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                                  

What’s in this Issue? 1. 22nd WSJ - a Reflection 2. Diamond Jubilee Challenge 3. Our County 4. Upcoming Events 5. News 6. Awards, Appointments and Opportunities 7. News from Gilwell and County Vacancies 8. County Exec Highlights

As Sub-camp Leader, it was a real pleasure for me and my team to welcome over fifteen hundred Scouts and Leaders from over twenty different countries to Polcirkeln (polar circle) Sub-camp. All eighteen sub-camps were named after places in Sweden with six sub-camps in each of three centres named after three seasons, Summer, Autumn and Winter. During the daytime, most of my time was spent at meetings or involved with administration, but in the mornings before the contingents left for activities and later when they returned, it was my pleasure to walk or cycle around the subcamp, meeting Scouts from Korea, USA, Finland, South Africa, Japan and all over Europe, joining in for a tea or coffee, an activity or even a meal.

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Early in the camp, we challenged all the units to exchange half their Scouts to share a meal and complete a series of challenges together. Wandering around the sub-camp, I was overwhelmed by the success of this challenge as at each site, hosts and guests were busy preparing or eating food together, teaching each other new games or activities, sharing each others' language, traditions and culture, all mingled together enjoying the essence of a truly international experience. This was such a success that most units repeated the activity several times with different units from other countries throughout the camp. We tend to think of Jamborees as international events with many opportunities to experience different, exciting activities and Sweden had it's share of these, but the main activities were all based around sustaining and repairing the environment and our world in general with thought provoking challenges and activities creating a lasting impression on the young people. The flagship event of the Jamboree was "Camp-in-Camp" where Patrols were bussed off to join local Swedish Patrols, camping, hiking and eating together in some of Sweden's most beautiful unspoiled countryside. This was a great event, thoroughly enjoyed by all with the greatest criticism being that one night was not long enough! Some lasting impressions: • Looking out early in the morning to see the mist rising off many hundreds of tents. • Escaping from meetings and admin. to meet new friends. • Watching crowds of excited, happy and noisy young people, marching to their next activity or to a stage event or just soaking up the atmosphere. • Walking or cycling around the national pavilions and the avenue of flags in Four Seasons Square and Time Avenue. • Queuing for breakfast, chatting with friends from Belgium, Sweden, Canada, India and many other countries. • Watching the lowering of the 180 flags in Time Avenue by Scouts from Polcirkeln. • Listening and watching Irish pipers practising in the woods. • Leading a hard working, committed, truly international team of managers and IST. Happy am I in the knowledge that all those who took part have come away, like myself, with many new life-long friends from many different parts of the globe, determined to do their part in working towards peace and harmony throughout the world, and that I was able to play some small part in making this happen. David L'Oste-Brown District Chairman Cotswold Vale

I know that many Groups and Districts are already planning exciting ways of celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year. However, I would also like to challenge all members of the Scout County of Gloucestershire to mark the Jubilee in a rather special way. HM The Queen has given sixty years of service to the people of the UK and the Commonwealth. Service is a fundamental part of the Scout programme. Community service is a great way of putting our skills and resources to use for the benefit of the communities in which we live. I want to challenge every section of every Group in Gloucestershire to undertake one or more service projects for the benefit of their local community on a regular basis during the twelve month period starting on Founder’s Day, 22nd February, 2012. Opportunities for projects will vary depending on where you meet and live but could include:  Adopting a roundabout or roadside verge and maintaining it for the year  Maintaining a local churchyard  Making contact with a local old folks home and visiting them regularly  Running an after school or holiday club for local children who do not attend Scouts  Organising a scheme for recycling those items the dustmen don’t collect (e.g. books, clothes, shoes etc.)  Delivering a local newsletter for the parish council or other community group  Establishing and maintaining a website for your village or locality to promote local news and events  Running computer training sessions for “silver surfers”  Tidying and maintaining a local park or playground I am sure you can think of many other ideas that will catch the imagination of your members and your community. There will be a special certificate for each section that completes the challenge and you will be able to access support from our Media and Communications Team to maximise the publicity that can be gained from your project. To register for the challenge please email I look forward to hearing from you and being amazed by your imagination and creativity.

County Commissioner

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What’s been Email us at n everyone to



Beavers celebrated their 25th birthday with a Teddy Bear’s picnic. Malvern Challenge and Sun Run were attended by many groups from Cheltenham. 1st Hatherley Monday Cub Pack has completed the “Baden-Powell Traditions” badge - See Baden-Powell-Traditions-badge-booklet.pdf The swimming gala went well. Two Queen’s Scout Awards – Philip Horsfield, No Name Explorers and David Kelly, ACSL 7th Cheltenham (Charlton Kings). Cheltenham Volunteer of the Year Awards – the Young Leaders have been nominated for the Group Award and Greg King (Explorer) for the Individual Award. The District has been awarded a grant from Cheltenham Borough Council for expedition equipment for District Explorers .

The Beaver Colonies in the District are full. Lechlade Scout Group has experienced a huge increase in numbers – there are now 65 young people in the Group. This is the first time, in the last five years, that all Groups in the District have had all sections operational. The County Team was thanked for assisting with recruitment at the Steam Rally. Two new Explorer Scout Leaders have been appointed and are being supported by Colin and Ruth Illman.



Membership enquiries are at a very high level. Beavers are oversubscribed but the District is doing its best to accommodate requests. Churchdown Scout Troop has 75 Scouts! Planned events include a Cubs’ Conservation weekend at Robinswood and a Patrol Leaders’ Camp, plus many activities that form part of Gloucester District’s Centenary celebrations. Nutty Badgers are planning to attend a camp in Denmark in 2012. Touch Rugby is to be trialled with Scouts. This will take place in February at Saintbridge Rugby Club. A £5,000 bid for IT equipment has also been submitted to NatWest.

n going on in your district? and share your event for see.


 With the closure of the Wilderness Centre, Freeminers ESU are meeting in Pludds Village Hall . The District joining list is growing with some groups having more than 20 names, particularly at Beaver age. The closure of youth centres is likely to increase pressure on joining lists. The Mitcheldean Development Project has been very successful. The Colony is now full. A new Group in Newnham is being developed. It should be operational by the beginning of the new year. A successful Scout Backwoods Challenge weekend was held, despite the fact that wild boar had damaged the camp site.

 The largest challenge for the new DC is finding three new GSLs. Leaders are being encouraged to share ideas, programmes and skills. A “swap a leader” event is planned for next year. Leaders are being encouraged to assist with at least one District event in order to ensure that the maximum number of young people can participate in activities and events. The Stomp and the Farriers Challenge (very well attended Scout and Cub Challenge events) are due to take place in October.


           14th-16th October

Mountain Activities Weekend

26th-27th October


28th October

Prinknash Bird & Deer Park Halloween Special

28th July


Want to find out more? Visit:

12th November Scuba Try Dive 26th-27th November

Module K First Aid Masterclass

28th November Module A 17th-19th February

Information Technology Weekend

26th February

County Cooking Competition

14th-16th October

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Qualification

 19TH NOVEMBER Feel ignored by the system? Think MPs don't care about you and your friends? Well, this is your chance to get heard at Scouts' Question Time. Join us to learn campaigning and debating skills and put them to the test in the afternoon at Scouts' QT with some well-known panellists.

 9TH TO 11TH SEPTEMBER

The weekend saw the annual County Air Activity Camp at Croft Farm Airfield near Pershore. Catering was provided by Black Pig ESU (Pershore)

 9TH TO 11TH SEPTEMBER

Seven intrepid adventurers attempted their Scuba Advanced Open Water qualifications and passed their practical assessments. Under the instruction of their new diving school they underwent some technical practical skills training on the Saturday at South Cerney and on the Sunday made the longish trip to Vobster Quay to do their Deep Dive (22m) and Multi-Level practicals.

 24TH TO 25TH SEPTEMBER

We went to Cotswold Water Park to start a two day course for our Kayaking badge and discovered about two different types of Kayaks. One was a sit on Kayak which is unsinkable and the other was the type that you sit inside. We used both of the types during the day. We then moved onto an open, two person canoe that uses a single paddle. We would paddle the different crafts round the really large lake that had a small island in the middle. The first day was very enjoyable as we learned something new and the people made it fun. The second day we had a new instructor and went over what we had learned the day before and tried different types of Kayak and paddles.

     A web site has been recommended which is already in use within the County - This is a safe site on which to store info. It has been developed by a professional software developer who is also a Scout Leader in Southampton. Worth a look and passing on to all Leaders.

 Registration for this European Scouting and Guiding event opens on 1 October. If you’ll be aged between 16 and 22 on 20 July 2012, you can go as a participant. If you’re over 22, then there are opportunities to join the IST. Visit the Roverway 2012 website.

 You can have your say on what you think is great about the programme, what should be updated or developed, plus a lot more. To add your voice, visit the updated YPYV web page and tell us what you think.

 The movement celebrating the contribution of our leaders at a special service of thanksgiving in November. The event will take place on Saturday 5 November, at Westminster Abbey, London and you’re invited. Further details will be provided nearer the time.

 A new video has been produced to help you with recruitment in your local area. You can download it now

 New rules have been introduced about Hill walking and high ropes activities. Full details can be found at For hill walking, the new regulations come into effect immediately whereas for the high ropes they will be introduced by March 31st.

 The County Beaver and Cub Scout Funday will take place at Cheltenham Racecourse on Saturday 16 June 2012. During the day Beavers and Cubs will have the chance to take part in a range of activities and be part of something really special. Contact Liz Hodge for details.

        

 

  

   

       

   

   

                            

Don’t Raise Our Rents! HQ has been running this campaign to persuade local councils not to penalise Scout Groups by raising their rents. If you rent your HQ from a local authority don’t forget to complete the questionnaire and get involved in this important campaign.

Leadership and Management Don’t forget to visit the new managers’ area of that has been launched to offer the support and advice that managers in Scouting have requested. The area gives you easy access to a wide range of resources that will help you with the challenging aspects of your role. The information is aimed at Commissioners and GSLs.

  Scouts Speak Up

Six nationally co-ordinated communications courses a being run for young peopl Scouting. These courses ar designed to give young pe the skills needed to talk ab their experiences in Scout wide variety of audiences, learn how to plan and carr campaigns.

Click here if you are intere

Firework Safety

If you are intending to run a display this year please ens run in accordance with the r guidance provided by the S Association. Further inform found in the latest issue of S magazine.

 

d are le in re eople bout ting to a , and ry out


fireworks sure that it is rules and Scout mation can be Scouting

 We really need to identify able and willing people who may be interested in undertaking the following roles to fill some important gaps in the County Team.

   

Sectional ACCs ACC Development ACC International County Fundraising Adviser

If you think you have got the necessary skills and experience to take on one of theses key roles please contact the County Commissioner at

    The new Exec met for the first time 

 

following the County AGM with Joan Goldsmith in the Chair. Members are needed for the County Finance sub-committee and the Appointments Advisory Committee. The Madagascar 2013 expedition was approved as a regional project to be overseen by Gloucestershire as lead county. Plans are under way for the Beaver and Cub Fun Day at the Racecourse on 16th June 2012. In addition to the usual training modules extra training sessions for leaders and Exec members are planned - see page 11 for details. The budget for 2012-13 was approved and it was agreed that the County Levy payable by 1 April 2012 will be £10.75 per person, an increase of 25p. The national subscription will be £21 per person (less the 50p prompt payment discount).

                1st County November Leadership Team Meeting 17th Chief Scout’s November Platinum and Diamond Award Presentation 1st County December Executive Committee 8th DCs and District December Chairs’ Meeting

 For more information visit: or phone the County Office on: 01452 812309

 The next edition of i.SCOUT-GLOS will be published in December. Please submit all contributions by 30th November 2011.

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