well be directly related to the end of the world. “A world without Gainesville State College is a world in which I no longer want to live,” is what Oprah Winfrey probably said when she found out about the merger. When asked how he thought the merger affected the apocalypse, actor-vist Sean Penn was misquoted as saying, “The only reason I agreed to this interview is because you said you had weed. You seriously don’t have any f---ing weed?” Whether or not the two events are related, we must realize two crucial things in order to press forward. First, we need to accept our new boring lives without GSC. Second, we must take pleasure in knowing that since the planet is going to explode at some point this calendar year, we won’t have to live too long with the pain of losing our beloved school name. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to help you prepare for the last few months of our existence. Since we surely won’t be alive by this time next year, many things that used to matter have become obsolete. Guys, feel free to find new uses for all those condoms that you’ve been keeping in your night stand since junior prom. Condoms actually make great cell phone covers, candy purses, and popsicle molds. In this new age, there is no need to worry about stupid, ridiculously pointless things like going to class,

Robbie Robertson Comedy Writer paying your bills, calling your grandmother, or feeding your baby. These things won’t matter in a few months so stop worrying about them (the baby will stop crying eventually, so will the grandmother). Speaking of babies, those SERIOUSLY don’t matter anymore. They are never going to grow up and have a chance to be strippers, crack heads or put you in a nursing home, we might as well start treating them like equals instead of babying them and giving them a free pass to get away with anything. If a baby poops on the swing at the playground everything is fine, but I do the exact same thing ONCE and now I have to introduce myself to all my neighbors in a very embarrassing way. IT’S A DOUBLE STANDARD! Do you know how hard it is to get your new cute neighbor to agree to go to dinner with you after you begin the conversation with, “Hi, the law requires me to come introduce myself…”??? Since we have such a short time left to live, I strongly suggest everyone to try something new. Virgins, you are running out of

to be Kardashians, maybe you should try to develop a skill (luring successful athletes into your room is not considered a “skill,” although I know there are many young ladies in Athens that may disagree). I can summarize your financial future over the course of 2012 in three simple words: NO DOWN

Ugly virgins, this could be your chance to land that semi-hairy, mouth-breathing shy girl that sits next to you in Calculus! Financial aid checks are probably the most useful tool in making your last year one to remember. Last semester I spent most of my check on books, school

supplies, rent, and utilities. I almost immediately regretted each of those trivial purchases. This semester I got my priorities in order and spent my entire check on liquor, chicken suits for adults, enough gravy mix to fill up an above ground pool, and hardworking illegal immigrants to help me steal an above ground pool and move it to my yard. If any of you miss out on the First Annual Drunken Human Gravy Cockfight party I’m throwing this weekend, you will sorely regret it. Thanks for the student loans, idiots! There’s a better chance of us seeing another funny Adam Sandler movie than the banks getting back anything from me. I could go on for days about how you should spend the time we have left, but since time is so precious I should probably stop spending mine writing things that are going to get me kicked out of school. My mother wouldn’t care if there were only 2 hours left before the end of the world, she would drive to Athens to kick my ass and physically force me to start applying for readmission. The only way things could get worse when you are losing your school and your planet in the same year is if you also add a beatdown by your 105 lb. mother to the agenda. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you enjoy your last days as a person. I hate to end on a serious note (or begin on one for that matter), but I want everybody to remember that everything you do this year could be the last thing you ever do on earth, so don’t let Nickleback be playing in the background when it happens.

as we move towards reconciling the many issues involved in merging the two schools. I hope that faculty and student input will be the cornerstone upon which these decisions are made, not afterthoughts. All too often decisions are made at the top by people who are not aware of the implications of those decisions on the ground. Too often educators, who actually teach students, have been dictated to by others who do not work in the field of education and who do not understand what works most effectively for students. Here at Oconee, we are particularly concerned that the hard work we’ve all put into establishing this campus and the community support that we’ve enjoyed will not all be for naught. With over 2300 students enrolled and with UGA becoming increasingly difficult

to get into, Oconee has become more and more vital as a part of the College’s mission, especially if the College is to remain a gateway to higher education for a large segment of the Northeast Georgia community who would otherwise not be able to pursue a college degree. As a faculty member, I am, as I’m sure are my colleagues on both campuses, also concerned about the inequities in pay and workloads between the two colleges that are being merged. The average salary of Gainesville State faculty has always been on the low end of the scale, even though our academic results have been better than many other schools with higher average salaries. Hopefully, this merger will provide an opportunity to address these inequities. Such a step would be a positive change.

Other faculty concerns relate to matters of tenure and promotion, opportunities to teach in our new Bachelor’s programs, and basic job security. All of these issues need to be addressed by the committees who work on the merger. And, again, faculty input is vital. Yes, this merger offers us many challenges for change. But let’s make sure that we change in a way that will enhance, not harm, all that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Opportunities abound for these changes to be positive if the people in power listen to the folks who are going to be most affected by these changes: faculty and students. In the end, let’s work to make sure that we stay the same in our dedication to their welfare.

time. It’s time to stop looking for love and start settling for ugly people. Ugly people, it’s time for you to start settling for virgins. Ugly virgins…. Um… sorry guys. Men, you should all try something you’ve always wanted to do like skydiving or riding a bull. Ladies, you should all try something you’ve always wanted to do, like pole dancing or sending scantily clad pictures of yourself to creepy staff writers of the school newspaper (my girlfriend is going to hate that part, but still send the pictures). And for all you who happen

PAYMENTS. Finance anything you want, you’ll never have to pay a dime and if everybody does it they’ll never be able to repossess everything! If you want a new SeaDoo, finance that bad boy 100%. There’s no way they’ll be able to do any repossessing or arresting when there are 1.4 million Sea-Doos cruising around Lake Oconee. You know what would look good with that new turtleneck sweater your stupid stepmother got you for Christmas? A f---ing cherry red Ferrarri. Who cares that you work at K-Mart and you still owe $1200 on that creeper van in the driveway? Finance a Ferrarri!

2012: The end of the world as predicted by the Mayans, who were somehow unable to predict the collapse of their own society but are still considered a reliable source for predicting the apocalypse.

February 1, 2012



Bars spark Athens religion By James Geeter Voice Contributor

Picture a bar in down town Athens on a Monday night. You walk across the sticky floor to sit in chairs facing a stage with a big screen, two huge speakers on both sides and more lights than a disco. Hip-hop begins playing and the college students and young adults stand to their feet as two people dressed casually come on the stage and rap. This would be a normal bar or club except it’s a college ministry. Ignite Athens uses a bar downtown to spread their message, “The way I would define Ignite is a young adult and college ministry,” said Co-founder of Ignite Athens, Judah Swilley. “Although I think the word ‘ministry’ and the word ‘church’ boxes us in because we are trying to reach more than just the church crowd.” No one is judged by what he or she is wearing, their ethnicity or their sexual preference. It’s a chance to sit and stand amongst those who are the same age and those who may have gone through the similar situations. It’s also a chance to share religion with a group of people who are easier to relate with. Ignite is not a conventional ministry. Currently Ignite is being held on Monday nights at Bad Manor downtown. The location of Ignite may cause some controversy but Swilly has his reasons for holding Ignite at Bad Manor. “We

wanted to do something that wasn’t the normal church building type atmosphere,” said Swilley. “It’s great venue in a sense it has a great sound system light system, and screens.” Sound systems and lights aren’t the only reasons for using Bad Manor. “I think it’s great to use those tools even though it’s not just about the show,” said Swilley. “It’s good to use those tools to reach this next generation because we are a media type generation.” Besides the location of Ignite, their way of doing things are different than the norm. One aspect of being different would be the obvious use of hip-hop Christian music compared to the contemporary or hymnal songs heard in other locations. “We use hip-hop because people feel hiphop,” said Co-founder and worship leader Emmanuel Washington. “It helps them to get loose because we want people to be comfortable in the church atmosphere.” Swilley uses a cell phone during the sermon to quote from the bible and help give his message. People can bring Bibles if they wish, use a Bible app on their phone or just show up and listen to the message. Swilley uses simple language and real world examples to explain the meaning of the message. Swilley also uses props to help get a point across to the crowd so a better understanding can be reached. Attendance isn’t where the Ignite crew would like it to be at the moment but are hopeful for the future. “I haven’t seen the crowds

Ignite ministries work to light the flame in Athens by relating to students grow but we have established our core,” said Washington. The core crowd is students from UGA, GSCO and Athens Tech. Part of the low attendance is due to the lack of promotion so far. The promotions for Ignite have been limited. “We have used word of mouth, flyers and Facebook so far,” said Washington. The students that come to Ignite have only good things to say, “It’s really nice, it helps you get through the week,” said current GSC Oconee sophomore, Alden Rogers.

“It’s a very positive atmosphere.” “I like how uplifting Ignite is,” said Rogers. “I like how it relates to college students, it’s not as boring as church.” The difference Ignite is pursuing from the normal ministry by using a bar down town, hiphop music and a current message seems to be gaining steam amongst the college students as more begin come to Ignite each week. Ignite is a non-profit, nondenominational college ministry offering a new alternative to the way college students experience

Occupy Athens ends protest at Arch

By Bob Croft Professor of English

By Jeffrey Didio News Staff Writer

This old French proverb certainly applies in light of the recent news of Gainesville State’s merger with North Georgia College and State University. But what is changing and what is staying the same? I have been teaching at Gainesville State for almost twenty years and here at the Oconee campus since its inception ten years ago. During this time, I have witnessed incredible changes, growth, expansion, challenges, and successes for this College. It has been my privilege to work with an amazingly talented and dedicated group of faculty and staff who have always had the welfare of the students in mind as they labored, under some very trying situations

On Oct. 6, 2011, the Occupy movement hit Athens. Protesters gathered around the Arch of Athens outside of the University of Georgia campus and later they were given permission to camp. Their numbers grew and on Nov. 11 hundreds of protesters began to march. The occupation of the arch area continued until December. On Dec. 8, the protesters woke up to slashed tents, and money and pamphlets stolen. The movement’s official website stated that they had voluntarily packed up after the attacks and left a week before their permit expired. Their website stated that they were looking for work space to hold future meetings.

Even faster than the tents popped up, they vanished. The tents around the arch of UGA have disappeared as well as the people that lived in them. For some, they will not be missed. “They’re in the way and making our beautiful campus less attractive,” said UGA student Jane Ellyn Hardy. “It seems like they’re speaking to deaf ears.” The movement’s physical presence has steadily diminished. The remains of the movement are primarily online, excluding sporadic and brief protests. The movement Facebook page is outdated but current information can be found by searching the wall. With a lack of physical presence coupled with poor organization online, the Occupy Athens movement may not survive the winter.

Protestors rallying at the arch with signs in 2011


their religion. The people, the music and the service are geared toward helping young adults and college students who may have had bad experiences with church, no experience with churches and want to experience religion in a different light or those who just want to come and share religion with friends and people their own age. Ignite is held every Monday night. The doors open at Bad Manor at 7:30p.m. and the service runs from 8pm till 9p.m.

Merger from a professor’s perspective and with increasingly smaller levels of state support, to provide students with a quality education and prepare them for success at higher levels. As an English teacher, I have always been proud that our students’ success on the Regents’ Essay test was always at the top of the state’s schools, not just two-year schools, but four-year schools and even some universities. And our students’ success when they transfer to other schools bears out the quality of the education they receive from our faculty. Now that we are merging with another school, however, concerns do arise. The first concern that I have is the lack of consultation from faculty, students, and the communities involved with which these mergers were accomplished. I sincerely hope that such backroom tactics will not continue





February 1, 2012

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Feburary 2012  

The Feburary 2012 issue of The Voice