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Vol 41 No 6

The Monthly Newsletter of the Wyoming Fly Casters

June 2014


June 2014

What’s inside Bob Homer, President Derrick Dietz, Vice President Cheryl Alexander, Secretary Lee Tschetter, Treasurer

Terms expire in 2015: George Axlund, Joe Meyer Terms expire in 2016: Lee Wilson, Kelly Kukes Terms expire in 2017: Bob Fischer, John Yost, Spencer Amend The Backcast is the monthly newsletter of the Wyoming Fly Casters, an affiliate club of the Wyoming Council of Trout Unlimited, the Nature Conservancy and the Federation of Fly Fishers. Editorial content does not necessarily reflect the views of the officers, board or members of the Wyoming Fly Casters. Annual dues are $20 for an individual, $30 for a family, or $250 for a lifetime individual membership or $450 for a life- time family membership. Visit the club website at www. To pay dues or contact the club, write to P.O. Box 2881, Casper, WY 82602.


6-7 dill salmon



8-9 Fly Patterns 12 Flycaster of the


14 Fishing highlights


CALENDAR Front Cover : Photo by Lynn Scott, 2012; Back Cover : Photo by Kelly Kukes, 2014


If you haven’t already, call Joe Meyer at 307-235-1316. He’ll give you pointers and advice to make sure you catch The big one!

The deadline for submission of information for each issue is a week before the end of the month. Make contributions to the next issue by e-mailing material to the Backcast editor at or call (307) 2671903.

Mission Statement:

The Backcast is available either in electronic format or through USPS snail mail. To receive each newsletter through a monthly e-mail, you must be able to open .pdf (Adobe Acrobat, a software program available free of charge) documents. Usually, each issue is roughly 1 MB in size, some are larger.

The Wyoming Fly Casters club was formed in 1974. The membership currently consists of approximately 160 members. The WFC was organized by a group of dedicated fly fishermen and since the club’s inception the Wyoming Fly Casters have strived to further the sport of fly fishing through conservation and education.

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Conservation of our water resources is one of our primary goals and in cooperation with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department we have and will continue to carry out worthwhile projects for the benefit of Wyoming fisheries. In addition to conserving Wyoming’s water resources we encourage conserving the fish themselves. A fish safely released today will live to give sport to others.

In order to be added to the e-mail list, send a request to In addition to receiving each issue of the newsletter earlier than your hard copy peers, e-mail subscribers are able to print each copy in vibrant color -- an added plus if the issue is rich in color photographs. By sub- scribing electronically, you also save the club roughly $17.40 a year in printing and postage expenses.

The mission of the Wyoming Fly Casters is to promote and enhance the sport of fly fishing and the conservation of fish and their habitat.


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Wyoming Fly Casters


President’s letter Greetings Members and Friends,

Well, Spring has finally arrived and the temperatures and events are heating up. Before I mention the upcoming events, I must take a few moments and again express our sincere thanks to those businesses, donors and members who donated so many dollars, gifts, and many long hours of work. Without these gracious people our spring banquet would never have happened. We exceeded the last several years in raising money for the worthwhile projects we have going. Thanks folks! Our own Arnie Sybrant will be the featured speaker at the June General Meeting. He will talk about and show pictures of some of his wild fishing adventures. I am sure we will all enjoy. On June 7th, the annual Yesness Pond Kids Free Fishing Day will take place. This will be a fun-filled day for kids and volunteers who help. The day is designed for young kids who know nothing about fishing so they will need help baiting hooks, casting, and landing fish—therefore we are needed! The day is sponsored by the Wyoming Game and Fish, the city Recreation Center/Foundation, along with Wyoming Walleye Unlimited(free poles, reels and rig-up for each kid) and Wyoming Flycasters(volunteers to help kids fish). Around 300 kids show up so we need as many volunteers as possible to help. Other activities include the August Ten Sleep outing and a September trip to Tongue River. More details to follow. Also on the agenda is our own Highway clean-up on June 21st. The club has contracted with the Wyoming Highway Department to clean a two mile stretch of highway near Alcova. If you can think of other fishing outings we could organize, please contact Kelly Kukes ( 801-419-5755 ), any officer or any board member. Keep a taut line,

Bob Homer


June 2014


At the general meeting in May, we were able to visit with Game and Fish. One of the subjects discussed was the winter kill of Goldeneye. Check out this article from Channel 13:

"Goldeneye usually has really high catch rates and the fish get really big in here, ten pound rainbows aren't really that uncommon," said Matt Hahn, a Wyoming Game and Fish Fisheries Biologist. This year fishermen have barely caught a thing. "One alarming thing we found right off the bat was that there are a couple dead rainbow trout just floating here by the shore, and that is never a good sign,” said Nathan Cook, a Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist. Fish biologists are investigating the lake and the fish they've stocked in it over the years. "We really don't like to see losing a lot of big fish like this,” said Hahn. Goldeneye has been prone to winter kill when fish and plants in the reservoir die because the water is too low and freezes. It last happened in 2006. It's more prevalent in drought years when the nearby Casper creek isn't helping boost the water level.

Joe catching fish out at Goldeneye

"You know we are really at nature’s mercy, there is not a whole lot we can do to prevent winter kill during drought conditions,” said Hahn. When water levels decrease the water gets saltier because of salt in the ground that can be lethal for the fish. "When you get ice on the lake and snow on top of that you stop getting photosynthesis for the aquatic vegetation and it leads to a drop in oxygen," said Cook. Game and fish biologists are estimating 200,000 fish may have died in goldeneye this winter. "This is a great place to come catch big fish and it’s close to town and now people are going to have to drive a little bit farther," said Hahn. With budget cut stockings are already being reduced, but will still continue this spring at goldeneye in hopes of reviving a population that's at 5% of what it was last year. "It's something we can certainly recover from as long as we have good water levels on the lake,” said Hahn. REPORTED BY CODY O'HARA

Wyoming Fly Casters

Free Kids Fishing Day 2014

The Wyoming Flycasters team up with the Walleye Unlimited guys, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the City of Casper to host kids in Casper on their free fishing day on June 7th. We are currently looking for volunteers to help us out for the day. We are looking for people to help assemble fishing rods (provided by Walleye Unlimited), assist families with their fishing activities, and other duties. This will be held at Yessness Pond here in Casper. The kids will come in two groups- the first from 9:00 a.m.-12 p.m., and the second from 12 p.m.-3 p.m. Volunteers for the day will be needed from about 8:00 a.m. until no later than 4:00 p.m. If you want to come out for just a few hours, that would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Cheryl at 267-1903, or contact Janet Milek at (307) 233-6404. Thanks in advance to all of the great volunteers!

Roadside Cleanup

The Wyoming Flycasters have a stretch of highway along 220 that we are responsible for maintaining. Twice a year we get a group of volunteers together to go out and clean up trash. I have a list of volunteers for the day, which will be June 21st. We will plan to meet in the Sutherlands parking lot at 7:30 a.m. and carpool out to the highway mile-markers. I will be in charge of wrangling volunteers this year, as Kelly will be out of town for school. If there is anyone interested in helping us out, please call me (Cheryl- 267-1903, or email Bring your own gloves and a water bottle. I will have extra water, and the highway department will provide vests and trash bags.

Peg Novotny

Peg Novotny



June 2014

5 Ingredient 10 Minute Creamy Dill Salmon

from PaleOMG

I love recipes that are fast, easy, and healthy. I also love recipes that can be modified with whatever you have on hand. This recipe would work with any fish fillets- salmon, tilapia, trout, etc. So, here we go! I did get this recipe Online from one of my favorite food blogs- check it out! Ingredients 2 salmon fillets (6 ounces each) ¼ cup Sir Kensington’s Mayo or 30 Second Mayo (use whatever you’d like, of course, but I made 30 second may and it was fantastic) 1 tablespoon minced fresh dill ¼ teaspoon garlic powder salt and pepper, to taste For the mayo (this will render about 2/3 cup mayo) 2/3 cup avocado oil (I actually just used olive oil and it worked just the same) 1 egg 1 teaspoon lemon juice ½ teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder salt and pepper, to taste Instructions Preheat oven to 450 degrees

I just wanted to have fun with the zucchini noodles!

Add all mayo ingredients to a tall container, place an immersion blender to the bottom and turn on. Once the mixture begins to become thicker, slowly pull the immersion blender up the container to make sure mixture mixes completely. (Could also make this in a food processor, but the immersion blender works great). Place 2 salmon filets on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. (I like the skin on my salmon) In a bowl, mix together mayo, dill, garlic powder, and salt and pepper Sprinkle the salmon filets with a little extra salt then divide the mayo mixture and spread it evenly on top of both filets. Place in oven and bake for 7-8 minutes. Serve immediately with sides of your choice. I made zucchini noodles- zoodles!

Wyoming Fly Casters



The best things in life are meant to be shared

Dinner is served!

Photos by Lee Wilson


June 2014

Attention Fly Tyers! We are working on getting new members ready to hit the water, and we need your help! We are currently asking for the following flies so that Joe can add these to the new member packets. Each member will receive a few flies to welcome them to the club and get them started in the right direction. Here are a few of the flies we are looking for:

Pine Squirrel Leech Halfbacks Stimulator (See next page) Elk Hair Caddis Midges

Renegades San Juan Worms (various colors) Rock Worms Eggs Pheasant Tail Nymph

Flashbacks Bead-headed flashbacks

Tying the San Juan Worm

Hook: TMC 3761 #12 Thread: Pink 6/0 UNI (or any color) Body: Tan Ultra Chenille (various colors, see image below) Read more:

San Juan worms can be tied in all different colors- red, hot pink, and purple seem to be the most popular.

Start the thread right behind the eye and wrap back to the bend.

Tie in a piece of Ultra Chenille at the bend of the hook with three or four tight turns of thread.

Lift the front end of the chenille and wrap the thread forward to the eye along the shank.

Lay the chenille down again and tie it in place behind the hook eye. Make a band of thread, then whip finish and clip the thread.

Cut the ends of the chenille to length and singe the tips with a lighter.

Wyoming Fly Casters

Step by Step Photo Instructions on How to Tie "The Stimulator" Fly Materials Hook: TMC 200R, MFC, 7002 #4-16 Thread: UTC 70 Deiner or MFC 8/0 Flour. Fire Orange Tail: Nature's Spirit Deer Hock Rib: X-Small copper Wire Body: Nature's Spirit Fine Dubbing or Antron Dubbing, Orange Hackle: Whiting Farms Neck Hackle, Brown and Grizzly Wing: Elk Hair Thorax: Nature's Spirit Fine Dubbing or Antron Dubbing, Yellow

This fly pattern and all images are from

Start your thread and work it back to opposite the barb.

Tie in the deer hock. While it is short and stiff, it has just the right amount of flair for the tail.

Tie it in about halfway down the hook.

Clip the butts close to the body and start to compress the body.

Note the well-compressed hair and a flared tail. Don't forget to tie in the copper wire for the rib.

Start dubbing the body with even wraps of dubbing. Notice the even body and the location of where the body stops

Tie in a good hackle for the body. I prefer to use necks for the hackle, but saddles also work well.

Start wrapping the hackle in even wraps back to the back of the fly.

Once you are there, hold the hackle at a 45 degree angle and capture with the first wrap of the wire rib. Wrap the rib to the front of the body and tie off. Clip the hackle tip from the rear of the fly.



June 2014

WFC Board Meeting May 21, 2014 7:18 p.m. Members in attendance: Bob Homer, George Axlund, John Yost, Lee Tschetter, Cheryl Alexander, Kelly Kukes, and Joe Meyer (phone). Guest club member: Scott Novotny The previous meeting’s minutes were approved. George made the motion, John seconded. All in favor. The secretary’s report was reviewed (next page). The total profit from the Spring Banquet was $8,274.36 (this was previously mis-reported in the previous newsletter). George would like to make a goal for next year to make $10,000 in profit. We would like to try to get a Governor’s tag for the banquet. Cheryl will make a template for certificates as thank you for our donors. Bob Fischer will be the streamkeeper for the Tongue River outing on Labor Day weekend. We will be holding an outing to Blue Downey park in August (tentative). Bob made a motion to start saying the Pledge before each general meeting. All in favor. Cheryl presented the idea to the board to start a Wyoming Flycasters Scholarship. There will be research done before the next meeting to start the process. Any club member who would like to be involved in the process of the scholarship process, please contact Cheryl. We discussed a donation for Healing Waters. The discussion was tabled until more board members were present. We also discussed a donation for the Nature Conservancy. The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming is reaching out for donations. There will be a detailed write-up in the next issue of the Backcast. George made a motion to donate $2,500 to the Nature Conservancy. Lee seconded the motion. All in favor, on the condition that the money donated stays within Wyoming (confirmed that it will). Lee made a motion to buy a printer/scanner for the club computer. This will aid in his project to scan in club records so we have more than just a paper copy. Scott presented to the board- He has had patches made and will have them sewn onto hats. We will have the standard brown hats, as well as additional colors now. The board approved his purchases. Meeting adjourned @ 8:59 p.m. On behalf of the Wyoming Flycasters I would like to officially thank all of our sponsors for their help with the 2014 Spring Banquet! AD Maddox Alex Rose Blake Jackson Bob Fischer Casey Leary Casper College Drafting Department Cheryl Alexander Cheryl Keffeler Cliff Outdoors Colin Tierney Crazy Rainbow Joe Meyer John Dolan John Yost Kelly Kukes Lee Tschetter Marty Robinson Marvin Nolte Matt and Amy Stanton

Mountain Khaki North Platte Lodge/The Reef North Platte Walleyes Unlimited Platte River Fly Shop Rex Eggleston Robyn Fischer Rocky Mountain Discount Sports Ryan Andersen Simms Spencer Amend Sportsman’s Warehouse The Nature Conservancy Ty Hallock Ugly Bug Fly Shop Wyoming Anglers Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service Wyoming Game and Fish Department Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Wyoming Fly Casters

11 WFC Treasurer’s report April 2014

Date Income 4/7/14 4/14/14 4/14/14 4/14/14 4/14/14

Vendor/Item Deposit - Banquet Credit Card Receipts Deposit - Membership Deposit - Banquet Auction Deposit - Banquet Tickets Deposit - Banquet tickets

4/14/14 Deposit - Banquet 50/50=170 Buckets=1770 Returned Cash=600

$    4,755.50  $        150.00  $    2,580.00  $        120.00  $    1,590.00  $    2,540.00

4/30/14 Interest Total

$            0.59  $  11,736.09

Expenses 4/1/14 4/1/14 4/4/14 4/4/14 4/14/14 4/14/14 4/14/14 4/21/14 4/25/14

$        121.55  $        207.38  $        600.00  $        360.15  $          55.66  $        187.00  $        315.00  $        300.00  $    2,576.85

#4300 PRFS May Raffle #4301 Merbacks Fish-a-Month Plaques #4302 Cash for Banquet #4303 Finishing Touch Banquet Framing #4305 AMBI March Backcast #4306 Surety Dishonesty Bond #4307 Marvin Nolte President & MacTavish Flies #4308 Derrick Dietz Healing Waters Knife #4309 Matt Stanton(by Kelly Kukes)Banquet Dinner #4297 Matt Stanton - Accounting software, PO Box rent (signed by Kelly 3/19/14 Kukes) Total

$        338.54  $    5,062.13

BANQUET TOTALS Income Dinner Ticket Sales Live/Silent Auction 50/50 Raffle Bucket Raffle Total

$    2,850.00  $    7,335.50  $        170.00 $    1,770.00  $  12,125.50

Expenses Room Rental Banquet Framing Misc. Banquet Expenses

$    2,576.85  $        360.15  $        914.14  $    3,851.14

Banquet Net

$    8,274.36



June 2014

Flycaster of the Month Name: Gene Theriault What is your occupation? Owner of a renewable energy company Why did you join the Wyoming Flycasters? Fly fishing information and Conservation What is your favorite rod to use?

Winston 9’, 4 piece, 4 weight I can fish it all day and not tire, anywhere, any time, any water, really beat up. What advice could you give new members to the club? Get involved or your time with us will be short Are there any outings/events with the club you are looking forward to? Ten Sleep If you could fly fish anywhere in the world, where would you go? Coastal British Columbia -soon Besides fly fishing, what are some of your other hobbies? I love my work as much as fishing and I race vintage cars on road race tracks. Anthropology 10,00050,000 year old man.

Wyoming Fly Casters


Letter from the Editor

Flycasters, Spring is *finally* here to stay and summer is close behind! Days are getting longer, warmer, and generally more pleasant. Every time I step out onto my deck I can smell flowers blooming on the warm breeze. This makes for one happy flycaster! I have been out a few times in the last few weeks when we can sneak away. I was successful in getting my May fish, so I’m one step closer to getting my fish-a-month award for 2014! There is a correction from last month’s newsletter on the Fishing Highlights page- Joe took Patty Jones out fishing (was written as Joel). Just a few things, that I have also scattered around this issue of the BackcastThe highway cleanup will be June 21st. See the write up on page 5 for details. Kids fishing day is this Saturday, June 7th. Also, see page 5. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with me. It’s a really fun day! If you want to be featured as the Flycaster of the Month, just answer the questions on the previous page and send them back to me with a few pictures! I want to take a moment to say a special thank you to Ron Kraft for his generous donations of fly tying material for the club and for Healing Waters. Thank you very much Ron! The memorial celebration of Dick’s life will be on June 8 from 1:30-3:30 at the Beacon Club in Mills. Please mark this date on your calendar to share that day with Michele, Erik, and all of Dick’s family. Another announcement: Peg Novotny, long-time club member and previous Backcast editor, has moved to Wisconsin for work. She will be missed but has promised to keep in touch! Thanks for reading!



May Fishing Highlights

June 2014




Wyoming Fly Casters


Check out Artisan Alley, here in Casper on June 14th. They will be doing the piece pictured to the left. Call for your reservations todayspots fill up fast! This would be a great project for Father’s Day! 307-265-0991


info@jamielangartist. com

INDOOR DRIFT BOAT STORAGE on the river $50/month or $500/year.

See your ad here! Just send in your ad information and any picture you have to accompany it and we’ll run it for you!

ZACH EVEN Artist & Outdoorsman Lander, WY

Outdoor storage $40/month. Call Clarke 307-262-3306

PHONE 307.332.0210 EMAIL:

Treadmill for sale. Contact Joe Meyer for details! 235-1316


June 2014

Kids Fishing Day 9-4

Dick DePaemelere Celebration of life ceremony 1:303:30 p.m. @ the Beacon


Artisan Alley Fly Painting


Roadside cleanup 7:30 a.m.

A look ahead: • The annual Ten Sleep Outing will be held the first weekend in August. • The Tongue River outing will be held Labor Day weekend • Gear Swap July 9th 5:30-7

Wyoming Fly Casters P.O. Box 2881 Casper, WY 82602

JUNE 2014

WFC 06/14  

June newsletter of the Wyoming Fly Casters

WFC 06/14  

June newsletter of the Wyoming Fly Casters